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Full text of "The Toronto City Directory 1913"

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19 lit St. 

Ira H89I 







Western Department, TORONTO 







Ofiiec, 33 KSUfi ST. EAST. Phones MAIM 55974598-5599 




Head Office for Cana4: Rooms 111, 316, 3!?, 318 Coa?eto:fl iir* Sidg M 4 Hlohmojul St. g, 
P. : on* Main 4712 Toronto, Ont T?, H. RUSSISki, e'n. 



20 KING STCET WEST. Telephones, Main 67JJ, Martn 





Canada Permanent 

Mortgage Corporation 

Established 1865 
Head Office, Toronto Street. 







Paid-up Capital 
Reserve Fund 



(31st December, 1912) 





are authorized to invest Trust Funds in this Corporation's 


They are issued for sums of SI 00 and upwards, and are transferable. 

A Specimen Debenture, copy of Annual Report and all 
particulars will be forwarded on application. 



Interest at Three and One-Half Per Cent, per annum is paid or 
credited to the account and compounded twice a year. 

One dollar opens an account. We welcome and encourage small 
accounts. The small depositor of to-day is frequently the large 

depositor of the future. 

Are you a depositor with the Corporation? It not, we invite your 





"Solid as 



the Continent' 

President : 

1st Vice-President and 
Managing Director : 

2nd Vice-President : 

Actuary : 

A.I.A., F.A S. 

Managing Director: 

W. B. TAYLOR, B.A., LL.B. 

Assistant Secretary: 

191 2 

ASSETS (Exceed) = $13,000,000 

NET SURPLUS = over K500,000 

PAID POLICY HOLDERS ' ' v --' = 10,000,000 
INSURANCE IN FORCE = = over 50,000,000 

Men of Character and Ability Desiring to Represent a First-Class 
Home Company should communicate with the 










CAPITAL (paid up) 








RT. I 



G.. G.C.V.O., Honorary 


K. B. ANGUS, ESQ.. President 












H. V. MEREDITH, General Manager 

A. D. BRAITHWAITE, Superintendent 

Ontario Branches 


hief Inspector, and i 

Superintendent of Branches, F. J. COCKB 

URN, SunorinU'ndent Out 

bee Branches 

C. SWEENEY, Superintendent British Columbia Branches E P. WINSLOW, Superintendent North West Branches 

D. R. CLARKE, Superintendent Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland Branches 





Quebec New Brunswick 

Northwest Provinces 

British Columbia 





Altona, Man. 




Grandby Chatham 

Brandon, Man. 




Grand Mere Edmunston 

Calgary, AHa. 




Levis Frederict.on 

" East End 




Magog Grand Falls 

" Ogdeii Shops 



Port Arthur 

Megantic Hartland 

Cardston, Alta. 



Port Hope 

Montreal Monoton 

Edmonton, Alta. 




" Hochelaga Perth 

Gretna, Man. 



Sault Ste. Marie 

' Lachine Shediac 

High River, Aha. 




" Muisomu'uve St. John 

Indiar Head, Sask. 




" PapineauAve. Woodstock 

Lethbridge, Alta, 



St. Marys 

" Peel St. 

Magrath, Alta. 


Fenelon Falls 


" Point St. Nova Scotia 

Medicine Hat, Alta. 

New Denver 

Fort William 


Charles Amherst 

Moose Jaw, Sask. 

New Westminster 


" Bathurst St. 

' Seigneurs St. Bridgewater 

Outlook, Sask. 



" Carlton St. 

" St. Anne de Canso 

Plum Coulee, Man. 

North Vancouver 


" Dundas St. 

Bellevue Glace Bay 

Portage la Prairie, Man. 


" Barton-Victoria 

" Queen St. 

" St. Henri Halifax 

Raymond, Alta. 

Port Alberni 

' Holstein 

" Yonge St. 

' St. Lawrence North End 

Red Det-r, AHa, 

Port Haney 

King City 


" West End Lunenburg 

Regina, Sask. 

Prince Rupert 



" Westmount Mahone Bay 

Saskatoon, Sask. 




Quebec Port Hood 

Spring Coulee, Alta. 




" St. Roch Sydney 

Swift Current, Sask. 


Mount Forest 


" Upper Town Wolfville 

Weyburn, Sask. 




Sawyerville Yarmouth 

Winnipeg, Man. 





" Fort Rouge 

Main St. 



St. Hyacintbe Prince Edward 

" Logan Ave. 


" Bank St. 


Thetford Mines Island 


Hull, P.Q. 


Three Rivers Charlottetown 

West Summerland 


St. John's 

Birchy Cove 

Grand Falls 


London 47 Thr 

eadneedle Street, E.C Sir F. fl 

Williams Taylor, Manager 


( R Y. Hebden 

New York 

W. A. Bog V Agents, 64 Wall Street 
( J. T. Molineux ) 




Mexico City 


London, The Bank 

of England 


The Bank of Liverpool, Ltd. 

The Union 

of London and Smil 

h's Bank, Ltd. 

London County and Westminster Bank, Ltd. Scotland, The British Linen Bank and Branches 

The National Provincial Bank of England, Ltd. 


New York, The National City Bank 

Boston, The Merchants' National Bank 

National Bank of Commerce 

Buffalo, The Marine National Bank 

" Nationa 

J Park Bank 

Sun Francisco. 1 

he First Xational Bank 

Philadelphia, Fourth Street National Bank ,, The Anglo and London Paris National Bank 

G. G. ADAM, Manager, Toronto 




Paid Up Capital $15,000,000 


Rest $12,500,000 


SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President. Z. A. LASH, Esq., K.C., LL.D., Vice-Pres. 



SIR J. M. GIBSON. K.C.M.G.. K.C., LL.D. 







E. It. WOOD, ESQ. 

JOHN AIRD, Asst. Gen. Manager. 

The Bank has branches throughout Canada, and in London, Eng., St. Johns, N'f'ld, 

the United States, and Mexico. 

Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the East and West 
Indies, China, Japan, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Every attention given to the Collection of Commercial Paper throughout Canada and all Parts of the World. 

Savings Bank Department 

Deposits of SI .00 and upwards received 
and current rate of interest allowed. 


Main Office, 21-25 King Street West, Cor. Jordan L treet D. A. Cameron, Manager; E. P. Gower , Asst .Manager 

1129 Bloor West, Cor. Dufferin Street A. S. Houston, Manager 

796-798 Yonge Street, Cor. Bloor Street Jas. Brydon, Manager 

744 Queen Street East, Cor. Grant Street Q. P. Johnston, Manager 

144-148 King Street East (Market Branch) T. A. Chlsholm, Manager 

245 Carlton Street, Cor. Parliament Street A. H. Crease, Manager 

1331 Queen Street West (Parkdale Branch) W. A. Cooke, Manager 

588-590 Queen Street West, Cor. Bathurst Street E. M. Playter, Manager 

268 College Street, Cor. Spadina Avenue H. F. D. Sewell, Manager 

450 Yonge Street, Cor. College Street G. C. T. Pemberton, Manager 

197-199 Yonge Street (Yonge and Queen Branch) H. C. Rae, Manager 

941 College Street, Cor. Dovercourt Road E. C. Pringle, Manager 

942 Gerrard Street, Cor. Pape Avenue N. St. B. Young, Manager 

1702 Dundas Street (West Toronto Branch) J. B. McCuaig, Manager 

Danforth and Broadview W. C. James, Manager 

St. Clair and Duflerin C. E. Johnson, Manager 

Safety Deposit Vaults at the Main Office for the ,-ustody of Securities, Valuable Papers, etc. 





Paid-up Capital 85,000,000 
Total Assets 

Rest 86,000,000 











2nd Vice-President 



THOS. F. HOW, General Manager 


THOMAS A. BIRD, Inspector 



Wellington St. E.. Cor. Church 

(Main Office) 
King St. W., cor. Bathurst 

ueen St. W., cor. Spadina 
ueen St. E., cor. Parliament 
Queen St. E., cor. Logan 
Elm St. cor. Elizabeth 
Yonge St., opp. Albert 
Dundas St., opp. Arthur 
Dundaa St. & Roncesvalles Ave 
Dundas and Keele Sts. 
























LONDON (Main Branch) 

Dundas and Talbot StB. 

ONTARIO (Continued) 




















SARNIA, (2 Offices) 











St. James St., cor. McGill St. 
(Main Office) 

St. Catherine St., cor. Guy St. 

Board of Trade 

512 St. Lawrence Boulevard 

Atwater Ave., cor. St. Antoine 

QUEBEC (Continued) 







VANCOUVER (Main Branch) 
Hastings and Carrall Sts. 


WINNIPEG, (2 Offices) 































City and Midland Bank, Lim- 
ited, London. 

NEW YORK The National Bank 
of Commerce 

CHICAGO First National Bank 

BUFFALO Manufacturers and 
Traders National Bank 

DETROIT Old Detroit National 

Correspondents and Special Agents in every Banking Town in Canada 

Interest paid on Savings Balances at Current Rates Joint Account opened if required, the money 

in which may be withdrawn by either of two persons, and in the event of death 

of either, the money may be withdrawn by the survivor, 

TRAVELLER'S CHEQUES and LETTERS of CREDIT Issued on which money may be obtained 
without trouble or delay at all important stopping places. 

COLLECTIONS made on best terms and remitted for on day of payment. 
DRAFTS ISSUED available in Canada and throughout the world. 





Head Office TORONTO 

CAPITAL PAID UP $5.000.000 


TOTAL ASSETS 76,000.000 

Board of Directors 

SIR EDMUND B. OSLER, M.P., President WILMOT D. MATTHEWS, Vice-President 


C. A. BOGERT, General Manager A. PEPLER and E. A. BEGG, Assistants to the Gen. Man. 

22 Branches in Toronto 

Head Office and Toronto Branch : Corner King and Yonge Streets. 

Corner Avenue Road and Davenport Road Corner Queen St. and Augusta Ave. 
Bloor and Bathurst Streets Queen and Sherbourne Streets 

Bloor Street and Dovercourt Road Queen and Teraulay Streets 

King and Jarvis Streets Sherbourne and Linden Streets 

Yonge and Cottingham Streets West Toronto, 1704 Dundas Street 

Spadina Avenue and College Street \Yych\vood North Bathurst St. 

Queen and Victoria Streets Lee Avenue, cor. Queen St. 

Queen Street and Broadview Avenue Deer Park, cor. St. Clair Avenue and Yonge 

Queen and Dundas Streets Dupont St., cor. Christie 

Earlscourt, cor. St. Clair Dufferin St., cor. Lappin Ave. 

Roncesvalles, cor. High Park Ave. 

Savings Department 


Special Attention Given to Savings Accounts 

Travellers' Cheques and Letters of Credit issued, available in all parts of the World. 

Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold. 

Accounts of Merchants, Traders, Manufacturers, Farmers, Corporation and Individuals 

received on favourable terms. 

A General Banking Business Transacted 






D. R. WILKIE, President 

HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President 

Capital Authorized $10,000,00000 

Capital Paid up, $6,625,000.00 Reserve Fund, $6,625,000 00 


D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President 



WM. HAMILTON MERRITT, M.D., St. Catharines W. J. GAGE 

Province of Ontario 

Wellington and Leader Lane 
(Head Office) 

Yonge and Queen Sts. 

Yonge and Bloor Sts. 

King and York Sts. 

West Market and Front Sts. 

King and Spadina Ave. 

Bloor and Lansdowne Ave. 

King and Sberbourne Sta. 

Bathurst and Dupont Sts. 

Queen St. and Palmerston Ave 

Victoria and Adelaide Sts. 

Dundas and Bloor Sts. 

Queen St. and Roncesvalles Ave 

Queen and Kingston Rd. 



Province of Ontario Province of Quebec 


" St. Lawrence Bould. 

" (Upper Town) 
(St. Roch) 


" (Upper Bridge) 

" (West End) 

ST. THOMAS (West End) 
(East End) 

Province of Manitoba 




(North End) 
(Portage Ave) 

Province of Saskatchewan 










Province of Alberta 



(West End) 
(North End) 









Province of British Columbia 















GREAT BRITAIN Lloyds Bank Limited 

Manchester & Liverpool Banking Company, Ltd. 
The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited 
Bank of Ireland 
FRANCE Credit Lyonnais 
GERMANY Deutsche Bank 

New York Bank of the Manhattan Company 
Bank of America 
Merchants National Bank 
National Bank of Commerce 
Bank of Montreal 
Buffalo Bank of Buffalo 

Columbia National Bank of Buffalo 
The Marine National Bank 
Boston National Sbawmut Bank 
Chicago First National Bank 
Detroit Old Detroit National Bank 
Duluth First National Bank 

(Hastings ami 
Abbott Sts.) 
Main St. 

National Bank- 

Province of Alberta 




(East End) 



Pittsburgh Bank of Pittsburgh 

Philadelphia Farmers' and Mechanics' 
Fourth St. National Bank 
Franklin National Bank 

St. Paul Second National Bank 

Minneapolis First National Bank 

San Francisco Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank 

Portland, Oreg. United States National Bank 
CHINA AND JAPAN Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking 


Union Bank of Australia 

Yokohama Specie Bank 

Bank of Hawaii, Limited 

Standard Bank of South Africa. Limited 

LETTERS OF CREDIT and DRAFTS issued, available in all parts of the world. 

MUNICIPAL and INDUSTRIAL DEBENTURES bought and sold. Special attention to collections. 

SAVINGS DEPARTMENT in all Branches. Interest allowed at best current rates. 


R. G. D U IN & CO. 

Principal Office: Dun Building, 2QO Broad-way, New York City. 




\MAUM.1.0. TBXAfl 


AIL A XT A, Gi. 

1'A, i ,1 
U>T1,\. 'I RJCAS 



HUA\ 1 H 1 AI.I.S. Pi 

BUH-'Al.o. X. V 

i II Id). ILL 


I l-.DAH RAPIDS. Ion .... 




' IHCAGO. U.L. .. ... 


MRUS, onto . 

DA\ EXPORT. I'.iv. v 



K'E-I KIIIT. Mini. . 
UUBt XiUr. low i 
1U 1. 1 I II. MINN. . . 

-I'. 1,01 IS. 1LI 



ERIE. Pi . . . 
I A AX'sviLLI- . IMI . 
FORT Hi iRT.'L "] EX l- 

KS\ u.l. 1 .. x v 

GKEEX p. A -i . H !- 

i-REF.xi 11.1.1: s c 

HARTFoKll. Cos - 
HousTi IN. 1 : - - ... 


.IFHSFY CITY. X. .1.. 
KEOKUK. low i. 
KXoXVILLI . 'l i s-s 
LA CRO8SK, U .- 
1-lN'COI.X. NEB.. 
LOS AXC.K1.K-. c-.]. 

LoUlsVlLLE. K\ 





NEV\ ARK, X. .1 .... 
< >MAHA, NEB . . 
UTTU.MWA. li.w.i 


liUIXCY, In 
ST. Li IKIS, Mo.. 



SEATTLE. \V i-|i 

. .Pine * North Third str. 

>Tat'l Bank B:- -c. ond St. 

. .Allcntown Nat 1 Bank Bid- 

elor Buildine. Mr Polk Street. 
. 120 North F'iTth s; 
. Austell Buildine. HI X. l-,.rsyth - 

. Dyer Buildine, I'.n ad A I 
. Driskill Buildiiu. i.i>4 Hia/.,- street. 

- Mar>Iand Trust lifde,. Culvert A Gerti 
.Room 11 Columbia Buildine. i:> . 

Rooms ll!'-l_!0 PearUtelu Bl.le.. S!I3-5U7 Pearl St. 

Temple Bl : 

.Phelps P.ank Bull.'. Street. 

tt .'(>d;.r.l Bide., First A - -eot. 

: J Wiuthrop Siiuare and 3ti ()tis Street. 
. Ui 2l:i. si Fair'. eld Avenue. 
. .Dan Buldine. 112 Pearl St 

aiional Bank Bide-. Hroadwa', A Main sis. 
'!.'io .Street.. 
, . i".->2 The Court land,- 11'. I North Com t Stiee'. 

Hal-id- -aunes Bank Buildine. 
I'.ll Meetine 8 

citizens' National Bank Buildine. 
..Hamilton National Bank Buil. 

Nev, York Life Buildine. La Salle A- Monroe Sts. 
. . Inealls Buildine, Fourth A A. iiu- - 

:tie. 41! Sutierior Avenue, X*. >\ , 
llOli-7 A- -- X .k Bldg. 

i-dllien Bui - Tu"l(th street. 

.vis A :.Hi W yandotte Buildine. Broad A \\ all Sis. 
120'. A 1207 Main Street. 
. Whiraker Bloi k. Brady A- Third Streets. 
Con<>\,T Buildine. Tlur': -ts. 

. p:xehanee Buildine, l.'tth A Araphoe streets. 
. Securities Buildine. 412-tli, seventh St. 
Uni.'ii Tru-r Buil'i 

Kiene Buildine, J'ourth A Main Streets. 
. Lonsdale Bide., Superior St. A Third \ve- \\i-r. 
. .Corner Cent- -"Uth Third street. 

. Insurance Buildfne. 41 L' ! -,ue. 

. .Hulett Buildiue. East \v ater A Lake s;- 
.Mil Guaranty Tru.-t Buildine. 

.'>--'_! Penn BMe.. State A Lieh'.i 
12S Upper ! 

.F'irst National Bank Buildine 
. N. W. cor. Calhoun A Main streets 
. - first National Bank Bide.. Seventh A Houstin sis. 
. .Reymershotter Bldg., 22nd A Mechanic Si- 
. .Knox Buildine. South Main street. 
MteMean Tn;-r BuiMine 

i.-iti/ens- Batik Bide., \\asiiinet.Mi A cherry Sts. 
. -" Davenport BmlditK. 11- South Main Street. 

- .Commonwealth Trus; Buildine. 22-' Market St. 

arl Street. 

. -Union Hank ,(.- Trust Co. B ijltling. 
Southern Pacific Bide.. Franklin A Travis Sts. 
.Vil-."",3:t State Lilt- Buildini.'. 
1 lorida Lile Ins. Co. Bi.le . 117 - 
-- Commercial TL'USI Bl''e,. !-'- FAehanee I 1 

. 1012 Baltimore Avenue. 
. Rooms 12 & 13 Y' M. C. A. Buildine. 

21- Gay Street. 

. .Room 23 Batavlan National Batik Uiii;.. 
. . Rooms 414-O ;, i uuke B I 

- 117-ll'.i German National Bunk Bide 
. International Bank Bide.. 'U'-pk- A StTine St- 
. Board ul T"ade Buildine. '1 hird A Main - 

rial Bank Buildine. "M V 
. -Proctor Building. :;i !:\ch;:n^e street. 
. .Fourth Natioual Bank Buildine. 
uh Main Street. 

- .First NaflBaak Bide., cor. Main St. A odeeii>\e 
. .Citizen's Xational Ban), HI.]- -_'nd \ve 

-Wells Bide., Wisconsin A Milwaukee B1 
Coinmer. Uil Bide.. Third - 
. , -t. 1 ranus A U ater streets. 
. Cor. Commerce St. A Court So.. 

Iowa Bide, Second A W.ol.mul 
. .Palmer Building, 304J T t. 
. .30 Clinton street. 
. .Orange A Chapel streets. 
. .Camp A Common Streets. 
. ,71 Plume street. 

. -Campbell Buiiline, ]u Xorth Broadway. 
. . 1222 Hamey Street. 

.Electric Buildine, -V 

.City Nat'! Bank Bldg.. Fourth St. and Broadway 
. .American Nafl Bank Bide.. _'-'>, So. Palafox St 
. .Masonic Temtie Bide-. 301-7 s, Street. 
. .Betz Bldg., Broad Street A S- 1'enn square. 

-Keenan Bide.. Seventh street A Liberty Avenue. 

.31J Exchange Street. 

.Chamber ol Commerce Buildine. 

.27 i 29 Exchange Street. 

.Room Us Pope Block, Main A Fourth > -.. 

, 105J Xorth Fourth Street. 

.Farmers' Xational Bank Building. 

.Mutual Bldg., cor. 9th 4 Main - 
,-'H2-''Oi; Rochester German Insurance Buildine 

.William Brown Building. 
Humus 2"- Jt 2n!i Edu\ Buildine. 

.Corby-Forsee Building. 

-Mereh:;', Bide.. Pine St. F:I 

.Commerce Bide.. Cor, I-ourth A I 

.Tribune Building, 140 south Main Street. 

.Alamo Nat'l Bank Bldg.. l:ill West Commerce St 

.Timken Bldg., cor. sixth A E. Stre"ts 

.Royal Insurance Bldg., 201 Sansome street. 

.Germania Bank Bldp., Bull --.reels 

.723 & 724 Council Bide.. 131 N, W asliineton Aye 

.Rooms 12UI-UI". Alaska Bldg., 61li Second \ve 

.Citizen's Xat'l Bank Bldg., Main & Ohi 

-GUlmanBldg.. Broad St. bet. Water A- Alabama st 

-M. 4 p. Xational Bank Bldg.. 130 X. Tr 

.Rooms 534, 535 i 53S First Xational Bank Bid" 

.Metroplltan Block. Fourth & Jackson Streets. 

.Hutton Bldg., Washington St. & sprague Ave 


SPHIN- 10 

SYHAi '. SK. x. 1 

I'AI i 'M V U 1SH 
TAMPA. I ! > 

i'l 'l.K.Di I, ' IHII ' 

[i >PEKA. KAN 

1-llFNToX, X I 
TROY. X. \ 

I'TICA. X ^ 

\\ AI 'i I.TKXAS 

H ASH1X<. FOX. L>. C 

\\ ATERI.I PO. In'.'. \ 

VVHEEI.IXI.., . \ i 



U ILI.lAMSI'i >RT. l'l .... 



ESTER, \: isa 

YI ti X(;ST'I ns N. i wio. . . . 


i 'AI.i , \RY. Al.HIKT'. 

EDMOXTOX. At.liKltTA. . . 

HA.MII.TOX. o\v 

1.I:T1IUR11X;E. AI.liKllTA. . 



Mi H '-I ,IA - .-k 




SI . ,IOHN, X. B 



\ANCorVEP. Ii. C 

YICTOR1 \.Ili 

\MXNIPI i,. M \N 













BREMEN, GEUum . - 

BRUSSELS. Bt:Li;it \i 




KFUKT t M .. GER.. 

(-i[.AS( i( >\\ . S< "1 LAND 

H \\n\ER. GEKMIN\ .... 



























Main Street. 

. .ove: "tial Bank, South Side Square. 

, Fairfianks Bl'le . Main St. A F'uimai.'i Aie. 

rtlne Block. South Salina - 
Bank o( Calilornia Bide.. 13tl 
. . Rooms 40o-4U'J American National Bank Bide. 

. . Room 2 slKiwnee F'lre Bide. ,70] 
. -Forst-Ritchy Hide 

TI Place. Br. "tid Strwt. 

u-a CttJ Hani, Hl.le.. ' 
. .Provident Buildine. 

. XatT Metropolitan Bank Bide N A\ . 

. . Rooi- - ii Bank BU; d 

, .Xationai Exehanee Bank Bide., l-'ih A Main sis. 
, Sodewick Block, l-ir>:c A 
. -Rooms till A til Welles Buildine. Public Siiuare. 

- . SUsqUchani.a Trust A Safe iJi-i-'-it Co. BlliMilrJ. 
. .511-012 Equitab;i 

-n Buildine. Front A Clic-nmt > 

1'emrli' Kuin: 

. .Room lil -i state Mutual Builitine. :iin Main B 
. . \S ick Bid 1 -., cor. \\est Federal 
. .Rooms 301-303 Masonic Temple, Xorth Fou 


. .Thomas Block. 7o:. .-, i-oud St, W. 
. -Molson Bai.k Building, Jasper A\enu< 
. .Ro.sal Bank Bldg., 
. .11 Hughson Street South. 

. Ma-sonic Temple Bide., Richin.'iiil A K 

. .Board ol Trade Buildine. Si. Sacrament street. 

. .Kooms 3.' A :-;'' Trust Buildine. Spa--k- - 
. -Pe>. ! IT Street 

. Darke Block. 212.> Eleventh Avenue 
. . li.i Prin. e illiani Street. 
. Chuob Bide.. _'->!> Twenty-tlrst Street. 
. .70 Bay Street. 

B Bank Chah'bers. .',1". !l-!s 1 |nes St. \\ . 
10- Pen.l.erton B'.iildins. 
..Keewayden Bldg.. Us- Porta'-e .\\"iic, 


.Banco Xaeiona! de Cul>a Buildine. 

Calle Aidama 110. 

Avenida Corona No I.'ill X'. X. 

na de VII Avenida y ( "alle 2:s. 
-:t Capuchinas No. 4-. 

- M'>relos y Puebia. 
.1411 Avenida HidaUo. 
Avenida Morelo> X., 17 c-q tlm H> ( , .hiartv. 


Calle San Martin Xo 121. 


Rokin - 

1 Rue Jardin Arbaletriers. 
. Calle de Bilbao. .'I.'i. 

.Berlin C. 19. HandelsSIaUe PHriplal/ . Get raild- 

7 K.'ke Pet ri[ilat/ 
de Ercilla 1-. 

.1 iebaude der Diseont... ( iess.-11-rliali Ei-ke Markt. 
Ii ine .">7. 

-liii. Rue Mont aux HerLw - 
Deak ter Ii (Anker Palais,] Budapest VI. 72-74 
Hundeeas^i- Nn. to. 
. .Deutsche Xationa! Bank Buililine. 
. . Prage- 

. . \\ilhelnisplatz. 3-- Loewe-Haus. 
Altenmarkt II. 
Zeil 104. 


. . Alterwall No. lid. 
. Prinxeiistrasse 13. 
. ii Rue Anrray. 
Dresdner Bank-Gebaude. A 
. I Rue d'Arehis. 
. :i Rue Faidherbe. 
. . Rua do Commercio 99. 

- "Kir:, It A 37 Kine sir,-,.;, I 'healKkli'. 
o. C'alle Ech.-- 

. .(."alle Borroso 1. 

. .Borse. 

. .Via Moravieli - -\nei,J., via Dante). 

. Dotnhof. Kaiitineerstrasse 23. 

. ">. V'i:* - I'retis. 

. . Konigstntsse 7tj. 

. .5 Boulevard Moutuiartre. 

.Wilkehaus. Plauen i \. 
. . Landesbauk-Neugebaude, Xekazanka 2. 

. Coolsingel 22. 
. .Alter Weinmarfet 33. 
. 31, B. 
Via S. Xicolo m. 

2 Call. - 

A'ienna. I. RoT.-liturtii-i :-asse 27. 
. "Mereatorium." 

. .33 Grenfell street. 

.Bank of Xew Zealand Building, 4 Swanj*on St. 
. . 334-ti-- Queen Street. 

s Building, 12 Cathedral Square. 
New Zealand Express Buildine. '.' Bon.! - 

till (J'L 

-Clmllis House. Martin Place. 
.Nathan s B;.! ~--eet. 


23.24 A -".' Mansion House Chambers. Add, ri 

I Xatal Bank Chambers. 
. .Commissioner & Harrison Streets. 
-Mutual Arcade, Mala Street. 



Dealer in 




Sole Agent for the Cleveland Faucet Company's Celebrated "Champion" 

Hydraulic Lager Beer Pumps and Ale Lifts for Hotels, Cork 

Pullers, Lemon Squeezers, Bottle Baskets, Corking 

Machines, Bottle Filling Machines, Beer and 

Wine Faucets, Ice Boxes, Work Boards 

Metal Polish, Etc., Etc. 





Trustees Liquidators 


Chartered Accountants 







Embossing Dies 


Key Checks 


Self Inkers 

Brass Signs, Etc. 

Memorial Tablets 

Railroad *** Office Stamps 




Awarded Diplomas at Toronto Exposition, 1601, 1902, 1903, 19O4, 1905, 19O6 and 1907 

Also Bronze Medal 1904 


77-79 Queen St. East - TORONTO 

IF 1 ZE3I O 3ST IE DVt ^ 1 1ST 3V8O 





EXECUTIVE OFFICES, 346 and 348 Broadway, New York City, U. S. A. 

THE BRADSTREET COMPANY gathers information that reflects the 
financial condition and the controlling circumstances of every seeker of mer- 
cantile credit. Its business may be defined as of the merchants, by the mer- 
chants, for the merchants. In procuring, verifying, and promulgating informa- 
tion no efforts spared, and no reasonable expense considered too great that 
the results may justify its claim as an authority on all matters affecting commer- 
cial affairs and mercantile credit. Its offices and connections have been steadily 
extended, and it furnishes information concerning mercantile persons throughout 
the civilized world. 

Subscriptions are based on the service furnished, and are available only by 
reputable wholesale, jobbing and manufacturing concerns and by responsible 
and worthy financial, fiduciary and business corporations. Specific terms may 
be obtained by addressing the company at any of its offices. 







THOS. C. IRVING, Gen. Man., Western Canada. Toronto 






A Complete Street Guide 

Including the recent annexations of North Toronto and Moore Park 








President. -^J^BXfcs, Mng:. Dir. and Sec. Treas. 





During the year North Toronto (comprising Davisville, Eglinton and Bedford Park ) and Moore Park have been annexed to the city 
re included in this volume as part of it. These will add to the city's area some ten square miles and to its papulation over 7,000. 


This edition contains by actual count 171,592 individual names, exclusive of firms, corporations, etc., an increase of 10.22S 
over last year. We estimate the population of Toronto, December 31st, 1912, as 

and a* our present rate of increase 
Toronto will be a city of over 


by December 31st, 1913. 

In 1901 we estimated that Toronto would have a population over 550,000 in 1920, now our forecast is that this figure will be 
reached by 1915. This estimate WAS ridiculed by many, but present figures show that our estimates are conservative. 
During the last ten years Toronto has had an average yearly increase of 6.03%. 

The population since 1902 : Dec. 31, 1904 293,395 Dec. 31, 1907 355,728 Deo. 31, 1910 424,057 

Dec. 31, 1902 . ..266,989 1905. .. .305.244 1908 365923 1911 443,751 

1903.... 279, 526 1906. . . .33,801 1909 .... 402.567 1912. .. .475,296 

Applying this ratio (6.03%) of increase for the next 13 years Toronto's population would grow as follows : 

Dec. 31, 1913.... 503,796 Dec. 31, 1917. .. .635,976 Dec. 31, 1920. . .".757,446 Dec. 31st, 1923. ... 902,066 

1914 533,976 1918 674,136 1921 802886 1924 956,186 

1915 566,016 1919 714,576 1922. .. .851,006 1925 1,013.546 

1916.... 599,976 

The city now contains 1,645 streets and 88,024 buildings of all kinds, as shown by the Street Directory, an increase in th 
latter of 6,703 over last year. Of these 3,994 are shown vacant, as compared with 3,789 last year. This increase, of course, includes 
houses and buildings in course of construction. 
>' . The Births, Marriages and Deaths in Toronto for the past REAL ESTATE 

ix years are as follows : 

Year Births Marriages Deaths 

1907. ..6,715 3,635 4,563 

1908 7,945 3,413 4,630 

19U9 7,839 3,905 5,188 

1910 9,011 4,293 5,459 

1911 10,050 5,312 6.328 

1912 11,100 6,158 6,3)3 

The different branches of Trade in Toronto are shown by 

the following tables : 


The' yearly clearings of the Banks in the City, as given by 
Toronto Clearing House, during the past six years : 

1907 $1,228905.517 

1908 1,166,902,436 

1909" 1,437,700,477 

1910" 1,595,954,254 

191 1 1,852,397,605 

1912'!!!!."!.'.' 2,170,230,376 

The duties collected at the Toronto Custom House are as 

follows : 

19U $15,540,630.00 

1912 ; ; 19,307,727.68 

Increase $3,767,097.68 


The following figures are the Post Office earnings for both 
Montreal and Toronto, showing that the latter continues ahead 
of the Eastern metropolis : 

Montreal Toronto 

Year P.O. P.O. 

*1907 .... $660,217.61 $998,95109 

1908 938.936.53 1,478.195.68 

1909 963,729.22 1,513,310.52 

1910 " ..1,063,228.35 1,709,493.34 

1911 1,152,127.27 1,963,065.28 

1912 1,281,900.48 2,217,704.91 

These figures are for nine months only, from July 1st, 
1906, to March 31st, 1907. 

74-7(5 Church Street, February, 1913. 

The following table gives the actual number of real eslata 
transfers daring the last six years : 

Number of Transfers 

1909 .. 

. 2,596 
. . 3,853 


Land Titles 



.. 5,630 




1912 ... 

. 5,952 
... 9,199 




This total includes 1,976 for the old City of West Toronto. 

The number of building permits granted and the value of 

the buildings erected during the past six years : 

if ear No. of Permits Value. 

1907 3,572 $14,225,800 

1908 3,921 11,795,436 

1909 . . . 5,056 18,154,047 

1910.. 6,204 21,127,783 

1911 7,296 24,374,539 

1912 7.173 27,401,761 

New buildings erected, 1907 5,051 

1908 5,285 

1909 7,185 

1910 8,499 

1911 9,869 

1912 10,217 

The total assessment of the City of Toronto, as returned 

by the Assessment Commissioner for six years, is as follows : 

1907 $236,391,139 1910 $349.206,510 

1908. .. . 254,894,259 1911 390,599,148 

1909 304,331,284 1912 479,089,397 

The area within the city limits, not including the portion 

of the city land covered by water, is 29 2/3 square miles. 

There are 508.06 miles of streets and lanes, of which 330.20 

miles are paved and 177.86 are un paved. 

There are 359 miles of sewers and 462 miles of water mains, 

with 5,180 hydrants. The average quantity of water pumped 

in 24 hours during 1912 was 45,000,000 gallons. 

In conclusion we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons 

for their support and encouragement. 


JOHN C. GARDNER, Prttident. 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 



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F. J. SMITH ** CO. 

Special Attention given to Man- 
agement of Estates. Prompt Return* 

61 Victoria Street 



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Acme Electric Co 1565 

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Acme & Reliable Window Cleaning 

Co 1694 

Adarason A & J Co 399 

Aiken Wm H 1670 

Ainsworth Mrs C 1623 

Albertson Daniel J 1641 

Alexander Engraving Co 

403 and opp 1643 

Alexander & Son 1638 

Alliance Assurance Co, Ltd, of 

London, Eng 408 

Altwerger S 1609 

American Electro Plating Co. . . . 1567 

American Ladies Tailors 1808 

American Tent and Awning Co, 

Ltd 1509 and 1684 

Ames A E & Co 410 

Ames J H & Son 410 

Amsden C Ethelwolfe 1637 

Ancient Order of Foresters 410 

Anderson R & Co 1618 

Anderson & McMaster 413 

Antipitzky Metal Co 1669 

April Samuel 1608 

Arbogast Edward D 1536 

Armstrong- Fred Co, Ltd 419 

Arnoldi & Grierson 422 

Arnot Peter right bottom lines 

Atkins Esdale 1608 

Atkins & Rogers 1008 

Atkinson J L 1495 

Auld John 1552 

Austin, Duncanson & Co 427 

Authors & Cox 1507 

Auto Renovating Co 

1531, 1595, and 1690 

Aylesworth, Wright, Moss & 

Thompson 428 

Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd 429 

Badenach C H 430 

Bailey Percy L 431 

Baillie Jas W & Co 432 

Baillie, Wood & Croft 432 

Baird G Rollie 1536 

Baird John ; 1659 

Baldwin John T .. opp 1546 

Balmer & Blakely 1648 

Banfleld W H & Sons 1618 

Bank of Montreal 

Bank of Toronto 6 

Barber Henry & Co 1495 

Barton & Cooke 447 

Bates Burial Co 1688 

Bates & Dodds 1688 

Batts, Limited 450 

Beardmore Belting Co 453 

Seattle Geo J 1566 

Beatty, Blackstock, Fasken, Cow- 
an & Chadwick 454 

Beatty, Kerr & Verner, Ltd 454 

Beaver Flint Glass Co, Ltd 1684 

Beldlng Paul Cortlcelli, Ltd 459 

Bell Bros opp 1546 

Bell W J 1640 

Belle Ewart Ice Co 1697 

Bengough Thos & Co 1679 

Bennett & Abbott 465 

Bennett & Wright Co, Ltd 1649 

"Bentley" left top lines 

Berg Machinery Mfg Co, Ltd . . 1624 

Best D M & Co 468 

Beverley Wood Specialty Co ... 1695 

Bickell J P & Co 470 

Blcknell. Bain, Strathy & Mac- 


Biggar & Burton 470 

Bishop Strachan School 1540 

Blachford H & Co 474 

Black James 1616 


Black Building Supply Co 1527 

Blackmore, Lloyd & Co 

left top lines and 1642 

Blake, Lash, Anglin & Cassels.. 478 

Blatchford T Lewis 1659 

Blight Arthur 1692 

Blundall Piano Co 1647 

Boase, Limited 1608 

Bochner & Co 1606 

Bodi Tone Co 1656 

Boeckh Bros Co, Ltd 482 

Boiler Inspection and Insurance 

Co of Canada 483 

Bollaru Arthur 483 

Bolte Auguste 10 

Bolus W J Co, Ltd 484 

Booth-Coulter.Copper & Brass Co, 

Ltd 1652 

Booth G & Son .. 486, 1523, 1638 1674 

Borgfeldt & Co, Ltd 487 

Bovell & Molesworth 1504 

Bowden Frank A & Sons, Ltd. . . 190 

Bradstreet Co, The 12 

Brandon James 1622 

Brandon Matthew S 1533 

Brayley & Co 1608 

Brent, Noxon & Co 600 

Brings & Frost 602 

Brighton Laundry, Ltd 502 

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Brimsten Geo Co 502 

Bristol & Armour 603 

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right bottom lines 

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lege 1540 

British & Canadian Undrwrlters. 603 
British Royal Cyclone Carpet 

Cleaning Works 1531 

Britnell Albert 504 

Britntll John Co 604 

Brock W R Co, Ltd 505 

Brodie W A 1G59 

Broomhall Patterson 1623 

Brouse, Mitchell & Co ..609 and 1531 
Brown Alexander Milling & Ele- 
vator Co, Ltd 509 

Brown Erlchsen & MacNaughton 511 

Brown James. . .left bottom corner cards 

Brown M A 615 

Brown Madam N 1608 

Brown Wm J 1531 

Brown & Love 1546 

Browne WA&WH 1681 

Bryan George M 1582 

Bryant Press, Ltd, The opp 520 

Buchanan, Seagram & Co 521 

Buckland H G 1659 

Buckner John 622 

Bull Jos R 523 

Bullock AVm C 1574 and 1656 

Burglary Insurance 525 

Burk & Co 1669 

Burke, Horwood & White 

left top lines 

Burnand J Lewis ...right bottom lines 

Burnett Piano & Grafonola Co... 527 

Burns P & Co 668 

Burns Stephen W 658 

Burns & Webster 629 

Burritt A P & Co 529 

Burruss & Sweatman, Ltd 

left bottom lines and 630 

Burt F N Co, Ltd.. 530, 1536 and 1671 

Bush W J & Co, Ltd 1676 

Cairns Bernard 11 

Cale E A 1546 

Caledonian Fire Insurance Co 537 

Callum Robert 637 

Cameron Miss Kathleen L 1629 

Cameron & Crooks 539 

Campbell Realty Co 159 

Campbell, Thompson & Co 543 


Canada Accident Assurance Co... 544 
Canada Acme Metal Weather 

Strip Co, Ltd 1693 

Canada Fine Art Co, Ltd 1636 

Canada Foundry Co, Ltd 644 

Canada Lumber Co, Ltd 1617 

Canada Metal Co, Ltd. left bottom line* 
Canada National Fire Itw Co.... 

front cover 

Canada Paint Co, Ltd 645 

Canada Permanent Mortgage Corp. 

2 and 646 

Canada Realty Trustees 165 

Canadian Art Studio and Station- 
ery Store 160T 

Canadian Bank of Commerce .... 

6 and opp. 546 

Canadian British Engineering Co, 

Ltd left bottom linen 

Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co, 

Ltd 546 

Canadian Cork Cutting Co 1552 

Canadian Crocker-Wheeler Co, Ltd 1666 

Canadian Detective Agency 1567 

Canadian Domestic Engineering 

Co, Ltd 1646 

Canadian Explosives, Ltd 6<7 

Canadian Feather and Mattress 

Co, Ltd 1623 

Canadian Ferranti Electrical Co, 

Ltd 647 

Canadian Fire Insurance Co, 3_itil. 5i7 

Canadian Fog Signal Co 647 

Canadian General Electric Co, Ltd. 548 
Canadian Inspection & Testing 

Laboratories, Ltd 1568 

Canadian Kodak Co, Ltd 648 

Canadian Lennox Throatless Shear 

Co, Ltd 1670 

Canadian Linotype, Ltd 1654 

Canadian Mortgage Investment Co 549 
Canadian Oil Companies, Ltd . . . 

1635 and 1640 

Canadian Ornamental Iron Co.... 

left top lines 

Canadian Picture Frame Co 1648 

Canadian Seamless Wire Co, Ltd. 1624 

Canadian Surety Co 550 

Candler Wm Co 1533 

Cannon T & Son 1550 

Caplan H L 1567 

Carling Brewing & Malting Co, 

Ltd 653 

Carter James & Co 558 and 1670 

Carter & Co 1576 

Case Egerton R left top lines 

Case G A, Ltd 660 

Cassels, Brock, Kelley & Fal- 

conbridge 661 

Cement Products, Ltd 1507 

Central Business Collego 664 and 1541 

Cefttral Canada Loan & Savings Co 664 

Central Ornamental Glass Co 1672 

Central Press Agency 564 

Chadwick & Rogers., left bottom lines 

Chalkley R & Son, Ltd 164S 

Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip 

Co 1E04 

Chambers & Simpson 1618 

Chaplan M 160 

Chapman & McGiffln 1606 

Chapman & Walker, Ltd 

left bottom line* 

Chappell R S & Co 568 and 1669 

Charlesworth & McKee 56> 

City Dairy Co, Limited 

right top corner cards, 1530, 1634, 

1654, 1655, and 1697 

City Towel & Apron Supply and 

Laundry 1686 

Clarke & Swabey 681 

Clarke's Shorthand College 1641 

Clarkson, E R & Sons... 582 and 1508 

CHAPMAN & WALKER, '" _, ^ w 

Electric Motors 






Clarkson, Gordon & Dilworth .... 

10, 582 and 

Clatworthy & Son, Ltd 

Claxton, Thos, Ltd 

Coales George O 

Cobourg Matting & Carpet Co, Ltd 

Colbran Mrs M G 

Coles Geo, Ltd 

Colonial Fixtures, Ltd 

Colonial Investment & Loan Co. . . 

left top corner 

Colonial Realty & Securities 

Corp, Ltd left bottom 

Columbian Conservatory of Music 

Comba Stuart R 

Commercial Union Assurance Co, 

Ltd left bottom 

Confederation Life Association... 

right top lines 597 and 

Conger Coal Co, Ltd 598 and 

Connecticut Fire Ins Co 

Construction Supply Co 

Consumers Gas Co 

front cover, 601 and 

Contractors Supply Co, Ltd, The 

Cook Thos J R 1536 and 

Cook & Gilchrist 

Cooper Geo H 

Copeland & Fairbairn 

Corrugated Paper Co 

Cosgrave Brewery Co, of Toronto, 


Cowling Arthur W 

Craig-Cowan Co, Ltd 

Craig & Madill 619 and 

Cranston Novelty Advertising Co 

Creber, Son & Co 

Crescent Concrete Paving Co 

623 and 

Crocker Wheeler Co, Ltd 

Croft Wm & Sons 

Croftan Storage Battery Co 

Crombie, Worrell & Gwynne 

Crompton & Co 

Cross L George 

Crown Ladles Tailoring Co 

Cupples George A 

Curie Store Fitters 

Curry J Co, Ltd 

Curry, O'Connor, Wallace & 


Cutten & Foster 

Cutts Wm H 

Dale & Co, Ltd 

Daly Thomas 

Danard Miss Caroline L 

Dancy R C 638 and 

Daniels Geo J & Co 

Darling & Pearson 

Dart Union Co. Ltd 

Davis John & Sons 

Davis Moses 

Davis Wm R 

Davison John M 

Davi?ville Potteries 

Davisville & Bglinton Brick Mfg 


Davy H M & Co 

Deacon F H & Co 

Dean Walter 

Death & Watson 

Defender Photo Supply Co 

Delamere, Reesor & Ross 

Delaney Thos & Co 

De Laplante L A, Ltd (name 

changed to York Lumber Co) . . 

left bottom 

Denison A R & Stephenson 

Denison & Foster 

Denison & Miller 

Dennis Wire & Iron Works Co, 


Dennlson Herbert J S 

Denton, Grover & Field 

Designing & Draughting Co 

Dickinson's Dye Works, Ltd.... 

Dillemuth Harry G 

Dillons, Limited 

Dinsmore Arthur J 

Dlxon Henry 

Doane Bros 

Dominion Artificial Limb Co 

Dominion Bank 

Dominion Bond Co, Ltd 

Dominion Brewery Co, Ltd 

Dominion Bridge Co, Ltd 

Dominion Business College 

Dominio'i Envelope Co, Ltd 



















625 : 
1660 I 
1660 ' 
1609 i 
1518 ! 


C33 I 
1509 j 
1660 i 

636 i 




Dominion Fire Insurance Co 


Dominion Gresham Guarantee & 
Casualty Co 

Dominion Linseed Oil Co, Ltd... 

Dominion Livery and Boarding 

Dominion Mercantile Protective 
Assn, Ltd 

Dominion of Canada Guarantee & 
Accident Insurance Co 

Dominion Securities Corp, Ltd... 

lines Dominion Transport Co 

1629 ! Donatt Otto 

1660 i Dorenwend Co, of Toronto, Ltd. 

I Dorland Mrs Helen 

lines i Douglas Bros, Ltd 

Douglas & Ratcliff, Ltd (See Rat- 
cliff Paper Co, Ltd) 

Doust Joseph 

Dovercourt Land Building & Sav- 
ings Co, Ltd right top 

Dovercourt Twine Mills 

Downer Pattern Works, The .... 

Downs Miss E R 

Doxsee Geo W 

Drummond W A & Co 

Dufferin Shirt Co., Ltd 

Durnan Dr W L 

Duthie G & Sons, Ltd 

Dyer The Fence Man 

Dykes Philip 

Earls John 

Early S M 

East Toronto Brick Co, Ltd 

1498 (Eastern Supply Co, Ltd 

1627 ! Eaton Margaret School of Ex- 

Ecliose Wire & Iron Works 

Eddis Wilton C & Sons 

Edwards Gordon C 

Edwards Harry 

Edwards, Morgan & Co 

Edwards R J & Saunders 

Edwardsburg Starch Co, Ltd. . . . 

Rider Robt Carriage Works, Ltd. 

Elgie & Jarvis Lumber Co, Ltd.. . 

Enieness Co, Ltd 

English Fredk H 

English's, Limited 702 and 

Engravers and Die Sinkers Co. . . . 

Etherington Wm 

Evans & Gooch right bottom 

Everall Geo & Co 

right top corner cards and 

Kwing S H & Sons 

Ewingr & Murphy 

Kxi-elsior Plate Glass Co 

Export Ladies' Tailoring Co 

Fahey W & R M 

Fairbanks H C 

Falls, Chambers & Co 

Farrelly J P Excavating Machin- 
ery Co 

Fancy Goods Co of Canada, Ltd . 

Faulds Wm S 

Ferguson Wm H (Estate) 

Fergusson G Torver 

Ferrier A E 

Ferrier Walter F 

Fess George 

Fetherstonhaugh & Co 

Fetherstonhaugh & Son 

Finley, Smith & Co 

Firstbrook Bros, Ltd, The 

Fit Reform Wardrobe 

Flanagan E&J 

Flesher Edwd R 

Fletcher Mfg Co, Ltd.... 728 and 

Fletcher R W Co, Ltd 

Follett J J 

16H4 Forbes Mrs W R 

1642 , Forwood Thos W & Co 

655 i Foster- Armstrong Co, Ltd 

1505 j Foster James 

1563 Fox & Ross 

1576 Foy. Knox & Monahan 

1535 Franco- Canadian Welding Co 

1581 right bottom corner 

1642 ! Frankish Wm R 

663 ! Freek, Clark & Co 

1507 i Freeman Arthur E . . 








7 Freeman & Moss 
1K1Q French & Tewman 
' Frost Arthur J . . . 





Frost S A 

Furness, Suckling & Garrett. 

Galbraith David 

Galloway J Hartley 751 

. 867 







































Gamble C&HD 752 

Gardner G M 754 

Garrett Geo S C 1692 

Gatlin Institute of Ontario 766 

Gelber Bros J696 Fire r anc^ Co of 

Paris, France 759 

General Fire Equipment Co, .Ltd. . 759 

George Thos H (Estate) 760 

German American Insurance Co of 

New York 760 

Gibson Bros. left top lines, 762 and 1660 
Gibson J G Marble & Granite 

Co, Ltd 1627 

Gibson McCormack, Irvin Co, Ltd 

763 and 1618 

Gibson R Louis 763 

Gibson Theron 1691 

Gibson Wilbert S 1681 

Gilday Richard 1668 

Glenn Charles 1591 

Goldman & Co 77 

Goldsmiths Stock Co 778 

Goodman S & Son 1573 

Gordon, Mackay & Co 779 

Gordon & Gotch (Canada), Ltd.. 780 

Gouldlng G & Son 782 

Graham J J 786 

Grainger E & Co 1576 

Granatstein M & Sons 16S3 

Grand Union Hotel 1595 

Graner & Weber 1661 

Grant Contracting Co 1549 

Grant & Co 1661 

Gray H E 1661 

Gray J Wilson 790 and 1606 

Gray & Gray 791 

Gren Bros 1530 

Greenstreet E J 1606 

Greig James 796 

Grenadier Ice & Coal Co 1597 

Gresham Life Assurance Society, 

Ltd 796 

Guarantee Co of North America. . 

left bottom lines 

Gullett Robt M 1627 

Gunn, Roberts & Co 1496 

Gunns, Limited 802 

Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg Co of 

Toronto, Ltd 803 

Hail F & Son 1584 

Hallam John 1581 

Halliday F G, Ltd 1503 

Mailman F & Co 1581 

Halpren Izee 1608 

Ham F & A E 1547 

Hambourg Conservatory of Music 1630 

Hamilton Wm 813 

Harcourt & Son, Ltd 818 

Harding Wm 1690 

Harkness & Oxley 1646 

Harling R Dawson 1678 

Harper Wm 1554 

Harris Coal Co, Ltd 823 

Harris E Co, The 823 

Harris Lithographing Co 824 

Harris S 824 

Harris W & Co 825 

Harrison Mrs E 1609 

Harron Hugh J 1563 

Hart S R & Co 827 

Hartz J F Co, Ltd 1645 

Harvey James A 1505 

Havill James L 1505 

Ha.vley John 832 

Hearn Edward J 837 

Heffron J J & Co 1623 

Heighington & Macklem 839 

Heintzman & Co, Ltd, right bottom lines 

Helpert Bros 1608 

Hepburn John T 1618 

Herbert F H 1505 

Herman & Frankel 1606 

Heyes Bros, Ltd 848 

Heys Thos & Son 

right top lines, 848 and 1827 

Hickey & Pascoe 

Hi?el Otto Co, Limited. .1629 and 1692 

Higglns Fred 1496 

Hillcrest Horseshoeing Forge . . . 1593 

Hillock John & Co, Ltd 1664 

Hiscott Dermatological Institute. 1557 

Hocking Thos 1639 

Hoidge Marble Co 1621 

Holden-Morgan Co, Ltd 1618 

Holmes Fred & Sons, Ltd 1550 

Holt, Renfrew & Co 865 

Home Chas M, Ltd 1683 




Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 


PATENTEE " Modern Methtd " STAIRS 

Phone Main 5053 "** " 


Home Insurance Co of New York S65 

Hood George W P 866 

Hope George & Son 1617 

Hopkins E Burial Co 867 

Hough Lithographing Co, Ltd.... $71 

Hounsom J Ernest 1496 and 1508 

Howard Furnace & Hardware Co 872 

Howe A T & Son 873 

Howells Miss M M 1622 

Hudson Bay Insurance Co. left top lines 

Huffman Printing Press Co, Ltd 1654 

Hunt J & Sons 1507 

Hunt Robert & Co 1568 

Hunter & Deacon 882 

Hunter & Hunter 882 

Hurst Samuel H 1528 

Hynes W J, Ltd 1649 

Illing H B 1637 

Illinois Engineering Cu 1677 

Imperial Bank of Canada 8 

Imperial Clothing Mfg Co S88 

Imperial Glass Works 1(527 

Imperial Guarantee & Accident Co. s>88 
Imperial Life Assurance Co of 

Canada 888 

Imperial Oil Co, Ltd front cover 

Imperial Tobacco Co, of Canada, 

Ltd 888 

Imperial Trusts Co of Canada .... 

right top corner cards 

Independent Order of Foresters. . . &89 

Independent Order of Oddfellows. 889 

Industrial Financial Co.. 1574 and 1656 

Insurance Co of North America. 890 

International Mausoleum Co 1623 

Irish G L 1G48 

Irwln C W & Co 1635 

Italian Mosaic & Tile Co 1684 

Jackes & Jackes 894 

Jacksonian Mfg Co 1692 

Jacobsen Wm 1496 

Jago & Harris 1549 

James & James left top lines 

JarviK Aemilius & Co 901 

Jefferson Glass Co, Ltd 1584 

Jenkins B M & T 1503 and 1580 

Jenkins & Hardy 903 and 1496 

Jessop Wm & Sons, Ltd 905 

Jewell Harry 1557 

Johnston, McKay, Dods & Grant 

910 and 1514 

Jones Bros & Co, Ltd 1673 

Jones F C Llewellyn 914 

Jones T & Co 1650 and 1575 

Joselin James S 1643 

Kantel E A 920 

Karn F E Co, Ltd 1687 

Kay Alex Cycle Co 1515 

Keeley Institute 1668 

Keiths, Limited 924, 1536 and 1664 

Kennedy School 1541 

Kent Ambrose & Son 931 

Kent-McClain, Ltd 1672 

Kents, Limited 931 

Kerr, Bull, Shaw & Montgomery 932 
Kerr, Davidson, Paterson & Mc- 

Farlane 932 

Kilgour Bros 935 

Kilmer, Pullen & Burnham, Ltd. . 935 

King Warden, Ltd 1425 

Kingstone, Symons & Thomson... 938 

Kirby Richd G 939 

Kitchener James 1639 

Klees John 941 

Korn Max 1622 

Lackawanna Railroad 947 

La Clede Family Hotel 1518 

Ladies' Wear, Limited 947 

Laidla w R & Co 948 and 1617 

Lake Simcoe Ice Supply and Cold 

Storage Co, Ltd 1597 

Laker C W 1661 

Lang H H, Ltd. right top lines and 1661 

Langley James P 1496 

Langley & Rowland 

front cover and 1505 

Langmuir James & Co, Ltd 1638 

Laughton J Leonard 966 

Lautz Co, The 1621 

Law Union & Rock Ins Co 958 

Lawson Engineering Co 1509 

Lawson James F 1496 

Leadlay E & Co 961 

Leckle John, Ltd. right top lines 963 

Lee-Collins Co, The 1540 

Lee & O'Donoghue 065 

Legg Bros, Ltd 1570 

Lendon H L . 1536 

Lennox E J 968 and 

Le Roy J B & Co 

Le Visconte R C 

Library Bureau of Canada, Ltd. . . 
left bottom 

Linke Paul , 

Lindsay P White 

Liverpool & London & Globe Ins 
Co, Ltd 

Lloyds Plate Glass Ing Co 

Lobraico & Lobraico 

Locke J T & Co. . .left top corner 

London Guarantee & Accident Co, 

London Mutual Fire Insurance Co, 
of Canada 

London & Lancashire Fire Insur- 
ance Co, right top corner cards, 
983 and 

London & Lancashire Life and 
General Assurance Association, 
Ltd 983 and 

Loretto Abbey 


Louise Madam 

Lovell Robert 

Lowe Bros, Ltd.... 1638, 1640 and 

Lowndes Co, Ltd, The 

Lowry's, Limited 

Lucas John & Co 

Lye Edward & Sons 

Lyman Bros & Co, 


Lyon & Plummer 

McBrady & O'Connor 

McBride James 

McCarthy, Osier, Hoskin & Har- 

McCausland Robt, Ltd 

McConkey Geo S 1003 and 

McConnell & Fergusson 

McCord Samuel 

McCurdy Alex 

McDonald & Halligan 

McEachren & Peacock 

McElroy W A & Co 

McEvoy James 

McFarlane Ladder Works 

McGregor & Mclntyre 

right bottom lines 

Mclntosh Granite Co, Ltd 

McKechnie John 

McKim A. Ltd 

McLaren D K, Ltd 

McLaren J C Belting Co. Ltd 

Mclaughlin Frank 

McLean Dr D B 

McLean, Szeliski & Stone 

marginal line front 

McLure & MclntOhh 

McMuIkin F & J 

Macdonald, Garvey & Rowland. . 

Macdonald Hugh J 

MacdomJd John & Co 

Macdonald John L & Co 

Macdonald J Gordon & Co 1 

Macdonald, Shepley & Donald . . 

Macdonell, McMaster & Geary. . . 

Macdonell & Boland 

MacGregor & MacGregor 

MacKay John & Co 

1044, 1496, 1497 and 

Macrae & Macrae 

Malone. Malone & Long 

Malott Wm Weather Strip Co. . . 

Maltby C L & Co 

Manufacturers Life Insurance Co 

Map Specialty Co, The 

Mara Wm Co 

Marchment Saml W 

Marine Insurance Co 

Marion & Marion 

Marks Stamp Co 

Martin Corrugated Paper & Box 
Co, Ltd 

Martin N L & Co 1508 and 

Martin W H & Co opp 

Maryland Casualty Co 

Mason Advertising Agency 

Mason & Shaw 

Masten, Starr, Spence & Cameron 

Matthews A, Ltd 

Matthews Bros, Ltd 

Matthews. Wrightson & Co, (Can- 
ada), Ltd left bottom 

Maughan John & Son 

Maxwc-Il W R & Co 

May Mme C 

Meant Frank S 

































Medland & Son left jottom lines 

Meen & Meen 1075 

.\\eisterschaft School of Langu- 
ages 1541 

Mendelssohn Piano Co 1C 47 

Mercantile Fire Insurance Co .... 1076 

Merchants Accounting Service. . . 1496 

Merry Martin N 107 

Metallic Roofing Co 107 

Methodist Book and Publishing 

House opp 1664 

Meyer Bros 1613 

Mickle, Dyment & Son 1617 

Might Directories, Limited 

opp 1080 and opp 1491 

Millar, Ferguson & Hunter 1081 

Miller G M & Co 1506 

Miller Mfg Co, Ltd 153 

Millers and Manufacturers Insur- 
ance Co edges of book 

Milligan & Russell, Ltd 1086 

Milnes Coal Co, Ltd 

front cover and 108 

Mitchell W & J 16U 

Mitchener J G Co, The 1094 

Model Incubator Co 109* 

Monarch Fire Insurance Co 1096 

Montreal Canada Insurance Co.. 1098 

Moon College 1541 

Moore. Benjamin & Co 1099 

Moore John T 1101 

Morin J H & Co front cover 

Morine & Co 1662 

Morine & Morine 1104 

Morris & Van Dusen opp 1106 and 1406 

Morrison David, . . . left top corner cards 

Morton A P & Co 1108 

Mouterde Chas 1111, 1674 and 1691 

Mowat, Langdon & Maclennan. . . . 1111 

Muldoon James 1614 

Mulock Cawthra & Co 1114 

Mulock, Milliken, Clark & Red- 
mar. 1114 

Munderloh & Co, Ltd 1114 

Muntz & Beatty 1116 

Murray-Kay, Limited 1119 

Murray Printing Co 1655 

Murray T Aird 1545 

Myers Fred B 1690 

Queen City Press, Ltd 1122 

Nasmiths, Limited 112J 

National Dental Co, Ltd 1658 

National Drug & Chemical Co of 

Canada, Ltd 1121 

National Electrotype and Stereo- 
type Co, Ltd 1123 

National Fire Proofing Co of 

Canada, Ltd 1550 and 1576 

National Plumbing Supply Co, Ltd 112S 

National Surety Co of New York 1124 

Neal Albert 1577 

Nealon Martin 1566 

Neilson Wm, Ltd.. 1126, 1543 and 1597 

Nelson H W & Co, Ltd 1126 

Nelson Jeremiah 1571 

Nerllch & Co opp 1127 

New Method Laundry 1611 

New Process Wall Cleaning Co.. 1639 
New York Plate Glass Insurance 

Co 160J 

New York Underwriters Agency. . 1128 

Newail A G & Co 1679 

Newman & Amory 1647 

Niagara Fire Ins Co 1130 

Nichols Chemical Co, Ltd 

1131 and 1535 

Nichols J L Co, Ltd 1498 

Nicholson Geo 1547 

Nield Ernest 1679 

Nineteen Hundred Washer Co ... 1133 

Nixon Wm H 1549 

Noble Clarence W 1550 and 1575 

Noble's Dominion Detective Ag- 
ency 1557 

Norris Thos A Co, Ltd 1576 

North American Accident Insur- 
ance Co 1137 

North American Life Assurance 

Co 3 and 160Z 

North Realty Co 166? 

Norwich Union Fire Insurance So- 
ciety, Ltd H3 

O'Hearn James J & Sons 1639 

O'Keefe Brewery Co, Ltd 114S 

Ogden & Bowlby 114T 

Oliver, Reid & Co, Ltd.. .left top lines 

Ontario Association of Osteopathy 1637 

Ontario Institute of Osteopathy. . 1637 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents, 12 Wellington St E Phone M. 1790 





2 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 5088 


Ontario Lime Co, Ltd opp 1528 

Ontario Show Case Co 1672 

Ontario Veterinary College 1149 

Ord Garnet L 1536 

Ormsby A B, Ltd 1671 

Orr Bros, Ltd 

inside back cover and 1547 

Osborne & Francis 1152 

Oeler & Hammond 1152 

Pacific Coast Fire Ins Co 1155 

Page Wire Fence Co, Ltd. 1604 and 1690 

Palatine Ins Co, Ltd 1156 

Palmer & Co 1537 

Palter Bros 1158 

Pape Bros 1577 

Parisian Ladies Tailors and Fur- 
riers 109 

Parke R J... right bottom corner cards 

Parker Bros 1695 

Parker Harry W 1577 

Parker's Dye Worke, Ltd. 1161 and 1563 

Parsers Electrical Co 1566 

Patent Selling Mfg Agency 1642 

Paterson Mfg Co. Ltd, The 1165 

Paton James W 1166 

Patrick W G & Co 1543 

Patterson. Wylde & Co 1168 

Payne TV H & Co 1170 

Peace Metal Weather Strip Co. . 1693 

Pearcy Sanderson & Co. Ltd.... 1171 

Pears Jas & Son 1524 

Pearson Bros.... left top corner cards 

Pease Heating Co 1173 

Peczenek Saul 1606 

Peerless Furnace Co 1579 

Pember W T 1591 

Perkins Erickson & Co 1177 

Perkins, Ince & Co 1177 

Perry James A 1179 

Perry & Co 1662 

Pfeiffer & Hough Bros 1532 

Phillips Eugene F Electrical 

Works, Ltd 1183 

Phinnemore James 1639 

Phoenix Assurance Co 11S4 

Phoenix Assurance Co, Ltd, of 

London 1184 

Phoenix Fire Office 1184 

Pickering Isaac G 1530 

Pike D Co, Ltd, The. 1186, 1610 and 1684 

Pike W E 1187, 1510 and 1684 

Pilkington Bros, Ltd 1584 

Pink M C & Co 1606 

Pioneer Foundry, The 11 88 

Poison Iron Works 1192 

Ponton Douglas left bottom lines 

Pope C R Co, Ltd 1193 

Postlethwaite Wm 1662 

Potts' Pattern Works 1643 

Powell Lumber & Door Co 1197 

Powley George Paper Co. Ltd.... 1640 
Preston, Ltd. 1511. 1519, 1526, 1571 

1603 and 1626 

Preston & Chisholm 1662 

Prestwich Wm 1534 

Price. Garvey & Co 1200 

Prince & Co 1650 

Princess Chic 1609 

Pringle & Booth 1644 

Proctor W B & Co 1203 

Provincial Insurance Co, Ltd.. . 1204 

Pullen Ellas 1607 

Puritan Laundry Co, Ltd opp 1206 

Quebec Fire Insurance Co 1207 

Queen City Carpet Cleaning Co.. 1531 
Queen City Fire Insurance Co ... 

_ edges of book 

Queen City Glass Co, Ltd 15S4 

Queen City Press. Ltd 

head of each alphabetical letter 1654 

Queen Fire Insurance Co 1208 

Railway Passengers Assurance Co 

of London, Eng front cover 

Ratchliff Paper Co, Ltd 1640 

Rathbone F W 1213 

Rathbone Geo, Ltd 1213 

Rattray A J 1506 

Rawlinson Lionel 1214 

Rodmond & Beggs left top lines 

Reed, Shaw & McNaught 1217 

Reeve Charles 1218 

Reeve J T 1218 

Reid Geo & Co 1220 

Reinhardt's Salvador Brewery Ltd 1222 
Reliance Loan & Savings Co of 

Ontario 1223 

Remington Business College .... 1541 

Reynolds & Co 

Rice, Hydra, Ltd 

Rice, Knight & Co 

Rice R B & Sons 

Richardson J & Son 

Richardson J E & Co 

Riches Chas H 

Ridout & Maybee right top 

Ridout & Strickland 

Rimouski Fire Insurance Co.... 

Ritchie John Plumbing & Heat- 
ing Co, Ltd 

Ritchie & Ramsay, Ltd 

Riverdale Lumber Co 

Robertson Athol George, opp. . . . 
and pages 1499. 1500. 1502, 1508, 
1525, 1527, 1540, 1543, 1574, 1656, 

Robertson J S Co 

Roblnette, Godfrey. Phelan & 

Robins, Limited. .left top corner 

Robins & Burden 

Robinson Frank W, Ltd 

Robinson & Colby 

Robinson & Heath 1525 and 

Rochester German Fire Insurance 

Rochester' 'Jermicide Co 

Rogers Chas & Sons Co 

Rogers Electric Co right top 

Rogers Ellas Co, Ltd 

..right top corner cards 1245, 
1539 and 

Rogers H L left top 

Roher Isaac 

Rolph & Clark, Ltd opp 

Roman ite. Ltd 

Roncesvalles Ladies' Tailors 

Roofers Supply Co, Ltd 

Rosedale Tailoring. Cleaning & 


Ross Fred H Co 

Ross & Holmested 

Ross & MacDonald 

Rotstein Bros 

Ron-ell. Reid. Wood & Wright... 

R<>\vell & Co 

Rowlatt F Albany 

Royal Cloak Co 

Royal Lumber Co 

Royal School of Dancing 

Royal Securities Corp, Ltd 

Royal Typewrite Sales Co 

Royce & Co 1257 and 

Rushbrook J Ernest 

Sadler & Haworth 

St Andrews College 

St Clair Construction Co, Ltd. . . 

St Clair Foundry Co 

St John Ambulance Assn 

St Lawrence Paper Mills Co, Ltd. 

St Margaret's College 

Sale Julian Leather Goods Co, Ltd 

1265 and 

Samuels H R 

Sanagan Albert L 

Sanderson Pearcy & Co, Ltd.... 

Saulter Wm 1596 and 

Saunders Samuel 

Saunders, Torrance & Kingsmill.. 
Savoy Candy Co, Ltd... 1271 and 
Scherer's High Grade Laundry . . 

. .right bottom corner cards and 

Schipper N B & Co 

Schnaufer Fredk 

Schofleld-Holden Machine Co, Ltd 

1519 and 

Schwartz Louis M 

Scott J P & Co 

Scott & Walmsley edges of 

Scottish Union and National Fire 

Insurance Co of Edinburgh. . . 

left bottom 

Select Ladies Tailors 

Sewell Henry de Q 1284 and 

Shannon Robt J 

Sharpe I N & Son 

Shaw A W Co 

Shaw Correspondence School 

Shaw Wm H 564 and 

Shaw & Begg right bottom 

Shearer & Russel! 

Shedden Forwarding Co 

Sheldcn School, The 

Sheppard Jacob 

Sherman & Hargrove 









lint- s 


i :. ', <\ 









Show Cases and Fixtures, Ltd... 172 

Shurly & Derrett, Ltd 1!?6 

Si i !,.->- E & Son 1532 

Siche Gas Co, Ltd. The 1497 

Sigal Moses 1522 

Simon J Austin 1548 

Simmons J S 1577 

Simpson F & Sons 1300 

.Simpson J M 1503 

Simpson Planing Mill Co ..... 1303 

Simpson & Waddington 1663 

Sinclair Ramsay E, Ltd 

left bottom lines 

Singer A & K F 1303 

Singer Sewing Machine Co 1303 

Singer & Singer 1303 

Smallwood Ernest A 1573 

Smart- Woods, Ltd 1308 

Smiley & Stanley 1679 

Smith Bros 153$ 

Smith David Engraving & Litho- 
graphing Co, The back cover 

Smith F J & Co 

left top and right bottom lines 

Smith. Kerry & Chace 1545 

Smith. Mackenzie & Hall 1317 

Smith. Rae & Greer 1318 

.Smith & Gemmell 1508 

Soclean, Limited 1323 and. 1663 

Solway & Cohen 1669 

Southam Bros 1681 

Southam Press, Ltd opp 132* 

Sovereign Varnishes & Oils, Ltd 132 

Spain & Co 16JS 

Sparrow Geo & Co 1327 

Speight & Van Nostrand 1681 

Spirella Corest Co 1330 

Sprachman Jacob 1609 

Spratt Charles H 1654 

Spiingfield Fire & Marine Insur- 
ance Co 1331 

Sproatt & Rolph 1506 

Sproule R K 1332 

Stackhouse L A 153i 

.Standard Bedding Co, The 1623 

Standard Fuel Co 1334 and 1540 

standard Life Assurance Co 

left top lines 

Stanford J Hunt 150* 

Stark John & Co.... right bottom lines 

Stauntons, Limited 1337 

Steel & Radiation, Ltd 1337 

Steele, Briggs Seed Co, Ltd 1338 

Steinberg Louis 109 

Stephens Henry C opp 1677 

Sternberg Miss Amy 1566 

Stevenson H M 602 

Stiff Bros & Sime 1497 

Stinson & Hollwey 1347 and 1683 

Stone Daniel 1348 and 1690 

Stone W H* Co 1349 

Stone & Stone 1663 

Stoneham Chas A & Co 1349 

StDnehouse & Son 1490 

Stratton Robert 1352 

Sun Insurance Office 1368 

Sun Life Assurance Co 1356 

Swift Chas & Co 1521 

wif t & Co 1521 and 1609 

Sword Neckwear Co, Ltd 1361 

Sylvester S A 1361 

Symons & Rae 1362 

Tanner & Gates... left top corner cards 

Tarling C & Co 1384 and 1620 

Taylor J & J 1368 

Telescope Cot Bed Co, Inc 1370 

Terry F G Co, The 1614 

Tew Richard & Co 1540 

Thayer Ira B & Son 1373 

Thiel Detective Service Co 

right bottom lines 

Thomas Bros 1649 

Thompson Jos E 1378 

Thomson Bros 1380 and 1548 

Thomson James 1381 and 1506 

Thomson Monument Co, Ltd. . . . 1628 

Thomson Thos C 1381 

Thomson, Tilley & Johnston .... 1381 

Thomson & Hazelton 1839 

Thorne A M & Co 16S7 

Thome, Mulholland & Co backbone ' 

Tippet A P & Co 1386 

Tisdall H W 160* 

Tod George H 1681 

Toronto Carpet Cleaning Co 153J 

Toronto College of Music 1830 

Toronto Conservatory of Music. . 1630, 

Toronto Detective Agency 1567 


Government, Mnniflpal. 
Corporation and Indost 
Yielding from 4% to 6* 





NuneAdetaMt214 TORONTO 


Toronto Dress Plaiting Co 1559 

Toronto Electric Construction Co. 1566 

Toronto European Agencies 1389 

Toronto Furnace & Crematory Co. 1580 

Toronto Hardware Mfg Co 1390 

Toronto Hat Block Co 1592 

Toronto Laundry Machine Co.... 1612 

Toronto Mortgage Co 1390 

Toronto Plate ' Glass Importing 

Co, Ltd opr. 1390 

Toronto Salt Works 1668 

Toronto Sanitary Towel Supply Co 1686 

Toronto Saturday Night 1391 

Toronto School of Languages... 1542 
Toronto Taxicab & Garage Co, Ltd. 

1509 and 1683 

Toronto Weekly Railway and 

Steamboat Guide Co. Ltd 1391 

Toronto Window Cleaning Co. Ltd 1694 

Toronto Wood Turning Works.. 1695 

Torrance O Co 1693 

Tovell & Burt 1392 

Tugwell H C & Co 1398 

Turner Lumber Co, Ltd. .1400 and 1617 

Tweddle Thomas 1623 

Tye W F 1545 and 1568 

Tyrrell Joseph B 1626 

Tyrrell Wm & Co, Ltd 1402 

Union Dairy Co 1597 

Union (Fire) Assurance Society 

of London, Ltd 1403 

Union of Paris France 1403 

Union Trust Co, Ltd left top lines 

United Paper Mills, Ltd 1641 

United Typewriter Co 

left top corner cards 

Unwin, Murphy & Esten.1404 and 1681 

Ussher & Co 1663 

Van Camp Jared C 1406 

Van Kempen & Rishworth 1695 

Van Slckler J W 1407 

Verral Storage Co 1680 

Victoria Paper & Twine Co 1641 

Waddell R Ruddock 1413 


Wade Osier 1508 

Wagner Chas F 1506 

Wainwright Miss D 1657 

Walker G Hawley, Ltd 724 

"Waller" 1663 

Walsh James J 1422 

Wardell I & Son 1596 

Wardells Monumental Works.... 1628 

Warden King, Ltd 1425 

Warwick Bros & Rutter opp 1428 

Waterloo Mutual Fire Ins Co... 1428 

Watson Smith Co, Ltd 1578 

Watson, Smoke. Chlsholm & Smith 1431 

Watt & Watt 1433 

Wayne Oil Tank & Pump Co... 1671 

Webb Geortre H 1435 

Webb Harry Co, Ltd 1435 

Weber Samuel 1663 

Wegener Auguet C 1581 

Weinstock Joseph 1610 

Weir Specialty Co 1570 

Welch A & Son 1439 

Weller A & Co, Ltd 1548 

Wells Business College 1542 

West Louis J & Co 1142 

Western Canada Real Estate Co. . . 1664 

Western Leather Goods Co, Ltd. . 1613 

Westminster College 1542 

Weston F J & Sons 1444 

Westwood & JSdwards 1664 

Weyerstall A & Co 1530 

Whale Albert 1690 

Whirlwind Carpet Cleaning Co 1532 

White C & Co 

...right top earner cards and 1664 

White Star Dominion Line 1149 

White & Thomas 1510 and 1671 

Whitefleld John Co 1619 

Whitney J W G & Son 1664 

Whitney Law Corp 1540 

Whltworth & Restall 162J 

Wickson & Gregg right top lines 

Wilgar & Brodle. front cover and 1455 

Wilks R F & Co 1467 

Williams Albert 16l 

Williams Herbert 1571 

Williams J C 183* 

Williams Mfg Co 

..left bottom corner cards and 168* 

Williams Walter H 1684 

Williamson, Rutherford & Co... 1497 

Willis, Faber & Co 146J 

Wlllmott Charles M 1608 

Wilson C & Son 

right bottom corner card* 

Wilson Harold A Co, Ltd 146* 

Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow Co, of 

Ontario, Ltd 146* 

Wilson, Munroe Co, Ltd 1489 

Wilson W J 1532 

Wilson & Canham, Ltd 1470 

Wlnnett John 15SS 

Winston John Co Co, Ltd 1471 

Wisker C H 1549 

Woltz Moulding Mfg Co, Ltd 

1545 and 1625 

Wood, Gundy & Co 1478 

Wood H L & Co 1672 

Wood J W & Co 1664 

Wood & Service 1541 

Woods-Norrls, Ltd 1491 

Woolnough John W 167Z 

Wreyford & Co 1483 

Wright Henry 1484 

Wright & Co 1649 

Wynn Misses 1487 

Ya'ffe Jacob 1581 

Yonge St Lumber Co 1S17 

York Lumber Co (old L A De 

Laplante, Ltd) 1017 

Yorkvllle Laundry 148 

Young John H 1497 and 152 

Young J D & Son left top lines 

Young. Maltland & Co 1497 

Younger Wm 151S 

Zimmer Vacuum Machine Co 1891 


is the most effectual and most economical method of reaching 


Those who buy without looking at the lists of those who 
sell do themselves great injustice. 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
Bends* Pure Block Tin Pipe 

The Canada Metal Co., Limited 




Canadian Company 

Addenda Too Late For Regular Insertion 

Abbott Mary (wid Richd), 1 72 Isabella 
Ackerman Charles, hat rep, 2 Walton, h 


Adams Albert F, tmstr, h 34 Markham 
Adams John H, pres Adams Leather 

Goods, h 25 Maynard av 
Adams Joseph, fruits 80 Dundas, h same 
Adams Leather Goods, Wm R Adams 

sec-treas, 300 Yonge 
Adams Miss Margt C, stenog Brown- 

Searle Ptg Co, 1 605 Brock av 
Adams Sidney, carp, h 10 Macaulay av 
Adams Wilbert H, vlce-pres Adams Lea- 
ther Goods, h 69 St Clair av e 
Adams Wm R, sec-treas Adams Leather 

Goods, h 8, 1265 King w 
Adelman Isaac, dry gds 644 Queen e 
Altchison Richd, elk, h 148 Clinton 
Altchison Wm, h 66 Beatty av 
Altken Wm H, mgr Essenday Sales Co 

of Toronto, Ltd, h 39 Coady av 
Albert Jacob, tinware and crockery 683 

Richmond w, h same 
Albert Soaps, Ltd (Montreal) Aaron 

Bnrkholder agt, 137 Brunswick av 
Alberts Edwd, mldr, h 92 Bathurst 
Alders Wm, elect, h 80 Pape av 
Aldrld James, elk local frt dept CPR, h 

21 Ontario 
Allan Miss Laura E, edit dept Canada 

Law Book Co, 1 71 Maitland 
Allen Arthur G (Allen & Beynon), 1 95 

Dearbourne av 

Allen David, elk, h 1090 Bathurst 
Allen John, lab, h 854 Queen e 
Allen Leonard H, slsmn, h 94 Brunswick 

Allen Seymour R, agt. h 111 Empress 

Allen & Beynon (A G Allen, Ernest S 

Beynon), real est, 133 Danforth av 
Allison Daniel, stmftr, rms 43 Hamilton 
Allister John, 1 135 Hamilton 
Almond Edwd, h 45 Pearson av 
Anderson Horace, elect, h 642 Pape av 
Andrews Fredk G, sec Old Farm Co, h 

1276 Queen w 

Annable Geo R, studt, h 72 Madison av 
Annett Frank C, sec-treas Ontario Metal 

Product Co, Ltd, 1 44% Galley av 
Apted Arthur, tinner White & Thomas, 

1 12 University cres 
Armstrong Edwd, h 208 Lee av 
Armstrong Fredk C, mgr Warren Bros, 

h 5. 135 Tyndall av 

Armstrong Geo A, fireman, h 84 Em- 
press cres 

Arnold Frank, tmstr, h 10 Mechanics av 
Arnold! John R, Canadian mgr Commer- 
cial Acetylene Railway Light & Signal 

Co, h 38 Walker 
Arntfield Fredk S, sec-treas Nat Dental 

Co, Ltd, res Swansea 
Art and Photography (monthly), Wm J 

Dyas Pub Co, Ltd, publrs, 7, 2-6 Tem- 
Ascoiigh James, lab. h 70 Kippendavie 

avenue , 

Ash Thos, btchr, h 56 Moutray 
Ashbridge Geo Jr. frt solr Pennsylvania 

Railroad Co, h 739 Brock av 
Ashton S John, tmstr, h 86 Pape av 
Atherton Thos, 1 303 Symington av 
Atkey Alfred, h 111 Cowan av 

Atkinson E Percy, contr, 25 High Park 

Atkinson Wm J. bkpr. h 89 Beaconsfleld 

Augustine Josephine (wid John), h 14, 

15, 755 Tonge 
Austin Charles B, stmftr, h 14 Wellesley 

Austin Miss Minnie, elk Geo Coles. Ltd, 1 

667 Church 

Ayerheart Chas, plmbr, h 326 Syming- 
ton av 

Aylwin Arthur, elk, h 25 Cheltenham av 
Badger Isaac, painter, h 41 Defoe 
Baggot Herbert B, trav, 1 65 Laws 
Jessop & Sons, Limited, Summer Resi- 
dence 642 Hanlan's Island, h 164 Close 
Bailey John, Indrymn, rms 56 Manning 

Bailey Thos (Bailey & Palmer), h 4 

Ravensden av 

Raillie Alex, pressmn, h 738 Crawford 
Baine John, tmstr, h 9 Virgin pi 
Bajis Jordan, conf 614 College 
Baker Alfred, arch 15 Gerrard e, res 


Baker Ephraim, uphol, h 49 Austin av 
Baker Miss Rilla, h 17% Howard 
Baker Wm H, btchr 749 Queen e, h 747 

Ballantyne Ernest W (Ballantyne & Mof- 

fatt). i-ms 24 McGill 

Ballantyne & Moffatt (Ernest W Ball- 
antyne, Orville W Moffatt). mfrs 
agts, 109, 79 Adelaide e 
Banbury Ethel F (wid Geo R), h 232 

Bain av 
Banbury Richd J, shipper, 1 232 Bain av 


Yonge opposite Yorkvllle av 
Banks Francis M, bldr, h 41 Bracondale 


Bannister Thos, gro 414 Dundas 
Barbole James, rest 703 Queen w, h 


Barbour Adam, shipper, h 36 Geneva av 
Barker Albert C, moto, h 153 Ashdale av 
Barker Chas H, slsmn, h 9 Seaforth av 
Barlow John, carpet layer, h 423 Balliol 
Barnes Fredk, lab, h 129 Sumach 
Barnett Thos H, carp, 1 52 Hamilton 
Barnett Wm B, jwlr, h 147 Emmerson av 
Barratt Geo, reed wkr, h 744 Dufferln 
Barrett John E, driver, h 13 Morrison 
Barrens David, mach, h 551 Crawford 
Barry Edward, real est, h suite 14, 1501 

Queen w 

Barry Wm O, elect, h 42 St James av 
Bartlett Harry, police, rms 372 Christie 
Bartman Geo. trav, h 84 Glendale av 
Bass James, bartndr, h 101 River 
Bassingthwalghte Herbert, slsmn, h 72 

Muriel av 
Basso Michele, official interpreter, h 177 

University av 

Basset t Fredk J, metal wkr, h 470 Man- 
ning av 

Bassett Fredk X, wtr, 1 470 Manning av 
Bassett John C, wtr, 1 470 Manning av 
Bastedo E Chilver, sec-treas Bobbie 

Burns Realty Co, Ltd. h 17 Nanton av 
Battye Chester H, trav, h 808 Shaw 
Battye John F, 1 808 Shaw 
Baxter Arthur, staty engineer, h 11 Car- 


Bayne John, h 9 Virgin pi 
Beach Geo, comp, 1 268 Augusta av 
Beach Henry A, acct, h 394 Lansdowne 


Beadle Thos, lab, h 5 Taylor 
Beatty James C (Xeill & Beatty), res 9 

Beck Murray C, mgr Premium Dept Mall 

and Empire, h 177 Davenport rd 
Beckett John W, lab, rms 178 Manning 


Bedeau Chas, mach, 1 2 Buchanan 
Bell Arthur M, phy 142 Danforth av 
Bell David, ironwkr. b 508 Concord ar 
Bender Henry C, foreman Lowndes Co, 

h 25 Fern av 

Benford Benj, ctr, h 103 Waverley rd 
Benham David J, mgr Wheat City Land 

Co, h 708 Spadina av 
Benner Ernest, plstr, h 86 Empire av 

Woodbine Hotel, 102 King w 
Benoy Wm, carp, h 152 Wolfrey av 
Bensman Morris, ctr, h 26 Draper 
Benson James, slsmn Cawker Bros, I 

346 Royce av 

Benton Arthur, carp, h 246 Gladstone ar 
DeLaplante, Limited, Res 153 Silver 
Birch av 

Bernstein Jacob, bldr, h 128 Sackvllle 
Berwick Douglas L, sec-treas Standard 

Garage, Ltd. 1 384 Parliament 
Bevan James C, h 24, 1501 Queen w 
The. 89-91 Niagara (See card Wood 
Bevis Bros (A H Bevls), tobacconists 

sundries, 36, 77 York 
Beynon Ernest S (Allen & Beynon). li 

9"l Dearbourne av 

Biddell Henry, automobiles 271-273 Eu- 
clid av, h 212 Palmerston av 
Biggar John, mach, h 180 Royce av 
Billings Joseph A, trav, rms 14 Tyndall 


Bilton Anna (wid Wm G), h 48 Huntley 
Bilton Geo E, cabt mkr, h 14 Bloomneld 

Binnie Alex W, mgr A W Binnle tc Co. 

313-315 College, h 61 Foxbar rd 
Birnie A W & Co, Alex W Binnle mgr, 

313-315 College 
Birch Henry, h 741 Keele 
Bird Edwin, b 70 Benson av 
Bird Robt, gdnr, h 124 Scollard 
Blrnie Geo, tmstr, 1 22 Irwln ar 
Bitty John, boiler Insp. h 235 Munro 
Blachford Alfred J, adv mgr H & C 

Blachford, Ltd, h 663 Shaw 
Blachford Chas E, vlce-pres H & C 

Blachfcrd, Ltd, h 168 Carlton 
Blachford Fredk A, sec H & C Blachford, 

Ltd, h 80 Roxborough w 
Blachford Horace P, pres H & C Blach- 
ford, Ltd, h 663 Shaw 
Blachford Howard C, treas H & C Blach- 
ford. Ltd, h 20 St James av 
Blachford H & C, Ltd, Horace P Blach- 
ford pres, Chas E Blachford vlce-pres, 
Fredk A Blachford sec, Howard C 
Blachford, treas, boots and shoes, 114 

Limited, S W Black Managing Direct- 
or. Room 202 Mail Building, 106 Bay 
Black Joshua, chkr GTR, 1 106 St Pat- 

Blackmore Carlton, 1 51 Howard 
Blackstock Herbert, elect, 1 4 Munro 
Blackstock Isabel (wid Geo), h 64 Munro 
Blackstock John, lab, h 271 Royce av 
Blackstock John Jr, mach, 1 271 Royce 


Blackstock Wm H, mach, I 64 Munro 
Blair Wm. elk. h 141 Curzon 


Henry W.ZVMS. Phone Hilkrwt 1243 F.H.Gooeh, Phone North 1243 26 Wellington St. E. 



F. J. SMITH ^ CO. 



Blakemore Geo, tinsmth, h 83 Lippin- 


Bland John, comp, 1 268 Augusta av 
Mijrh Thos, painter, h 116 Scarboro rd 
Hoarclman Peter, Indrymn, 1 30 Irwin av 
Bobbin Miss Janet, h 28 Davenport rd 
Burlwell Harold A, draftsman Huffman 

Printing Press Co, h 1089 Gerrard e 
BODY JOHN T, Advertising Manager 

Methodist Book and Publishing House, 

Res 62 Chester av 
Boland Patk, gro 126 Pendrith av 
Bolcock Andrew, engraver, h 164 Waver - 

ley rd 
Bolster Maria (wid Wm), 1 154 Sorauren 


Bolt Alfred H, jwlr, h 61 Gloucester 
Bolt Catherine (wid Joseph T), 1 61 


Bongard Robt R, h 571 Jarvis 
Booth Alfred J, bartndr, h 14 Tyndall av 
Booth Aimer E, 1 14 Tyndall av 
Booth Alvin C, fnshr, 1 14 Tyndall av 
Booth Septimus, fnshr, 1 14 Tyndall av 
Borne David, engineer, h 17 Barber av 
Borrowman W W (Whyte & Borrow- 

man), h 296 Jarvis 

Bosley John E, chauffeur, h 12 Mark- 
ham n 

Botterell Arthur C, h 55 Isleworth 
Botz Thos, cement wkr, h 87 Niagara 
Boulton Wm, 1 185 Carlton 
Boville Bertram, mach, rms 178 Munro 
Boyd John M, plmbr, h 289 Jones av 
Boyle John C, dry gds 119 Danforth av 
Bracken Thos E (Kinsely-Bracken Co), 

h 296 Avenue rd 
Bragan Robt, lab, h 21 Ontario pi 
Brain Arnold, carp, h 88 Coxwell av 
Brain E St Glair, elk, h 51 Garnock av 
Brandman Joshua, gro 124 Sumach 
Brass Peter, h 606 Euclid av 
Braun Miss Eveline, 1 441 Roxton rd 
Braun Frank, driver, 1 441 Roxton rd 
Braun Harry L, ins agt 43 Victoria, h 5, 

140 Cowan av 
Braun Wm, emp Ontario Laundry, h 441 

Roxton rd 
BRAWN JOHN, Druggist 72 Spadina 

avenue and 1071 College 
Bready James A, h 188 Sunnyside av 
ant Manager National Trust Co, Res 

21 Cluny av 

Bridgewater Wm, tinsmth, h 2085 Tonge 

Co, W J Valleau Manager, 701-702, 67 

Brittain Rev David, pastor Emerson 

Chapel, 162 Emerson av, h 33 Paton rd 
Broderick's, Ltd (Tonge st branch), C 

W Callow mgr, 784 Yonge 
Brookes Simeon, barber 263 Pape av, h 

182 Bolton av 
Brooks Joseph W, mgr Siemen's Bros 

Dynamo Works, Ltd (London, Eng), h 

146 Lee av 

Broughton Miss Vera, stenog, 1 61 Chel- 
sea av 
Brown Emerson F, baker 64 Carlton h 

320 College 

Brown Frank H, 1 118 Ferrier av 
Brown Fredk, lab, h 22 Luttrell av 
Brown Geo, lab, h 182 Royce av 
Brown Geo A, foreman Gourlay, Winter 

& Leeming, h 19 Constance 
Brown Geo E, mgr National Railway 

Assn, Ltd (2221 Dundas br), h 382 

Quebec av 

Brown Homer, Jwlr, 1 176 Shaw 
Brown Hugh P, wtr, rms 393 Carlaw av 
Brown John P, h 118 Ferrier av 
Brown Joseph, gardnr, h 14 London 
Brown Leslie H, drugs 353 Wilton av, res 

Edwin Hotel 

Brown Mary (wid Thos C), rms 393 Car- 
law av 

Brown Morley, elk, 1 176 Shaw 
Brown Oscar J, h 30 Beaconsfield av 
Brown Rachael (wid Joseph), h 146 


Brown Wm, weaver, h 49 Wyndham 
Brown Wm A, lab, h 147 Pape av 
Bryson Geo, tmstr, h 35 Cornwall 
Buckle Sydney, lab, b 456 Manning av 
Bulleyment Mance, taxidermist 2008 

Dundas, h same 

Burness C Stuart, h 35 Hillcrest Park 

Burnett John, tmstr, h 230 Claremont 

Burns Edwd P, window trmr Robt Simp- 
son Co, 1 43 Simpson av 

Burns Hannah (wid James), h 50 Hay- 

Burns Michl, lab, h 50 Hastings av 

Burt Wm M, h 17 Roblock av 

Burton Mrs Ida, h 264 Jones av 

Bury Henry J, acct, h 2, 390 Huron 

Busby Edwd, carp, h 108 D'Arcy 

Bushey Edwd, baker, h 121 Danforth av 

Butterfleld John, emp E W Gillett Co, 
Ltd, h 17 Melbourne Apts 

Byrne James (Canadian Art Studio and 
Stationery Store), h 479 Yonge 

Byrne Vincent L (Canadian Art Studio 
and Stationery Store), h 479 Yonge 

Bysche Percy S, trav, rms 46 Sorauren 

Cahill Edwd, elect, h 149 De Grassi 

Cain Wm, h 337 Wilton av 

Cairns Andrew B, mach, h 289 Green- 
wood av 

Calder George, elk, h 62 Doel av 

Caldwell Geo, rms 18 Poucher 

Callow Chas W, mgr Broderick, Ltd, h 6 

Calvert Mary (wid James), h 10 Ger- 
rard w 

Campbell Colin A, local mgr Zip Co, Ltd, 
h 62 Havelock av 

Campbell John H, bkpr, h 66 Amelia 

Camplin John E, elk frt claims dept C 
P R, 1 67 Queen e 

The, W C Wade President, Christmas 
Greeting Cards, 72 Bay (See card 
Christmas Cards Personal) 

Suite 412-13-14 CPR Building (See 
card Real Estate) 

tionery Store, The, James and Vincent 
L Byrne Managers, Artists Supplies, 
479 Yonge, Phone North 7974 (See 
card Artists Supplies) 

Canadian Domestic Guild, 65 Sorauren 

Canadian Lennox Throatless Shear Co, 
Ltd, Fredk Parker pres and mng dir, 
sheet metal shears, 182 Richmond w 

Canadian Multipost Co, Ltd, Danl J 
Lynch sec and genl mgr, novelties, 603 
Standard Bank Bldg 

Canadian Smokeless Installing Co. John 
Wallace sec, 205, 79 Adelaide e 

Canham Laura (wid James), h 167 Mont- 
rose av 

Canning Richd L, caretkr. 135 Tyndall 

Cannon Geo, gdnr, h 35 Balmoral av 

Cannon Kate (wid Wm), mus tchr 89 
Massey, h same 

Cantlin Ernest, lab, h 111 Condor av 

Caplan Benj, hardware 102 Elizabeth, h 
73 St Patrick 

CAPLAN HARRY L, Manufacturer 
and Importer Embroidered Shirt 
Waists and Suit Patterns 229 Queen 
w h same (See card Embroidered Shirt 

Carey Danl, lab, h 7 Mitchell av 

Carlaw Margaret (wid James), 1 40 

Carney Miss Ellen, h 44 Stephanie 

Carpenter Thos T, tchr, h 3 Rowland av 

Carson John A, trav A R Greene, h 85 
Wright av 

Carter Sydney, tmstr, h 83 Brooklyn av 

Cascaden John H, h 49 Pleasant boul 

Cassels Maud (wid Allen), h 7 Welles- 
ley pi 

Gates Geo B, decorator Elliott <' Son, h 
587% Indian rd 

Cavell Miss Harriet, tchr Dewson st 
schl, 1 371a Dundas 

Chad-wick Herbert, h 22 Wroxeter av 

Chambers Henry H, mfrs aert 29, 32 
Church, 1 37 Dundonald 

Chambers Thos, guard C P, h 411 Sack- 

Chantler John A & Co (John A Chantler), 
mfrs agts 203, 8 Wellington e 

CHAPMAN & McGIFFIN, Architects 
97 King e (See card Architects) 

Chappelle Geo, chauffeur, h 49 Miller av 

Charlton W Frank, real estate 168 Grac, 

h same 
Chislett Saml E, blue printer Eugene 

Dietzen Co, Ltd, b 96 Ellerbeck av 
Choate Saml, brklyr, h 864 Queen e 
Chousky Abe, 1 106 Manning av 
Chousky Morris, tlr, h 106 Manning av 
Christie Hugh B, mgr Christie Bros & 

Co, h 419 Annette 
Churchill Elizth (wid Bernard), dry 

gds, branch PO 32 Arthur, h same 

ply and Laundry 491-496 King w (See 

card Towel Supplies) 

Claridge Henry, carp, h 191 Pearson av 
Clark Miss Ada, with Robt Simpson Co, 

1 325 Leslie 

Clark Alex, plstr, h 66 Vermont av 
Clark Elsie (wid James S), h 2135 Oer- 

rard e 
Clark Herbert A (Mulock, Milliken, 

Clark & Redman), h 44 Foxbar rd 
Clark Miss Kitty E, bkpr Holden & Gro- 

ver, 1 53 Alexander 
Clark Robt, elk London & Lancashire 

Guarantee & Accident Co, rms 28 Mou- 


worth (G T Clarkson, HDL Gordon, 

Robt J Dilvvnrth) Cn;irtc''(-cl .Nr(vnnt- 

ants, 33 Scott (See page 10) 
Clegg Fredk, tmstr Puddy .tiros, h 99 

Palmerston av 

Coath Thos, plstr, h 132 Lippincott 
Coggins Wm G, tinsmth and roofer 137 

Carlaw av, h same 
Cole Margt (wid Louis), 1 603 Manninr 

Coleman Fredk, shipper, h 23 Hampton 

Collaton Ella (wid Joseph), gro 601 

Logan av, h same 
Collis Geo, elk, 1 86 Munro 
Comfort Lillian (wid Robt), h 76 St 


Commerford Miss Ada, mus tchr 43 Bea- 
consfield av, 1 same 
Commonwealth Life Insurance Co, W J 

Doran mgr, 1 Carlton 
Computing Slicer & Sales Co of Canada, 

805 Bathurst 
Conn Thos J, elk local frt office CPR, 

rms 287 Jarvis 

Connaty James, lab, h 27 Maria 
Conway Earl, slsmn, rms 82 Sherldaji 

Cook Geo, bkpr John Taylor & Co. Ltd, 

rms 30 Tiverton av 
Cooper Albert, window clnr, rms 579 

Wilton av 

Corkan John, blksmth, h 22 Poucher av 
I Corneil Wm E, h 198% Sherbourne 
Coryell Warren R, slsmn, h 19 Geoffrey 
Cotter Frank, stablemn, h 143 Bellwoods 

I Cotton John H, mgr Tudhope Motor Sales 

Co, Ltd, h 1, 223 Jameson av 
! Coulter Geo, driver R Barren, Ltd, h 33 

Darling av 

Coutts Mrs Rosina, h 2 Buchanan 
Cowan Lome, lather, 1 257 Brock av 
Cowley Fredk J, h 64 Geoffrey 
! Cox J Geo, messr Sword Neckwear Co, 

rms 842 Palmerston av 
, Cracknel! Fredk vV, plstr, h 82 Rhodes 


Craig John C, lab, h 120 Yarmouth rd 
Craik James, driver Tor Elect Light Co, 

h 220 Shaw 

Crawford Chas, rms 69 O'Hara av 
Crawford Mrs Mary B, supt Frances E 

Willard Home for Girls, 16 Gerrard * 
I Cripps Alfred W, h 72 Uxbridge av 
i Crisp Geo, 1 154 Mulock av 

Crone Fredk E, cond, h 14 Coady av 
I Cronkwright James E, h 139 Borden 
Cronyn John, comp, h 6 Dingwall av 
Crook Henry, plmbr, m 77 St David 
Cross Miss Bessie, tchr, rms 54 Simpson 


Crothers Wm, lab, h 186 De Grassi 
Crowe Geo, lab, h 160 Brock av 
Crowe Norbert, 1 160 Brock av 
Cruickshank Wm, chkr, h 22 Irwin av 
Culham Helen (wid Joseph), 1 SB Walm- 

er road 
Culhane Mrs Mary, h 9 Thorburn av 

OLJR si 

Pine Doors 

L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory : MAIN ST., EAST TORONTO Phones Beach 230-231 


The Dovercourt Land 






24 Adelaide Si. E. 


Cunard Steamship Co, Ltd, John B Hos- 

eason immigration agt, 114 King w 
Cunningham D Phillip, studt, 1 35 Ave- 
nue rd 
Cunningham Matilda (wid Daniel H), 1 

35 Avenue rd 
Cunnings Robt C (R C Cunnings & Co), 

h 15, 1501 Queen w 
Cunnings R C & Co (Robt C Cunnings), 

real estate 1684 Dundas 
Curley Chas, fireman T Eaton Co, 1 82 

Sheridan av 

Curry Carl, bkpr, 1 176 Shaw 
Cusworth Miss Maud, tlrs, 1 43 Ham- 
ilton av 
Cutler Ernest H, real est agt, h 70 


CUTTS W H, Real Estate 34 Victoria, 
h 45 Fairview Boulevard (See card 
Real Estate) 

Dalley Andrew, carp, h 38 Essex av 
Dalrymple Robt, engineer City Dairy Co, 

rms 774 Manning av 
Dalton Geo B, elk Canadian Bank of 

Commerce, 1 270 Huron 
Danbeigh Frank, carp, h 302 St Johns rd 
Darley Everard B, mgr Union Bank (690 

Bloor w), 1 636 Manning av 
Davey Philip, hotel 217 Yonge 
Davidson Chas, tmstr, h 84 Pape av 
Davidson Herbert, tile setter, h 51 Bolt- 
on av 
Davidson Jessie V (wid Thos), gro 556 

Jones av, h same 
Davies Robt H, h 67 Delisle 
Davies Saml, h 11 Robert 
Davis Edwd, 1 38 Aberdeen av 
Davis Thos E (Thos E Davis & Co), h 

209 Howard Park av 

Davison Netta (wid Benj), 1 53 Walton 
Dawkes Wm F, printer, rms 205 Welles- 

Dawkins Wm, brklyr, h 44 Mulr av 
Dawson Christopher, h 9 Rowland av 
Day Chas, heeler W B Hamilton Shoe Co, 

1 122 Duchess 

Debold Michael, btchr, h 104 Booth av 
Depew Oliver M, h 393 Runnymede rd 
Derby Wm J, trav, h 807 Shaw 
Devereux Mary (wid Valentine), h 217 

Devereux Valentine F, stmftr, 1 217 

Devoy Patrick J, express, 1 Dawson av, b. 


Dewar Hugh, h 257 Euclid av 
Diaper Horace, lab, h 77 Berkeley 
Dibbin Wallace R, boxmkr, h 156 Waver- 

ley rd 

Dickey Rev Robt M. associate supt Read- 
ing Camp Assn, h 69 Glendale av 
Dickson Robt A, trav, h 2 Buchanan 
Dickson Scott, elk, h 11 Ferrier av 
Dilworth Richd, mldr, h 163 Christie 
Dingee Geo, sailmkr, h 172 Strachan av 
Doherty Fredk W, elk, h suite 17, 1501 

Queen w 

Dolson Fredk L, h 448 Manning av 
Limited, F M McCune President and 
Manager, A C Neff, Secretary-Treas- 
urer 355 College (See card Artificial 

Dominion Carriage Co, Ltd, Henry Hors- 
man pres, A G Howse vice-pres (Lon- 
don, Ont), Geo E Wooldriu -e sec, car- 
riages and spring wagon mfrs, head 
office Perth av s w cor Kingslev av 
sons Manager, Vacuum Cleaners, 
Room J, Toronto Arcade 
Dominion Tactile Press, free literature 

for the blind, 275 Delaware av 
Donnelly Chas, cond, h 78 Massey 
Doran Fredk W, chief agt Standard Life 
Assurance Co of Edinburgh, Scotland, 
h 61 Lonsdale rd 

Doran Wm J, mgr Commonwealth Life 
Insurance Co, 1 Carlton, h 27 Home- 
wood av 

Dorman Philip, h 83 Macpherson av 
Doty Amanda J (wid Frank), h 81 Craw- 

Doty Frank S. messr Union Station 1 

81 Crawford 
Douglas John, barrister 1275 Quen w 

h 424 Marion 

Dove Ernest, elk C B Routley Co, 1 507 

Roxton rd 
Down Chas W (C W Down & Son), h 20 

Bellefair av 
Down Wm G (C W Down & Son), 1 20 

Bellefair av 
Down & Son (Chas W and Wm G Down), 

cartage agts, rear 668 Queen e 
Doyle Patk, h 12 Macklem av 
Dray Arthur, eoremkr, b 107 Walnut av 
Drennan James, lab, h 29 Wyndham 
Drummond Manager, Dairy Supplies 
214-218 King e (See card Dairy Sup- 
Dubinsky Louis, opr, h 22 Kensington 

Dunbar Nellie (wid Chas), b 137 

Dunbar Miss Nellie C, tchr Dufferin schl, 

1 77 Pembroke 
Dunlop James H (Webb & Dunlop), h 85 

Dunn Irving S, clk'Dept of the King's 

Printer, h 27 Irwin av 
Durie Chas E, elect, h 2033 Tonge 
Durie Edgar, app draftsman, 1 2033 


Durie Gordon, btchr, 1 2033 Yonge 
Dyson Wm, btchr Wm H Baker, rms 

271 Logan av 
Eakins John, uphol B M & T Jenkins, 

rms 365% Queen e 

Earle Etta (wid Geo), h 574 Sherbourne 
Eastland Mrs Ada, hsekpr Theta Delta 

Chi, 36 North 

Eastland Edwin H, stmftr, 1 35 North 
Eaton Harry, basketmkr, h 34 Eglinton 

avenue e 

Eckmier Lloyd A, studt, b 6 Maple Grove 
Edgar Agnes (wid David), h 14 Mack- 
lem av 

Edgar Robt R, 1 14 Macklem av 
Edgar R Knight, lab, 1 14 Macklem av 
Edgeworth James, vice pres Elgin Gard- 
ens. Ltd, h 240 High Park av 
Edwards Joseph, elect, h 62 Austin av 
ada, Limited, H A Goldblatt President, 
A J McLean Secretary-Treasurer, Real 
Estate, Bonds and Investments. 76 
King w 
Eisenhofer Stanley L. elect engineer, h 

suite 20, 1501 Queen w 
ELDER ANDREW, Real Estate and 
Insurance, 82-88 King e, h 78 Wal- 
nier road 
Elgin Gardens. Ltd, Miss Genevieve Oz- 

burn, sec-treas, 37 Richmond w 
Elliot Geo N, sec YMCA (Dovercourt 

br), h 78 Rusholme rd 
Elliott Bernard, h 131 Hamilton 
Elliott Geo W, mgr elect J J Gibbons, i 
Ltd, rms YMCA Dovercourt and Col- 
Ellis Robt, painter, h 1403 Lansdowne 


Elms Geo. printer, h 48 Irwin av 
English Thos H, trav Brown-Searle 

Printing Co, 1 879 Dovercourt rd 
Erskine Alex, gdnr, h 173 Palmerston av 
Espey Wm J, slsmn, h 19 Empress cres 
Estelle Madame, hair gds 503% Parlia- 
ment, h same 

Evans Miss Elizth, h 634 Bathurst 
Ewen James, granite ctr, 1 Si Marl- 
borough av 

Ewen John H, blksmth, h 68 Wardell 
Ewers Mrs Susie, h 331 Wellesley 
Fahey Norman J, packer P C Larkin & 

Co, 1 143 Carlaw av 
Kairhnll Alfred, asst baker Child's Rest, 

rms 510 Yonge 
Farrell Thos, caretkr St Helen's Schl, h 

218 Lansdowne av 

Farrelly James P, mngr J P Farrelly 
Excavating Machine Co, h 259 Wright 
Faulkner Ford C, dentist 24, 389^4 Yonge 

1 41 Saulter 

Ferguson Belle (wid Wm), b 76 First av 
Ferris Gordon, cir dept The Telegram. 1 

79 Balmoral av 
Fickensher Paul E, elk Pennsylvania 

Railroad Co, b 232 Jarvis 
Fieldhouse Mis? Afay. h 326 Bathurst 
Finkelstein Saml. tlr. h 247 Augusta av 

Fisbane Jacob, slsmn R L Porplovsky 

& Co, h 1024 Queen w 
Fitch Harry H, mgr Universal Music Co 

of Canada, 1 1298 College 
Fleet Miss Annie, confy 272 Broadview 


Fleischman Saml. mus tchr 41 Anderson 
Foley Roy S, asst prin Jesse Ketchum 

schl. rms 46 Gloucester 
Foley Vt'm (Home Smith & Co), 1 133 

Rose av 
Forbes J;imps. masseur, h 142 Withrow 


Ford Miss .Mary S, b 45 Bathurst 
Forrest James, phy 165 Dowling av, h 

Forsyth Krm-si. studt. ta 724 Dovercourt 


Fi'j-syth Miss June, h 171 University ar 
Fortier Joseph, stmftr W J McGulre. 

Ltd. b S Wilmot av 
Fowler Wm J, lab, h 66 Denison av 
Foy Catherine (wid Dennis), h 12 In- 
dian rd 
Foy Geo J, vice-pres Geo J Foy, Ltd, b 

45 Dunvegan rd 
Frame Alex, 1 277 Wright av 
Frank Chas, confy 617 Yonge 
Fraser Franklin W, rms 102 Grace 
Fraser Geo, ctr, h 8 Northern pi 
French Mary (wid Isaac), 1 3 Hogarth 

Freindlich Chas, btchr 81 Elizabeth, h 

45 William 

Gagen Lionel, h 237 Munro 
Gall David H, h 115 Grace 
Gallagher Agnes (wid Peter), h 27 Shir- 

Gallagher Camilla, 1 27 Shirley 
Gallagher Miss Florence, elk, 1 27 Shir- 

Gallagher Frank, 1 27 Shirley 
Gallagher Miss Lillie, elk, 1 27 Shirley 
Galvin Wm J, trav Fried, Grills & Co, h 

9 Radford av 

Gangbar Saml, window clnr 92 Beverley 
Gange, Fredk, rms 134 Huron 
Garcia Alvin, photo, h 429 Montrose 
Garrett Saml, plshr. 1 83 Lippincott 
Gates Miss Jennie, elk T Eaton Co, 1 10JO 

Gaved Thos, optician Robt Simpson Co, 

h Lakeview av, Scarboro twp 
Gay Robt J, erjp J B MacLean Pub Co, 

1 41 Hewitt av 

Gazlay Arthur E, h 18 Starr av 
Gellei Morris (Geller & Mashofsky). h 

97 Chestnut 
Geller & Mashofsky (Morris Geller, 

Phillip Mashofsky), furs 794 College 
Genesoff Minnie (wid Jacob), h 23 V4 


Genesoff Moses, opr, 1 23% Camden 
Therapeutic Institute, Max Korn Pro- 
prietor, Massage and Electric Baths, 
329 College (See card Massage) 
Gerrard Herbert B, elk Harris Abattoir 

Co, Ltd, b 86 Markham 
Gibson Jane (wjd Thos M), 1 610 Jarvis 
Gibson Joseph, carp, h 43 Hamilton 
Galley Richd, ins agt, 1 52 Hamilton 
Glftord J R, (Gifford & McGregor), h 100 

Pape av 
Gifford & McGregor (J R Gifford, J D 

McGregor), real est 954 Gerrard e 
Gilbert John R, bowling alley 769 Doy- 

ercourt rd 

Sheet Metal Worker, Room 17, 43 Vic- 
toria (See card Roofers) 
Gilkes Wm, lab, h 5 Coady av 
Gill Joseph, shoemkr, h 127 Galley v 
Gillespie Luke, tlr 160 Duke 
Gillespie Richd L. tlr, h 132 Silver Birch 


Gilmartin Chas, stone ctr, h 445 Glen- 
wood av 

Gilmore Albert E, real est 1096 Bathurst 
h 6 Vermont av 

Gilmore Blake J, slsmn A E Gilmore * 
Sons, h 37 Gwynne av 

Gilmore Ross E, slsmn A E Gilmore * 
Sons, 1 6 Vermont av 

Gilmour John, carp, rms 137 Mutual 

Glendenning Harry L, elk, h 323 Sunny- 
side av 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST. 


44 Adelaide West Phone Adelaide 6tS 

Goidblatt Henry A, pres Equitable Secur- 
iii.-s of Canada. Ltd, 1 608 Church 

Goldenberg Jacob, pdlr, 1 211 Richmond 

Goldie James, ins agt, h 48 Hamilton 

Goldkin Morris tlr. h 16T Bellwoods av 

Goldman Bernard B. clothing 1221 Bloor 
w, h 464 Queen w 

Goldstein Morris, real est 12, 69-71 
Baldwin, h same 

Goldstein & Houzer (Louis Goldstein, 
Saml Houzer), stationers 178 King w 

Goodman Joseph, pdlr, h 166 Teraulay 

Goodman Sarah (wid Saml), 1 248 Mark- 

Gordon McKenzie, h 13, 579 Jarvis 

Goss Miss Ellen, h 37 Homewood av 

Gould Geo H, btchr 838 Bloor w, h 687 

Gower David, slsmn Bachrack Co, Ltd, 
rmp 235 Palmerston av 

Gower Miss Elsie, slsldy Robt Simpson 
Co, rms 235 Palmerston av 

Graham Robt A, jwlr Brymer & Web- 
ster, h 6 Seneca 

Granery Terence J, stenog Can North- 
ern Ry, 1 38 Grace 

Grant Miss Ruth, knidergartner Queen 
Alexandra Schl, 1 16 Parkview av 

Grasett Florence (wid Chas B), 1 56 St 

Green A Keith, mgr Carbon & Tunsgten 
Lamp Co, 1 6 Rathnelly av 

Green Harry A, h 12 Whitby av 

Green Wm H (Wm H Green & Co), h 
132 University av 

Green Wm H & Co (W H Green, A R 
Seymour), furniture 459-461 College 

Greenberg Benj, real est 263 College, b 
23 Lipplncott 

Greenblatt Harry, rest 60 Elizabeth, 
rms 19 Chestnut 

Griffith Lawrence O, sales mgr The Jef- 
ferson Glass Co, Ltd, b Gerrard Hotel 

Grills Henry M, real est, b Woodbine 

Grogan John, lab, h 222 Campbell av 

Guerln Lavina (wid Joseph A), rest, h 
243 Dovercourt rd 

Haladay Geo, bldr 57 Cowan av 

Hall Chas (Morrow & Hall), h 1180 Col- 

Hamilton James, h 32 Sword 

Hamilton Wm, elk, rms 46 Gerrard w 

Hannigan Daniel (Hannigan Bros), h 934 
Queen e 

Hardacre Thos, shipper, h 274 Lippln- 

Hardiman Alfred J, paperhangr, h 15 
Laurier av 

Harding John, upholsterer, h 32 Corn- 

Hardy Fredk, carp Rumney, Smith & 
Co, h 113 Russett av 

Harper Frank, lab, h 6 Claremont pi 

Harper John, engineer, h 7 Peel 

Harper Wm, driver Wm Fountain, h 282 

Harrington Cornelius W, opr CPR Go's 
Tel, b 39 Grosvenor 

Harrison Walter, ins agt, 1 60 Lippincott 

Hawley David J, florist, h 7 London 

Hayes Alex, trav, h 14 Fisher 

HEALE JOSEPH M, Special Agent 
Mutual Life Assce Co, h 183 Grena- 
dier rd 

Heaps Henry, carp, h 111 Bleecker 

Heinbeckcr Peter, studt, b 6 Maple Grove 

Henderson James H, weaver, h 355 King 

Henderson John, trav, h 309 Shaw 

Henneberry Lawrence, emp M Langmuir 
Mfg Co, b 237 Niagara 

Hickes Henry J, druggist, h 990 Ger- 
rard e 

Hill Samuel, furn dealer, h 669 Rich- 
mond vr 

Hill Wm, rubber wkr, h 57 Coady av 

Holmes James, gro, h 381 Manning av 

Hooley Wm, elect, h 10 Ossington cres 

Horgan Francis, fireman, h 614 Welling- 

Horn & Hurwitz (Henry Horn, Barnet 
Hurwitz), tlrs 330 Yonge 

Hornell Mrs Jane, 1 144 Rusholme rd 

Houseman John F, cashier Child's Rest, 
rms 4 9M; Ann 

Howard H Percival, elk CPR, rms 85 
Wright av 

Howe Leonard R, traffic dept Board of 
Trade, 1 491 Lansdowne av 

Howell Chas, h 269 Church 

Hubbard Frank, elk Dom Exn h 678 
Jones av 

Hubbert Benj A, mgr Independent Cord- 
age Co, h 152 Westminster av 

Hudson Saml, lab, h 174 Sheridan av 

Hudswell Wm (Hudswell, Yates & Co), 
h 165 Parliament 

Hudswell, Yates & Co (Wm Hudswell, 
Jacob B Yates), wool stock mfrs, 121 
Logan av 

Hughes Herbert, stockkpr, h 5 London 

Humphreys Bernard, driver, b 48 Ar- 

Humphries Charles M, elect, h 186 Mac- 
pherson av 

Hunt Ephralm, gro 2753 Yonge, h same 

Hunt Kphraim T, plstr, h 282 Camp- 
bell av 

Huntlngton Alfred, tmstr Prospect Ceme- 
tery, h 124 Earlscourt av 

Hurst Samuel F, driver, h 13 McMur- 

Husband Theresa M (wid Geo), h 724 
Dovercourt rd 

Huxtable Chas, slsmn A & G C Nichol- 
son, b 16 Waitland 

Imison Miss Maisie, bkpr Bennett & 
Wright, rms 158 Lee av 

poration, E W Drake President and 
Manager, James Williamson Supt, 18 

Ingall Harvey T, vocalist, rms 61 Glen- 
dale av 

Inglis Alex, carpet designer, rms 86 
Bellwoods av 

Ingram Arthur, tmstr, 1 937 Queen w 

Ingram Wm, carp, h 937 Queen w 

Innes Miss Ella L, with Gutta Percha & 
Rubber Mfg Co, 1 88 Glenwood av 

Irvin Fredk, carp, 1 82 Annette 

Irvine Barbara (wid Hercules), h 122 

Irvine James S, dyer Tor Hosiery Co, h 
197 Humberside av 

IRWIN CECIL W (C W Irwin & Co), 
84 Victoria, Res 69 Charles w 

IRWIN C W & CO, Commercial Sta- 
tioner and Office Supplies, 84 Victoria 
(See adv Office Supplies) 

Irwin Geo, elk, rms 223 Montrose av 

Irwin James H, stockbroker, h 185 Carl- 

Jack James, carp, b 508 Concord av 

Jackson Clark H, surveyor, b 197 West- 
minster av 

Jackson James, watchman, h 28 Frank- 
ish av 

Jackson Mrs Matilda, cleaning and dye- 
ing 221 Dundas, 1 same 

Jackson Saml, slsmn, 1 221 Dundas 

Jacobs Lewis, carp, h 73 Gerrard w 

Jaffray Wm, tmstr, h 964 Yonge 

James Arthur E, 1 40 Humberside av 

Jertos Arthur, cabt mkr Tor Wood 
Turning Works, 1 5 Manning av 

Johnson Harry, bkpr, h 12 Uob'n^k sv 

Johnson Harry A, bkpr, h 12 Roblock av 

Johnson Henry B, insp Robt W Hunt & 
Co, rms 79 Shuter 

Johnston Herbert, gro 365 % Yonge 

Jollow Norman, emp Gerhard Heintzman 
Ltd, b 276 George 

Jones Arthur, 1 71 Lappin av 

Jones Arthur, emp Gerhard Heintzman, 
Ltd, b 20 Englewood av 

Jones Ernest, silversmth, 1 82 Annette 

Jones Herbert E, elk Consumers Gas Co, 
b 142 Wilton av 

Jones John, lab, h 109 Fern av 

Jones Lucy (wid Benj), h 71 Lappin av 

Jones Wallace W, broker, h 5 Wellesley 

Kaiser John, rest 213 Queen e, rms 8 

Keller A Harry (Riley & Keller), 1 147a 

Kelly Michael J, blksmth, 1 57 Callan- 

Kelly Richd J, h 57 Callander 

Kenmure John, insp T Eaton Co, 1 205 
Fern av 

Kenmure Wm J, with Imperial Life As- 
surance Co, h 205 Fern av 
Kerr Fredk E, pres Elgin Gardens, Ltd, 

h 55 Walmer rd 
Kerr Thos, h 13 Markham 
Kerr Thos B, confy, h 19 Gerrard w 
Killackey Joseph, elk Gowans, Kent & 

Co. 1 88 Sparkhall av 
Killmaster Miss Jennie, mus tear IX 

Classic av, 1 same 
Kilmaster Victor, 1 220 Kingswoou rd 
King A Starr, elk Pennsylvania Rail- 
road Co, b 324 Jarvia 
Kingston W Roy, tchr, rms 404 Concord 

Kitney Harry, brickmkr, 1 62 Saliabury 


Kneshaw Geo, mach, 1 2 Bloomfleld av 
Knisely-Bracken Co (O S Knisely, 
Thos E Bracken), real est 100 King w 
Knott John, b 19 Homewood av 
Knowles CliHord R, artist Grip, Ltd, 1 

156 Danforth av 
Knowles Wm L, elk Western Can Flour 

Mills, Ltd, 1 658 Yonge 
Kwong Cat Cheung Co, tea, 22 Eliza- 

Labovitch Harry, h 107 D'Arcy 
La Fontaine Josephat, confy 504 Queen 

e, h same 
Laing A Leonard, slsmn, h 8 Alhambra 


Lake Foster, teller savings dept Metro- 
politan Bank, b 483 Roxton rd 
Lament Alex, h 202 Symington av 
Lampert Elizth (wid Alexander), h 61 


Landsdowne Arthur, elk, h 60 Moutray 
Lang Archie (Lang & Rowlin), h 728 


Large Wm, painter, h 40 Manning av 
Lang & Rowlin (Archie Lang, Seth H 

Rowlin), real est 303, 123 Bay 
Larkin Lambert, elk CNR, h 39S Dupont 
Larraco Pasquale, lab, 1 10 Laplante av 
Latcham Geo, packer, rms 66 Marion 
Laughlin K M, rep Omega Chemical Co 

(of New York), 21 Leader lane 
Learmonth Andrew T, emp Gooderham A 

Worts, h 31 Waverley rd 
Learmonth Andrew T jr, miller. 1 SI 

Waverley rd 
Leask Wm L, shipper M & L Samuel, 

Benjamin & Co, b 48 Bellwoods av 
Leask Wm M, emp Am Watch Case Co, 

h 302 Sorauren av 
Leatham Robt P, trav Lawson & Wilson, 

.Ltd, rms 582 Church 
Lee Fredk, mngr Webb Mfg Co, h 947 


Lee Harry, carp, h 41 Sinclair av 
Lees John A, shipper, h 39 Millicent 
Legge James G, photo, h 68 McKenzie 

LENDON H L & M, Chiropractors 

308 Jarvis (See card Chiropractors) 
Lennox Chas D, arch E J Lennox, h 14 

Gledhill av 

Letch Alfred J, insp Canadian Car Ser- 
vice Bureau, 1 124 Grange av 
Letter-Adv Service (Archd G Duggan), 

32 Church 
Lewis Charles S (Paton, Lewis & Gough) 

h 719 Spadina av 

Liddell Elizth (wid Wm), rms 30 Man- 
ning av 

Limington Ernest J, h 184 Rusholme rd 
LINKE PAUL, Ladies' Tailor 477 

Yonge, h 455 Merton (See card Ladies 


Little John C, elk Ry M S, h 6 London 
Lloyd Carl B, tuner Heintzman & Co, 

rms 936 Keele 

Locke James H, bldr. h 10 Thorburn av 
Longeway John, tmstr, h 1200 King w 
Lornsetty John, saw grinder, h rear 154 

Centre av 

Lott Elizth (wid Fredk W), h 47 Noble 
Low Robt. elk, h 121 Howard Park av 
Lowe Ernest, jwlr, h 116 Gait av 
Lumsden Mary (wid Geo E). h 115 

Farnham av 
Lundy Benj, opr Partrlte & Karman, rms 

228 Wilton av 

Luney James, h 92 Gladstone av 
Lush Edwd, carp T Eaton Co, b 127 

Sirachan av 

Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, Limited 

. . Lunm)en Buildjng( Cor ADELAIDE and YONGE STS MaiD I360 







PhoireADElAIDE 1962 


Lyman Albert V. mach, rms 69 Gwynne 

Lyman Misp Lavina, tchr Alex Muir schl, 
1 Cowan av 

Lynch Daniel J, sec and genl mgr Can- 
adian Multipost Co, Ltd, h 26a Glou- 

Lynn Percy, elk Anglo Am Fire Ins Co, 
res Wychwood Park 

Lyons Edgar S, emp Dom Register Co, 
h 461 Margutretta 

Lyttl Miss Margt, slsldy T Eaton Co, b 
58 Charles w 

McAron Chas G, supt Prudential Ins Co, 
h 202 Jarvis 

McCallura Walter, emp United Typewrit- 
er Co, res New Toronto 

McCann Bernard, driver O'Keefe Brew- 
In" Co, rms 290 Church 

McCarthy Edwd W, elk Standard Sani- 
tary Mfg Co, h 35 Augusta av 

McCarthy Jesse O, pres Sterling Life 
Assce Co of Canada, h 24 Leopold 

McClement Harry, real est, h 249 Mark- 

McConnell John A, mgr Canada Glass, 
Mantels & Tiles, Ltd, h 12 Devon cres 

McCormack Nathaniel L, sec Toronto 
Feed & Produce Co, Ltd, h 145 Med- 

McCormack Saml, h 894 Queen w 

McCue Wm, emp H W Tisdall, h 117 

McCutcheon R Leonard, agt McCutch- 
<_on Bros, 1 79 Dearbourne av 

McCutcheon Saml, agt McCutcheon Bros, 
h 79 Dearbourne av 

McCutcheon Saml J, bkpr Murray-Kay, 
Ltd, 1 851 Manning- av 

McCutcheon Wm C, agt McCutcheon 
Bros, h 15 Garnock av 

McCutcheon Wm F, real est and bldr 
1042 Dovercourt rd, h same 

McCutcheon Wm N, elk, h 38 Concord av 

McDole John, hlpr Booth-Coulter Copper 
& Brass Co, 1 91 Sparkhall av 

McDonald Hugh, wks Julian Sale Lea- 
ther Goods Co, 1 1 Pears av 

McDonald Wm E, reporter Toronto 
World, res Humber Bay 

McDonald Wm J, real est agt, b 149 Gal- 
ley av 

McDonagh Malcolm, elk D O Roblin, h 
85 Markham 

McDowell Harry, driver, rms 76 Sheri- 
dan av 

McDowell James, 1 38 Wyndham 

McDowell John, lab, h 38 Wynuham 

McDowell John M jr, mach, 1 38 Wynd- 

McFarlane Archd, tmstr, 1 75 Berkeley 

McGarity Augustus, elk, rms 10 Mont- 
rose av 

McGarry Francis, dairy 45 Muir av, h 

McGee Mary (wid Alex), h 3 Spencer av 

McGillicudy Owen E, adv agt Star, h 
727 Dovercourt rd 

McGillivray Miss Sarah, wks E W Gil- 
lett Co, 1 54 Claremont av 

McGinnis Arthur, cellarman O'Keefe 
Brewery Co, rms 5 Gerrard pi 

McGinnis James W, barber 589 Dundas, 
h same 

McGregor David W, printer 44% Ade- 
laide e 

McGregor John D (Gifford & McGregor), 
h 217 Riverdale av 

McGue Miss Margt, opr Toronto Petti- 
coat Co, rms 83 Carlton 

Mcllroy Saml, tmstr, h 145 Markham 

Mclndoo Rupert, glass ctr Roden Bros, 
Ltd, rms 427 Church 

Mclnerney Wm, driver O'Keefe Brewery 
Co, b 569 Bathurst 

Mclnnls Edwd, comp Moore Bros Print- 
Ing Co, h 140 Duchess 

McKay Wm M, plmbr Fiddes & Hogarth 
h 9 Bellair 

McKenna Douglas, ledger kpr Bank of 
Montreal, 1 125 Beverley 

McKenna James, btlr O'Keefe Brewery 
Co, rms 65 Alice 

McKenzie Alex, tlr Asylum 

McKenzie John, lab, h 10 Maple Grove 

McKimm Harwood, studt Masten, Starr, 
Spence & Cameron, 1 600 Huron 

MoKinney Oeo. tlr, h 58 Mnutray 

McLaehlan John, blksmth James Black, 
h 196 Claremont 

McLaren James, iron wkr Eberhard- 
Wood Mfg Co, b 451 Queen e 

McLaughlin G C & Co. selling agents 
Protectograph. 48 Toronto Arcade 

McLean Catharine (wld Hugh), h Hamp- 
ton Mansions 

McLellan Richd G, trav Gordon, Mackay 
& Co, b 283 Avenue rd 

McLennan Alex, tinsmth, 1 37 Belleyue 

McLennan John, lab, h 37 Bellevue av 

McLeod Donald, elk A W Carrick, b 301a 

McLeod Robt G, mgr Meteor Cycle & 
Electric Mach Co, 1 433 West Marlon 

McMaster Arthur C (Macdonell, McMas- 
ter & Geary), 1 742 Spadina av 

McMaster David A, foreman Heintzman 
& Co, h 418 Symington av 

McMillan Janet (wid Alex), h 38 Aber- 
deen av 


Secretary Ontario Royal Templars, 
1087 Queen w 

McMurray Robt J, h 161 Bleecker 

McNab Affle (wid Wm D) h 330 Dupont 

McNally Geo T, tlr W S Hughson, h 261 
Withrow av 

McNally James, lab Tor Hardware Mfg 
Co, rms 2 Gladstone sq 

McNamara Wm, btlr O'Keefe Brewery 
Co, b 306 Parliament 

McPhail Miss Jane, cook Columbia Ho- 
tel, 1 69% O'Hara av 

McQueen Miss Isabell D, mgrs YWCA 
Women's Exchange & Tea Rooms, 1 
95 Charles e 

McWTiite T Kemper, fireman, h 149 Tar- 
mouth rd 

Macartney Miss Charlotte I, stenog Wil- 
son & Angus, b 133 Lappin av 

MacCormick Cecilia (wid Wm), h 29 St 
Clarens av 

MacCormick John, saw mkr, 1 29 St 
Clarens av 

MacCormick Edward, driver, 1 29 St 
Clarens av 

Macdonald Mary (wid George), h 19 

MacDonald Robert L, opr yard master's 
office CPR (West Tor), 1 148 Fairview 

MacGillis Josephine (wld Wallace), 1 
149 Geoffrey 

Mackenzie G Seaforth, teller Imperial 
Bank (King and York br), 1 666 Spa- 
dina av 

Mackenzie John, gro 106 Barton av, h 

Mackie Fredk, trav Ideal Bedding Co, h 
100 Shanly 

MacLachlan Hattie L, tchr Western Av 
Schl, 1 294 Huron 

Maclean Sarah R (wld James B), h 55 

MacMurchy John A, elk The World, h 
312 Gerrard e 

Macnamara Edwd, news agt, h 10 Glad- 
stone av 

MacPherson Roy L (Thome, Mulholland 
& Co), h 23 Parkdale Mansions 

MacWilliam Geo, sec-treas Hyslop Bros, 
h Royal Cecil Apts 

Madden Daniel P, engineer GTR, h 199 
Wright av 

Madden D & M J (Daniel and Matthew 
J), cont bldrs 552 Adelaide w 

Madden Matthew J (D & M J Madden), 
h 62 Wilson av 

Magneison Miss Christine, mlr 1287 
Bloor w, h same 

Makanowitz Morris, barber 129% Eliza- 
beth, h same 

Malcolm Rex, car chkr, 1 11 McKenzie 

Male Fredk J, bldg contr 61 Thorold av, 
h same 

Malinsky Morris, exp 91% Elizabeth 

Mallory Edwd, press fdr F N Burt Co, 
1 168 Sackvllle 

Malone John A, chauffeur O'Keefe Brew- 
ery, h 30 Grace 

Manchester Allen, 1 70 London 

Manning Wm, driver, h 184 Argyle 

Manser Edwd J, lab, h 1047 Keele 

Markle Mrs Mary (wid John J). h 46 St 


Marks Geo L, h 15 Columbus 

MARKS & PRICE (J M Mark-,. J 8 

Price), Tailors 382 Yonge 
Marlbah David, foreman Tor Clothing 

Mfg Co, h 6 Shipman 
Marlborough The, 210-214 Jarvis 
Marlow Edwin, mgr Whitney Law Corp, 

h 198 Robert 

Marmon Peter, lab, h 197 Claremont 
Marsh Arthur, 1 185 Carlton 
Marshall John, boot ctr, rms 66 Marlon 
\ Marshall Wm, cons engineer 1323-1324, 

67 Yonge, h 229 Delaware av 
1 Martin Delmas O, barber 74 Queen w. b 

63 Geary av 

Martin Herbert, trav, rms 6 London 
Martin Miss Irene, artist Brigden's, Ltd, 

1 308 Jarvis 
Martin Joseph, carriage mkr Dom LiT- 

ery Co, rms 133 York 
Marzetti Henry, blksmth hlpr CPR 

(West Tor), h 197 Maria 
Mashofsky Phillip (Geller & Masnof- 

sky), b 32 Walton 

] Matthew Saml W, h 19, 1501 Queen w 
! Matthews Joseph, 1 730 Richmond w 
Matthews Miss Laura C, elk Goldsmiths 

Stock Co, 1 135 Victor av 
Mattless John R, pianomkr, h 29 Wright 

May Henry F, elk Standard Fuel Co, h 

112 Bartlett av 
Mayer Miss May, emp Otto Higel Co, 

Ltd, 1 62 Leonard av 
Mayne Albert, porter Osgoode Hall, b 99 

Wright av 

Meads Geo, h 119 S t ruce 
Meech Richd G, elk, 1 286 Carlton 
Mepstead Douglas H, h 12 Sackvllle pi 
Mercer Robt, pipe ftr Bennett & Wright, 

1 104 Parliament 
Merrill Bldg, 93% Church 
Miles Robt A, h 766 Crawford 
Miller Lambert J, bkpr H A Taylor, h 6 

Montrose av 

Russell, Ltd), Res 69 Dearbourne av 

(Successors to Milligan, Russell & 

Johnston), Real Estate, Insurance and 

Financial Agents 347 Broadview ar 

(See adv opp page 1086) 
Mitchell Self-Testing Safety Code Co, 

Chas N Clark mgr, cable and telegraph 

codes, 108. 23 Scott 
Mitchell Rev Thos J, pastor Pape Av 

Baptist Church, h 13 Brooklyn ay 
Moat John O, h 7 Irene av 
Moberly Wm, plater, h 42 Shirley av 
Mooro John L, billiards 158 York, rms 

268 Adelaide w 

Moore Orville H. h 8, 135 Tyndall av 
Moore Robt H, engineer, h 924a Bloor w 
Moore Stewart, mach, h 257 Brock av 
Morden Britt B (Morden & Young), 1 6 

Harvard av 

Morden Caleb, mach, h 93 Massey 
Morden & Young (Britt B Morden, Wm 

J Young), elect supplies 216, 123 Bay 

F E Van Dusen), Real Estate and In- 
surance 147 Victoria (See adv opp 

pages 1106 and 1406) 
Morrison Gordon F, with Pellatt & Pel- 

latt, 1 121 Admiral rd 
Morrison James A, h 33 Grafton av 
Morrow Robt (Morrow & Hall), h 411 

Morrow & Hall (R Morrow, C Hall), 

second hand furn dlrs 678 Dundas 
Mountford Edwd, h 96 Amelia 
Moyer Ernest, acct Smith, Kerry & 

Chace, b 19 Breadalbane 
Mozart Piano Co, Ltd, Henry Heidman 

pres, Geo Domelle sec, 94-110 Munro 
Muir Wm, h 4 Mechanics av 
Muirhead Geo H, asst Master of Titles, 

Osgoode Hall, h Alexandra Palace 
Mulholland Brendan, pur dept Hydro- 
Electric Power Com, 1 35 Grosvenor 
Mulholland B Mansen, h 23, 1501 Queen 

Murphy John C, emp M Langmuir Mfg 

Co, 1 217 Strachan av 
Murray Grace (wid Wm K), h 211 Gar- 
den av 

The Dovercourt Land 



LAWREHCEMRK * Ade ' aide S *' * 


TORONTO OFFICE: Quebec Bank BIdg., 35-37 KING STREET W. * >6 ' 

i Abraham (Nassar Bros), b 229 'Perdue Margt, bkfldr \V J Gage & Co, 1 
Richmond w B3 Brookfield 

Naunton Percy, ctr Warwick liros & Rut- Perry Chas E, slsmn A A Allan & Co, h 

ter. b 5 Crocker av 

r Sam}, btchr 115 Agnes, 1 186 Te- 

2a Adams av 
Pettit Wm E. driver Elias Rogers Co, 
Ltd, b 256 Lansdowne av 

ea Miss Maud (Ni-ll,-s A Nelles). h ; Pewtress John B, real est, h 669 Broad- 
119 Carlton view av 

Nc-!I-.-- Miss Julia i Nelles & Nelles), h j Phillips Alfred P, emp House of Hobber- 

119 Carlton lin, 1 48 Widmer 

Nelles & Nelles ( Julia unl Maud), contrs Pile John E, bkpr Imperial Constr Co, 

11 Carlton h 233 Bain av 

XfsUtt Robt, bkpr Heron & Co. b 487 i Pinknty Wm, brklyr, h 263 Bartlett av 

Pinner Stanley W, solicitor Tor Hydro- 

Neville Josephine (wicl r,eo), h 33 Follis 

Neville Newton N, errip Metropolitan 

!;ank. 1 

Follis av 

Newbcry Augustus I',, mgr Conger Coal 

Co (Vine av br), h 1549 Bloor w 
New World Life Ins Co, Purvis & Quinn 

HRts, 208, 6 Adelaide e 
Nixon Geo, rms 154 Wilton av 
Noonan Frank J, b 125 Beverley 
Norman Telfer J, h 9 Roblock av 
Norris John, horseshoer J J Colleran, 1 

Electric System, rms 188 Jarvis 
Pogue Wm, messr Succession Duty Of- 
fice, Parlt Bldgs, 1 166 Campbell av 
Porter Fredk B, acct, h 67 Cowan av 
Porter Oliver, brkmn CPR (West Tor), 

1 27 Maria 
Potter Wm. weaver Tor Carpet Mfg Co, 

h 28 Florence 
Potter Wm J, weaver Tor Carpet Mfg 

Co, h 14 Waterloo av 
Pottle Chas. lab, 1 134 Coxwell av 
Poulain Chas, mfrs agt 420, 64 Welling- 

46 Beverley ton w, b Walker House 

Nowell Percy, conf Nowell & Chesire, h I Powaski Madislo, opr T Eaton Co, b 40 
811 Bloor w Trinity sq 

Nunn Rachel (wid Jesse), 1 9 Roblock av 

O'Brien James, bkpr G Ridout & Co, h 
232 Merton 

O'Brien John jr, btlr Kormann Brewery, 
Ltd, 1 141 Jones av 

O'Donohue Frank, h 552 Perth av 

O'Farrell James E (Canadian Window 
Cleaning Co), h 72 Indian rd 

O'Leary Norman D. elk P O, Union Sta- 
tion, 1 159 Gerrard e 

Gates Wm J, elk J A Simmers, Ltd, 1 31 
Westminster av 

Ontario Metal Products Co, Ltd, F C An- 
nett sec-treas, 102 Front e 

Ontario Railway & Municipal Board, 
Donald M Mclntyre chairman, H N 
Kittson commissioner, H C Small sec- 
retary. Parliament Bldgs 

Ontario & Qu'Appelle Land Co, Ltd, S B 
Sykes sec-treas, 21 Jordan 

Oram Howard F, local mgr Turnock 
Medical Co, h 635 Pape av 

Owen Joseph, wd wkr Tor Bamboo Co, 
h 614 Crawford 

Ozburn Miss Genevieve, sec-treas Elgin 
Gardens, Ltd, b 239 College 

Palmer Frank, elk Royal Bank of Can- 
ada, 1 687 Euclid av 

Palmer Sydney T, carp, b 34 Ossington 

Panter Geo H, ship dept Gordon, Mackay 
& Co, h 31 Grove av 

Paradis Geo, h 569% Yonge 

Paradise Fredk, cigarmkr John Taylor, 
I 73 Mutual 

Pare Avila, comp Hunter, Rose Co, 1 127 

Parkdale Assembly Hall, 12-14 Lans- 
downe av 

Parker Edwd B, elk Denton, Mitchell & 
Duncan, 1 113 Shuter 

Parker Fredk, pres and rang dir Cana- 

Price Mrs .Mbert, h 25 Hannaford 

Price Wm, mldr Tor Furnace & Cremat- 
ory Co, h 574 Crawford 

Pringle Miss Stella C, tchr Central Busi- 
ness College, 1 46 Isabella 

Proctor Bernal D, mgr United Cigar 
Stores. Ltd (7% Queen e), h 56 York- 
ville av 

Proctor Thos H, elk bge room Union Stn, 
h 443 Wellington w 

Prosser John, pressmn Hough Litho Co, 
Ltd. 1 314 St Johns rd 

Purcell John W, engineer Hydro-Electric 
Power Com, b Arlington Hotel 

Purcell Patk, wtr Victoria Exchange Ho- 
tel, rms 11 Dundee av 

Purchase Rebecca (wid Walter), 1 614 

P\>rvis> John, tlr, 1 101 Macdonell av 

Pym Edwd, bartndr Broadview Hotel, h 
19 Garnock av 

Quaekenbush Chas C. 1 432 Parliament 

Quealey John, comp Lyon & James, 1 626 

Quick John E, genl bge agt GTR, 302 
Union Station, res Detroit 

Quinn Ernest, trav Taylor-Forbes Co. 1 
f.3 Melbourne av 

Rainer James F, tuner Gourlay, Winter 
& Leeming, 1 52 Hayden 

(Successors to Douglas & Ratcliffe 
Ltd), West Market (See card Paper 
mfrs and Dealers) 

Ray Hugh P, civil eng Smith, Kerry & 
Chace, 1 62 Gloucester 

Raymond Miss Lillian L, steong Geo Ri- 
d'out & Co, b 689 Dufterin 

Redmond Geo, trav, h 105 Cowan av 

Reeve Fredk, painter, 1 34% Sheridan av 

Reeves John, pianomkr Heintzman & Co, 
Ltd. 1 3 Edwin av 

dian Lennox Throatless Shear Co, Ltd, j Re)(J jj ev Alfre( j j f rec tor St Mark's Ang 
h 328 Huron Church 

Parker W Watney, optician Culverhouse 

Optical Co, b 15 Ellsworth av 
Parkinson Thos, jwlr P W Ellis, b 559 

Parkinson Wm, asst supt Prudential Ins 

Co, h 1 Fermanagh av 
Parkman Thos, lab, h 40 Milan 
Parsons Wm, h 41 Gloucester 
Paterson Keith B, slsmn Chas Tilley & 

Son, h 1 26 Caledonia rd 
Paterson Thos A, mgr Mickle, Dyment & 

Son, h 62 Oakmount av Margueretta 

Patterson Miss Nellie, emp D R Fair- Riley & Keller (Chas W Riley, A Harry 

Reid David J, police, b 1020 King e 
Reid Wm, presser T Eaton Co, h 234% 


Rennie C Herbert, h 16, 1501 Queen w 
Reynolds Saml, elk W J Gage & Co, 1 87 

St Cl arena av 
Richards Thos, shipper Imp Varnish & 

Color Co, 1 106 Logan av 
Riley Chas W (Riley & Keller), h 178 

bairn Co, 1 41 Jersey av 

Keller), real est 150 King w 

Pattison A J & Co, (Appleton J and Ap- Ri or a on p ape r Mills, Ltd, Geo B Challes 
pleton J Jr), stock brokers 56 King w ! rep 205 106 Bay 

^TR^av- SWPPer T J L1Pt n ' lPey Bruce T (D T McAinsh A Co), h 
Patton James, h 242 Dovercourt rd 

Pearl John W engineer, h 931 Dufferin ; Ritchie Fredk C, acct Can Life Assce Co 
Pearl Wm J, city insp, h 533a Bloor w ! (E Ont br), 1 17 Elm Grove av 
Pedlar People, Ltd (Oshawa), W R Gel- Rivers Ellzth (wid Eli), h 161 Bathurst 

kie mgr, sheet metal gds 111-113 Bay Roberts Harry J, elk ticket office CPR, 
Peel Armour, brklyr, h 96 Melville av Union Station, h Brunswick Apts 

Pellis Harry, pianomkr Heintzman & Co, | Roberts Henry, lab Standard Fuel Co, 

Ltd, 1 123 Maria Ltd, b 22 West Market 

Robinson Miss Annie E, tchr Duke St 

Schl, 1 125 Lennox 

Robinson Ernest G, mgr Wtllasd's Cho- 
colates, Ltd, 1 71 Lynnwood av 
Robinson J Daniel trav Imp Varnlsti & 

Color Co, 1 204 Pape av 
ROHER ISAAC, Wholesale Bottles 

83 Agnes (See card Bottle Dealers) 
Rollitt Arthur A, emp Metropolitan 

Bank, 1 63 Balsam av 
Rolph Harold, painter W J Bolus Co, 1 

74 Denison av 
Roose Lee F O, draftsman roadway br 

Dept of Works, City Hall, 1 182 Dowl- 

ROPER FREDERIC, Trustee, Audi- 
tor and Accountant 505 Standard Bank 
Bldg, 15-19 King w, Res 6 Roslyn 
Apts. Summer Residence "Buena Vis- 
ta," Lome Park 
Rosati Anton, core mkr National Iron 

Works, Ltd, 1 243 Niagara 
Rosenberg Max, btchr, h 43 Augusta av 
Rosenfield Myer, dry gds 1432 Queen w, 

h same 
Ross Miss Bessie M, tchr Bolton Av Sch, 

1 508 Ontario 
Ross Bradly, elk T Eaton Co, 1 643 Os- 

sington av 

Ross John H, genl sales mgr Remington 
Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Co, h 
628 Euclid av 
Ross Leonard, tlr 184 Front w, rms 248 


Ross Sarah (wid Alex), h 196 Baldwin 
Rosselli Frank, stone ctr, h 103 Wardell 
Rotenberg Harry, real est 120 Univer- 
sity av, 1 125 same 
Rothwell T Henry, trav, h 4, 135 Tyndall 

Roulston Thos I, driver City Dairy Co, 

1 99 Lippincott 

Rowe E H, acct GTR, h 259 Havelock 
Rowlin Seth H (Lang & Rowlin), h 644 

Manning av 

Russeli, Ltd), Res 20 Bain av 
Russell John, stereotyper, h 3 Roblock 


Ruttan Jesse W, h 22 St Clarens av 
Rutter Miss Gertrude, emp R D Fair- 
bairn Co, 1 5 Violet av 
Ryall Miss Ethel, emp A R Clarke & Co, 

1 997 Queen e 

Ryan John J, metal wkr, h 7 Wyndham 
Ryan Miss Kate, emp E G Hachborn & 

Co, 1 22 Smith 

Sackler Sebastian, barber, h 41 Elizabeth 
Sackrider Chas, blksmth 314 St Helen 

av, b 1433 Bloor w 

St Denis Ida (wid Albert), 1 128 Shuter 
Salmon Thos E, elk Dom Express Co, 

rms 1665 Dundas 

Sanderson Leslie C, printer Standard Em- 
bossing Co, 1 1545 Bloor w 
Saunders Miss Anna B, stenog frt claims 
dept CPR, Union Station, 1 98 River- 
dale av 
Saunders Henry, hlpr A B Orrosby, Ltd, 

1 525 Delaware av 
Savin Edwd, comp J F Osborne 
Saxe John, elk Robt Weir, 1 24 McCaul 
Scaife Theo E, cashier King Edward Ho- 
tel, 1 81 Charles e 

Scanlan Miss Nellie, tlrs, rms 555 Rich- 
mond w 

Schiftrin Hyman, opr, 1 23% Camden 
Schipper N B & Co, 104-106 John 
Schroeder Fredk D, h 66 Marion 
Schuch Fredk J, pres Ontario Metal Pro- 
ducts Co, Ltd, h 109 Alexander 
Schwartz Harry, plmbr 170 Markham 
SCHWARTZ LOUIS M, Bottles 188 
Agnes, Res 19 Murray (See card Bot- 
tle Dealers) 

Scientific System Brick Co, Wm Pratt 
mgr, brick machinery 212, 79 Adelaide 

Scott Chas W, property master Royal 
Alexandra Theatre, h 102 Oakwood av 
Scott Geo B, cond, h 126 Conduit 
Scott James I, gro and btchr 93 Dupont, 

h 377 Davenport rd 
Seager Edith E (wid Edwin E), h 17 


Searle John H (Whelpley & Searle), 1 
210 Bloor e 


Ponton Real Estate and Finance 

41 & 43 Adelaide St. E. 



Telephone Main 60 



fn V/MOC- CT Conrl fni< nuc Rnnklnt nn ^^^ '** 


Send for our Booklet on 

io Geo, elk local freight Uept CPR. 
Semple Miss Jennie, nurse 154 Major, 1 

Seymour Algerion P. mgr Sterling Silver 

Mines, Ltd, 

Shay Chas, real est, h 66 Wheeler av 
Sheeny Le Roy R, h 202 Logan av 
Sherwin-Williams Co of Canada. Ltd. 

Chas A Thomas dist mgr. S6 York 
Shirley Leonard, emp Wm Da vies Co. 

Ltd, h 642 Queen e 
Silk David J, mgr B B Goldman, b TO 

Bellwoods av 
Silk David I, mgr Yorkshire Garment Co 

11221 Eloor w br), b 70 Bellwoods av 
Silk ".Vm, elk Bradstreet Co, rms 578 Par- 
Siinmonds George K, elk Can Genl E!ec 

Co, 1 67 Waverley rrt 
Simpson Issy, piano action mkr, rms 501 

Richmond w 
Sinclair Mrs Elizabeth, fnshr Gillespie 

Fur Co, 1 137 Cooper av 
Slnser Isaac, furs 59-61 Chestnut, h same 
Skelcher Miss Winifred E, stenog Gor- 
don. Mackay & Co, 1 202 Waverley rd 
Slaght Hugh L, barr, 1 99 St Joseph 
Slamensky Joseph, opr, 1 168 Baldwin 
Slattery Fredk, trav, 1 164 McCaul 
Slocumb John, lab Imp Varnish & Color 

Co. 1 69 Dingwall av 
Smith Arnold, barber Wm Ebbs, h 39 

Smith Arthur, stat engineer Can Genl 

Elect Co, res Scarboro twp 
Smith Miss Euphemia. emp Fairweath- 

ers, Ltd, 1 23 Henry 
Smith Miss E J. tchr Cottingham St 

Schl, 1 20 Washington av 
Smith Frank, cabt mkr Canada Show 

Case Co, h 38 Randolph av 
Smith Fredk, pressmn Star, h S2S Bloor 

Smith Geo, app Toronto Silver Plate Co, 

1 340 Lippineott 
Smith Harold, elk Crown Life Ins Co, 1 

258 Bathurst 
Smith Herbert W, engineer New Method 

Laundry, h 72 Hamilton 

Smith James C, dairy 93 Don Mills rd, 

h same 

Smith John C, 1 93 Don Mills rd 

Smith John G, silversmith Roden Bros, 
Ltd, b 242 Church 

Smith Leonard, labeller Imp Varnish & 

Color Co, 1 133 Hamilton 
Smith Maurice J, cabtmkr, h 49 Ward 
Smith Patk J, foreman W J McGuire, h 

24 Shudell av 
Smith Percy, baker Geo Lawrence, 1 38 

Denison av 

Smith Reginald J, staty 241 Royce av, h 

SOI College 

Smith Robt H, carp, h 294 Perth av 
Smith Robt H, cigars 645 King w, h same 
Smith Russell L, elk CPR Go's Atlantic 

S S Line (16 King e), b 99 Ann 
Smith Sarah (wid Chas), h 136 Van 


Smith Thos H (Rumney, Smith & Co), 

h Wells Apts 
Smith Thos H, editorial dept Telegram, 

h 22 Mallon av 
Smith Wm F. pipe tester Gurney Fndry 

Co, 1 532 Front w 
Smith Wm H, carp, h 425 Euclid av 
Smith W Harley. M.D., insp Med Health 

Dept, phy 87 Harbord 
Smoodin David, barber 218 Queen w, h 

68 Beverley 

Smoodin Izzy, barber David Smoodin 1 
265 King e 

Smoodin Nooman, barber 265 King e. h 

Snape Arthur, with Union Bank, 1 82 

Snowball Fredk, emp A R Clarke & Co. 

1 32 Verral av 
Snowball John W, tablet mkr United 

Drug Co, b 709 Shaw 
Snowball Robt, emp A R Clarke & Co, 1 

32 Verral av 

Snyder Speck, lab, h 127 William 
Sodderson Saml, emp E G Hachborn & 

Co, 1 38 Vanauley 
Somerville Edwd, app Grip, Ltd, 1 67 

Lappin av 
Souch Chas N, opr CPR Go's Tel, res 

Wilsonia Apts 

Southwell Fredk H, elk audit dept Do- 
minion Express Co, 1 269 Palmerston 

Southam Thos L (Southam Bros), h 81 

Simcoe Park 
Speen John, plshr Norcross Bros Co, 1 

104 Victor av 

Speer L Elmer, elk, h 739 Broadview av 
Speer W Gutman, clothes repr 213 Queen 

w. 1 1 Cottrell pi 

Speirs Wm G, mason, h 141 Wright av 
Spicer Geo W, shipper E G Hachborn & 

Co, h 93 Wood 
Springer Holly N, emp H S Howland, 

Sons & Co, 1 203 George 
Sprowl Miss Nora, emp A R Clarke & 

Co, 1 42 Moscow av 
Squire Albert E, elk Merchants Fire Ins 

Co, 1 1041 Pape av 

Squire John, cattle dlr 10 Western Cat- 
tle Mkt, h 8 Russett av 
Stacey Lloyd, driver T Eaton Co, 1 66 

Tiverton av 
Stagman Nathan, tlr Lowndes Co, h 150 

Standard Stock and Mining Exchange, 

H B Smith sec-treas, 58 King w 
Stanley Joseph, repr Ford Motor Co, 1 

528 Crawford 
Stanners Miss Reba, emp Cowan Co, Ltd, 

1 181 Argyle 
Stansfield Douglas, pipe mkr Natl Iron 

Works, Ltd, 1 210 Sackville 
Staples Miss Pearl G. emp Canadian Ko- 
dak Co, 1 116 Beverley 
Starr Wm G. hatter Toronto Hat Mfg 

Co. h 336 Margueretta 
Staynf-r Harriet R (wid T Sutherland), 

1 201 Heath 

Stephenson John, ter 1 134 Coxwell av 
Stephenson Robt W, lab, h 134 Coxwell 


Sterry Henry, carp, h 111 Lappin av 
Stevens Fredk W, carp, h 32 Emmerson 


Steward Adam, carp, h 160 Franklin av 
Stewart Fredk H, prover Stone, Ltd, h 

10 Springhurst av 

Stewart John (Acme Cleanin- & Press- 
ing Co), h 34 Bishop 
Stewart Wm, h r 625 St Clarens av 
Stubbs Alfred H (Stubbs Bros), h 896 

Bloor w 

Stubbs Robt G (Stubbs Bros), h 896 

Bloor w 
Sutherland John, bus agt Bricklayers', 

Masons' & Plasterers' Int Union No. 2, 

}i 189 Delaware av 
Swan Geo, chauffeur, h 105 Munro 
Swift Chas A (Swift & Co), rms 311 


Symons Wm, gdnr, h 225 Spadina av 
Tail Walter W J, elk, h 36 Wintva av 
Tandy Mary I (wid Albert H), gro 102 

Millicent, h same 
Tannahill James A, elk insp dept Can 

Bank of Commerce, 1 389 Ossington av 
Tanner Fredk T, h 48 St Andrews Gar- 

Tate Miss Gertrude, 1 184 College 
Tayler Henry, mach, h 163 Munro av 
Taylor Arthur J, city fireman. 1 122 

Denison av 

Taylor Geo, driver Dom Express Co, h 

1 Lippineott 

Taylor Herbert J, coll, h 17 Matilda 
Taylor Saul, tlr, h 137 Portland 
Teetzel Elizth (wid John), 1 86 River- 
dale av 

Templeman Fredk J, with Cudahy Pack- 
ing Co, h 64 Macaulay av 

Teilis Angelin, with The New Process 
Wall Cleaning Co, b 295 Jarria 

Teolis Bernard, mgr The New Process 
Wall Cleaning Co, b 295 Jarvls 

Terry Wm, h 24 Winchester 

Theodore Fredk, caster Phillips Mfg Co, 
Ltd. 1 3 Sumach 

.-r Frank, cigarmkr John Taylor, 
1 !'7 Lang!ey av 

Thomas Chas A, dist mgr Sherwin-Wil- 
liams Co of Canada, Ltd, 1 28 Langlry 

Thompson Albert R, dyer, h 184 Bartl 

Thompson Bella (wid James). 1 tl Sul- 

Thompson Boyce & Co (Boyce Thomp- 
son), mining supplies 508 Board of 
Trade Bldg 

Thompson David, jwlr Brymer & Web- 
ster, rms 311 Church 

Thompson Harry, trimmer Toronto Auto 
Top & Body Co, Ltd, h 1062 Bloor w 

Thompson Miss Pearl, elk Gagnier Adr 
Service, 1 248 Sumach 

Thompson James, h 228 Symington av 

and Surgeon Office, 31 Carlton. Res 6S 
Foxbar rd 

Thornton Caroline V (wid Theodore), 1 
72 Kenilworth av 

Tindall Howard, tester Tor Hydro-Elec- 
tric System, 

Tishlocke Harry, 1 50 Huron 

Tod Gibson M, trav Thompson Lace & 
Veiling Co, h 267 Howland av 

Tressider Wm. cabt mkr L Rawlinson, 
h 164 Woodbine av 

Truax Miss Lesley, with Union Bank, 1 
130 Wells 

Turk James E, elk Imperial Oil Co. 1 62 
Joseph (Davisville) 

United Paper Mills, Ltd, 118 Richmond 

Vance Lucy E (wid Wm), h 66 Grange av 

Vandeleur John F B, h 148 Macdonell av 

Van Norman Hannah (wid John). 1 66 
Sussex av 

Varcoe Harold L. slsmn Can Mach Tel 
Co, rms 83 Charles e 

Verner Wm S, elk, 1 20 Leuty av 

Vigus John, bkpr, 1 14 Bartlett av 

Wakely Miss Dorothy D, prin asst Kent 
Sen, 1 24 Pauline av 

Wallcousins Ernest, artist Saturday 
Night, 1 342 Bloor w" 

Walmsley Walter, with The Robt Simp- 
son Co, Ltd, h 54 Sullivan 

Waltman Hiram, pdlr, h 451 Queen w 

Waltman Morris, shoemkr, 1 451 Queen 

Warner Georgina (wid. Damon S), 1 47 

Warner Preston, porter, b 254 Richmond 

Warren Fredk L, stenog National Cash 
Register Co, b 246 Bloor w 

Waring Arthur D, h 83 Kenilworth av 

Waters Chas R, metal wkr A B Ormsbv, 
Ltd, h 64 Bellefair av 

Watson Ellen (wid Thos), h 35 Wells 

Watson Francis, engineer, h 39 Kenil- 
worth av 

Wattie Edgar J, driver T Eaton Co. 1 
35 Boswell av 

Weaver Henry B (Elliott & Weaver), 1 
730 Indian rd 

Webb Wm, lineman, h 249 Beatrice 

Webster Robt, caretkr Kendal Apts, res 

Why Walter, carp, h 158 Pape av 

Wibby Jenipher (wid Wm), h 7 Hamblr 



iTi^im ^fn%at^ 







45 Adelaide St. E. 

Telephone Adelaide 

$100 Reward. 

The Association of American Direc- 
tory Publishers Will pay $ I O O 
reward for the arrest and conviction 
of any person or persons attempting 
to collect money on fraudulent direc* 
tory advertisements. 


202 East Twelfth St., New York City 







General Agents 
London Mutual 

Fire Insurance Co. 


The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. L. 





(Included in City) 




(See Little York) 


(Included in City) 


(Included in City) 



(Included in City) 


(Included in City) 



(See Runnyrnede) 



(Three and a half miles northeast of 

city ) 

Allci-uft Joseph E, printer, 24 Colridge 


Allen Ellis W, btchr, h 37 King Ed- 
1 av 

i U'm. supt Cedarvale Presby- 
:: Mission, res Toronto 

E, carp, h 63 King Ed- 
ward av 

w Mrs Amelia, gro 44 Colridge av, 

Anslow James, plstr, 1 44 Colridge av 
Bailie Wm. plstr, h 102 Gledhill av 
Banning Percival E A, brklyr, h 20 King 

Edward av 
Bannister Frank (Chapman & Bannister) 

h 46 Gledhill av 

Ban-as Fred, tmstr, h e s Woodbine av 
u Fredk. gro 5 Cedarvale av, h 
Beany Daniel, driver, h 139 Cedarvale 


Bell Walter, mkt g-dnr 43 Colridge av 
Betsworth Geo, lab, h 223 Gledhill 'av 
Bins- Edwd, engr. h 84 Gledhill av 
Bird John, lab, h 141 Cedarvale av 
Bishobrick Miss Catherine. gro 31 

Gledhill av. h same 

Bishobrick Henry K, bldr, h 31 Gled- 
hill av 
Brewer Thos G, carp, h 215 Cedarvale 

Brickies Isaac, tmstr, h 109 Cedarvale 


Budd Austin, lab, h 217 Cedarvale av 
Byler John I, h 35 Gledhill av 
Cady John W, carp, h 93 Gledhill av 
Cedarvale Presbyterian Mission Wm 

Allison supt, 53 Cedarvale av 
Chapman Harry, lab, h 30 King Ed- 
ward av 

Chapman Walter (Chapman & Ban- 
nister), h 46 Gledhill av 
Chapman & Bannister (Walter Chap- 
man, Frank Bannister), gros 46 Gled- 
hill av 

Conroy Elizth (wid John), h 153 

Cedarvale av 

Cook John, lab, h 43 Cedarvale av 
Crombie David, carp, h 161 Cedarvale av 
Cross Robt, lab, h 72 King Edward av 
son Geo S, brklyr, h 96 Gledhill av 

Day Albert, boot and shoe mkr, h 78 

Gledhill av 

Dixon James H, btchr, h 69 Cedarvale av 
Dobson John, tmstr, h e s Woodbine 


Duckworth Arthur, brklyr, h 135 Cedar- 
vale av 

Dunsford Wm, lab, h 22 Colridge av 
Ellis Percy H, real est agt, h e s 

Woodbine av 

Elson Chas, h 127 Cedarvale av 
Eveleigh Thos, rubber wkr, h 45 Cedar 

vale av 

Farnell Geo, stone ctr, h r 35 Col- 
ridge av 

Farnell Wilfred, carp, h 35 Colridge av 
Fensom David, bldr, h 85 Gledhill av 
Ferguson Geo E, cabt mkr, h 67 Cedar- 
vale av 
Finlay Win T, watchman, h 87 Cedarvale 


Foster Richd, lab, h 31 Colridge av 
Garbutt James, mkt gdnr 198 Gledhill 

av, h same 

Garrett Geo, pdlr, h 104 Gledhill av 
Gibson Thos J, carp, h 43 King Edward 

Gidlow Wm, time kpr, h 19 Colridge 


Griffiths Thos, lab, h 26 Colridge av 
Guyatt Thos, brkmkr, h 195 Gledhill 


Guyatt Thos, lab, h 249 Gledhill av 
Haines Chas H, lather, h 33 Colridge 


Hall Wm, h 39 King Edward av 
Harland John, lab, h 11 King Edward 


Harris Fredk, lab, h 61 Cedarvale av 
Harrison J Frank, carp, h 57 Cedar- 
vale av 

Hartley Wm, lab. h 15 King Edward av 
Heale Wm, lab, h 22 King- Edward av 
Hiscock Henry, lab, h 123 Cedarvale av 
Hogg Geo, h 34 Colridge av 
Huck Joseph, h 24 Colridge av 
Jackson Alfred R, lab, h 74 King Edward 


Jennings Albert, lab, h 27 Colridge ay- 
King Harry, harnessmkr, h 213 Cedar- 
vale av 

Lambert Joseph, lab, h 121 Cedarvale 

Lebrocque Francis, bkpr, h 1 King- Ed- 
ward av 

Leeks Alfred J, carp, h 114 Gledhill av 

Long Albert, lab, h 185 Gledhill av 
Luekett Geo, engr, h 23 King Edward 


McDonald Alex, engineer, h 17 Gledhill av 
Mclntyre Hector, engr, h 193 Cedarvale 


Mallion Caleb, plstr, h e s Woodbine av 
Marsh Henry, lab, h 201 Cedarvale av 
Marshall Albert, tmstr. h 36 Colridge 
Martin Robt, fireman, h Si> Gledhill av 
Matthews Wm lab, h 56 Gledhill av 
May Henry, lab, h 54 Gledhill av 
Miller James, mkt gdnr 181 Cedarvale 

av, h same 

Milner Thos, lab, h 23 Gledhill av 
Mitchell Daniel, h 25 Colridge av 
Mitchell Geo, lab, h 28 Colridg av 
Mitchell Henry, tmstr, h 111 Cedarvale 


Moses Wm H, elk, h 7 Cedarvale av 
Murray Dinah (wid Chas J), h 17 Gledhill 


Nicholson Fredk, lab. h 35 Colridge av 
Oakley Geo R, carp, h 105 Cedarvale av 
Old Wm, lab, h r 1 King Edward av 
Panes Edwd, mach. h 97 Cedarvale av 
Payne Chas, gdnr, h 95 Gledhill av 
Perry Wm J, engineer, h 179 Gledhill av 
Pile Fredk, brkmkr, h 27 King Edward 


Pope Alfred, lab, h 41 Cedarvale av 
Prior James, lab. h 40 Colridge av 
Prior Wm, lab, h 39 Colrldge av 

F. J. SMITH **> CO. 

Special Attention given to Man- 
agement of Estates. Prompt Returni 

61 Victoria Sf / eet 


Pullan, lab. h 68 Gledhill av 
Reid Edwd H, driver, h 19 King Ed- 
ward av 

Robinson Jos, watchman, h 107 Cedar- 
vale av 

Rogers Geo, printer, h 81 Cedarvale av 
Rudling Benj C, warehouseman, h 38 

Colridge av 

Scott Frank, engr, h 41 Colridge av 
Shackleton John T, h 75 Gledhill av 
Shur\ey Geo, lab, h 99 Cedarvale av 
Smith Albert E, brklyr, h 94 Gledhill av 
Smith John W, carp, h 73 King Edward av 
Sparkhall Geo, cattle dealer 234 Gled- 
hill av, h same 

Starkey Jos, blrmkr, h 41 Colridge av 
Streeter Henry .elect, h 35 King Ed- 
ward av 

Sturck John, engr, h 159 Cedarvale av 
Tanner John, watchman, h 27 Gledhill 


Thomas Edwd, lab, h 49 Cedarvale av 
Thompson John, brklyr, h 26 King 

Edward av 

Thompson Walter D, ctr, h e s Wood- 
bine av 

Thornton Chas, hat mkr, h 43 Col- 
ridge av 

Treasure Wm, h 19 Colridge av 
Tuppen Joseph L, fireman, h 60 Gled- 
hill av 

Venman Fredk, plstr, h 151 Cedarvale av 
Walker Fred, lab, h 25 Cedarvale av 
Walker Wm, lab, h 129 Cedarvale av 
Ward Fredk C, elk, h 24 King Edward 

Webley Fredk, carp, h 121 Gledhill av 
Wickens James, lab, h 77 Cedarvale av 
Young Albert E, carp, h 72 Gledhill av 


(See Little York) 


(Three and a half miles northwest of P O) 

Abbott Geo C, lab, 1 Wm Hacking 
Adams Wm H, steam ftr, h n s Hatherley 


Aldous Edwd W, mldr, h e s Boon av 
Allan Joseph, carp, 1 256 Harvie av 
ARMITAGE ELI, Postmaster and Gro- 
cer Boon, cor Teignmouth av. h same 
Arnott James, h e s Clendenan av 
Ashby Arthur, metal wkr, h 302 Har- 
vie av 

Atkins Herbert, lab, h e s Rockdale av 
Attenborough Leonard, brklyr, h n e s 

Ditchling rd . 
Avery Geo A, mkt gdnr e s Dufferin, 

h same 

Baker Geo, plmbr, h s s Eversfield rd 
Baker Walter H, buffer, h n s Holmes- 
dale rd 

Banton James, plstr, h s s Bloem av 
Bare Miss Dorothy, 1 288 Harvie av 
Bare James H, carp, h 2S8 Harvie av 
Bare Percy J, 1 288 Harvie av 
Bare Wm J R, lab, 1 298 Harvie av 
Barnett David, driver, h 271 Nairn av 
Barren Fredk, tmstr, h n s Teignmouth av 
Beck Wm, h e s Nairn av 
Bell Geo, elk, h w s Dufferin 
Bell J Wm, mach, h e s Harvie av 
Bell Wm, lab, h e s Harvie av 
Benham Wm. lab. h w s Earlscourt av 
Best Fredk, plstr, h 234 Earlscourt av 
Birch Edwd, brklyr, h w s Earlscourt av 
Blackmore Richd A, hdware w s Hath- 
erly rd, h same 
Blair Robt H, carp, h n s Holmesdale 


Blewett Chas, lab, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Bloran Reginald, sign pntr, h w s 

Earlscourt av 

Bowcott Henry, pntr, h e s Nairn av 
Bradley Frank, pntr, h w s Clendenan 


Bradley Jos, lab. h 236 Earlscourt av 
Brierley Edmund, mach, h s s Hatherly 

Brierley Miss Jessie, drsmkr, 1 Edmund 


Brigand! Pasquale, gdnr. h e s Harvie av 
Brooker Chas, h n s Eversfield rd 
Brooks Wm B. lab, h n s Eversfield rd 

Crown Adam, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Brown Jas, lab, h w s Hatherly rd 
Brown Jos, lab, h n s Teignmouth av 
Bullock Herbert, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Bullock Herbert jr, elk, 1 H Bullock 
Bullock Miss Mabel, 1 Herbert Bull- 
Bullock Robt, fireman, h s s Hatherly 


Burgess Herbert, pntr, h n s Holmes- 
dale rd 
Burns David, gro Boon cor Teignmouth 

ays, h same 

Burns David jr. mldr, 1 David Barns 
Burns Jas, mach, 1 David Burns 
Burrows Chas C, pntr, h w s Hatherly 

Burrows Harry B, pntr e s Hatherly 

rd, h same 

Burrows Harry B Jr, pntr w s Duffer- 
in, h same 

Butler Geo W, h e s Boon av 
Camp Arthur, carp, h w s Nairn av 
Campbell Donald, shipper, h 9 Evers- 
field rd 
Carroll John, tobacconist e s Nairn 

av, h same 

Carson Arthur, blksmth, h n s Teign- 
mouth av 

Chalmers T Fredk, baker, h e s Harvie av 
Clark Frank, bkpr, 1 Jos Wood 
Claxton Benj, lab, h s s Rockdale av 
Clucas Frank C, plstr, h e s Clendenan 


Coffey Chas, sailor, 1 James Coffey 
Coffey Jas, lab, h n s Eversfield rd 
Collier John E, pntr, h n s Holmes- 
dale rd 

Cormack Jas, carp, h 282 Harvie av 
Cowe Thos, stone ctr. h 294 Boon av 
Coyne Antonio, lab, h e s Harvie av 
Craig Wm J, lab, h n s Preston rd 
Critcbell Harry J, stock kpr, h s s 

Eversfield rd 
Crockett Herbert E, caretkr, h w s 

Cruthers Amy (wid Thos), h n s 

Holmesdale rd 
Darby Wm G, harness mkr, h n s 

Holmesdale rd 

Davis James, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Daxon Jas, stove ftr, h s s Teign- 
mouth av 
Deacon John J, gro s s Eversfield rd, h 


Dorward John, mach, h w s Dufferin 
Douglas Wm, tmstr, h 256 Harvie av 
Durrani Joseph, brkmkr, h s s Teign- 
mouth av 

Dyer Wm, lab, h s s Hatherly rd 
Earlscourt Methodist Church, n s 

Dynevor rd 

Earlscourt Post Office, Eli Armitage post- 
master, Boon, cor Teignmouth av 
Elliott Chas S, plstr, h w s Ennerdale 


Ellis Walter, paper hngr, h e s Enner- 
dale rd 
Embleton H 3 Victor, orna iron wkr, 

1 Thos H Embleton 
Embleton Thos H, leather wkr, h e s 

Hatherly rd 

England Mark M, dry gds w s Duf- 
ferin, h same 

Essex John R, carp, h e s Htirvie av 
Fleet Herbert, lab, h e s Harvie av 
Fletcher Saml, pattern mkr, h e s 

Hatherly rd 

I'orbes Robt, baker, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Fountain Jos, wood tnr, h n s Holmes- 
dale- rd 

I''ox Thos, mattress mkr, h e s Harvie av 
Frank Chas, h s s Hatherly rd 
Frankland Geo, carp, h n s Teign- 
mouth av 

Franks Alfred, lab, h w s Hatherly rd 
Freeman Douglas, brkmkr, h n s 

Hatherly rd 
Freeman Douglas jr. prntr, 1 Douglas 


Garland Chas, lab, b Benj Claxton 
Gately Lawrence, brklyr, h n e s 

Ditchling rd 

Gazzard Harry, lab, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Gilbert Wm, lab, h n s Rockdale av 
Giles Fredk, watchmn, h 284 Harvie 


Girvan Fredk, mach, h e s Harvie av 
Googe Sidney, pntr, h w s Dufferin 
Gouges Fredk. lab, h w s Dufferin 

Graham Robt C, jwlr, h Bloem av 
Gray Wm, lab, h n s Eversfield rd 
Hacking Wm, stone msn, h e s Harvie 


Haines Henry, brklyr, h s w s Ditch- 
ling rd 

Haley John, mach, h e s Hatherly rd 
Hall Joseph, lab, h 261 Earlscourt av_ 
Hallam Geo H, plstr, h e s Harvie av 
Hambleton Alfred, mldr, h 3 s Evers- 
field rd 
Hamilton Jas, blksmth, h s s Hatherly 


Hammond Herbert, h n s Hatherly rd 
Hard Arthur, h n s Ditchling rd 
Hardacre Henry, btchr, h s s Dyne- 
vor rd 

Harding Henry, lab, h s s Dynevor rd 
Hardy Alex, lab, h w s Boon av 
Harland Miss Elsie, bkbndr, 1 294 Boon 

Harland Harry, brass fnshr, 1 294 

Boon av 

Harla.nd Wm, mach, 1 294 Boon av 
Harris Wm, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Harvey Alex, oil mixer, h w s Dufferin 
Harvey James H, lab, h w s Harvie av 
Harvey Thos, shipper, h w s Dufferin 
Harvey Wm, lab, h s s Preston rd 
Hatton Chas, h e s Harvie av 
Haw Wm, mach, h e s Boon av 
Hawkins Thos W, lab, h s s Ditchling 


Hay John G, shipper, h s s Eversfield rd 
Heaton Henry, lab, h s s Ditchling rd 
Hening Frank, lab, Dynevor rd 
Hernstein Jos, lab, h n s Teignmouth 


Hewitt Alfred, bkpr, h w s Nairn av 
]l-witt Wm F, lab, h s s Ditchling rd 
Hibbert Wesley, brklyr, h e s Harvie av 
Hickman Arthur E, elk, 1 John Hick- 

Hickman John, h e s Ennerdale av 
Hicks Thos A, carp, h 290 Boon av 
Hill Herman J, painter, h s s Hatherly rcl 
Hitchin Wm, plstr, h n s Hatherly rd 
Hitchings David, lab, h w s Earlscourt 


Hocker Cornelius, lab, e s Harvie av 
Hocking Ernest E, pntr, h e s Enner- 
dale rd 

Hockney Arthur, 1 Joseph Nunn 
Hoffland Jas, slsmn, b Geo Bell 
Holden Edwd A, lab, h 65 Teignmouth 

Holloway John, mach hd, h w s Nairn 

Hope John S, gro s s Hatherly rd, h 

Howell Stephen, bkpr. h n s Kitchener 

Hulse W T m D, mach, h s w s Ditchling- 


Hyne Noel, mach, h 278 Harvie av 
Irwin John, carp, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Jackson John, lab, h w s Clendenan av 
Jackson Mrs Orpha, h s s Dynevor rd 
Johnson Amos W, lab, h n s Hatherly 


Johnson Wm, lab, 1 Young Johnson 
Johnson Young, btchr, h s s Hatlu-rly 


Jones John, lab, h n s Bloem av 
Jones Leonard, h n s Hatherly rd 
Jones Thos, carp, h 288 Boon av 
Jones Thos, well digger, h s s Ditch- 
ling av 

Julian \Vm, plstr, h n s Holmesdale rd 
Kerr Hugh, mldr. h e s Harvie av 
Kinchin Peter F. shipper, u w s Earlscourt 


Knox Thos, lab, h n s Eversfield rd 
Knox Miss Violet, dressmkr, 1 Thos 


Kulha Alex, poultry, h s s Kitchener av 
Lacey Chas T, elect, h s s Hatherly rd 
Latimer Henry, lab, 1 John Latimer 
Latimer John, lab, h w s Earlscourt av 
Lauchlan Allan, h w s Dufferin 
L-avender Thos, chkr, h w s Harvie av 
Leach Benj, patternmkr, h w s Clen- 
denan av 

Lee Herbert, h n s Eversfield av 
Ley James, carp, h n s Rockdale av 

Little John J, general store (brt w s Duf- 
ferin, h Earlscourt cor Ascot avs 

Lovewell Francis B. comp, h w s Hatherly 


----- ~.~., ..,% * 



1 16 Richmond St. W. 

Electric Motors 








McBride Alex, gro and hdware, e s 

Ennerdale rd 

McGowan Geo, slsmn, h w s Hatherly rd 
MeNab Geo C, lab, h e s Boon av 
MacKenzie Gavin F, carp, h w s Earls- 
Making John, lab, h Holmesdale rd 
Mallinson Wm, mach, h e s Harvie av 
Manson Robt, mach, h s s Rockdale av 
Martin Thos W, engr, h 294 Harvie av 
May James M, bldr, h w s Harvie av 
Maybee Miss Lena, slsldy, 1 T James 

Maybee T James, mkt gdnr w s Duffer- 

May'or Fred, mach, 1 286 Harvie av 
Mazengarb Albert E, lab, h n s Rock- 

Mazengarb Edwd W, lab, h n s Rock- 
dale av 
Meegan Joseph, brass mldr, h w s Har- 

Melver Thos, lab, has Ditchling rd 
Meridew Chas, lab, h 283 Boon av 
Meridew John, piano action mkr, 1 283 

Boon av 
Middlemass John, carp, h 286 Harvie 

Middleweek Fredk, lab, h 230 Earls- 
court av 

Miller John, presser, h n s Eversfleld rd 
Miller Thos E, lab, h 252 Harvie av 
Miller Wm, lab, h 252 Harvie av 
Moir David, tmstr, 1 Adam Brown 
Moir Frank, tmstr, 1 Adam Brown 
Moir Gilbert, piano plshr, 1 Adam 


Munday Geo brklyr, h w s Boon av 
Mynard Miss Ada, opr, 1 272 Boon av 
Mynard Henry, lab, h 272 Boon av 
is'jss Christina (.wid Robt), opr, h n B 

Teignmouth av 
Nicholls Arthur, carp, h s s Teignmouth 


Nunn Geo S, h 272 Harvie av 
Nunn Jos. h e s Hatherly rd 
Oates Miss Ethel, 1 Sidney Oates 
Oates Miss Olive, 1 Sidney Oates 
Oates Sidney, lab, h n s Rockdale av 
Painting Percy H, brass fnshr, h n s 

Teignmouth av 

Parker Geo. brklyr, h w s Harvie av 
Paston James H, btchr, h w s Enner- 
dale rd 

Patton Francis, carp, h 273 Boon av 
. n Fredk S. carp, h 271 Boon av 
rick Richd W, carp, h n s Ditch- 

\lfred. lab, h w s Earlscourt 
Potter Wm J, plmbr, h s s Eversfleld 


Powell Arthur, lab, h s s Bloem av 
Pryor Geo. Hnemn, h e s Harvie av 
Purkiss Ebentzer J, carp, h w s Clen- 
denan av 

Ray Geo, lab, h s s Dynevor rd 
Raynor Geo. lab, h n s Hatherly rd 
Reed Wm H. carp, h w s Nairn av 
Reilly Wm, lab, h w s Nairn av 
Rice Geo, brklyr, h 276 Boon av 
Richards Herbert, carp, 1 James Rich- 

Richards James, carp, h e s Harvie av 
Richardson Walter, brklyr, h n s Dyne- 
vor rd 

Ring David, lab, h s s Preston rd 
Ripinjnll Edwd, carp, h e s Clendenan 


Rivers Robt, blrmkr, h 270 Harvie av 
Roberts Thos, lab, h n s Rockdale av 
Rogers Chas, h e s Boon av 
Ross James, lab, h s s Bloem av 
Ross James, mach, h s s Dynevor rd 
Russ <;eo, lab, h 269 Boon av 
Russell Wm A, brklyr, h n e s Ditch- 
ling- rd 

Sampson Harry, brklyr, h e s Nairn av 
t Robt, plstr, h e s Boon av 
1 Thos, h s w s Ditchling- rd 
Send Alfred, lab, h n s Eversfield rd 
Shaw, Archd F, carp, h w s Nairn av 
Sheldon Geo, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Shulver Alfred, lab. h w s Dufferin 
y Wm. carp, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Smith Fra.ik, painter, h w s Nairn av 
Smith Harry, brklyr, h w s Earlscourt 


Smith James, lab, h s s Ditchling rd 
Smith James, mach, h e s Harvie av 

Smith John, brklyr, h s s Hatherly rd 
Smith John, lab, h n s Teignmouth av 
Smith Wm, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Somers Robt, lab. h w s Clendenan av 
Stanton James, pdlr, h n s Hatherly rd 
Stevens John, carp, 1 Joseph Nunn 
Stevenson James, ironwkr, h s s Dyne- 
vor rd 

Stuart Robt, brklyr, h e s Harvie av 
Styles Ernest W, carp, h n s Teigh- 

mouth av 

Sullivan Daniel, mach, h w s Boon av 
Sullivan Wm, lab, h n s Teignmouth av 
Swabey Henry, lab, h e s Ennerdale av 
Swift Saml, shipper, h 304 Harvie av 
Syles Stephen, lab, h w s Nairn av 
Titus Wm J, mldr, h e s Harvie av 
Tomlin Fredk, brklyr, 1 Geo Tomlin 
Tomlin Geo, brklyr, h n s Hatherly rd 
Tomlin James W, elk, h n s Hatherly 


Tonkin Harold, carp, h w s Dufferin 
Torrison John, lab, h w s Ennerdale av ' 
Townley Robt J, coachman, h e s En- 
nerdale rd 

Towns Frank, engr, h w s Dufferin 
Triggs Chas, carp, h n s Teignmouth av 
Tromans Fredk, mach, 1 280 Harvie av 
Tromans Reuben, lab, h 280 Harvie av 
Tromans Reuben jr, mach, 1 280 Harvie 


Tubbs Chas, lab, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Valentine John, lab, h e s Clendenan 


Varley Geo, mldr. h n s Eversfield rd 
Vinio" Geo, lab, h n s Hatherly rd 
Voice John, lab, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Waite John, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Ward Thos, mgr John J Little, h w s 


Wardrope Miss Janet, opr, 1 John Ward- 

Wardrope John, lab, h w s Nairn av 
Wardrope Malcolm S, plmbr, 1 John 


Watts Joseph, lab, h s s Dynevor rd 
Waugh Geo R, driver, h w s Dufferin 
Webster Geo H, carp, h n s Eversfleld 


Webster fhos, carp, h n s Eversfield rd 
Weeden Arthur, carp, h n s Bloem av 
Wheeler Albert S, elect, 1 26S Boon 


Wheeler Henry J, carp, h 268 Boon ay/ 
White James, lab, h s s Eversfleld rd 
Whyte James, 1 22 Eversfleld rd 
Whyte John, h 22 Eversfleld rd 
Wicks James E, elk, h s s Eversfield 


Wilkinson Wm, brklyr, h s s Hatherly rd 
Willett James, plmbr, h e s Boon av 
Williams Henry, mach, 1 Thos Roberts 
Williams Herbert E, leather wkr, h s 

s Hatherly rd 

Wilson David, lab, h s s Eversfield rd 
Wilson Edwd, lab, h n s Rockdale av 
Wilson Lewis, lab, h s s Holmesdale rd 
Wilson Wm J, driver, h w s Dufferin 
Winter Henry W, h s w s Ditchling rd 
Wood Chas, lab, b Benj Claxton 
Wood Douglas, elk, 1 Joseph Wood 
Wood Geo, ctr, 1 Joseph Wood 
Wood Horace A, lab, h e s Boon av 
Wood James, mach, h w s Earlscourt 


Wood Joseph, h n s Teignmouth av 
Wooding Richd, lab, h 274 Boon av 
Zon Levi, shoemkr w a Boon av, h same 


(Five miles northwest of PO) 

Anderson Wm A. lab, h e s Ennerdale 

Anderson Wm J, markt gdnr w s Duf- 
ferin, h same 

Badams John W, orna iron wkr, h n 
s Redhill av 

Bansley Chas, bldr, h s w s Vaughan 

Bell Robt, lab, h e s Dufferin 

Binnington Miss Anna, gro e s Duffer- 
in, h same 

Binnington Ernest, 1 Matthew Bin- 

Binnington Matthew, h e s Dufferin 

Bolton Richd, ironwkr, h e s Enner- 
dale rd 

Bowers Geo, mkt gdnr w s Dufferin, h 


Bowlden Sidney T, plstr, h w s Brand- 
stone rd 
Brace Rev Wm, pastor Fairbank Metb, 

Ch, res Toronto 
Brasier Alfred E, ins agt, h s s Eg- 

linton av 

Bromley Richd, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Cat man Chas, lab, h w s Harvie av 
Clay Walter, sign pntr, h e s Enner- 
dale rd 
Cleary Wm, blksmth e s Dufferin, h 


Cook Thos, lab, h e s Brandstone rd 
Cook Wm, carp, h e s Brandstone rd 
Cormack Wm, lab, h e s Dynevor rd 
Crompton James T, decorator, h w s 

Brandstone rd 
Darley Fredk, btchr, h s w s Vaughan 

DeacofE Wm, mkt gdnr e s Dufferin. h 


Dollary Isaac, h w s Dufferin 
Edwards Geo, lab, h s s Eglinton av 
Elliott James, mkt gdnr s s Eglinton 

av, h same 
Ensworth James, lab, h w s Brandstone 


Erskine Alex, gdnr, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Evans James W, mach. h w s Harvie 


Fairbank Baptist Church, e s Enner- 
dale rd 

Proprietor, w s Dufferin 
Fairbank Methodist Church, Rev Wm 

Brace pastor, w s Dufferin 

Watt Postmaster, w s Dufferin 
Fairbank Presbyterian Church, Rev John 

A Watson pastor, Vaughan rd 
Fairbank Public School, e s Dufferin 
Foster John, concreter, h s s Macdon- 

ald av 

Fotherby John, lab, h s s Eglinton av 
Fowler Geo H, markt gdnr w s Laud- 

er av, h same 

Gardiner Isabella (wid Wm), h s s Eg- 
linton av 

Gore Horace, lab, h w s Brandstone rd 
Gould John, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Gray James, plmbr, h e s Brandstone 


Greg-ory John H, plmbr, h w s Brand- 
stone rd 
Gynane John, engr, h w s Clarendon 


Harris Henry, h e s Lauder av 
Hewlett Wm, carp, 1 Wm H Hewlett 
Hewlett Wm H, engr, h w s Lauder av 
Hocking Thos, pntr e s Dufferin, h 


Hood Duncan, prntr, h e s Dufferin 
Houlston Wm, lab, h n s Eglinton av 
Howartli Ernest, carpet weaver, h w 

s Ennerdale rd 
Hutchinson Frank, gro w s Dufferin, 

h same 

Jackson Fredk, lab, h e s Dynover rd 
Joel Wm, lab, h n s Macdonald av 
Jones Wm, mkt gdnr e s Lauder av, 

h same 

Jossa Martin, lab, h Fourth 
Kirkpatrick John, lab, h n s Brand- 
stone rd 

Lewis Robt, lab, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Little Arthur C, mkt gdnr w s Lake- 
view av, h same 
i^yons Robt. tinsmith, h e s Branastonc 


McDonald James, h n e s Vaughan rd 
McNeil Wm, lab, h w s Lauder av 
McPhee Duncan, lab, h e s Dufferin 
Martin Chas W, lab, h w s Ennerdale 


Mason Geo R, brewery hd, h e s Short 
Meyers Thos F, lab, h e s Harvie av 
Mills Sidney, wood wkr, h e s Enner- 
dale rd 

Nicholls Chas, lab, h s s Thornton av 
O'Brien John, cattle dealer e s Lauder 

av, h same 

O'Brien Michael, tmstr, 1 P O'Brien 
O'Brien Patk, h n e s Vaughan rd 
O'Brien W r m, lab, s w s Vaughan rd 
O'LEARY WM B, Proprietor Fair- 
bank Hotel, h same 






Office, M. 194 
Res,, Hi Merest 1909 

Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 


FA I It II \M< 

Oakley Albert A, tmstr, h Clendenan 


Oakley Miss Anna M, elk, 1 A Oakley 
Owen James, h e s Lauder av 
Parsons Chas D, mkt gdnv w s Duffer- 

in, h same 

Peart Henry, lab. h w s Harvie av 
Rice Albert, lab, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Richards James, lab, h \v s Kennedy 


Riddel! David, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Robb Alex, lab, h s w s Vaughan rd 
Roots James C, lab, h s s Eg'linton av 
Runh.-im Wm D, lab, h s s Brandstone 

St. Hilda's Anglican Church, Rev Geo 

Scott pastor, s w s Vaughan rd 
Scott Arnold W. lab, h e s Ennerdale 

Scott Rev Geo, pastor St Hilda's church 

li s s Efjlinton av 

Simpson Geo, carp, h e s Dynover rd j 
Sircus Ernest, tinsmth e s Dufferin, h 


Smith Arthur C, h w s Lauder av 
Smith Wm A, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Stephenson Isaac, lab, h s s Eglinton 


Stephenson Wm, lab, h n s O'Hara av 
Stewart Alfred, concrete finshr, h w s 

I-auder av 

Strathdee Chas ,lab, 1 D Strathdee 
Strathdee Donald, lab, h w s Lakeview 


Strathdee Gordon, lab, 1 n Strathdee 
Strathdee Philip, lab, 1 D Strath. I 
Stubbing-ton Alfred, driver, h e s Har- 
vie av 
Temple Joseph C, carp, h w s Harvie 


Thompson Geo, lab. h w s Dynover rd ; 
Urquhart Robt, gdnr, h e s Ennerdale 

Waldron Harry, brewer, h n e s A au- 

ghan rd 

Waterman Ernest, mrkt gdnr e s Lake- 
view av, h same 
Watson John, h e s Dufferin 
Watson Joseph C, s' r o s s Eglinton av, 

li same 
Watson Rev Thos A, pastor Fairbank 

Pn-sl.y Oh, h n s Eglinton 
Watt Andrew, postmasU r Fairbank 

post office, h w s Dufferin 
Webb John S, carp, h e s Lauder av 
White Percy G, gro s w s Vaughan rd, 

h same 

Whitton John, carp, h n s Clendenan av 
Wilcox Bros (Ernest and Wm), mkt 

gdnrs e s Lakeview av 
Wilcox Ernest (Wilcox Bros), h e s 

Lakeview av 
Wilcox John, mkt gdnr e s Lakeview 

av, h same 

Wilcox Thos, lab, 1 J Wilcox 
Wilcox Wm (Wilcox Bros), h e s 

Lakeview av 
Wood James, plstr, h w s Brandstone 

Woolfenden John, warehouseman, h e 

s Ennerdale rd 
Wright Joseph, lab, h e s Lauder av 

PATENTEE " Modern Method " STAIRS 

Phone Main 5051 


<Four and a half miles west of P O) 
Adley Joshua, barber n s Lake Shore rd, 

h same 

Akers Geo G, mach Humber Bay ma- 
chine shop, res Toronto 
Alderson Wm, h s s College 
Allen Jos W. mkt gdnr, w s Salisbury av 
Arrowsmith Geo E, bolt wkr, h Godson 


Ashley Geo, bolt wkr, h e s Salisbury av 
Atkins Edwin, engr, h n s Queen 
Aymer Chas, mkt gdnr, n s Cannon rd 
Aymer Geo, mkt gdnr, n s Cannon rd 
Aymer Thos, pdlr, 1 Chas Aymer 
Baldwin Ernest (Rush & Baldwin), h 

e s Salisbury av 

Ball Geo E, brkmkr, 1 Harry Ball 
Ball Harland H, fireman, 1 Harry Ball 
Ball Harry, gdnr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Banks Miss Clara, opr, 1 James D Banks 
Banks Predk, boltmkr, 1 James D Banks 
Banks Harry, boltmkr, 1 James D Banks 
Banks Jas D, boltmkr, h w s Macdonald 

Humes Thos, brkmkr, 1 Mrs Kate Taylor 
Bates Wm J, elect, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Bayley Alfred, boltmkr, h 11 Queen 
Beethan Edwd F, boltmkr, h 16 Frede- 


Bell Albert, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Bell Alfred, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Bellmer Miss Charlotte, 1 Frdk J Bellmer 
Bellmer Miss Elizth. 1 Frdk J Bellmer 
Bellmer, Frdk J, tmstr, h w s Macdonald 

Frank, boatman, 1 Mrs L Blake 
Boniface Albert G, lab, h s s Cannon rd 
l:..nit'uce Ernest L, lab, h s s Cannon rd 
v Thos H, mkt gdnr. w s Salis- 
bury av 
Bradbury Lewis, gdnr, 1 Mrs S Elizth 

Bradley Lewis T. mkt gdnr, s s Queen 

h same 

Pragg Edwd T, lab, h 5 Davidson cres J 
Bragg Frank, boltmkr, b Mrs Elizth 

Braithwaite Wm, prin Humber Bay Pub 

Son, res Toronto 
Brent Miss Bertha, elk Nicol MacNicol, 

b Geo Gray 
Brierley Alfred, btch, h w s Salisbury : 

Bright Mrs E.lith. dining rm supt Riv- 

erview Dining Hall, res Toronto 
Bright Miss EThel, wtrs Riverview Din- 
ing Hall, 1 same 
Broderick Annie (wld Patk), h w s 

Salisbury av 
Broderick John J, labl 1 Mrs Annie 

Broderick Miss May. opr. 1 Mrs Annie 

Pi-own Fredk, brkmkr. h s s Queen 

i Geo S, bkpr, 1 Mrs S Elizth 

Hi-own John G, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury, 

li same 
Pi-own Mary E (wid Samul), 1 Wm J 


Brown Nicholas, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Brown S Elizth (wid Chas E), h Queen, 

cor Salisbury av Walter E, gdnr, 1 Mrs S Elizth 


Ilrown Wm J, uphl, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Burbidge Ernest, mkt gdnr, n s College 
Purch \Vm. lab, b James M Radmore 
Burroughs Albert, btch, h s s Cannon rd 
Hurt Miss Daisy, opr, 1 Jesse Riches 
Butwell Brick Co Ltd, Henry Butwell 

pres, Richard Butwell mgr, brk mfrs, 

n s Lake Shore rd 

Butwell Caleb, brkmkr, 1 Mark Butwell 
Butwell Harry H, tmstr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Butwell Henry, pres Butwell Brick Co 

Ltd. res Toronto 
Butwell Mark, brkmkr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Butwell Miss May E, stenog, 1 Mark 

Butwell Reginald N, tel opr, 1 Mark 

Butwell Richd, mgr Butwell Brick Co 

Ltd, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Cameron Wm, elk, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Campbell Jas M, blksmth, Queen, res 


Carson Robt T, lab, h e s Oliver 
Charles Jas W, h 307 Salisbury av 
Chester Miss Edna, 1 Wm Chester 
Chester Miss Gladys, 1 Wm Chester 
Chester Wm J, gro, h e s Salisbury av 
Chowns Emma (wid Wm), h 6 Davidson 

Chowns Fredk J, shipper, h 6 Davidson 


Chowns Richd, lab, h e s Cockburn 
Chowns Wm, yardmn, 1 6 Davidson cres 
Churchward Alfred, packer, 1 Robt 


Churchward Robt. mach, h e s Frederica 
Clark Wm H, pipemkr, b Patk McDer- 


Clarke Henry J. h w s Salisbury av 
Collins Miss Elizth, 1 James Collins 
Collins James, mkt gdnr, n s Queen h 


Collins Jos, gdnr, 1 James Collins 
Cook Mrs Christina, cashier Riverview 

Dining Hall 
Copeland Robt G, elk, h w s Salisbury 


Coram Harry .brkmkr, b Mrs Kate Tay- 

Cox Miss Gertrude S, 1 Saml Cox 
Cox Miss Gladys M, stenog, 1 Saml Cox 
Cox Guster S, gdnr, 1 Saml Cox 
Cox Henry, tmstr, h e s Salisbury av 
Cox Saml, mkt gdnr n s Queen, h game 
Cox Thos J, painter, h Godson rd 
Crowhurst Ernest, mkt gdnr, e s Church 
Dandridge Jas, mkt gdnr, n s Queen 
Daniels Francis, mkt gdnr, n s Queen 
Davis Fredk, mach Humber Bay Ma- 
chine Shop, res Toronto 
Davis Jas, boltmkr, h 12 Queen 
Delemere Miss Lillian, tchr Humber 
Bay Pub School, 1 Mrs S Elizth llnjwu 
Devins Isaac N, prop Riverview Dining 

Hall and Boat House, res Toronto 
Uewsbury Franklin H, mach, h e s Fred- 
Diclsbnry James, bolt mkr, li \v s M:i<- 

domnld av 

Dinn Simon, tmstr, h n s Queen 
Dixon John, hrkmXr, h n s Lake Shore 

Dixon John T, gdnr Ernest Rowett, 1 


Donovan Patk .1, moto. h s s Queen 
Dunn Robt, h e s i-'rederica 
Dunn Robt jr, chkr, 1 Robt Dunn 
Dutnall John, mldr, h e s Cockburn 
Dutnall Robt, lab, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Dutnall Walter, mach, h n s Lake Shore 


Kgles Chas J. bkbndr, 1 Wm Egles 
Egles Ernest, mach. 1 \Vm Egles 
Egles Geo, painter, h s s Lake Shore rd 
KL'les Wm. painter. 1) s s Irike Shore rd 
Elett Walter, bvkmfer, h w s Macdonald av 
Elford Isaac, mkt gdnr, s s Cannon rd 
Elford Wm, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Kstes Walter, mach Humber Bay Ma- 
chine Shop, res Toronto 
Fletcher John, brkmkr, h Macdonald cor 

Humber av 

Flynn Benj G, mach Humber Bay Ma- 
chine Shop, res Toronto 
Fordyce Miss Christina, tlrs, 1 John 


Fordyce Geo, elect, 1 John Fordyce 
Fordyce Gordon W, boltmkr, 1 John 


Fordyce Jas C, lab, 1 John Fordyce 
l-'oidyce John, lab, h e s Oliver 
Forsyth Jas, mkt gdnr, n s Lake Shore 

rd h same 

Franklin Arthur J, tmstr, h w s Mac- 

Gair Joseph, printer, h e s Cockburn 
Gariepy Alfred A, designer, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Gillman Albert E, tinsmth, 1 Geo Gill- 

Gillman Chas E, lab, 1 Geo Gillman 
Gillman Geo li w s Macdpnald 
Gillman Geo jr, boatmn Riverview Boat 

House, 1 Geo Gillman 
Gipson Bertha (wid Reuben), h n s 

Lake Shore rd 

Goyne Lewis, mkt gdnr, n s College 
Gray Lucy (wid Geo), h w s Salisbury av 
Green Bert, gdnr, h n s Queen 
Green Miss Mary M, 1 Mrs S Elizth 

Greenfield Austin E, brkmkr, 1 Thos 


Greenfield Edgar T, lab, 1 Thos Green- 

Greenfield Thos, brkmkr, h e s Oliver 
Grigsby Amos, gdnr, h e s Grand av 
Grigsby Win, mkt gdnr n s Queen, h same 
Handley Robt H, gdnr, h s s Cannon rd 
Hanna Richd, blksmth Jas M Campbell, 

res West Toronto 
Hanson Lionel AV, prop Humber Beach 

Hotel. 1 same 

Harris Geo, mkt gdnr, Lambton rd 
Harris Thos, mkt gdnr, Lambton rd 
Harris Wm. mkt gdnr, s s College 
Harrison Jos H, pipemkr, h w s Salis- 
bury av 
Hawke Miss Jean, tchr Humber Bay 

Pub School, res Toronto. 
Hawkins Miss Ellen, 1 Mrs Caroline 

Hawkins Thos, tmstr S L Wright, h 2 

Helliwell John S, mldr, h w s Salisbury 

Heyworth Frank P, barber, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Hicks Miss Amy E, 1 Mrs Elizth Hicks 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents, 12 Wellington St. E. Phone M. 1790 PHONE M. 7632 


Branch Manager 

10 Wellington St. E. 




2 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 5088 

Hicks Boat House, Wm J Hicks prop, 

river bank 

Hicks Elizth (wid Thos L), h s s Queen 
Hicks Octavius L (O L Hicks & Son), h 

s s Lake Shore rd 
Hicks O L & Son (Octavius L and \Vm 

J), contrs. Lake Shore rd 
Hicks Wm J (O L Hicks & Son), h n s 

Lake Shore rd 

Hodgkinson Levi. lab. h w s Macdonald 
Hodson Chas, sawyer, h n s Humber av 
Holmes Henry, bolt mkr, h n s Queen 
Holmes Henry, mkt gdnr, s s Queen 
Hope Wm. lab. b John Fletcher 
Horwood Frank H, shpr, h w s Frederica 
Horwood Geo H, 1 Frank H Horwood 
Huffman Albert, well driller, h n s Can- 
non rd 

Huffman Wm C, well driller, h s s Can- 
non rd 

Humber Bay Baptist Church, Rev Au- 
brey Vincent pastor, n s Queen 
Humber Bay Machine Shop, Thos Mc- 
Millan prop, s s Lake Shore rd 

MaeNicol Postmaster, s s Queen 
Humber Bay Public School, "Wm Braith- 

waite prm, e s Cockburn 
Humber Beach Hotel. Lionel W Hanson 

prop, s s Lake Shore rd 
Hunter John H. barr, h w s Salisbury av 
lies Isaac, packer, h n s Queen 
Jecks Tobias, prop Haws Boat House. 

res Toronto 

Jesspn Shadrach, shoemkr, h e s Fred- 

Johnson Daniel, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Johnson Elizabeth (wid Wm). h n s 

Johnstone Caroline (wid James K). h s s 

Lake Shore rd 
Johnstone Stanley, elk, 1 Mrs Caroline 

Jones Michl P. brkmkr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Joyce Miss Catharine, wtrs, 1 Mrs Margt 


Joyce James, brkmkr, 1 Mrs M Joyce 
Joyce Margt (wid John), h Godson rd 
Keillor Angus, driver, h n s Queen 
Kemp Alfred, h 7 Davidson cres 
Kemp James, brkmkr, h n s Lake Short- 

Kemp Sidney, lab. 1 7 Davidson cres 
Kent Wm. mkt gdnr, w s Salisbury av 
Kirby Geo, lab, h s s College 
Thos, lab. 1 Geo Kirby 
Knight John, boltmkr. b 12 Queen 
Kunki Joseph, lab. h n s Lake Shore rd 
Langdon Frank, lab. b James M Rad- 


Legg Archd M, photo engr, h s s Lake 
Shore rd 

- Geo F. photo engraver. 1 s s Lake 


Little Frank, mach Humber Bay Ma- 
chine Shop, res Toronto. 
McAllister Thos, tmstr, h e s Coekburn 
rmott Patrk, tile burner, h e s 
McDonald Halford T. bartndr Newton's 

Hotel, 1 same 
McElhenny Jas E, mgr Humber Beach 

Hotel, res Toronto 

McElroy Miss Mary, wtrs Newton's Ho- 
tel, 1 same 

McFarlane Geo, gdnr, 1 Lewis Goyne 
:-ath John, mkt gdnr. s s Queen 
,iVf Geo H, painter, h e s Frederica 
McLelland Wm, pipemkr, b Patk McDer- 

HcMillan Roy J, supt Humber Bay Ma- 

:nme Shop, res Toronto 
McQuarrie Donald, brkmkr, h 10 Queen 

:irrie Miss Eliza, opr, 1 10 Queen 
McQuarrie Harvey, boltmkr. 1 10 Queen 
larrie Jas H, glasswkr, 1 10 Queen 
:arrie Miss Mary, packer, 1 10 

MacDonald Frank J, boatmn Maw's Boat 

House, 1 Thos J Cox 

MaeDonald Miss Louisa. 1 Thos J Cox 
-V.., Donald Wm E, rep, 1 Thos J Cox 
MacNicol Nicol, postmaster and gro 

s s Queen, h same 

Mageehan Hugh, elect, b Richd D Skid- 

Major Rupert, mkt gdnr, w s Salisbury 
av, h same 

Maloney John, brk rhfr n s Lake Shore 

rd, res Toronto 
Marigold Henry P. mach Humber Bay 

Machine Shop, res Toronto 
Mansell Mrs Esther, wtrs Newton's Ho- 

Mansell Wm, porter Newton's Hotel 
Maw's Boat House, Tobias Jecks prop, 

river bank 

Mayo John, pipemkr, b Patk McDermott 
Meldrum Wm, painter, h 4 Davidson cres 
Mercy Clifford, porter Humber Beach 

Hotel, res New Toronto 
Milding Aaron, carp, h w s Salisbury av 
Milding Miss Charlotte. 1 Aaron Milding 
1 Milding Miss Margt. bkbndr. 1 Aaron 


Milliner Wm. caretkr, h e s Frederica 
Mitchell Geo, brkmkr. 1 John M Mitchell 
Mitchell John M, brkmkr, h s s Lake 

shore rd 

Mitchell Wallace, boltmkr, b Geo Gill- 
Monteith John, slsmn, h 3 Davidson 

Naylor Thos T, brkmkr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Needier Arthur, plstr, b Mrs Elizth 

Neilson J Geo, carp, h s s Lake Shore 


Nelson James, lab, h s s Queen 
Newham Annie (.wid John), 1 Richd D 


Newham John A, lab, h e s Cockburn 
Newton Eugene H, studt, 1 Newton's 

Newton John T, prop Newton's Hotel, 

res same 
Newton John T jr, wine elk Newon's 

Newton's Hotel. John T Newton prop, n 

s Lake Shore rd 

Noble Wm, elk, h w s Salisbury av 
North Harry, mkt gdnr, n s Cannon rd, 

h same 

North Wm. mkt gdnr. e s Salisbury av 
Northcote Richd H, elect, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Orloski Geo, lab. h n s Lake Shore rd 
Orr Arthur (Benj Orr & Son), b Benj 

Orr Benj (Benj Orr & Son), h Godson 

Orr Benj & Son (Benj and Arthur Orr), 

boat bldrs, river side 
Orr Miss Margt. slsldy. 1 Benj Orr 
Orr Miss Marjory, slsldy, 1 Benj Orr 
( >rr AV Robt, boatmn, 1 Benj Orr 
Parker Miss Amy, 1 Wm H Parker 
Parker Walter C, mkt gdnr, n s Queen 
Parker Wm H, h n s Queen 
Parkinson Wm, jwlr, h s s Lake Shore 

Parmenter Margt (wid Phillip), h e s 

Paterson Andrew M, optician, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Payne Chas D, brkmkr. h n s Humber av 
Payne Harold J, glass ctr, 1 Chas D 


Pearson Miss Mary E, 1 Mrs Lucy Gray 
Pennal Harry, elk, h w s Salisbury av 
Piper Frank, boltmkr, b Patk McDermott 
Pollard Fredk, lab, 1 Fredk Brown 
Pomfret Luther, lab, h 8 Davidson cres 
Poyank Wadislaw, lab, h n s Lake Shore 


Presley Alfred, h w s Oliver 
Presley Miss Annie, mus tchr, 1 Alfred 

Presley Miss Florence I, gro, s s Lake 

Shore road, 1 Alfred Presley 
Presley Rose (wid Wm), h e s'Salisbury 

Presley Thos, bartndr Humber Beach 


Pycock Rev James, h e s Salisbury av 
Quin Arthur T, boltmkr, h n s" Lake 

Shore rd 

Radmore James M, nutmkr, h s s Queen 
Ramsperger August, piano tuner, h s s 

Lake Shore rd 

Rankin Richd. mkt gdnr. s s College 
Reeves Frank, mkt gdnr. n s College 
Reeves Harry, lab. h n s College 
Reid Ralph, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Reid Robt, gdnr, 1 Henry J Clarke 
Reilly Robt H, tmstr. h n s Queen 
Riches Jesse, brkmkr, h e s Salisbury av 

Riverview Dintn<r Hall, Isaac X Devlnm 

prop, River bank 

Rowett Ernest, mkt gdnr, n s Queen 
Rowett Geo H, mkt gdnr, w s Grand av 
Runnalls Miss Florence, packer, 1 Jos 


Runnalls Joseph, carp, h w s Macdonald 
Runnalls Miss Kate, packer, 1 Joseph 

Runnalls Miss May, packer, 1 Joseph 


Uunnalls Wm, carp. 1 Joseph Rrmtiulls 
Rush Chas, gdnr, h e s Salisbury av 
Rush Miss Daisy, 1 Geo Rush 
Rush Geo (Rush & Baldwin), h e s 

Salisbury av 

Rush Henry, blksmth, h w s Frederica 
Rush Joseph W, mkt gdnr, w s Salis- 
bury av, h same 

Rush & Baldwin (Geo Rush and Ernest 
Baldwin), mkt gdnrs, e s Salisbury av 
Rushton Wm, boatmn, b Patk McDer- 
St James' Church (Ang). Rev H B 

Snartt curate, e s Frederica 
Sargent Wm, shipper, b Walter Dut- 

Schneider Wm F, chef Riven-lew Dtnlni 

Hall, 1 same 

Shadwell Chas, carp, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Shadwell Lewis F, brass fnshr, 1 Chas 


Shannon Patk, pipemkr, h w s Mac- 
Shaw John H, bartndr Humber Beach 


Sibley John, h w s Salisbury av 
Simpson Geo, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Simpson George H, tel opr, 1 George Simp- 

Simpson Miss Lila E. 1 Geo Simpson 
Simpson Robt, mgr John Maloney, res 

Simpson Wm J, brkmkr. h e s Salisbury 


Sims John, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Sinchick Antonio, lab, h n s Lake Shore 

Skidmore Richd D btchr, e s Cockburn, 

h same 

Slee Richd. engraver, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Smeaton Miss Kate, tchr Humber Bay 

Pub School, res Toronto 
Smith Henry S, mkt gdnr, w s Salisbury 


Smith John AV, app Humber Bay Ma- 
chine Shop, res Swansea 
Snartt Rev Harold B, curate St James* 

Church, b Harry Pennal 
Sproule James, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Stell Geo G, mach hd. 1 Mrs Lucy Gray 
Stevens John, mkt gdnr, s s College 
Stickland Fredk, boltmkr, b 11 Queen 
Stoddart David A, carp, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Summerland James, watchmn, 1 Arthur 

F Quin 

S-.vitzer Albert M, carp, h 6 Frederica 
Taylor Miss Ella R, opr, 1 Mrs Kate 


Taylor Geo R, brkmkr, 1 Mrs Kate Tay- 

Taylor James, carp, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Taylor Knte (wid George), h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Telford Roy W, business mgr Humber 
Bay Machine Shop, res Toronto 


Government, Municipal. 
Corporation and Industrial. 
Yielding from 4% to 6 1 / / 



Phone Adelaide 214 TORONTO 

HlMltl-.U II \V 

Tizzard David, mkt gdnr, e s Church 
Todd James, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Todd Joseph, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Trevethan Joseph, nutmkr, 1 John Willis 
Trevethan Phillip B, tmstr, b w s Mac- 

Truman Miss Georgina, opr, 1 Thos 

Vincent Rev Aubrey, pastor Humber 

Bay Baptist Church, h s s Queen 
Wheeler John A, elk, 1 Louis Wheeler 
Wheeler Louis, h s s Uueen 
Whitehead James, boltmkr, h e s Oliver 
Whitehead Miss Jane, opr, 1 Mrs Sarah 


Whitehead Sarah (wid Thos), h e s Oliver 
Whitworth Edwd, mkt gdnr, n s College 
Whitworth Geo, mkt gdnr s s Queen, 

h same 
Wilder Henry, tmstr, b Mrs Bertha 


Wilkins Robt, h s s Cannon rd 
Williams Fredk, gdnr, 1 Walter C 


Willis John, boltmkr, h w s Macdonald 
Wilson Gertrude (wid Hugh), h s s 

Cannon rd 
Wilson Stephen, slsmn, h w s Salisbury 

Windle Miss Rhoda, wtrs Humber Beach 

Hotel, res Toronto 
Winger Arnold E, paper ctr, 1 Edwd 

Winger Miss Edna P, folder, 1 Edwd 


Winger Edwd, flremn, h e s Oliver 
Worsfold Ernest G, gdnr, 1 Mrs S Elizth 


Wright Miss Agnes, 1 David C Wright 
Wright David, mkt gdnr e s Grand av, h 


Wright David C, h w s Salisbury av 
Wright John, h s s Queen 
Wright Joseph, painter, 1 John Wright 
Wright Saml L, flour s s Queen, h same 
Tales Frank, lab, b Edwin Atkins 
Yeats Laurence, lab, h 9 Davidson cres 


(Seven miles west of P O) 

Addison Geo, painter, h s s Dundas 
Ahrens Carl H, painter, h w s Fishers 


Allor Mrs Jane, cook Hotel Lambton 
Anderson Lawrence J, bldr, h e s Lee 

Anthony Fredk A, piano mkr, 1 Robt 


Anthony James, piano flnshr, h s s Gov- 
ernment rd 

Anthony Robt, tinsmth, h s s Govern- 
ment rd 

Anthony Wm M, elk, 1 Robt Anthony 
Appleby Miss Alice, elk, 1 John Appleby 
Appleby Miss Elsie, elk, 1 John Appleby 
Appleby John, h n s Dundas 
Ashman Arthur, switchmn, h n s Dun- 
Ashman Arthur W, plshr, 1 Walter E 


Ashman James, pdlr, h s s Dundas 
Ashman Miss Margt, exam, 1 Walter E. 


Ashman Walter E, pdlr, h s s Dundas 
Atkinson Albert, mach, 1 Wm Atkinson 
Atkinson Chas, concrete wkr, 1 Wm At- 

Atkinson Wm, h w s Maple av 
Aver Edith (wid Geo), 1 John E Can- 
Badgerow Mary (wid Wm), 1 Alfred 


Baldwin Sidney D, Imbr dlr, h cor Dun- 
das and Lee av 

Bannen John H, agt, h n s Dundas 
Bannon Patk, h w s Fishers rd 
Barrett Fredk, bldr, h s s Government 


Barrett Percy tchr, h s s Dundas 
Bell Frank J, silversmth, b F Downey 
Bell Joseph, lab, h s s Dundas 
Bell Robt J, horse dlr, Ins Dundas 
Bell Thos, mach, h n s Dundas 
Boos Wm A, contr, h s s Dundas 
Braun Clayton W, metal wkr, h 132 

Brooks A Henry, lab, h w s Lambton rd 

Browning Miss Edith, stenog. 1 Mrs 

Annie French 

Bryans John H, harness mkr n s Dun- 
das, h same 

Buak. Wm, h s s Dundas 
Bull Emerson, phy cor Dundas and 

Lambton rd, h same 

Butler Albert A, shipper, h e s Lang- 
muir av 
Calendar Geo, porter Hotel Lambton, 1 

C P R Station, H A Hannington agt, n s 

Canning Miss Gertrude, elk, 1 John E 


Canning Herman L, elect, 1 John E Can- 

Canning John E, tmstr, h w s Lang- 
muir av 
Canning Miss Wilda J, mlnr, 1 John E 


Carlton Arthur, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas 
Carr Miss Maud E, smtrs, h w s Maple 


Carruthers Theo D, driver, h s s Dun- 

Chapman John M, piano mkr, h 24 Jane 
Chard Leo, drover, h s s Dundas 
Chisholm James, weaver, h s s Govern- 
ment rd 

Clayton Geo E, sawyer, h 26 Jane 
Clayton Gretchen (wid AA'm), h e s 

Lambton rd 

Clayton Thos, btch, h n s Dundas 
Clayton Wm B, btch n s Dundas, h same 
Colsin Thos, lab. h e s Langmuir av 
Colton Thos B, blksmth n s Dundas, h 


Cooper Miss Mary J, h n s Dundas 
Cornish Prank, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas 
Cowley AVm, mkt gdnr s s Dundas, h 


Creech Joseph, trav, h s s Dundas 
Cullom Henry, h s s Dundas 
Cunningham John H, harness mkr, h s s 

Dall Agnes (wid David), h e s Fishers 


Darvell Chas, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas 
Davenport Edwd C, license cmmnr, h s s 

Dawson Arnold D, well driller, b Geo 


Day Cecil, elk. b Harry G Kendall 
Donohue James, bartndr Senate Hotel, 1 


Dorney Arthur J, carp, h 500 Jane 
Dorney Frank, carp, n s s Howland av 
Douglass Danl, h n s Dundas 
Dowling Herbert H, painter, h e s Lee 


Doyle Patk J, elk, h s s Dundas 
Durling Alfred, well driller, h w s Lee 


Earl Albert, lab, h n s Howland av 
Elliott Alfred, gdnr, h e s Lambton rd 
Elliott James, carp, h w s Fishers rd 
Elliott Milford H, carp, 1 James Elliott 
Elliott Robt S, carp, 1 James Elliott 
Elliott Thos, postmaster n s Dundas, b 

Mrs Mabel McKinnon 

Elliott Wm N, presser, 1 James Elliott 
Elwin John R, lab, h e s Lambton rd 
Evans Stanley, elk, T Fitzpatrick, res 

Falahay Harry, bartndr Senate Hotel, 1 

Fitzpatrick Thos gro, n s Dundas, h 

Fitzpatrick AA'm H, plstr, h e s Fishers 


Fleming Harriet (wid James), 1 24 Jane 
Fleming John K, prop Senate Hotel, res 


Foothead AA'm, mach. h e s Fishers rd 
French Annie (wid Reuben), h s s Dun- 
French Douglas, mach, 1 Mrs Annie 

French John, porter Hotel Lambton, 1 


Garbutt Chas E, slsmn, h n s Dundas 
Garner Geo, weaver, h n s Dundas 
Gascoigne Reg W, ftr, h w s Lee av 
Gelder Geo B, ptrn mkr, h n s Howlamd 

Graham Andrew T, cattle dlr, h n s 


Graham Bernard T, lab, 1 Andrew T 

Graham John, drvr, h s s Dundas 
Graham John, lab, h n s Dunclas 
Graham Llewellen A, plshr, 1 Andrew T 

Graham Miss Maud M, opr, 1 Andrew 

T Graham 

Green David T, brklyr, h 502 Jane 
Green Frank, elect, h e s Lee av 
Hallett Gordon, h .w s Lambton rd 
Hamilton Mrs Jane, cook Senate Hotel 
Hamilton Miss Laura, wtrs, Senate Ho- 
Hannington Henry A, station master, 

res West Toronto 
Harris John, bldr, h s s Dundas 
Hart Bruce, elk, h s s Government rd 
Hawkes Wm H, lab, h s s Government 


Hewett John, brklyr, h w s Lee av 
Hickey Adrian J, carp, h s s Dundas 
Hicks Chas. h n s Dundas 
Hogg Geo, tool mkr. h e s Langmuir av 
Hotel Lambton, Wm M Robinson prop, 

n s Dundas 

Howell David J, trav, h w s Fishers rd 
Howell Miss Eva C, 1 David J Howell 
liowell Miss Margt A, 1 David J HoweJl 
Hutchinson Thos, drain insp, h e s Fish- 
ers rd 

Hyland Nelson A, mgr Molsons Bank 
'i Lambton Mills Br), b Mrs Mabel Mc- 
James Chas C, pres Lambton Golf and 

Country Club, res Toronto 
J.avis Chas H, elk H Phillips, 1 same 
Junes Harold J, blksmth, h s s How- 
land av 
Keeler Miss Margt P, tchr Lambton 

Mills Pub School, b Fredk Mercer 
Kendall Miss Gertrude, elk, 1 Harry G 

Kendall Harry G, stenog, h e s Maple 


Lamb Miss Ann, h s s Dundas 
Lambton Golf and Country Club, C C 
James pres, Wm B Varley secty, Scar- 
lett rd 
Lambton Mills Post Office, Thos Elliott 

postmaster, n s Dundas 
Lambton Mills Public School. S W 

Michener prin, w s Lambton rd 
Lawrence John L, gro, n s Dundas 
Leacock Annie (wid Richd), h s s Dun- 
Leacock Miss Emily H, tchr, 1 Mrs 

Annie Leacoek 

Lee Irvine M, carp, h e s Lee av 
Lee Wm, gdnr, h e s Lee av 
Leppington Mark, elk, h s s Dundas 
Lewis Miss Alice, artist, h s s Dundas 
Lewis Hopkins P, painter, h s s Dundas 
Lewis Thos G, painter, h s s Dundas 
Lovell Chas, carp, h 20 Jane 
Lovell Geo R, carp, h 18 Jane 
Luxon Wm H, brklyr, b Wm J Rash- 


McClinchy James, h n s Dundas 
McCowan Miss M, Bena tehr Lambton 

Mills Pub Sch, b A Henry Brooks 
McCutcheon Frank J, h s s Dundas 
McGonigle Rev Thos G, h s s Dundas 
McKenzie Chas W B, trav, 1 Danl M 


McKenzie Danl M, h w s Langmuir av 
McKinnon Mabel (wid John), h cor Gov- 
ernment and Lambton rds 
Marx Carl, mkt gdnr, s .s Dundas 
Mason Alfred, steward Lambton Golf 

and Country Club, 1 same 
Mathers Fredk, plstr, h s s Government 


Mathers James, plstr, h s s Dundas 
Maude Isaac I, plmbr, h St Johns rd cor 

Maple av 
Mead Edwd, bartndr Hotel Lambton, h 

s s Dundas 
Mercer Fredk AV, carp, h w s Lambton 

Michener S Weston, prin Lambton Mills 

Pub Sch, h s s Dundas 
Mileham Ernest H, car repr, h e s Lee 


Mitchell Alfred H, mach, h s s How- 
land av 

Mitchell Harry, elect, h 365 St Johns rd 
Molsons Bank The, Nelson A Hyland 

mgr, n s Dundas 

Newlove Geo, tmstr, h w s Perry av 
Parmenter Chas J, shoemkr, h s s Dun- 



The Canada Metal Co., Limited 



Co n f ebera tlonXif e 




Canadian Company 

PuiTOtt Geo, shoemkr, h e s Lambton rd 
Partlett Alfred, lab, h s s Dundas 
Patterson Joseph, lab, h s s Dundas 
Perrans John, weaver, b H J Jones 
Phillips Edwd E, mach, h e s Lee av 
Phillips Hurry, gro n s Dundas, h cor 

rnrnent and Fisher rds 
Phillips Rebecca (wid Wm) 1 Harry 


Pickard Miss Lillie, opr, 1 22 Jane 
rd Sidney B, lab, h 22 Jane 
Plunkett Joseph, elk T Fitzpatrick, res 
\Vest Toronto 

iley Thos, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas 
Ralston Chas, trav, h e s Lambton rd 
Ral.-ton -Miss Ella, elk J L Lawrence, 1 

s Ralston 

Rashleigh Wm J, cond, h n s Howland 

rthur C, piano tuner, 1 John 

.s Miss Barbara C, drsmkr, 1 John 

Rhodes John, plshr, h w s Fishers rd 
Rhodes Miss \Vilhelmina, ralnr, 1 John 


Riile\v Victor, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas 
RoadhoDse Fredk, blksmth T B Colton, 

b John Stanfleld 
Robinson Wm M, prop Hotel Lambton, 

res same 
Rogers John G, harness mfr n s Dun- 

3, h same 

Rumeney Miss Annie, h w s Lambton rd 
Schackheimer Homer, shipper, h e s 
Langmuii av 

Isaac M, contr, h e s Fishers rd 
i Lemuel, lather, h s s Dundas 
Senate Hotel, John K Fleming prop, n s 

Sharp Wm, porter Senate Hotel 

Julia i wid Wm), h s s Dundas 
Sheffield Edwd B, draughtsman, h s s 

I'iovernment rd 

Simmers Geo, bkpr, b Mrs II MoKinnon 
Sims Harold, tlr, n e s Langmuir av 
ver, h e s Langmuir av 
Smith Chas W, carp, 1 16 Jane 

Fredk W, carp, 1 16 Jane 
Smith Herbert H, carp, 1 16 Jane 
Smith Robt, bldr, h 16 Jane 

ks Joseph C, shoemkr, h e s 

eer John A. vngr, h e s Lee av 
.sby Isaac \V, carp, h w s Perry 

Stanlield John, lab, h n s Dundas 

r Homer T, teller Molsons Bank 
- mbton Mills Br), res West Tor- 

Z Henry F. brklyr, 1 Wm Strong 
ng John. 1 Wm J Strong 
Strong Wm J, pntr, h s s Government 

:>;tt G-'-o H. i.-urp, h n s Dundas 
-i>tt Janet (wid Wm). h n s Dun- 
Thompson Peter, brtndr Hotel Lamb- 
Thompson Robt, contr, h n s Dundas 

'i am Edwd, tel opr, h 363 St 
Johns rd 
Touchingham Win J, lineman, h w s 

Maple av 
Tonkin Edwd R, piano mkr, h 367 St 

Johns rd 

Traplin Wm J, pntr, h s s Dundas 
Trethewey Geo, slsmn, h w s Perry av 
Ty t -r Thos. h s s Dundas 
Varley Wm B, sec Lambton Golf and 

Country Club, 1 same 

Walker Richd, gdnr, h w s Lambton rd 
Waterhouse Miss Edith, opr, 1 James 


Wiiterhouse Miss Jennie, 1 James An- 
Waterhouse Miss Lena, stenog, 1 James 

Watkins Frank W, tmstr, 1 John W 


Watkins James B, tmstr, 1 John W 

Watkins John W, lab, h s s Dundas 
Wells Win. gdnr, h w s Lambton rd 
Wickett S Morley, h e s Fisher's rd 
Woodcock Allan E, real est s s Dundas, 

h same 

Woodhill Wm, h 23 Jane 
Woods Albert E, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas 


(Post Office Coleman Five and a half 
miles from Toronto Post Office). 

Addison Walter, brklyr, h 10 Johnson 
Arksey Geo, tmstr, h 7 Midland av 
Armstrong- John, tmstr,- h 100 Bar- 

rington av 

Bailey Edwd, h 3S9 Main 
Bain Alnslee L, lab, h 104 Barring-ton 


Barker Wilfrid, carp, h 414 Main 
Barlow Geo, brklyr, h e s Chisholm av 
Barrett James, coachman, h 2 Mid- 
land av 
Baxter Archd W, lab, h 26 Eastbourne 


Beckett Wm, tmstr, h 95 Chisholm av 
Billing John, lab, h 413 Main 
Billings John, prntr, h 417 Main 
Blackwell Thos, bkpr, h 1 Valley rd 
Bott James, lab, h 419 Main 
Bradshaw Chas, brklyr, h 154 Bar- 

rington av 

Briggs Fredk G, buffer, h 105 Diver 
Britton Wm, lab. h 464 Main 
Brown Arthur, gdnr, h 4S7 Main 
Brown Geo, gdnr, h 4S7 Main 
Brown Geo, lab, h 409 Main 
Brown Henry, lab, h 91 Chisholm av 
Burgess Thos E. lather, h 97 Chis- 
holm av 
Burton Walter, com agt, h 75 Palmer 


Butchart Miss Marion, h 167 Barring- 
ton av 

Campbell Alex, brkmkr, h 5 Midland av 
Carter Harold S, lab, h 85 Chisholm av 
Caunce Edwd, lab, h 144 Barrington av 
Cleaver Arthur J, leather wkr, h 171 

Barrington av 
Crate Chas, brklyr, h 116 Barrington 


Davis Albert E, baker, h 14S Barring- 
ton avenue 

Davis Henry, h 118 Barrington av 
Denby Chas G, slsmn, h 191 Barring- 
ton av 

.ts Geo, brklyr, h 500 Main 
Duckworth Henry, carp, h 411 Main 
Edmonston Alex G, driver, h 49 Chis- 
holm av 

Edson Benj, lineman, h 434 Main 
Elliot Wm F, h 107 Dawes rd 
Elliott Francis H, h e s Dawes rd 
Elliott Helen (wid T W), h 98 Dawes 


Elliott Wm. lathi-r. h 62 Barring-ton av 
Evans Harry, brklyr, h 122 Barrington 


Ferguson Frank, plstr. h S2 Palmer av 
Field Sydney, h 494 Main 
Findlay Wm H, leather ctr, h 60 Bar- 
ring-ton av 

Fletcher Albert, driver, h 201 Chis- 
holm av 
Foster Wm, mach, h 427 Main 

:i an Win, lab, h e s Chisholm av 
Garbutt Mary A (wid F W), h e s 

Chisholm av 

Giant Andrew, h 130 Dawes rd 
Gilding James, brkmkr, h 3 Midland av 
Gillespie Wm, mach, h w s Westlake 


Grant James, lab, h 101 Dawes rd 
Hancock Walter, brklyr, h e s Chis- 
holm av 

Harding Arthur, lab. h 89 Johnston 
Harding Fredk W, lab, h 86 Johnston 
Hardy Henry, driver, h e s Chisholm 


Harris David, brklyr, h 10 Johnston 
Ht-wett Geo, paper hngr, h 110 Barr- 
ington av 

Higginbotham Fredk, gro 161 Barring- 
ton av, h same 
Hislop John, h 4 Johnston 
Howell Robt B, comp, h 68 Valley rd 
Howland Jos, h 165 Barrington av 
Hunter Andrew, lab, h n s Chorley av 
Irwin Wm, lab, h IS Midland av 
Javan Rudolph, gro 376 Main, h same 
Johnson Robt, lab, h 152 Barrington 

Jones Arthur, plstr, h 68 Barrington 


Jones John, lab, h 64 Barrington av 
Jones Samuel, lab, 104 Diver 
Jones Thos, lab. h 4S4 Main 

Jones Thos, lab. h 84 Palmer av 

Wm, lab, h 144 Barrington av 
Keen Wm, carp, h 2 Johnston 
Kennedy Alex. carp, h 54 Valley rd 
Legg Chas, plmbr, h 108 Barrington 


Legge Wm P, express and cartage agt, 
2 Macdonald av 

i- Ernest, lab, h 454 Main 
Limmer Joseph, iron mldr. h 132 Bar- 
rington av 

Long Fredk. lab. h 12S Barrington av 
Long Joseph, spinner, h 71 Chisholm 

Massey Susan D (wid Walter E H). 

h s s Midland av 
Matthews Sidney, carp, h 77 Palnv 
Mercer James, plstr, h 163 Barrington 


Meyers Joseph, lab, h 109 Dawes rd 
Miller David, h 9 Midland av 
Milling James, lab, h 24 Eastbourne av 
Milne John, mach, h n s .Maedonald av 
Milne John jr. lab, h n s Macdonald av 
Minett Fredk, brass finshr. h 105 Diver 
Moore Arthur, brklyr, h 130 Barring- 
ton av 

Morris John J, h 114 Barrington av 
Morrison Chas, h 11 Midland av 
Myers Geo, exp and baggage, h 416 


Newman Wm, brkmkr, h 112 Dawes rd 
Xorfold Fredk J, bldr, h 85 Palmer av 
Olliver Edwd, lab, h 330 Main 
Osborne Edmund, h 4 Midland av 
Owen Edwd, h w s Chisholm av 
Parry Saml, stock kpr, h 391 Main 
Pengilley Richd, landscape gdnr, h 21 

Midland av 

Potter John T, dairyman, h 3S5 Main 
Rich Harry, carp, h 6 Johnston 
Richards Robt, plstr, h e s Chisholm 


Ritcher Harry, gdnr, h 136 Dawes rd 
Rivers Frank, mkt gdnr 55 Chisholm 

av. h same 

Ross Joseph, h 175 Barrinsrton av 
Small J Alvin, h 91 Barrington av 
Smart Wm, plstr, h 84 Palmer av 
Smith James, tmstr. h 474 Main 
Smith Thos B, plstr, h 169 Barrington 

Somerville Percy, driver, h 10 Midland 


Southwell Jos, gdnr, h 51 Valley rd 
spicer Wm, carp, h 75 Palmer av 
Stafford Ernest, pdlr, h 85 Palmer av 
Stafford James E, engr, h e s Chisholm 

Stump Wm J, brklyr, !i 7 Valley rd 

n John, carp, h Midland av 
Stoyle Edwd. plstr. h 41S Main 
Strudwich Wm, warehouseman, h 390 


Tasker Benj. brklyr, h 9 Valley rd 
Tasker John A, driver, h 136 Barring-- 
ton av 
Taylor Arthur, driver, h 53 Chisholm 


Thair Albert, driver, h 11 Valley rd 
Tilley Doug-las, lab. h 469 Main 
Tomlinson Wm, ins agt. h 164 Barring- 
ton av 
Toms Wm. dairy s s Eastbourne av, h 


Tv.-itchett Henry A, carp, h 4 John- 

Usher John, h e s Chisholm av 
Waller Fredk, plmbr, h 426 Main 
Waller Geo. pntr, h 5 Valley rd 
Wallis Saml, lab, h 105 Diver 
Wardell Arthur, brklyr, h 14 Johnston 
Wardell Thos, gdnr, h S Midland av 
White Joseph A, h 15 Midland av 
Williamson Saml R, lab, h 327 Main 
Wilson Ernest, elk, h 147 Harrington 


Wilson Frank, brklyr, h 1 17 Barring- 
ton av 

Wilson Robt, carp, h 177 Barrington av 
Winstone Walter, plstr, h 66 Barring- 
ton av 

Wood Wm, glass wkr, h 422 .Main 
Wi-iidesworth Geo, Imbr hd, h 492 Main 
Wyer Joshua, lab, h 58 Valley rd 
Yarrow Henry, lab. h 170 Barring-ton 


Henry W.Evans, Phone Hillcrest 1243 F.H.Gooch, Phone North 1243 j 26 Wellington St. E. 


F. J. SMITH + CO. 




(Seven Miles West ot P O) 

Abbot James, blksmth, has Manchest- 
er av 

Adams Joseph A, wtchmn, h s s South- 
Aikenhead Jas A, studt, 1 Rev Jas 11 

Aikenhead Rev Jas R, pastor Mlmioo 

MethodN* Ch, h \v s Mimi.-o av 
Aish Rosanna (wid James E), h w s 

Alderton Geo N, gdnr, h Wesley cor 

Melrose av 

Amate Pasquale, lab, h w s Milton 
Anscombe James J, pipe setter, h s s 

Manchester av 

Archer H Fredk, brkmkr, h n s South- 

Archer Jas, mason, h n s Melrose av 
Armstrong John W, engineer, h n s Main 
Armstrong- Miss Viola, tel opr, 1 Geo 

Armstrong' Wm G, lab, h Wesley cor 


Ashton Miss Edith E, packer, 1 Ed- 
mund Ashton 
Ashton Edmund, lab, h s s Manchester 


Aspden Richd, tmstr, h w s Albert av 
Atkinson Milford J, tire mkr, h s s 


Atkinson Saml G, rd insp, h s s Symons 
Backus Harry, btchr, h stop 16 Lake 

Shore rd 
Bailey Percy L, ins agt, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Bailey Thos R, carp, h n s Horner av 
Baker Alfred, arch, h w s Robert 
Baker Miss Annie, elk Victoria Indus- 
trial School 

Barclay Alex S, carp, h s s Macdonald 
Barclay Satnl, mach hd, h n s Symons 
Barlow Robt, lab, h n s Mimico av 
Barlow Robt jr, tanner, 1 Robt Bar- 

Barlow Win J, tinner, 1 Robt Barlow 
Barnum Jay. painter, h n s Stanley av 
Barnum Lorenzo D, engineer Victoria 

Industrial School, h n s Stanley av 
Barnum Norman, painter, 1 L T) Barnum 
Barran Milner, mach, h e s -Superior 

Bastedo Albert, h stop 16 Lake Shore 


Bates John W, h s s Lake Shore' rd 
Beare Herbert, fireman, h w s Burling- 
ton rd 
Seattle Benj, switchmn, h e s Superior 


Seattle Geo A, bolt mkr, 1 Benj Beattie 
Seattle Wm B, bkbndr. 1 Benj Beattie 
Behan Julia (wid Geo H), h w s Buck- 

Bellinger Wm, shoemkr Victoria In- 
dustrial Sen 

Black James, pump insp, h n s Vic- 
Black Peter J, brkmn, b Jeremiah H 


Black Wm, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Blackburn Miss Alice, tchr Mimico Pub 

School, res Toronto 
Blair Edwd D, plstr, h n s Victoria 
Blair James, mach, h n s Victoria 
Bodman Joel, brkmn, 1 Chas Vint 
Book Absalom S, real est, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Book Grover C, trav, 1 Absalom S Book 
Boulter Thos I, h e s Church 
Boulter Wm, h s s Mimico av 
Bowering John J, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Bowman Alex, 1 Wm J Bowman 
Bowman Wm J, h a s Lake Shore rd 
Brady Roland B, car repr, h n s Vanevery 
Brenece Antonio, lab, h n s Portland 
Brisbois Joseph, brkmn, h e s Superior 


Broad Miss Amy, wtrs Hotel Ritchie 
Broad Mrs Blanche, cook Hotel Ritchie 
Brooks Thos, fireman, 1 Walter J Traf- 


Brown Mrs Agnes, cook Victoria indus- 
trial Schl 

Brown Miss Letitia A, tchr Victoria In- 
dustrial School 

Brown Phillip H, gro, h e s Mimico av 
Brown Robt, lab, h n s Symons 
Brown Wm, mach hd, h w s Robert 

Brown Wm, watchmn, h n s Symons 
Browning Berl H, carp, h n s Warden 
Brydson Miss Edith, elk Mimico PO, 1 

John Brydson 

Brydson John, tmstr, h e s Station rd 
Uryur Geo E, carp, 1 Newman Bryer 
Bryer Newman, carp, h e s Station rd 
Buchanan Geo, mach, h e s Burlington 

Bull Anna E (wid Richd) 1 Eliza E 

Bundock Elijah, contr n B Symons, h 

l Bundock Herbert G, carp E Bundock, 1 

Bundock Stanley, carp B Bundock, 1 

Burgess Miss Alice, stenog, 1 Walter 

W Burgess 
Burgess Miss Nellie, bkpr, 1 Walter W 


Burgess Walter W, h s a Southampton 
Burns Alex, bldr, h w s Burlington rd 
Burns Geo. lab, h w s Burlington rd 
Burrell Arthur M, engr, h s s Dean 
Burt Wm H, bldr, h e s Burlington rd 
Bush Alfred, engr, 1 Michael J Byrne 
Butchard Mrs Rebecca, matron Victoria 

Industrial Schl 

By..- Michl J, lab, h w s Louise 
Campbell Buncan. engineer, h n s He- 

Campbell Wm K, engr, b Mrs Vicloria 

Carson Henry P, prnlr, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Casey Jeremiah H, switchmn, h w s 

Albert av 

Chappie Thos, carp, h s s Macdonald 
Chippendale Edwin, prop Mimico Coal 
.t Wood Supply Co, b Mrs Ellen 
Hathewa v 

Chisholm Erastus J B, h w s Church 
Chisholm Joseph, carp, h n s Warden 
Christ Church (Ang) Rev Canon Fran- 
cis Tremayne rector, e s Church 
Clark Ann (wid Fredk), b Thos T 


Clark Miss Hazel, 1 Andrew Dods 
Clark Wm H, plmbr, h w s Burlington 

Clement John H, yardmn, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Cochrane Miss Eliza, sorter, 1 James 


Cochrane James, tmstr, h n s Heman 
Cochrane James jr, lab, h n s Heman 
Cochrane Miss Myrtle, 1 James Coch- 

Cole Isaac S, brkmkr, h s s Algoma 
Cole Wm C, gdnr, h w s Burlington rd 
Collett Martin A, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Colycott Geo, elk, h stop 16 Lake 

Shore rd 
Cooper Albert J (Cooper & Son), h e s 

Cooper John (Cooper & Son), h e s 


Cooper & Son (John and Albert J), flor- 
ists, e s Louise 

Cotter John, brkmn, h n s Pidgeon av 
Coulton Arthur, gro e s Church, h 

Coulton Herbert, spinner, h n s Pidg- 

eon uv 
Coulton Jowet. gro cor Lake Shore rd 

and Superior av. h same 
Courtney Saml H, h stop 16 Lake 

.Shore rd 

Coxhead Arthur C. bldr, h e s Superior av 
Coxhead Caesar, contr Stanley cor Su- 
perior av, h same 

Coxhead Caesar S, carp, 1 Caesar Cox- 

Coxhead Miss Fanny E, 1 Caesar Cox- 
Coxhead Miss Susan G, bkpr J Coulton, 

1 Caesar Coxhead 
Crabtree James A, mach hd. b Mrs 

Emily Eland 

Crawler Wm. wire \vkr, h e s Burling- 
ton rd 

Crowe Andrew, tjrklyr, h w s Milton 
Crux Wm R, brklyr, h n s Main 
Cutting Garnet, brkmn, b Edwd T 

Dane Fredk, broker, h s s Lake Shore 

I'avey Miss Fanny, 1 James Davey 

Davey Miss Gertrude, bkpr, 1 James 


Davey James, mkt g-dnr Main cor How- 
land av, h same 

Davey Thos A, g-dnr, b James Da\v\- 
Davidson Bryce T, studl, 1 Douglas 


Davidson Douglas, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Davis Geo, pipe mkr. h s s Algoma 
Dear John H, pressman, h w s Burlington 


Derbyshire Edwd, trnslr, h n s Portland 
Derbyshire Jas, tmslr, h s s Manchester 

Dickinson Daniel, real est, h stop 16 

Lake Shore rd 

Dods Andrew D, sec treas Ontario 

Sewer Pipe Co Ltd, h n s Station rd 

Doherty Rev Geo E, rector St Leo (R 

C) Church, h w s Slation rd 
Donaldson Archd, well driller, h n s 


Donnelly Chas, lab, 1 Mrs Ellen Don- 

Donnelly Ellen (wid Chas), h s s Main 
Donnelly Miss May, opr, 1 Mrs Ell'-n 

Doughty John H elect, h e s Superior 


Douglas Thos T, pdlr, h w s Burlinton rd 
Dowdell Robt J, engineer, h n s Main 
Dreisinger Wm, tlr, h s s Lake Shore 


Drummond Miss Evelyn, h w s Church 
Dudley Arthur, brakemn, h n s South- 
Dutnall Robt W, boltmkr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Eaton Robt W, h s s Lake Shore ra 
Edgar James, bkbndr, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Edgar Percy J, designer, 1 James Ed- 
Edwards John J, designer, b Geo 


Edwards Richard, fireman, h n s Victoria 
Eland Edwin E, carp, h n s Mimico av 
Eland Emily (wid Matthew), h s s 


Elkin Robert, steward, h w s Albert a^ 
Elliott Geo. h n s Vanevery 
Ellioll James, ftr, 1 Geo Elliott 
Klliott Roy G, messr, 1 Geo Elliott 
Elliott Sidney, fireman, 1 Geo Elliott 
Ellis Chas, fireman, h s s Macdonald 
Ellis Joseph H. jwlr, h w s Albert av 
English lohn W, prin Mimico Public 

Sch, h w s Church 

Evans Abraham, steam ftr, h n s Sy- 
Farley Henry, elk, h slop 16 Lake 

Shore rd 

Farquhar Alex, plstr, h n s Victoria 
Farrell James, brkmn, b Walter T 

Fnrrington Ernest, paper mUr, h s s Van- 

Farrington James, stenog, 1 Ernest 

Farrington Miss Mary, opr, 1 Ernest 


Fenney John C, fir, h s s Victoria 
Fenncy Joseph A, ftr, h w s Alexander 
Ferg-uson John W, chef, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Ferguson L Ross, mgr Union Bank of 

Canada (Mimico Br), res Toronto 
Ferrie Douglas, lab, 1 James Ferrie 
Ferrie Jas, gro n s Southampton, h same 
Ferrier Miss Amy, mus tchr, 1 Chester 


Ferrier Chester, supt Victoria Indus- 
trial Sch, h Main cor Rowland av 
Ferrier Miss Irene, tchr, 1 Chester Fer- 
Fetherstonhaugh Fredk B, pat barr, h 

s s Lake Shore rd 
Field Percy, Indrymn, b Ernest J Han- 


Finch Albert, clay mldr, h e s Super- 
ior av 

Finch Arthur, h e s Church 
Finch Henry, mldr, h e s Albert av 
Fish Thos, plstr, h s s Symons 
Foster Miss Eudyne, card ctr, 1 Mrs 

Rose I Foster 

Foster Rose I (wid Thomas), h n s Van- 



L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory: Main St., East Toronto. Phones Beach 230-231 

Let Us Quota 
You on 


The Dovercourt Land 




Hampstead Park 

24 Adelaide St. E. 


Fotheringham Joseph H. h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Free James, prop Mimico planing mill, 

h t- s Burlington rd 
Free Miss Marjory, bkpr, 1 James Free 

\Vm J, elk James Free, 1 same 
Fuller Emma (wld Henry), h n s Pid- 

geon av 
Fuller Sophia (wid James), 1 Robt J 


Fulton Geo, lab, h s s Vanevery 
Fulton James, lab, h n s Macdonald 

nan John D, farmer Victoria In- 

rial Schl 

nan Mrs Margt, matron Victoria 
Industrial Sch 

James, shipper, h e s Burlington 
Calr Wm, tmstr, h e s Station rd 

-le Bane, cond, h e s Church 
Garrett Joseph, lab, h e s Wesley 

tt Wm, car repr, 1 James Watt 
Garry Patk, cond, h n s Mimico av 
Gauld Geo R, dept supt Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch, h Rowland cor Evans 

! U e S 

Gawthroup John A, ironwkr, h n s 

Goddard John A, cartage, h s s Lake 
e rd 

Godfrey Forbes, phy Albert cor Stanley av 
h same 

Gordon Andrew, carp Victoria Indus- 
trial Sch 

trorauily James A, stock broker, 1 Miss 
Aiines Stock 

:ily Mrs Nellie, b Wm J Woods 

Graham Wm, brkmkr, h s s Portland 
uhouse John, lab. b Edmund Ash- 

Greenway Geo, pipe mkr, h s s Man- 
chester av 

Grobba Carl F (Grobba & Wandrey), h 
n s Portland 

Grobba & Wandrey (Carl F Grobba, 
Ernest Wandrey), florists, e s Church 

Gush Wm, fireman, b Edward T Swain 

Hallam Herbert, bkbndr, has Mani- 

Hallett Wm J, contr, h s s Lake Shore 

ilton Wm, lab, h e s Wesley 
Hammond Geo, lab, h e s Albert ay 

am Ernest J, carp, h e s Elizabeth 
Harding Albert W, brklyr, h Milton cor 

Melrose av 

Hare Walter, carp h s s Main 
Harpt. r Walter T, engr, h n s Vanevery 
Harris Andrew D, pres Ontario Sewer 

Pipe Co Ltd, res Toronto 

Harrison Chas A, foremn Ontario Sew- 

i'ipe Co Ltd. h n s Lake Shore id 

Harrison John. trav. h w s Station rd 

H;irrisn:i Joseph, carp, h s s Manchester 


Hastings Wm. engr, h n s Murrie 
Hath e way Ellen (wid James), h n s 

l';ds-eon av 
Hatheway Fredk, brkmn, 1 Mrs Ellen 


Hazzard Smith, cond. h w s Station rd 
Heather Chas L (H Heather & Son), h e 

s Superior av 

Heather Miss Frances, 1 Herbert Hea- 
Heather Herbert (H Heather & Son), h 

w s Station rd 
Heather H & Son (Herbert and Chas 

L), plmbrs, s s Lake Shore rd 
H le Carroll C, elk, 1 Dr. Forbes God- 
Ht-le Mrs Jennie C, artist, 1 Dr. Forbes 


Hendry Donald, h e s Church 
Hendry Francis, farmer, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Henry John M, switchman, h w s Victor 


Henry Robt H. watchmn, h n s Main 
Henry Wm, press hd, b Thos T Doug- 

Herod Archd, brklyr. 1 Robt M Herod 
Herod Miss Eleanor, stenog, 1 Robt 

M Herod 

Herod Herbert, btchr J W Small, b 
Robt M Herod 

Herod James, brkmkr, h n s Queens av 
Herod Robt M, brklyr, h n s Queens av 
Hewton Wm, metal wkr, h s s Mani- 

:>is Wm J, lab. h e s Luuise 
Hill Miss Jane, opr, b Wm Crawley 
Hill Walter, real est, h stop 16 Lake 

Shore rd 

Hilton Ernest, mach hd, h n s Symons 
Hines Sidney, brkmkr, h e s Station rd 
Hird John G, engT, h n s Queens av 
Hodson Leonard, engr, h e s Station rd 
Holland Thos, brkmkr, h e s Burlington 

Hollis J Ernest, elk H B Stewart, b 

Geo Preston 
Holloway Joseph, mach, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Horniblow Alfred, carp, h n s Symons 
Horwood John C B, arch, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Hoskin Wm. lab, b Joseph A Smith 
Hotel Ritchie, Wm G Richardson prop, 

s s Manchester av 
Houghton John W, barber n s Lake 

Shore rd, h e s Alexander 
Howden Phillip, bolt mkr, h e s Louise 
Howeli Arthur F, lab, h s s Newcastle 
Rowland Wm, brklyr, b Newman Bryer 
Hughes Chester M, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hughes Frank J. engineer, h n s Main 
Hughes Gordon R, elk, 1 Saml R 

Hughes Saml R. contr, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Humble John, mach, h e s Church 
Hunt Geo, brkmkr, h e s Alexander 
Hunt John, mach, h n s Macdonald 
Hunter Joseph, brkmkr, h n s South- 

Hutchins Edwd J, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Hutchins Wm, bldr, h s s Lake Shore 


inslls Wm B. b s s Lake Shore road 
Jackson Arthur, bkpr, h Superior av 

cor Southampton 

Jackson Chas, brkmkr, h s s Man- 
chester av 
Jarvis Fredk, mach, h s s Manchester 


Jarvis Henry W, wtr, 1 Fredk Jarvis 
Jermyn Eliza E (wid T J), h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Jermyn Percy V, h s s Lake Shore rd 
JfW.-ll Geo H, cond, h n s Pidgeon av 
Johnson Alex, dairy e s Elizabeth, h 

Johnson Chas M, driver A Johnson, 1 


Johnson Miss Earla, 1 Alex Johnson 
Johnson Miss Elizth, sorter. 1 Joseph 


Johnson Joseph, carp, h n s Victoria 
Johnston David W, baker J E John- 
ston, 1 same 

Johnston Isaac, carp, h s s Mlmico av 
Johnston John E, baker w s Station rd, 

h same 
Johnston Mary A (wid Wm), 1 Warden 

Johnston Warden, fireman, h cor 

Church and Manitoba 

Johnston Wm H, lineman, h w s Louise 
Jones Albert, brkmkr, b Duncan Mc- 

Jones Chas, wool dlr, h s s Lake Shore 


Kay Miss Agnes. 1 Mrs Mary Kay 
Kay Geo J, ins agt, h s s Lake Shore 

Kay James N. ins agt, h cor Hillside 

and Central av 
Kay John, ins adjuster, h w s Superior 

Kay Mary (wid John), h s s Lake Shore 

Kay Wm F, ins agt, h s s Lake Shore 


Keable Alex, elect, h n s Victoria 
Kennedy Andrew W, tel opr, 1 Wm E 


Kennedy Miss Ethel, opr, 1 Wm E Ken- 
Kennedy Geo, lab, 1 Robt Kennedy 
Kennedy Harold G, prntr, 1 Wm E 

Kennedy Miss Laura, stenog. 1 Wm E 

Kennedy Robt, drain digger, h w s 

Kennedy Wm E, tmstr, h e s Superior 

Kent Harry, brkmn, b Hotel Ritchie 


Kent Mary ovid John), 1 Fredk Dane 

Kerr John, firemn, h n s Southampton 

King Chas E, caretkr, h w s Eliza- 

Kinzinger Miss Carrie, 1 Edwd G Kin- 

Kinzinger Edwd G, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Kinzinger Miss Hannah, 1 Edwd G 

Kirkham Mary (wid Thos), h n s Van- 
eve ry 

Kirkham Robt, paper ctr, h e s Wesley 

Kirkham Thos, mach hd, 1 Mrs Mary 

Kirkham Wm, lab, 1 Mrs Mary Kirk- 

Klrkhan Miss Margt, 1 Percy V Jer- 

Kitchener Percival J, carp, h n s Sy- 

Know Wm G, cond, h n s Mimico av 

Lanchbury Horace, comp. h n s Dean 

Langley John B, lather, h n s Victoria 

Latour John N, bartndr Hotel Ritchie, 
1 same 

Lauber Arthur D, pipe mkr, 1 Ross I 

Lauber Ross I, tel opr, h Church cor 

Launchbury Percy, carp, h s s Mac- 

Law Wm H, chkr, h n s Main 

Lawson Wm, lab, 1 Warden Johnston 

Leadlay Miss Rena M, 1 Wm T Lead- 

Leadlay Wm T, frght agt, h s s Lake 
Shore rd 

Leckey Robt, agt, h stop 16 Lake Shore 

Lee John T, elect, h n s Victoria 

Lee Wm G. elk J Coulton, 1 same 

Leedham John (Lomas & Leedham), h w 
s Church 

Leigh James, tile brnr, h w s Burling- 
ton rd 

Lewis Albert E, pressman, h e s Burling- 
ton rd 

Lt '.vis Arthur, lab, b Edmund Ashton 
la Chas, lab, h n s Symons 

Littleton Arthur, contr, h e s Mimico 

Livingstone Miss Clara, tchr, b Henry 

Livingstone Miss Elizth, tchr Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch 

Lomas Wm (Lomas & Leedham), h w s 

Lomas & Leedham (Wm Lomas and 
John Leedham), btchrs, w s Church 

L.ivejoy Miss Adelaide, smstrs, 1 Robt 

ler Thos, carp, h e s Church 

Lublock Wm E, mach, h w s Superior 

Lutha Marco, lab, h w s Wesley 

McCarthy Thos, core mkr, b Geo Ful- 

McCrae Clifford, driver H B Stewart, > 
1 Duncan McCrae 

Mi-i'rae Duncan, pipe mkr, h s s Mimico 

M^Fayden Duncan, tchr Victoria Indus- 
trial Sch 

McGee Harry, h s s Lake Shore rd 
McGee Miss Isabel. 1 Harry MeGee 
MeGhle Chas. lab, b Andrew Crowe 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST 

9H \J&m 


44 Adelaide West Phone Adelaide 685 


McGill Thos N, phy, h s s Lake Shore 

MeGovern Miss Ellen, housekpr, 1 Rev 
Ceo E Doherty 

Mdlovern Thurlow, elk, 1 Rev Geo E 

McGreggor Robt, elk, b Geo Greenway 

McGuire Ellzth (wid John), h s s Main 

McGuire Francis, lab, 1 Mrs Elizth Mc- 

McHardy David B, elk, h n s South- 

McHenry Aiex, ydmn, h e s Albert av 

McKay Emily cwid John), b Bane 

McKelvle John H, real est, h n s East- 
bourne cres 

Mi-Kenzle John, carp, h n s Hillside 

McKenzie Mary J (wid Wm), h s s 
Lake Shore rd 

McKinder John, piler, h e s Wesley 

McKinnon Edwd, brkmn, h n s Symons 

McMillen Miss Agnes, bkpr, 1 Thos Mc- 

McMlllen Miss Essie, elk, 1 Thos Mc- 

McMillen Roy, mach, 1 Thos McMillen 

McMillen Thos, mach, h s s Lake Shore 

McRae James, baker, b Wm Gair 

Macdonald Miss Florence, opr, h n s 

Maedonald John, carp, b Mrs Rose I 

Maelnness Miss Annie, elk, 1 John Mac- 

Maclnness John, cond, h w s Albert av 

Maclnness Miss Winifred, elk, 1 John 

MacKenzie Rev Arthur F, h stop 16 
Lake Shore rd 

MacMillan Rev Alex, pastor Mimico 
Presby Ch, h n s Lake Shore rd 

MacMillan Ernest, musicn, 1 Rev Alex 

MacRee John V, journalist, h n s 

Malcomson Richd J, h s s Main 

Maloney Fredk T, brkmkr, 1 Mrs Mary 
A Maloney 

Maloney .Tames, pdlr, h n s Queens av 

Maloney Mary A (wid Timothy), h e s 
Station rd 

Marks elms X, optician, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

Marnoch Alex, chkr, h n s Southamp- 

Martison Wm, engr, b Duncan Camp- 

Maynard Sarah (wid Nathaniel), b 
Francis Hendry 

Miiyo Wm T, wood wkr, h s s Lake 
Shore rd 

Mi reer Clifford G, porter, h n s Sy- 

Mercer Geo W, brkmn. h s s Dean 

Merryweather Geo, agt, h s s Hill- 

Methven Andrew T, cond, h n s Mac- 

Miller Wm M, boltmkr, b Wm Wigg 

Mills Wm, elk, 1 Arthur Littleton 

Milne John, pipe mkr, b James Watt 

Mimico Coal and Wood Supply Co (Ed- 
win Chippendale), e s Church 

Mimico Methodist Church, Rev J R Aik- 
enhead pastor, e s Church 

Mimico Planing Mill (James Free), 
Newcastle opp GTR station 

Ml. HI CO 1'OST OFFICE, Austin War- 
den Postmaster, e s Church 

Mimico Presbyterian Church, Rev Alex- 
ander MacMillan, pastor, e s Church 

Mimico Public School, John W English 
prin. e s Church 

MIMICO STATIOX, T H Siiinm-r Sta- 
tion Master, n s Manchester av 

Mitchell Alex, engr, h w s Superior av 

Mitchell Squire, driver, h w s Robert 

Moorehouse Joseph, mldr. h n s Vanevery 

Morris Mrs Annie, matron Victoria In- 
dustrial Schl 

Morris Wilbur, watchmn Victoria In- 
dustrial Schl 

Morris Wm G, farmer Victoria Indus- 
trial Schl 

Morrison Miss Annie, elk Victoria In- 
dustrial Schl 

Morrison James, tailor Victoria Industrial 

Morrison Mrs Jennie, matron Victoria 

Industrial Schl 

Mover Ezra, cond, h e s Church 
Murphy Maurice J, tinsmith, h s s Mur- 


Murray Robt, cond, h e s Church 
Myers Wm J, plshr, h w s Louise 
Nevin Joseph M, brklyr, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Newman Albert, chkr, b Duncan Mc- 


Xorthfleld Herbert G, carp, h s s Sy- 
Nottage Miss Anna, 1 Albert B Orms- 


O'Donell Chas, tmstr, h s s Simpson av 
O'Donell Michl J, tel opr, h n s Main 
O'Donell Thos, tmstr, h Simpson cor 

Harold avs 
O'Donnell Chas, h Southampton cor 

Station rd 
O'Hara John, flremn, 1 Mrs Victoria 


Ogden Albert, barr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Ontario Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd. A D Har- 
ris pres, R H Skelton genl mgr, An- 
drew Dods sec-treas, head Burling- 
ton rd 

Ornisby Albert B, L s s Lake Shore road 
Ormsby Albert N, 1 Albert B Ormsby 
Ormsby MissTCate A, 1 Albert B Orms- 


Orr Andrew G, h w s Albert av 
Orr Miss Josephine S, bkpr, 1 Andrew G 


Palk Wm H, gilder, h Victor cor Stan- 
ley av 

Palmar Fredk, color mixer, h s s New- 

Parker Fredk A, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Tarkhill Wm, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Parkinson Geo, sorter, h s s Vanevery 
Partridge Walter, brkmkr, b John W. 


Paul James T, agt, h e s Church 
Peacock Miss Blanche, bkpr Geo Pea- 
cock, 1 same 
Peacock Geo, hdwre n s Lake Shore rd, 

h same 

Peacock Miss Victoria, elk. Geo Pea- 
cock, 1 same 
Pearson Elizth M (wid Chas), 1 John 

T Lee 

Perry Saml, brkmn, b Hotel Ritchie 
Pettinger Mrs Bella, Indrs Victoria In- 
dustrial Schl 

Porter Wm, brkmn, b Edwd T Swain 
Pivst Frank H, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Preston Geo J, btchr J W Small, h n 

s Vanevery 
Price Richd, car repr, b Duncan Mc- 

Price-Green Miss Catharine, bkpr, 1 

Chas Price-Green 
Price-Green Chas, agt, h Albani 
Pridham John H, elk, h w s Albert av 
Purr John, lab, h n s Symons 
Putman Alfred, brklyr, h e s Burlington 


Ralph Archd, elk, 1 Rev Arthur T Mac- 
Ramsay Emma (wid Henry), h s s 

Lake Shore- rd 
Read Catherine C (\vid Adam), h n s 


Reid Miss Mary J, baker Victoria Indus- 
trial School 

Rice Thos L, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Richardson \Vm <',, prop Hotel Ritchie, 

1 same 

Riches Albert J, chauffeur, h w s Bur- 
ling-ton rd 
Ricker Albert C, asst Dr F Godfrey, 1 

Riddlesworth Albert, color mixer, 1 Wm 

H Riddlesworth 

Riddlesworth Wm H, elk, h s s Mani- 

Riding Edwd, shipper, 1 Thos Riding 
Riding Thos, gdnr, h w s Melrose av 
Riley Wm, brkmkr, h n s Portland 
Ritchie Herbert, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Robinson Thos T, color mixer, h n s 


Robinson Walter, carp, b John Cooper 
Roffe Rev Alfred W, h s s Lake Shore 

Roffe Thos H, florist, h s s Lake Shore 

Rose Henry, well driller, h n s Symons 

Royee Isaiah J, tax cllr, h w s Church 
Royce Miss Vernie, 1 Isaiah J Royce 
Russell Geo, engr, h s s Manitoba 
Russell Oliver E, engr Victoria Indus- 
trial School, h s s Manitoba av 
Russell Thos W, porter Hotel Ritchie 
Ryan Herman, agt, 1 Chas Vint 
Ryan Miss Minnie A, tchr, 1 Miss A 


St Leo (R C) Church, Rev Geo E Do- 
herty rector, w s Church 
Salter Mrs Louise, matron Victoria In- 
dustrial School 
Salter Theodore L, bandmaster Victoria 

Industrial Schl 

Sampson Thos N, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Sarson Arthur, engr, h n s Main 
Sayce Geo L, brklyr, h Milton cor Mel- 
rose av 

Scott David H, 1 Harry McGee 
Serson John R, phy, e s Superior av, h 


Shafer Mary ( wid James), 1 John Har- 

Shafer Wm, brkmn, b Hotel Ritchie 
Sharp Miss Mabel, elk Victoria Indus- 
trial School 
Sharrock Mrs Annie, matron Victoria 

Industrial School 
Shaw Alex, engr, h e s Church 
Sheppard Harvey H, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Shewman Arthur W, tuber, h n s Murrie 
Shirley Wm, carp, h n s Dean 
Slddall Hugh, h n s Vanevery 
Skelton Robt H, genlmgr Ontario Sewer 

Pipe Co Ltd, h w s Victor av 
Slater John, blksmth, h n s Macdonald 
Smailes Wm, lab, h n s Manitoba 
Small James W, btchr Church cor Van- 
every, h same 
Smart Miss Ada C, bkpr, 1 Mrs Mary 


Smart Mary (wid John), h w s Burling- 
ton rd 

Smith Earl G, reporter, h w s Robert 
Smith Edwd G, tile burner, h e s Alex- 
Smith Miss Effle, nurse Victoria Industrial 


Smith Mrs Fanny, 1 Earl G Smith 
Smith Fredk, acct, h n s Lake Shore 


Smith Herbert E, lab, b James Maloney 
Smith Joseph A, elect, h s s Mimico av 
Smith Nelson, engineer, h Albert av cor 

Lake Shore rd 

Smith Reginald F, 1 Fredk Smith 
Smith Wellington N, 1 Nelson Smith 
Southworth Henry, mldr, 1 Chas Vint 
Speers Alex, 1 Alfred Putman 
Stanfleld Herbert, carp, h n s Warden 
Starling Albert, ftr, h n s Warden 
Stathane Harry, mech engnr, h w s 


Stephenson Joseph, brkmn, b Hotel Rit- 

Stewart Harvey B, gro Church cor Van- 
every, h same 

Stirk Joseph, ins agt, h w s Robert 
Stock Miss Agnes, h e s Church 
Stock Edwd C, elk, 1 Mrs Mary Stock 
Stock Mary (wid Edwd), h w s Albert 

Stock Wilfred D, elk, 1 Mrs Mary Stock 
Stock Wm J, elk, 1 Mrs Mary 'Stock 
Stoot Claude, trackmn, h Wm H Stoot 
Stoot Ernest, kiln burner, 1 Wm H Stoot 
Stoot Wm H, h e s Church 
Stortz Henry, h w s Church 
Street David, plstr, h w s Louise 
Street Miss Jessie, 1 David Street 
Stuart Benj, printer, Victoria Inds Sen 
Stubbs Danl C, tmstr, h n s Heman 
Sullivan Geo, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Sumner Thos H, stn mstr Mimico Stn, 

h n s Pidgeon av 

Swain Edwd T, chkr, h e s Elizabeth 
Swain Harold, messr, 1 Edwd T Swain 
Swain Reginald T, chkr, 1 Edwd T 


Sweet Thos, ctr, h w s Albert av 
Swift James T, trav, h s s Lake Shore 

Syme Geo, engr, h stop 16 Lake Shore 


Taylor Alfred H. elk, h s s Heman 
Taylor Alfred J, mach hd, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Taylor Walter J, h s s Heman 
Telfer Ernest G, painter, 1 Mrs G B Tel- 



Estates Managed, Second Mortgages Bought 







PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Telfer Miss Frances, 1 John A Telfer 
Telfer Grace B (wid AA'm), h e s Su- 
perior av 

Telfer James H, h w s Buckingham 
Telfer John A, ticket agt, h cor Pidgeon 

and Elizabeth 

Telfer Wm A, carp, h s s Pidgeon av 
Telford Miss Agnes, slsldy, 1 Mrs Mary 

Telford Homer, litho, 1 Mrs Mary Tel- 

Telford Miss Laura, slsldy, 1 Mrs Mary 

Telford Mary (wid Thos), h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Telford Roy, mach, 1 Mrs Mary Telford 
Temple Andrew,' mkt gdnr, e s Church 
Temple John, drvr, 1 Andrew Temple 
T.-mple Miss May, 1 Andrew Temple 
Tilley Miss Fanny, elk, Victoria Indus- 
trial School 

Tinard Arthur, carp, h n s Dean 
Torbitt Frank, shoe repr, h s s Mac- 
dona Id 

Toronto Fire Brick Co (Jos E Seagram 
i \\~aterloo), Alex AA' Wright cXiagara- 
on-the-Lake), s s Portland 
Trufford AValter J, car repr, h s s New- 
Tremayne C Francis, ins agt, 1 Rev Canon 

Tremayne Rev Canon Francis, rector 

Christ Cli, h w s Church 
Tremayne Rev Herbert O. asst rector 
Christ Church, 1 Rev Canon Francis 

Underbill Norman, cond, 1 Chas Vint 
Branch), L Ross Ferguson Manager, 
n s Southampton 

Urquhart Miss Kate, bkpr, Victoria In- 
dustrial School 
Vanwicklin Burton M, ydmn, h Murrie 

cor Church 

Chester Ferrier Superintendent, Main 
cor Howland av 

Vint Chas, prospector, h e s Victor av 
Vint Lloyd V, elk, 1 Chas Vint 
Vint Roy V, bkpr Ontario Sewer Pipe 

Co Ltd. 1 Chas Vint 

Wagner Edwd, brkmn, b AA'alter T Har- 

Waites Alex, lab, h s s Symons 
Waites Robt J, h w s Station rd 

.er Geo H. h stop 16 Lake Shore rd 
,er John F, brkmkr, h w s Burling- 
ton rd 

sley Henry, engineer, h e s Superior 

Walters Harry, lab. h w s Burlington rd 
Wandrey Ernest A (Grobba it Wan- 
drey), h e s Church 

AA'anl James J. gro, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Ward Robert, car Insp, h s s Vanevery 
Warner Victoria (wid Russell S), h s s 


Watson Robt, engr, h e s Albert av 
Watson Wm, tmstr. h e s Station rd 
Watt James, pipe mkr. h n s Portland 
Weaver Alfred, emery wkr, h s s Mac- 


\Veleh Albert, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Welsh John, lab, b James Derbyshire 
Werden Austin, postmstr, h e s Church 
Werden Miss Edith A, 1 Austin Werden 
Werden Fredk A, gro, e s Church, h 

pa me 

Werden Wm A. elk, F Werden, 1 same 
West Alfred, condr, h n s Vanevery 
West Louis J. broker, h e s Albert av 
West Walter, driver J Coulton, b Edwd 

T Swain 

Westaway Richd. carp, h n s Warden 
Whiting John E, tchr, 1 Harry Backus 
Whitmer Wm, carp, h n s Portland 
Wiborg John, mach, h w s St George 
AVigg Wm G, tmstr. h w s Albert av 
Wilkinson Miss Linda, chief matron 

Victoria Industrial School 
Williams Frank, boltmkr, 1 Joseph Wil- 

illiams Fredk, lab, h s s Algoma 
Williams Joseph, lab. h s 9 Macdonald 
AVilson Anne J (wid Joseph), 1 Ernest O 


Wilson Ernest O, coal dlr, n s Southamp- 
ton, h e s Albert av 

Wilson Miss Hannah, h e s Station rd 
Wilson Harold P, h n s Southampton 
Wilson Robt, carp, h s s Lake Shore rd 

\Vilsnn Walter, paper trimmer, 1 Miss 

Hannah AVilson 

AA'incott Jos, engr, h n s Southampton 
Winslow Richd, flremn, h e s Burlington 

AVithrow John A, acct, h stop 16 Lake 

Shore rd 

AVood Arthur S, engr, h w s Harold av 
AA'ood Clarence B, elk, 1 Robt AA'ood 
AVood John L, messr, 1 Robt AA'ood 
Wood Leonard R, chkr, 1 Robt AVood 
AA'ood Robt, h s s Macdonald 
AA'oods Patk J, elk, h w s Victor av 
AVoods AVm J, dentist, h Superior cor 

Stanley avs 

AA'ooler James, condr, h e s Alexander 
AVoolley Joseph, h s s Hillside 
AA'oolley Joseph, carp, h n s Lake cres 
AA'right Arthur, carp, h n s Symons 
AA'right AA'm C, engr, h n s Albani 
Young Frank, switchmn, h n s Pidgeon 

Young AVm F, h s s Lake Shore rd 


(Six miles southwest of P O) 

Ackerman David, btchr, h 5 Fifth av 
Akins Thos H, mkt gdnr, s s Button- 
wood av 

Aldridge Hubert I, packer, h s s Lamb- 
ton av 

Allen AA'm AA", painter, h e s AVeston rd 
Anderson Henry T, brkmkr, h n s Den- 
nis av 
Ashcroft Isaac, carp, b Mrs Elizth A 


Ashman, Chas P, gdnr, b 13 Fifth av 
Baker Miss Emily, smstrs, h e s Gold- 
win av 

Baker Joseph, mach, h n e Ray av 
Balem Saml, gdnr, b Neil Campbell 
Banfield Thos, mason, h w s Orla av 
Banks Thos J, mach, h n s Lambton av 
Barber Fredk J, firemn, h n s Eglinton 


Barber James, lab, h n s Lambton av 
Barber John R, carp, h n s Lambton rd 
Barnard James, lab, h e s Goldwin av 
Barnes Chas A', stove mounter, b Brid- 

son M Burrell 
Barney Edwd M, ptrn mkr, h 4 Cobalt 


Barrett Robt L, ptrn mkr, h s s Lamb- 
ton av 

Barrow Rev Gore M, pastor Church of 
the Good Shepherd, h w s AA'eston av 
Oarrowman AA'm, shipper, h s s Button- 
wood av 

Bartlett Albert J, brkmkr, h s s Lamb- 
ton av 

Barton Edwin, mkt gdnr, w s AA'eston rd 
Bath AA'm, lab, h w s Goldwin av 
Bayliss John, h n s Lambton rd 
Buyliss John A, elect, 1 John Bayliss 
Bayliss Joseph J, elect, 1 John Bayliss 
Bean Milton A J, real estate, Lambton 

cor Orla av, h same 
Bell James, mach, h w s Bayliss av 
Bennett Albert, brkmkr, h e s AVright av 
Best Geo, plstr, h s s Lambton av 
Bishenden Lewis, lab, h w s Wright av 
Booth Ava, lab, h e s Bayliss av 
Bowser Miss Selina, nurse, b Albert 


Bridger John, brklyr, h n s Fifth av 
Bright Harry, lab. h e s Frejama av 
Brodie Alex, h n s Fifth av 
Brooke Harry, tmstr, h w s Bayliss av 
Brooks Harold, tmstr, h e s McPherson 

Brown A Edwd J (Brown Bros Brick 

Co), h n s Dennis av 

Brown Bros Brick Co (A Edwd J and 
Joseph AV Brown), brk mfs, Weston 
rd south 

Brown Joseph, h e s AA r eston rd 
Brown Joseph AA* (Brown Bros Brick 

Co), h n s Dennis 
Brown AA 7 ilbert J, brkmkr, 1 John A 


Bryant Geo, lab, b John Bridger 
Bryson Leonard S, ptrnmkr, h 11 Fifth 

Buckley Albert, brkmkr, h s s Dennis 


Bugden James AA", brkmkr, h w s Bay- 
liss av 
Burley Geo, plstr, h e s Goldwin av s 

liurrell Bridson M, painter, h w s Gold- 

iviii av 
Burrows Alfred H, mach, h n s Lambton 


Butler Joseph, mldr, h s s Sanders av 
Campbell Neil, carp, h Cobalt cor Fifth 

Carter Christopher A, painter, h n s 

Buttpnwood av 

Chadwick Miss Iva, opr, 1 John M Chad- 
Chadwick John M, stove mounter, h s s 

Dennis av 

Chapman Herbert M, h 9 Fifth av 
Chappell Alfred T, h n s York av 
Chappell Arthur G, pdlr, h Glendale 

cres cor Bayliss av 

Chappell Geo H, plshr, h w s Orla av 
Chappell John, brkmkr, h e s Frejama 


Charlton Edwd, gdnr, h e s Goldwin av s 
Charlton Miss Helen, opr, 1 Edwd 


Church of the Good Shepherd (Ang).Rev 
G M Barrow pastor, cor AVeston rd 
and Eglinton av 

Chussum Geo, painter, h s s Lambton av 
Clancy John, insp, 1 Thos Clancy 
Clancy Thos, gdnr, h 17 Fifth av 
Clark Henry, cabt mkr, h s s Locust 
Clifford AA'alker, leather ctr, h w s Gold- 
win av 

Codd Robt, lab, 1 AVm Codd 
Codd AA'm, bldr, h n s Lambton av 
Coker AA'm, elk, b Clarence C Exton 
Collett AA'm A, painter, h w s Goldwin 

a V s 
Collingwood Stephen H, mach, h s s 

Dennis av 

Colvin Arthur J. carp, h n s Homer av 
Connor Miss Jean, elk Michl J Connor, 1 

Connor Michl J, gro and postmaster, e s 

AVeston rd, h same 

Cook S Roy, brkmkr, 1 AA'm H Cook 
Cook AA'm H, brkmkr, h e s AVright av 
Cooper Harry, jwlr, h s s Locust 
Cox Ernest, gdnr, b Geo AA'ood 
Crayden Bert, gdnr, 1 Thos R Crayden 
Crayden Thos R, mkt gdnr, AA'eston rd 

cor Sanders av 
Crayden AA'alter T, brkmkr, 1 Thos R 


Cross John E, mach, h n s Marshall av 
Cross Thos, brkmkr, h e s Bayliss av 
Cross AA'm, brklyr, b Clarence C Exton 
Cunningham James B, mach, h n s Mar- 
shall av 
Dabbs Chas H, mkt gdnr, s s Lambton 


Dabbs Leonard W, gdnr, 1 Chas H Dabbs 
Darlington John, gdnr. h 3 Fifth av 
Davey AVilfred G, mach, h s s Hector av 
Davies AA'm J, carp, h e s Gray av 
Davis Albert, mkt gdnr, n s Button- 
wood av 

Day Henry, brkmkr, h w s Goldwin av 
Dearden James H, mach.h e s AVright av 
Denny Geo AV, grinder, h n s Lambton 


Donnelly Thos, carp, h e s Orla av 
Ducker Geo. mach hd, h e s Goldwin av 
Dunk Richd, ftr, h n s Lambton av 
Dye Wm H, plstr, h e s Goldwin av 
Easto Geo F, lab, h n s York av 
Easto Walter, printer, 1 Geo F Easto 
English Alfred, bldr, h n s Locust 
Exton Clarence C, brkmkr, h n s Lamb- 
ton av 

Fail-child Chas, trav, h 13 Fifth av 
Fellows James L, btch. h w s AVeston rd 
Fenn Chas G, mach, h s s Lambton av 
Fidler Joseph, plstr, h e s AA'eston rd 
Flanigan Miss Mary E, stenog, 1 Peter 


Flanigan Peter, h w s Guest av 
Fordham Fredk, mach, h n s Lambton 


Fordham Leonard, lab. h s s Dennis 
Fox Geo, lab, h w s Bayliss ay 
Fox Geo J, mach, h w s Bayliss av 
Frost Miss Mary A, tchr Mount Dennis 

Public Sch, res AA'est Toronto 
Gase Joseph, piano mkr, h w s Mc- 
Pherson av 

Gandy Geo H, grinder, h e s Bayliss av 
Gilbert Wm, enameller, h e s AA'rigrht 


Glasson Saml, brklyr, h s s Glendale 

INSURE CUAW Kr RPPP General Agents Gore Mutual, London Mutual, Perth Mutual 
WITH... OrirVfT OL DCiVlvl Dominion Fire and Hamilton Fire Insurance Companies 

Offices: 2 COURT ST. (Ground Floor) Phones: Office, Main 856; Residence, Hillcrest 395 AGENTS WANTED 


TORONTO OFFICE: Quebec Bank Bldg., 35-37 KING STREET W. $ 66 >00,0< 

m o i vr !>!;> M* 

Goddard Thos, ngl. h IS Cobalt av 
Godfrey Robt, brklyr, b Amos S Noakes 
Collins Miss Evelyn M, tchr Mount 

Dennis Public Sch, res Toronto 
Gordon Howard, tmstr, h e s Weston rd 
Graham Miss Ida R, tchr Mount Den- 
nis Public Sch, res Toronto 
Graham Malcolm, bldr, h n s Fifth av 
Greenwood Percy, carp, h w s Cliff 
Hasle Arthur, plshr, rms 16 Cobalt av 
Hancock Saml W, h Guest c-or York av 
Harris Chas J, tmstr, h r- s Frejama av 
Hatton Miss Clara, opr, b Clarence C 


Heaps Luke, painter, h n s Lambton av 
Heslop Garnet W, contr. h w s Weston 


Heslop Joseph, gro Weston rd cor But- 
tonwood' av 
Hickman Herbert R, carp, h e s Wright 


Hill Arthur, painter, h w s Goldwin av 
Hogg Andrew, h e s Frejama av 
Hold Edwin G, painter, h w s Goldwin 


Hold Ernest G, lab, 1 Edwin G Hold 
Holmes John H, bkpr, h 18 Buttonwood 


Holnes Albert G, b Chas J Harris 
Hood Geo W, barr, h s s Eglinton av 
Hooks Miss Maria, opr, b Christopher 

A Carter 

House Edmund M. h w s Wright av 
House Harry K, coll, 1 Edmund M 


Hoyle Chas E, tmstr, h e s Bayliss av- 
Huggins Geo W, lab, b Lewis Bishen- 

Humfryes Edmund C, painter, h e s 

Weston rd 
Huston Milton, chauffeur, h 14 Cobalt 


Irving Wm, mach, h n s Lambton av 
Jackson Fredk, lab, h s s Glendale 


Jackson Fredk S, h 12 Buttonwood av 
Jackson Sidney, lab, h e s Bayliss av 
Jarrett Nelson, btchr Goldwin cor Fifth 

av, h same 
Johnson Harold, weaver, h n s Homer 


Jones Ernest E, lab, h e s Goldwin av 
Keating James, brk mfr, h e s Weston 

Kldd Frank W, tinner, h e s Goldwin 


KiCt Arthur, brkmkr, b Clarence C Ex- 
Kilburn Squire, brkmkr, h w s Bayliss 


Kilburn Thos, piano mkr, h s s Glen- 
dale cres 

Kingscott Harry, bkpr Trethewey Mo- 
del Farm, h 12 Cobalt av 
Lang- Henry, brass fnshr, h e s Gray av 
Large Joseph, shipper, h s s Lambton 

Laughton Saml F, carp, h s s Eglinton 


Lever James H, contr, h s s Nichol 
Lewis Earl, piano rnkr, 1 Wm Lewis 
Lewis \Vm. h cor Weston rd and Eg-- 

linton ;iv 

Lickfold Harry, brklyr, b John Bridger 
Lodge James, mkt gdnr w s Weston rd 
Lodge Joshua, mach, h w s McPherson 

Lougheed Edwd A, tmstr, h w s Guest 

Loundsborough Robt, stock kpr, h w s 

Goldwin av 

Lowe Alfred, mach, h s s Glendale cres 
Lumley Miss Eliza, elk, 1 Mrs Elizth 


McClelland Peter, mach, h e s McPher- 
son av 
McCutcheon Andrew, mldr, 1 Mrs Isa- 

b< lla McCutcheon 

McCutcheon Henry, gdnr, 1 Mrs Isabel- 
la McCutcheon 
McCutcheon Isabella (wid Henry), h n 

s Buttonwood av 
McCutf heon'Saml, gdnr, h n s Fifth av 

McCutcheon Thos J, gdnr, h s s Ray av 
McCutcheon Tho's S, gdnr, b 10 Cobalt 

Maber Henry, carp, h n s Lambton rd 
MacCaulley Alex, florist, b 10 Cobalt av 
Major Reginald, lab, h s s Nichol 

Mallaby Miss Ethel, stenog Trethewey 

Alodel Farm, res Weston 
Mann Eden, mldr, h s s Dennis av 
Marr John, contr, h w s Weston rd 
Marsh Ralph, lab, b John W Pordage 
Marshall Miss Ann, opr, 1 James Nor- 
Marshall Chas W, pdlr, h n s Lambton 

Marshall Miss Edith E, stenog, 1 James 


Marshall John, gro Lambton cor Mc- 
Pherson avs 

Marshall John A, trav, Weston cor Ori- 
ole rd 

Marshall Joseph, piano mkr, h n s Eg- 
linton av 
Maskell Mark E, carp, h e s McPherson 


Maxted Harry, tmstr, h w s Wright av 
Maxted Stephen, mkt gdnr n s Eglin- 
ton av 

Maxted Thos, h s s Lambton av 
May Edwd, mach, b Amos S Noakes 
Mercer James J, plstr, h e s Goldwin 


Metcalfe Miss Rose L, tchr Mount Den- 
nis Public Sch, res Toronto 
Middleton John, ftr, h n s Lambton av 
Miller Allan H, brkmkr, h e s Wright 


Miller Wm J, engineer, h s s Dennis av 
Miller Wrn R, carp, h Goldwin cor Fifth 

Mitchell Fredk, lineman, h w s Orla 

Mitchell Geo, packer, h n s Lambton 


Moore Frank, h n s Fifth av 
Moore Henry G, trav, h 7 Fifth av 
Moore James, gdnr, b 16 Cobalt av 
Moore John, cayj, h w s Cliff 
Morell Benj, lab, h s s Nichol 
Mossop Isaac, lab, h w s Goldwin av 
Mould Miss Florence E, box mkr, 1 

Kami Mould 
Mould Saml, car repr, h s s Glendale 


Mount Dennis Post Office, Michl J Con- 
nor post master, e s Weston rd 
Mount Dennis Public School, Miss Des- 

sa Reaman prin, s s Dennis av 
Mugford Frank, shoes w s Guest av, h 

Munce Robt, photo engraver, h n s 

Lambton av 

Neal Geo, contr s s Dennis av, h same 
Newman Arthur, h s s Lambton av 
Newman Joseph J, carp, h w s Goldwin 

Newton John, mach hd, h s s Glendale 


Neyvatte Mrs Adeline, h w s Bayliss av 
Nicholls James R, piano mkr, h e s 

Bayliss av 
Nightingale Sidney, marble ctr, h e s 

Gray av 
Noakes Amos S, fireman, h w s Guest 


Noakes Chas, tmstr, 1 Amos S Noakes 
Noble Wm J, blksmth, h n s Eglinton 


Norton James brkmkr h e s Weston rd 
Oakes Richard brkmkr, h n s Lambton 


Ockley Wm, engineer, 1 Wm Lewis 
Offredi Menotti, shipper, h s s Lamb- 
ton av 
Ontonio Joseph, mkt gdnr s s liutton- 

wood av 

Ontonio Louis, mach, 1 Joseph Ontonio 
Othen Wm, mach, h n s Marshall av 
Owlett Thos W, brkmkr, b Clarence C 


Page Geo C, lab, h e s Goldwin av south 
Parry Geo, brkmkr, b Albert Bennett 
Pascoe John A, h s s Oriole rd 
Paterson Thos, electro, h s s Dennis av 
Pawley Ernest, shipper, h w s Weston 

Peck Fredk, trav, h n s Lambton av 

Peddie David, mach, h e s McPherson 


Phillips Geo, coal dlr, h n s Locust 
Phipps Fredk, engineer, h n s Button- 
wood av 

Pickles Frank, carp, h w s Guest av 
Piu-y-ott Miss Bertha G, stenog, 1 Geo 

Piggott Edwin, mach, I Geo Piggott 
Piggott Geo, brk mfr, h w s Guest av 
Piggott Wm G, mldr, 1 Geo Piggott 
Pittman Ernest, carp, h n s Glendale 

Pitney Chas P, car repr, h w s Goldwin 

av south 

Pleasance Chas, car repr, h w s Mc- 
Pherson av 

Polhill Ross, lab, b Henry W Stroud 
Polhill Walter, b Henry W Stroud 
Poole Alex G, tester, h w s Wright av 
Popoff Nicholas, b Neil Campbell 
Pordage Arthur, lab, 1 John Pordage 
Pordage Edwd G, grdnr, h s s Eglinton 

Pordage John, mkt gdni* cor Eglinton 

and Guest avs 
Pordage John W, tmstr, h w s Wright 


Pordage Miss Nellie E, elk, 1 John Por- 
Porter James, brklyr, h e s Goldwin 


Powell Albert E, elk, h s s Locust 
Powell Marie (wid John), 1 Wm J 


Price Wm E, lab, h n s Lambton rd 
Prince Albert, mach, b Wm H Cook 
Radburn W y alter J, brkmkr, h w s 

Guest av 
Ramsdin Oliver, hdware n s Lambton 

av, h same 

Ramsdin Wm, mounter, h w s McPher- 
son av 
Raymond Saml, mach, h n s Lambton 


Rayner James, carp, h w s Goldwin av 
Reaman Miss Dessa, prin Mount Den- 
nis Public Schl 
Reason Bert, mach hd, 1 Bridson M 


Reason Fredk, photo engraver, 1 Brid- 
son M Burrell 

Reed Wm, bldr, h e s Goldwin av south 
Reeves Arthur J, brkmkr, h s s Lamb- 
ton av 

Revel Fredk, bldr, h s s Ray av 
Rickwood John W. brklyr, h s s Hector 


Robinson Jesse D, btchr, h s s Lamb- 
ton av 

Robinson John L, engineer, h s s San- 
ders av 
Robson Geo W, mach, h s s Lambton 


Rogers Edmund, lab, h w s Goldwin av 
Sandland Thos, plstr, h n s Hector av 
Sargent Thos R, rivetter, h s s Glen- 
dale cres 

Schutt Stephen, carp, h s s Locust 
Scott Miss Viola L, tchr Mount Dennis 

Public Schl, b Wm J Miller 
Scott Wm, mach hd, b Saml W Han- 

Seels Edwin, poultry dlr, h n s Lamb- 
ton av 

Sevell Albert J, lab, h s s Lambton av 
Sevell Edwd, lab, h w s Cliff 
Sevell Ernest E, lab, h w s Cliff 
Shannon "Wm K, bkpr, h n s Ray av 
Shaw John A, stm ftr, h n s Hector av 
Shaw Robt. shipper, h n s Hector av 
Shaw Wilfred R, tinsmth, 1 John A 

Shepherd Alex C, mach, h n s Lambton 


Sims Walter G, chauffeur, h s s Lamb- 
ton av 

Skelton, Wm J, bkpr, h 8 Cobalt av 
Slaughter Fredk, carp, h s s Glendale 

Sloane James T, mason, h e s Weston 

Smith Arthur, brkmkr, b Arthur N 


Smith Edwd, concrete wkr, h cor Wes- 
ton rd and Fifth av 
Smith Homer, mach hd, h w s Frejama 


Smith Wm A. tmstr, h n s Lambton av 
Southorn Alfred, brkmkr, h n s Lamb- 
ton av 
Southorn Joseph, real estate Weston 

rd cor Lambton av, h same 
Spencer Chas H, pipe ftr, h s s Dennis 


Spencer Miss Mary V, cook, 1 Chas H 



41 <a 43 Adelaide St. E. 


CO vnwnF T Qonri for nur Booklet on m ^ ^^ 


Send for our Booklet on 

Spencer Richd, stoker, b Mrs Elizth A 

Staley Earl, engineer, b Geo W Thorn- 

Stone Stephen, brkmkr, b James Keat- 

Stroud Henry W, carp, h s s Hector av 

Stutt Ralph, pdlr, h w s Weston rd 

Swain Annie (wid Joseph D), h e s 
Bayliss av 

Syme Hiss Elizth, stenog, 1 James A 

Syme James A, mkt gdnr w s McPher- 
son av 

Taylor Christopher, brkmkr, 1 Ralph 

Taylor Fredk C, bldr, h w s Goldwin 

Taylor Ralph, mixer, h s s Dennis av 

Thomas Henry W, painter, h e s Fre- 
jama av 

Thornton Geo W, lab, h es Goldwin 

Thornton Miss Ruby I, opr, 1 Geo "W 

Thornton Russell C, mach, 1 Geo W 

Tibbie Ge6, lab, h e s Goldwin av 

Toft Elizth A (wid Thos H), h w s 
Guest av 

Trethewey Model Farm, Wm G Tre- 
thewey prop, Saml E Boulter (Niaga- 
ra Falls) mgr, w s Weston rd 

Trethewey Wm G, prop Trethewey Mo- 
del Farm, res Toronto 

Trimble Harry L, draughtsman, h 10 
Cobalt av 

Twydle Albert, lab, h s s Glendale cres 

Vanalstyne Miss Dora M, tchr Mount 
Dennis Public Sch, res Weston 

Viney John A, gdnr, h 13 Fifth av 

Walker Saml, caretkr Mount Dennis 
Public Schl, h s s Dennis av 

Wallace Fredk, driver, h w s Goldwin 

Walter Wesley W, gdnr, h 16 Cobalt 

Warburton John, carp, h e s Goldwin 

Warfe Walker J, tmstr, h e s Bayliss av 

Washington Fredk G, bkpr, 1 John A 

Wearn Arthur N, stove mntr, h s s 

Wi-urn Ernest R, mach, h n s Glendale 

ter Miss Annie, elk Mrs M Web- 
. 1 same 
iter Clias E, printer, 1 Mrs Mary 


Webster .Miss Lena, elk Mrs M Web- 
ster, 1 same 

Wtio-hill John, brkmkr, b Wm H Cook 
Wt 11 wood Garnet, tmstr, h e s Wright 


Wheaton John, b Neil Campbell 
While Herbert J, carp, h n s Dennis av 
White Percy, lab, h e s Cliff 
White Wm J, packer, 1 Herbert J White 
Whitnell Edward W, brkmkr, h e s 

Weston rd 
Whitnell John C, brklyr, 1 Edwd W 

Wiles Cecil H, brkmkr, 1 Horace W 

Wiles Horace W, brklyr, h w s Weston 

Wiley Kverett, driver M J Connor, 1 

Wilkie Miss Agnes, opr, 1 Miss Margt 


Wilkie Miss Margt, h e s Orla av 
Wllley Goo A. btchr, h n s Lambton av 
Willey Miss Hazel E, elk Michl J Con- 
nor, I Geo A Willey 
Williams Thos, lab, b John Bridger 
Wilson Robt F, h 6 Cobalt av 
Wiltshire Geo, lab, h w s Goldwin av 
\\ indeatt Robt, painter, h w s Goldwin 

Winkworth Walter G, mounter, h n s 

Lambton rd 

Wir.-s Harry, lab, b Albert Davis 
wismer John A, h s s Buttonwood av 
Wood Geo, engineer, h e s Goldwin av 

-ird James A, driver, h e s Wes- 
ton rd 

Woodcock Benj, car repr, h n s Glen- 
dale cres 

Woods John, mach, h w s Goldwin av 
Woods Walter, shoemkr, h w s McPher- 

son av 
Worboys Wm T, mach, h n s Lambton 

Workman Miss V Pearl, tchr Mount 

Dennis Public Schl, res Runnymede 
Yeatman Elizth (wid Richd), h e s 

Weston rd 
Yeatman Henry L, gdnr, 1 Mrs Elizth 

Toung Robt, mkt gdnr s s Lambton 



(Seven and a half miles west of postofflce.) 

Adams Joseph, cider mkr, h w s Fourth 


Allies James, asst engineer Asylum 
Allies Percy R, printer, h e s Fourth av 
Aldis Wm, attdt Asylum 
Anderson Miss Georgina, supervisor Asy- 
Andrew Wm, gro s s Lake Shore rd, h 


Andrews Joseph, printer, h e s Sixth 
Annett John, 1 John B Austin 
Ansell Miss Alice, weaver, 1 Chas An- 


Ansell Chas, carp, h w s Sixth 
Ansell Herbert G, mach hd, 1 Chas An- 

Ansell Miss Lillian, weaver, 1 Chas An- 

Arding John, mach hd, b Adam Dyer 
Arding- Robt, mach hd, b .idam Dyer 
Arland Wm H, h Lake Shore drive 
Arnott John, elk Wm Andrew, res To- 


N H Beemer Medical Superintendent, 

Mark Keilty Bursar, s s Lake Shore 


Austin Janet (wid John), 1 John B 


Austin John B, engineer, h w s Sixth 
Azeveds Edwin, attdt Asylum 
Baisley Ruben, firemn, b Harry R Rob- 

Baker Wm, lab, h n s Birmingham 
Earnhardt Joseph, carp, h n s Bir- 

Barrett Leslie, shipper, 1 Thos C Bar- 
Barrett Reginald C, shipper, 1 Thos C 


Barrett Thos C, designer, h w s Sixth 
Barren Miss Florence, 1 John Barren 
Barron John, h w s Sixth 
Harry Thos, firemn, h e s Fourth av 
Bayes Fredk, mach, h n s Birmingham 
BEEMER NELSON H, Medical Super- 
intendent Asylum for Insane, res same 
Beswiek Chester, shipper Pease Foundry 

Co, Ltd, h e s Fifth 
Bishop Harry, carp, b Wm Campion 
Bloom Jacob, agt, h w s Sixth 
BIyth Miss Jessie, matron Asylum 
Booth Miss Pearl, 1 Mrs Lavina A Mc- 

Boxer Reg N, pres and mgr Reg N 

Boxer Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Boxer Reg N Co, Ltd, Reg N Boxer 
pres and mgr, Fredk C Hanson vice- 
pres, Frank M Hubig sec-treas, mfrs 
and importers of paper hangings, w 
s Seventh 
Boyd James A, insp, h e s Third 
Brady Miss May, nurse Asylum 
Breeu Miss Mary E. prin New Toronto 

Pub Sch, res Toronto 
Briscoe Mary (wid Wm), h s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Bristow Harry, plmbr, b Geo Hamblin 
Brown Danl, h e s Sixth 
Brown Geo E, mgr National Ry Assn, 

Ltd, res Toronto 
Brown John F, pres Brown's Copper & 

Bra^s Rolling Mills. Ltd, res Toronto 
Brown Thos, elk, b Lawrence Gott 
Brown, Wm, attdt Asylum 
Brown's Copper and Brass Rolling 
Mills, J F Brown pres, John Tyler 
supt, w s Seventh 
Burgess Thos W, gdnr Asylum 
Burke Michl. mldr, h w s Sixth 

Burton James, firemn, b Saml G Rob- 

Calvert Edwin, contr w s Third, h same 
Campbell Albert B, printer, h e s Sixth 
Campbell Fredk W, chkr, 1 Percy K 

Campbell John, cartage s s Lake Shore 

rd, h same 

Campbell Percy H, tmstr, h e s Fifth 
Campbell Wm A, btchr, h w s Third 
LYmpbelton Samuel, blruikr. li e s Seventh 
Campion Wm, carp, h e s Seventh 
Carroll Bridget (wid Martin), h w a 

Fourth av 
Carroll Edwd P, tmstr. 1 Mrs Bridget 


Carroll John, tmstr, 1 Mrs Bridget Car- 
Carroll Martin, packer, 1 Mrs Bridget 


Carroll Michl J, bartndr New Toronto Ho- 
tel, 1 same 
Carty Edward, mgr Ontario Lime Co. 

Ltd, b Fredk G Edwards 
Chadwick Geo, porter New Toronto Ho- 

Charles John, messr, b Thos Dean 
Chavner John W, ins agt, h w s Third 
Childs Sidney, curate in charge St 
Margaret's Church, b Harry M Pep- 
Chisholm Erastus J B, sec Y M C A 

(Railway br), res Mimico 
Chisholm James W, janitor Y M C A 

(Railway br) 
Chisholm Manley G, stenog Y M C A 

(Railway br) 
Chisholm Miss Maud, wtrs Y M C A 

(Railway br) 
Clark Albert, fireman, b Mrs Elizth 


Clark Geo, tmstr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Cockcroft Esther (wid Wm H), h e a 


Ccckcroft Harry, plmbr, 1 Mrs E Cock- 
Cockcroft Herbert, carp, 1 Mrs Esther 

Collins Agnes (wid Phillip), 1 John A 

Conkel Leo, firemn, b Mrs Lavina A 

Cooper Albert M, mach hd, h e s 


Cooper Campbell, elk, 1 Seth E Cooper 
Cooper Fredk, elk D w Hunter Wil- 
son, 1 S E Cooper 
Cooper Geo, foreman Pease Foundry 

Co, Ltd, h 6 Fifth 

Cooper Saml, mldr, b Mrs Lavina A Mc- 

Cooper Seth E, agt, h e s Third 
Cosby Miss Rebecca, cook Asylum 
Court Chas, shipper, b Adam Dyer 
Couvillon Joseph, mach hd J Monk- 
house, res Mimico 
Craib Andrew, elect Asylum, h w s 

Fourth av 

Craig Stephen E, mech engineer Rit- 
chie & Ramsay, Ltd, res Long Branch 
Crossett John, messr Asylum 
Crothall Wm, shoes n s Lake Shore rd, 
h same 

Crowley John, attdt Asylum 
Crysler Chas, lab, h e s Seventh 
Currell Richd, firemn Asylum 
Cussack Peter, firemn, h e s Seventh 





OLIVER, REID & GO. Limited 



5T. E. 



Cutmun- Ernest G, firemn, h w s Sixth 

Miss Treva, stenog Asylum 
Dalton Geo T, niach. 1 Wm Dalton 

in Wm, engineer, h e s Fifth 
Daubersteln Frank, lab, h e s Seventh 
Davey Andrew, fireman, b Mrs Lavina 

A Mclaughlin 

Davidson Chas, attdt Asylum 
Davidson Thos, driver National Ry As- 

sn. Ltd, res Toronto 
Davits Albert, attdt Asylum 
Davies Hiss Bessie, nurse Asylum 
Davies Josiah. tn<>l mkr, h e s Third 
Davis Geo H. gro w s Si.vth, h same 
Dea Ueo, baker Asylum, h n s Lake Shore 


Dea Miss Ruth, stenog, 1 Geo Dea 
Thos, brkmn, h w s Sixth 
Dennis Gordon H, engineer, b YMCA 
Dennis John, cement wkr, b Mrs Es- 
ther Cockcroft 

Devere Leon, nremn, b YMCA 
Disli-r Albert, supervisor Asylum 
Doherty Miss Annie, nurse Asylum 
Donaldson Peter, supervisor Asylum 
Donn Robt, engineer, h n s Birming- 
Dunlevy Joseph, painter, h w s Fourth 


Dunn Fredk, opr, 1 James Dunn 
Dunn James, lab, h e s Sixth 
Dunn James jr, coal Seventh, h e s 


Dunn Miss Mabel A, 1 Reuben Dunn 
Dunn Miss May, box mkr, 1 James Dunn 
Dunn Miss Minnie, opr, 1 James Dunn 
Dunn Reuben, h Lake Shore rd, cor 

Fourth av 

Dunn Thos, elk, h \v s Fourth av 
Dunn Wm, opr, 1 James Dunn 
Dunning James, mariner, h e s Fifth 
Dyer Adatn, carp, h e s Sixth 
Edgar James h e s Third 
K'ltrlfy Wm attdt Asylum 
Edwards Fredk G, train dispatcher, h 

w s Sixth 
Edwards Wm A engineer, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 
Elkin Robt, storekpr Asylum, res Mim- 

English Miss Clara, stenog, I John S 


English Frank, driver, 1 John S Eng- 

English John S, firemn, h e s Sixth 
English Miss Junie, slsldy, 1 John S 


English Miss Ruby, 1 John S English 
Esmond Wm, packer, h e s Sixth 
Evans Kllis. gdnr, h e s Sixth 
Evans "Wm, h w s Sixth 
Farewell John M, firemn, h n s Bir- 

Farron Joseph, elk YMCA (Railway br) 
Ferguson John, chef Asylum 
Ferry Frank W, florist Asylum 
Fisher Arthur W, emery wkr, h 4 


Forbes Miss Anna, nurse Asylum 
Forbes Miss Xellie, nurse Asylum 
Fountain Thos H, lab, h e s Third 
Fowler James B, watchmn, h w s 


Frampton Robt, carp, h e s Fourth av 
Fraser John A, supt coating dept Rit- 
chie & Ramsay. Ltd, h e s Seventh 
Freshwater Wm. attdt Asylum 
Fulton Miss Klizth, housemaid Asylum 
Fulton Miss Jean, nurse Asylum 
Gasgoyne Victor, b Thos Dean 
Georges Win, engineer, h w s Fourth 


Ghent Richd H, fireman, b YMCA 
Gilbert Edwin F, mldr, h 8 Fifth 
Gilroy Chas, driver, b John C McMul- 


Godfrey Fredk, mach, b Wm Campion 
Gott Jabez, caretkr, h e s Fifth 
Gott James, lab, h w s Third 
Gott Lawrence L, mach hd, 1 Jabez 


Gourley James, supervisor Asylum 
Gourley John, engineer Asylum 
Gourlie David P. foremn C J Peart, res 

Gregory Reuben, mach, b Lawrence 


Guinnett Otto C, carp, 1 John W Chav- 

rlall Thos, tmstr, h w s Fourth av 
Hall Wm, tmstr, h w s Fourth av 
Hamblin Albert, mach, b Geo Hamblin 
Hamblin Geo, cider mkr, h n s Bir- 

Hamilton Richd, insp, b James A Boyd 
Hanson Fredk C, vice-pres Reg N Box- 
er Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Harbin John, mldr. b Frank Weech 
Harris Edwd, mach hd. b Adam Dyer 
tarris MUs Lottie, supervisor Asylum 
Harrison Frank, brkmn, b Wm j Little 
Heard Chas, attdt Asylum 
rtenderson Henry, supervisor Asylum 
Henderson Wm R, elk F J Hicks, res 

Hennessey Michl, color mixer, h e s 


Hennessey Wm, 1 Albert M Cooper 
Hennessev AVm, calendar mkr, h w s 

Herriot Wm, fireman, b Saml Campbel- 

Hicks Fredk J. hdware s s Lake Shore rd. 

h same 

Hoft'meister Henry, nn/mn Asylum 
Holloway Joseph, firemn Asylum 
Howard Miss Olive, 1 2 Fifth 
Howie Thos. mldr, li e s Fifth 
Hubig Frafek M, sec-treas Reg N Boxer 

Co, Ltd, res Toronto 

Huffman Arthur, firemn Asylum, 1 same 
Hughes Wm, elk, b Edwd Sandford 
Huson Miss Florence, nurse Asylum 
Inglis Wm, asst janitor YMCA (Rail- 
way br) 

Ironside Geo, carp, h 2 Fifth 
Jacks Theodore, elocutionist, 1 Wm H 

Jackson Miss Jennie, drsmkr, 1 John 


Jackson John, uphol, h w s Sixth 
Jackson Thos, farmer, h s s Lake Shore 


Jackson Wm G, farmer, 1 Thos Jackson 
Jameson Allan, attdt Asylum 
Jamieson Miss Maud, stenog Asylum 
Johnson John A, engineer, h w s Sixth 
Johnston Miss Emma, nurse Asylum 
Johnston Hugh, attdt Asylum 
Jones Arthur A, asst sec Railway Y M C 

A, 1 same 
Jordan Daniel J, mach, b Albert M 


Kearney John, attdt Asylum 
Kearsley Albert E, carp, b Wm Evans 
Keesee Franklin P, ins agt, b Wm J 

KEILTV MARK, Bursar Asylum for 

Insane. Ees Toronto 

Kelly James, leather wkr, h e s Fifth 
Kerr James J, bartndr New Toronto 


Kerr Miss F."atherine, cook Asylum 
Kohler Edwd, attdt Asylum 
Krause Geo, melter, h w s Fifth 
Krause Wm J. well dvlr, 1 Geo Krause 
Lalonde Miss Irene, nurse Asylum 
Langridge Miss Francis, nurse Asylum 
Latham Miss Amy. b Edwin Calvert 
Lattin Robt, gdnr Asylum 
Lauzon James G, color mixer, h e s 


Law Miss Alma, nurse Asylum 
Lawrence John P, brkmn, 1 Lindsay P 


Lawrence Lindsay P, cond, h e s Sixth 
Leary Edgar J, phy Asylum 
Leskis Joseph, mldr, h e s Seventh 
Lillico Wm, elk. h w s Fourth 
Linier Harry, attdt Asylum 
Little Wm J, firemn, h w s Fifth 
Littleworth Fredk, elk Ritchie & Ram- 
say, Ltd, b Adam Dyer 
Livermore Albert, firemn, b Lawrence 


Longstaft Frank R, bkpr, h w s Fourth 
Love Amos F, confr, h w s Third 
Lovejoy Miss Adelaide E, smstrs Asylum 
Lovejoy Chas, brklyr, h w s Fourth av 
Lucas Bertram, brkmn, h e s Seventh 
Lunn Wm, engineer, b Saml G Robin- 

Lynn Mrs Carrie, 1 8 Fifth 
Lynn Chas, mldr, h e s Seventh 
Mi-Andrew Miss Isabella, nurse Asylum 
McBride Matthew, firemn, 1 Mrs Lavina 

A MeLaughlin 
McCann Miss Mary, nurse Asylum 

MeConnell Adam, well digger, h 

Fourth av 

'I'mack Miss May. nurs< Asylum 
McCrimmon Wm J, shipper, h w s Kip- 

pling av 

McCullom John -J, bldr, h e s Seventh 
McDevitt John, gro, h s s Lake S 

McDonald Miss Flora, stenog Mi' 

& Ramsay, Ltd. 1 Wm J McDonald 
McMouald James, iittdt Asylum 
McDonald Miss Minnie, nurse Asylum 
McDonald Wm J, coaler, h e s Sixth 
McElvain Miss Ella, supervisor Asylum 
McFaydi-n Xeil, .iidnr Asylum 
Mclntosh Miss Alexina, supervisor Asy- 
McKay Joseph A, elk Saml Robinson. 

h e s Sixth 
McKay Miss Myrtle, folder, 1 Wm R 


McKay Wm R. brkmn, h e s Sixth 
McKinnon 1'unald L, pn - sun- 

dry L'o. Ltd, res Toronto 
McKnight Saml. carp, h w s Sixth 
McLaughlin Lavina A (wid Ira), h w 

s Sixth 
McMullen John C. Indrymn Asylum, h 

w s Sixth 
MacFaydt-n Henry H, acct, h Lake 

Shore drive 
Mackenzie Duncan, color mix'r, 1. 

Fourth av 
Mackie Ross, firemn. b Mrs Lavina A 


Maitland John, attdt Asylum 
Marcil Hector, elk Reg N Boxer 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Marshall Frank, elk. 1 John Marshall 
Marshall John, contr, h e s Third 
Marshall Wm. elk, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Matheson Angus, lab, h e s Fifth 
Matheson Saml H, gdnr Asylum 
Matheson Wm W, slsmn, 1 Saml H 

Mattress Miss Eva, tchr New Toronto 

Public Sch, res Weston 
Maxwell Robt, carp, Asylum, h n s 

Lake Shore rd 

Merchant Miss Beatrice, Indrs Asylum 
Millard Wm H C. foremn shipping dept 

Brown's Copper and Brass Rolling 

Mills, h e s Fifth 

Mills Alfred, sampler, b Chas Ansell 
Mills Ernest, packer, b Chas Ansell 
.Mills Henry, shipper, b Joseph A Me- 


Milne Miss Jean, nurse Asylum 
Mitchell James, engineer, b Robt 

Monkhouse John, prop New Toronto 

Planing; Mills, b Wm Twaites 
Montgomery Miss Beatrice, elk Ritchie 

& Ramsay. Ltd, res Toronto 
Montgomery Saml, cost elk Ritchie .V- 

Ramsay, Ltd, res Toronto 
Moor Walter, supervisor Asylum 
Morgan Isabel (wid Wm), 1 Joseph 


Morley Gerald Vf, h Lake Shore drive 
Morris Miss Marion, nurse Asylum 
Mowat Geo, steward, h e s Fourth av 
Murray Alex M, elk Asylum 
National Ry Assn, Ltd. Geo E Brown 

mgr, gros cor Lake Shore rd and 


Xeil John, shipper, h 14 Fifth 
Xew Toronto Hotel. Mrs Mary O'Brien 

prop, cor Lake Shore rd and Kippling 

New Toronto Methodist Church. A G 

Young curate in charge, cor Fifth 

and Birmingham 

New Toronto Planing Mills, J Monk- 
house prop, e s Eighth 
New Toronto Post Office, J H Whitlam 

post master, e s Sixth 
Xew Toronto Public School, Miss Mary 

E Breen prin, e s Sixth 
Xorthcote Ernest, elk, h s s Lake Shore 

O'Brien Mary (wid Ambrose C), prop 

New Toronto Hotel 

O'Neil James P, fireman, h w s Sixth 
Ontario Lime Co. Ltd, Edwd Carty mgr, 

n s New Toronto 
Page Mrs Ellen, nurse Asylum 
Park Robt, attdt Asylum 
Park Wm, lab, b Robt Wands 
Park Wm J, attdt Asylum 






Main 196 


also at 


London, Eng., New York, N.Y. 
Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax 

General Agents 

London Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co. 


77 WELLINGTON ST. W. limited 






Parker H insp. h \v s Third 

Patterson Miss Helen, nurse Asylum 
Patterson Win, asst farmer Asylum 
Patterson Wm. stablemn, h e s Fourth 


Pattison Miss Marg't. stt-noi; Asylum 
tis.m Thus. asst farmer Asylum 

rland Percy, firemn, b -Mrs Lavina 
A McLaughlln 

>n Arthur, attdt Asylum 
Paxton Wm, sewagremn Asylum 
Peart Chas J, lumber mfr, Lake Shore 
rd. res Toronto 

Foundry Co, Ltd, Donald J M>-- 
Kinnon pres, John L. Ross vice-pres 
and tn as, R B McKlnnon see, w s 

Pepper Harry M, dispatcher, h n s Lake 
e rd 

s Lyman C, switchmn, h e s 
Fourth av 

rs Thos, firemn, b Adam Dyer 
Phillips James R, mech supt Pease 

Foundry Co. Ltd, res Toronto 
Picke Miss Marie, supervisor Asylum 
ce Frtdk U". engineer, h e s Fifth 
-ants Percy, elk Reg N Boxer Co, 
Ltd. res Toronto 

lore .Miss Cecilia, nurse Asylum 

tiremn. b Mrs Esther 
;crof t 
Popcke Emil A. supt Reg X Boxer Co, 

Ltd, rt s Toronto 

Powell miss Asries, nurse Asylum 
ist Alfred, lab. h \v s Sixth 
Price John, mldr, h e s Seventh 

-tly Edwd, shipper, h w s Fourth 
Rattan Jake, gdnr, h n s Lake Shore 


Raymond Thos, mldr, h 12 Fifth 
Raynard Gen. firemn, li w s Sixth 
Reddich Agnes i wid John), tlrs Asylum 
Redmond Lewis, color mixer, b James 

Reid Miss Isabella, Indrs Asylum 

ley Win H M, engineer, h e s 

Rex Arthur, firemn. b Wm J Little 
Rice Elizabeth in-id J.-is), b n s Lake Shore 

Richanls'in John, tmstr C J Peart, res 


Ritchie i- Ramsay, Ltd, Fredk A Rit- 
chie (Toronto) pres, Chas X Ramsay 
vice-pr.-s. paper mfrs Lake Shore rd 
Roberts Fredk T, carp, h e s Fourth av 
is Harry R. firemn, h w s Sixth 
Robertson Mrs Alice T, nurse Asylum 

;ison Saml, barber s s Lake" Shore 
rd. h e s Fifth 
Robinson Saml G, barber, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Rogers Thos, firemn, b James P O'Xeil 
Ross John L, vice-pres and treas Pease 

Foundry Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Rutherford Reuben, attdt Asylum 
Ruttan Jacob W. painter Asylum, h n 

s Lake Shore rd 

Sackrider Alex, carp, h e s Fourth av 
si !<>hn Mrs Annie, cook Xew Toronto 

St John Miss Delia, wtrs Xew Toronto 


St Margarets Church (Anglican), Sid- 
ney Childs curate in charge, w s 
Sandford Edwd. farmer, h cor Lake 

Shore rd and Seventh 
Scott Alex, attdt Asylum 
Scott Geo D. firemn. b Harry R Roberts 
Rlizth (wid Wm), h Seventh, cor 

Shaw N'orman, firemn, b Ernest G Cut- 
Slaney Wm A, dairy n s Lake Shore 

rd, h same 
Slater John, blksmth w s Seventh, res 


Smith Miss Letitia, cook Asylum 
Smith Thos, lab, b T Dean 
Smith Wm F. h Lake Shore drive 
Spaulding James, shipper, b Adam Dyer 
:ding Reginald, firemn. b Adam 

Spooner Arthur J. h 10 Fifth 

Spooner Miss Ethel, sorter, 1 10 Fifth 

Squires Joseph, firemn, b James P 

si. wnson James, uphol Asylum, h w s 

Kippling av 
Steward James, color mixer, h e s 


Stewart John F, sampler, b 14 Fifth 
Stock Win E, farmer Asylum 
Stone Wm J, brkmn, h e s Seventh 
Stubbs Geo, btchr Asylum, res Mimico 
Tait Robt, engineer, b Mrs Lavina A 


Taylor Allan, arch, 1 Mrs Jane Taylor 
Taylor Geo, engineer, h e s Sixth 
Taylor Jane (wid John), h w s Fifth 
Taylor Lawrence, elk, h e s Fourth av 
Ten net Peter, carp, b Robt Wands 
Thomas Harry, attdt Asylum 
Thomas Hugh R, firemn. h w s Third 
Thornborough Gilbert J, elk YMCA 

(Railway bi > 
Tranah Arthur, mach, b Saml Campbel- 

Turner Wm J. btchr, h n s Lake Shore 


Twaites Wm J, tmstr, h e s Seventh 
Tyler John, supt Brown's Copper and i 
Brass Roiling Mills, h s s Lake Shore , 

L'rquhart Peter, slsmn, 1 James A Boyd 
Waddell Saml, brkmn, b Harry M Pep- 
Walker Miss Harriet, opr, b Wm A 


Wallace Fredk, attdt Asylum 
Wallace James, elk Wm Andrew, 1 


Waller Chas, supervisor Asylum 
Walton Harold, 1 Leighton Walton 
Walton Leighton, mldr, h e s Seventh 
Walton Miss Lizzi<-. I Leighton Walton ' 
Wands Robt, engineer, h e s Seventh ; 
Warren Stanley, attdt Asylum 
Watson Benj, mason Asylum, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Watts Stephen, firemn, h Fifth, cor Bir- 

Wayne Walter, mach, b Wm A Slaney 
Weech Frank, engineer, h e s Sixth 
Weech Wm J, elk, 1 Frank Weech 
Wesley Mrs Maud, cook YMCA < Rail- 
way br) 

Wheatley Reginald, attdt Asylum 
WHITLAM J HARRY, Orocer and Post- 
master e s Sixth, h same 
Whittall James J, plater, h e s Sixth 
Whitten Ellen (wid Edward), h e s 

Fourth av 
Whitten Milton O, elk, 1 Mrs Ellen ', 


Wilber Frank, mach, h w s Sixth 
Wilburton Matthew, firemn. b YMCA 
Wilkes C Ernest, painter, b Wm Cam- 

Wilkinson Wm B, asst engineer Asy- 
lum, h w s Fourth av 
Williams Gordon, brkmn, h e s Fourth 

Wilson D W Hunter, drugs s s Lake 

Shore rd, h same 
Wood Chas L, stock kpr, b Frank : 

Woodbine Albert E, firemn, h cor Lake 

Shore rd and Sixth 

Woods James D, h Lake Shore drive 
Woods Thos J, firemn, b Wm Evans 
Wrangham Thos E, chief attdt Asylum 
Wright Miss Flora, cook Asylum 
Yerex Xathaniel, engineer, h e s Sixth 
Yerex Wilfred, slsmn, 1 Xathaniel 


Youell Fredk, firemn, b Harry R Rob- 

Young Archd G, curate in charge Xew 
Toronto Methodist Church, b A W 

Young Men's Christian Association 
(Railway Branch). Erastus J B Chis- 
holm sec, n s Xew Toronto 


(Five miles northwest of PO) 

Adams Edmund, driver, h 519 Jane 
Agg Henry, driver, h 15 Priscilla av 
Agg Wilfred, gdnr, h 13 Priscilla av 
Aitken James G, stock kpr, h 2318 Dun- 

Alexander Public School, Miss Marg't 
Evans prin, e s French av 

Allbright Alfred, stock elk. h 49 I'ris- 

cilia a v 

Allen Geo, brklyr, h 52S Willard av 
Amoss Harry, gdnr, h 525 Jane 
Anderson Alex, driver R F Bristow, 1 

7 Corbett ax- 
Anderson John, carp, h 352 St Johns rd 
Anderson Wm, tinner, h 7 Borbett av 
Andervey Lawrence D, carp, h 3s Scar- 
lett av 

Arbour James L, action mkr. 1 21 Gil- 
son av 

Arbour Louis N, carp, h 21 Gilsun av 
Archer Albert, tlr, 1 577 Jane 
Archer John W. lather, h 577 Jane 
Archer Joseph, lather, i 

Archer Thos E, brklyr, h 517 Beresford. 

Arnott Ernest H, lab, h "9 Gertrude 

Arthur Thos. bronze wkr, h 4!2 B 

ford avenue 
Ashwood John, mach hd, h 91 Pn 


Atkinson Wm, tester, h 14 Gertru.. 
Averill Wm, mach, h 12 Marinosa av 
Avos Henry, carp, b 56 Scarlett av 
Baby Albert, lather, 1 435 Jane 
Baby Frank, real estate, h 435 Jane 
Bailey James T, lab, h 22 Scarlett av 
Bailie John, tapper, h 495 Beresford av 
Bain Elizth (wid Geo), h 49 French av 
Bain Miss Gladys, opr. 1 49 French av 
Baker Miss Amy, tlrs, 1 519 Duri..- 
Baker James, tuber, h 519 Duri.- 
Baker Miss Xellie, opr, 1 519 Durie 
Balls Ernest H, elev opr, h 5 Gilson av 
Balls Geo E, engineer, h w s Runny- 
mede rd 
Bylmiorth Elizth (wid James), h 424 

Windermere av 
Barnes Joseph, wire wkr. h 123 Corbett 

Barnes Walter J, sodder, h 518 P.. 

ford av 
Barr Miss Emily, sorter, 1 37 Priscilla 

Barras Joseph, brklyr, h 330 St Johns 


Barrett Roy, carp, b 502 Runnymede rd 
Bavington Geo W, printer, h 230s Dun- 

Beal Geo, elk, 1 116 Runnymede rd 
Beal Miss Jessie E, stenog, 1 416 Run- 
nymede rd 

Beal Percival H, brklyr, I 416 Runny- 
mede rd 
Beal Wm G, contr, h 416 Runnymede 

Beamish James H. prin King George 

Schl. res Toronto 

Beattie Wm A, lab, h 61 Raybould av 
Beatty Thos G, piano mkr, h ; 

ford av 

Bedford Miss Carrie, drsmkr, 1 10 Mari- 
nosa av 
Bedford James T, action mkr, 1 

Marinosa av 

Bedford Jane (wid Arthur), h 10 Mari- 
nosa av 
Begley John E, action fnshr. h 3S2 St 

Johns rd 

Bello Joseph, concrete wkr, h 2361 Dun- 
Ben IK. tt Miss Gladys, elk. 1 36 Scarlett 

Bennett Robt C, bkpr, h 494 Beresford 


Bennett Wm, lab, h 36 Scarlett av 
Bentley Chas H, bldr, h 38 Corbett av 
Bentley Harry, brklyr, 1 38 Corbett av 
Bentlcy Thos, brklyr, 1 3S Corbett av 
Berry Chas S, mach, h 2322 Dundas 
Berry Emma (wid Malcolm), 1 523 Du- 

Bester Miss Elsie, opr, b 18 Gresham av 
Binger Wm F, artist, h 593 Jane 
Bingham Thos A, carp, b 413 Willard 


Birch James, h 537 Jane 
Birch Richd, car repr, 1 537 Jane 
Birch Thos, 1 537 Jane 
Black Geo, h 404 Runnymede rd 
Blaekstock John, brkmkr, h 39 Hen- 

Bolitho Richd X, box mkr, h 27 Gres- 
ham av 
Bolt Geo, ftr, h 47 Scarlett av 


67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Adelaide 1560 ' ' 3 SHAW ST. 



and LOANS 


16-22 Victoria St. 
MAIN 5257 


Bolton John M, produce dlr 583 Jane, 

h same 
Bond Alfred, engineer, b 542 Beresford 


Bond Richd G, caretkr, h 2330 Dundas 
Boorman Albert, blksmth, h 45 Ger- 
trude av 

Bowden Wm, firemn, h 29 Prlscllla av 
Bowes Fredk, elk, h 43 Gllson av 
Bowman Miss Agnes, tchr, 1 304 St 

Johns rd 

Bowman David, h 304 St Johns rd 
Bowman Miss Jean, drsmkr, 1 304 St 

Johns rd 
Bowman Miss Margt, drsmkr, 1 304 St 

Johns rd 
Bowyer Miss Caroline, cloak mkr, 1 21 

Gertrude av 
Bowyer Henry C, porter, h 21 Gertrude 

Bradley Geo E, mattress mkr, h 1 Pris- 

cilla av 
Bradley Harvey, cond, h 308 St Johns 

Bristow James W, slsmn R F Bristow, 

1 2460 St Clair av 
Bristow Robt F, btchr 2460 St Clair 

av, h same 

Brittian Chas. car repr, h 28 Daisy av 
Brown Chas, lab, h 12 Mould av 
Brown Fredk, brklyr, b 495 Beresford 


Brown James I, slater, h 1 Gilson av 
Brown John A, tmstr, h 432 Winder- 
mere av 
Brown Mary T (wid Gibson), h 51 

French av 
Browning Allison H, shoemkr, h 475 St 

Johns rd 

Browning Thos H, carp, h w s Beres- 
ford av 

Bruce Robt N, carp, b 493 Willard av 
Bruce Saml G, ttremn, h 314 St Johns 


Brundle Robert, brkmkr, h 44 Pritch- 
ard av 

Bryer Raymond W, brkmn, h 488 Run- 
ny mede rd 
Buckin Wm, bkpr, h cor St Johns rd 

and Beresford av 
Bulger Miss Gertrude, opr, 1 466 Run- 

nymede rd * 

Bulger James J, yd master, h 466 Run- 

nymede rd 
Bull Wm H, shoe repr, h 514 Beresford 


Butler Wm T, carp, h 507 Jane 
Byce Nelson, tmstr, h 358 St Johns rd 
Cable Albert E, mach, 1 657 Jane 
Cable John G, mach hd, 1 657 Jane 
Cable Robt W, mach, h 657 Jane 
Cameron Henry, mach, b 3 Scarlett av 
Campbell Joseph, tmstr, h 2480 St Clair 

Campbell Percy L, real est, h 459 St 

Johns rd 

Capell Geo, piano mkr, h 6 Daisy av 
Capell Joseph J, h 42 Priscilla av 
Carliss Edwd, tmstr, h 14 Hanley av 
Carson Wm, f tr, h 7 Mould av 
Carter Herbert J, plstr, h 454 Winder- 
mere av 
Chalcroft Ernest, rubber wkr, h 437 

Willard av 

Chambers Wm J, h 431 Windermere av 
Chapman John E, carp, h cor Dundas 

and Beresford av 

Cheal Ernest F, mach, h 9 Hanley av 
Claretie Geo, lab, h 475 Willard av 
Clark Wm, slater, h 3 Gilson av 
Clegg Joseph, mach, h 7 Gilson av 
Cleland Miss Annie, 1 502 Runnymede 

Cleland Archd, carp, 'h 502 Runnymede 

Cleland Wm J, leather wkr, 1 502 Run- 
nymede rd 

Clelland Archd, tinner, h 463 Beresford 

Clelland James, plmbr, 1 463 Beresford 

Cline Phillip, pdlr, li 28 Gertrude av 

Clouston Miss Ellen C, stenog, 1 408 
Beresford av 

Clouston John S, carp, 1 408 Beresford 

Clouston Miss Marion, ralnr, 1 408 Ber- 
esford av 

Clouston Saml, carp, h 408 Beresford 

Coates John E, mach, h 448 Willard av 
Coates Saml, lab. h 302 St Johns rd 
Cockeran John E, ftr, h 11 Gertrude av 
Coe Phillip H, elect, h 78 Priscilla av 
Cohen Maurice, mach, h 12 Gertrude av 
Cole Henry J, lab, 1 2482 St Clair av 
Cole John H, gdnr, h 2482 St Clair av 
College James, mach, h 405 Willard av 
College Saml, mldr, h 2550 St Clair av 
Collinson Thos, section hd, h 424 Beres- 
ford av 

Colls Geo, blksmth, h 495 Willard av 
Colls Mary (wid Thos), 1 495 Willard 


Constable Geo, trav, h 9 Priscilla av 
Cook Wm, lab, h 32S St Johns rd 
Cooper Alfred G, mach, h 527 Jane 
Cooper Amos W, soap mkr, b 519 Jane 
Cooper Wm H, "blksmth. 1 419 Willard 


Corbett Richd, mach, h 17 French av 
Cornforth Thos T, iron wkr, h 43 Pris- 
cilla av 

Coulter David W, real est 468 Runny- 
mede rd, h same 
Courtney Fredk, cement wkr, b 2492 

St Clair av 

Cowie James, plstr, h 11 Gilson av 
Cox Ben], carp, h 576 Windermere av 
Cox Edwd, jjlshr, b 87 Priscilla av 
Cox Herbert R, elect, b 312 St Johns 

Cox Wm, concrete wkr, h 2584 St Clair 


Coyne James, h 472 Windermere av 
Coyne Miss Melissa M, 1 472 Winder- 
mere av 

Crabtree Edwd. lab, h 5 Mould av 
Crisp John J, elev opr, h 17 Marinosa 

Crisp Kenneth C, elk J McMillan, b 17 

Crompton Abraham, mach, h 343 St 

Johns rd 

Crookall Fredk, carp, h 19 Montye av 
Crookall John, carp, h 16 Marinosa av 
Crookall John, carp, h 47 Priscilla av 
Crosby Fredk E, cabt mkr, h 491 Wil- 
lard av 

Cross Wm H, rubber wkr, h 419 Wil- 
lard av 

Crowdy Frank, mach, h 2346 Dundas 
Cubbidge Miss May L, 1 2592 St Clair 

Cubbidge Sampson, btchr, h 2592 St 

Clair avenue 
Gumming Alfred P, carp, h 473 Willard 

Cunningham Catharine (wid Wm J), 

h 23 Gresham av 
Cunningham Eldon J, blrmkr, 1 23 

Gresham av 

Dalton Geo, elk, b 41 Gilson av 
Daughton Arthur, cement wkr, h 401 

Willard av 
Daughton Thos B, cement wkr, 1 401 

Willard av 

Davidge Wm H, ftr, h 2530 St Clair av 
Davies John E, carp, h 16 Gertrude av 
Davis Edwin M, mason, b 475 St Johns 


Davis Geo S, bldr, h 514 Durie 
Day John, blksmth, h 15 Raybould av 
Deakin Bert, carp, h 30 Priscilla av 
Deans James, carp, h 7 Hanley av 
Dearden Henry, lab, h 505 Jane 
Dempster James, ftr, h 43 Gertrude av 
Dempster James H, trav, b 2289 Dun- 

Dempster John W, tmstr, h 2289 Dun- 
Dempster Louisa (wid Hugh), 1 2289 

Denney Harvey O, mach, h 45 French 


Dennis Alfred, tmstr, h 47 Raybould av 
Dewsbury Miss Cora, opr, 1 25 Gres- 
ham av 

Dixon Joseph D, carp, h 26 Daisy av 
Donald John, lab, h e s Beresford av 
Dorrington Arthur, wtchmn, h 46 Pris- 
cilla av 
Downs Saml G, brkmkr, h 23 Scarlett 


Drury John F, tmstr, h 16 Priscilla av 
Duckworth Frank, wood plshr, h 479 

Willard av 

Dunbar Robt, switchmn, h 33 French 

; Dunn Edg'ar F, mach, h w s Runiiv- 

mede rd 
Durrant Harry, elk, h 420 Windermere 


Dutton Harry, carp, h 33 Henrietta ' 
East Arthur F, engineer, h 23 Henri- 

I Edwards Chas, lab, h 16 Gilson av 
Eldridge Earl W, labeller, 1 21 Pris- 
cilla av 
Eldridge Norman, elect, 1 21 Priscilla 


' Eldridge Wm, tuck pointer, h 21 Pris- 
cilla av 
; Elliott Alfred, carp, h 415 Windermere 

1 Elliott Archd F, elk, 1 415 Windermere 


Elliott Walter, lab, b 39 French av 
Evans Miss Margt, prin Alexander Pub 

Schl, res West Toronto 
Everall Thos, pdlr, h 511 Beresford av 
E'akkel Danl M, mach, h 36 Gertrude 


Farquhar Maxwell, carp, h 436 Winder- 
mere av 
Farrow Geo, well driller, 1 21 Raybould 


Farrow Richd, plmbr, 1 21 Raybould av 
Farrow Thos, well driller, h 21 Ray- 
bould av 

Faubert Thos, lab, b 71 Raybould av 
Fayter Albert, driver, h 32 Priscilla av 
Ferrell Miss Nellie, slsldy, b 6 Stub- 
bins av 
Field Albert F, postman, h 435 Willard 


Fleming Wm, lab, h 428 Beresford av 
Fletcher Geo, blksmth, h 52 Scarlett av 
Flett Wm J, plmbr, h 479 Beresford av 
Fleury Alex, lab, h 16 Mould av 
Flowers Harry, lab, b 444 Willard av 
Fokens John, carp, h 56 Scarlett av 
Ford Harry, mach, h 404 Windermere 


Fort Richd, btchr, h 481 Willard av 
Foster Wm A, plough mkr, h 241S Dun- 

Fowles Caroline (wid Geo), h 503 Wil- 
lard av 

Fox Geo, blksmth, h 3 Raybould av 
Fox John R, bkpr, b 2 Pritchard av 
Fox Wilfred, carp, h 34 Pritchard av 
Fraser Wm S, plmbr, h 467 Beresford 


Freear Henry, lab, h 20 Mould av 
French Robt, brklyr, h 35 French av 
Gage Wm, blrmkr, h 312 St Johns rd 
Garbet James, lab, h 2300 Dundas 
Garbet Miss Lena, elk, I 2300 Dundas 
Garbet Stanley, typist, 1 2300 Dundas 
Garbet Truman, piano mkr, 1 2300 Dun- 

Garscadden James, brkmkr, b 3 Mari- 
nosa av 
Gartshore John, bkpr J C Hirons, h 13 

Gertrude av 

Garvey John W, shipper, h 36 Dais 
Geddes Tessie (wid Wm B), h 341 St 

Johns rd 

Gerrard Edwd. tmstr, h 84 Pritchard av 
Gibbel Miss Annie, tlrs, 1 2 Gertrude av 
Gibbel Harry, gro 2 Gertrude av, h 

Gilchrist Archd, florist 422 Runnymede 

rd, h same 

Gill Geo, tmstr, h 10 Pritchard av 
Gilson Chas H, gdnr, h 45 Mould av 
Gilson Thos, gdnr, h 580 Windermere 

Gledhill Spencer, weaver, h 83 Priscilla 


Good Robt, lab, h 426 Beresford av 
Gooder Miss Florence, opr, 1 12 Gres- 
ham av 
Gooder Miss Mabel, opr, 1 12 Gresham 


Gooder Mrs Rosa, h 12 Gresham av 
Goodfellow Wm, lab, h 22 Gertrude av 
Gordon Archd, carp, h 581 Jane 
Gould John T, lab, h 64 Pritchard av 
Gray Robt, plstr, h 34 Priscilla av 
Greayer John W, tool mkr, h 491 Ber- 
esford av 
Green Miss Mabel, tchr Alexander Tub 

Sch, res West Toronto 
Gregory Geo J, lab, h 71 Raybould av 
Griffin Albert, mach, h 35 Gertrude av 

Author of "The Standard-Record Drawing-Sheet," 
(used by inventors, endorsed by Thomas A. Edison's 
General Counsel, Frank L. Dyer, Esq. 

Dept. L., TEMPLE BUILDING, TORONTO. Telephone M. 3737 



Foreign Member Chartered Institute 

of Patent Agents, London. 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

Griffiths Edmund, fnshr, 1 14 Priscilla 


Griffiths John, elect, 1 14 Priscilla av 
Griffiths Wm, carp, h 14 Priscilla av 
Gunn John A, painter, h 10 Montye av 
Hallett Henry W, ftr, h 18 Montye av 
Hammond John, gro 467 St Johns rd, 

h same 

Harper Clifton A, driver, 1 520 Dune 
Harper Eliza F (wid Richd), h 520 

Harper Miss Helen D, tel opr, 1 520 

Harpley John, elev opr, h 21 Gresham 

Harrington Wm J, wood carver, h 471 

Beresford av 

Harris Ernest, carp, h 42 Gertrude av 
Harris Joseph, carp, h 19 French av 
Hartley John, driver, 1 324 St Johns rd 
Hartley Joseph H, elk, h 413 Winder- 
mere av 

Hartney Frank B, coal dlr 2410 Dun- 
das, res Toronto 

Hartrick Harry, painter, h 507 Durie 
Hartrick Hugh H, painter, h 492 Beres- 
ford av 
Hartup Miss Bessie, opr, 1 506 Runny- 

mede rd 
Hartup Fredk, action fnshr, 1 506 Run- 

nymede rd 

Hartup Geo, elect, h 506 Runnymede rd 
Hartup Miss Mary, cashier, 1 506 Run- 
nymede rd 

Harvey Percy G, mach, h 32 Daisy av 
Haslam Thos, lab, h 121 Corbett av 
Hayes Joseph J, lab. 1 2544 St Clair av 
Hayes Michl J, tmstr. 1 2544 St Clair av 
Hayts Patk, lab, h 247S St Clair av 
Hayes Sylvester, tmstr, h 2544 St Clair 


Hayhurst Isaac B, carp, h 87 Corbett av 
Haynes Fredk J, lab, h 87 Priscilla av 
Henderson Barbara (wid Donald;, h 

369 St Johns rd 

Heslop John K, cattle dlr, h 32 Gert- 
rude av 

Hibbert Geo, h 18 Marinosa av 
Hicks James, blksmth, h 15 Corbett av 
Hiifham Harold E, electro plater, 1 5 

trude av 

Hill Albert, carp, h 81 Corbett av 
Hill John, gro 2369 Dundas, h same 
Hill Joseph B. mldr, h 515 Durie 
Hind Rev T James, pastor Myrtle Av 

Baptist Church, res Toronto 
Hiney Alfred F, lab. 1 2334 Dundas 
Hiney Miss Eva M. Indrs, 1 2334 Dundas 
Hiney Thos, lab, h 2334 Dundas 
Hirons John C, Imbr mfr n s St Clair 

av, h 4 Gertrude av 
Hofland Miss Bertha, elk J J Hofland, 

1 370 St Johns rd 
Hofland John J, gro 370 St Johns rd, 

h same 
Holden Emma (wid Wesley), h 567 


Holden Miss Gladys, opr, 1 640 Annette 
Holden John A, ctr, 1 640 Annette 
Holden Miss Olive, opr, 1 640 Annette 
Holden Telford, slsmn, 1 567 Jane 
Ho:<l< n Win, watchman, li 040 Annette 
Holm, s Geo R, paint mkr. h 60 Prit- 

.i av 

Holroyd Arthur, lab. h 446 Willard av 
Holroyd Frank, mach, b 32 Daisy av 
Holroyd John. mach. b 32 Daisy av 
Hupper Miss Irene, stenog, 1 557 Jane 
Hopper John, soap mkr, h 557 Jane 
Hopper Miss Mabel, opr, 1 557 Jane 
Hughes Edwd, bolt mkr, h 10 Priscilla 


Hunsperger Norman, carp, h 13 Scar- 
lett av 

Hutton Robt, tmstr, b 503 Jane 
Ingram Fredk, brklyr, b 446 Willard av 
Jack David, ftr, h 319 St Johns rd 
Jackson Chas W, brklyr, 1 2277 Dundas 
Jackson Peter J, brklyr, h 2277 Dundas 
James Albert, blksmth, h 573 Jane 
James Thos M, ftr, h 490 Willard av 

Jeanes Leonard E, gdnr. h 430 Beres- 
ford av 

Jeckel Reginald, painter, h 2 Priscilla 

Jeffery Miss Ann, stenog, 1 2 Pritchard 

:> Miss Florence, bkpr, 1 2 Pritch- 
ard av 

Jeffery Thos, bldr, h 2 Pritchard av 
Jenner Thos W, shipper, h 41 Priscilla 


Jevons. Phillip H, core mkr, 1 496 Wil- 
lard av 
Jevons Wm D, blksmth, h 496 Willard 


Johncock Fredk J, stock kpr, h 41 Gil- 
son av 
Johns Edwd S, postman, h 72 Pritchard 

Johnstone Wm, Iron wkr, h 492 Willard 

Jones Miss Mary P, opr, 1 440 Beres- 

ford av 

Jones Sarah J (wid Thos), 1 440 Beres- 
ford av 
Jones Wm T, engineer, h 440 Beresford 


Kaiser John T, mach, h 10 Mould av 
Karmeisool Frank A, carp, b 38 Scar- 
lett av 

Keeling Arthur, mach, b 2 Pritchard av 
Kells Miss Noreen, opr, 1 35 Priscilla av 
Kells Wm J, carp, h 35 Priscilla av 
Kemp Percy, time kpr, h 26 Priscilla 


Kemp Robt, btchr, h 491 Durie 
Kennedy Miss Sarah E, h w s Runny- 
mede rd 

Kent Clive, shoemkr, b 529 Durie 
Kerslake Joseph F, woodwkr, h 31 

Mould av 

King Chas E, mach, h 2363 Dundas 
King George School, James H Beamish 
prin, cor St Johns rd and Willard av 
King James M, carp, h 29 Gertrude av 
King Wm J, h 653 Jane 
Kirk Wm, blrmkr, h 21 Scarlett av 
Ki--kham Robt, mach. b 29 Scarlett ay 
Knight Geo. gdnr, h 24 Pritchard av 
Knox Wm. brkmkr, h 9 Marinosa av 
Kraft Fredk A, brklyr, h 47 Gertrude 


Kruger Hyman, tlr, 1 572 Annette 
Lahey Eldie, tmstr, 1 2488 St Clair av 
Lahey John, tmstr, h 24SS St Clair av 
Lahey Richd, tmstr, 1 24SS St Clair av 
Laing James, cement wkr, h 90 Pris- 
cilla av 

Lainson John W, gro, h 7 Marinosa av 
Lancaster Thos, glass plshr, h 6 Mon- 
tye av 

Lane Edwd, mach, h 14 Gilson av 
Langston James, lab, h 500 Willard av 
Lawrie Alex M, carp, h 31 French av 
Laws Alex, lab, 1 9 Gilson av 
Laws Wm, carp, h 9 Gilson av 
Layton John G, hostler, h 1 Pritchard 


Leadbeater Albert E, brklyr, h 413 Wil- 
lard av 
Leadbeater Arthur, carp, 1 413 Willard 


Leadbeater Lorin, mach, 1 585 Jane 
Leadbeater Wm, tmstr, h 585 Jane 
Leaver Chas H, btchr, 1 37 Mould av 
Leaver Miss Evelyn, drsmkr, 1 37 Mould 


Leaver John, tmstr, h 37 Mould av 
Lee Archd, lab, b Thos Tales 
Lee Thos H, carp, h 2270 Dundas 
Leistner Ernest 1*1, case mkr, h 29 

Scarlett av 

Li-istner Paul, mach. b 29 Scarlett av 
Lt-nit-reau Mary (wid Peter), h 76 Prit- 
chard av 

Lever Albert S, mldr, h 412 Winder- 
mere av 

Lewis Albert W, plshr, h 21 Mould av 
Lightowler Joseph A, comp, h 473 St 

Johns rd 
Lightowler Miss Muriel, elk, 1 473 St 

Johns rd 
Low Robt, blksmth, h 410 Windermere 


Lumb Harry, brklyr, h 64 Priscilla av 
Luxton John, pattern mkr, h 310 St 

Johns rd 

Lyons Wm C, mach, h 5 Corbett av 
McCaulley John, tinner, h 483 Willard 


McClelland Alex, lab, h 2304 Dundas 
McColl Emma (wid Wm J), gro 525 

Durie, h same 

McColl Miss Ethel, mail elk, 1 525 Durie 
McColl John H, piano fnshr, 1 525 Durie 
McDonald Wm J, tester, h 37 Gertrude 

McGuire Frank, tmstr, b 2544 St Clair 

McKay Alex K, metal wkr, h 31 Daisy 


MeKenny Hugh, mach, h 37 Henrietta 
McLean Geo W, carp, h 512 Beresford 


McManiman Eliza (wid Wm), h 31 Cor- 
bett av 

McMicking Howard, driver, h 17 Pris- 
cilla av 
McMillan John, btchr, 320 St Johns rd, 

res Toronto 
McMordie James A, elect, h 18 Priscilla 


Macdonald Edwd A, h 517 Durie 
Macdonald John E, tmstr. 1 517 Durie 
Maclntyre Rev Alex, h 543 Windermere 

Maclntyre Miss Christina, wool wkr, 1 

543 Windermere av 
Maclntyre Miss Sarah, wool wkr, 1 543 

Windermere av 

Mackie Alex B, plstr, h 643 Jane 
Manning Edwin F, silversmith, h 452 

Windermere av 
Manning John T, tmstr, h 117 Corbett 


Manser Fredk, furn plshr, h 411 Win- 
dermere av 

March Wm A, lab, h 324 St Johns rd 
Mark Wm, tmstr, h 509 Beresford av 
Marshall Richd, mach, h 3 Scarlett av 
Marshall Wm J, blksmth, h 22 Gres- 
ham av 

Martin Richd, wood fnshr, h 477 Wil- 
lard av 

Martin Wm J, engineer, h 509 Durie 
Mashinter Albert, tmstr. h 356 St Johns 


Matthews Corvin E, mach, h 434 Beres- 
ford av 
Menary Isaac, mach, b 497 Beresford 

Middleton Frank T, chkr, h 50 Mould 

Miller Andrew, mason, h 41 Raybould 

Miller Frank, painter 34 Gertrude av, 

h same 
Miller Warwick, confr, h 347 St Johns 

Milligan Anne (wid Thos), 1 642 An^ 


Milligan Hamilton I, bldr, h 642 Annette 
Mills Herbert, cabt mkr, h 429 Willard 

Milne Celena (wid David), h 39 French 

Mitchell Geo J, shipper, h 497 Beres^ 

ford av 
Mitchell Miss Martha J, opr, b 2363 


Mockford Phillip C, tlr, b 9 Montye av 
Mogridge Hannah (wicl Wm), 1 460 

\Vindermere av 

Moore Geo W, painter, h 18 Gresham av 
Moore Wm J, mach, h 2492 St Clair av 
Morgan Eugene, flremn, h 518 Durie 
Morgan Wm A. btch, h 25 Raybould av 
Morley Rev Edwd, pastor St Paul's 

(Ang) Church, res West Toronto 
Morris Fred H, glass wkr, h 43 Scarlett 


Morrow Wm, carp, h 13 Gilson av 
Mc.rtham Nelson, mach, b 32 Daisy av 
Mnsely Henry, mach, h 37 Priscilla av 

F. J. SMITH > CO. 




Offices and Safe Deposit Vaults : TEMPLE BUILDING 

Chartered Executor, Administrator, 
Trustee, Etc. 


On Mortgages 




Muss Bdwd C, plshr, 1 57 French av 
.MUMS Ephraim F. tmsU-, 1 57 French av 
Moss Wm, lab, h 57 French av 
.Mi. tli John T, carp, h 461 St Johns rd 
Mould Miss Annie, smstrs, 1 47 Mould 


Mould Geo, brklyr, h 49 Mould av 
Mould Jesse, brklyr, h 52 Mould av 
Mould John, elect, 1 47 Mould av 
Mould Thos, brklyr, h 47 Mould av 
Mowat James S, lab, h 41S Windemere 


Myrtle av Baptist Church, Rev T Jas 
Hind pastor, cor Windermere and 
Rose avs 
Nash Nathan E, mech engr, b 369 St 

John* nl 

Neilands Gregory, h 442 Beresford av 
Newbold Arthur, insp, h 104 Priscilla av 
Newton-Smith Herbert, tire rpr, h 591 


Nichol John J, tmstr, b 29 French av 
Nicholls Albert, btchr, b 2 Daisy av 
Nicholls Chas H, btchr, b 2 Daisy av 
Nicholls Wm G, brkmkr, h 2 Daisy av 
Nichols John H, mach, h 533 Jane 
Nicholson Miss Emily E, opr, 1 30 

1'ri U'lutrd ay 
Nicholson Sarah N (%vid John), h 30 

Pritchard av 

Noble Wm F, lab, h 127 Corbett av 
O'Neil Miss Frances, opr, 1 36 Stubbins 


O'Neil James E, h 516 Runnymede rd 
O'Neil Mary (wid Bernard), h 36 Stub- 
bins av 

Oster Thos F, lab, h 527 Durie 
Page Harry, tmstr, b 23 Scarlett av 
1'araday Saml, concrete wkr, h 2359 


Parker Jos H, carp, h 460Windermere av 
Parm Chas. btchr, h 6 Priscilla av 
Patterson Kobt, brklyr, h 1 Gertrude av 
Payiit- Wm R, carp, h 493 Willard av 
Pecover Wm, slsmn R Sendall, b 358 St 

Johns nl 

Peddei Thos, b 483 Beresford av 
Peters Jo.seph E, gro 420 Runnymede 

rd, h same 

Petrie Herbert, driver, h 416 Winder- 
mere av 

Phillips Frank R, woodvvkr, h 587 Jane 
Phillips Fredk, carp, h 589 Jane 
Phillip.s John G, mach, h 5 Marinosa av 
Phillpot Wm E, car clnr, rms 428 Beres- 
ford av 
Pipe Ernest W, brkmkr, h 44 Gresham 


Poole Walter A, pattern mkr, h 39 Gil- 
son av 

Poste Miss Bessie, opr, 1 22 Priscilla av 
Poste Henry T, chkr, h 22 Priscilla av 
Pritchavd Chas M, ftr, h 58 Gertrude av 
Pritchard Frank, ftr, 1 53 Gertrude av 
Pritehard John, caretkr, 1 58 Gertrude 


Proctor David W, elk, 1 18 Gilson av 
Proctor Fredk G, elk, 1 18 Gilson av 
Proctor Wm, carp, h 18 Gilson av 
Pyke Edwd W, studt, 1 38 Gresham av 
Pyke Miss Elsie, elk, 1 38 Gresham av 
Pyke Miss Ethel M, opr, 1 38 Gresham 


Pyke James, lab, h 1 Raybould av 
Pyke Wm T, florist 38 Gresham av, h 


Radford Frank, mach, b 493 Willard av 
Rae John, bkbndr, h 408 Windermere av 
Ralley Wm A, car repr, h 449 Winder- 
mere av 

Raybould Perry J, elk, h 438 Winder- 
mere av 

Raymer Rev Gordon C, 1 478 Winder- 
mere av 

Raymer Henry B, piano mkr, h 478 Win- 
dermere av 

Reardon James, carp, 1 633 Jane 
Reardon Matilda (wid Jas), h 633 Jane 
Reasin Mary (wid Wm), h 53 Priscilla 

Redhead Percy M, confr, h 306 St Johns 


Reid Geo E, tmstr, h 515 Beresford av 
Reid Jeremiah, lab, h 516 Beresford av 
Reid Thos B, mach hnd, h 13 Marinosa 

Revel Thos E, car insp, b 54 Gertrude 


Revers Frank, painter, 1 66 Pritchard av 
Revers Peter J, painter, h 66 Pritchard 

Kiddell Ewan L, blksmth, h 36 French 


Riddell Ewen, blksmth, h 28 French av 
Ridding John, mach, h 38 Pritchard av 
Rig-by Albert, woodwkr, h 27 Montye av 
Hobb James, tmstr, h 412 Runnymede 


Robinson Dora (wid Wm), h 482 Wil- 
lard av 
Robson Edmund V, lab, h 54 Gertrude 

Robson Fredk, slsmn, h 499 Beresford 


Robson Geo, lab, h 44 Gertrude av 
Rosenfeild Joseph, bldr, h 572 Annette 
Ross Donald, blksmth, h 43 Raybould av 
Ross Erland E, painter, I 2282 Dundas 
Ross Wm H, painter, h 2282 Dundas 
Rossiter Wm A, brkmkr, h 6 Stubbins av 
Rowntree David, 1 377 St Johns rd 
Rowntree Sheridan W, elk, h 377 St 

Johns rd 
Rumball Roderick G, lab, h 2586 St 

Clair av 

Runnymede Presbyterian Church, Rev 
B B Weatherall pastor, St Johns rd 
cor Windermere av 

Russell Miss Elizth, 1 11 Scarlett av 
Russell Geo H, lab, h 9 Scarlett av 
Russell Miss Jennie, opr, 1 11 Scarlett 

avenue ' 

Russell Martin, lab. h 2356 Dundas 
Russell Peter, plmbr, h 4 Mould av 
Russell Thos, lab, h 11 Scarlett av 
Rynders Dirk, carp, b 56 Scarlett av 
Ryrie Geo A, elk, h 439 Windermere av 
Ryrie Wm, mason, 1 439 Windermere av 
Sadler Wm H, brkmkr. h 17 Scarlett av 
St Paul's, Church (Ang), Rev Edwd Mor- 

ley pastor, n s Annette 

Searle Harry H, driver, h 34 French av 
Sendall Richd; btchr 368 St Johns rd, 

h same 

Shallard Wm, slsmn, b 567 Jane 
Shanks David, brklyr, h 2484 St Clair av 
Sharpe Albert, blrmkr, h 444 Winder- 
mere av 

Sharpe Chas, guard, h 529 Durie 
Sharpe Earl, driver, 1 529 Durie 
Sharpe Miss Martha, elk, I 529 Durie 
Sharpe Mary L (wid Adam), 1 13 Gilson 


Shearer Thos, plmbr, h 6 Mould av 
Shepheard Henry, plshr, h 3 Gertrude av 
Sheppard Fredk" W, mattress mkr, 1 26 ' 

Scarlett av 

Sheppard John, carp, h 26 Scarlett av 
Sheppard Wm E, h 29 Henrietta 
Shunk Nathaniel, h 410 Runnymede rd 
Shunk Miss Octavla, stenog, 1 410 Run- 
nymede rd 

Shunk Reginald A, mach, 1 410 Runny- 
mede rd 

Shunk Simon, h 560 Annette 
Shuttleworth Jos, baker 5 Scarlett av, h 


Skells Chas H, carp, h 35 Scarlett av 
Skippen James N, carp, h 14 Gresham ' 


Slack Priscilla (wid Arthur), h 501 Wil- 
lard av 

Slater Wm R, carp, h 10 Gilson av 
Small Geo. blrmkr, h 31 Henrietta 
Smart Wm, flremn, h 536 Beresford av 
Smedley Thos, blksmth, h 2299 Dundas 
Smith Henry, carp, h 2556 St Clair av 
Smith Herbert, h 46 Mould av 
Smith Hugh, engr, h 336 St Johns av 
Smith Ralph E, mach, h 639 Jane 
Smithson John H, brkmkr, h 3 Marinosa 


Snabel John, mach, b 36 Gertrude av 
Sneath Robt H, plstr, h 2348 Dundas 
Southall Ezra, shipper, h 414 Willard av 
Sparks Chas, lab, h r 30 Daisy av 
Sparks Chas R, lab, h 63 Raybould av 
Spence Miss Jane, opr, b 43 Scarlett av 
Spice Frank, brkmkr, 1 2484 St Clair av 
Staines Joseph, h 20 Priscilla av 
Staines John T, 1 20 Priscilla av 
Staines Thos, mach, h 411 Jane 
Stanfleld Joseph, lab, h 444 Willard av 
Stanway Luke, elk, h 414 Windermere 


Staples James, carp J Staples, res To- 
Staples John, carp 2560 St Clair av, res 


Steel Miss Minnie E, tchr Alexander 
Pub School, res West Toronto 

Steen Ephraim D, shi|i|>er, h 458 Win- 
dermere av 

Stephens Wm C, carp, h 455 St Johns rd 
Steward Wm, tmstr, h 503 Jane 
Stewart Thos, packer, h 456 Wiml'-r- 

mere av 

Still Thos, mach, h 38 Gertrude av 
Stokes Chas, ctr, h 415 Jane 
Stoneham John A, actin mkr, h 483 

Beresford av 

Street James W, brklyr, b 607 Jane 
Stringer Arthur J, lab. h 431 Willard av 
Stubbings Timothy J, gdnr, h 40 Stub- 

bins av 

Stubbings Wm, lather, h 478 Will;. 
Stunell Horace, lab, h 2416 Di 
Sullivan Edwd J, flremn, h 2u Gilson av 
Swansoh David S, blrmkr, h 523 Durie 
Syme Danl, mkt gdnr w s Runnymede 

av, h same 
Talbert Joseph, mach hd. h 531 Jane 

>ys Reginald, brklyr, b 3!i French 

Tamaro Saml, mach, h 17 Gertrude av 
Tasker Ada (wid James), h 510 Runny- 
mede rd 

Taylor Alex, carp, b 642 Annette 
Taylor Chas S, action mkr, h 3 Daisy av 
Taylor Geo H, h 2 Gresham av 
Taylor Maria (wid Parker), h 33 Pris- 
cilla av 

Taylor Wm J, varnish mkr, h 409 Wil- 
lard av 

Teeple Allan, mach. h 438 Beresford av 
Teeple Lewis, insp. h 436 Beresford av 
Thomas Albert, elect, b 19 French av 
Thomas Albert A, h 407 Jane 
Thomas Geo B, carp, h 351 St Johns rd 
Thomas T Edwd, comp, h 38 Daisy av 
Thompson Harry, painter 321 St Johns 

rd, h same 
Thompson Miss Nettie, opr, 1 5 Hanley 


Thompson Thos, lather, h 5 Hanley av 
Thorold Eliza t wid Wm), 1 487 Beres- 
ford av 

Thorold Fred O, real estate, h 487 Beres- 
ford av 

Tod Henry, mach, h 537 Windermere av 
Todd Thos E, plshr. h 12 Gilson av 
Tootell Alfred, lab, h 45 Raybould av 
Travis Thos, lab, h 521 Durie 
Troughton Geo A, pdlr, h 17 Raybould 


Tucker Geo W, lab. b 5 Corbett av 
Tutchener John T, lab, h 11 Priscilla av 
Twose Arthur, acct, h 28 Priscilla av 
Tyndall Herbert V, chkr, 1 516 Durie 
Tyndall Wm A, h 516 Durie 
Tyndall AVm T, shipper, 1 516 Durie 
Uttley Herbert, case mkr, h 6 Gresham 


Vaughan Miss Alice, opr, 1 43 French av 
Vaughan Eenj, lather, h 23 French av 
Vaughan Miss Florence, opr, 1 43 

French av 

! Vaughan Fredk, lather, h 43 French av 
Vaughan Fredk jr, bolt mkr, 1 60 French 


Vaughan Geo, h 21 French av 
Vaughan Geo jr, gro 60 French av, h 


Vaughan Wm T, h 129 Corbett av 
Veal John H, bldr, h 5 Gertrude av 
\Vadsworth Wm J, mgr F B Hartney, 

res Toronto 

Waller Herbert, lab, h 423 Willard av 
Ward Fredk E. engr. h 14 Marinosa av 
Warner Geo W, lab, h 30 Daisy av 
Warren Alfred, coal dlr 2290 Dundas, h 


Warren Miss Frances P. 1 2290 Dundas 
Waterhouse John, blrmkr. h 2312 Dun- 
Waters Chas J, carp, 1 520 Runnymede 


Waters Frank C, h 520 Runnymede Td 
Waters Roy H, carp, 1 520 Runnymede 

Watt David W, acct, 1 470 Windermere 


Watt John, h 470 Windermere ay 
Watt Miss Sadie A, stenog, 1 470 Win- 
dermere av 

Watt Wm, engr, h 119 Corbett av 
Watterson Robt, driver J C Hirons, h 

S Gertrude av 
Weatherall Rev B B, pastor Runnymede 

Presbyterian Church, res Toronto 
Webster Fredk H, engr, b 23 Gresham 




145-147 f 





Wells Albert, lab, h 497 YS illard av 
Wells Henry, tmstr, h 23 French av 
Welsh Joseph, blrmkr, 1 10 Daisy av 
Welsh Robt B, mach, h 10 Daisy av 
Welsh \Vm. lab. h 25 Henrietta 
West Reginald J, mach, 1 402 Runn>- 

West d Th'o's. mach, h 402 Runnymede rd 
West Wm H. tool mkr. 1 4i'2 Runny- 

White James, carp, h 34 Daisy av 
Whittle Ann wid Wm), h N.J rriscilla 

WWtSeNvm J. gdnr. 1 S5 Prjseilla av 
Whitworth John, car rpr, h 2o Scarlett 

Wnvte Wm. pdlr, h 4 Pnscilla av 
Wie'kson Jake, mach. h s Pritchard av 
Willinm- Miss Emma. 1 341 St Johns rd 
Williams Hugh C, stereo, h 9 Montye av 
Williams .Martha A (.wid James). 1 341 

St Johns rd 
Williams Miss Rose, stenog, 1 J Montye 

WiYlit">:V John S. lather, h 2310 Dundas 
Wilson Danl, carp J Staples, res To- 

n Miss Pearl L, opr, 1 247- Si 
Wilson Walter J, cond, h 340 St Johns 

Withei-stone Frank, blksmth, h 5 Ray- 

bould av 
Won, I \Vm. lab, h 33 Daisy av 

r 318 St Johns 
rd h same 

Worgan Cleve. tmstr. b 2 iair av 

uan Hugh. lab. b 248S St Clair av 
uiian Miss Harriet M, elk. 1 502 

Workman James, mach, h 502 Durie 

Miss Viola P, tchr, 1 5"2 

Worthington Ge". mldr, h 487 Willard 


Yates Th-is, carp, h w s Runnymede rd 
Yelland John W, ftr, h 125 Corbett av 


(Four miles west of PostoPfice) 

Adams Joseph, painter, h e s Windermere 

Aikins Robt J, supt Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co. res Toronto 
Aisbford Henry, lab. 1 16 Craig 
Aishford Joseph J, carp, h 37 Bertha 
Aishford Thos, lab, h 16 Craig 
Aishford Wm H. mach. h 4 Craig 

ry Alfred J, bolt mkr, b 19 Craig 
Allan Frank B, sec-treas Indestructible 

>, Ltd res Toronto 
ph. tmstr. h e s Southport rd 
Al'.erston Fredk T. elk, h e s Ellis iiv 
Anderton Wm, shipper, 1 C J Hollands 
Archer Alfred, bolt mkr. h e s Winder- 


Armstrong Geo, fence bldr, h e s South- 
port rd 

Arnfleld Fredk S. trav, h w s Ellis av 
Ashby Albert, mldr, h n s Park rd 
Ashby Geo H, mldr, b n s Maple av 
Bailey Chas. ins agt, h e s Windermere 


Baldwin John W, lab, h 43 Craig 
Banks Alex. carp, h ws Craig 
Baptist Mission. Norman Davis pastor. 

n s Park rd 

Barber Edgar W. brklyr. h e s Craig 
Barber Maurice, concrete wkr, b 18 La- 
Barker Allan G, driver, h s s College st 


Rurker Arthur, carp, h w s Bertha 
Barlow Cornelius H, bolt mkr, h 57 


Barlow James W, rimmer, 1 57 Bertha 
Barlow Joseph, packer, b 43 14 Bertha 
Barrett Chas E. brass plshr. b Alfred 

R Pearman 

Barton John A, weaver, h e s South- 
port rd 

Eater Chas, brklyr, h 47 Thompson 
Baxter Richd, brkmkr, b Watson Leek 
Beacroft Wm A, tchr. h w s Ellis av 
P.eattie Fredk T. wood wkr, h n s Col- 
lege st extension 
Bell James, lab. h 21 Craig 

Benness Albert L. gdnr Wm Rennie Co 

Ltd. b 16 Thompson 
Benness Bertram, elk, b 16 Thompson 
Bennett Chas, brkmkr, b Clarence E 

Berry Danl, plstr, h e s Windermere av 
Binning Henry, mach, b Watson Leek 
Binning Joseph, mach, h e s Southport 


Blair David R, carp, h 61 Thompson 
Blair Miss Eva. slsldy, 1 61 Thompson 
r.luir Garnet, mail elk, 1 61 Thompson 
Blyth Alfred, kilnmn, h n s Queen 

i Henry T. nail mkr, h s s Park rd 
llolton Geo, mldr, h e s Bertha 
Book Geo W, plmbr. h 36 Thompson 
Booth Henry H, carp, h e s Windermere 


Boulter Chas, h 14 Windermere av 
Bowen Henry V, carp, h 11 Oak av 

/ James G, piano fnshr, h 30 Ber- 

Bragg Chas H, painter, h w s Craig 
Bragg Fredk A, bolt mkr. h w s Craig 
Brown Geo S, elk Steel Co of Canada 

Ltd. res Humber Hay 
Brown Percy, btchr Win H McCulla, res 


DiuwniMC Frederick P, carp, h e s South- 
port rd 

Bryan Lawrence, bolt mkr, b J Allan 
Bryant .Sarnl. brklyr. 1 Edgar W Barber 
Brydson David, shipper, h s s College 


p.rydson James, blksmth, h w s Winder- 
John, driver Grenadier Ice and 
; Co, res Mimico 

Brydson Sarah (wid Jas), h w s Ellis av 
Buckley Saml, carp, h <? s Uertha 
I'yles Wm J. mldr. h IS Lavina 
Cameron Benj A. mot", h n s Queen 

B, nut mkr, 1 Benj A 

Cameron Henry A. brkmn. 1 L D Cameron 
Cameron Laughlin D, stablemn, h n s 

Cameron Raymond, driver, 1 Benj A 


Csu'bery James, h w s Windermere av 
Carless Albert, weaver, h e a Bertha 
Carless Edmund, contr. h e s Bertha 
Carless Edmund, tmstr Inclestrustible 

Brick Co Ltd. res Toronto 

Can- Frank, mach, 1 John M Carr 

Can- Harold, blrmkr, h n s Queen 

Carr John jr, brkmkr. 1 Frank Foreman 

John M, tmstr, h n s Windermere 


Carr Miss Nellie, sorter, 1 J M Carr 
Carr Percy S, driver Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co, 1 J M Carr 

Carr Stephen J, brklyr. 1 John M Can- 
Can- Thos \V, tmstr. 1 John M Carr 
Carter Thos. brklyr, 1 IS Thompson 
Chalmers James, mach, h 11 College st 


Champion Selina (wid Alexl. 1 13 Craig 
Chapman Chas G, gdnr Wm Rennie Co, 

Ltd. 1 Chas T Chapman 
Chapman Chas T, bolt mkr, h 7 College 

st extension 
Chappell Miss Beatrice, elk, 1 10 Win 

dermere av 

Chappell Jos. mach. h 10 Windermere av 
Chappell Joseph jr, elk, 1 10 Winder- 
mere av 
Chappell Robt, mach, 1 10 Windermere 

Chowns Fredk, driver Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co, res Humber Bay 
Chowns Richd, brkmkr Indestructible 

Brick Co, Ltd, res Humber Bay 
Chowns Thos W, lab. h w s Bertha 
Chowns Wm. driver Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co, res Humber Bay 
Clark Wm, carp, h s s Park rd 
Clarke Fraucis H, maeh, h e 8 Windermere 

Clayton Fanny G (wid Joseph), b John 


Clayton Fredk W, tinsmth, h 40 Win- 
dermere av 

Clements Henry, shoe ctr, h e s Winder- 
mere av 
Clipperton John W H, prin Swansea 

Public School, res Toronto 
Coates Miss Ethel, 1 Wm E Coates 
Coates Geo A, chauffeur, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Coates Herbert, tmstr, 1 Wm E Coates 
- Martha (.wid Wm) 1 Wm E 

Wm E, brklyr, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

'obbett Joseph, blksmth, h w s Bertha 
Cochrane Mary A (wid Joseph), h s s 
College st extension 

ochrane Robt, bolt mkr, h s s College 
st extension 
'ochrane Robt, trimmer, h e s Berth.i 

\nn ( wid Mark), 1 Alex Mundy 
Coe Chas, tmstr, h s s Bloor 

iss Florence S, sorter, 1 Wm ., 
Coe plstr. h e s Windermere av 
Coe Gordon W, shipper, 1 Wm A Coe 
""oe Miss Hazel O. elk. 1 Win A t 
Coe Wm A, bolt mkr, h e s Windermere 


Coe Zachariah E. tmstr, h 5 Lavina 
^ole Wm. h w s Ellis av 
'ollard Wm, b Fredk A Bragg 
Coombs Caroline (wid Thos), h w s Ellis 


Conte Paulo, lab. h e s Southport rd 
Craib Alex, h 28 Windermere av 
Craib Alex jr, piano tuner, 1 28 Winder- 
mere av 
Craib Wm. mach. 1 28 Wind-- 
Craig John, mason, h e s Southp< ; 

Henry, moto, h 11 Windermere av 
Crilly Wm. driver, h n s Park rd 
ley Saml. lab. 1 Abraham E 

Crowston Thos, baker, h 20 W: 

mere av 
Cullom Edwd. engr Indestructible Brick 

N'ew Toronto 
Curfett Thos, bolt mkr, h n s Park rd 
Davidson Alex. carp. 1 Robt Davidson 
Davidson Alfred B, mach. h s s College 

st extension 
Davidson Miss Jessie, tchr Swansea Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 

Davidson Robt, press hd. h n s Queen 
Davis Miss Kliztb. 1 5 Lavina 
Davis Fredk. carp. 1 525 Bloor 
Davis Norman, pastor Baptist Mission. 

res Toronto 

Davis Robt W, gro 525 Bloor. h same 
Davis Vernon, elk R W Davis. I 


Davis Wm H, lab, h w s Craig 
Dearden Alfred, gdnr. h n s Maple av 
Dearden Miss Ethel, paper wkr, 1 Alfred 


Dearden James, lab, 1 Alfred Dearden 
Deer Chas H, carp, h w s Elizabeth 
Dennis Chas E, lab, h s s College st ex- 
Dominion Sewer Pipe Co Ltd. John T 

Ryan pres. Thos Kennedy mng dir 

and treas. Queen 

Donaldson Frank, lab, h s s Park road 
Drew Richd. lab. h w s Craig 
Drew Richd jr, brkmkr. 1 Richd Drew- 
Duckworth Alfred, press hd. h e s Win- 
dermere av 
Earle Thos L. btchr Wm H McCulla. 1 


Earle Wm R. 1 Win H McCulla 
Eason Win O, grinder, h s s College st 

Eckersley Abraham. printer, h e s 

Southport rd 

Edge Miss Ethel, leather wkr, 1 5 Craig 
Edge Harold, weaver, 1 5 Craig 
Edge Hilda A, elk, 1 5 Craig 
Edge Joseph, painter 5 Craig, h same 
Edge Walter B, weaver. 1 5 Craig 
Edmunds Alfred, glass wkr, h 18 Lavina 
Edmunds Geo, tmstr. h e s Bertha 
Elliott Geo J, real estate, h 32 Thomp- 

Ellis John, h e s Ellis av 
Entwistle Geo, kilnmn, 1 Alfred Blyth 
Evans David W, lab. h 59 Bertha 
Everden Thos E, candy mkr, h 17 Maple 


Ewers Frank V, dredger, h w s Bertha 
Ewles Harry, tmstr. 1 James Ewles 
Ewles James, tmstr. h w s Lavina 
Farrell John, lab, h 19 Maple av 
Farrow Robt, carp, h w s Windermerc 


Fellows Percy, painter, 1 B Wm Martin 
Fenton John, bolt mkr, h e s Southport 


Western Assurance Company 

Assets over $3,000,000 

Head Office Cor. SCOTT and WELLINGTON STS. 

<! D. YOUNG 


SON teo 




Fenton Lome, bolt mkr, 1 John Fenton 
Ford Miss Annie, choc dipper, 1 18 Win- 

dermere av 

Ford James, mach, 1 B W Martin 
Ford John, lab, h IS Winderraere av 
Ford Rankin, elk, 1 18 Windermere av 
Ford Roy, bolt mkr, b Geo Armstrong 
Fordyce James K, foremn Indestruc- 
tible Brick Co Ltd, res Humber Bay 
Foreman Frank, mach hd, h e s South- 
port rd 

Fox John, carp, h w s Craig 
Frazer Geo, steel wkr, h e s Bertha 
Frazer Mary (wid Wm), 1 Geo Frazer 
Frost Geo W, switchman, h e s Winder- 
mere av 
Callow Miss Augusta, h 7 Windermere 


Callow Edwd, brkr, 1 7 Windermere av 
Gallow Louis, elk, 1 7 Windermere av 
Garbutt Geo A, blksmth, h 49 Thompson 
Garvin John A, tmstr, h w s Craig 
Gemmell Miss Amelia, 1 17 Ellis av 
Gemmell John, arch, h 17 Ellis av 
Gibson Ernest G, carp, h e s Craig 
Giles Frank J, mldr, h 20 Lavina 
Giles Wm, yclmn Grenadier Ice and Coal 

Co, res Toronto 
Girvin Geo, gro, h s s Bloor 
Godskitt Antonio, brkmkr Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, h e s Southport rd 
Goldring- Miss Alice, tchr Swansea Pub 

Sen, res Toronto 
Graboski Wm, ydmn Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, h e s Southport rd 
Graham James, elect, 1 John C Graham 
Graham John C, lab, h e s Windermere 

Graham Miss Lillian, stenog, 1 John C 

Graviski Frank, brkmkr Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, h e s Southport rd 
Gray Allan, brklyr, h e s Craig- 
Gray Geo, lab, 1 Richd Gray 
Gray Miss Joan, drsmkr, 1 Richd Gray 
Gray Richd, lab, h w s Elizabeth 
Gray Richd jr, mldr, h e s Craig 
Green Alex G, mach, h 16 Thompson 
Green Duncan, elk, 1 16 Thompson 
Green Wm, button mkr, 1 16 Thompson 
Greenfield Thos, brkmkr Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, res Humber Bay 

E W Trent Manager, Lake Shore rd 
Gunn David, ydmn Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co, res Toronto 
Hall Jas, elk Abner Howard, res To- 

Hall Rev John T, pastor Mornlngside 

Presbyterian Church, h S8 Thompson 
Hall Wm A, h e s Ellis av 
Hamer John, driver Grenadier Ice and 

Coal Co, res Toronto 
Hansford Jas D, pdlr, h e s Windermere 

Harrison Charles, supt Dominion Sew^r 

Pipe Co, Ltd, res Mimiro 
Harrison John, foremn Dom Sewer Pipe 

Co Ltd, res Mimico 

Harrison Wm, bolt mkr, h w s Craig 
Hawke Fredk, messr, 1 J Hawke 
Hawke Jason, h n s Windermere pi 
Hawke Wm, steaog, 1 J Hawke 
Hawkins Thos A, tmstr Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, res Humber Bay 
Hearne Solomon, lab, h 11 Craig 
Henderson Robt, weaver, b J A Barton 
Henry Joseph, rivet mkr, b Thos Henry 
Henry Thos, iron wkr, h w s Craig 
Henry Wm J, nut mkr, h e s Bertha 
Hill Chas E, tmstr, h w s Craig 
Hinton Alfred, weaver, b e s Windermere 

H?nton Matilda (wid Wm), 1 Alfred 


Hiscox James, lab, h w s Ellis av 
Hodston John M, ctr, h e s Elizabeth 
Hollands Chas J, uphol, h e s Craig 
Holmes Geo, press hd, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Holroyd Albert, btchr, h 43 Bertha 
Horlock Robt, driver Wm Rennie Co 

Ltd, \i w s Craig 

Horlock Robt, steel wkr, h 12 Craig 
Howard Abner, gro Lavina cor College 

st exten, h same 

Howard Alfred H, designer, h e a Elizabeth 
Howard Alfred W. blksmth, h n s Col- 
lege st extension 

Howard Bros (Norman V and Fredk C), 
florists, s s College st extension 

Howard Miss Edna F, elk, 1 Alfred 


Howard Fredk C (Howard Bros), 1 Al- 
fred W Howard 

Howard Miss Ida, elk, 1 Alfred W How- 
Howard Lome, mach, h 38 Windermere 

Howard Norman V (Howard Bros), 1 

Alfred W Howard 
Howard Miss Olive, stenog, 1 Alfred W 

Howard Sidney H, journalist, h e s 

Ellis av 

Howarth Arthur, lab, b Joseph Allan 
Howarth Geo, elev opr, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Howarth John W, tmstr, 1 Geo Howarth 
Hudson Wm E, furnacemn, h 47 Bertha 
Hunt Miss Agnes, slsldy, 1 Hamilton L 


Hunt Edgar, steel wkr, h 45 Bertha 
Hunt Edwd L, printer, 1 Hamilton L 

Hunt Ernest A, printer, 1 Hamilton L 

Hunt Hamilton L, driver, h s s College 

st extension 
Hunt Miss Hazel, opr. 1 Hamilton L 


Hunt Miss Irene, candy mkr, 1 Hamil- 
ton L Hunt 

Hunt Wm, carp, h 43% Bertha 
Hunt Wm J, glass ctr, 1 Hamilton L 

Hunter Walter, elk Steel Co of Caua-ia 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Hurst Geo, driver Grenadier Ice and 
' Coal Co, res Toronto 
Hutchinson Alex B, brklyr, h 23 Thomp- 

Hutchinson David, mach, h 21 Thompson 
Hutchinson Margt (wid Alex), h 23 


Indestructible Brick Co Ltd, Alfred Jeph- 
cott pres, Frank B Allan sec treas, Harry 
Race supt. head of Southport rd 
Jecks Clarence E, wtchmn, h e s Win- 
dermere av 

Jefferson Miss Ada, opr, 1 22 Crais 
Jefferson Chas, lab, h 22 Craig 
Jefferson Chas H, mach hd, 1 22 Craig 
Jefferson Wm, mach hd, 1 22 Craig 
Jenkins Peter, packer, b 18 Lavina 
Jephcott Alfred, pres Indestructible Brick 

Co Ltd, res Toronto 

Johnston James, tmstr, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Jones Chas L, engraver, 1 John L Jones 
Jones John L, engraver, h e s Ellis av 
Jones Miss Minnie B, 1 John L Jones 
Jones Wm, coremkr, h 16 Lavina 
Kavis Felix, lab, h e s Windermere av 
Keelor Angus, driver Grenadier Ice 

and Coal Co, res Humber 
Kemp John, brkmkr, b Mrs Mary A 

Kennedy Thos, mng dir and treas Dom 

Sewer Pipe Co Ltd, res Toronto 
Kent Irwin, bldr, h 56 Thompson 
Kent John, bldr, h 54 Thompson 
Kigon Joseph, brkmkr Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, h e s Southport rd 
Kyle Armstrong, acct, 1 Wm Kyle 
Kyle Fergus, artist, 1 Wm Kyle 
Kyle Wm, h e s Ellis av 
Kyle Wm A, elk. 1 Wm Kyle 
Lawn Chas, lab, b James Ewles 
Lee Arthur, lab, h w s Lavina 
Leedham Edwd, tile burner, h e s Win- 
dermere av 

Leedham Fredk A, lab, h e s South- 
port rd 
Leedham John E, engr, h e s Southport 

Leedham John W, bolt mkr, 1 Edwd 


Leedham Thos, bolt mkr, 1 Edwd Leed- 
Leek Watson, foremn, h e s Southport 


Levis Joseph, bolt mkr, h e s Bertha 
Lipcom Andrew, lab, h e s Windermere 

Lipcom John, lab, h e s Windermere 

Lloyd Harry T, watchmn, 1 Benj A 


Lockhart Douglas M. iron wkr, h 6 Col- 
lege st extension 

Long Geo, mgr Wm Rennie Co Ltd, 1 Mrs 

,S:ir;ih Kennie 

Lowder John, pntr. h 53 Bertha 
Luno Geo A, h e s Ellis av 
Lutkin MJss Eva, opr, 1 58 Bertha 
Lutkin Miss Maud, opr, 1 58 Bertha 
Lutkin Wm, steel wkr, h 58 Bertha 
Lyons James H, mldr, h 15 Maple av 
Lypka Martin, brkmkr Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, h e s Southport rd 
McBeth David, carp, h 15 Oak av 
McClenny Saml J, lab, 1 James D Hans- 

McCormaek Wm, elk, h 7 Craig 
McCreary Frank, bolt mkr, 1 57 Thomp- 

McCreary Fredk, weaver, 1 57 Thomp- 

McCreary Richd, bolt mkr, h 57 Thomp- 

McCrindle Hugh, carp, h 1 Lavina 
McCulla Miss Annie, 1 Wm H McCulla 
McCulla Miss Mary, 1 Wm H McCulla 
McCulla Wm H. btchr t- s Windermere 

av, h same 

McDermott Robt J, lab, h 29 Maple av 
McFarland James R, dispatcher, h 6 

AYindermere av 

McKenna Wm R, purse mkr, h 14 Thomp- 

McKinnon Neil, pntr, h 13 Craig 
McLaughlin John, driver Grenadier Ice 

and Coal Co. res Toronto 
McLean Mi^s Arties, ftr, 1 Wm McLean 
McLean Fredk. 1 \Vm McLean 
McLean John, driver A Howard, 1 Wm 

McLean Wm, driver, h n s Windermere 

McPherson Stanley, elk Steel Co of 

Canada Ltd, res Toronto 
Mark Mary (wid Alex), h w s Eliza- 

Mark Wm, bolt mkr, 1 Mrs Mary Mark 
Martin Bert B, pntr, h 58 Thompson 
Martin B Wm. carp, h w s Elizabeth 
Martin Chas W, carp, 1 B W Martin 
Martin Thos G, mach, 1 B W Martin 
I Mason Ernest, tinner, h 30 Thompson 
Masters Job, trap mkr. b Geo Bolton 
Mattinson Richd, brklyr, h s s Park rd 
Mattore Silvester, lab, h e s Southport 


Miles James H, btchr, h w s Craig 
M-intboro Geo, lab, h w s Lavina 
Mitchell Albert J, studt, 1 Mrs Sarah 


Mitchell John, brkmkr, h 26 Winder- 
mere av 

Mistress Swansea P O, 1 Mrs Sarah 

Moncton Chas, pipe mkr, b Geo Bolton 
Mongford Alfred, lab, h w s Lavina 
Monk Albert, gdnr, h w s Bertha 
Montefiore Eugene F, bkpr Grenadier 

Tee and Coal Co, res Toronto 
Mornlngside Presbyterian Church, Rev- 
John T Hall pastor, College st extension 
Morrison James S, acct, h e s Eliza- 

Morton Emmanuel, carp, h 15 Winder- 
mere av 

Mouland Frank W, ins agt, h e s Win- 
dermere av 

Muir James G, journalist, h 25 Ellis av 
Mundy Alex, tmstr, h s s College st 


Mundy Elgin, carp, 1 16 College st ex- 

Nash Marvin, pattern mkr, h 10 Thomp- 

I Neave Fredk L, carp, h 38 Bertha 
Needier Chas, brklyr, h e s Windermere 

Nelson Miss Frances R, opr, 1 34 


Nelson John H, elk, 1 34 Thompson 
Nelson Mrs Rose, h 34 Thompson 
Newman Albert, shoemkr, h 28 Thomp- 

O'Brien Bridget (wid Patk), h s s 

O'Brien James J, real est, 1 Mrs Brid- 
get O'Brien 

Orr Joseph, lab, h w s Lavina 

Owski Geo, brkmkr Indestructible Brick 
Co Ltd. res Humber Bay 

Parks James, brkmkr, b Clarence E 


(Guaranteed by Union Assurance Society, Limited, London, E"g.) 

BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents, 12 Wellington St. E. 



Phone M. 1790 




2 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 5088 

Par!*- brkmkr, b Clarence E 

Parsons Chas, leather wkr, h e s Win- 

dermere av 
Parting-ton John, pller, h w s A\ mder- 

Paterson Miss Annie H, slsldy, 1 -I 
Paterson Elizabeth (wid Thos), h 24 

Paterson Miss Jessie, drsmkr, 1 24 

Paterson Thos G, tester, h e s W mder- 

mere av 
Pearce Raymond, carp, b John E Leed- 

Pearman Alfred R, chauffeur, h w s 

Pennal Harry, elk Steel Co of Canada 

Ltd, res Humber Bay 
Phillips Walter, elect, h 18 Thompson 
Phipps Thos, watch mkr, 1 John Fox 
Poole Harry, btchr cor Bertha and 

Park rd, h same 

Priestley AVm, action mkr, h e s Jane 
Prosser Robt T, mach, h 12 Winder- 
mere av 

Prosser Saml A, mach, h e s Winder- 
mere av 
Putt Wm F, bkpr Canada Steel Co Ltd, 

res Toronto 
Rabjohn Albert S, mldr, h 15 College st 

Rabjohn Ann (wid Richd), 1 15 College 

st extension 
Eabjohn Arthur R, dry goods 14 College 

st extension, h same 
Rabjohn Earle, comp, 1 14 College st 

Race Harry, supt Indestructible Brick 

Co Ltd, h w s Windermere av 
Radcliffe Wm, brkmkr Indestructible 

Brick Co Ltd, res Mimico 
Reith Wm, 1 Mrs Mary Small 
R*nnie Sarah (wid Wm), h e s Ellis av 

Manager, Florists 13-15 Ellis av 
Rich Richd, mach hd, 1 17 Craig 
Rich Thos H, tmstr, h 17 Craig- 
Richards Thos, plstr, h n s Park rd 
Rlley John, lab, h s s Oak av 
Robe Albert, engineer, h w s Ellis av 
Roberts Benj, lab, h e s Bertha 
Roberts John, gdnr, h n s College st 


Roberts John, trimmer, 1 Benj Roberts 
Robinson Wm, elk, b 21 Oak av 
Rollinson Herbert, tinner, 1 Geo Sil- 
Ross Garnett A, pur ag-t Canada Steel 

Co Ltd, res Toronto 
BOWLAND WM A, Manager Steel Co of 

Canada Ltd, res Toronto 
Rule John, foremn Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co, res Toronto 

Ennacres Clias, train oiler, h w s Lavina 
Russell Miss Annie, insp, 1 Henry R 

Russell Miss Emily, elk H R Russell, 

1 same 
Russell Henry R, gro e s Windermere 

av, h same 
Russell Joseph V, iron wkr, 1 Henry 

R Russell 
Hyan John T, pres Dom Sewer Pipe Co 

Ltd, res Toronto 
St Olaves Church (Ang), Rev Walter 

H Sparks pastor, e s Windermere av 
Salto Antonio, lab, h e s Southport rd 
Scott Annie (wid Geo), packer, b 

Chas J Westover 
Shaw Chas B, plshr, h 15 Craig 
Shaw Geo B, plshr, 1 15 Craig 
Shelley Wm H, carp, h 59 Thompson 
Shred John, lab, h w s Lavina 
Shred Robt, lather, h 9 Craig 
Silvester Geo. tinner, h e s Elizabeth 
Silvester Sidney F, gro w s Windermere 

av, h same 

Simons Albert E. steel wkr, 1 62 Bertha 
Simons Miss Florence E, opr, 1 62 


Simons Fredk J, lab, 1 62 Bertha 
Simons Miss Mabel C, opr. 1 62 Bertha 
Simons Wm, lab, 1 62 Bertha 
Simons Wm J, steel wkf, h 62 Bertha 
Sims Miss Daisy, wtrs, 1 John Sims 
Sims John, lab, h n s Windermere pi 
Sims Roy, boatmn, 1 John Sims 

Sinclair Miss Christina, slsldy, 1 21 

Oak av 

Sinclair James L, stone ctr, 1 21 Oak av 
Sinclair Miss Margt, opr, 1 21 Oak av 
Sinclair Walter, stone mason, h 21 Oak 

Sinclair Walter E, carp, h e s Winder- 
mere ;tv 

Small Mary (wid Harry), h e s Elizabeth 

Smith Miss Agnes H, 1 Robt C Smith 

Smith Ernest E, carp, h w s Elizabeth 

Smith Miss Ht-leu M, 1 Robt C Smith 

Smith John, blksmth, b Watson Leek 

Smith John W, mach, 1 Joseph D Smith 

Smith Joseph D, press hd, h w s Win- 
dermere av 

Smith Robt C, advt agt, h n s College 
st extension 

Smith Wm, h n s Park rd 
i Smyth Miss Cassie, stenog, 1 4 Winder- 
mere av 

Smyth James B, lab, 1 4 Windermere 


' Smyth Mary (wid Thos), h 4 Winder- 
mere av 

Smyth Robt, iron wkr, h 3 Windermere 

Smyth Saml, action mkr, 1 4 Winder- 
mere av 

Snider Daniel X, piano mkr, h e s 
Windermere av 

Snider Miss Florence, 1 Daniel N Snider 

Sparks Rev Walter H, pastor St Olaves 
Church, res Toronto 

Rowland Manager, Windermere av 

Stephens John, supt Steel Co of Can- 
ada, Ltd, res Toronto 

Stephens Thos H. carp, h 12 Thompson 

Stewart Miss Alice, tchr Swansea Pub 
Sch, res Toronto 

Stewart Chas G, litho, h 16 College st 

Stewart Robt, carp, b 21 Oak av 

Stinson Robt, plater, h 50 Bertha 
- Stokes Thos A, oiler, h 33 Maple av 
1 Stokes Wm, plshr, h 10 Maple av 

Stone Austin, carp, h 60 Thompson 

Strath Leslie, nut mkr, b 28 Winder- 
mere av 

Summers Harry, tmstr, h n s Winder- 
mere pi 

Summers Harry jr. gdnr Wm Rennie 
Co Ltd, 1 Harry Summers 

Sutlan Marsh, bolt mkr, b Geo Arm- 

leen Mitchell Postmistress, w s Ellis 

Swansea Public School, John W H Clip- 
perton prin, Windermere av 

Thompson Robt, lab, 1 Mrs Sarah J 

Thompson Mrs Sarah J, Indrs, h w s 

Toner John, brkmkr, b Watson Leek 

Trent Ernest W. mgr Grenadier Ice & 
Coal Co, res Toronto 

Tyrell Sarah (wid Henry), h w s La- 

Urch Austin, driver Grenadier Ice and 
Coal Co, res Toronto 

Valentine John, ydmn, b Alfred Duck- 

'Valentine Thos, bolt mkr, b Alfred 

Vanderwater Miss May, 1 W Roy Von- 

Vanderwater W Roy, driver, h 52 

Vaughan Arthur H, mach, 1 14 Lavina 

Vaughan Geo, nut mkr, h s s Park rd 

V'aughan Joseph N, mach, 1 14 Lavina 

Vaughan Miss Mabel L, opr, 1 14 La- 

Vaughan Phillip H, lather, h 14 Lavina 

Venning Alfred E, brancher, h e s 

Windermere av 

1 Waddington Robt, mach hd, 1 Wm 

Waddington Wm, trap mkr, h w s 
Windermere av 

Wade Lawrence, shoe mkr, h 10 College 
st extension 

Wuklski Frank, ydmn Indestructible 
Brick Co Ltd, h e s Southport rd 

Walker David, bolt mkr, h n s Winder- 
mere pi 

Walker Frank S, shipper, 1 David 

Walker Miss Gladys R, elk, 1 David 

Wallis Thomas K, bkpr Dominion Sewer 

Pipe Co, Ltd. res Toronto 
Ward Geo, tmstr, b 20 Lavina 
Watson Wm E, carp, h s s Park rd 
Weech Wm J. bolt mkr, h 25 Oak av 
Weir Geo S, driver, h 8 Windermere av 
Westover Chas J, carpet clnr, h s s 

Park rd 
Westover Chas J jr, packer, 1 Chas J 

Westover W John, soap mkr, 1 Chas J 

Whlllans James A, phy n s Park rd, 1 


Wilde Wm L, lab, b 17 Maple av 
Wilkins Arthur, brklyr, b 5 College st 

Wilkins Robt E, btchr, h 5 College st 

Williams Edwd, carp Grenadier Ice & 

Coal Co, res Toronto 
Williams Perclval J, ganr, D su momp- 

Willis Kathleen (wid Henry), h w s 

Willis Walter, pdlr, 1 Mrs Kathleen 

Wilson John A, corset designer, h w s 

Ellis av 

Wilson Murdock, carp, h 19 Craig 
Woodley Mark L. hdwre cor Park rd 

and Elizabeth, h same 
Wright John H, elk, h 17 Windermere 


Wright Wm T, b Robt Farrow 
Yemen Fyfe H, carp, h w s Ellis av 
Ziggle Fredk, lab, 1 John F Ziggle 
Ziggle John F, farmer, h n s College 

st extension 
Ziggle Miss Lillian M, opr, 1 John F 



(Four and a half miles east of P O) 

Adam Walter, tmstr, h 19 Cronyn av 
Aitchison David, mkt gdnr 129 Bee, 

h same 

Aitchison Frank, brkmsr, h 162 Bee 
Allen Wm G. ledger kpr, n 21 Gamble av 
Allpress Amos, cement finshr, h 97 Bee 
Amos Geo, lab, h 25 Westwood av 
Anderson James, engr, h n s Albert 
Anderson Wm, mkt gdnr 18 Mortimer 

av, h same 

Anderton Thos, h 27 Fulton av 
Andrews ~5eo, brkmkr, h 13 Westwood av 
Andrews Henry, lab. h 224 Woodville av 
Andrews Wm. tmstr, h s s Sammon av 
Angus Adam, lab, h 1030 Pape av 
Annand Andrew, tmstr, h s s Sammon 


Arthur Geo. lab, h 76 Randolph av 
Arthur Geo, stone msn, h 51 Cronyn 


Ash Ernest, h 334 Don Mills rd 
| Ashby Wm, tmstr, h rear 340 Don Mills rd 
Atack James, plstr, h 11 Sammon av 
Athersich Herbert S, tmstr, h 29 Ful- 
ton av 

Athersich Wm, mkt ganr 100 Randolph 
av, h same 


STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading Ex- 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 




Main 3713 LUMSDEN BLDG., Toronto 

Our Book 



Mailed Fret 


Atwood Alfred H, ctr, h 34 Gowan av 
Bailey Benjamin, lab, h 222 Gowan av 
Baker Edwd, gdnr, h 392 Don Mills rd 
Baker Ralph, elect, h 8 Wiley av 
Baldwin Fredk. carp, h 183 Gamble av 
Baldwin John T jr, plmbr, h 106 Bee 
Baldwin Naomi (wid Alfred J), h 1S9 Gam- 
ble av 
Barclay Isaiah B, prin Todmorden 

pub sch, h 146 Bee 
Barker Robt, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd, 

h same 

Barren Alexander, mkt gdnr 266 Garden- 
er av, h same 

Barry John, lab. h s s Sammon av 
Earth Geo, plstr. h 70 Randolph av 
Bartholomew Wm J, 1 S Torrens av 
Bassant Sydney, brkmkr, h 116 Bee 
Bater Francis G, elk, h 267 Don Mills rd 
Eater Louisa (wid George), h 247 Don 

Mills rd 
Batterbury Arthur, moto, h 186 Gowan 

Baxter Geo W, fruits, h 369 Don Mills 


Deal Ernest, carp, h 160 Langford av 
Beckett Charles, brklyr, h 20 Frankland 


Bee Wm, mkt gdnr 115 Gardener av 
Bell Alex, lab, h 9 Westwood av 
Bell James, mkt gdnr s s Cosburn av, 

h same 

Bel! Robt, mkt gdnr 1139 Leslie 
Bellamy Clarke, lab, 1 489 Don Mills rd 
Bellamy George, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Bellamy John E, lab, h 489 Don Mills rd 
Bennett Harry, brkmkr, h 42 West- 
wood av 

Bennett Wm, lab, h 126 Bee 
Bentley Arthur, carp, h 142 Gowan av 
Beswick John M, carp, h s s Randolph 

Beswick Joseph, engineer, n 11 Hawthorne 


Bigley Geo. engr, h 12 Mortimer av 
Bird Alfred, lab, h 124 Bee 
Bird Arthur, fireman, h 197 Gowan av 
Bisbee Ebenezer A, carp, h 223 Wood- 
ville av 

Blake Wm W, h 25 Westwood av 
Blaski Theodore, stone ctr, h 39 West- 
wood av 

Blood Jesse, brklyr, h 13 Frankland av 
Bolderson James, lab, h 1036 Pape av 
Bolton Henry, lab, h 207 Don Mills rd 
Bolton Wm, lab, h rear 340 Don Mills rd 
Booker Edwin, h 55 Cronyn av 
Booth Leonard, lab, h n s Edward 
Bottoms Alfred, carp, h 69 Muriel av 
Boult James, marble plshr, h 47 

Cronyn av 

Boulton John, lab, h 123 Torrens av 
Boulton Thos, lab. h 46 Westwood av 
Bourne Leonard, mkt gdnr n s Plains rd 
Boyd Wm. press hd, h 136 Gowan av 
Brackin Henry W, lab, h w s Green- 
wood av 

Brackner Walter J. h 91 1 
Bradbury Wm, lab, ISO Gamble av 
Bradley Arthur, concrete Hnshr, h 52 

Bradley Thomas, mkt gdur, 1.39 Gardener 

av, h same 

Bradley Wm, lab. h 5S Gamble av 
Branwell Herbert, lab, h 121 Gamble 


Bray Samuel, lab, h 9 Hawthorne row 
Brayman Thos, h 41 Torrens av 
Breakey Edwd, steam ftr, h 21 Frank- 
land av 
Breen Fredk, barber 150 Gowan av, 

h same 
Brickies Anthony G, carp, h 187 Gowan 


Bridson Thos, lab, h 4 Hawthorne row 
Briggs Herbert, lab, h 1208 Leslie 
Brooks Edwin, lab, 1009 Pape av 
Brown Chas, slsmn, h 41 Gamble av 
Brown Elias J, carp, h s s Sammon av 
Brown Henry O glass wkr, h 104 Bee 
Brown Joseph, lab, h 27 Woodville av 
Brown Wm E, blksmth, h 121 Bee 
Buchanan Rev Wm, pastor Don Mills 
Meth Ch, h 388 Don Mills rd 

Buckles Harriet A (wid John), h 48 Tor- 
rens av 

Buckles Harry, 1 48 Torrens av 
Budd Stanislaus, carp, h 203 Woodville 

Bull James, brklyr, h 60 Westwood av 
Bull John, brklyr, h 159 Gamble av 
Burgess \Vm, h cor Bee and Logan av 
Burns Fredk, carp, h 123 Eaton av 
Burns John J, gro Pape av, cor Ran- 

dolph av 

Burton Joseph, brkmkr, h 1264 Leslie 
Bussill Robt, shipper, h 16 Torrens av 
Butler Eric, litho, h 26 Wiley av 
Butler Leonard, mkt gdnr 1063 Pape 

av, h same 

Byers John, tmstr, h 10 Hawthorne row 
Byers Joseph, mkt gdnr 142 Gardener 

Campbell Hugh, lab, h 

17 Cronyn av 

Carter Alfred, brklyr, h 24 Frankland av 
Carter Arthur, brklyr, h 26% Frankland 

Carter Charles, brklyr, h 26 Frankland 


Carter Jesse, lab, h 50 Torrens av 
Carter Robt, carp, h 23 Fulton av 
Carter Wm, gdnr, h 23 Gamble av 
Cartledge Joseph, tmstr, h 15 Cronyn 

Cartwright John, checker, h s s West- 

wood av 
Carwardine Alfred (Carwardine Bros), 

h 263 Gardener av 
Carwardine Bros (Alfred, Charles and 

Harry), mRt pdnrs 263 Gardener av 
Carwardine Charles (Carwardine Bros), h 

263 Gardener av 
Carwardine Harry (Carwardine Bros), h 

263 Gardener av 
Cary Chas J, gro 1246 Pape av 
Caskey Thos, mkt gdnr 600 Don Mills 

rd, h same 

Chalmers Alex G, baker, h 103 Cronyn av 
Chamberlain Alfred, boot and shoe mkr. 

h 58 Torrens av 
Cheesman John G, draughtsman, h 150 

Don Mills rd 
Chester Public School, Hartmau Jones 

prin, w s Don Mills rd 
Clark James F, mkt gdnr, h 55 Wood- 

ville av 
Clark Robt J, comp, h-138 Don Mills 


Cleland Saml, lab, h 177 Gamble av 
Clements Wm, harness mkr, h 15 Ful- 

ton av 

Clifford Thos, lab, h 190 Gowan av 
Close Edwin, lab, h 18 Westwood av 
Coates Sarah (wid John), h 33 Frank- 

land av 

Cocklin Wm H, mach, h 4 Mortimer av 
Collins Geo S, lab, h 34 Torrens av 
Collins Joseph, mkt gdnr 643 Don Mills 

rd. h same 

Collins Thos. lab. h Don Valley 
Collins Wm, paper ctr, h 35 Gowan av 
Constable Alex, pdlr, h 10 Fulton av 
Constable Jane (wid Thos), h s s West- 

wood av 

Constable Thos, gdnr, h C Fulton av 
Cooper Mrs Annie, gro 340 Don Mills rd, 

h same 
Cooper Henry, boot and shoe mkr, h 38 

Randolph av 
Cooper John R, tmstr, h 131 Gowan 

Cooper Wm, gdnr, h 340 Don Mills rd 

Cordingly John, lab, h 

Cronyn av 

Cordingly Richd, lab, h 101 Cronyn 


Cosburn Chas. gro 171 Bee, h same 
Cosburn Richard C, mkt gdnr 1161 Les- 
lie, h same 

Cosburn Robt, mkt gdnr 196 Bee, h same 
Costin John, lab. h 23 Woodville av 
Cottrill James, lab, h 182 Bee 
Cousins Wm, mach, h 70 Westwood av 
Cowlard Harry G, carpet lyr, h 23 Cronyn 


Cox Wm, lab, h 129 Cronyn av 
Cramp Frederick, miner, h 350 Don Mills 


Cress Edwd, lab, h 145 Gowan av 
Crosbie Benj, tmstr, h 40 Randolph av 
Crosbie Geo, trav, h 40 Randolph av 
Crosby Geo, h 227 Don -Mills rd 
Cress Robt. cabt mkr, h 20 Fulton av 
Crouch James, btchr 1058 Pape av, h 

Crowe Edwd, fireman, h 41 Westwood 


Crozier Edward, tmstr, h 5 'William 
Culver John H, lab, h 40 Gowan av 

Cummings W James, tmstr, h 4 Sam- 
mon av 

Curlew Isaac, carp, h 1167 Tape av 
Curlew Samuel, lab, h 141 Gowan av 
Curtain Danl, lab. h 167 Gowan av 
Curtis George H. chef, h 85 Woodville av 
Cutbush Charles, lab, h 77 Gowan av 
Cutbush Geo A, brk burner, h 33 

Gamble av 

Dale John, lab, h 13 William 
Dallimore Edwd, pdlr, h 183 Wood- 
ville av 

Dallimore John, paper mkr, h 199 Wood- 
ville av 
Daniels Fred, mkt gdnr 14 Mortimer 

av, h same 

Daniels Frederick, brklyr, h 23% Frank- 
land av 
Daniels James, mkt gdnr 16 Mortimer 

av, h same 

Daniels Wm H, mkt gdnr n s Cosburn av 
Dart Geo, mkt gdnr 645 Don Mills rd, 

h same 

Dart James E, dairy 1206 Leslie, h same 
Dart John, lab, h 150 Gam Die av 
Dart John, mkt gdnr n a Plains rd 
Dart Joseph, mkt gdnr a s Plains rd 
Dart Joseph jr, mkt gdnr g s Plains rd 
Dau Fredk, marble wkr, h IB \\Vst- 

wood av 

Davie Robt, lab, h s s Plains rd 
Davies Joseph, brklyr, h 50 Randolph RT 
Davies Robert, JP, prop Don Valley Brick 
Works and Don Valley Paper Mills, h 
244 Don Mills rd 

Davis Alex, barber, h 13 Fulton av 
Davis Christopher, h s s Sammon av 
Davis Frank, swimming instructor, h 33 

Gowan av 

Davison James, lab, h 45 Torrens av 
l>;'wson Geo, h 7 Hawthorne av 
Deeks Herbert, h 25 Woodville av 
Delavigne Laura (wid Fredk), h 137 


Dennis Herbert, tmstr, h 64 Randolph av 
Dennis Joseph, elect, h 56 Randolph av 
Dickson Robt J, blksmth, h 9 West- 
wood av 
Disley Elijah, carpet weaver, h 138 

Gowan av 
Dixon James, blrmkr, h 31 Westwood 


Dobson Wm, lab, h 6 Frankland av 
Dolson Geo E, prop Todmorden Hotel, 

h same 
Don Mills Meth Church, Rev Wm 

Buchanan pastor, n s Don Mills rd 

Davies Proprietor, Don Valley 

Paries President, Don Valley 
Downs Thos, glass beveller, h 41 Gowan 


Dunkley Wm, tanner, h 125 Torrens av 
Dunn Wm W, mkt gdnr 2"6 Gardener 

av, h same 

Dymock Wm, elk, h 111 Cronyn av 
Dyson Edwd, plmbr, h 152 Gowan av 
Edge Joseph, lab, h 3 Logan av 
Elborn Albert, lab, h 133 Gowan av 
Elliott Chas W, shoe dealer, h 146 Don 

Mills rd 

Elliott \Vm G, tmstr, h s s Sammon av 
Ellis Robt. carp, h 28 Randolph av 
Ellis Sidney, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd, 

h same 
Ely Hubert, mkt gdnr n s Poulton av, 

h same 

Emery John. lab. h -w s Greenwood av 
Emery Walter, barber, h rear 340 Don 

Mills rd 
England Ernest, cattle dealer, h 646 

Don Mills rd 
Enston Ernest, gdnr, h e s Prestholin 


Eyre John W. carp, h 189 Gowan av 
Farrow Geo R, brkmkr, h 12 Randolph 


Fehn-nbach John, elect, h 51 Bee 
Ferrier David, lab, h 175 Bee 
^etterly Peter, harness mkr, h 1 Haw- 
thorne row 

Finch Alfred, silversmith, h 66 West- 
wood av 

Fletcher Thos, painter, h 102 Bee 
Flewelling Martha E (wid John), n 1* 
Randolph av 

Flook Albert, brklyr, h 17 Fulton av 
Forster Chas, brklyr, h 32 Gowan av 
Foster Wm G, lab, h 12 Frankland av 




Co nfe6cration%ite 




Canadian Company 

Fox Chas, fireman, h 109 Cronyn av 
Fox Robt, lab, h 1048 Pape av 
Freeman Albert, ins agt, h 132 Gamble 


Friend Jas, tmstr, h 47% Cronyn av 
Friley Louis, plstr, h 23 Wiley av 
Frood John A, wood wkr, h 123 Bee 
Fry Wm A, plstr. h 50 Bee 
Fulcher Fredk, brkmkr, h 15S Bee 
Fulford Arthur, engr. h 32 Torrens av 
Furmston James H, carp, h s s Plains 


Galbraith Colin, fireman, h 32 West- 
wood av 

Gale Wm J, engineer, h 27 Gamble av 
Gale Win J, lab, h Don Valley 
Garlick John, lab, h 73 Gowan av 
Garwood Win. lab, h 13S Don Mills rd 
Gazley Reynold, lab, h 353 Don Mills 


Gerrard Richd, carp, h n s Albert 
Gibson Albert, harness mkr, h 139 
Cronyn av 

ing-s John, warehousemn, h 163 
u-an av 

Goldsmith James, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Goodman Fredk, mkt gdnr Is Morti- 
mer av. h same 

Gosd Henry, blksmth, h 1S4 Gowan av 
Grady Wm. lab. h 27 West-wood av 
Graham Alfred, painter, h 162 Don Mills 

Graham Clifford A, rubber wkr. h 12 

Fulton av 
Graham Wm B, brkmkr, h 60 Randolph 


Grant Alex, stoker, h 2 Hawthorn.- av 
n Alfred, lab, h 6S Westwood av 
Green Edwd. lab. 1 >"S Westwood av 
Green James, lab, h 139 Bee 
Green John, lab, h 30 Torrens av 
Green John jr. h 20 Torrens av 
Green Saml, blksmth 213 Don Mills rd, h 


Griffin Geo. mkt gdnr n s Plains rd 
Grover Arthur, lab, h 73 Muriel av 
Hall John, fireman, h n s Westwood av 
Hall Wm E, rubber wkr. h 115 Bee 
Hallam Geo, brkmkr. h 181 Gamble av 
Hare Bros (James and Thomas), markt 

gdnrs, Don Valley 

Hare James (Hare Bros), h Don Valley 
Hare Thos (Hare Bros), h Don Valley 
Hargreaves Jos, lab, h IS Randolph av 
Harman John, h n s Sammon av 
Harris Thomas, brklyr, h 195 Gamble av 
Harris Wm. lab, h s s Sammon av 
Harrison Albert, elect, h 7 Sammon av 
Harrison Geo, brkmkr, h 12 Haw- 
thorne row 
H;irrott Francis H, lineman, h n s 

Floyd av 
Harvey John G. real est 1 Gamble av. 

h 309 Don Mills rd 
Hastings Leonard, gro 22 Westwood av, 

a me 
Hawkins Fredk, blksmth, h 27 West- 

1 av 

Hayes T-:rnest C, elect, h 183 Gowan av 
Hnzelton Joseph A. h 7 Gowan av 
:<>n Robert, h 1 Bee 
n Joseph, brkmkr, h 130 Gamble 

Ht-afin Joseph, brkmkr, h 1017 Leslie 
Heaton Walter, lab, h 51 Gowan av 

Hi Win. lab. h 648 Don Mills rd 
Heaton Wm, lab, h 39 Gamble av 
Hedderly Chas, carp, h 133 Bee 
Henderson Caroline A i \vicl Archibald), h 

- Don Mills rrt 
Hibbitt Henry, who! btchr 47 Gamble 

h same 
Hibbitt Win H. btchr 37 Gamble av, h 


Hinkley John, lab. h 351 Don Mills rd 
Kinsley Arthur, brkmkr, h 134 Gamble 

Kinsley Ernest, driver, h 179 Gamble 


Kinsley John, brkmkr. h 136 Gamble av 
Holmes Frank, mach, h ^S Bee 
Holmes Fred, bldr, h 140 Bee 
Holmes John W, painter, h 46 Bee 
Homestead Mission, 1010 Pape av 
Hooker Wm, painter, h 103 Bee 
Houston Hugh, presser, h 137 Eaton av 
Howe Albert, fireman, h 120 Bee 
Howt Gto, h 149 Bee 
Howe James A, moto. h 156 Bee 

Howe Wm, moto, h 147 Bee 
Humphries Wra G, lab, h V, Gowan av 
Hunt Geo, shipper, h 37 Westwood av 
Hunter Geo A, tchr. 1 217 Don Mills rd 
Hunter Mary (wid John), b 217 Don Mills 


Ing Ernest, lab, h 346 Don Mills rd 
Inward George, mkt gdnr 1075 Leslie, b 


Isbell John T, h 7 Logan av 
Jenkins Jas H. h 356 Don Mills rd 
Jennings Bros (Wm H and Joseph E), 

mkt gdnrs s s Sammon av 
Jennings Herbert, lab, h 151 Gamble av 
Jennings Joseph E (Jenniugs Bros), has 

Sammon av 
Jenning-s Wm H, (Jennings Bros), h s 

s Sammon av 

Johnson Alfred, carp, h 27 Fulton av 
Johnson Chas H B, slsran, 1 379 Don 

Mills rd 

Johnson Isaac B, h 379 Don Mills rd 
Johnson Saml, h 42 Torrens av 
Johnstone Andrew, pntr, h n s Albert 
Johnstone David, lab, h 12S Don Mills 


Johnstone Elias W, carp, h 92 Bee 
Jones Harry, lab, h 49 Westwood av 
Jones Hartman, prin Chester Pub Sen, 

res Toronto 

Jones Wilfred, carp, h 195 Gowan av 
Jordan Edwd, lab, h 151 Bee 
Kean David, lab, h 76 Randolph av 
Kearney Geo, driver, h 162 Woodville 


Kelly James, eng, h 5 Hawthorne row 
Kelly James, lab, h s s Sammon av 
Kelly James, lab, h 6 Westwood av 
Kelly Thos, iron wkr, h 90 Bee 
Kenn Joseph, lab, h 89 Cronyn av 
Kennedy Christopher J, h 7 Frankland 

Kerr Matthew, stone ctr, h 39 Gowan 

Kimoeile\ Horace J, metal wkr, h ~ ,' 

Gamble av 
K:mberley John A, brass fnshr, h 79 Gair- 

b!e av 

King- Fredk, lab, h 30 Gowan av 
King- Geo, lab, h 1248 Pape av 
King Robt. lab, h 150 Bee 
Kingdom James, dairy 376 Don MilU 

rd, h same 

Kirk Harry, brklyr, h 81 Cronyn av 
Kirk llichd, carp, h 105 Crouyn av 
Kirton Daniel, lab, h 167 Dun Mills rd 
Kirton Thos G, driver, h 15 Westwood 

; vt-nue 

Knight Geo A, carp, h 180 Bee 
Knowles Geo, stone msn, h 15 Wood- 
ville av 

Knowles Joseph, lab, h n s Albert 
La Barr Llewelyn, driver, h 16 Wiley 

avenue x 

Lambert Joseph, pdlr, h 6 Sammon av 
Langrstone Herbert W, btchr 123S Pape, 

h same 

Lawrence Benj J, tmstr, h 73 Wood- 
ville av 

Leamen Christopher J, mkt gdnr 298 
Gardener av, h same 

\rthur, tmstr, h n s Sammon av 
!. um-tt Geo, elect, h 47 Bee 
Lemon Chas, bartndr Todmorden Hotel 
Lester Wm, pntr and decor, h 2 West- 
wood av 
Lethbridare Wm T, brkmkr, h 215 Don 

Mills rd 

Lewis Wm, lab. h 141 Bee 
Lightfoot Henry, lab, h 49 Woodville 


Ling- Geo, lab. h 23 Frankland av 
Linton John C. lab, h 119 Cronyn av 
Loades Richd. brklyr, h 171 Gamble av 
Lockwood Alice (wid Edwd), h 135 


Low David, tinsmth, h 197 Gowan av 
Lown Saml, fireman, h 1050 Pape av 
Lowry John H, har mkr, h 17 Frank- 
land av 

Lusty Ximrod, tlr, h 31 Torrens av 
McBride David, elk, 1 44 Bee 
McBride John, mach, h 44 Bee 
McBride Peter, carp, h 42 Bee 
McCaldon Robt, trav, h 175 Gamble av 
McCann Louis, carp, h 162 Langford av 
MK'fniley James, mkt gdnr 1221 Leslie, h 

McDonald Chas, mattress 'mkr. h 9% 

Hawthorne row- 
McDonald Geo. carp, h 1038 Pape av 
McGill Joseph H, letter carrier, h 7 

Westwood av 

McCilvray John, lab, h 60 Bee 
McGregor James A, mkt gdnr s s Plains 

rd, h same 
McGregor Mary (wid Alexander), h n 

Cosburn av 
McGregor Robt, mkt gdnr n s Cosburn 

av. h same 

McKay John, mkt gdnr n s Sammon av 
McKay Joseph, piano mkr, h 9 Sammon 


McKay Kenneth, pntr, h 6 Torrens av 
McKay Mary J (wid Wm), h s s Cosburn 

McKay Robert, mkt gdnr t s Cosburn 

av. h same 

McKay Thomas C, mkt gdnr e s Green- 
wood av, h same 
McLean John W, brick setter, h 19 

Woodville av 

McLean Wm, driver, h 57 Torrens av 
McLeod Colin C, h 237 Don Mills rd 
Mi-Xeill Hugh, baker, b 47 Torrens av 
McSporran Duncan, brkmkr, h 79 Mur- 
iel a v 
Mc-Si>orren Lawrence, brkmkr, h 20 

\\Vst w< ind av 
MacArthur James, wax paper mkr, h 

3S6 Don Mills rd 

Macdonald John A, furrier, h 107 Bee 
Macdona'.d Wm, mkt gdnr s s Cosburn 

av. h same 
MacKenzie Donald A, carp, h 13 Wiley 

Mackintosh George, grocer 172 Gamble av, 

h same 
Magee Earl F,, mkt gdnr s s SaminoT ,-;v. 

h same 
Mander Harry, japanner, h 110 Randolph 

n venue 

r Wm. japanner, h 112 Randolph 


Marnvaring Albert, brklyr, h 22 Frank- 
land av 

Marchington John S. barber, h 14 Ful- 
ton av 

Mard^n Geo, carp, h 2 Sammon av 
Marett Wm D. boots and shoes and 

confy 130 Don Mills rd 
Markham Theodore W. brk burner, h 

73 West-wood av 

Marquand Frank, h 16 Randolph av 
Marr David, engr. h 129 Gowan av 
Martin Arthur J, driver, h 64 West- 
wood av 

Martin John W, jwlr, h 222 Gamble av 
Mason Ernest, lab, h 73 Muriel av 
Matheson Albert, driver, h Don Valley 
Mawson John, h 25 Fulton av 
May Thos, lab, h 134 Gowan av 
Maynnrd Albert (M Maynard & Sons), 1 

105 Woodville av 
Maynard Charles (M Maynard & Sons), 1 

103 Woodville av 
Maynard Geo (M Maynard & Sons), h w 

s Pape av 
Maynard James (M Maynard & Sons). 1 

105 Woodville av 
Maynard Mark (M Maynard & Sons), n 

105 Woodville av 
Maynard Mark jr (M Maynard & Sons), 1 

108 Woortville av 
Maynard M & Sons (Mark. George. Mark 

jr. James. Charles and Albert), contrs 

Kir, Woodville av 
Mears Albert, auto tire mkr, h 35 

Woodville av 
Mellor Frank, carp, h 336 Don Mills 


Methven Joseph, carp, h 71 Muriel av 
Middleton Hugh, watch mkr, h 1210 


Miles Alfred, lab. h 162 Gowan av 
Miles Henry & Son (Henry J and J. 

Henry), gro 1046 Pape av 
Miles Henry J (H Miles & Son), h 1046 

Pape av 
Miles J Henry (H Miles & Son), h 1046, 

Pape av 

Millar Robt. tmstr. h 1204 Leslie 
Miller Alexander, h 142 Don Mills rd 
Mills Henry, painter, h 62 Randolph av 
Mills Wm, plmbr, h 77 Muriel av 

. Millwnrd Sidney, metal wkr. h 219 Don 
Mills rd 


E. G. HERR, E. R. CARRINGTON, Cable Address 

President Asst. Gen. -Man., Montreal " Thielon '' 


Chicago, III. Seattle, Wash. St. Paul, Minn. Portland, Ore. El Paso, Texas. 

St. Louis, Mo. Los Angeles, Cal. Kansas City, Mo. San Francisco, Cat. Dallas, Texas. 

New York, N.Y. Spokane, Wash. Denver, Col. City of Mexico, Mexico. Atlanta, Ga. 


F. J. SMITH ** CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


Mirrell Fredk W, lab, h 9 Woodville av 
Mitchell Wm It, carp, h 126 Eaton av 
Monk Geo, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd, h 

Morgan Andrew J, pntr 68 Torrens av, 

h same 

Morgan Saml F, bkpr, h 34 Randolph av 
Morris Geo S, h 26 Fulton av 
Morrison Wm, lab, h 13 Cronyn av 
Mortimer James, mkt gdnr 2 Mortimer 

av, h same 
Moses Arthur J, plmbr, h 29 Gamble av 

Georse A, bldr 43 Bee, h same 
Moses Geo H, brklyr, h 62 Gamble av 
Moses Joseph, brklyr, h 46 Gowan av 
Moyer John, lab, h n s Westwood av 
Mullt-r Conrad, mldr, h n s Sammon av 
Mulock Fredk, carp, h 11 Frankland av 
Mulock Walter, harness mkr, h n s 

Sammon av 

Munro Barley, lab, h 7 William 
Munroe Wm R, engr, h 138 Gamble av 
Murray Jas, tmstr, h 87 Cronyn av 
Muzzell Alex, mkt gdnr 520 Don Mills 

rd, h same 

Xaish Francis, btchr, h 1 Logan av 
Nicholson Abel, carp, h 163 Woodville 


Nicol Geo, driver, h s s Sammon av 
Noddle John, tmstr, b 40 Bee 
Nutter Thos, pntr, h s s Edward 
Giles Win, lab, h 123 Cronyn av 
Oliphant Percy, lab, h 167 Woortville av 
Oliver Fredk, car bldr, h 27 Frankland 


Ollerton Wm, h 41 Woodville av 
Osborn Fredk, fireman, h 203 Gamble 

Osborne Harry, express 115 Gamble av, h 


Parker Alfred, h 114 Bee 
Parker Alfred, lab, h 165 Gowan av 
Parr Geo, h 180 Woodville av 
Parsons Alfred, carp, h 32 Randolph av 
Patterson Robert L. h 400 Don Mills rd 
Pawlicki Peter, marble ctr, h 10 West- 
wood av 

Payne Jonn H. btchr. h 37 Woodville av 
Pedlar Cha.s. brick setr, h 49 Bee 
Pedlar John, brkmkr, h 17 Torrens av 
Pedlar Phillip, brk mkr, h 19 Torrens 


Peebles Alex, carp, h 66 Randolph av 
Peers Wm, carp, h 342 Don Mills rd 
Penford Richd. lab, h 156 Gowan av 
Penny Albert, rubber wkr, h n s Albert 
Perkes George, brklyr, h 29 Frankland av 
Perry Ambrose G, lab, h 73 Gamble av 
Perry Wm, brkmkr, h 95 Bee 
Petherbridge Charles, lab, h 75 Gamble 


Phelps Leonard, tool mkr, h 157 Wood- 
ville av 

Phillips Ernest, elect, h 40 Bee 
Phillips Wm C, mariner, h 144 Gamble av 
Pickering John, pntr, h 25 Wiley av 
Pillow Alex, iron wkr, h 43 Woodville av 
Pittman John, driver, h Don Valley 
Potts Wm. brkmkr. h 153 Gowan av 
Powell Fredk, cattle dealer s s Cos- 
burn av, h same 

Powell Geo, pntr, h s s Sammon av 
Pratt Walter, elk, h 14 Frankland av 
Prestidge Daniel, lab, h 177 Gowan av 
Proctor Andrew, carp, h 125 Eaton av 
Proctor Anthony, lab, h 125 Eaton av 
Pugsley Wm, mach, h 15fi Bee 
Punshon Richd, lab, h 28 Frankland av 
Purvis Richd, lab. h 20 Torrens av 
Pyke Wm H, gro cor Sammon and 

Calfovd av. h same 

Raggett Fredk. btchr, h n s Albert 
Raw Richd, brkmkr, h s s Plains rd 
Rayfield Wm, carp, h s s Floyd av 
Reading- Robt, brkmkr, h 75 Woodville 


Hear Thomas, tmstr, h 491 Don Mills rd 
Reason Maurice W, driver, h 15 Wiley 


Redifern Chas. gdnr, h 163 Gamble av 
Reid Fredk, lab, h 40 Torrens av 
Rice George, brk setter, h 275 Don Mills 

Richardson Edward, lab, h 20% Frankland 


Rignall Geo C, carp, h 82 Gamble av 
Roberts Charles, harness mkr, h 19 

Frankland av 
Roberts Chas J. pdlr, h 167 Gamble av 

Roberts Robt W. mkt gdnr 151 Don 

Mills rd, h same 

Kobeson Herbert, bkpr, h 151 Gowan av 
Robins Thos, lab. h 169 Gamble av 
Robinson Allan, elk, h w s Greenwood 


Robinson Chas. lab. h 168 Bee 
Robinson Dawson, mldr, h 59 Cronyn 

Robinson Frederick, brkmkr, h 133 Gamble 


Robinson Geo, carp, h 119 Vz Cronyn av 
Robinson Peter, gdnr, h 144 Woodville 


Rofe Chas, carp, h 56 Bee 
Rowell Ernest, cement finshr, h 43 Ran- 
dolph av 
St Andrew's Mission, n e cor Bee and 

Pape av 

Saunders James, tmstr, h 1240 Pape av 
Savage Fredk, mkt gdnr s s Cosburn 

av, h same 
Scale Harry, car repr, h 21 Woodville 

Scantlebury John, groom, h s s Sammon 


Scott Chas, pntr and decorator 6 Mor- 
timer av, h same 

Scott John R, mach, h 125 Eaton av 
Scott Wm C. lab, h 144 Torrens av 
Scott Wm G? carp, h 66 Torrens av 
Segriff John R, mkt gdnr w s Green- 
wood av, h same 
Segriff Thos, mkt gdnr n s Plains rd, h 

Self Gilbert, brklyr, h 191 Gamble av 
Sellers Arthur W, checker, h 82 Gamble 


Sellers Robt, plstr, 1 82 Gamble av 
Sharp Robt, stone ctr, h 158 Langford 

Sheather Herbert E, warehousemn, h 

1056 Pape av 

Shelvey Thos, ctr, h 119 Bee 
Sheppard Saml, brkmkr, h 59 Torrenu 


Sheridan Robert, tmstr. h 15 William 
Sherk Asaph E, h 7 Woodville av 
Shlelds Wm, express 10 Torrens av, h 

Shipp Francis W, engineer, h 29 Torrens 


Short John, brkmkr, h 239 Don Mills rd 
Sil. thorp Josiah, painter, h 25 Frankland 


Simmons Albert, brklyr, h 45 Woodvllle av 
Simpson Charles, inkt gdnr s s Plains rd, 

h same 

Simpson Geo, engr, h 247 Don Mills rd 
mistress Todmorden P O, 247 Don Mills 

Skelhorn James, scrap iron Don Valley, 

h same 

Skinner John, h 344 Don Mills rd 
Skinner Wm J, brkmkr, h 54 Torrens 

Skirrow Wm, dairyman, h 140 Gowan 


Slosson Geo, tmstr, h n s Poulton av 
Smeil Geo S, carp, h 33 Randolph av 
Smith Chas, h 112 Bee 
Smith David, litho, b 504 Don Mills rd 
Smith Edward, mkt gdnr, n s Plains rd 
Smith Henry, mkt gdnr n s Sammon av, 

h same 

Smith Herbert F. h 40 William 
Smith Joseph M, dairy s s Cosburn 

av, h same 

Smith Richd L. tinsmth, h 24 Wiley av 
Smith Wm, lab, h 201 Gamble av 
Smith Wm. watchmn, h 166 Gamble av 
Sneyd Saml. lAb. b w s Greenwood av 
Soniers Bernard (Somers Bros), h 1010 

.Seiners Bros (Bernard and Robert), ml>t 

Kdnrs 1010 Leslie 
Somers Robert (Somers Bros), h 1010 

Southern Louisa E (wid John), h 12 

Torrens av 

Speed Wm, lab, h 44 Logan av 
Spencer Geo, lab, h 53 Bee 
Spencer John, gro 1236 Pape av, h same 
Spencer Wm, brkmkr, h 155 Gowan av 
Spicer Alfred, brklyr, h 61 Cronyn av 
Squires Wm, driver, h 17 Wiley av 
Standidge Wm, brkmkr, h 12 Westwood 


Sim-ling Frank, rubber wks, h n s Al- 
Stevens Henry G, mkt gdnr s s Plains 

rd, h same 

Stevens James, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd 
Stevens Wm H. lab, h s s Plains rd 
Stewart Isabella (wid Jas), h 160 Don 

Mills rd 

Stewart John, lab, h 173 Gowan av 
Strachan Alex, car bldr, h 96 Bee 
Strachan David, tmstr, h 79 Cronyn av 
Stuppard Robt. lab, h 30 Westwood av 
Summerhayes Wm, lab, h 47 Westwood 

Sun Brick Co Ltd, The, Wm T Taylor 

genl mgr, brick mfrs, Don Valley 
Sutherland Wm, prtr, h 25 Randolph 


Sutton James, brklyr, h 159 Woodville av 
Swift Jos J, brkmkr. h 168 Gowan av 
Taylor Ann (wid George), h 332 Don Mills 


Taylor James, elk, 1 23 Gamble av 
Taylor James, engineer, h 77 Cronyn av 
Taylor John H, h e s Don Mills rd 
Taylor Wm T, genl mgr Sun Brick 

Co Ltd, h 200 Don Mills rd 
Thompson Geo, lab, h 8 Westwood av 
Thompson John, h 1044 Pape av 
Thomson James, lab, h 57 Cronyn av 
Thrush Chas M, engr, h 35 Gamble av 
Tidy Thos, carp, h 118 Bee 
Todmorden Hotel, Geo E Dolson prop, 

201 Don Mills rd 

Louisa J Simpson Postmistress, 247 

Don Mills rd 
Todmorden Public School, Isaiah B 

Barclay prin, n s Plains rd 
Tomlin George, mkt gdnr 114 Gardener av. 

h same 
Tomsett Percy, mkt gdnr 520 Don Mills 

rd, h same 

Travers Wm, lab, h s s Cosburn av 
Trowell Ernest E, brkmkr. h 
Tucker Uobt, lab, a rear 340 Don Mills 


Tully Geo, carp, h 14 Westwood av 
Turner Frank H. tmstr, h 36 Gowan av 
Turner Geo H, box mkr, h 14x Gowan 

Tustln James, mkt gdnr n s Sammon 

av, h same 

Tustin Saml, tmstr, h 1015 Leslie 
Tustln Win, h 146 Gamble av 
Tustin Wm G, pdlr. h 63!) Pou Mills rd 
Usher Chas, fireman, h 107 Cronyn av 
Valiant Geo, h SO Randolph av 
Vause Amy (wid Alfred), h 31 Gowan 


Veater Walter, tmstr, h 1253 Pape av 
Vernon John, h 55 Bee 
Veinon Samuel, lab, h S Hawthorne row 
Vi-rnon Wm, lab, h 143 Bee 
Yoyle Paul, lab. h Don Valley 
vt'aines Henry, h 199 Gamble av 
Waines John W, brkmkr, h 5 V, 

wood av 

\V."lki>r Alex, lab, h 68 Randolph flv 
\Valk (i r Alex, lab, h 4 Sammon av 
Walker Alfred C, lab, h l^.'i t;owan av 
Walker Harold, gro 45 Randolph av, h 


Walker Saml, carp, 47 Torrens av 
Walmer Arthur W F, cleaner and 

presser 205 Don Mills rd, h same 
Walton Herbert S, concrete contr 60 

Gamble av, h same 
Walton Richd J, h 75 Muriel av 
Ward Henry, h 6 Hawthorne row 
Ward John, lab, h 207 Woodville av 
Ward Wm, mkt gdnr, 116 Randolph av, 

h same 
Warren John, barber 1250 Pape av, h 


Watt Robt, h 375 Don Mills rd 
Watts Samuel, lab, h 135 Gamble av 
Waygood Robt H, lab, h 169 Gowan av 
Webley Frank G, jwlr, h 134 Don Mills 


Wells Henry J. lab. h 33 Westwood av 
Wells Wm T, brk burner, h 1 Westwood 

Wenman Joseph T R, fireman, h 58 

Randolph av 

Westecott Wm, tmstr, h 1260 Leslie 
Westwood Harold, gdnr, h 23 West- 
wood av 
Westwood John, mkt gdnr and florist. 

h 140 Don Mills rd 


L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory: MAIN ST., EAST TORONTO 

F-Honee Beach 23O-831 

T O 1 Mil Georgia Pine 


Red Gum 

The Dovercourt Land Selling Agents 

"Glebe Manor" 



24 Adelaide St. E. 

Westwood Percy, real est 150 Don 

Mills rd, h same 

White Frank, driver, h Don Valley 
White Geo S. lab, h 26 Randolph av 
White-house Isaiah, carp, h 3 Haw- 
thorne row 

Whitmore Wm F, lab, h 35 Torrens av 
Whitnell Isaac, mkt gdnr 10 Mortimer 

av, h same 

Wickman Colin, brkmkr, h 29 West- 
wood av 

Wick-ware Elbern. carp, h 49 Cronyn av 
Wlsgin Richard, gdnr, h 19 Fulton av 
Wilkinson Geo, lab, h 121 Cronyn av 
Wilkinson James, lab, h 161 Bee 
Willaugn James, piano key plshr, h s 

s Edward 

Willis Saml H. mldr. h n s Poulton av 
Willis Walter, cond, h 1S2 Gowan av 
Wilsher Geo, lab, h 144 Gowan av 
Wilson James, flour feed and coal 279 

Don Mills rd, h same 
Wilson John G, driver, h s s Sammon 


Wilson Moses, tmstr, h 43 Gamble av 
Wilson Wm, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd 
Wilton Jas, !ab, h 231 Don Mills rd 
Woodruff Roy, wks Jos Byers, 1 142 

Gardener av 
Woods Jas. lab. h 1O11 Pape av 

ings Ceorge H, tlr, h 365 Don Mills 

Woi..'llvin Wm. lab. h 132 Bee 

Worsfold John, tmstr, h 42 Gowan av 

Wright John, ste.imftr, h 'All Don Mills 


Wyatt Arthur, tmstr. h 7 Gamble av 
Wyatt David, brklyr, h 202 Woodville 


Wyatt John, h 11 Gamble av 
Wyatt Wm, brkmkr, h 5 Gamble av 


(Eight and one-half miles northwest of 

Abraham Geo W, h Church cor Cross 
Adams Algernon, lab, b Wm Crookes 
Adamson Miss Ada E, elk Moffat Stove 

Co Ltd. 1 J B Adamson 
Adamson John B, h s s Sykes av 
Agar Geo, h n s Coulter av 
Agnew Aubrey A, elk, 1 Wm L Aubrey 
Agnew Wm L, elk, h e s Xorth Station 
Aitchison David F. elk. 1 Wm Aitchison 
Aitchison James, barr, 1 Wm Aitchison 
Aitchison Robt F, dairy Main cor Sykes 

av, 1 same 

Aitchison Wm, h Main cor Sykes av 
Alexander Harry J, prin Weston Pub 

Schl, h e s Xorth Station 
Allan Hiss Amy L, elk Wm J Inch, 1 

Robt J Allan 

Allan Leonard L, messr, 1 Robt J Allan 
Allan Robt J, well driller, h s s Maria 
Allen Miss Edith P, 1 Jeremiah Allen 
Allen Jeremiah, carp, h w s Main 
Allen John P, stock kpr, b Mrs Annie 


Allen Joseph A. carp, b David Smith 
Allen Wm J, elect, h e s Main 
Apperley Miss Mabel, slsldy Miss O 

! aster, res Toronto 
Armstrong Robt, prop Central Hotel, e B 

Armstrong Roy R, Idgr kpr Bank of 

Nova .Scotia, 1 Central Hotel 
Austin Herbert (Austin & Longstaff), 

h s s Elizabeth 
Austin i<t LuiiListaff (Herbert Austin, 

Walter Longstaff), pump mfrs, w s 

Babette Miss Theodora, nurse King 

Edward Sanitarium 

Bailey John, tmstr, h e s South Station 
Bailey Reuben, prtr, 1 John Bailey 
Bailey Ross, tmstr. 1 J Bailey 
Baker Annie (wid Henry), 1 Thos 


Balfour James, watchmn, h w s Main 
Ball Frank, lab, h w s Main 
Ball Joseph H, btchr, h n s Denison av 
Bank Chambers, Arthur Dennis janitor, 

Main cor John 


erica (Branch i. X J McEwen Manager. 
Main n e cor John 


Fraser Manager, Main cor Dufferin 
Banks Miss Ellen, elk, 1 Wm Banks 
Banks Wm, cattle dlr, h Church cor 

Xorth Station 
Barker Aaron J, postmaster Main cor 

John, h n s Maria 

Barker Gordon A, elk PO, 1 A J Barker 
Barker Joseph, ins agt, h n s Maria 
Barker Richd R, blksmth n s Humber, 

h e s Main 
Barlow Fredk, ptrnmkr, b James 


Barton Alex, gdnr, 1 Arthur J Barton 
Barton Alfred M, florist, w s George. 

near King 
Barton Arthur J, florist, n e cor Main and 

Denison av, h same 

Barton John A, gdnr, 1 Arthur J Barton 
Barton John H, h e s Main 
Barton Wm G, gdnr, 1 Arthur J Barton 
Bass Miss Kate E, head nurse King Ed- 
ward Sanitarium for Consumptives 
Bassett Robt C, shipper, h w s Main 
Bates James, stove mntr, h w s Main 
Beamish Richd H, driver, h w s Main 
Beasley Miss Edith V, stenog, 1 Mrs 

Victoria E Beasley 
Beasley Victoria E (wid John), h n s 


Beeston Albert, stove mntr, h w s Main 
Bell Elizth (wid Robt J), h e s Main 
Bell Ellen (wid EdwardK h w s Main 
Bell Miss Gertrude, tchr Weston Public 

School, 1 J B Bell 
Bell Jas E, mach, 1 Mrs Ellen Bell 
Bell John E, engineer, I Mrs Ellen Bell 
Bell Joseph B, carp, h n s Church 
Bell Miss Margt, opr. 1 Mrs Klizth Bell 
Bell Miss May A, 1 Mrs Elizth Bell 
Bell Wm R, elk, 1 Mrs Elizth Bell 
Bennett Ernest W, shipper, h s s King 
Bentley Wilmot. driver, 1 Ernest C Ella 
Best Miss Hazel I, opr, 1 Thos Best 
Best Henry, driver, 1 Thos Best 
Best Henry, rivetter, h n s Denison av 
Best James, mkt gdnr w s Fifth av 
Best John, mkt gdnr, n s Denison av. 

h same 

Best Thos. mach, h n s St Johns rd 
Bilton Oeo. painter, h w s Main 
Birley Benj. plshr. b Mrs I Campbell 
Birney John M, blksmth, h cor William 

and Elm 
Black John, acct Bank of B X A, rms 

Bank Chambers 

Blythe Miss Hazel, stenog King Ed- 
ward Sanitarium, res Toronto 
Boake Clarence O, elk Bank of B N 

A. rms Bank Chambers 
Bolton Miss Ruth, elk, b Mrs Deborah 


Bolton Thos. tmstr, h n 
Bonnet Fredk. lab, b 
Bookless Miss Kate, h s s Rectory lane 
Boot Harold, mldr, b Mrs I Campbell 
Bourke Wm J, prop Bourke's Hotel, 

res same 
Bourke's Hotel, Wm J Bourke prop, w 

s Main 

Boustead Albert E. shipper, h e s Main 
Boustead Thos A, shipper, 1 Albert E 

Bowen Miss Kate, nurse King Edward 

Bowslaugh Chas L, mach, h n s Coulter 


I Boyd Wm J, elk Roman Stone Co Ltd, 
I res West Toronto 
Boylen John E, bldr, h s s Lippincott 

Boynton Miss Florence, stenog, b John 

Bragg Harold, stove mntr, b Mrs I 


Brett Catharine (wid Wm), h w s Main 
Brett John, lab, 1 Mrs Brett 
Brookes John, carp, h n s Victoria av 
Brooks John, gdnr, b Wm Cook 
Brooks Joseph, drill hd, b Wm Cook 
Brookshanks Christopher, pntr, h s s 


Brown Albert, stove mntr, h e s Main 
Brown Albert E, lab, h w s Main 
Brown Miss Etta, nurse King Edward 


Brown Fredk W. piano mkr, h n s Els- 
mere av 

Brown John, li e s Main 
Bull Miss Alice M. tchr, 1 Jacob Bull 

s Coulter av 
Wm Crookes 

Bull Miss Carrie, tchr, 1 Miss Fannie 


Bull Edwd W, h w s Main 
Bull Miss Fanny C, h w s Cross 
Bull Miss Florence A, bkpr, 1 Jacob 


Bull Jacob, h n s John 
Bull Robt J (Keys & Bull), h n s King 
Burcher Miss Annie, 1 Wm A Martin 
Burgess Alfred J, tinsmith, h n s Denison 


Burgess Rev James E, h n s King 
I Burgess Joseph, night wtchmn, 1 Miss S J 

Burke Miss Helen, elk Miss O McMast- 

er, res Toronto 

Bun-age Wm C. bldr, h s s Joseph 
Burrage Wm R, bkpr, 1 Mrs Anne 


Byrne Martin J, tel opr, h n s Church 
Byrnes Matthew, tel opr, b Dr Wm E. 

I Varson 

Cahix.'n Harvey, bkpr, h w s Main 
I'uirns Archd, caretkr, h e s Main 
Caldwell Isabella (wid Henry), h e s 

Caldwell Percy L, shipper, 1 Mrs I 


Calhonn Chas, mach, h \v s Xorth Sta- 
Campbell Archibald L, insp pub schools, 

h s s Church 

:>ell Donald W, bkpr, h e s George 
Campbell Miss Gladys, stenog Roman 

Stone Co Ltd, 1 Wm Campbell 
Campbell Miss Irene, elk Moffat Stove 

Co Ltd, 1 Wm Campbell 
Campbell Isabella (wid Duncan), h e 


Campbell Wm, h Church cor North Sta- 
Canada Lumber Co Ltd, Church and 

Xorth Station 
Caruthers Hannah (wid John), h w s 

Xorth Station 

Cathcart Robt A. pedlar, h s s Church 
Central Hotel, Robt Armstrong prop, e s 

Chalmer Albert, carp, h North Station 

cor Church 

Chambers David, brkmicr, h w s Main 
Chapman John, h w s Main 
Charboneau Albert, carp, 1 Wm Char- 

Charboneau John, elk Roman Stone Co 

Ltd. 1 Paul Charboneau 
Charboneau Paul, caretkr, h w s Cross 
Charboneau Wm, carp, h n s William 
Charlton Wm J, phys, s e cor Xorth Sta- 
tion and John, h same 
Church Herbert J, h w s Main 
Clark Xelson, bkpr, h e s George 
Clark Wm. lab, b Wm Crookes 
Clarke Fredk. case mkr, h Main cor- 

Lippincott av 

Clarke Geo M, ftr, h n s Denison av 
Coe Harry E, painter, h n s Denison av 
Cole John H, bkpr, h s s Maria 
Coleman Wm E, tlr w s Main, h same 
Colhoun Joseph, mgr L A Lemaire, h 

n s Lemaire av 
Colhoun Joseph R, elk Roman Stone Co- 

Ltd, 1 J M Colhoun 

Congdon James, gdnr, 1 G W Verral 
Conron James, h w s Xorth Station 
Conrnn Miss Olive J, stenog Moffat 

Stove Co Ltd, 1 James Conron 


"The greatest piano In 
the world," is the written 
testimony of De Pach- 
mann, the world's great 
pianist. See this piano at 
193-197 YONGE ST. 

OC I AM ITC Chemical 
. 9. UftmCO Investigator 




Cook Gordon J, linemn, h n s Conron pi 
Cook Joseph, lab, h w s Fifth av 
Cook Wm, lab, h n s DufEerin 
Cookman Mary (wid Rev Christopher), 

1 Chas L Bowslaugh 
Coon Harvey, gdnr, h n s Beech 
Cottrill John T, insp, h. e s Miiin 
Coulter Andrew, painter, h w s Main 
Coulter Clarence I, bkpr, 1 Andrew Coul- 

Coulter Geo W, vet sur w s Main, h same 
Coulter Gordon J, mach, 1 Lev! L Coul- 

Coulter Harold L, macb, 1 Lev! L Coul- 

Coulter James H, mach, 1 Levi L Coulter 
Coulter James W, plmbr, h e s George 
Coulter Levi L. mach w s Main, h same 
Coulter Russell A, Idgr kpr Bank of B 

N A, 1 A Coulter 
Cousins Henry G, livery e s Main, h s s 


Cowan Benj, trav, h n s Denison av 
Crabtree Frank, lab, h e s Main 
Craven Elizabeth (wid Jas), h n s Church 
Crookes Joseph, lab. b Wm Crookes 
Crookes Wm H, lab, h n s Coulter av 
Cross Miss Jean, nurse, King Edward 

Crossley Miss Jane, nurse King Edward 


Cruickshank Alex, carriage bldr, 1 Wal- 
lace Cruickshank 
Cruickshank James (J Cruickshank & 

Sons), h w s Main 
Cruickshank James L, insp, weights and 

measures, h n s Church 
Cruickshank J & Sons (James and Wal- 
lace J Cruickshank), wagon mkrs, w 
s Main 

Cruickshank Kenneth, mach, h n s Coul- 
ter avenue 
Cruickshank Kenneth M, macli, h n s 

Coulter av 
Cruiekshank Wallace J (J Cruickshank 

& Sons), h w s Main 
Culham Miss Amy A, bkpr, 1 Mrs H 

Culham Harriet (wid Trueman), h w s 

North Station 
Cunningham Thos, lab, b Mrs Christina 

Custerson John, ptrn mkr, b Albert G 


Daines Geo, stock kpr, b Albert G Mus- 

Daines Geo E, bldr, h w s Main 
Dalby Geo, lab, h w s Cross 
Dale Sarah J, drsmkr. h s s King 
Dalton John J, surveyor, h n s Maria, 

near North Station 

Dalton Miss Muriel, 1 John J Dalton 
Dalton Miss Winnifred, 1 J J Dalton 
Davidge Wm J, bldr, h s s Sykes av 
Davidson James, flremn, h w s Main 
Dawson Richd, h w s Main 
Day Chas W. carp, h Elizabeth cor Elm 
Day Edwd, painter, h w s Main 
Denison Chas, h n s Denison av 
Dennis Arthur, carp, h e s Main 
Dennis Tames R, farmer, h n s Joseph 
Dent Miss Edith, h w s North Station 
Dent "Wallace, 1 Miss E Dent 
Derry Saml, engr, 1 Fredk J Williams 
Derry Walter A, mach, h n s St Johns rd 
Devins Garnet R, elk Bank of B N A, 

rms Bank Chambers 
Dicken Gordon A, tile mkr, 1 Wm A 


Dickin John, h e s Main 
Dickin Wm A, elect eng, has Main 
Dines Herbert, stone ctr, b John Mac- 


Dixon David, h n s Meyers av 
Dixon Debor;ih (wid John), h e s North 

Dixon Miss Emma, elk, 1 Mrs Eliza 


Dixon Miss E MePherson, supt King 
Edward Sanitarium for Consumptives 
Dixon Jas R, h e s Cross 
Dobbie Wm J, phy in charge King Ed- 
ward Sanitarium for Consumptives 
Doe Henry, lab, h e s Main 
Dolphin Chas, yardmn, h e s Main 
Draper James F, painter, 1 Robt B Dra- 

Draper Robt B, stock kpr, h n s Mill 
Dron James, drill hd, h n s Main 

Duffy Eliza (wid Taylor), h e s North 


Dunmore Harry W, brklyr, h n s Vic- 
toria av 

Dunnett Wm H, buffer, n n s Conron pi 
Dunning Hugh, ydmn, b Mrs Grace 


Eagan Ellen (wid Patk), h n s Dufferin 
Eagle Chas. gdnr, 1 Edwd Eagle 
Eagle Edwd, mkt gdnr, s s William 
Eagle House, John B Eagle prop, e s 


Eagle John B, prop Eagle House, 1 same 
Ella Ernest C, tmstr, h w s Main 
Ella Leslie, dairy w .s Main, h same 
Ellerby Wm, h s s Maria 
Evans Geo B, elk, h e s George 
Swing Walter, lab, b Thos Smith 
Faichnie Wm, mldr, h w s Main 
Falrbairn John H, real estate, h n s 

Fairchild Austin H, prin Weston High 

School. _b Mrs Sarah J Farr 
Farley Bros (Wm J and Stanley H), 

barbers, e s Main 

Farley Harold, barber, 1 "Wm J Farley 
Farley Stanley H (Farley Bros), h s s 

Farley Wm J (Farlev Bros), h w s 

North Station 
Farr Ellerl^ G, teller Bank of Nova 

Scotia, res Toronto 
Farr Miss Mabel, mus tchr, 1 Mrs Sarah 

J Farr 

Farr Peter, agt. h s s Maria 
Farr Sarah J (wid Ellerby), h cor Ma- 
ria and Elm 

Fido Fredk J, ctr, h w s Main 
Fielding Wm J, h n s Rectory rd 
Finnegan James, confy w s Main, h 


Fisher Geo, elk, h w s Cross 
Fleming Elizth (wid Saml), h s s 

Fleming Harry J, real estate, 1 Mrs 

Elizth Fleming: 
Flynn Robt J, h e s Main 
Forsyth Chas, h w s Main 
Forsyth Miss Margt S, mus tchr, 1 Chas 


Foster James, 1 James Irvine 
Foster Mary A (wid Wm), h n s Church 
Fountain Fredk J, riveter, h n s Deni- 
son av 
Fox Miss Nellie, nurse King Edward 


Franklin Miss Jean, nurse King Ed- 
ward Sanitarium 

Franks Miss Jennie, elk, 1 Peter Franks 
Franks Peter, h w s North Station, opp 

Fraser Albert S, mgr Bank of Nova 

Scotia, h e s Main 
Fraser Geo M, real estate, h e s North 

Galbraith Thos, journalist, h Maria cor 


Gale Ernest, mldr, b Fredk J Fido 
Gardliouse Jas, undertaker cor Main and 

Little av, h same 
Gibney John A, h e s Main 
Gibson Miss Delia, stenog Moffat Stove 

Co Ltd, b Wm Shiells 

Limited (Toronto). John C Irvin Local 

Manager. Lumber Dealers, e s Main 
Gillain Win, lab, h n s Dufferin 
Gillies Alfred, h s s Oak 
Gillies Miss Annie M. tchr Weston High 

School, res Toronto 
Gillies Wm, mldr, h Main cor Oak 
Gillis John B. mach hd, h w s Main 
Gomm Miss Florence D, opr, 1 James 


Gomm Frank, tmstr, h n s Main 
Gomm James, lab, h e s Main 
Gomm Wm H, lab, 1 James Gomm 
Gordon Geo, h cor Main and Rectory rd 
Gordon John, shipper, h s s Denison av 
Goulding Alfred G, real estate, h s s 

Goulding Miss Marie E, stenog, 1 Alfred 

G Goulding 
Goulding & Hamilton (Toronto), Wm 

Marks local mgr, real estate, e s 

Graeb Miss Elizth E, tchr Weston High 

School, res Toronto 
Gram W Burnice, bldr, h w s Main 
Gray G Howard, barr, e s Main, b Al- 
bert S Fraser 

Gray Hamilton K, h n s William 

John, painter, h w s South Station 
Gray Robt, shoes e s Main, res West 


Greaves Arthur, carp, h s s Rectory rd 
Green Harry, stone ctr, b John Macdon- 


Greer Robt W, elect, h e s Main 
Greig John W, draughtsmn Roman 

Stone Co Ltd, h n s King 
Griffith Eliza (wid Abraham J), 1 Levi 

H Mercer 

Griffith Francis W, h n s John 
Griffith Francis W jr, btchr e s Main. 

h cor North Station and John 
Griffith Joseph, h w K Main 
Griffith J Henry, btchr F W Griffith, 1 

Guardhouse J, Martin, horse dlr. h e s 

North Station 
Hackett John T, dentist w s Main, b 

Eagle House 
Hall Miss Ethel, tchr Weston Public 

School, 1 Mrs M Hall 
Hall Sarah A (wid Kev Wm), h n s 


Hamilton Alex F, gdnr, h s s Pine 
Hardy John, draughtsmn Roman Stone 

Co Ltd, res Toronto 
Harrington Wm E, melter, h n s Coulter 


Harris Clifton F, irtshr, 1 Mathew Har- 
Harris Mathew, tmstr, h n s Lippin- 

cott av 

Harris Michl J, elect, h e s South Sta- 

Harris Thos, lab, h s s King 
Harrison John, mldr, h w s Main 
Harrison Thos. bkpr Moffat Stove Co Lt 1 

h n s Meyers av 
Hart Hector, bldr, h s s King 
Harvey Edwd R, agt, h w s Main 
Hassard Wm, horse dlr w s Main, h 

n s King 
Heighington Albert E, ptrnmkr, h n s St 

George rd 
Heighington John, supt Roman Stone 

Co Ltd, h e s Main 

Hemlry Miss Annie, 1 Wm J Charlton 
Hentig Miss Eunice A, 1 Rev James E 


Herschell Adrian, metal wkr, h n s Duf- 
Keslop James H, bldr, h n s St Johns 


Hewgill Frank, bkpr, h n s St Johns rd 
Hewgill Miss Kathleen, elk, 1 Frank 

Hewgill Roy F, draughtsmn. 1 Frank 


Hicks Wm, lab, h s s Elizabeth 
Hill Calvin W, elk. b Mrs Annie Stewart 
Hill FredJi T, h s s John, near N 

Hill Reginald H, shipper. 1 Fredk T 


Hill Stephen (Hill & Shiells). h e s Main 
Hiil & Shiells (Stephen Hill. Win ShieLls), 

<rroeers e s Main 
Hogate Judson B, horse dlr e s Main, 

res West Toronto 
Holley Francis M, tinsmth, 1 Joseph J 


Holley Geo F, agt. 1 Thos J Holley 
Holley Joseph J, carp, h e s Main 
Holley J. Ellerton, carp, 1 Thos J Holley 
Holley Thos J, carp, h n s Beech 
Holley Wm. p c Town Hall, h cor 

Beech and Elm 

Holley Wm R, carp, h n s Beech 
Hollinsworth V Harry, h s s Maria 
Hopcroft Catharine (wid Geo), h w s 


Hopcroft Miss Nettie M, opr, Mrs Cath- 
erine Hopcroft 
Foughton Jas, h w s Main 
Howlings Annie (wid Frank), h w s 

Hill Crest rd 
Howlings Frank H, engr, 1 Mrs Annie 

Hugill James, hdware e s Main, h w s 

North Station near Maria 
Humphries John, carp, h e s Main 
Hutchinson Miss Bessie, 1 Mrs Minnie 

Hutchinson Minnie (wid Wm), h n s 

Hutty Elizth (wid Jas E). h s s Conron 



Phone College 8595 





Calgary Weyburn Detroit 






PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


-uggist e s Mam, h coi 
John and South Station 
Irvin John C, local mgr Gibson Mc- 
Cormark Irvin Co Ltd, h s s Denlson 
av near Maria 

Irvine James, blksmth w s South Sta- 
tion h s s John near Mam 
Irwin Ely F, phy w s Main, h same 
Irwin Henry P, tlr e s Main, li same 
Irwin Jared, 1 Dr E F Irwin 
Irwin Miss Maud. 1 \Vm Irwin 
Irwin Wm. h w s George, near King 
Jackson Harriot (wid Saml), h Main 

cor Conron pi 
Jackson John, bldr, h w s Mam. near 

Jacques Win C. steel wkr, h e s Main 
James Thos. ptrn mkr, h n s King 
James Wilfred, stone ctr, b Albert G 


Jaqaes Edward H, 1 Mrs L Jaques 
Jaques Louisa (wid Geo E), h n s Maria. 

near North Station 
Jennings Henry, florist, n s Beech 
Jobson Mary A (wid Isaac), h s s Eliza- 

Jobson Wm I. farmer, 1 Mrs Mary A 


Johnson Alex, shipper, h w s Main 
Johnson Alfred B, ptrn mkr, h e s 


Johnson Geo. lab. b Wm D Simpson 
Johnson Josiah A, elk Mpffat Stove Co 

Ltd b Wm T Johnson 
Johnson Wm T, carp, 1 Alfred B John- 

Johnston Miss Anne, h n s Mill 
Johnston Miss Jane, 1 Miss Anne John- 
Jones Miss Eliza, nurse King Edward 

< Rev J Husrhes. pastor St John s 
Church, h e s North Station 
Jones Robt. shipper, h s s Meyers av 
Joyce Wm, grinder, h w s Main 
Kaake Andrew, bailiff, h w s Main 
Kane Bonj. mldr, b Arthur Dennis 
Kanowski Frank, mounter, h e s Main 
Kavanaugh John P, 1 Mrs Mary Kavan- 

Kavar.augh Mary (wid John), h s s 

Kelly Douglas, tchr St Alban's School 

for Boys. 1 same 

Kennedy Albert M. btchr, h w s Main 
Kennedy Miss Lillian F, opr, 1 Mrs 

y J Kennedy 
Kennedy Miss Mary B, opr, 1 Mrs, Mary 

J Kennedy 

Kennedy Mary .1 (wid Geo H), h w s Main 
Kerrigan Geo, mldr, b Mrs I Camp- 
Kerrigan Isaac SI, mldr, h n s St 

John's rd 

Kersey Thos, h n e cor Main and Coult- 
er av 

Keys Sarah (wid Henry), h n s John 
Keys Wm J (Keys & Bull), h n s John 
Keys & Bull (W J Keys. R J Bull), 

hardware e s Main 

King Edward Sanitarium for Consump- 
tives. Win J Dobbie phy in charge, 
head of Buttonwood av 
Knothy Gerhard, artist, h w s Hill 

Crest rd 

Kolberg Chas G, h w s Main 
Koplof John, lab, h w s Main 
Laver Jas H, farmer, h e s Main 
Lawrence Auuie (wid David), h w s Main, 

near Church 

Lawrence Chas. B, lab, h e s Main 
Lawrence David, mntr, h w s Main 
Lawrence Win J, gro e s Main, h same 
Lawrie Gavin, h s s King, near GTR 


Lawson Fredk, lab, b Mrs I Campbell 
Leask Miss Ella, smstrs, 1 Mrs Grace 


Leask Grace (wid John D). h s s John 
Lee Miss Edith, tchr Weston Pub Sen, 

h s s Church 

Lee Geo, carp, 1 Miss Edith Lee 
Lees Miss Isabel, stenog Bank of B N 

A. res Toronto 
Lemaire Lawrence A, coal, h cor George 

and Lemaire av 

Lenehan Ernest, driver, 1 J Lenehan 
Lenehan John, tmstr, h s s Church 
Lenehan John J, prtr, h s s Church 

Lennox Miss Emma. 1 John Lennox 
Lennox John, h s s King near Elm 
Leuted Win, h w s Main 
Lindsay John, elk, h w s Main 
Lindsay Martine. acct, h e s Cross 

'.V.n J. fireman, h e s Yam 

ihert P. mason, h e s George 
Litr.'i-ow Racnal A cnid Alex), 1 Jani-;s 


Livingstone Xeil M. li :.- s Maija 
1 ivinsstone Thos. arch, h s s Elizabeth 
facturer, e s Main, h same 
Longstaff Miss Sarah J, h e s Mam 
Longstaff Walter (Austin & Longstaff), 

h w s Main 

Lowry Robt mach 'id, h n s Me\ c-rs av 
Lucke'tt Edwd, gdnr, 1 Alfred G Gould- 

in ' 

Lukes Lewis, engr, h n s William 
Lyons Miss Genevieve, elk G M Lyons, 

'l same 

Lyons Geo M. dry gds. w s Mam 
Lyons G MacDonald, teller, 1 Geo M 

McAllister Sarah (wid John), h w s 


McCaulley James, lab, b Wm Crookes 
McClatchie Lewis R, h n s Denlson av 
McClennan Donald M, engr, h n s Eliza- 
SIcCollum Alfred E, mach, b Clayton 

McConnell John A, stove mntr, h s s 

Meyers av 

McCormick Michl. lab, h s s Elizabeth 
McCormick Richd, lab, 1 Michael Mc- 

Moc'utcheon John, tmstr, h w s Main 
McCutcheon Walter, elk, 1 Frank Hew- 

McDonald Bernard, concrete wkr, h s 

s Coulter av 
McDonald Earl, agt, b Miss Bessie 

McDougal Hugh, time kpr, b Frank 

McEwen John K (Pearson & McEwen), 

h w s Main near John 
McEwen Lome E, btchr, 1 J K McEwen 
McEwen Nelson J, mgr Bank of B N 

A. h s s Dufferin 

McEwen Wilfred A. btchr. I J K McEwen 
McFarland Matthew, miner, h n s Wil- 

McGinnis Joseph, mldr, h w s South Sta- 

McGlynn John, cabt mkr, h s s King 
MeGrady Edwd, carp, h e s Main 
Mclntos'h Coleman C, acct, h s s King 
Mclntosh Noel H, real est, 1 Mrs Vic- 
toria E Bealey 

McKee Wm H. elk, b Eagle House 
McKitterick Wm J, acct, h s s Eliza- 
McLean Miss Jennie, 1 Mrs Jane Slalloy 
McLean John A, tchr, h w s Main 
McLean John L, photog. I J A McLean 
McLean Wallace A, ptrn mkr, 1 Wm 


McLean Wm. carp, h s s Denisou av 
McMaster Miss Olive, mlnr e s Main, 

res Toronto 
McN'ally Eltea (wid Saml), h s w cor 

North Station and King 
McNicol John R, trav, 1 Wm McNicol 
McNicol Wm, mach, h Main cor Meyer 


McPhail Archd, tmstr, h w s George 
McQuarrie Robt, h s s King 
McVean Miss Elizth, h e s Main 
Macdonald Donald, h e s Main 
Macdonald John, mldr, h w s Main 
Mackay Melbourne, plshr, h e s Main 
MacKay Phillip, driver Rowntree Bros, 

h s s" Sykes av 
Mackie Wm D, tmstr, h n s Denison 

MacN'icol Geo A, designer, 1 Wm Mac- 

MacN'icol John R. draughtsman. 1 Wm 

MacNicol Wm, h cor Main and Meyer 

Madgett Henry, h w s North Station, near 


Masill Eugene, gdnr, h n s Conron pi 
Maguire Elizth (wid David), 1 Thos 

J Maguire 

Maguire Thos J. acct, h e s Main 

Theresa M, tchr, b Miss Mary A 
Mallaby Arthur E, mfrs agt w s Main. 

h n s Humber 
Malloy Jane (wid Alex), h n s Maria, nea:- 

North Station 

March Arthur, stone ctr, b Frank Ball 
Marks Arnold, elk, 1 Mrs Janet Marks 
Marks Janet i wid Robt), h Church cor 

North Station 
Marks Wm J, local mgr Colliding & 

Hamilton, h cor Church and North 


Marsh John, cattle dlr, h n s Beech 
Martin \Vm A, h s s Maria 
Mashinter Geo, agt, h e s Main 
Master Oliver, broker, h Maria cor 


Mather Alex T, acct, h n s John 
Matheson John, trav, b Mrs Elizth B 

Matthews Marmaduke E, head master 

St \lban's School for Bors, 1 same 
Mattison John, lab. h n s Dufferin 
Maxwell Miss Alma, tchr Weston Pub 

Sen. 1 Mrs S Maxwell 
Maxwell Sarah (wid John), h s e cor 

Maria and Elm 
May Edwin J. carp, h s s King, near 

North Station 

May Miss Mary T, I Wm Slay 
May Miss Reva E, tchr, 1 Edwin J 


Mav Wm, h cor King and George 
Mead Edwd A, blksmth. h w s South 

Meldrum John A, phy King cor North 

Station, h same 

Mercer Levi H, coll, h s s Church 
M-ssage Alfred E, ehkr, h e s Slam 
Metzler Fredk P, elk, h w s Main 
Movers Sarah (wid Oman), h s s King 
Sliddleton Wm, gdnr. h -w s Main 
Miles Roland H, trav, 1 David Dixon 
Miller Alex, bkpr King Edward Sani- 
tarium, res Toronto 
Slills Arthur, piano mkr, h s s Rectory 

Mills James D. teller Bank of B N A, 

rms Bank Chambers 
Slillward Fredk L, ptrnmkr, h s s John 
Slitchell Ellen (wid Robt), h n s King 

Sloffat Alfred B, real est -Main cor Duf- 
ferin, h n s Church 
Sloffat Elizth B (wid Thos L), h s s 

Denison av 

Slanager Moffat Stove Co, Ltd, h n s 
Denison av, nr Slain 

iMOFF-VT JOHX K, President Mof- 
fat Stove Co, Ltd, h s s Denison av. 

K Moffat President. Frederick W Mof- 
fat General Slanager, Thomas L Mof- 
fat Secretary-Treasurer, Stove SIfrs. 
s s Denison av, nr Main 
Sloffat Thos L, sec treas Sloffat fetove 

Co Ltd. h s s Denison av nr Slam 
Monkman Wm, 1 Fredk W Brown 
Sloody Harvey, btchr Main cor Conron 

pi. 'h w s same 

Sloody Henry, bldr, h n s Church 
Sloogk Chas J, carp, h n s Church 
Moogk Geo B, contr, h e s Slain 
Sloogk Herman H, 1 G B Sloogk 
Moore Anne (wid Patkl, 1 T J Moore 
Moore Edgar, 1 Sirs F Moore 
Stoore Fanny (wid G C), h w s George 

near Church 
Moore Thos J. gdnr, h n s King, near C 

T R tracks 
Moran Miss Margaret, packer, h n s b 

George rd 

Slorley Chas R. dairy w s Slain, h same 
Slorley Leonard L, cabt mkr, 1 Chas R 

Slorningstar Albert W, packer. 1 Clayton 


Morningstar Clayton, mach, h s s Eliza- 

Slorrell Thos. ptrnmkr, b Fredk J Fldo 
Slorris Walter J, ins agt, h n s St Johns 

Slunshaw Frank, contr, h w s Hillcrest 


Slunshaw Sliss Gladys, 1 Frank Slun- 



Phone Main 1481 TORONTO 



Yaohte Docked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 


Registered Patent Attorney 20 Years' Experience 


Phone M. 3737 


Miii-ray Geo, farmer, h n s Main 
Musselwhite Albert G, lab, h e s Main 
Musson Edwd J, ins agt, h s s Elsmere 

Musson Miss Gladys, stenog, 1 Edwd J 


Nason Joseph, bnrr, h e s Main 
Nattress Miss Eva AA", tchr, 1 Thos Nat- 

Nattress Thos, h w s Main 
Xc;ile Alfred, chef King Edward Sani- 

Nicholl Francis, carp, h e s George 
Noble Thos, mldr, h s s Denison av 
Nolan Harry, rd insp, 1 Geo W Abraham 
O'Dell Prank, h s s Rectory rd 
O'Dell Wm H, feed, e s Ma'in, h same 
Oddfellows Hall, n s Church 
Old Ernest G, painter King Edward 

Sanitarium, h n s St Johns rd 
PMfkham eo W (Reliable Bedding Co), 

li n s John 

Parker Josiah, mason, h s s Maria 
Parnum A'ernon, stove mntr, b Clayton 

Mornings tar 

Pearce Alph, tool mkr, h s s Sykes av 
Pearce Fredk, mounter, b Fredk J Fido 
Pearen Jubez M, trav, h 11 s King near 

rearson Arthur AV, surveyor, h s s 

Pearson Hiss Catherine M. tchr Westou 

Pub Sch. 1 Henry Pearson 
Pearson Henry (.Pearson & McEwen), 

h n s Maria 

Pearson AVm E, phy w s Main, h same 
Pearson AVm J, harness mfr w s Main 

b Eagle House 

Pearson & McEwen (Henry Pearson, 
John K McEwen), real estate, w s Main 
near John 
Peirson Allan G, broker, 1 John A Peir- 


Peirson John A, carp, h n s Church 
Peirson Thos, h n s Church 
Fennel Geo, lab, b Bernard McDonald 
Penson Miss Elizth, tchr Weston High 

School, b Mrs Sarah Maxwell 
Phillips Miss Helena, opr, b Fredk 


Phipps Fredk, engr King Edward Sani- 
tarium, h n s Buttonwood av 
Pierson AA r esley L, mldr, h n s Denison 


Pollard Geo, blksmth w s Main, h same 
Pope AVm A. lab, h w s Main 
Pritchard Albert J, agt, h w s North 


Prust AVm E, tel opr, h w s Main 
Purkis Norman AV, shipper, b Chas R 


Rawlence AVm, painter, h w s Main 
Redmond Edwd J, plstr, h e s Main 
Redmond Mary ovid Patk), h n s Maria 
Redmond Michl. section hd. 1 Thos Red- 
Redmond Michl jr, lab, 1 Mrs Mary 


Redmond Thos. mkt gdnr. s s Maria 
Reliable Bedding (> (G AV Packham), 

bedding, mfrs, e s Main 
Rennicks Miss Pearl, nurse King Ed- 
ward Sanitarium 

Rich Fredk, elk, b Albert G Musselwhite 
Robinson Rev Canon Chas A, prin St 
Albans School for Boys, h e s North 

Robinson Fredk, plstr, b Wm D Simp- 

Robinson Miss Linda, tchr St Albans 
Schl for Boys, 1 Rev Canon C A. 

Rollings AA'm, porter, b Mrs Grace Leask 
Rollinson John H, painter, h e s North 

Roman Stone Co Ltd, John Heighing- 

ton supt, stone contrs. e s Main 
Rowat Geo. lab, h s s Conron pi 
Rowntree Bros (Garnet L and A'ernon 

AA"). gros, cor Main and Dufferin 
Rowntree Miss Clara B, tchr, 1 Mrs 
Sarah H Rowntree 

Rowntree David, cattle dlr, h s s Duf- 

Rowntree David jr, btchr w s Main, h 

n s Elizabeth 

Rowntree Ernest C, carp, h w s Main 
Rowntree Fredk C, cattle dlr, 1 Mrs 

Minnie Hutchinson 
Rowntree Fredk T, h w s Main 

Rowntree Fredk W, elect, 1 Fredk T 

Rowntree Garnet L (Rowntree Bros), 

1 D Rowntree 
Rowntree Sarah H (wid John), h w s 

North Station 
Rowntree A'ernon W (Rowntree Bros), 

h s s Dufferin 
Ruck Miss Emily, slsldy, 1 Henry G 

Ruck Henry G, brkmkr, h King cor 

North Station 
Rumney Jas, elect engr, h s s Coulter 

Russell Henry, auctnr, h s s John nr 

Nm-th Station 

Rutledge Miss Pearl D, nurse King Ed- 
ward Sanitarium 

Rye Joseph H, carp, h s s Elizabeth 
Sainsbury Fredk, plmbr cor Main and 

Church, h same 

Sainsbury Geo, nldr, h n s Coulter av 

Canon Charles A Robinson Prin, cor i 

King and North Station 
St Johns Church (Ang), Rev J Hughes 

Jones pastor, e s Main 
St Johns (R C) Church, e s George 
Sanders Thos H, lab, 1 Alfred AVillson 
Savage Mary J (wid Thos Y), h e s 

Savage Miss M Ethel, 1 Mrs Mary J 

Scott Miss Mary A, gro w s Main, h 


Shannon Robt, lab, h n s Denison av 
Sharp Christina (wid Archd), h s s Con- 
ron pi 
Sharp Wilter, stone ctr, h s s Meyers 

Shaw Arthur, h s s King, near North Sta- ; 

Shaw Benj A, stock kpr, b Clayton 

Mornings tar 

Shan- John J. time kpr, 1 AVm J Shaw 
Shaw Miss Matilda, stenog Town Hall, ' 

1 A Shaw 

Shaw Wm J, confy w s Main, h same 
Shlells Wm (Hill & Shiells), h n e cor 

North Station and William 
Siker Geo J, section hd, h n s King 
Simkin Joseph, mach, h w s Main 
Simpson Thos, carp, h w s North Sta- 

Simpson AA'm D, lab, h w s Main 
Sims Alex F, shipper, h cor Denison and 

Fifth avs 

Skeiton James, mldr, h s s Sykes av 
Skelton AVm J. bkpr Moffat Stove Co 

i.ul. h 8 Cobalt av 

Smith Alfred, lab, b A G Musselwhite 
Smith Miss Bessie, h s s King 
Smith David, fnshr, h Main cor Lippin- 

cott av 

Smith Miss Ethel M, elk PO, 1 J Smith 
Smith James, miller, 1 AA r m J Allen 
Smith John F, tmstr, h s s Church 
Smith J Archd, broker, h Coulter av 

cor Cross 

^Smith Thos, lab, h n s Coulter av 
Smith AVm J, trav, h s s King 
Smithbone Thos, bldr, 1 Mrs A'ictoria ' 

E Beasley 

Snashall Richd, stove mntr, h e s Main 
Snyder Mrs Lexle, tchr St Albans Schl 

for Boys, 1 same 
Sosnowsky Marion, h s s King near 


Sosnowsky Miss Martha, 1 Marion Sos- 

Stamper Thos, b John B Gillis 
Stedman Edwin J, watchmn, h n s St 

Johns rd 
Stephens James A, bkbndr, 1 Fredk AA' 


Stephens Robt J, carp, h e s Main 
Stevens Wm, lab, h e s Main 
Stewart Miss Adelaide, elk, 1 James 


Stewart Annie (wid David), h n s Coul- 
ter av 
Stewart Jane (wid Wm), 1 James Hu- 


Stewart John, lab, h w s North Station 
Stewart Robt AA', trav, h n s Maria 
Stimson Henry, lab, h w s George 
Stollery Henry, mach, h n s Conron pi 
Stone Harry, stove mntr, h w s Cross 
Stone Thos, lab, h n s Elizabeth 
Stonehouse Miss Edith, tchr Weston 

Pub Sch, b H Cahoon 

Stonehouse Miss Gertrude, bkpr, 1 Jas 

H Stonehouse 

Stonehouse Rev James H, h n s Duf- 
Stonehouse Miss Sybilla, tclir. 1 James 

H Stonehouse 

Storm AA'm J, artist, b Stanley H Far- 

Strange Jesse, bkpr, h n s AVilliam 
Strang-ways Rev Britton R, pastor 

Weston Meth Church, h s s King 

near Main 

, Summers Miss Kate, nurse King Ed- 
ward Sanitarium 
['ay lor Anne (wid Robt), h w s North 

TAYLOR JAS H, Town Clerk and 

Treasurer Municipality of Weston, h n 

s King, near North Station 
Taylor Percy S, trav. 1 James H Taylor 
Teasdale Geo, elk, 1 Thos Teasdale 
Teasdale Thos, h s s King 
Terrell AVm J, stone ctr, h w s South 


Thompson James A. g-dnr, h n s King- 
Thomson John S, baker e s Main, h 

Tippett Edwin J, shoes w s Main, h 


Todd Thos. h e s South Station 
Totten Saml J, h n s Meyers av 
Tottle Chas V, elk, h n s Church 
Tottle Miss Evelyn, stenog, 1 Chas V 

Tredgett Oswald J, ctr, h cor Church 

and King George rd 

Trent Fredk, stone ctr, b Frank Ball 
Trim James, h cor AVilliam and Pine 
Trinkwon Chas H, lab, h n s John 
Trueman AVm M, tmstr, h w s Main 
Turner Alfred W, hosp attdt, h e s 

Tyrell Joseph B. mining engineer, h s e 

corner Maria and Pine 

Van Alstyne Chas C, mldr, h n s Deni- 
son av 
Van Alstyne Miss Dora M, tchr, 1 Cha 

C VanAlstyne 
A'aughan Lewis H, gro w s Main, h 

Verral Geo W, storage, h w s Main, opj> 


Verral Miss Helen N, 1 Geo AV A'erral 
Vipond Rev Frank, h s s Joseph 
A'ipond Miss Nettie A, 1 Rev Frank 


AVacey Chas, concrete wkr. h e s Main 
AVade Richd A, h cor Coulter av and 

Rectory rd 
AVudsworth Elizth (wid Thos), h s s 

AA'alker Albert E, brklyr, h Main cor 

Meyers av 

Walker Peter, h n s St George rd 
Wallace Miss Annie, nurse King Ed- 

\vavd Sanitarium 
AVallaci- R'-v AA-' Harris, pastor Weston 

Baptist Church, h w s "William 
AA'allis Ernest, carp, h s s Meyers av 
Wardlaw Henry J, h Church, n e cor 


Wardlaw Miss Julia, h e s Main 
Wardlaw Miss Maria T, h e s Main 
Wardlaw Mary (wid Jesse G), h s s 

Maria, near Pine 
Wardlaw Mary J (wid Alex), h Church 

s e cor George 
AA'arren Ira O, ptrn mkr, b Miss Bessie 

AA'arrr-ns Miss Alice, nurse King Ed- 

wa:-d Sanitarium 
Watson Fredk, mach, h w s Main 
AVatson John, h n s King, near North 


Watson Sophia (wid Wm), h n s Church 
AVatt David, blksmth, h s s King 
AA'att AVm D, iron wkr, 1 David AVatt 
AA'ebster Miss Jessie, stenog, 1 Mrs 

Sophia AVatson 

AA T ebster AValter, pntr, h e s North Sta- 
Weir Miss Janet, drsmkr, b Robt J 


Weller Geo H, carp, h n s Elizabeth 
Westminster Recreation Rooms, w a 

AVeston Baptist Church. Rev W Harris 

Wallace pastor, e s Main 
Weston Garage, J S Thomson prop, e a 

Main, h same 

Library Bureau S ADA ' 

Card and Filing Systems, 

Office, Bank and Library 


45 Yonge St. 


Factory, Isabella 

Street, cmaw 



156 YONGE ST. 



MSM 3527 

Weston High School. A H Fairchild prln. 

E s King, near North Station 
Weston Methodist Church, Her B R 

<!tran tr ways pastor, cor King and Main 

Barker, Postmaster, s e cor Main and 


Weston Presbyterian Church, w s Main 
Weston Public School, H J Alexander 

prin. n s Kiug. near Maria 
Weston Separate Sehool. Miss Theresa 

Matiar prin. e s George 

.in Town Hall. James H Taylor 

town clerk and treas, cor Main and 

Little av 
Westover Edwin C. blrmkr, h n s St 

Johns ril 
Westphal Ed\vd G. mldr, h n s St Johns 

Westphal Edwd J, mntr, 1 Valentine 

Westphal Miss Florence, packer, 1 Val- 

ine '\\vstplial 
Westphal Valentine, mldr, h e s Main 

<>hn R. ctr. h e s Main 
Whinton Andrew E. printer, w s Main 

opp .John, res Toronto 
Whitli^ld 'Harry, brklyr, b Chas R Mor- 

Wilby Miilicent i wid Wilson). 1 Edwd 

J M 

Wilby ivrcy H. h w s Main 
Wilby Mrs Sarah, tchr Weston Pub Sen, 

h w s Main 

Wilkes Wm. lab. h n s Denison a\ 
Wilkinson Wm. tmstr. h w s Main 
Williams Fredk J, shipper, h s s ru-ni- 

son av 

Williams Thos, h w s Main 
Willie Ernest, ednr. 1 Mrs Lena Willie 
Willie John, gdnr. 1 Mrs Lena Willie 
Willie Mrs Lena, h e s Main 
Willson Alfred T, lab, h cor Main and 

Wilson Eliza (wid Chas). h w s North 

Wilson Miss Elsie, nurse King Edward 


Wilson Frank, lab. b Thos Smith 
Wilson Richd, elk. b Mrs Deborah 


Winters David, lab, h w s George 
Witty Henry, barber e s Main, h s s 

Elsmere av 

Wood Roht, iron wkr, h s s Church 
Wood Wm G, h n s William 


(Five miles northwest of Post Office) 

Adams R John, carp, h s s Rodgers rd 
Adkins Henry J, tmstr, h s s Pickering 


Aldersly Geo. lab, h w s Blandford 
Allen Thos G, stenog, h e s Lakeview av 
Ambrose Fredk, tmstr, h w s Vaughan 


Andrews Kdwd, lab, h e s West av 
Ankers Jas, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Anthony John, lab. h e s West av 
Anzer John B. wtr, h e s Kenwood av 
Appleyard Chas H. carp, h e s Markham 
Ashby Arthur G, 1 Edwin Ashby 
Ashby Edwin, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Ashby Harry, elk. 1 Edwin Ashby 
Ashcroft Annie i wid James), 1 Francis 


Ashcroft Miss Annie, 1 F Ribchester 
Ashcroft Miss Catherine, 1 Francis Rib- 
Backhauser Chas H, wtr, h w s Vaughan 


Bailey Saml. plstr. h s s Beresford av 
Baird David, mfrs agt, h w s Wyeh- 
wood av 

Bairstow Jonathan, carp, h w s Lake- 
view av 

Baker Edwin, bldr, h w s Wychwood av 
Baldwin Ernest E, contr, h e s Kenwood 

Barnes Chas, glass blower, 1 James H 

Barnes Jas H, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Barnes Leo. elk, 1 James H Barnes 
Barnes Miss Sadie, 1 James H Barnes 
Barnes Thos, glass blower, 1 James H 

:i Hubert, elev opr, 1 99 Vaughan 

Bartholomew Fredk C. elk, h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Jlarton Chas, upholstr, h e s Hilton 
Battershill Lewis S, carp, h 113 

Vaughan rd 
Beck Walter, driller, h e s Wychwood 


P.eers Edmund, slsmn, h 89 Vaughan rd 
Bfeston Chas P, plmbr. h w s Bathurst 
Bell John. exp, h w s Bathurst 
Bell Saml. lab. h e s Wychwood av 
Bennett Albert, driver, 1 John T Bennett 
Bennett John T, driver, h w s Lakeview 

Berry Arthur W, baker, h w s Vaughan 

Belts S Wm, painter, h n s Mortimer 

le Harry J, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Bilk Wm J, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Ciaek Peter, carp, h w s Kenwood av 
B'atherwick Harold W, mach, 1 Walter 


->rwiek Walter, pattern mkr, h w s 

Wychwcnd av 

Blunt Jesse A, carp, h e s Lakeview av 
Bogg Angus, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Bosher Walter, carp, 1 Arthur K Otta- 
wa V 
Boswoi-th Ernest W, mach, h w s Ken- 

u'il av 
Bradley Catherine (wid Francis J), h w 

s Frederica 

iey Francis J. upholster, 1 Mrs 

rine !:ru'l!-'V 
Bradley Herbert D, 1 Mrs Catherine 

Bradley Louis M, plstr. 1 Mrs Catherine 

Bra 1 1 
Bradley Norman AV. shipper. 1 Mrs 

Catherine Uradley 

Braund Wm D, stereo, h e s Frederica 
Breen Jerjmiah, presser, h w s Vaughan 

Brimacombe Wm, lab,h cor Kenwood av 

and Alice av 

Brook George, carp, 1 Herbert Brook 
Brooke Herbert, carp, h w s Kenwood av 
Brookes Herbert, brklyr. h s s Mortimer 
Brophy MichI J. elect, h w s Glenholme 
Brown Ed.vd, gdnr, h e s Bathurst 
Brown Edwd jr, gdnr, 1 Edwd Brown 
Brown Harold, gdnr, 1 Edwd Brown 
l>own James, lab, 1 Jeremiah Brown 
Hrown Jeremiah, h e s Hilton 
Crown Walter, tmstr, h s s Mortimer 
Brown Wm, lab, 1 Jeremiah Brown 
Brown Wm F, baker, h w s Blandford 
ISrowne Edwd, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
' Browning" John, carp, h w s West av 
| Brudenell Saml R, carp, h s s Rodgers 


Bruff Henry, carp, h e s Wychwood av 
Buchan John. carp, h w s Blandford 
Burbidge Francis, mkt gdnr e s Lake- 
view av, h same 

Burbridge Wm, gdnr. h e s Lauder av 

; Burton Sydney, plstr, h w s Blandford 

Butcher Reginald N, elk, h 83 Vaughan 

Butterworth John W, porter, 1 Harry 


Byers Allen S, elk. h e s Lakeview av 
Cairns Jas G. ehkr, h w s Kenwood av 
Callaghan Joseph, brklyr, h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Cameron Colin, brklyr. h e s Markham 
Cameron James, stonectr, h n s Beres- 
ford av 
Carmichael Duncan A, elk, 1 John D 

Carmichael John D, h w s Wychwood 

Carruthers Chas W, dairy w s Kenwood 

av, h same 
Carter Frank, mach hd, h w s Lakeview 

Carter Harry W, tmstr, h e s Lakeview 

Carter James, elev opr, h e s Lakeview 


Casswell Wm, painter, h n s Mortimer 
Chadwick Owen, tmstr, h s s Rodgers 


Charlwood Fredk, cond, h w s Vaughan 


Cheatley Tas P, messr, 1 P Cheatley 
Cheatley Patterson, elk. h e s Vaughan rd 
Chiverton Thos. h e s Lakeview av 

Christie AVm. driver, h w s Kenwood av 
Clark Chas A W, lab, h e s Wychwood 


Clark Fredk W, mach, h w s Markham 
i 'lark Nelson, lather, h s s Beresford 


( 'lurk Wm, h w s Kennedy av 
Clark Wm T, moto, h w s Lakeview av 
Clarke Alfred G, press hd, h n s Mor- 

''larke James, 1 Mrs Sarah Clarke 
I'larki Sarah (wid James), h n s Flor- 
ence ;iv 

Clarke Miss Sarah, 1 Mrs Sarah Clarke 
i.'lee Joseph, h n s Mortimer 
Coates Geo, gdnr, h w s Hilton 
Coates Hairy W, brkmkr, h e s Lakeview 


f'obbean Frank, lab. h e s Blandford 
Cochrane James, cabt mkr, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

1 Coles Fredk G, carp, h w s West av 
Collier Albert J, gdnr, h w s Vaugnan rd 
I'ollinson Henry, h w s Robina av 
Cooke Albert, painter, h e s Wychwood 

Cooke Arthur H, contr, h e s Kenwood 


Cooper Wm, carp, h e s West av 
Cormack James, tlr, h w s Kennedy av 
Corney Allen, carpet clnr, h 97 Vaugh- 
an rd 

Cotterill Miss Alice, 1 Mrs E B CotterfU 
Cotterill Elizth B (wid John), h e s 


Cotterill Miss Gladys, 1 Mrs E B Cot- 

Cotterill Miss Kathleen, 1 Mrs E B Cot- 

Cox Geo H, plstr, h n s Pickering av 
C''aig Geo, elk, h n s Pickering av 
Crang James, bldr, h e s Robina av 
Crawshaw Herbert, tmstr. h w s Wyeh- 

wood av 
Critchell Walter G, lab, h s s Beresford 


Cross Herbert, gdnr, h 93 Vaughan rd 
*'ro\vther Harry, mach, h w s Bland- 

Culliford Harry, carp, h s s Rodgers rd 
I Currie John, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Curtis Saml, carpet layer, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

Dallman Benj, lab, h e s Kenwood av 
Davenport Frank, watchmn. h n s 

Florence av 

Davenport Thos, brklyr, h w s Robina av 
Davenport \Vm. brklyr. h w s Robina av 
Davey John, shipper, h w s West av 
Davies Alfred H, painter, h e s W'ych- 

wood av 

Davis Harry, mach, h e s Lauder av 
Deacoff Howard G, carp, h w s Lakeview 

Delany Francis N", whol tea, h w s 

Vaughan rd 

Dever Wm M, contr. h w s Markham 
Dewar Isaiah D, h w s Bathurst, n St 


Dewar R St Filane. 1 Isaiah D Dewar 
Dewar Thos R, 1 Isaiah D Dewar 
Diamond John H, cond, h w s Kenwood 

I Dickie David, tmstr, h e s Wychwood 


I Dickson John, stone mason, h cor 
Vaughan rd and Kenwood av 


Real Estate Agents, 

Estates Managed. Properties Bought, Sold and 
Exchanged. Rents Collected. 26 TOROXTO ST. 


Late of the City Architect's Dept. 


Rooms: 311-312 KENT 


Phone A. 176 


Dillon Riehd J, plstr, h n s Mortimer ! Greig Robt, elk, 1 John J McBeth 
Dixon John G, real est agt, h n s Mor- Groves Chas, pdlr, h w s Kennedy av 

timer Qonningham Robt, h w s Kenw'ood av 

Donaldson John, driller, h e s West av i Gwilliam Herbert, lab, h w s Kenwood av 
Donnelley James, plstr, h e s West av Hadlow Chis, ydmn, h e s Lauder av 
Downer Wm A, pattern mkr, h e s Hadlow Geo, mkt gdnr e s Lauder av h 



Draycott James W, plstr, h s s Morti- i Haigh Robt, gdnr, h e s Hilton 

mer Hales Geo H, h e s Hilton 

Duncan John, shoemkr, 1 Jno J Me- ' Hall Chas J picture framer, 1 Mrs Maret 

Beth R Hall 

Duncan John L, painter, h e s West av i Hall Edgar P. ydmn, 1 Mrs Margt Hall 
Dunthorne Chas W, carp, h w s Hilton Hall John N, tmstr, h e s Kenwood ai 
Edgar Ernest E, carp, h n s Pickering Hall Marjt R (wid Saml), h e s Lauder 

avenue avenue 

F.dgell Wm A, pipe mkr, h e s Markham Hallett Walter J, carp, h e s Lakeview av 
Edmunds Miss Helen, 1 Wm Edmunds Halstead Arthur, carp, h w s Robina av 
Edmunds Miss Pansy, 1 Wm Edmunds Hamel Herbert A. photo engraver, h w s 
Edmunds Miss Rosalie, 1 Wm Edmunds Kenwood av 
Edmunds Wm, elect, h e s Wychwood Hamilton Alex S, real est agt, h e s Ro- 

avenue ' b'na av 

Edwards Wm, brklyr, h w s Wychwood ! Hamilton Jas J, lab, h w s Robina av 

avenue Hamilton James L, farmer, h w s 

Elliby Thos, lab, h e s Wychwood av Vaughan rd 

Etherington Geo, stone setter, h n s Hargrave Walter J, driver, h w s Wych 


wood av 

Etwell Henry T, designer, 'h n s Hazel- Harinson Arthur, barber, 1 Edwd 

ton rd 
Evans John W, printer, h e s Frederlca 

Harvey Emma (wid Wm), h 101 

Ewings Percy "C", macli, h w s Kenwood Vaughan rd 

avenue Harvey Jans H, tinner, 1 101 Vaughan 

Fagan Jas, brklyr, h e s Kenwood av road 

Fanning Wm J, lab. h w s Kenwood av Harvey Wm J T, driver, 1 101 Vaughar 

Felstead Geo P, carp, h e s Markham road . 

Fenning Geo S, bkpr, h e s Wychwood Hatcher Cecil, cook, h w s Vaughan rd 

avenue Hawkins Wm J, mill hd, h e s Wych- 

Findlay James, cabt mkr, h e s Bland- _ wood av 


Fisher Francis, painter, h e s Glen- 

Head Ernest, brklyr, h e s Wychwood 


holme Heard Digory B, h w s Lakeview av 

Fisher Max P, inst mkr, h n s Florenc; ' Heath Frank, pattern mkr, h w s Hil- 

avenue Tr ton 

Follett Jas, slsmn, h e s Frederica Henderson Albert J, real est agt, 1 John 

Foord Stephen M, shipper, h e s Lauder ^Henderson 


Ford Ernest, h w s Vaughan rd 
Forsey Joseph B, elect, h e s Wych- 

Henderson John, h w s Frederica 
Henderson John, brklyr, h n s Hilton 
Henderson Norman, studt, 1 John Hen- 

e s 

wood av derson 

Fowler Herbert, h w s Bathurst Henderson Walter J, slsmn, h 

Foxcroft Percy T, mach, h w s Robimi Frederica 

avenue Henry Edwd J, gro, h s s Pickering av 

Franklin Wm, ctr, h e s Hilton Kenwood Geo, stone mason, " 

Frost Herbert, painter, h w s Kennedy __ Wychwood av 


Frost Wm A, h e s Glenholme av 
Game Wm, n e s Wychwood av 

Gardner Fredk A, h w s Wychwood av 3 ' Miss Gertrude, h* s Humewood av 
Gardner F Reginald, 1 Fredk A Gard- ] illingworth Saml J, stone mason, h e 

Gardner Miss Lorna E, 1 Fredk A Gard- 

Herbert Wm A, lab, h e s Blandford 
Hewett Herbert W, elk, h w s Markham 
Hildreth James W, h w s Kennedy av 

Kenwood av 
Hilton John, tmstr, h w s Vaughan rd 

Gaskin James, gdnr h e s Bathurst 
Gaskin Miss Jennie, 1 James Gaskin 
Gaskin Saml, driver, I Jas Gaskin 
Gates Ernest, ice 
Wychwood av 

Hodges Henry, elect, h w s West av 
Hodgins Wm J, blksmth, 1 Richd H 


Hogarth Robt. tmstr, h e s Hilton 
cream mkr, h* e s Holland Fredk G, painter, h w 

Vaughan rd 

Geary Ambrose, carp, hey \Vychwood Holmes Arthur, driver, h w s Vaughan rd 

Geary Geo I, bkpr, 1 Wm Geary 

Holmes John W, blksmth, 
Vaughan rd 


Geary Wm, barber, h w s Vaughan rd Honess Basil, painter, h w s Kenwood 

, , 

Giles Geo E, carp, 1 Jas S Giles 
Giles Jas A, h e s Vaughan rd 
Giles Jas S, lab. h w s Wychwood av 
Giles Robt A, tinner, 1 Jas S Giles 
Gill Geo H, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Gillard Arthur, painter, h e s Hilton 
Giller John, h e s Wychwood av 
Gimlet Wm, h e s Kenwood av 


Hope Ernest H, brklyr, h w s Wych- 
wood av 

Horton Chas W, tchr, e s Humewood av 
Houston Saml, h w s Kenwood av 
Howard Wm, concrete wkr, h w s Bath- 

^ Howcroft Richd. mach, h w s Lakeview av 

Glover Adam, mach, h w s Kenwood av Howes H;nry K. driver. 1 Robt Howes 
Goodings Robt, lab, h 91 Vaughan rd Howes Melville I, tinner, 1 Robt Howes 
Goodings Walter, h 95 Vaughan rd Howes Robt, marble plshr, h cor Ken- 

Gough Fredk, photog, h e s Wychwood _wood and Louisa avs 

avenue Hoyes Fredk, plstr, h s s Mortimer 

Gould Ernest E, brklyr, h s s Beresford Hozack Miss Annie, 1 Mrs Martha Ho- 

Grady James, carp, h e s Hilton 

Hozack Martha (wid Robt), 

Graham Fredk P tmstr, h w s Kennedv Wychwood av 

Graham John J, gdnr, 1 Mrs Mary A Gra- 

h w s 

Huggetts Geo T, wire wkr, h s s Mor- 

Hughes Alfred H, carp, h w s Wych- 
Graham Joseph P, lab. h w s Markham wood av 

Graham Mary A (wid Thos), mkt gdnr e Hughes Robt, pipe mkr, h e s Frederica 
s Kennedy av, h same Hulton Edwd, gro cor Lakeview and 

Graham Owen, h w s Hilton 

Pickering avs, h same 

Graham Patk, gdnr, 1 Mrs Mary A Gra- ; Hustler John, lab, h s s Mortimer 


Graham Thos, gdnr, 1 Mrs Mary A Gra- , r ad 

Hutchinson Harry, carp, h s s Rodgers 


Jacke Andrew, h w s Kenwood av 

Graham Walter, tmstr, h w s Kennedy av Jackson Thos, mach, h e s Kenwood av 
Gray Wm M, brklyr, h e s Blandford Jacobs Geo, ins agt. h e s Kenwood av 

Jarvis John, brklyr, h e s Lakeview av 
Jarvis Wm, brklyr, n n s Mortimer 
^ennison T'rank S, biklvr, h p s Lake- 
view av 

Johnson Alfred, carp, h e s Wychwood av 
Johnston Henry, painter, h w s West 


Johnstone Ernest S, lab, h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Jones Henry M, real est, h w s Lake- 
view av 

Jones Richd. irav, h e s Markham 
Juniper Alfred O, jwlr, h s s Beresford av 
Kellett Irwin I, bkpr, h e s Hilton 
Killackey Bernard T, plstr, h n s Morti- 

King Chas, gdnr, h e s Lakeview av 
King Jas L, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
King John, comp, h w s Vaughan rd 
King Joseph, lab, h w s Bathurst 
King Wm, plmbr, h s s Mortimer 
Kirkby John C, lab, h e s Hilton 
Lambert Frank E, painter, h n s Picker- 
ing av 

Lankin Clarence, barber, h e s Mark- 
Lark Henry G, gro w s Vaughan rd, h 

Lavielle Peter, btchr 105 Vaughan rd, 

h same 

Lawson Harry, wire insp, h w s Wych- 
wood av 

Lea Miss Emma A, h s s Pickering av 
Learmouth John, umbrella mkr, h e s 

Wychwood av 

Lee James, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Leese Noah, engineer, h n s Pickering av 
l.e Miere Arthur J, driver, h n s Flor- 
ence av 

Lennox Wm R, painter, h n s Picker- 
ing av 

Leslie Wm H, comp. h e s Kenwood av 
Lewis Edgar A, driver, h n s Mortimer 
Lewis Fredk J, shipper, h cor Kenwood 

and Louisa avs 
Lines J Chas. brk mfr w s Lauder av h 


Lister Geo, pdlr, h e s Kenwood av 
Loftus John, h e H Hilton 
Long Geo J, cabt mkr. h e s Wychwood 


Longthorn John J, h w s Lakeview av 
Lord Napole, cook, h e s Kenwood av 
Loveland Chas H, gdnr, h e s Wych- 
wood ay 

Lovell Reginald I. slater, h e s Frederica 
Low Chas W, h w s Vaughan rd 
Lowther Thos S, lab, h w s Robina av 
L,ucas Kredk K, gauge mkr, h w s vaugn- 

an rd 

Luckhurst Wm, lab, h e s Kenwood av 
Lugger John J, piano fnshr, h e s Ken- 
wood av 

Lymburner Michael, h e s Lakeview av 
Lymn Percy J, cutter, h e s Markham 
Lynn Harry, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Lytle Wm A, slsmn, h w s Blandford 
l.vttle Jas A. mach, h w s Kenwood av 
McAdam Wm R, carp, h w s Wychwood 

McBeth John J, gro cor Vaughan rd and 

Alice ay, h same 

McCandlish John J, plmbr, h w s Laud- 
er av 

Mcrarton John, plstr, h n s Florence av 
McCluskey Jas, plstr, h e s Kenwood av 
McConkey James A, elk, h w s Mark- 
McCormick Saml, gro, h n s Florence 

McEIwain J Morley, linotyper, h w s Dun- 

durn av 

McGill James D, h e s Kenwood av 
McGregor John, bank messr, h w s Bath- 

McGregor Miss Mary, 1 John McGregor 
McKay James, 1 Wm Spradbrow 
M'-Knigh: Wm U, bkpr, her h'enwoji av 
McLachlan John R. maoh, h e s Frrdriea 
WcLean John, carp, h w s L.Uhurst 
ucLeod Gordon, mot}, h e s ','. '.'c'iwood 
IcMullen Arthur W, cutter, 1 Percy 


IcMullen James E, h 85 Vaughan rd 
IcMullen Percy J, presser, h e s Ken- 
wood av 

UoWhinnie Hugh, bkpr Regal Shoe Co, 
h w s Kenwood av 


Toronto Office, 49 WELLINGTON ST. E. Tel. Main 251 


GEO. R. HARGRAFT, General 

Residence Tel. North 124 


W. H. HARGRAFT, City Agent 

Residence Tel. Hill. 686 

Assay and Analytical Laboratory 







Macdonald Donald, stone mason, h w s 

Kenwood av 
Macdonald Hugh, stons masDn, h w s 

Kenwood av 

Mackay Donald, bkpr, h w s Oundurn av 
Maclennan Colin, carp, h e s Vaughan 


Magee Alex, mach, h e s Wychwood av 
Magson Wm, plstr, h e s Wychwood av 
Major Robt, h w s Vaughan rd 
Mark Arthur XI, stone ctr, h w s Ken- 
nedy ax- 
Marks Ernest, tmstr, h w s Markham 
Marks Walter H, tmstr, h e s Hilton 
Marshall .las, elk, h w s Bathurst 
Marshall .las, lab. b Percy T Poxcroft 
Martin Harry, gdnr, h e s Lauder av 
Mnssle Peter, tlr, h w s Markham 
Mathtws Geo, carp, h w s West av 
Matthews Joseph, mldr, h e s Robina 


' May James M, painter, h e s Blandford 
Mead Wm. uphol, h e s Wychwood av 
Meredith Chas H, h w s Frederica 
Merriman Wm, stone mason, h w s 
Vaughan rd 

-r Wm O. carp, h w s Markham 
..ife Frank A. designer, h e s Mark- 

Metcalfe Wm, driver, h n s Alice av 
Middleton Horace, h w s Bathurst 
Miller Chas G. h e s Markham 
Miller Edwin T (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Lauder av 
Miller Fredk T (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Lauder av 
Miller & Sons (Fredk T and Edwin T), 

florists w s Lauder av 
Mills George, baker, h w s Vaughan rd 
Mitchell Frank H. elk, h e s Markham 
Mitchell Harry, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
: Wm W, bldr. h w s Vauphan rd 
Monck Albert W, gdnr, h e s Wychwood 

Monkman Margt (wid James), h w s 


Moore Geo W T , driver, 1 John Moore 
Moore Hemy H, carp, h w s Kenwood av 
Moore John," shipper, h e s Wychwood av 
Moore John S. "rp, h w s Kenwood av 

_:\n John E, carp, h w s Vaughan 

Morgan Mr? Mary A. gro w s Vaughan 
rd. 1 same 

n Morgan A. bkpr. h w s Vaughan 

Morrison David, leather wkr, h n s Beres- 
ford av 

ner John S, proof reader, n w s 
Lakeview av 

.ford Annie (wid Thos), h e s Ro- 
bina av 

Musselwhite Arthur, 1 Wm Musselwhi'e 
Musselwhite Wm. lab. h e s Markham 
Mutton Geo. carp, h 99 Vauc'han rd 
Kelson Jas M. elk P O. h w s Vaughan rd 
Xewlove John, carp, h w s V=n.r-han rd 
Xicholls Hammond, carp, h n s Morti- 

h Wm. stove plshr. h w s West av 
."nor Miss Ella. 1 Mrs Jane O'Con- 

nor Jane (wid Michael C). h e s 
O'Hara W.n, tmstr. h w s Kennerlv av 

ry James, bldr, h w s Lakeview 

;rke Arthur, lab, h e s Bathurst 
;rke James, tmstr. 1 John O'Rourke 
O'Rourke John, h e s Bathurst 
O'Rourke John jr, florist, 1 John 

O'Rourke Miss Kathleen, drsmkr, 1 

John O'Rourke 
O'Rourke Martin, tmstr, 1 Mrs Mary 


O'Rourke Mary (wid John), h e s Bathurst 
O'Rourke Miss Susie, opr, 1 John 


Oborne Harry, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Ottaway Arthur K, painter, h e s 
Wychwood av 

ay Miss Florence, bkpr, 1 Arthur 
K Ottaway 

A ay Frank, painter, 1 Arthur K 

Ottaway Miss Margt, 1 Arthur K Otta- 

Ottaway Miss Olive, r-lk, 1 Arthur K 

Ottaway Miss Violet, 1 Arthur K Otta- 

Ottaway Walter, driver, 1 Arthur K Ot- 

Owen Edwd, lab, h s s Rodgers rd 
Owen Geo H, brklyr, h n s Mortimer 
Pantrey Alfred E, moto, 1 Henry B Pan- 

Pantrey Henry B, lab, h e s Lakeview av 
Parks Harry, fireman, h s s Mortimer 
Parsons Alfred, painter, h n s Florence 


Paynter Richd, elk, h s s Beresford av 
Peach Jas W, driver, h e s Blandford 
Pearce Lewis, tmstr, h w s West av 
Pearson Alfred, carriage painter, 1 Wm 

C Warwick 
Pellow Elizth (wid Henry), 1 Fredk 


Perkin Chas W, core mkr, h e s Bland- 

Perrem Fredk, baker, h e s Kenwood av 
Phillips Fredk, draughtsman, h w s Dun- 

durn av 

Plucknett Fredk G, driver, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

Porter Archibauld, elect, h w s Mark- 
Postal Harry L, iron wkr, 1 S John 


Postal S John, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Powell Ernest S, ctr, h w s Bathurst 
Power Fredk, mch hd, h e s Markham 
Preston Joseph, brklyr, h e s Wych- 
wood av 
Procter W Roy, uphol, h s s Pickering 


Prothero Harry, fireman, h n s Picker- 
ing av 

Reaman Alfred, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Reaman Miss Ella, 1 Alfred Reaman 
Ribchester Francis, coachmkr. h w s 

Wychwood av 

Ribchester John, blr mkr, h e s Lake- 
view av 

Richardson David, h e s Blandford 
Richardson Richd, blksmth, h 117 

Vaughan rd 

Rickett John, mach, h n s Florence av 
Rickett Joseph, cooper, h e s Robina 

Rider Walter, brass fnshr, h e s Robina 


Roach Edwd. carp, h s s Mortimer 
Robb Robt, h e s Kenwood av 
Roberts Edwd, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Roberts Thos. lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Robertson Jas, carp, h w s Robina av 
Robertson Wm, carp, h w s Wychwood 


Robins Wm, lab, h e s Markham 
Rogers Miss Clement, 1 "Wm J Rogers 
Rogers Henry, driver, h e s Kenwood av 
Rogers Miss Margt, 1 Wm J Rogers 
Rogers Wm I. carp, h n s Mortimer 
Rogers Wm J, printer, h e s Lauder av 
Rogers Mis.s Wilma. 1 Wm J Rogers 
Rolfe E, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Roots Arthur L, elect, h e s Kenwood av 
Ryall Walter W, carp, h s s Pickering 


Ryan Elizth (wid John), h w s Hilton 
Sainsbury Chas H, chkr, h e s Kenwood 

Saunders Arthur, lab. h e s Wychwood 

Saunders Edwin P, gro e s Wychwood 

av, h same 
Schofleld Albert, carpet layer, h w s 

Wychwood av 
Schofield Albert, elect eng, 1 James R 


Pcott Ben), carp, h e s West av 
Scott Edwin J, painter, h w s Vaughan 

Scott John A, stone ctr, h e s Lauder 


Scott Thos. chkr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Shears Chas J, nickel plshr, h s s Mor- 
Sheppard Thos, carp, h s s Pickering 


Shipley Herbert, h w s Vaughan 
Shipley John T, tmstr, h w s Kennedy 


Shulver Chas, mach, h e s Hilton 
Sibbiek Geo. mkt gdnr, h e s Lauder 

Simmons Wm, brklyr, h w s Kennedy 


Simpson Geo, h w s Kenwood av 
Simpson Jas, concrete wkr, n e s "Wych- 
wood av 

Skinner Alfred, lab, h e s Wychwood av 
Skinner Miss Emily, 1 Alfred Skinner 
Skinner Jane (wid Wm), 1 AlfrJed Skin- 
Skinner John W, comp, h 115 Vaughan 


Sloan Thos, carp, h w s Robina av 
Smart Thos C, carp, h e s Wychwood 


Smith Edwd, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Smith Geo T, shipper, h e s Frederica 
Smith James H, h e s Kenwood av 
Smith Louisa (wid Wm), h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Smith Saml J, trav, h e s Kenwood av 
Smith Wm, lab, h w s Lakeview av 
Smyth Saml P, painter, h w s Mark- 

Snow Fredk, lab, h e s West av 
Sparks Alfred, painter, h 111 Vaughan- 

Sparks Arthur E, painter, h w s Kennedy 

Sparks Christopher, shipper, h 109 

Vaughan rd 
Sparks Harry, confy 103 Vaughan rd,. 

h same 

Spiller Arthur J. gdnr, 1 Geo Spiller 
Spiller Chas, gdnr, h w s Lauder av 
Spiller Miss Elfridda, 1 Geo Spiller 
Spiller Fredk G, printer, h e s JVlarkham 
Spiller Geo, h e s Bathurst 
Spradbrow Wm, bldr, h w s Lakeview 


Stafford Wm, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Stainton Herbert, hdwre, h w s Hilton 
Stansfield J D Lionel, real est, h e s 

Wychwood av 

Steadon Walter, glass ctr. h w s Ken- 
nedy av 

Steed James, tmstr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Stephens John, h. w s Lauder av 
Stephens Wm J, h e s Lauder av 
Stephenson Wm A, hdwre, h e s Mfuk- 

Stollard Herbert T, plstr, h e s Kenwood 

Strachan Wm H, contr w s A'aughan 

rd, h same 

Summerfield Chas R, 1 e s Humewood av 
'Summerfield Joseph, h e s Humewood av 
Summersider John, brklyr, 1 Wm Sim- 
Swainson Richd H, ice cream rnkr, h w s 

Robina av 
Switzer Albert E, carp, h e s Glenholm-.- 


Taylor Albert, mach hd, h w s Robina av 
Taylor Archd N, moto. h w s Vaughan 


Tr.ylor Geo, moto, h w s Kenwood av 
Taylor James, concrete wkr, h e s 

Kenwood av 
Taylor Rev T Wardlaw, h w s Lakevi;w 

Temple Alfred H, mach, 1 Hubert V 


Temple Hubert V, h e s Hilton 
Temple Robt, carp, h s s Florence av 
Thorn Robt A, carp, h w s Blandford 
Thompson Miss Emma, h w s Mark- 

Thompson Gordon R, h n s Florence av 
Thompson Joseph H, mach, h s s Pick- 
ering av 
Thompson J E Victor, carp, h e s 

Wychwood av 
Thompson Thos, jwlr, h e s Wychwood 


Th'irlwell .Alfred B. plstr, h e s Rni-.ina av 
Thurnell Geo, mill hd, 1 W J Hawkins 
Thwaites James, tmstr. h e s Hilton 
Tilbury Alfred, moto, h w s Robina av 
Tolfree Harry, lab. h s s Pickering av 
Townsend John W, fireman, h e s Ken- 
wood av 
Trenchard Fredk G, carp, h w s Robina 


Troycross Alex S, carp, h w s Blandford 
Truelove Wm A, eng, h n s Florence av 
Tulloch Jas. carp, i P Tullocn 
Tullcch Pster, carp, h e s Markham 
Tulloch Stewart, carp, 1 P Tullicn 
Tulloch Wm G. engineer. 1 P '"u!l')' h 

Sidewalk Doors, Etc. 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Adelaide 1560 



PHONES MAIN 988-989 



Turner Miss Anna, studt, 1 James R 


Turner Frank, elk, 1 James R Turner 
Turner Geo E, h s s Pickering' av 
Turner Horace W, carp, h s s Florence 


Turner James R, artist, h e s Frederica 
Turner Louis, h w s Kenwood av 
Turner Miss Nellie, 1 James Turner 
Turner Wm. carp, h w s Lakeview av 
Underbill Henry, spinner, h 11 s Moru- 


Urquhart Robt, tmstr, h e s Hilton 
Vance Fred W, bkpr, 1 Joseph Sum- 

Vanderbui-g Andrew .7. h w .= I-.'eunedv av 
Verbauwen Frank, gdnr Miller & Sons, 

h w s Lauder av 

Vose Thos, plstr, h w s Markham 
Walker A'Jam M, carp, h w s Vaughan rti 
Walker Edwd, carp, h w s Wychwood 

Walker J George, carp, h e s Dauder 


Walker Thos, carp, 1 Adam II Walker 
Walker Thos, watchman, h w s Vaugh- 

an rd 
Walton Martha (wid James), h e s 

Wychwood av 

''lins. brklyr, h e s Lakeview av 
\ Ohas. plstr, 1 Eni.-is* Marks 
Warren Wm, mach hd, h n s Pickering 

Warwick Miss Ada E, opr, 1 Wm C 


Warwick Win C, h e s Kenwood av 
Warwick Wm F, 1 \Vm C Warwick 
U atling Aithur. carp, h e s I^akeview av 
Watt Chas, b;i ' s Ulandford 

Watt .las, baker, h w s Vaughan rd 
Weber John P, btchr, h n s Beresford 


Wecdon Joseph E, h e s Kenwood av ' 
\\Vllwood Wm 1 B, h e s Fred. 
Wemyss James E, driver, h s s Morti- 
Westbrooke Vincent W, concrete wkr, 

h e s Kenwood av 

Wheeler Arthur, lab, h s s Mortimer 
Whelan Ben], carp, h s s Mortimer 
White Chas, lab. h 101% Vaughan rd 
White Sydney H, elev insp, h w s 


White Wm G. saw filer, h w s Markham 
Whitley Herbert E, carp, h w s Dun- 

durn av 
Williamson Clara (wid Wm), h e s 

Wychwoo* av 

Williamson Ellen (wid Johni, h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Williamson Miss Eva. 1 Mrs Clara Wil- 
Williamson Miss Rebecca, 1 Mrs Clara 


Wilson Robt J, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Wilton Francis C, stone mason. 1 Wm 

H Wilton 

Wilton Wm H, blksmth, h w s Vaugh- 
an rd 
Windskill Fredk, stone mason, h e s 

Winkworth Edwd, carp, h cor Ken 

and Alice avs 
WNf Anthony J, tinner, h loT Vaughan 


Wood Hugh, caretkr, h 87 Vaughan rd 
Wood James, carp, h 87 Vaughan rd 
Wood James, printer, 1 87 Vaughan rd 
Woolley Lewis W, proof rdr, h w ? Fred- 

Wretham Percy, mill hd, 1 Wm J Haw- 

Wright Miss Ada, 1 Edwd Hulton 
Wright Clark, carp, h n s Florence av 
V.'right Geo, furniture plshr, h w s Lake- 
view av 


is the most effectual and most economical method of reaching 


Those who buv without looking at the lists of those who 

J c5 

sell do themselves great injustice. 


in the Business Directory form the best Buyers' Guide 

that can be published. A modern up-to-date method of 

getting what you want. 

BONDS OF Guarantee Company of North America 

SURETYSHIP MEDLAND & SON, General Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 




The Profession, Business, Etc., of Individuals and Firms is only given at their respective places of business ; 
find the occupation of householders refer to Alphabetical List of Names. 



East from 37 Sherbourne 
to Princess, ward 2. 
Not built on 


(Old Birtle), w from Dun- 
das to Indian rd cres, 
first n of Conduit, wards 
6 and 7. 

North Side 

2 WeighiU John A 
4 Hislop Jas 
6 Thompson Walter C 
8 Whittaker Richd 
10 Carroll Ronald W 
12 Ferguson John 
14 Baird Joseph A 
16 Lodge Mrs Mary A 
18 Irwin Wm G 
20 Terry Geo T 
22 Marsh Alcimus L 

4 Flood Solomon 
26 Maggard Grover 
28 Beeror Alfred 
32 Maybee Wesley E 
34 Candy James 
36 Moffatt James X 
38 Levack Donald H 
40 Grant Mrs Rena 
42 Peacock Wm H 
Indian rd intersects 
84 Mclntyre Clarence S 
86 Worsell Harry E 
92 Bowes Wm 
94 McKenna Benj 
96 Robertson Frank 
98 Bag-ley Walter 

South Side 

1 Connolly C Fredk 
Coffin Hammer 

7 Oakley Harry 

9 Kerr Geo C 
11 Macpherson Duncan L. 
13 Todd Leigh C 
15 Hume David 
17 Bell John 
19 Clark Alfred 
21 Ferguson John L 
23 Armstrong James H 
25 Porter Mrs Mary A 
27 Dwyer Arthur 
29 Reddick Ernest J 
29H Leavitt Mrs Margt 
31 Laidlaw Mrs Margt 
33 Wood Arthur O 
35 Lee David 
37 Toovey Fredk W 
39 Gutthrey Alfred E 
41 Brown Alfred E 
43 Till Louis A 
45 Knight Percy 
47 Cooper Walter 
49 Dollery Wellington C 

31 Crelghton Henry 

+ Indian rd intersects 
81 Ashworth Harry 


west from 16 Brock av to 
rear of O'Hara av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Cunningham Thos 

8 Dance John 
1U Mlnchln Aaron 

12 Cheeseman Alfred C 
11 Boyd James A 
16 Whitehviad Harry 
20 Johnston Walker 
2J Crosswell Arthur E 

24 Lloyd Alfred 

South Side 

1 Bible James 

~i Forsythe James 
7 Wilson Te1f;rd 

9 Parnell Walter 
11 Lawrence John 
I'.j Hamilton James 
23 Menary Sydney 

25 Logan Charles 

27 Marshall James A 


North from Sudbury to 
opp. 1140 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

10-48 Canadian Rumcly 

Co, Ltd, machinery 
Rumely Products Co, 
Inc, ag-rl impts 


East from 483 Ontario- to 

Parliament, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Copland Wm H 
Copland Mrs Agnes B, 


Buchanan Miss Martha, 

6 Le.".n John W 

8 WoodrolTe Chas H 

8% Jones Harry 
10 Coxwell Edwd F 
12 Poole Wm A 
14 Walden Chas H 
16 Phlees-r Lewis H 
18 Moore Ernest 
20 Beale Wm L 
22 Nolan Edwd 
26 Cragg Mrs Mary M 
28 Hayes Jas R 
30 Harris Frank S 
32 Silkstone Chas 
34 Schorman Wm A P 

36 McClelland James 
38 MacMillan Alex C 
40 Selfe Thos 
42 Manktelo W 
44 Roberts Fred C 
46 Boddy Wm A 
18 Scarborough Chas 
50 Fcnwick T Gordon 
52 Cresswell Mrs Jean A 
54 Little Mrs Sophia P 

South Side 

1 Faulds Edwd A 
3 Olivira Miss Mary 
5 Teeson Mrs Edith S 
7 Smith Miss M S, drsmkr 
9 Dewey Mrs Louisa E 

11 Clay Mrs Elizth 

13 Trenor Miss Marie, drs- 

Trenor Miss Agnes 

15 Jamieson Wm 

17 Starr Mrs Jessie 

19 Yaffe Jacob 

21 Walton James H 

23 Saunders Ernest 

25 Davy A Harry 

SI Hill Joseph H 

33 Ely Mrs Clara G 

35 Dunn Albert J 


Xame changed to Paul- 
ine av 


(Old Shaw pi), East from 
Ossington av to Snaw, 
second a of C P R, ward 5 

North Side 

2 Unfinished house 

4 L'nfinished house 

6 Cochrane Leonard 

5 Devlin Mrs Harriet 
10 Maxwell David 

12 Dtpree Thos C 

14 Briggenshaw John 

16 Hamilton Wm P 

18 Hunter James J 

20 Burns Henry 

22% Burton James 

24 Whitney George 

26 Rountree Matthew 

28 Holmes Wm 

30 Hall Albert 

34 MacPhail Andrew 

36 Grey Alex 

38 Brown Mrs Martha 

40 Morsan Wm 

42 Kaines James 

44 Webb Wm 

South Side 

1 Falconer Charles 

3 Sanderson Maxwell B 
5 Porrill \Vm 

7 North James 

9 McQuinn Wm H 
11 Mercer Richd 
13 Marsh Harry 
17 Harrison James 
19 Pollard Herbert 
21 Raun C G 
23 Hodgins Robt J 
25 Turnbull John 
27 Smith Wm 
31 Wood Mrs Alice M 
33 Hewitt Walter A 
35 Smith Leonard 
37 Harris John 
39 Cordwell Wm H 
41 Vacant 

43 Hickman Mrs Nancy E 
45 Bennett Chas 
47 Baker Mrs Lilian 


(Old Ethel av), w from 
Franklin to GTR, two n of 
Royce av, ward 6. 
Not Built on 


West from 440 Perth av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

1 Kinsley Fredk 

3 Bint David 

5 Tomlinson Wilfred A 


(North Toronto), north 
from Lawrence av e to 
Arundel av, 5th e Yonge 
Not built on 


East from 111 Yonge to 
Jarvis, ward 2 

North Side 

6 Lumsden Building 
Stoddart Geo A, barter 
Waldon Co, Ltd, heat- 
ing engineers 

F. J. SMITH ^ CO. 

Special Attention given to Man- 
agement of Estates. Prompt Return* 

61 Victoria Street 



201-202 Ross Fred H & 

Co, real est 
203 MacKenzie John A, 

;j rcb 
204 Ferrier W F, mining 

205-206 Canadian Railway 

Accdt & Ins Co 
207 MicGregor & Mac- 

Gregor, barrs 

Mallett C S, mfrs agt 

208 Travelers Life As- 

sce Co of Canada 

Montreal Financial 


National Union 
Fire Insurance 

Big Four Brick Co 
Foley & Townsend, 
real est 

209 Vacant 

210 Commercial Club 
301 Boy Scouts Coun- 
cil of Ontario 

Foley Eugene J, 

real est 
802 "Wood & Barnett, real 

303-309 Murray T Aird, 

cons eng 

304 Gray & Gray, barrs 
306-307 Mills, Mills & 

Taylor, ins 
Mills Geo G 
Mills Jesse S 
Taylor Jas G 
Mutual Life Ins Co of 


SOS JvIcCormack Wm J, 

309 Murray T Aird, 


310 Fleming & Marvin, 


401 Johnston - Suther- 
land Co, Ltd, 

402 Cole & Smith, brok- 
403 Foley Michl L 

Calcite Lake Min- 
ing- Co, Ltd 
404 Canadian Sulphur 

Ore Co 
Smith & Travers, 

mining engineers 
Willmott Arthur B, 

cons eng 

406 Thompson Joseph E, 
ins agt 

Dale Herbert O, 
real est 

407 Morton A Roy, real 


O'Gorman John, 

408 Wainwright Miss 

Dora, stenog 
Canadian Book & 

Art Exchange 
Spain & Co, brok- 

Crain Rolla L Co, 
Ltd, loose leaf ledg- 
Whyte Edwd D, real 

409 Globe Furniture Co, 

office supplies 
McFarland Wm J, 

Blackmore Lloyd 

& Co, pat solrs 
Blackmore George, 

real est 
Buffalo Forge Co, 

iron and steel 
Buffalo Steam 

Pump Co 
Greaves Percy, 


Fisher John, brok- 
410 Dent, Allcroft & 

Co, gloves 

501-502 Miller Roger & 
Sons, Ltd, mar- 
ine contrs 

503 Canadian Press Assn 
504-505 Browning, Hef- 
ferman & Archi- 
bald, barrs 
Archibald Garnett 

A, barr 
Archibald Wm J, 

real est 
506 Canadian Tool 

Steel Co, Ltd 
007 McConnell & Fergu- 
son, adv agcy 
608 Martin & Evans 

Lewis, barrs 
Goodman & Galbraith 


609-510 Chadwick & Ro- 
gers, real est 
Spadina Park Land 

Co, Ltd 

Deacon Robt S, as- 

Nesbitt John R (es- 

Colonial Realty & 
Securities Corpor- 
ation, Ltd 

Suburban Homes, Ltd 
Forest Hill Land Co, 


601 McGill Thos , den- 

602-609 Ontario Club 
610 Gordon & Dil- 
\vQrth, accts 

701 Spaulding W G L, 


702 Scofleld F G, mfrs 

703-704 Keystone 

Watch Case Co 
Kent Co, Ltd, re- 
frig contrs 
705 Dominion Paint 

Works, Ltd 

706 Hudson Bay Ins Co 

707-708 British Am Oil Co 

Toronto Iron Works, 


709 Tetrault Shoe Mfg Co 
710 Kerr Chas W, barr 
801 .SoviT'-iyn Con- 

struction Co, Ltd 

802 Mussen Peacey, Ltd, 

real est 

803 Robinson Bros Cork 

Co, Ltd 

804-5 Lake of the Woods 
Milling Co 

806 Deloro Mining & Re- 
duction Co 

Hunter Henry F, 

807-8 Imperial Export Co 

809 Sovereign Construc- 

tion Co 

810 Beaver Consolidated 


901-910 Bicknell, Bain, 
Strathy & McKel- 
can, barrs 

Snead & Co Iron 
Works, Ltd (Jersey 

1001 Northwestern Miller 

The, newspaper 

1002 Thompson J Wal- 

ter Co, Ltd, adv 

1003 Cummings C C, 

agt Lumsden bldg 
1004-1009 Canadian Cere- 
al and Flour Mills, 

Pneumatic Scale 

Corpn, Ltd, of Can- 
1010 Christian Science 

Reading Room 
10 Canadian Mortgage In- 
vestment Bldg, 
Canadian Mortgage In- 
vestment Co 

Ormsby, Clapp & An- 
derson, ins 

Victoria Financial Co, 

Empire Realty & Secu- 
rities Co, Ltd 

Sun Life Assurance Co 
of Canada 

Boulton Melfort, brok- 

Ramsay Wm T, agt 
Kilmer, McAndrew & Irv- 
ing, burrs 

Ontario Fire Ins Co 
National Finance Co 
Hughes Artnur W, real 

Siemens Bros Dynamo 

Works, Ltd 
Mines Pub Co 
Canadian Mining Jour- 

Pacific Coast Fire Ins Co 
Evans Wm J, janitor 
Biggar-Wilson, Ltd, 

12 Toronto Electric Light Co 


Home Life Building 
16-18 Copeland & Falrbalrn, 

real est 

20 Small Sidney, real est 
^ Victoria st intersects 
22 Robins, Ltd, brokers 
22-24 Standard Loan Bldg 

5-6 Standard Loan Co 

Williams A J, barr 
7-8-9 Dovercourt Land 
Bldg & Savings Co, 

10 Beaumont Robert B, 

12 Henderson & Small, 

13-15 Davidson & Mac- 

donnell, barrs 
Henderson Elmes & 

Son, real est 
Henderson Percy E, 

real estate 

16 Choate A P, broker 
17-18 Robins Ltd (br) 

19 Welton Herbert E, 


20 Canadian Legal Pub 

Canadian Law List 


21 Loring Miss Fran- 
ces N, sculptor 
22 Hanson Ernest G, 

24 Store room 

Dunington - Grubb 
& Harries, land- 
cape archs 

26 Savigny R A, mer tlr 
28 Martin John C, billiards 
30 Brooke Walter S, civil 


Archambault A A, tlr 
32-34 Imperial Chambers 
32 Laughlin Realty, Ltd 


3 Credit Foncier, loans 

4 Buckland H G, real est i 
Greenwood Russell, 

real est 

6-6 Gormaiy, Tilt & Co, 
real est 

7 Owens & Proudfoot, 


8 Cooke H J D, barr 

11 Cameron Duncan O, 


Creighton John, barr 
Coe John W, barr 

12 Greenstreet E J, arch 

13 Vacant 

14 Cooke Henry J D, 


15-17 Hall Harry, care- 

18 Thomas Wm, real 

19 Mickle Alfred E, ar- 


20 Vacant 

34 Markle Wilson B, real est 

36-42 Postofflce Building 

36 Customs Postal Package 


Post Office Inspector's 
Office, James Hender- 
son insp 

Railway Mail Service, 

Supt's Office 
Dead Letter Office 
Ross George 
38-42 Genl Post Office 
44 Sturgeons, Ltd, paint- 
ers supplies 

44% McGregor D W, prtr 
Wetmore ECS, but- 
Stonehouse Wm D, 

mfrs agt 
46 Nicholson & Schoales, 

real est 
48 Westrop & Minaker, 

real est 

50 McCoppen J W, real est 
52 Pape Mrs Cecelia M, pro 

Toronto Real Estate 


54 National Agency Co, Ltd 
Union Life Assurance Co 
Niagara-Welland Power 


International Electric Se- 
curities Co 
Canada Investment 

66 Ritchie John Plumbing & 

Heating Co 

68 Doust Jos, law staty 
60 Lightbourn Edmund T, 

real est 

60% Adelaide Chambers 
James & Williams, print- 

Underwood & Under- 
wood, stereo views 


1 Flannery F C 

2 Vacant 

3 Donnelly Leslie, 

4 Willmot Mansell, 

5-7 Automobile Pub 


Canadian Automo- 

Canadian Motor 

Boat, Ltd, publrs 

Canadian Motor 

8-9 Winton & Leyden, 

12 Vacant 

14 Wilkinson Josepn, tlr 

15 McMaster Miss M H, 

stamp vendor 

16 Vacant 

17-19 Cuyler Chas, tlr 
62 Masonic Board of Relief 
64-68 Shapiro & Rosenberg, 


Dominion Cloak Co 
Eisenstein Jacob, 


1-2-3 King Suspender Co, 


4 Vacant 
5-6 Vacant 
7 Premier Mfg Co, shirt 

70 Fleming & McCraw, 

Fisk James 

72 Williams T B, printer 
74 Brigham R. pipe mfr 
74% Kunze Paul, barber 
76 Sheehan John J, clnr 
^Church st intersects 
78 Moody Lawrence 
80 Steel & Radiation, Ltd 

(br), boilers 
82-84 Maxwell W R & Co, 

McCormack & Carroll, 


86 Merchants Fire Ins Co 
Lown A S, barr 
Stoliker J T & Co, real 

Grimond J & A D, jute 


Hamilton Wm, ins agt 
Mitchell & Ryerson, ins 





Electric Motors 


f 145-147 f 

(QUEEN w.l 






Cotton paml E. ins apt 
Williamson. Rutherford 

& Co, accts 

88 Muckle W H, cartage 
90 Scott Wm, barber 
K2-94 International StocK 

Food Co 
96-9S Canadian Art Glass 

190 McTamney James & Co, 


102 McTamney Jas, bailiff 
102a Badgley Alfred F 
104 Vacant 
108 Magann Air Brake Co, 


Baer Adam, confr 
110 Earsman Bros, brass 


112 Meyer Bros. Indry mach 
118 New Schiller House 
124-126 Everall George & Co, 


Lettau Chas, printer 
l:'8 Toronto Salt "Works 
1SO-6 Rennie Wm & Co, Ltd, 

South Side 

1 Thomson L G, dentist 
Imperial Optical Co 
Code J R. barr 
Davlson R C. real est 
Moran Johr S. broker 
3 Blake & Goulding, bar- 
Johnson Christian, hat 

7-9 T'nited Typewriter Co, 


O'Brien Dennis, caretkr 
11 Martin F J. mer tlr 
13 Stoufter & Lee, prtrs 
Soole Printing Co 
Ma'/Jon.-.l.l John L & Co, 

real estate 
15 U n i t e <1 Photographic 

Stores Ltd 

17 Pearson Bros, real est 
Northern Assce Co 
Pearson E P, ins agt 
17% Pearson Chambers 


6 Sheppard L C & Co, 

Wright J A, barr 

Keown S W. 
Boone C S Dredging 

cc Construction Co 
19 Sharp Sv'vrster J, agt 
Eider. Dempster & Co. 

PS lines 

Wells. Fargro & Co, ex- 
London & Northwestern 

Ry Co 

21 Monarch Realty & Se- 
curities Corp, Ltd 
Building- Construction 


23 Land Security Chambers 
Kerr. Davidson, Paterson 

Farland, barrs 
^ Victoria st intersects 

! Imperial Bank of Canada 
35 Klein Fritz, real est 
Great Western Ry Co of 


37 Waisn J J. est broker 
Walsh John J, real est 
!d & Roberts, 
41-45 Canadian Savings 


Prudential Ins Co of Am 
Butler E W D. real est 
Davis Thomas E & Co, 
rp'il est 

' E Aubrey, arch 
43 Gibson T A. ban- 
Bath Island Mining Co 
Cavell Wm R. birr 
Johnstone Wr^. ins ast 
British Canadian Under- 
writers of Norwich. 
Eng. ins 

Ponton Douglas, real est 
45 Oliver, Reid & Co, Ltd, 

real est 
47 Wood F A real est 

Douglas R A, watchmkr 

49 Sullivan Fredk, real en 
57 County of York Municipal 

1 High Constable's Office 

County Clerk's Office 
Z County Treasurer's Of- 

3 County Council Cham- 


4 County Engineer's Of- 


5-6 Board of Highway 
Commrs of York Co 
James E A. civ eng 
Barber J F, civ eng 

7 Arts and Letters Club 

8 Lawrle Wm D, care- 

(51-65 London & Lancashire 


Garrard Chas E, acct 
London & Lancashire 
Guarantee & Ace Co of 

London & Lancashire 
Plate Glass & Indem- 
nity Co 
Sterling Accdt & Guar- 

? Co 

Herbert F H, arch 
Cowan J M. arch 
Charlesworth & McKee, 

fire Ins 
Anglo American Fire Ins 

Barrett A L & Co, ins 

Montreal - Canada Fire 

Ins Co 

Cawthra & Cawthra, real 

Polish Co. Ltd 
69-79 St James Chambers 


102 Ring Chas E & Co, 

: ,t- Service, 

105 London <fc Lan- 
cashire Life and 
General Assurance 


106 Cigar Makers' Union 
107- Eem- 

; td 

-tie Thompson, 
mfrs agt 
109 Vacant 

110 L.vivard T D, broker 
111 Vacant 

114 Daughters of the 


115 Thompson A J & Co, 

mfrs asts 
116-117 Bamiorth & Co, 

post cards 
119 Vacant 

Second Floor 

J'M Gordon W H 
Lockhart. barr 

205 Pewtress John B, real 


206 Levy A E & Co. staty 

207 Drummond W A & 

Co, storeroom 
20S Vacant 

209 Foster Geo B, derma- 
210 Bonser Thos H. 


Wilson Geo T. 
heating engineer 
212 Canada Sales Co, 

214 Walker Raymond Jr 

Co, tlrs 

215 Good H J F, Journal- 

216 Finney Percy H, 

217 Boiler Repair & Grate 

Bar Mfg Co 
21S Dreyfuss Sales Co, 

219 Canadian Defense 

220 Art Premium Co 

Third Floor 

:i<.>2 .Man Specialty Co 
304 Fleming Bros, ret 

305-6 Fowler Henry C, 


307 Shaw A W & Co, 

309 Vacant 

310 Willson John, de- 


311 Canadian Creditors 

313 Vacant 

314 Cults Wm M. artist 

315 Stephany & Murison, 


316 Hoffert Milus E, ar- 

318 Phillip Frederick F, 


71 Noller Henry, real est 
Hood Alex A, real est 
73 Watt Hugh, box 


77 Garlock Packing Co, en- 
gineers' supplies 
^ Church st intersects 
135 Plumptre Rev Henry P 
141 Christian Miss Maria 
143 Alexander & Son, pntrs 
145 Reddie & Cooper, machs 
147 Davis & Haddow, glove 

^Francis st ends 


West from 118 Yonge to 
Bathurst, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

S Moir i!i Warren, office 

10 Freek, Clark & Co, Ltd. 

bldrs' hardware 
12-14 Consumers' (Jas Co, 

sales dept 

Levin A & Co, furriers 
Gaffin Myc-r, diamond 


Capp T W Co. The, jwlrs 
Hall Earl C, engraver 
16 Wilson P R Printing Co 
Canadian Missionary 

Link (monthly) 
Sutherland Miss Ida M, 


Jones J L Engraving Co 
IS Tea Pot Inn 

Williams Mfg Co, Ltd, 

20 McEachren & Peacock, 


Michigan Optical Co 
22 Baltimore Lunch, Ltd 
24 Goldsmith Bros Smelt- 
ing- & Refining Co, 

Reason H T & Co, pa- 
per boxes 
Beaver Lock & Brass 

Canadian Laboratories, 


Embossing & Art Print- 
ing Co 

Anthony I T. mfg jwir 
26-28 Saturday Night Bldg 
Saturday Night Ltd 
Gagnier H, Ltd, publr 
Gagnier Advertising Ag- 


1-4 Vacant 

5 Covington Wm J, 


Exhibition Illustrated 
& Exhibitors' Re- 

6-10 Vacant 
11 Vacant 
12-14 Vacant 
15 Stewart Wm & Co, 

mfrs agts 
17 Vacant 

IS Toronto Testing La- 
boratory, Ltd 
20 Vacant 
26-30 Vacant 
40 Vacant 

28 Vacant 

30-32 My Valet, Ltd 

34 Crovye Flemington, 


Qulnn W Victor, staty 
Imperial Jewelery Co, Ltd 
Blashford W A, bkbndr 
Krehm Bros, whol furs 
Modern Skirt Co 
36 Central Electric & School 

Supply Co 
38-40 Crown Tailoring Co, 


Smith Louis, clothes re- 

40-42 McLeod & Allen, publrs 
Eaton, Crane & Pike Co, 

whol paper 
McClelland & .Goodchild. 


Book Supply Co, Ltd 
Cassell & Co, Ltd, 

MacDougall A R & Co, 

mfrs agts 
Birn Bros, publrs 
44 Gibson Bros, real est 
Gibson Goodwin, barr 
Hustwitt A S Co. The, 

46 Oxygen Fuel Co of 

Canada, Ltd 
Smith Bros, bkbndrs 
48 Vacant 
50 Milton Tressed BricK 

52 Jackson Thos S & Co, 

real est 
54 Vacant 
^ Bay st intersects 
64 English Joseph, bicycle 

76 Telephone Building 

Bell Telephone Co, genl 

Second Floor 

2uC-2i.'r. Emmett Maur- 
ice J, mfrs agt 
Wilkinson Ellis H, 
mfrs agt 

206-20S Canadian Home 
Market Assn 

209-216. Crombie. Wor- 
rell & Gwynne, 

Heward Geo C, 

217-224 Kingstone, Sy- 
mons & Thom- 
son, barrs 

225-230 Robinette. God- 
frey. Phelan & 
Henderson, barrs 

231 Sterling Coal Co, 

Third Floor 

Bell Telephone Co (On- 
tario dept) 
303-304 La Presse 
305-306 Dickson Archd 

A, broker 
307 Poussette Alfred P, 


31S Cutting Motor 

Sales Co of Can- 

319-323 St Lawrence 
Paper Mills Co, 
Interlake Tissue 

Mills, Ltd 
Barber Paper & 
Coating Mills, 

324 Accountants Limited 
Senurn Thaddeus I, 

chartered acct 
325 Toronto Harbour 

Fourth Floor- 
Bell Telephone Co rest 

Fifth Floor- 
Bell Telephone Co, oper- 
ating rooms 

86 Dunlop Tire & Rubber 
Goods, Ltd, salesrooms 





M. 194 
, Hi Merest 1909 

Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 


PATENTEE " Modern Method " STAIRS 

Phone Main 5053 

After Hours 
Beach 1026 


90 Millen John & Son, Ltd, 

ry supplies 
92 Ontario May-Oatway Fire 

Alarms, Ltd 
Darling Robert & Co, 

International Tool Steel 

Co, I Ad 
Carscallen Oswald G, 

mfrs agt 
94 Zimmer Vacuum Machine 


+ Bheppard st commences 
102-104 May Samuel & Co, 

billiard tables 
106-108 Johnston W S & 

Co, printers 
Independent Oddfellow 


Bryan Geo J, publr 
Wilson E S & Co, pub- 

Merker & Co, mtg jwlrs 
110 Mendelssohn Piano Co 
112 Toronto Wood Turning 


Davis Saml G, mach 
McLure & Mclntosh, 

wood carvers 
Whitworth & Restall, 
mattress mfrs, rear 

114 Logan Hugh J, bkbndrs' 


116 Dietzgen Eugene Co, 
Ltd, archs supplies 

115 Eureka Mineral Wool & 

Asbestos Co 

Johnson Temperature 

Regulating Co of Can 

Queen City Press, Ltd, 

120 Banfleld W H & Sons, 

Banfleld Edwin J, mfrs 


122 Reliance Shoe Co, Ltd 
Toronto Piano String 

Mfg- Co 
Jackson & Dowdell, 

Reliable Furniture Co, 

United Shoe Machinery 

Co of Canada 
124 Douglas Bros, Ltd, roof- 
126 Standard Cartage Co, 


128 Varone James, fruit 
^Tork st intersects 
132% Esper Mrs Mary 
334 Shelletto Antonio, confr 
136 Walker Mrs Cordelia, 


138 Stead Thos 
142-158 Fire Uept Head- 
162 Electrical Maintenance & 

Repairs Co 

Wood Fredk & Son, saws 

164-170 Boeckh Bros Co, 

Ltd, The, brush mfrs 

Armstrong Mervin, mach, 

172 Dorsey Joseph A, Idg 

180 Dominion Jewelry Mfg 

Co, Ltd 

182 Richards Glass Co, Ltd 
184 Business Printing Co 

Donovan Harry B, pub 
Canadian Poultry Re- 
view (monthly) 
Canadian Kennel Ga- 
zette (monthly) 
Poultry Advocate 


186 City Towel & Apron Sup- 
ply & Laundry Co 
McKinnon Malcolm, prin- 

Gill Ernest W, jwlr 
188 Wal'.ace P B & Son, lea- 

Wilford & Co, bkbndrs 
190 Chinese Indry 
Simcoe st intersects 
196-198 Saunders, Lorle & 

Co. jwlrs 

Ounther E & A Co, jwlrs 
200 Zamonsky Max 
202 O'Leary Michael 

204 Sintunlla Camille 

206 Vacant 

208 His Master's Voice 

Gramophone Co 
210 Bosch Magneto Co 
212 Radford W, hat mfr 
214 Finnish Hall 

Lindberg Fredk 
216 Vacant 
218 Miller Frank 
218% Skinner Mrs Annie 
220 Caldersarso Vlncenzo 
222 Engravers & Die Sink- 
ers Co 

224 Percy Wm, tlr 
226 Hannan Chas 
228 Stone Abraham 
230 Caplan Jacob 
232 Rogerson Charles, cigars 
234 Corin Wm J, sign painter 
236 Tumo Nicholas 
236% Grossman Abraham, 

238 Soulsby Geo, rest 

^Duncan st Intersects 
244 Edmanson, Bates & Co. 

pro med 

246 Crowhurst Geo 
248 Berman Morris, tlr 
250 McKenzle John 
252 Pierce John 
254 Vacant 

256-8 Matthews A, Ltd, gal- 
vanized iron works 
260 Lojetzki Anton 
202 Jennings Miss Ida 
264 Haslam Henry 
266 Stott Joseph 
268 Randall Mrs Ida 
270 Flaxman Mrs Celia 
272 Pedlow Mrs Jane 

Carveth W Herbert, phy 

John st Intersects 
280 Chasin Morris, shoemkr 
282 Chinese Indry 
:'84 Kilfedder Mrs M G 
286 Kerr James, blksmth 
288 Ward Mrs Harriett 
290 Helpert Jacob 
Vacant, rear 
292 Kingelin Emil, tlr 

Ginsberg- Harry, rear 
292% Koske Robt 
294 Ginsberg Benj 
296-300 Jones & Moore Elec- 
tric Co 

302 Jarvis Frank H 
304 Gross Frank 
306 Cowlishaw Mrs Ada 
308 Marks Abraham 
310 Johnston John 
^ Widmer st Intersects 
312 Vacant 
314 Wald Mantle 
216 Munn Robt 
318 Ferguson John 
320 Jacobson Abraham 
322 Montone Luco 
324 Montone Dominico 
326 Zabloski Alex 
326% Chinese Indry 

+ Drummond pi commences 
328 Bibock Max, shoemkr 
330 Chairlie John 
C32 Jezzel Harry 

334 Wheeler Alfred J 
336 Macedonians 

335 Mohan Patk 

340 Greenberg Saml, gro 
^ Peter st intersects 
342 Robertson Mrs Jane 

Holden Co, Ltd, ry sup- 

Robertson Alex 
344 Meikle Adam 
346 Spalding John 
350 Pearce Envelope Co 
352 Alexander Engraving Co 
Dominion Novelty Mfg 

Co, Ltd 

Jordan River, rear 
Brown Alfred, rear 
Squires Walter, rear 
354 Brown George T 
356 Jackson Peter, exp 
358 Barry Peter 
360 McCleary Wm 
W2 Hamrnertou \Viu S 

364 Glim ore G D, teas 

Friend Mrs Elizth, gro 
366 Campbell Geo 
368 Niblett Frank 
370 Friend Mrs Elizth 
372 Hartley Chas 
374 Gallagher Mrs Mary 
376 Cashuba Joseph 
378 Goodfeather Morris 
380 Dominion Stained 

Glass Co 

382 Hobbs Mrs Emily 
384 Tasshoff Stephen 

Dougherty Wm, rear 
Searles John, rear 
3S6 Scott Mrs Annie 
388 Hunter George W, exp 

Spadina av intersects 
392 Walsh Mrs Emma 
394 Shea Daniel 

396 Bakewell Wm H 

398 Vacant 

400 Penney Geo E 

402 O'Connor Michl 

404 Horevitch Jacob 

404 V 2 Erako Dzian 

400 Sone Chas, gro 

408 Jacobson Joseph 

410 Jackin Solomon, gro 

412 Sobel Sam! 

414 Morrison Maurice 

418 Rawlinson John 

420 Cunningham Mrs Annie 

424 Colonial Fixtures, Ltd, 

elect fixtures 
426 Shaw Harry 
428 Gentile Dominick 
ISO Froman Anr ;n 
432 Pearlston Harris 
434 French Thos J 
436 Nathonson Belzion 
442 Ferguson Mrs Bridget 

Brant st Intersects 
St Andrew s sq 

^ Maud st commences 
490 Pullan Ellas, junk 
492 Stadenack Meholas 
494 Zervasky Michl 
496 Obmsky Antonio 
498 Foreigners 
500 Smith Michl 
502 Marshall Andrew, bar- 

Portland st intersects 
504 Chinese Indry 
506 Smith Chas J 
5C8 Wiggins Geo 
510 Klnsella Richard J 
512 Crottie Mrs Ann 
514 Olive Mrs Agnes 
516 Ricci Louis 
518 McDonald Edward 
520 Westlake Robt 
522 Mulcahy Mrs Lucy 
524 Middleton James P 
524% Flaren James 
526 Burns Chnrles J 
526% Gibbons James 
628 Hunt Mrs Adelaide 
530 Curtin Charles V 
532 Gibson Jas B 
534 Manning Henry 
536 Mitchell Isaac 
638 Ehelford Tneodore 
540 Ryan Joseph 

Hogg James, contr, r 
542 SteeV Mrs Ada 
544 Keenan Edwd 
546 Reed Wm G 
548 Shea Patrick 
550 Keating John 
652 Sullivan Mrs Rhoda 
554 Burgess Daniel 
556 Herman Harris 
558 St Mary's Club 

South Side 

Grand Opera la commences 
9 Bouvler & Son, auto- 
9% Thompson Geo, barber 

11 Grand Opera House 

13-15 Grand Opera Hotel 

^ Johnson st ends 

17 Vacant 

19 Goldstein Jewelry Mfg 
Co, Ltd 

21 Booth G & Son, pntrs 

23 Mutual Stationery Co 
Irving J Robt, bkbndr 
Levy Maurice L, prtr 
Davis Bros, jwlrs 

25 Valience Geo, confy 

25-27 Majestic Theatre" 
Dowllng Richd J, confy 

29-31 Jones Bros & Co, bar- 
bers' supplies 

33 Wilkie Townsite Real- 
ty Co 

35 Canadian Jewelry Co 

37 Vacant 

39 Rooms 

1 Western F W & Co, 
whol jwlrs 

2 Burgess Alfred E 

3 Duneld & Co, shirt 


4 Dunlop & Rose, prin- 

Third Floor 

Elliott W J & Co, mfg 

Jackson J H & Co, 

Ltd, engravers 
Monarch Optical Co, 


41 Calcutt Thos A, confy 
43 Bohan Bros, woollens 
^Bay st Intersects 
53-59 Shaw-Overland Sales 

Co, autos 

61-65 Pearcy Sanderson & 
Co, paints, oils and 
67-71 Wilson bldg 

Shimamura Co, Ltd, Ja- 
panese gds 

Brunswick - Balke-Col- 
lender Co of Canada, 
Ltd, billiard tables 
Zock J J & Co, Ltd, mfg 


Peerless Cloak Co 
G & R Tailoring Co, 

73 Truth Building 

Wilson Publishing Co 
Truth (weekly) 
Wilson S Frank & Sons, 

real est 
Jackson Press, The, 

Columbia Phonograph 

Co, factory 
National Electrotype & 

Stereotype Co. Ltd 
Leader Wm L, printer 
Doyle Thos C, mfrs agt 
Hotpoint Electric 
Heating Co, heating 

Parker Geo & Sons, prin- 

Jessop & Co, clotli fnshrs 

Berger Tailoring Co, Ltd 

79 Llttlejohn & Vaughan, 

81 Ontario Motor Supply 

Co, Ltd, auto chains 
91 Gilmore Isaac, cartage 

93-97 Morrison James Brass 

Mfs Co 

87% National Skirt & Cos- 
tume Co 
Bloom Saml P, button 

hole mfr 
99 Coulter Press 
1C1 Bunker & Son, rubber 

103 Defoe Bldg 

Gowanlock Printing Co 
Austin Bros, vest mfrs 
Schwartz Jacob, pants 

105-109 Wilkinson & Kom- 

pass, hdwre 
109% Lander & Co, brass 

Lampert Abraham, 

pants mfr 
Coates A B Co, piano 

string mfr 
Joselin James S, pat- 


111 Domestic Laundry, Ltd 
Korn Louis, skirt mfr 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents, 12 Wellington St. E. Phone M. 1790 




2 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 5088 

113-125 General Supply Co of 

Canada, Ltd 
115-119 National Plumbing 

Supply Co, Ltd 
127 Lawrence A C, printer 
129 Michael Anthony, lodg- 
ing hse 
131 Fisher Mrs Martha 

+ York st intersects 
139 Toronto Gold & Silver 

Stamping Co 
Barash Leon 
Hawkins Henry 
Dawson Randolph 
143 Ayers Miss Sarah A 
145 Vacant 
147 Welcome Mission 

Patterson John 
149 Vacant 
151-153 Storehouse 
155-157 Hlbberd & New- 
combe, contra 

159-161 Colored Men's Busi- 
ness Club 

Moore John L. rest 
Carey Chas H, barber 
163 Western Printing Co 
Wolfe Abraham 
Wolfe Wm 

IfM-tlO Brown S. carriages 
171 Maguire T M & Son, 


173 Samuels Mrs Leah 
175 Gartenlaub Joseph, 


177 Vacant 
179 Starashafsky Morris, 


1S1 Belcher Felix A. prtr 
183 Lawson Wm, cartage 
185 Skene Alex, express 
187-189 Delsinger Mrs C 
191 Sovereign Press 

Frendt Frank F, ladies 

Lee F T & J, chewing 


Lloyd Harvey S, inks 
193 Ranta John, tlr 

Canadian Rat Corn Co, 

rat exterminators 
1P5 Richardson Geo W, 

Simcoe st intersects 
203-205 Blackball & Co, 

207 Vacant 
209 Vacant 
223 Publishers, Ltd 
^Duncan st intersects 
Z67-61 Toronto Hat Mfg Co 
Moyes Chemical Co 

John st intersects 
2fl.ii Bates J C, dentist 
297 War Gilbert 

299 Dunstall Albert 
301 D'Arcy Mrs Bridget 
303 Readman M F, gro 
4Wldmer st intersects 
317 Richards John B 
315 Weinraw Saml 
SI" Hunter J w Engineering 

327 Hingley Wm H 

Peter st intersects 
331 Vacant 

333 Vacant 

Berger & Midline, cloth- 
ing mfrs. rear 
Canadian Show Case Co 

335 Burovich Joseph 

Parcowsky David, rear 
Petsofsky David, rear 
Goldstein Emanuel, r 
Walker Miss Margt, r 
57 Cohen Benjamin 
339 Pearlman Joseph 
341 Mass Wolfe 
349 Antipitzky Metal Co 
^Charlotte st ends 
351 Englefield Thos 
355 Pettigrew Wm 
357 Silver Abraham, gro 
359 Nutt Edmund 
363 Coo Mrs Eliza 

Messer Miss Harriet, rear 
365 Bell John 

367 McCormack James M, 


+ Spadina :iv intersects 
371-3S1 Unfinished bldgs 
383 Ritzlin Abraham 
385 Bregman Ephraim 
3S7 Goodman Mrs Ada 
389 Atkinson John H 
291 Slattery John 
393-397 Vacant 
399 Saborsky Max 
401 Rycus Peter 
403 Shinocka Liberoto 
405-419 Gurney Foundry Co 

421 Adams John 
423 Cain Thos J 
425 Hammerton Mrs Annie 
427 Vane Joseph 
429 Hay John, gro 

Brant st intersects 
431 Vacant 

439 Shep|.ard Wm J 
441 Solomirisky Louis 
443 Madorsky Louis 

Morrison st ends 
445 Brown Peter 
447 Osborne Henry 
449 Kitson Robt 
451 Allies Robt W 
453 Cochrane Abraham 
459 Gingras Telesphore 
461 Foster Alonzo 

Gallagher Mrs Lily, r 

Winter-field Wm, rear 
463 Martin Charles D 

Wright Herbert 

Barber John E, rear 
465 Elton Chas H 
467 University Settlement 

Hunt Milton B 
479-81 Law^-nce Alfred C 
^ Portland st intersects 
487 Haskayne John 
497 Kennedy John H 
499 Jacobs Michl, tlr 

Zaretzky Israel 
501 Haberman Aaron, plmbr 
601^6 James FranK 
503 Currie James 

Fletcher Wm 
503% Baker Bert W 
505 James George 
607 Patterson Laughlin N 
609 Grady Wm 
Ell O'Loughlin Andrew 

Adelaide pi commences 
521 West End Creche 
525 McCann Thomas 

527 Boyle Frank 
531 Cummins Peter 
Giles Oliver B 
533 Codignotte Achille 


South from 511 Adelaide 
w, ward 4 

East Side 

1 Murphy Mrs Mary 

3 Sinclair Robt 

6 Treadwell Mrs Emma 

7 Mclnnes Donald 
9 Mathieson Geo 

11 Hirlehey Chas 

. . . West Side 
Not built on 

East Side. 

81 Nicholls Bruce F 

33 Cubitt \Voolmer C 

35 White Aubrey 

37 White Russel 

41 Brown Robt G 

43 Wilkes Mrs Letltia E 

45 Boeckh Mrs Harriet 

65 McCausland F H 

59 Vacant 

61 Swabey Chas 

63 Capreol J Lonsdale 

77 Deeks Geo S 

81 Watson James P 

^Bernard av intersects 

101 Scott Mrs Harriett 
105 Patteson Mrs Marie L 
121 Morrison Gordon F 
123 Beemer Harry G 
131 Turner Frederic A 
135 Scott Wm S 
141 Bonnick Chas 
147 Heaton Edwin P 
149 Bruce Rupert 
151 Wilson Mrs Maude 
153 Crombie Miss Mary 
157 Hunter -Wm H 
159 Barber John S 
161 Stewart Louis B 
163 Clarke Fredk C 
165 McAdam Arthur C 

1 Maclnnes Chas S 
5 Halsted James A 
9 Thompson Mrs Jessie G 
11 White Walter J 
13 Scott Charles W 
15 Stupart Robt F 
17 Sims Rev Robert A 
19 Lloyd Mrs Sarah B 
21 Ashworth James J 
23 Hamilton Henry C 
25 Brereton Mrs Victoria M 
27 Mason Frederick 
29 Martin Wm F 

West Side. 


North from opp 71 Low- . 
ther av to St George, 
ward 4. 

South Side 

Not built on 

12 Simpson Ernest A 
14 Robertson James E 
1(5 Fernow Bernhaxd E 
20 Melady John 
24 Moss Chas 
28 Hall Thomas H 
80 Welsman Francis S 
38 Burnnnd J Lewis 
40 Stollery Frank 
42 Budd Albert T 
46 McKenzie Geo A 
48 Dingman Archd W 
50 Warner Chas S 
52 Michie Edward R 
54 Tyrwhitt Mrs Emma 
58 Apted Wm H 
60 Morrison Curran McK 
82 Smith J Herbert 
64 Swabey Mrs Eliza A 
66 Baily "Wm 
68 Kerr Hugh L, 
72 Kincston Mrs Georglna 
74 Hopkirk Henry G 
Bernard av intersects 

76 Vacant 

78 Arthurs Mrs Alice 
80 Kent Bernard H 
82 Robertson Llewellyn H 
84 Harwood Harry S 
86 Donald Robt C 
88 Findley Thos 
90 Anderson Alexander 
92 Wilson John 
94 Wallace Rev Wm G 
96 Cameron J Home 
98 Campbell John L 

100 Jones Chas S 

102 White Russell M 

104 Vacant 

106 Steiner Ernest A 

108 Alexander Wm W 

110 Merrick Wm T 

112 Browning Arthur G 


West from Wiltshire av 
to Cooper av, 1st north 
of C P R tracks, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Jackson Leonard H 
4 Britain Harold 
6-8 Vacant (2) 
10 Williamson Neil 
12-20 Vacant (5) 


West from 216 Lisgar to 
Northcote av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Margerison Mrs Annie 
4 Smith Mrs Isabella 
6 Thomas Saml E 
8 Edwards Amos N 
10 Dale Albert 

12 Copeland Miss Annie, 


14 Greed Fredk, fruit 
+ Lisgar st recommences 

16 Powless David J 

18 Murphy Mrs Elizth 

20 Miller Joseph 

22 Monaghan Fredk P 

24 Terrell Wm T 

26 Cross on Jacob 

28 Smith John 

30 Charbonneau Harry H 

32 Robertson Lewis 

34 Alloway Alfred E 

36 Brodie Frederick 

38 Martin Thomas 

40 Gillett Mrs Elizth 

42 Aitken Wm T 

44 Ferrier Robert C 

46 May Sydney H 

48 Logan Wm 

50 Jessop Walter G 

52 Vacant 

+ Beaconsfleld av intersects 

54 Porter John 

56 Waring Wm 

58 Verral Mrs Mary 

60 McDonald Wm S 

62 Gee Mrs Jeannette 

68 Taylor Nell A 

70 Richardson Wm 

72 Smith Wm E 

74 Jones Herman 

South Side 

1 McKenzie Wm C, gro 
3 Barkway Edw3 W 

5 Bryant John W 

7 Wesley John 

9 Gamble John F 

11 Pollard Richard F 

13 Straine Robt 

15 Munn Wm 

17 Thompson Mrs Elizth 

19 Hogg AVm 

21 Watson J Alex 
23 Nichol James 

25 Jeffrey David McC 

27 Dailey Wm E 

?9 Harris John W 

31 Forrester Fredk C 

+ Beaconsfleld av intersects 

39 Meron James 

41 Renardson Richd 

43 Rutherford Thos 

45 Low Thos 

47 Prosser Mrs Fanny 

49 Broderiek Miss Bessie 

Goodwin Mrs Anna 
51 Arnold Henry C 
53 Stewart Thos A 
55 Scalley Edwin R 
61 Trotter John 


West from 302 Tonge to 
University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Cannon Fredk 

8 Thomson Alex, harness 


10 Lyric Confectionery 
Ellis Heimy 

12 Hygiene Kola Co, Ltd, 


14 Paul Louis, tlr 

16 Pollack Max, bicycles 

18 Vacant 

20 Finkelstein Max, gro 

22 Lypkie Yakow 
24 Belosky Joseph 


Government. Municipal. 
Corporation and Industrial, 
Yielding from 4% to 6^% 





Phone Adelaide 214 TORONTO 

24% Vacant 
26 Groio Pasqualo 
26% Stewart Mrs Maigt 
28 Giensburg Jacob 
30 Rosen Yankel 
32 Chec Joseph 
34 Ellaise 1 Me. confy 
36 Stlllaquinda Patk 
38 Rocco Frank 
42 Trevers Mrs Elizth 
44 Cusack Daniel R 
46 Jenson Hanson 
48 Sule Pascal 
52 McBrien Mrs M M, exp 
54 Gustine Ronjetsi 
66-58 Armac Press, Ltd 
Fullerton John A, pub 
Woodland Joshua M, hats 
60 Vespi Nugio, gro 
62 Olceszewski Tony 
64 Wrzak Wladyslaw, btr 
66 De Andres Angelo 
68 Shkolmek Aaron 
72 Luney Miss Mary 
72% Nutel Joseph 

Atley Miss Sarah, rear 
Satterley Mrs Eliza, rear 
74 Bell Daniel D 

Relklns Lyric Theatre 
^Teraulay st Intersects 
82 Druks Ityman, genl store 
84 Zig-ler Marcus, fruit 
86 Angelchik Harry, bicycle 


88 Margules Philip, btchr 
90 Polevoy Hyman, fruit 
92 Mltz Gilbert, barber 
94 Pechenirk Morris, plmbr 
96 Frornsteln Simon, dry gds 
98 Fish Joseph 

100 Mar.del Max 

102 Eelick Benj 

102% Lospring- Harry 

104 Sturman Saml, billiards 

106 Weiss Joshua 

108 Goloski Abrahfcm, dry gds 

110 Harnowitz & Kessler,gros 

112 Drutch Abraham 
Sugarman Louis 

114 Morrison Abraham, confy 

116 Jacobs Benj 

118 Kornreich Harold 
Fidler Saml 
Haveloek Harris 
Kawarsky Henry 

120 Metropolitan Bank 
^Elizabeth st intersects 

122-124 Kruger Saml. confy 
Litovitz Harry, dry gds 

126 Bova Augusta, fruit 

128 Hoffman Mrs Etta 

130 Chvickel Max, confy 

12 Caplan Myer, flsh 

134 Kropywka Joseph, ice 

136 Rose Joseph 

Toronto Real Estate & 
Brokerage Co 

138 Northern Crown Bank 
^ Chestnut st intersects 

140 Ellis Max, fruit 

142 Helfenbaum Mrs Rebecca 

144 Golchry Benj, gro 
146 Osberg Herman, flsh 

145 Bloomerfeld Moses, 


150 Menkin Saml. barber 
152 Simrod Bryner, btchr 
156 Peczenex Saul 
160 Harder Abraham, rest 
162 Midanik Bros, rl est 
164 Ryttenberg Norman, 


164% Ras Fraim, fruits 
'166 Kwan John, furn 
+ Centre av intersects 
16S-170 Shipman Joseph, 


172 Chinese "Laundry 
174 Rosenfeldt Israel 
176 Fremeiman Joseph 
188 Schwartz Louis M, bottles 

South Side 

5-9 Adams Mfg Co, trnks 
13 Feinberg Alfred, gro 

16 Silverman Mrs Etta 

17 Vacant 

19 Crowe Mrs Josephine 
21 Colby Mrs Jane 

23 Oldham Saml, exp 

Jii--'; mibin J & Co, blk- 


31 Julian Peter 
33 D'Alesandro D, musician 
41 Goldberg Max 
43 Lakemar. Saml 
45 Hellel Abraham 
47 Greenberg Joseph 
49 Linsson Harry 
51 Harnowitz David 
63 D'Angelo Rocco 

D'Angelo Eugenio, or- 

57 Swerling Chas 
63-65 Police Station No 2 
67 Cohen Harry, tlr 
69 Greenberg- Louis, tlr 
71 Cohen Louis 
^Teraulay st intersects 
73 Silberman Simon, cigars 
75 Polonik Solomon, bar- 

77 Metz Harry, rest 
79 Finger Louis, hair gds 
81 Bower Abraham, gro 
83 Roher Isaac, bottles 
85 Fleishman Louis, btchr 
87 Zwleg Morris, fruit 
89 Salamon Phillip 
91 Bolgar Nathan, lunch rm 
93 Vacant 

96 Greenberg Mrs Fanny 

Greenberg Harry 

97 Vacant 

99 Lunzon Abraham 
101 Weinreb Rev Joseph 
103 Mendelsohn Saml, btcr 
105 Chinese ^Laundry 
107 Levinter Saml, stoves 
109 Goodman Gabriel, flour 
111 Cinnamon J W (est), 

Elizabeth st Intersects 
115 Xayer Saml, btchr 
117 Gold Henry, fish 

119 Hashmall A B, drugs 
121 Altsr-liuller Maurice, gro 
123 Obenstein Isaac, fruit 
125-127 Elie Jacob, flsh 
129 Welnrip Chas, shoemkr 

Chestnut st intersects 
133 Dvoretzky Saml, gro 
137 Pearlman Julius 

139 Zive Phillip 
139 Jacob Levi 
141 Gertzheim Saml 
143 Vossman Isaac 
145 Goldstein Marcus 
147 Himell David 
14',) c;.ild Henry 
151 Black Israel, tlr 
153 Migngirtn Saul 
155 Viner Wm, baker 
157-159 Steissel Saml, barber 
^ Centre av intersects 
161 Gibbs Julius 
163 Nusbaum Saml J, bicycle 


165 Pint Francis 
167 Goodman Saml, barber 
171 Ransler Helm 
173 Lyndon Fredk 
177 Bass James 
181 Megash Michl 


(Old Centre Rd, Midway 
Annex). Easterly and 
Westerly from Whitney av. 
first n of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 
Not built on 


East from 7 Lee av, ward 

North Side .... 

2 Turnbull James F 
4 Roberts John 
6 Johnston E James 
8 Barnard Alfred 

Startup Henry 
8 Gardner Robt 
10 Gaston Wm 

South Side 

Bowling Green 


North from Bloor w, flnrt 
e of Bathurst. ward 4. 

East Side 

7 Miller Isudore 

9 Kelly Mrs Ellen 

11 Stalker Colin J 

.3 Sharpe Ernest M 

15 ivlcKechnie Frank R 

17 Donaldson John S 

W \Vilkins Morley P 

21 Whitehead John F 

23 Fisber James 

25 Rogers Herbert C 

27 Muir R Stewart 

Jil Cilmour Joseph L 

31 Hodge James H 

33 Matm'son Robert 

37 Robinson Mrs Arvilla 

39 Bennett Wm E 

41 Canada Cot Co 
Davies Sydney J 

43 Noble Coliu J 

49 Morrow Thomas C 

61 Kerr Milton 

53 Reford 'Mrs Rose C 

55 Lowe Arthur T 

57 White Alfred 

59 Lean Edwd C 

61 Andras Mrs Emily 

63 Leigh Major Edwd 

65 China John 

7 Phillips Mrs Sarah 

69 Parks AS m A 

71 Bowen Thomas B 

73 Conley Matthew T 

75 Conley Newton H 

77 Graham Mrs Margaret 

79 Gallanough F J 

81 Urquhart Thomas 

83 Starr David B 

^Barton av intersects 
125 Musgrave Chas 
127 Brett Geo S 
129 Thornton Mrs Gather 
131 Clarkson Percy B 
133 Kleisrr Albert G 
?35 Hutchinson Geo 
1S7 Meek Edwd J 
139 Simpson Mrs Elizth 
141 David Wallace E 

Wells st intersects 
177 Robertson Godfrey 
179 Esten John P 
1S1 Jackson Joseph A 
185 Harris Mrs Christina 
187 Le Grow Joshua 
ly Imrie Mrs Elizabeth 
191 Simmons Enoch 
193 Procter Wm 
195 Young Mrs Catherine 
197 Allen Whitman J 
199 Hamill Robt G 
201 Skirrow J Edgar 
'MS Browne Harry J 
205 Smyth Sydney D 
207 Wooster Thomas H 
211 Coath Edwd E 
213 Ferguson Thomas A 
215 Stoneman Mrs Margaret 
217 Keeling Alfred 
219 Squire Miss Sarah 
221 Dingman Russell G 
223 Pugh Edgar 
225 Jenkins Mrs Mary B 
227 Ash Henrv J 
229 Cook Joseph H 
231 Rook J Leslie 
233 Maycock \Vm R 
2:;r, Harvey (ieorpe 
237 Denny Mrs Christina 
239 Wallace Chas 
241 Taylor Jameg G 
243 McCartin Mrs Jane 
24.", Weltz Christian 
247 Neate Mrs X*>llie 
249 Halson Miss Kate E 
251 Johnston Frederick A O 
253 Syer J Roy 
255 Malone Michl J 
257 Rice Thos L 
259 Heap Wm 
261 Moffatt Richd 
263 Miller Thos 
265 Smith John M 
267 McCaffery Mrs Annie 
269 Conquergood Charles R 
271 Hart John J 
^Dupont st intersects 

C P R intersects 
309 Collie & Coekerill Co, 

office furn 

323 Carmody Mrs Matilda 
127 Young John 
329 Rossiter Mrs Ida 
331 Wretham Chas 
333 Bannister Charles 
335 Smith Frank 
337 Phillips George 
339 Lowes Fredk W 
341 Vacant 
343 England Win 
345 Brown Peter 
347 Edwards Chas 
349 Winslow Wm G 
S57 Crawford James 
361 Crawford Robert 
363 Melville Andrew 
365 Groves Wm I 
369 Foley John H 
381 Pritchard Harry G 
383 Henderson Alex 
385 McClymont James 
387 Collins John R 

West Side 

10-12 Albion Apts 

14 Harper Wm E 

16 Nesbitt a Sproule 

18 Robertson James M 

20 Brlggs Henry 

22 Reburn Henry 

24 Woodland Josuah M 

X Piersol Wm H 

28 Le Brun Fredk R 

30 Keeler Chas H L 

32 McCutcheon Gordon D 

34 Armstrong Fred C 

36 Groves Wm E 

38 Dilworth Robt J 

40 Slater David D 

42 Medland \Vm J 

44 Ferrah Robert 

46 Mollard John T 

48 MacKechnle Charter W 

50 Paul David 

52 Templeton Robert P 

54 Ellis Mrs Mary J 

56 Cowing Mrs Margt 

58 Philp Rev Samuel C 

60 Colemnn Herbert T J 

70 Collins Charles H 

72 Clemens Matthew W 

74 Clark Malcolm S 

76 Foster .1 Milton 

78 Taylor Harold E 

80 Devaney Mrs Elizabeth 

82 Elliot Charles 

84 Ferguson Henry 

86 Kennedy Harry 

88 MacNeill Rev John 

90 Jamieson J; 

92 Devitt Jas W. bldr 

+ Barton av Intersects 

96 Cook Merrill H 

98 Wetlierell James E 

100 Litster Thomas H 

102 Larkin Mrs Alice 

104 Lindsay John K 

106 Brown Mrs Alice 

108 Hargreaves Wm A 

110 Little Archd M 

112 Smith Wilson R 

114 Henderson Mrs Esther 

116 Tackaberry R W 

118 MacPherson Mrs Alice 

120 Gunn Hector 

122 Stevenson Miss Jean 

124 Gihb Mrs Isabel 

126 Hall Wm A 

128 Parmley Henry 

130 Rose Geoi-se M 

132 Smale Mrs Helen 

134 Tail Wm R 

136 Dlstin Henry H 

138 Gray Harper R G 

140 Van Pusen Frank E 

142 McNairn Samuel 

144 Codd Henry F 

14(1 Cheeseworth Fredk J 

148 Hammond M O 

150 Spink John L 
+ Wells st intersects 

158 Smith J Harry 

160 Montgomery James 

162 Auston Lucien B 

164 Moreland Mrs Sarah 
Baker J Langton 

166 Jessiman George W 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
Bends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 

The Canada Metal Co.. Limited 




Co n teberation%ife 



Canadian Company 

10 Elvid"e Elijah 

.108 Grose Wm B 
170 Thompson Frank C 
172 Kennedy Warring G 

18 Murphy Wm J 
20 Pringle Lome M 
24 Milloy Israel W 


iMimico ) 

106 Walmsley Thomas 
108 Doxsee Jesse 
110 Bannatyne Alex 

176 Kellock James F 
ITS Marrin Francis X 

26-28 Vacant (2) 
82 Veltch Robert 


112 Smith Wm J 

178% Austin Reginald de B 
180 Ferguson Hugh 
Sharp Ernest 
182 Force Thos 

34 Lalster Tbomaa B 
36 MacLeod Norman 
38 Brook Arthur 
40 Peers Henry 
42 Rann Herbert F 

Alice, first w of Tonga, 
ward 3. 

Not built on 

9 Allen James C 
11 Glass Gerald 'S 
13 Barden William 

IMH Ash Henry F 
1S6 Morse Wm M 
188 Randall Wm H 

44 Hamilton Samuel 
46 Williams Ernest S 



23 Fellow Clarence P 
27 Sharpe Wm 
29 Vacant 

190 McKay Adam 
192 Haddow Rev Robt 
l-i4 Maclenan Rev Duncan 
196 Galbralth Percy G 
Ireenway Ernest E 
200 Baird Henry 
202 Mclntosh Wm A 

1 Vacant 
5 Wylie Thos 
7 Ferguson Mrs Hattie 
9-11 Vacant (2) 
15 McCulloch James 
17 Hermiston James 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
North from Davenport rd 
to St Clair av w, 1 east 
Oakwood av, ward 5. 
Not built on 

31 Pearson William G 
Du Vernet Ernest E A 
Hahn Gustav 
Matthews Marmaduke 
Smith Eden 
45 Chapman Michl 
49 Owen Eric T 

206 Black Geo 
KS Waterson Anen 
210 Glynn Mrs Mary J 

29 Ward James 
31 Manning Morley E 
S3 Vamplew John H 
35 Vacant 



103 Partington Saml 
105 Ttbbs John 
113 Summers George A 

212% Davis Thomas J 
U14 Harvey Leslie J 
216 Richards John A 
218 Churchill Matthew 
220 Corp Walter 

39 Shipway Chas R 
41 Alden John F 
43 McCullough Miss 
45 McCaffrey James 


i North Toronto), west 
from opp 2371 Yonge to 
Hillhurst blvd 

North Side 


(Including old Wickson av) 
West from 1222 Yonge to 
Avenue rd, ward 3. 

J22 Kirkland Samuel B 
S22H Smith Geo F 
?24 Crowhurst Horace 
ZOi Hilton Robert 


West from 218 Yonge to 
Chestnut, ward 3. 

2 Grundy FredK 
4 Lovell Robt J 
50 Cuttell Wm L 
52 Madill James T 

North Side 
24 Haig Thos, stables 
36 Dowling Thos D 
38 Stephens Mrs Jerusha 
40 Pirrie Geo S 

C.-.O Kidd Eli \V 
232 Parson Arthur 
Dupont st intersects 
J46 Purton Thos 
248 Bugden Benj 
250 Morris Ernest E 
252 Macpherson Mrs Isabella 

4 Elliott Bros, dentists 
Wall Bros, sign pntrs 
Albert lane commence* 
10-14 Eaton T & Co, warhse 
16-24 S A Temple 
S A Printing House 
S A Irnmisiration Dept 

70 Stiles Harry E 
~- Gordon Alfred 
78 Fletcher James C 
84 Vacant 
88 Dowell Willis 
90 Jewett Mrs Florence M 
150 McCallum John 

South Side 

42 Braden Christopher 
44 White Henry J 
46 Blain Robt 
48 Swan Alex 
50 Mitchell Alex 
52 McCann Thos 
54 Gibson Wm R 
56 Vacant 

C P R intersects 
266 Clarke Arthur 
26S Woodward Geo 
270 Wooodham Alfred 
2T2 Smith Frank 
274 Flnley John 
Barrie John 
276 Price Wm 
278 Richardson Wm 
280 Dampier Wm 
282 Sanford Thos jr 
2S4 Hurt Andrew J 
304 Sharp John 
30<i Pickles James H 
308 Matthews Alfred 
31 i.i Edwards Oscar 

War Cry Official Gazette 
All the World (monthly) 
Men's Social Dept S A 
Women Social Work 
James st intersects 
48 Eaton T & Co, garage 
Ternulay st intersects 
60 Florentine Antonia 
66 Shorser Saml 
68 Cicerio Miss Teresa 
70 Izen Max 
72 Italians 
76-78 Leach Concrete Co, 
SO Vacant 

5 Magee Francis A 
7 Livingston Richd I 
15 Forbes Mrs Ellen 
25 Leuschner Wm, dairy 
57 Spittel Chas 
69 Hunter Mrs Barbara E 
73 Hovle Wm A 
85 McColl Mrs Elizth 
95 Cawson Albert 
97 Vacant 
99 Burton Chas C X 
103 Fife F Howard 
123 Graham Howard L 
127 Jerreat Walt- 
141 Humphries Wm H 
145 Arnold Frank W 

60 Vacant 
62 Horrigan Mrs Martha 
64 Duval Walter 
66 Speed John 
70 Lawrence Jas 
72 Grondahl Wm 
74 Saila Wm 
76 Matthews Geo 
78 Corrtgan John 
80 Courian Abraham 
82 Dawson Robt 
84 Bell Edmund 
86 McKnight Henry 
88 Richardson Alfred 
92 Broomhall Thomas 
94 Buchanan Alex 
100 Cox Geo 

314 McMorrin Francis 
316 McClartv Archd 
318 Jones Robert C 
320 Prentice Thos 
322 Renrv Charles 

82 Kellner Isidore 
34 Turice Geo 
88 Sigel Joseph 
Elizabeth st intersects 
90 Vacant 


West from 1366 Rathnrst to 
Bracondale av, ward 5. 

North Side 

102 Little Weldon 
104 Brown Norman F 
106 Blair Henry 
108 Dates Geo, contr 
110 Burgess Norman 

324 Wood George W 

les James 
anner Earl A 
332 Varltv Wm H 
McKniaht Saml J 
334 Abbs Frar.k 

92 (Chinese Club 
94 Woods Francis H, bailiff 
96 Pickens Robert 
98 Silverman Herman 
104 Shapero Abraham 
106 Moses Julius, tlr 

South Side 

6 Spence Mr? Mathewson 
S Broadbridpe Herbert 
10 Faulkner Wm H 
16 Heron Thomas 
22 Bell Mrs Elizabeth 
24 Welham Ernest <;. pntr 
28 Roberts Herbert I. 

114 Dame Arthur 
116 Wheat Fred 
120 Medlock Amos 
122 Hipsrave Wm G 
126 Vacant 
128 Vacant 

South Side 

S38 Davidson John T 
340 Thomson Alex 
Jones Mrs Ellen 
342 Lock Leonard 
344 Pap worth P.adfoith 
34fi Baylis Thos 
348 Parsons <>-<' 
350 Tucker David 
352 Maye John W 

James st intersects 
Teraulay st Intersects 
63 Watson Henry 
55 Vacant 
59 Vacant 
61-63 Purdy - Mansell, Ltd. 
Thomas F S & Co, bk- 

JO Wall Alma G 
32 Emmerson Richd 
38 Vacant 
46 Sayers Robert J 
50 Vacant 
r>2 Dickie David 
54 Cross Edwd B 
n Misliaw John K 
58 Ashley Wilfred J 
60 Steele Fleming J 

3 Baily R & Son, brk 
9 Wood Henry J 
15 Vacant 
17 Vacant 
19 Vacant 
21 Perry Fredk 
23 Lindala James 
25 Lehto Carl 


'West Toronto), name 
changed to Gtmns rd. 

Gundy-Clapperton Co, 
Ltd, cut glass 

Elizabeth st intersects 
103 Hillock Frank, lumber 

<U Jones Wm J 
C6 Cook Thomas 
68 Rennie Wm 
70 Murphv James S 

27 Ahlquist John W 
29 Sutherland Miss Annie 
31 Hellsberg Axel 
33 Fair Percy 
35 Dear Chas G 


East from Hampton av 
to Logan av, ward 1. 



72 Gallow John 
74 Reid Alexander J 
80 Heath Walter H 

37 Townsend Mrs Elizabeth 
Gibson Leonard, painter 
39 Vacant 

North Side 

Si Hazelwood John H 

43 Brown Fred 

4 Vacant 
6 Rowles Ernest H 

(West Toronto"), name 
changed to Wakefleld 

86 Clack Joseph B 
88 Shields John 
90 Banks Francis M 

49 Stevenson Peter 
51 Payne Harry 
53 Wallace George 

12 Vacant 
14 Macfarlane Wm 


Name changed to Ward 

92 Crosby Elias E 
94 Gibson John 
96 Relsate Georse 

57 Limage John A 
59 Colman David 


Henry W. Evans, Phone Hillcrest 1243 F. H. Gooch, Phone North 1243 


26 Wellington St. E. 







61 Stewart David 

63 Wheat Chas 

65 Hackett Mrs Mary 

67 Gaynor Mrs Bridget A 

69 Richards Joseph 

73 Stephenson Arthur 

75 Rooth Wm P 

77 Haley Thos D 

79 Lewis Wm A 

81 Hobbs Ernest E 

83 McCrea Mrs Mary M 

85 Rodgers Mrs Ellen 

87 Wilson Wm H 

89 Simpson Thos 

91 Greer Thos 

95 Tweddle David 

99 Fridd Sydney C 
103 Stephens Thos E 
107 Plm Jas E 
111 Murphy Thos J 
113 Drugen Wm 
115 Petit Wm 
117 Spence Benj 
119 Mellway Jas A 
121 Dowllng George 
123 Kerr Wm 

125 McDonnell Mrs Marg-t 
127 Turner Miss Alice 
129 Thorn John M 
131 Porteous Wm A 
133 W'ebster Jas 
135 de Beaumont Victor 

^ Oaklands av ends 
149 Oaklands Lawn Bowling 


151 Glendennlng Chas E 
153 Hickey Jas M 
155 Sewell Henry de Q 
157 Robb Mrs Isabella 
159 Black Mrs Mary 
161 Peace Wm A 


(Old Ferguson av), west 
from Woodbine av, north 
of G T R tracks, ward 1. 

North Side . 

Unfinished house 
. . . . South Side . 

Not built on 


South from Danforth av 
to GTR tracks, third w 
of Greenwood av, -ward 1. 
Not built on 


( Runnymerlet 


East from 493 Tonge to 
Mutual, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Mackay Geo L, ladles' 

Elliott Business College 
ln-14 Unfinished bldgs 
16 McGIbbon Mrs Catherine 
18 Eastman Geo L 
20 Wadds Mrs Maria C 
22 Scrimes Graham 
24 Mulholland Wm F 
26 Hartwell Mrs Isabella 
28 Hanna John 
30 Watson Mrs Susan 
32 Herron Saml 
34 Bell David 
36 McLaren Lewis A 
38 Mills Robert 
44 Crysler J H, painter 
46 Heywood Mrs Elizabeth 
48 Dublg Miss Alice 
50 Helson John 
52 McBirney David 
54 Best Mrs Florence 
16 Curtis Miss Netta M 
58 Hickey Mrs Josephine 
60 Lamonby John T 
62 Drinkwater James H, 

64 Vacant 
66 Fairly Joseph J 
68 Snell Mrs Charlotte 
Church st intersects 
88 Boddy Mrs Annie M 

90 Wagatha Henry 

^ Alexander pi commences 

92 Newell Jas J 

<J4 Blashford Walter' A 

96 Simmons Edwd W 

98 Steward Miss Joanna C 

104 Crowson Daniel 

106 Lent Ell E 

108 Taber Wm 

South Side 

7 Glenn Edwd H 
9 Wells Mrs Elizth A 
11 Bro\vn Mrs Emelia 
11 # Mooney Fredk 
13 Cook Saml 
15 Ough Wesley 
17 Huggins Chas 
19 Reynolds John W 
21 Vacant 
23 McBurney Mrs Margaret 

bdg hse 

2.j Saunders Mrs Joseph- 

27 McPherson J Gordon 
29 Gourley Mrs Elizth 
31-39 Wlnn Chas D, car- 
pet cleaner 
41 Head Mrs Mary 
43 Wood John, awnln 
45 Barkey Richd T 
47 Low Elmo 
49 Hodges Wm G 
51 Vickery Wm A 
53 McNabb Miss Lillian 
55 McKinnon Miss Christina 
57 Overholt Chas A 
59 Hawken Wm J 
61 Stephens Richard 
63 Glove." Miss Bella 
65 Heard Miss Charlotte 
67 Wardel! Miss Mina 
69 Mclntyre Donald 
Church st intersects 

93 Smith Mrs Annie 
95 Fox Lewis R 

97 Jeffery Frank P 

99 Parsons Mrs Olivia 
101 Culling Wm 

103 Grainger Robert E 

105 Rusgrove Edmund G 

107 Lalande Leo F 

109 Schuch Fredk J 




North from 90 Alexander, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Funnc'l Albert 
3 Earle Lot T 

West Side 

Not tuilt on 


(North Toronto), west 
from opp 2467 Tonge to 
Avenue rd. 

....... North Side ....... 

2 Hammill Jamt s H 
32 Stockdale Edwd B 
^ Chancellor st intersects 
48 Bryce Alex 
64 McLeary Mrs Jean E 
^ Heather st intersects 

134 Jones Henry S 

146 Kilgore Thos H 
^Beaumont st commences 

....... South Side ....... 

17 Baldwin Wm E D 
^Chancellor st intersects 
^ Heather st intersects 
89 Brown Alonzo J 

115 Gooch Geo E 

129 Vacant 

133 Greacen Wilson H 

171 Ryan Harold 


(Old Hloga av), w from 
Indian rd to Kobe av, flnrt 
a of Howard Park av, 
ward 8. 

Not built on 


Name changed to Pallton 


(Old Cherry av), w from 
Indian rd to High Park, 
second n of G T R crossing, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Hyatt Fredk F 

6 Newman John H 

8 Bartlett Wm 

10 Hobbs Saml W 

12 Hughes Herbert T 
14-16 Unfinished bldgs 

18 Campbell Andrew J 

20 Vacant 

22 Kauffman Wm P 

South Side 

3 Vacant 

5 Parkes Robt C 

7 Houden Allan J 

9 Murdoch Arthur E 

11 Hunt Harry- 
lS McCleary Wm J 

15 Williamson Nelson E 
17 Bauckham Chas jr 

19 Bauckham Chas, contr 


North from Boustead av 
to Bloor w, first w of 
Dundas, ward 6. 
East Sldb 

1 Kelly John F 
Lee Chas F 

3 Neelands Wm O 
B Lyons Archd 

7 Murray Mrs Hughina 
9 Lang Wm H 

11 Gra'ham Wm 

15 Adamson Wm R 
17 Torsion James 

19 Vloeberg Jules 

21 Dale Thomas 

23 Boys Mrs Margaret 

25 Shanlz Allan B 

27 Gay James B 

29 Clark Mrs Annie E 
31 Sulcliffe James A 
33 Russell Wm 

35 Coulter Joseph 

37 Glover Mrs Jennie H 
39 Quillet Geo 

41 Thring Percy 

43 Pentecosl Albert B 

47 Anderson Henry W 

49 Burgess Wm j 

61 Atkinson Joseph 
53 Smith Ben] F 

55 Price Arthur E 

67 Marie Ar'liur B 

59 Johnson KreJk F 

West Side 

4 Ray Colin A 

6 Brereton Wm F 

8 Peart E Chesler 

10 Wells Mrs Florence A 

12 Wilson Roy G 
^Radford av inlersecls 

20 Lane Leon K 

22 Hogan Wm 

24 Shaw Alberl 

26 Worth Mrs Julia 

28 Leeds Max M 

50 Parker Wm H 
: Hill Richard 
H Palln George 

36 Vacant 

38 Conover John H 

+ Tliorold nv commences 
52 Davies Wm J 
5 1 Oliver Ernest A 

56 Bird Wm R 

68 Emmett Henry R 

60 Maguire Fred 

62 Inglis Wm H 
64 Leigh Benson G 

66 Armstrong Mrs Elizth 
68 Wilcox Mrs -Sarah 


West from 280 Tonge to 
Teraulay, ward 8. 

North Side 

6-8 Pettit Chas H, gar- 
10-12 Dempsey Joseph H, 

iron wks 
Jenne G R, acetylene 

lights, rear 
14 Levy Harris 
16 Levy Meyer H 
18 Singer Solomon 
20 Lee Wm A 
22 Roe Mrs Sarah 
22^ Anderson J D, mus tchr 
Anderson W J, mus tchr 
Merzanis Wm 

24 Norton Lester N 

26 Jackson Mrs Jessie B 

25 Harris Maurice 

30 Perezowski Abraham 

32 Ethen Cahmon 

34 Sherbourne Frederick 

86 McClure Robert 

38 Cameron Archibald 

40 Myrtle Mrs Mary 

42 Goldhar Benj 

Radford Thos 
42H Alspector Jacob 

Welton John J, rear 
44 Fingerhut Mrs Rebecca 
46 Barnik Samuel, painter 

Atkin Kallman, r 
48 Grelsman Moses 

Toddel Ettore, r 
50 Wolfish Louis 
52 Goloscup Morris 
66 Mclntosh Alexander 

Kaplan Solomon, r 
58 Thain John 

Watts Alfred, r 
60 Prentice Hush 
84 Puma Dominic 
66 Spring Jacob 

South Side 

1 McGahey Michael M, 


S St John's Hall 
+ Albert lane ends 

5 Luke Wm N 

7 Johnson Mrs Emily 

9 Smith Arthur 
11 Vacant 
13 Smith Albert O 
15 Langdon-Davles Motors 

(Canada) Ltd 

19-21 Smith J Hungerford 
Co. Ltd. mfg chemists 
International Time Re- 
cording Co, Ltd 
Canadian Bandeau Co, 

hat bands 
Ford Tailoring Co 
25 Thornton Mrs Lina 
27 Brown Alfred 
29 Bennett Annie 
31 Vacant 
33 Vacant 
35 Nelles Joseph 
37 Puma Dominic 
39 Osier Abraham 
41 Katz Morris, gro 
43 Kersenbaum Solomon 
45 Swartz Jacob 
47 Minsky Harry 
49 Leschofski Benj 
51 Strom Nathan 
53 White Joseph 
55 Martin Patrick F 
57 Cowan Maurice 
59 Persovsky Morris 
Downey lane ends 
61 Deger Joseph M 
3 Black Eli 
67 Pasternak Isaac 


(Moore Park), north from 
Rosehill av to Rose Park 
East Side 

^Pleasant av intersects 
195 Vacant 
197 Gaw John 
199 Vacant 


Pine Doors 

L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory : MAIN ST., EAST TORONTO Phones Beach 230-231 



The Dovercourt Land strath-Gowan 




24 Adelaide St. E. 


201 Cox Arthur B 
203 Milne Frank H 
205 Davie Robt 
207 Laight Geo 

Glair av intersects 

West Side 

Not built on 


East from 263 Broadview 
ar to Bolton ar, ward 1. 
North Side 

2 Madder Fred 
8 Bayley Wm 
10 Ridel C Rudolph 
12 Revoy Jas 
14 Lapp Samuel 
16 Black-well Alfred F 

Kerr Wm 
18 Baxter James 
20 Butcher Wm T 
22 Downey Joseph 
24 Smith Mrs Susan 
26 Pett Henry C 
32 Robinson George, contr 
34 Robinson Charles Q, con- 

36 Brooks James A 
38 Gardiner Frank S 
40 Ennis Wm 
42 Smith Arthur 
44 Bailey Thos H 
48 Ferry John 
48 Kerr Thomas 
50 Taylor Mrs Harriett 
52 Chown John H 
54 Silk Mrs Anna 
54U Thompson David 
68 Jennings Robt 
T,S Unsworth Walter 
60 Pearson Fredk 
62 Bedley James 
64 Hickman Oscar 
66 Johnston Alex J 
M Holding James W 
70 Usher George 
72 Law James 

South Side 

7 Parkin Ernest 

9 Marchant Harry 
11 Martir. Sidney H 
IS Bldgood Charles 
15 Cordner James 
17 Scott John N 
19 Jones james 
Jl Brodle John H 
23 Callison John 
25 Garbett Walter 
27 Jones Robt 
31 Goode Joseph 
S3 Oladwin Charles H 
37 Glover Richardson 
39 Lysons Francis 
41 Williamson Geo 
43 Lindsay Wm 

46 Boden George W 

47 Holden Mr? E A. nurs* 
49 Monkley Wm 

51 Sapre S Roht. contr 
53 Snelgrove James A 
59 Talbot Geo A 
81 Pearson Jas 
63 Miller John S 
15 Bullock Wm G 
67 Morrison Alex 
69 Dnrley Charles C 
73 Simtison Saml 
75 Gorfinkel Beitram 
77 Gordon Wm 
79 Rayner Robert J 
81 Ramsay Alex H 
83 Moore Chas 


West from 78 Gladstone 
av, to Dufterin, ward 6. 

North Side 

8 Bolton Ernest 
10 Dobney John, contr 
12 Dobney Albert 
14 Winters Mrs Susannah 
16 Tales Albert 
18 Brooks S Wm 
20 Or:iy Wm G 
22 Stevenson Robert 

24 Mortson Henry 

20 Sutherland Edward 

28 Newman John 

30 Algate Wm C 

32 Gray Mrs Mary A 

South Side 

7 Turner James W 

9 Conley Wm F 

11 Barker Wm T 
13 Milne Wm 

16 White Robert S 

17 Rockhill Fredk 

15 Hill Frederick 

21 McCormiek Cornelini 
23 Scott Mrs Edith 

25 Hannan James 
27 Denman John 

29 Harper John 

31 Seddon Mrs F M, gro 
Seddon James H 


West from head of Sack- 
vllle, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Lee Manson 

4 Reynolds Robt E 

6 Smith Ernest J 

8 Curtis George 

10 Sinclair Neil 

12 Conch Mrs Isabella 

14 Maltman Mrs Sarah 

16 Ridley Mrs Ida 
18 Smith James L 

South Side 

1 Jeffreys Thos 

3 Russell Alfred B 

5 Pett Edwd 

7 Cotg reave Arthur 

9 Harrison Henry 

11 Waterworth Wm J 

13 Tregenza Wm J 

15 Pollard George 

17 Scanes John ' 


(Old Humberside av and 
including old William av), 
w from S4 Edn-in to rail- 
way tracks, ward 8. 

North Side 

12 Lyness Saml 

14 Whitlock Mrs Lavlnia 

16 Donald John 

18 Pace Wm M 

20 McKenzie Moses 
22 Craig Matthew 
24 Kennedy Michael 
32 Canadian Malleable Iron 
& Steel Co 

South Side 

1 Clarke John J 

3 Hubel Barry 

5 Penny George 

7 Underbill John 

9 Clarke James 
11 Reid Thos 
13 Penrose Ernest 
15 Winslow Joseph W 
17 Isanc F Jas 
27 O'Neil James 


North from St Glair av e, 
first e of Tonge, ward 3. 

East Side 

13 Vacant 

15 Gleni=ter Mrs Caroline 
17 Vacant 

19 Hale Watson 

21 Ross W J 

23 Browne Ernest S 

25 Lee Geo 

27 Walker James 

41 Warnica Louis H 

43 Price Saml J 

George Wm J 
45 Vacant 

West Side 

12 Haskett Mrs Elizabeth 

14 Giles Albert E 

16 Ross David W 

18 Hocken Horatio G 

20 Hayward Albert E 

22 Beatty Saml 

24 Guscott John 

34 Inrig Frank 

40 Vacant 

42 Vacant _ 


(Humber Bay) 


East from opp 562 Parlia- 
ment to Hill Great Park. 
ward 2. 

North Side 

12 Regan Wm J 

14 Muirhead James 

16 Griffith Mrs Isabella 

18 Monaghan Mrs Minnie 

20 Cohn Saml J 

22 Mayall Derbyshire 

28 Hawthorn Wm T 

30 Smith Mrs Annie 

36 Van Iderstine Theophi- 


38 Smith Frederick J J 
40 Hill Mrs Mary J 
46% Cooksey Mrs Jessie 
42 Baker John I, dairy 
48 Linklater Wm 
50 Caine Mrs Annie 
52 Muirhead Daniel 
54 Scott Robert 
50 Troy Maurice 
58 Langley Henry W 
62 Wilson Wm F 
64 Dean Percy 
66 Vacant 
68 Coker John T 
70 Joyce Chas 

Moyses John W 
72 Campbell George F 
74 Richmond J Roy 
76 Nicholson Joseph 
Sackville st intersects 
78 Cranfleld E S, drugs 
80 Barren Henry 
82 Paris Wm 
84 Jackson Charles 
86 Burns Andrew 
88 Bell Mrs Emily 
90 Bowes Frank 
92 Lewis Walter F, contr 
94 Lundy John O 
96 Mountford Ernest 
100 Blagdon Alfred E 
102 Dawson Charles E 

104 Dowdell Mrs Mary 
106 Smart Charles D 

105 Kemp Mrs Christina 
Vacant rear 

110 Edwards Llewellyn N 
112 Hull Wm 
114 Walker Miss Eliza 
116 Drury Herbert F 
118 Godwin Chas 
120 Caldwell John R 
124 Davis Mrs Hannah 
12C Hamilton John 
128 Houghaa Herbert 
130 Knowlton Joseph 
132 Gorrie James 
134 Beck Mrs Mary 
136 Green Mrs Margt 
138 Robinson Joseph 
142 McLelland John 
144 Basden Mrs Emma 
146 Benson Henry T 
148 Vacant 
152 Chester John G 
+ Sumach st Intersects 
154 Merra Daniel 
156 Vacant 
158 Wrlfht Thomas 
160 Lewis Mrs Sarah 
162 Fleming Mrs Isabella 

South Side 

9 Bolam Mrs Bridget 
11 Kirby Wm H 

Boucher Miss Amelia, 


13 Aymong Rock A 
15 Leonard John 
17 Coysh Albert 
19 Stiff Ernest 
Metcalfe st ends 

35 Ay re Alfred 

37 Klopp Wm 

39 Spies Chas 

41 Bonter Egbert S 

43 Tate Thomas 

45 Boozer Arthur E 

47 Deacon D Charles 

49 Dion Joseph 

51 Cuthbert Thos 

+ Sackville st intersects 

85 Gardener Wallace 

87 Secour John W 

89 Hawkins Dennis 

91 Oracle John 

93 Locke Frederick J 

95 Seccombe Geo A 

97 Devitt John 

99 Molt Wm H 
101 Biggs Saml 
103 Brookes Mrs Fannie L 
105 McLaren Francis J 
107 Hannah Wm D 
109 Hamill John 
111 Beers Wm 
113 Southern Richd J 
115 Shuttle Miss Ada 
119 Bull John G 
121 Gates John 
123 McDonald John 
127 Jones Mrs Elizth 
129 Colton Henry 
133 Hickman John 
135 Cody Chas 
137 Crowe James 
139 McCuaig Donald A 
141 McEvay James 
143 Wolfe Mrs Mary, gro 

Sumacli st intersects 
Toronto Necropolis 


East and north from Wood- 
bine av. first s of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Thomson Fredk J 
21 Wood Alfred 
35 Diggle Wm 
37 Hole Alfred 
39 Binns Benj 

Unfinished houses t.2) 
51 Emmott Albert 
55 Jones John 

Unfinished houses (3) 

West Side 

6 West Godfrey 
8 Vacant 

14 Unfinished 

16 Lockwood Wm 

15 Leach Wm 

22 Hemmings Thos 

24 Worsnop Harry 

30 Porter Ralph 

34 Royle Frank 

36 Nelson John E 

40 Wilkinson Arthur 

42 Ideson Harry 

46 Wilkinson Smith 

4S Binns Arthur 

50 Unfinished 

54 Foster Guy 

56 Grindley Alan 

62 Harris Arthur E 


East from Sherbourne n, 
first s of Maple av, ward 

North Side 
Not built on 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST. 



44 Adelaide West Phone Adelaide 685 

South Side 

3 Leys Miss Helen 
f> Sinclair Angus 


West from opp. 139 Uni- 
versity av to McCaul, ward 

North Side 

2 McCloy Mrs Grace 
4 Montague Perry 
6 Kroull Joseph 
8 Shearman Joseph 
10 Goldberg Sam! 

Simcoe st intersects 
28 Mozart Piano Co, Ltd 

William st Intersect* 
40 Solomon Saml 

42 Eaton Max 

44 Harrison Robert 

46 Wilson Harry 
48 Velinsky Saml 
60 Ginsberg Joseph 
62 White Frederick 

92 Martin S Robt 
94 Hodgson Mrs Mary A 
96 Adams Nicholas 
98 Crane Harry W 
100 Bruen Miss Theresa 
102 McQiveney Saul 
104 Hayes .Miss Emma 
106 Bowes Frederick 
108 Yakley Herbert 
110 McRae John 
112 Baynham Geo 
114 Mlddleton John 
116 WhiUuker Wm 
118 Stewart Mrs Ellen 
120 McDonald Mrs Sarah 

South Side 

Simcoe t Intersects 

William st Intersects 
39 Verger Joseph 

41 Vineberg Ben;) 
43 Silverstein Isaac 
45 Maroney Mrs Kate 
47 Douglas Walter 
49 Lawlor Mrs Mary 
51 Mnllaly Michael 
53 Vacant 
55 Shirber Harry 
B7 Freeman "Wm H 
69 Saddler Edwd 


(Old Maplewood pi), north 
from 548 Front w,- ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Bland Geo 

3 Cane Albert W 

5 Wright Trios 

7 Cane Mrs Mary 

9 Phillips Albert E 

11 Armstrong Joseph 

13 Hurley Matthew 

15 Wyatt Wm 
17 Walker John 

19 Monteith David 

West Side 

2 England Charles H 

4 Dorsey Frank 

6 Mackintosh W Henry 

8 Whale Chas 
10 Hickson Thos 

12 Wiggins Mrs Nora 

14 Hall Herbert 

16 Pilkington Charles 

15 Beazley John 

20 Birch Wilbert 


East from 431 Yonge to 
Mutual, -ward 8. 

North Side 

2 Millican Mrs Sarah 
24 Pierson Mrs S A, bdg 

Morris John, carp 
40 Vacant 

42 Vandewiele Alfred 
42% Mill ward Joseph W 
44 Thomas Mrs Effie 
46 Travers Harry H 
48 Weston Mrs Jane 
50 Robinson John 
52 Summers Robt Li 
64 Cremer Mrs Mary 
66 Gillespie Charles 
58 Cottier Mrs Isabella 
Cottier Wm A 
Corlett Wm, phren 
60 Asher Wm 
82 Steen George 
64 Trapp Julius A 
66 Hyland Miss Addle 
72 McLogan Edwd C 
74 Frost Robt H 
78 Sullivan Patrick 
^ Church st intersects 

South Side 

1 Egan Mrs Ann 
3 Buckingham & Boyle, reg- 
istry office 
5 O'Xell Alexander 
7 Murray Mrs Ellen 
9 Muirhead Mrs H A 
11 Lockhead Mrs S Alba 
13 Davis Mrs May 
15 Hughson Samuel W 

Tuff John 
21 Digby Arthur 
25 English Nelson B 
27 Bennett Miss Annette 
29 Cameron Mrs Martha 
29%Cunningham Mrs Wm 
31 Hewlett Harry J 
31% Chirk Arthur L 
33 Sebastian Alfred J 
35 Dillon Thomas E 
37 Cotter Patrick H 
39 Cooper Mrs Eliza 
Cooper Henry S 
41 Johnson Mrs Clara 
43 Tolley Mrs Edgar 
45 O'Mahoney Mrs Bertha 
47 Gotterson Miss Alice 

49 Taylor John 
49% Marks Mrs Kate 
51 Mayne Alfred F 
61% Sands John A 
53 Keating John 

55 King Sidney 
57 Diemert Philip 

50 Pitcher Alfred 
61 Miln Mrs Elizth 
C>". Cotton Mrs Alice 
65 Smith Thomas 
67 Nicholson Geo 
71 Lott John 

73 Dunn Miss Mina 

75 Graham John 

77 Mereweather Geo 

79 Gilmour Gilbert 

81 Robson Miss Janet 

83 Hamilton Mrs Annie 
Church st intersects 

89 Cairncross J H 

95 Frost Ernest A 

97 Lambert Patk H 

99 Young Fredk 
101 Langley Patk 
503 Clewlo Orlando S 
105 Glendinning Miss Jennie 
107 Roblin Miss Emma 
109 Wilkinson Edwin H 
109 1 /> Jones Richd 
111 Hollovs-ay Wm 
113 Lynch John 
115 MacLaurin Mrs Mary 
117 Edmonds Walter R 
119 Bredin Miss Bertha 
121 Shaw Mrs Mary 


(West Toronto), w from 
810 Indian rd to Jane, 1st 
s of Dundns, ward 7. 

North Side 

2 McCullum Chas 

4 Bertrand James J 

6 Ristow Philip 

8 Jones Jonas 
10 Brandt Henry 
12 Glassford Wm E 
14 Burton Mrs Sarah 
16 Walker Leslie A 
18 Smith Everitt 
20 Whittaker James 
22 Winkler Emile J 
24 Mnrrisnn John M 
2(1 Harper Joseph 
28 Norris Wm T 

30 Murray John 

32 Quennell Mrs Grace 

34 McVeigh James 

36 Home George 

46 Millar Mrs Mary, gro 

^ Western av intersects 

48 Breakwell Frank, but- 

50 Dundas John 

58 Fitzpatrick Edward 

58 Armltage Charles S 

60 Torpey Hugh 

62 Carson Robert H 

64 Jarvis Fredk 

66 Eels Thomas 

68 Purtle John 

70 Shelson Martin R 

72 Robson George 

74 Thompson Miss Elizabeth 

76 Blair Francis T 

^ Woodvllle av intersects 

78 McVey James 

SO Granfield Harry 

82 Timber Joseph 

84 Baldwin Wm H 

88 May Norman 

90 Shaver Peter 

94 Niemeier Otto G, phy 

96 Vacant 

98 Dyer Herbert S 
102 Melhuish Arthur E 

^ Keele st Intersects 
112 Laceby Wm 
114 Maw James 
120 Suggett Frank 

^Mavety st intersects 
128 Tovell Japheth A 

Stokes John A, mus tchr 
130 Kirkwood John S 
132 Armstrong Mrs Emily 
134 Mitchell Wm 
138 Jackson Michael 
138 Walsh Mrs Mary 
142 Smyth Thomas J 

+ Medland st intersects 
Victoria Pres Church 
158 Andrews Robt 
160 Kellam David 
162 McKetrick Ernest A 
164 Bell James 
166 Fulton James F 
168 Vacant 

+ Pacific nv intersects 
382 Greenwood Wm 
184 Bowles George M 
188 Knisht Mrs Anna 
Baptist church 

^High Park nv intersects 
218 Stinson John H 
220 Lowndes Arthur 
222 Goodman Marcus P 

Goodman Miss Elizth, 


224 Todd Thomas W 
226 Sinclair Frank L 
228 Robins Saml H 
230 Preston Alexander 
232 Mole John 
236 Boone Charles J. contr 

+ Quebec av intersects 
238 Brack Wm, gro 
240 Maude Isaac 
242 Laurason Lavern, drgs 
244 Davis Wm 
246 Amsbarry Wm N 
250 Clarke Frederick 
252 Carscadden Mrs Luclnda 
256 Williams Edward H 
258 Lowry Daniel A 
260 Simpson Chas 
262 Fersnn Mrs Hannah 

+ Clendenan av intersects 
278 Johnson Robt J 
280 Bnrford Mrs Harriet 
28S Heintzman Wm F 

^ Laws av commences 
336 McCormack Robert I. 
350 Wilson Wm 
358 McCuaig John B 
364 Royce George C 

+ Evelyn av intersects 
372 Edirar Georze W 
390 Homer Leslie T 
396 Willard Walter 
Ry crossing 

+ Falrvlew av intersects 
432 May Geo E 
436 Bentley Lafayette 

440 Wansbroug-h Mrs 


+ Gilmour av intersects 
462 Laugbton J Leonard 
464 Smith Wm J 
466-468 Vacant (2) 
480 Scott Noble 
502 Nicholls Arthur 
504 Vacant 
506 Kaiser Daniel 

Barber av Commences 

^ Runnymede rd intersects 
560 Shunk Simon 
572 Absent 

tBeresford av commences 
Durie st intersects 
638 Rowan John 
640 Holden Wm 
642 Milligran Hamilton 
^ Murray av intersects 

Willard st intersects 

South Side 

17 Stephenson Geo R 

19 .Tecks Herbert F 

21 Russell Francis 

23 Llghtfoot James 

25 Mason Fredk 

27 Dulmapre' Mills 

29 Ferguson Joseph 

31 Alexander Mrs Rachel 

^ Entrance to Ferguson av 

35 Bentley Joseph J 

^ Western av intersects 

59 Martin John 

61 Kerr Wm 

63 Calverley Henry S 

65 Carey Wm J 

67 Maxwell John S 

69 Fickes Edwd 

71 Snazel Amos 

73 Vacant 

Woodvllle av intersects 
83 Scott James J 

97-101 Keele St Cb of Christ 

^ Keele st intersects 
117 McNulty Patrick 
119 Mason Homer, phy 
121 Reid Joseph, cartage 
123 Crawford James C 

+ Mavety st intersects 
125 Werry Wm A 
127 Behan David W 
12ft Rieham John 
131 Hall Hiram D 

Ramer Noah H. artist 
133 Newson Reginald 
135 Dixon Allan 
137 Smith L G, dentist 

MetUand st intersects 
Public Library, western 

Masonic Temple 

Aziel st commences 

Staley Rev Melville 
St Cecelia RC- Church 
Pacific av intersects 
Hind Wm H 
Kayler Wm. phy 
Kemp Wallace 
Cbisholm John R 
Perfect Alfred H. phy 
High Park av intersects 
Carson Wm J 
Telford Wm 
Campbell Samuel McC 
Quebec av intersects 
White Mrs Martha A 
White Miss Edith J, mns 


Bowden Chas 
Rosevear James M 
Madill Mrs Carrie, gro 
Clendenan av intersects 
Public school 
Smith Rev T Beverley 
Campbell Archibald 
Campbell Archd W 
Evelyn av intersects 

MacDonald Donald D 

Smith Clarence 


Kaake James A 
Fairview av intersects 
Boylan John 

Trounce Louis 









Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, Limited 

DEALS , N SU B .D,V,S,ONS, FARM LANDS. Lum8(len Bui|d j ng| Q W ADELA , DE and YO NGE STS. Main 1360 






PhoneADELAlDE 1962 


437 Millar Mrs May 
+ Gilmour av intersects 

435 Vacant 

441 Foley Mrs Charlotte 

445 Page "Henry 

449-451 Vacant (2) 

609-511 Vacant 

515 Morris Reginald, gro 
+ Rnnnymecle rd intersects 

563-567 Vacant 
569 Absent 
571-581 Vacant 

Sniderman David 
583 Lewis Harry E 
685 Vacant 

587 Palmateer Arthur E 
599 Wilcox Walter J 
633 Pugh Samuel A 
637 Flatt Zephaninh 
639 Wilkins Chas gro 

Durie st intersects 
641 Perry James J, pntr 

e Hiohard 
661 Poole John 
If James 

Windermere av Inter- 


Murray av intersects 
689 Cher-paw Edwd 

691 Lavendar Albert 

Lavendar Mrs Nora A. 


^ Willard st intersects 
699 Crawley John G 
701 Locock John W 
703 Brown Archd 
+ Evans av commences 

Spears av commences 
S2~ Osier Wm J 


fOld Irvinp avl. west from 
Northern Ry to Franklin 
av, second n of Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Imperial Oil Co Ltd 

24 Lusk Fred W 
26 Burroughs Thos 

25 Garland Hubert 
80 Copithorn Luke 

South Side 

29 Baker Fred 

31 Pearson Miss Laura 


Kast from Morley av to 
Ashdale av, first n of 
Queen e, ward 1. 

North Side 


(Old Brighton pi), n from 
Cobourg av, and (Old 
Brampton pi), w from rear 
of Dufferin Driving Park 
to rear of 447 Brock av, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on. 

8 Bins'ham John W 
10 Hatley Wm 
12 Barnett Robert 

14 Rolls Georg-e 

16 Carthew Ernest 

15 Morris John 

20 Unfinished house 

22 Unfinished house 

^ Hiawatha rd commences 

28-30 Vacant (2) 

32 Thackeray Fredk G 

34 Ford John 

36 Downey John T 

42 Hall John T 

44 Woodruff George 

South Side 

15 Vacant 

17 Ayres John 

IS Vacant 


(North Dovercourt Annex). 
North from 998 St Glair av 
w to beyond city limits, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Bishop John 

West Side 

Martin Alonzo 

West Side 

Not built on 

North Side .... 

2 Lawson Mrs Margt 

4 Morris Geo E 
6 Dickie James 

5 Beemer Guy M 

10 Laughlin Francis 

12 Spencer Wm n 

14 Carruthers John 
16 Piper John 

South Side 

1 O'Connell Patk 
3 Campbell Thos 
5 Easle Wm G 

11 Vacant 

13 Bait-man Herbert 


(West Toronto), west from 
Kuniiymeile rd to Durie av, 
2 s of Annette, ward 7. 
Not built on 


West from 194 Shaw to 
Gladstone av, wards 5 and 
North Side 

2 Matthews Mrs IJliza 

4 Haw Thomas 

6 Simmonds Wm 
8 Armstrong Charles 8 
10 Gibson Frank L 
12 Hill Wm 
14 Veiral Robert 
16 Busht-y Mrs Adelaide 
18 Verrall G E 
20 Broc.mhill Fredk 
22 Troweru Mr* Margaret 
26 Puddy Mrs Thurza 
28 Chapelle Wm H 
30 Hahndorf John 
32 Beettam Thomas A 
Givens st intersects 
34 Collins HenryJ 
36 Cowie Mrs Susan 

Faulkner Thos G 
40 Stevenson Fredk 
42 McNair John R 
44 Hoort Mrs Jane 
46 Scott Andrew 
48 McDonnell Thos J 
50 Pinkney Saml 
52 Grant Mrs Janet 
54 Jackson Peter 
56 Atkinson Chas 

Dundas st intersects 
56% McKay John 
58 Holmes Jonathan J 
60 Peay Wm 
62 Silverthorne Saml 

64 Richards Mrs Charlotte 
66 Montgomery Jas 

65 Cutting- Fredk 
711 Webb James 
72 Reid John 

74 Montgomery Benjamin D 

76 Watts Charles B I 

78 Perks Wm 

80 Home Edwd 

82 Campbell Anthony 

86 McDermid Patk 

88 White Geo 

90 Verral John 

92 Oakley John 

94 Kelly James 

36 Britton Arthur C 

95 Whillans Wm J 
100 Whillans James 

Whillans & Co, contrs 
104 Levl Jndah 
106 Butler Jas E 
108 McGregor Saml 
110 Harris Geo M 

112 Gray Wm G 

114 Patterson Chas 

116 Bell John 

US Cowley Thos \V 

120 Barrett Arthur H, coal 

122 Laughton Miss Leah, 

drs mkr 

124 Hihhert John C 
126 Booth Mrs Annie 
128 Pendrieh Chas 
130 Vacant 
132 Lyali Geo 
134 Vacant 
136 Vacant 
138 Ideal Bread Co 
* Doveroourt rd intersects 

Dovercourt Rd Baptist Ch 
142 Howdi : ' '" " 
144 Brown Peter H 
146 Guenn Gordon 
148 Quinn Fredk S 
150 Braden Mrs Harriet 
152 Atkinson James S 
!.", l Quinn Mrs Ann 
356 Lee John W. dairy 

+ Lissar st intorsects 
1SS Draper Luther C, gro 
B \V. pntr 
164 Munn John H 
166 McRae Mrs Jennie 
170 Chambers Daniel 

Can- obeli .Iihn 
17' Carruthers Wm 
I'i6 Wilson Patrick T 
178 Vacant 

+ Beaeonsfield nv intersects 
ISO Marshall Chas 
182 Percy Fi vdk E 
1*4 Gilpin Jeremiah 
186 Punnett George 
188 Edge Walter 
190 Jessop Samuel T 
192 Davidson Charles 

194 Johnston Wm 
196 Beattie John 

195 Smyth Albert I 

200 Pennal Mrs Helen M 
202 Campbell George 
L04 McDonald Mrs Janet 
206-S Durie Mrs Flora A, 

+ Northcote av intersects 

South Side 

1 Clarke Charles H 

1% Hill John A 
3 Hardy Mrs Helen 
5 McCartney David 
7 Kennedy Alex 
9 Browning Chas 
11 Kennedy James 
13 Strutt Henry 
^Givens st intersects 
33 Lilburn Saml 
33 Bam iraim 

35 Attis George 
37 Iseman Ma. k 
+ Ar-_'yle nl ei 
39 MeFadden Hugh, eip 
41 Holiness Mission Hall 
43 Harrington Arthur 
+ pnniVis st intersects 
51 Scott Jas 
53 Devall Alex 
5o Johns Stephen W 
57 Henderson Mrs Sarah 
59 Wilson Frank S 
61 Stuart James 
63 Matson John B, bldr 
65 Murphy Wm 
67 Norris James G 
69 Finnegan Edward 
71 Kitchen James 
73 Broome Mrs Sarah A 
75 Douglas John 
77 Laidlaw Wm 
7744 Smith Joseph L 
79 Scott Ernest 
79 1 " Gray Fredk J 
81 Peacey Geo 
83 Waterfeild Albert 
85 Lea John A 
87 Hirons Wm 
89 Calhoun Robert J 
91 Price Mrs Margt 
03 Nicholas Mrs Harriet 
9S Emmett Charles L 
1'7 Haddock Saml 
99 Cangelois loney 

103 Rogers Wm J 
105 Smart Frederick 
107 Carroll James J 

109-121 Osier Playground for 


125 Britton Robert 
127 Harris Fredk 
129 Morley Alfred C 
131 Thorp'e Wm G 
133 Chinese Indry 
135 Cunningham Mrs C. gro 
+ Dovercourt rd intersects 
147 ilclntyre Mrs Mary 
149 Bourne Alfred J 
l"i Winsrrove Arthur 
153 Hall John E 
155 Caven Plewls 
157 Hall Thos 
159 Watson Henry H 
161 Stickells G T. express 

+ Lissrar st intersects 
163 Curry Durban R, gro 
l6WMltchpll Miss Christina, 


165 Clark Clias W 
167 McKenzie Charles 
169 Hurd Thomas F 

Curtis Henry 
171 Richardson Wm 
173 St. -wart Mrs Melitta 
17.", Wrieht Wm H 
177 Stubbs Mrs Mary H 
Beaconsfleld av Intersects 
179 Ri <'>>'' .1 .-iraes 
isi G lirns T' ; 
183 \\ orsley Geo 
185 Armstrong Geo 
1*7 Bell Robt 
189 Bard George A 
191 Lundy 

193 Whee!r icobert 
195 Adams F W. gro 
397 Hamilton Gavin H. drgs 
NorM"-i<te av intersects 

\RfiY I,K AV 

iXiirth .Toronto), north 
from Arundel av to be- 
yond Waverley av, first 
st e Ronan av 
Not built on 


North from 24 Bruce to 
Argyle, ward 5. 

East Side . 

31 Drewitt Albert 
33 Moore Krm-st 
35 I 1 . maid 

37 Fairbanks John 

West Side 

Not built on 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Dods av 


North from 138 Tyrrel T 
to St Clair av, ward B. 

East Side 

17 Vacant 

21 Grpenwimd Matthew 
23 Bushell Bert 
25 Rattledge Richd 
29 Bray 

^Ilford rd commences 
37 Key George B 
41 Hastings Samuel 
43 Sparitt Wm 
45 Warbank Robt 
47 Smith Geo 
51 Allarcl James 
Benson av intersects 
67 Hall Wm 
71 Robinson George J 
7" F.veratt Alfred J 
79 Speller Stewart 
83 Curtis David 
87 Ducker Wm B 
91 Corbett James 
93 Schwalm George P, contr 

West Side 

14 Whilds Harry 


General Insurance Agents and Brokers 


Phones: Office, Mam 156, Residence, Hillcrest W (Ground Floor) 



TORONTO OFFICE: Quebec Bank Bldg., 35-37 KING STREET W. 




16 Clark Thos 
18 Harris John 
20 Bowden Arthur T 
22 Sheldon William 

Pearson Joseph 
28 Vacant 
32 Hooper Henry 
40 Luchford Stephen 
46 Blackwell Walter 

48 Cramer Thomas 
BO Vacant 

54 Key Arthur 

68 Bowden Arthur T 

68a Selfe Lot 

+ Benson av Intersects 

60 Kendall John 

84 Bennett Thomas 

66 Bennett Benj 

68 Robinson Ernest C 
Robinson Mrs Mary, dry 


70 Cox Alexander 
72 Harvey Peter 
74 Babcock Geo 
76 Hobson Ernest 
82 Greenwood Alfred 
84 Hanna Thos 
86 Redgate Edward 
88 Forsyth John 
90 Best Thos 


(North Dovercourt) name 
changed to Geary av 


(Old McLean, Midway An- 
nex) south from Burgess 
av, 1 e of Woodbine av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

45 Childs Andrew 

49 Tyler Thos 

53 Deer Ernest W 

67 Robertson Robt 

69 Burridge Ernest, contr 
65 Lee Herbert C 

69 Laycock George 

West Side 

38 Fletcher James 

44 Parkinson Herbert 

48 Vacant 

52 Fairchild Edmund 

tDu Vernet av intersects 
4 Gorrie James 
66 Nicholson John 
68 Cullum John 
72 Home John 
74 Bartholomew Geo H 


Name changed to Sudbury. 


West from 69 Chestnut to 
University av, ward 8. 

North Side 

2 Rumberg Philip 

4 Geller Louis 

6 Jaffe Jacoo 

8 Sheranko Abraham 
10 Steinberg Yirma 
12 Cohen Isaac 
14 Belinsky Mrs Louie 
16 Leberman Mrs Mallie 
^ Centre av commences 
S2 Crouden Benjamin 
34 Jackson John W 

South Side 



West from 1182 Dufferln 
to Emmerson av, 2 n of 
Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Mullen James J, gro 
4 Boss Arthur G 
6 Brown Frank 
8 Lewarne Alfred 

10 Merrick James 

12 Ovell Wm G 

14 Hughston Jas F 

16 Noble Harry 

18 Avison Mrs Annie 

20 Humphrey Thos 

22 Powell Fredk 

36 Brend Geo 

38 Vacant 

40 Palmer Reginald E 

Johnston Arthur 

42 Pay Fredk J 

46 Guest Mrs Mary 
48 Stroening Oscar 

50 Doughty Chas H 

52 Clarke Geo 

54 Cooper Joseph F 
56 Oliver Wm J 

58 Vacant 

60 Bryce John G 

64 Vipond Wilbur 

66 Jeeves Wilton H 

68 Paton Edward A 
70 Fenton Harry 

72 Chalmers Stewart 
Ferguson James 

74 Brimer Wm 
76 Vacant 

80 Williams Adrian E 
82 Harris Alex 
82% Grice Fredk S 
84 Collins Wm 

80 Rentley Thomas 

88 Tanner Mrs Susanna 

30 Pittaway Chas 
92 Hines Geo 

94 Cpoke John H 

96 Simpson Edgar 
102 Fitzpatrick Thos 
104 Coleman Wm G 
106 Reynolds Mrs Louisa 
108 Barley Wm H 
110 Life H Edgar 
112 Rogers Saml A 
116 Balson James C 
118 Hamilton Robt 
Wallace James 
120 Rowe Wm 
122 Clark Ernest S 
124 Smith John J 

Beadie Robt W 
126 Davis Arthur E 
128 Mitchell Geo 
130 Vacant 

132 Clarke Ernest S, dairy 
1S6 Foley James 
138 Higgins Wm 

South Side 

3 McCallum Marion 

Woods Albert 
5 Hob&on Charles W 
7 Wilson Thos G, contr 
9 Alexander Robt 
11 Hay ward Edwd J 
13 Stevens Wm G 

Stephenson Mrs Mary J 

15 Gaylor Chas 

17 Williamson George 

19 Unfinished house 

21 Unfinished house 

23 Weir Wm 
Dobbie Geo 

25 Cochrane James 
27 Smart Frank G 
29 Ritchie Mary, drsmkr 

31 Jefferson Robt 
35 Hull Wm H 

37 Abernethy W E, dairy 

39 Hurst Saml 

41 Brook Geo 

43 Hammett Chas 
45 Aikins Herbert 

47 Whalen John C. contr 
49 Close Edmund J 

51 Marklow Alfred 

53 Mitchell John A 

55 Hodgins Alex 

57 Robinson John Q 

59 Sedg-wick Russell 

61 Donald Win 
63 Cook John 

65 Poulton Geo F 

67 McLennan Andrew 

69 Littler Alfred 
71 Martin John H 

Gray Herbert 
73 Vacant 

75 Whiffin Henry 
77 Davies Wm 

79 Young John C J 

81 Durand Edwd 
S3 Dicks Geo 

85 Miller Joseph D 

87 Harrington Mrs Bessie, 

89 Johnson Wm 

91 Boland Michael 

93 Humphrey Percy 

95 Kirby Ben] R 

97 Porter Chas O 

99 Barren Geo 
101 Graham James 

103 Vacant 

105 Harrison David A 

107 Robinson Geo L, contr 

111 Whittaker Malcolm 

113 Cardy Edwd 

115 Vacant 

117 Vacant 


South from a lane between 
37 and 39 McMurrich, ward 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

1 Flood Michl 

2 Armstrong Robert H 

3 McGrath Thos 

4 Wood Henry 

5 Summers Henry 


North from 54 Sydenham 
to Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

Sutton av commences 
O'Neill Play Grounds 

^St David st intersects 

49 Crewe Arthur 

51 Welsh Wm 

53 Sloan James H, blksmth 

West Side 

2 Clark Geo 

4 West Mrs Esther 

6 Dennis Frank 
28 Boddy James W 
30 Strutt John 
32 Beamish Thomas 

St David st intersects 
40 Compsorf Joseph S 
42 Everingham Jess O 
44 Payment Dominic 
46 Gunyon Herbert E 
48 Hacker Alfred 

Gauthier Ralph 

50 Palmer Arthur 

52 Stiff Arthur 

54 Lennon Wm J 
56 Stafford Dennis 
58 McKean Wm 

60 Adams John 
62 Groves Wm 


West from opp 341 Bath- 
urst to Dundas, ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Lappage George 

8 Lyall Henry S 
10 Hales Mrs Margt 
12 Adamson Mrs Elizabeth 
14 Kidd Henry 

16 Boyre John R 
18 Mansell J G, btchr 

Markham st intersects 
20 Belvedere Fredk, gro 
22 Jackson Mrs Sarah J 


24 Clark David, plmbr 
28 Mitchell Michael, fruit 
30 Smart John 
32 Vacant 

34 Siegel Chas, barber 
36 Brown Miss Annie 
38 Vacant 
40 Wilson Robt 
42 Cohen Chas 
44 Roffman Louis 
46 Steinberg- Harry, tlr 
48 Bagnato James, gro 
^ Palmerstoo av intersects 
50 Vincent John J, gro 
52 Brock Alfred, flour 

54 Vacant 
50 Vacant 
58 Churchill Mrs E, dry 


Post Office (br) 
60-62 Vacant 
64 Mansell Rlchd, contr 

Smith & Lannen, rl est 
66-68 Nicholson Mrs Elizth, 

dry gds 
72 Vacant 

Euclid av intersects 
74 Lee Chas F, liquors 
78 Bromley John 
78 Long John 
80-84 Vacant (3) 
86 Hurst Mrs Annie, staty 
88 Riley Wm B, plmbr 
88a Bland Frank S 
90 Finemark Esther, dry 


92 Halls Wm, confy 
84 Tomlinson Mrs Catherine 
96 O'Brien John D, real est 
98 Johnston F & Co, coal 
98% Scott Jas H, btchr 
+ Manning av intersects 
100 Kirk John 
102 Barron Joseph, grocer 
+ Claremont st intersects 
104 Schoales Matthew 
110 Chinese Laundry 
112 Jackson Thos L 
118 Chinese Laundry 
^Bellwoods av intersects 
12o Hosken Wm J, gro 
122 Morris Thos R, dry gds 

Bowker David J 
124 Rose Chas, confy 
126 Bero Vincent T, gent's 


128 Loyd James, provs 
130 Martin Mrs Blanche 
132 Lynes Fredk 

St Francis' R C O 

Grace st commences 
152 Hamlin F V. phy 
154 Lane Mrs Mary 
156 Glynn Daniel 

158 White John 
160 Monsell John, clairvoy- 
Sanderson Everett J, 


+ Beatrice st commences 
170 Bartello Richd, gro 
172 Ross James, confy 
174 Hay John B 
176 McDonald Mrs Minnie A 
178 Wilkinson Geo C 
ISO Kennedy George M 
182 Goddard Wm 
184 Bayler James H 
186 Cunningham Mrs Anna 
188 Milne Ross 
190 Keating James J, gro 
^Montrose av commences 
192 Thompson Maxwell F, 


194 Jackson Reed T 
196 Bosnian Louis X 
19& Hanna Robert J 
200 Gorbell Saml L 
202 Sinclair Mrs Annie 

Crawford st intersects 
224 Puddy Albert 

226 Deacon Mrs Eliza 
228 Baird Saml 
2:1 (i Li-ver John 
2S2 Quinn Arthur 
234 Parry Ernest 
236 Macdonald Harry E 
238 Callen Wm 
240 Totten Wm J L, dry gds 
i>4 2 McCuw Wm R, gro 
^Shaw st intersects 
2CO Pope George F 
262 Macklin Mrs Sarah A 
264 Browning Edwd 
266 Duthie Joseph 
2K8 Jam.^s Mrs Elizth 
270 Moor Emil 
272 Thompson John D 
+ Roxton rd commences 
300 Gow Jas, metal wkr 

South Side 

1 Appleton Leonard, rest 
3 West End Brokerage & 
Real Est Co 

Pnnirm Real Estate and Finance 




41 & 43 Adelaide St. E. 


Telephone Main 60 


M /** iVir-* r- f^ C/i*rl *<- fMif Pn/lL lot An ^^ ^ ^^^^ 


Send for our Booklet on 

5 McCuen John 

7 McComb James 

9 Haskin Jacob, gro 

11 Hayball Saml R, shoe 

15 Italians 

4 Markham st intersects 

21 Brown Thos, gro 

23 Davenport David, barber 

25 Gatto Giuseppe, baker 

29-31 Kyan Thomas, livery 

33 Hall Thos 

35 Katz Philip, tlr 

87 Ryan & Son, undertakers 

39 Keecher Joseph 

41 Ross Miss M R. confy 

43 Summers David H 

45 Spence Wm, shoemkr 

46% Mitchell Charles 

47 Schemnitz Louis, plmbr 

49 Francis Benj 

81 Pincombe John L 

Palmerston av intersects 
53 Vacant 

67 Drohan Mrs Mary C 

59 Boles & Boswell, real 


59W, Jones Mrs Alice, conf 
<J1 Dunseath Wm, barber 
63 Gibbs Albert 
65 Hurling C E, pictures 
69 Russell John 
71 Sharkey Mrs Ellzth 
73 Larman Joseph G 
+ Euclid av Intersects 
TO Chinese Indry 
?1 Wnlkev Wm 
?3 Toon Morris, shoemkr 
S3 Heron Wm. produce 
7 Larman Stanley, gro 
89 Arnott Mrs Frances A 

. ine John 
93 Perry John, produce 

Manning av hiterseets 
95% Jackson Joseph. shomkr 
97 Adcoc-k Edwd, barber 

tClaremont st Intersects 
. 9 Kennedy Richd J 
101 Benson John 
103 Anderson Howard 
105 Cox Henry W 
107 Menerer Wm O, staty 
109 Conner Philin J 
111 Davis Mrs Harriet 
11?, Cnrter George J, sboe- 

- Louis, dry gds 
H7 PeavGv C,eo E 
111 P.olton Fred 
121 "Elliott James 
123 Perry Saml 
4Bel!woods av intersects 
123 McKendiy Robt E 
^Gorevale ends 
Grace Church 

143 Outhwaite Mrs Elizth 
145 Poole Mrs Annie 
147 Millar T Carlton 
149 Cassina James 
151 Connor Thos 
153 Richards Edwd 
155 Russell John 
157 Smith Albert N 
IK) Strohmnyr Edwnrd J 
161 Wallace Laughlln J 
567 Johnson George 
1(W MfConnell Charles 
171 Ingram Arthur T 
173 Coulter Samuel A 
175 Eccles George 
177 Hodglns Mrs Mary J 
179 Scott Robt 
1S1 Daniels Vincent 
183 "Wilson Fredk 
185 Applebaum Layton 
187 Hlsrjins Thomas 
1S9 Vacant 

Crawford st intersects 

Bellwoods Park 

Shaw at Intersects 
255 lowing- Wm 
255 1 2 Tellett Chas 
257 Moth Joseph 

159 Turner Wm J 
261 Clancy Miss Kate 
263 Purest Wm 
265 MeKinney Benj 
267 Stockdale Joseph S 
269 Ivory James 
271 McBeth Duncan 

273 Grossman Thos 
275 Reed Fredk G 

Bryson Herbert 
277 Gallaher Charles D 
279 Luck Wm F 
281 Marchand John H 
2S3 Thuresson Mrs M A 
285 Thornton Mrs Vesta 
287 Vacant 
289 Silk Wm 
291 Lindner & Benner, jelly 


293 Trollope & Co, rl est 
295 Wylle T H, dentist 

London Life Ins Co 
(west end br) 


(Old Whitney av, Midway 
Annex), north from Dan- 
forth av to beyond Ful- 
ton av, 1 w of Logan av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Easton Geo 

11 Vacant 

13 Vacant 

15 Wilson Robt 

17 Gardiner Geo 

19 Rice John 

21 Vacant 

23 Tobin George 

25 Girling Fredk 

27 Pantling Frank 

29 Owen Joseph 

31 Thome Wm 

35 Cornish Sydney S 

37 Htaslip Saml R 

39 Burrell James 

41 Tebbutt Harold C 

43 Howe Edwd 

4:> Staden Joha 

47 Mills Geo 
Mills Wm 

+ Ainsworth rd intersects 

49 Holmes Reuben 

51 Lee James 

63 Lumb Saml H 

fio Brown Milton 

69 Cayley Isaac 

71 Gllmore Robt 

73 Philps Bertram W 

75 Harrott John W 

77 White Wm D 

79 Kurtz Chas 

81 Bevan John 

83 Grant Thos 

85 Chesson Robt 

87 Hodgkinson Geo 

91 Poole Albert E 

93 Harburn Thos 

95 Arthur Herbert 
Ayre Thos 

99 West Joseph 

Hertel Bernhard 
101 Graham Norman P 
103 Orr Thos 
117 Webster Wm N 
121 Shephard George, gdnr 

"West Side 

2 Schnelbach Joseph 
4 Adgey Mrs Martha 

14 Carradus Geo R 

15 Kemp Mrs Eliza 
20 Woods Oliver E 
24 Hall Wm 

26 East End Day Nursery 
28 Fellman Arthur M 
30 Cox Walter 
32 Phillips Geo 
36 Veitch Robt 
+ Ainsworth rd Intersects 
50 Fenn Fredk 
52 Hallam John T 
b4 Armstrong Thos 
56 Wilson Joseph 
58 Hurst Chas 
62 Patterson Geo 
72 Vacant 
Ru Percival Alfred 
94 Armstrong James 
100 Sims Fredk 


(North Toronto), east 
from opp 2666 Tonge to 
Arundel cres 
Not built on 


(North Toronto), south- 
east from Lawrence av e, 
back to same forming a 
circle, first e Ronan av. 
Not built on 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
west from 1772 Dufferin to 
Prospect Cemetery, 1 n St 
Clair av w, ward 6. 

North Side 

10 Jackson Wm A 

14 Smith jonn 

3d Carter Geo 

72 Birrell Thos 

^ Boon av intersects 

Earlscourt Meth Church 
94 Walker Chas 

96 Pretty S ?3ryon, drugs 
9S-1UO Little John J, gro 
+ Earlscourt av intersects 

li';! Greer Mrs Sophia. 

Nairn av intersects 
138 Vacant 

142 Partridge Mrs Catherine 

154 Wild Walter J 

156 Selvage Donald J 

158 Fickling Geo 

South Side 

39 Proctor Archd 

43 Uoodell Eugene N, gro 

+ Boon av Intersects 

97 Paul Thos F 

^ Earlscourt av intersects 
105 McCall Grant D 

Nairn av intersects 
141 Foster John 

145 Cochrane Jas 
147 Royl Albert B 
151 Hall Jas H 

155 White Wm H 

159 Tomkins Mrs Annie 

163 Chiddenton Wm 


(Norway), east from 
Coxwell av, third n of 
Queen e, ward 1. 

......... North Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Roffe Albert 
6 Justice Josh 
8 Bell Chas 

......... South Side 

1 Smith John J 

3 Smith Wm H 
11 Vacant 


Foot of Cherry, east of 
Fisherman's Island, ward 

British-Am Oil Co, Ltd, 


Toronto Iron Works 
Foundry Specialties, 


(Old Hertel av), west from 
Foster av to Greenlaw av, 
1 n Davenport rd, ward . 

North Side 

^ Elmwood av intersects 

68 Garner Thos 

72 Phyllis Wm H 

88 Holt Booth 

90 Smethurst Geo 

92 Macnaughton John T 

94 Bloore Ernest J 

98 Robertson James 

100 Roberts Geo E 

104 Holden John T 

106 Vacant 

108 Vacant 

110 Williams Geo T 

112 Taylor John E 

South Side 

Elmwood av Intersects 
63 Vacant 

77 Percival Ernest G 

81 Dickinson Geo F 
J07 Gllleepie Geo 
111 Cowan Robt 
113 Chiddenton Thos 


North from 498 King e, 
ward 2. 

East Side ... 

1 Kester Saml 

2 Davidson Saml 

3 Maclean Donald S 

4 Slucutt Edwin J 

5 Otway Mrs Mary 

6 Allan Alex 

7 Pound Geo 

8 Stewart John 
Semple Wm 

10 Mayhew Thos 

11 Sullivan James 

12 Connor James 

West Side 

Not built on 


North from Queen e, first 
east of Morley av, ward 1 

East Side 

15 Birchall John 

17 Harris .?.' mes 

19 Cole James 

21 Harper Wm 

23 Thomas Robert W 

27 Edwards Joseph 

29 Thomas I James 

31 Dale Saml 

33 Cox Mrs Kate, gro 

35 Willetts Albert E 

37 Stewart Peter 

39 Kearsley Fredk 
Stewart Peter 

41 Houghton Thos 

43 Irwin David E 

45 Thomas Austin 

49 Lancaster Wm A 

51 Porter Thos 

53 McGowan Herbert E 

55 Winmill Robt J 

55% Taylor Arthur 

57 Ellsworth Geo 

59 Sturgeon James E 

61 Purns Alfred 

63 Gray Geo 

65 Stanger Owen 

67 Anderson Frank 

69 Kendall Edward 

71 Kendall Frederick J 

81 McKinley James, hdware 

83 Harwood James 

S5 Scheib Jacob 

87 Goodwin Alfred C 

9 Downing Edward J 

91 Straud Wm 

93 Rarnsden Albert 

95 Ablitt JO'nn 

97 Hulme Leonard 

99 Hulme John W 
101 Gregsor. Alfred 
]03 Hulme Saml P 
105 Hand Arthur R 
107 Davlson Hugh 
109 Gordon Wm 
111 Lester Wm H 
113 Naughton. Michl 
115 D'Eall Albert E. gro 

Bird Fredk J, arch 
117 Ker Fredk 
119 Ritchie James 
121 Wilson Saml 
125 Philp Geo 









45 Adelaide St. E. 

Telephone Adelaide 

ASH !> AM-: AV 

127 Mulvaney Alex, gro 
133 Keown Frank 
135 Bedford Wm 
137 Vacant 
141 MoGowan Harry 
143 Skinner Wm 
145 Vacant 
147 Vacant 
151 Cracknell John 
153 Vacant 
153a Vacant 
i55 Morgan Francis 
157 Matthews John 
163 Wilson Robt 
165 Bailey Geo L 
167 Long Harry 
177 Partington John H 
179 Daniel Geo 
181 Chapman Daniel 
187 Coleman Fredk 
189 Barber Frank 
195 Campbell Wm G 
197 Williams James 
^ Gerrard e intersects 
215 Burman Wm 
217 Pritchard John O 
221 MacKay David 
225 Tull Eli 
227 Cracknel! Elliott G 
229 Cracknell Root 
235 Edwards Joseph 
237 Hargreaves Greenwood 
239 1'arson Fredk J 
243 Manley Wm 
251 Cole Chas 
253 Mitchell John 
259 Walters Geo 
261 Mitchell James 
2iJ3 Lightfoot Chas 
.265 Clark Wm 
267 Moles Thos J 
269 Jeffs Arthur A 
273 Bower Henry 
275 Simpson John 
277 Cliffe Albert 
279 Doggett John 
28? Philips Jacob 
287 Hamilton John 
291 Witheridge Howard N 
293 Badger \Vm H 
297 Hatton Fredk 
"01 Duck Walter S 
?')5 Lloyd Wm 
3'J7 Crisp Thos 
309 Crisp Alfred 
311 Crisp Ernest 
315 Shuttleworth Mrs Annie 
317 Hartley James 
S19 Greenless John 
321 Knott Edwd 
323 Knott Wm 
327 Waite Walter 

Ry crossing 
411 Hoffman Wm 
417 Shaw John 
419 Parkinson Frank 
423 Pavlin Saml 
447 Smith Geo 
451 Mackie Reuben 
461 Crockett Albert 
463 Vacant 
405 Carlton Wm A 
467 Ede Arthur J - 
473 Hureom Wm 
475 Bright Thos 
477 Thomas Geo 
481 Deer Thos W 
483 HenniriL's John 
487 Owens 'John 
489 Chilton Chas 
501 Hunt Alfred B 
505 Willis John 
507 Hadfleld Joseph 
511 Meyer John 
519 Booth Arnold 

West Side 

^ App'e Grove av ends 
90 Thomas James 
92 Eade Alfred W 
94 Crone Harvey 
98 Foxcroft Walter 

100 Grant Alex 

1US Btllir.gliurs-t Geo 

108 White Harry 

110 Reid Saml 

112 Lloyd Emanuel 

114 Vacant 

120 Wuest Wm A 

] U2 1 "ivis "Rdtvd 

124 Carroll John 
126 Broadbent Mrs E 
128 Mason Frank H 
130 Ambrose Arthur 
132 Telford James 
140 Wardle Thos 
142 Howard Benj 
344 Calver Percy 
148 Rogers Fredk 
154 Shale Edwd E 
156 Plaster Saml J 
170 Dainty Frank 
176 Johnstone Robt 
17, S Vacant 
ISO Kennedy Wm 
182 Seedhouse Thos 
184 McKinley Alex 
192 Burns Fredk 
204 Davies Arthur 
206 Barber Walter 
208 McPhee Saml 
+ Gerrard st e intersects 
224 Public school 
260 Eaton John 
264 Sangster Joseph W 
266 Steen John 
68 Jeffs Geo E 
272 Williams Wm H 
274 Murphy John 
2S4 Moody Arthur 
2S8 Duncan Wm F 
290 Lock Arthur 
292 Green Henry 
298 Roxburgh John 
..00 Brownlee John 
302 Mole Francis 

4 MacKay Murdock 


(North Toronto), north 
from Arundel cres to 
Waverley av, fourth e of 

Xot built on 


(Norway), east from Cox- 
well av, second n of Queen 
e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Evans Mrs Mary 

4 Stedman Wm H 
6 Jacobs Christian B 

8 Vacant 
10 Vacant 

12-18 Ridout Wm, contr 

South Side 

1 Forchon Wm 

3 Good Ernest 

5 Wilson John 


Name changed to Van- 
couver av. 


Xame changed to Batten- 
berg av. 


North from Douglas 
drive to C P R tracks, 
first e of Standish av, 
ward 2. 
East Side 

9 Patterson James 
"Waterman Henry 
Waterman Ralph 

West Side 

50 Harvey Mrs Mary E 


(North Toronto), north 
from Eglinton av w to 
Jacques av, fourth w of 
Avenue rd. 
Not built on 


West from rear of 154 
Sheridan av to Brock av 
ward 6. 

North Side 

10 Schell Norman 

12 Kerr Robt J 

14 Lockhart John 

16 Scarlett Edward B 

18 Bates James A 

20 Morrice James 

22 Woods George H 
24 Cullen James L 

26 Corbet Mrs Eliza 
28 Robertson Geo E 

South Side 

1 Trebell John 

3 McDermott Mrs Phoebe 

5 Graham Harold H 
7 Gallagher Wm J 
9 Fraser Edwd A 

11 Corrlgan Robert 

13 Heffron Wm J, orchestra 

15 Readman Geo 

17 Cuthbert Harry 

19 Baird Charles S 

21 Cook John 

23 Witham Frederick 


North from G T R tracks 
to King w, first w of 
Subway, ward 6. 

East Side 

Bradshaw's, Ltd, waxed 

Autosales Gum & Choco- 
late Co 

Woolley Edward H & 
Sons, pro med 

Holbrooks Ltd, condi- 

West Side 

34 Metropolitan Oil Co 
36-44 Tor Structural Steel 
Co Ltd 

46 Vacant 
48 Vacant 

Ont Wind E & P Co Ltd 
Hurley Machine Co Ltd 
^ Liberty st intersects 
60 St David's Wine Grow- 
ers' Co 

102-104 Regal Shoe Co, Ltd 
112 Powell Geo 
120 Vacant 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
west from 1602 Dufferin to 
Greenlaw av, 2 n of Daven- 
port rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Maughan Geo 
10 Christie Win 

14 Munslow John C 
26 Frampton Lionel 
28 Ross Wm A 

30 Monk Maurice 

32 Cameron Hugh 

36 Currie Thos 

38 Harper Alex 

^ Elmwood av intersects 

54 Lake Lewis A 

56 Ball Frank 

58 Robinson Saml 

60 Vacant 

68 Wixon Harry 

70 Hardy Joseph 

72 Leggatt J Geo 

78 Bell Geo E 

80 Wood Inrich 

84 Archer Henry, gro 

86 Binder Jacob 

88 Donald Chas 

90 Dodson Thos 

92 Cassin Laurence 

98 Logie Wm 
102 Hill James 
104 Munsay Richd 
106 Styles Harry ' 

South Side 

6 Anderson Fredk G, dairy 
S Brown Robt 

1 Turner John 

3 McGregor James 

7 Bailey Alfred B 

9 Butler John 
13 Harmer Clement 
15 Russell Wm W 
25 Kilvinston Mrs Sarah 
?7 Richardson Alfred G 

29 Mulligan Walter 

31 Houston Adam 

33 Vacant 

41 Thomson Wm K 

43 Powell Harvey 

45 Johnston John 

47 Vacant 

+ Elmwood av intersects 

53 Hodgins Frank 

59 Bartlett Harry 

65 Moir Wm J 

67 Dudley Archd 

69 Reed Arthur J 

71 Dover Harry 

73 Collier Mrs Isabella 

75 Vacant 

S3 Delaland Mrs Augus- 


85 Hayden Frank 
87 Sproul Alex 
89 Darbyshire Robt 
91 Hughes Geo 
93 Hughes Tho 
95 Houghton Chas 
101 Pagef Geo 

> Greenlaw av Intersacts 


East from 219 Pape av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Reeves Richd 

4 O'Brien Chas 

6 Johnston Percy 

8 Line Oliver 

10 Littleton James 
12 Chisholm Geo C 

14 O'Brien Frank 

24 Brown Robt 

26 Crocker Ernest D 

South Side 

1 Holman John 

3 Lapier Joseph 

5 Burbldge Chas M 

7 Taylor John 

9 Fraser Donald 


(Including old Esther), n 
from Richmond w, opp St. 
Andrew's Market to Col- 
lege, ward 4. 

East Side 

7 Express stand 
^ Queen st w intersects 

15 Vacant 

21 Harris Edmond S 
21a Briscoe Henry 
23 Hill Harvey C 
23a Ormandy Mrs Margt 
23% Egan Mlchl S 

25 Salvation Army Rescue 

Home for Women 
33 Hodgins John 
35 McCarthy Wm 
37 Sewrey Oliver 
39 Vacant 
43 Rosenberg Max 

Stone Thos, rear 

Pitt G H, r 
;.". Acheson Geo H 
47 Dabinsky Reuben 
49 Rivkin Joseph 
51 McLeod Tennant 
Til 1 !- Turner Mrs Mary 
.33 Moore John 
53% Hewett James 
55 Katz Saml 
55% Collins John 
57 Fine Albert 
57% Galloway Harry 
59 Broderick Lewis 
59% Collins Wm 
61 Brown Edwd 
61% Brown Wm S 
63 West Lewis 
63% Miller Ernest 
65 Wilson Simon 
65% Box-all Harry 
67 Gottschalk Adolph D 
67% Belz Francis H 
69 Washington Geo 
71 Vaisanen Esau 
73 Robertson Saml 
75 Davis Alfred 
77 Mulcahey Richard 
77% Mitchell Horace 






Telephone also &\ London, Eng., New York, N.Y. 

Main 196 

t.uiiuun, c.iig. t new lorn, n. . 

Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax 

General Agents 

London Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co. 



77 WELLINGTON ST. W. Limited 




7S Croner Adam 
81 Edwards Geo 
83 Holmes Mrs Lucy 
85 Jlasterson Arthur 
87 Hibbins Harry 
89 Collier Edwd 
91 Grilfi!) Wm J 
93 Isenberg Louis 
95 Szklerek Victor 
97 Boyd David 
99 Finn Mich! 
1 01 Davies Mrs Louisa 
103 Chamberlain Alfred E 

+ Grange av Intersects 
123 Titherington Miss Alice 
115 France Fredk 
117 Howard Hem-i- 
ll 9 Uaird Mrs M A 
121 Helen Mrs Minnie 
123 Blaekman Nathan 
125 Storey Thos 
127 Lester Mrs Mary A 
129 Gelman Eli 
131 Fine Saml 
133 Clement Napoleon 
135 Turney Philip L 
139 Hedley John C, drugs 
141 Schweitzer Saml 
143 Bye John R 
145 Vacant 
147 Tyrrell Joseph 
149 Brown Albert E 
lol Broderick Joseph G 
153 Gardner Miss Jean 
153% Pett Henry 
155 Sallaway Wm C 
155% Spottiswood James 
157 Turner Ephraim 
169 Metcalf John 
161 Mott Mrs Lily 
163 Biggs Alfred 
167 Cowley Mrs Ann 
169 Currie Thos 
173 Webb Fredk 
175 Spruit Harry J 
177 Good Wm 
179 Davvbor Wm 
181 Goddard Samuel 
183 Hutton Chas 
185 Blackburn Mrs Catherine 
187 Spring Frank 
189 Bunker George 
191 Downey Leonard J 
193 Hayman Mrs Florence 
195 Coulson Mrs Charoltte 
197 Klschel August 
199 Wilmot Mrs Mary A 
201 Vacant 

203 Moore John S, contr 
205 Smith Mrs Mary Ann 
207 Evason Ulysses 
209 Armour Hugh 
215 Vacant 
217 Rimmer David E 
219 Ball Rev Richd A 
221 Campbell Duncan 

Woodward Ernest B, 

music tchr 
223 Collin Steven 
225 Neil Miss Aggie 
227 Fenn Herbert 
229 Shulman Max 
^ Baldwin st ends 
235 Campbell Isabel 
237 Caplan Nathan K 
239 Sorell Robt 
241 Chalfin Morris 
243 Sherman Thomas 
245 Malloy James 
247 Finkelstein Saml 
247a Ornstein Herman 

Shier James S 
247b Sciore Arthur A 
249 Holley Wm L 
251 Turner John H 
253 Goldstein Harry 
255 _Raby Chas W 
* Nassau st intersects 
257 Chinese laundry 
259 Logan Duncan 
261 James Ernest H 
263 Wallis Annie 
265 Moffatt Saml 
267 Jones Geo 
269 Marcus Saml 
271 Schwartz Max 
27E Vacant 
275 Kennedy John 
279 Shaw Thos G 
281 Crosby Saml 
2S3 Dent Fiedk 

Tilly Mrs Elizabeth, gro 
^ Oxford st intersects 
291 Birch Henry 
293 Andrews Jas 
i".i5 Frawiey John 
297 McClocklin Edwd T 

McRae Miss Margaret D 
301 Acheson Mrs Jane 
305 Chipnick Izzy 
307 Henry Saml 
311 Wisdom John W 
313 Smith Wm J 
015 Deas Gilbert 
319 Sheppard John 
321 Dalby George C 
321% MoGarry Mrs Mary 
323 Dalby Miss Mabel, elocu- 

325 Romeril Miss Lucy 
327 Kirk Frank A 
333-335 Chinese laundry 

West Side 

2-4 Sawdon John, tinner 
4%-6 Cotter Wm H 
8 Wilkinson Thos J 

^ Queen st w intersects 

12 Latimer Wesley 

14 Bridgewater Wm 
18 Vacant 

15 Clutemen Wm 
18% Cooper Wm 
20 Vacant 

I'liU Dawson Alex 
22 Worr Thos 
22% Howell Mrs Ann 
^ Wolseley st commences 
24 Ferris Henry E 
26 MrPhail Hug-h 
28 Gilkinson Wm 
30 Lane John W 
32 McKenzie James S 
34 Crawford Geb W 
36 Hough Fredk A 
38 Turner Mrs Elizth 
40 Smith Martin 
42 Graham Mrs Margaret 
44 Henderson Miss Helen 
46 Vacant 
48 Vacant 
50 Stone Bennett 
52 Smith Israel 
54 Stein Solomon 
56 Curtis Mrs Mary E 
ES Hinzmann Rev Joseph 
st commences 

60 Bright Fredk J, liquors 

62 Vacant 

64 Corbett Robt E 

66 Rothera James H 

68-70 McCann Mrs Cather- 
ine, gro 

72 Funk August 

74 Quinn Mrs Kate 

76 Colston Mrs Diana 

78 Hoffman Abraham 

M> Wiseman Saml 

82 Ruben Isaac 

82% Cash Alex, real est 

S4 Barker VVm 

S6 McGaflin Miss Mary 

88 Dolgoff Arthur 

90 Dolgoff Percy 

92 Dolgoff Louis, gro 

94 Gloskin John 

96 Jackson Alex J 
104 Hamilton Norman 

^ Grange av intersects 
110 Denning Isaac 
112 Bennett Thos 
114 Eveson Geo J 
116 Smith J Lister 
118 Doreey V J, pntr 
120 Stubbings Walter H 
122 Putnam Leander 
124 Crewe Martin 
126 Osborne Harry 
128 Hayhow Wm 
130 Lindsay Amos W 
132 Ballantyne Wm G 
150 Masters Miss Maud 
152 Bell Mrs Elizth 
154 Kelly Henry J 
156 Scott Abraham 
158 Vacant 
160 Koster Matthew J 

Bellevue pi commences 

Denison sq 
192 Fiegehen Charles H 

^ Augusta pi commences 
194 Jaffe Wm 

196 Norton West 
] !i rfone Esach 
200 Ablitt George W 
202 Beders Jacob 
204 Anthony Edwd 
206 Adleman Horon 
208 Gemann Abraham 

210 Kanarack Fredk 
212 Hawthorne David 

21 1 Sheppard Edmund J 
218 Nichols Mrs Bridget 
220 Black Hamilton 

222 McFarquhar John 
224 Clark Wm, bldr 
226 Collins Robert N 
2iO Vacant 

+ Nassau st intersects 
234 Munro B D, drugs 
236 Dowbor Boleslap 
238 McKay Alexander 
240 Bregman Abraham 
242 Russ Bernard 
244 Smith Fredk 
246 Vacant 
248-250 Peter Bros, bkrs 

Peter August J 
252 Collet! Anthony 
254 Forsyth John K 
^ Oxford st intersects 
256 Warren Alex 
258 Jackson Joshua 
60 Griffin John 
260% Cohen Nathan 
262 Lockotz Morris 
264 Gallagher Mrs Ellen 
268 Vacant 
270 Rycus Mrs Rose 
272 Toplis Fredk 
274 Munroe Donell T 
276 Hamilton Alexander 
278 Spain Bartholomew 
280 Dallas Mrs Hannah 

Arnold! E Telfer 

Rogers Mrs Mary C 
282 Wertheim Sydney 

Becker Robt D 
284 Dalton Wm 


West from 192 Augusta av, 
ward 4. 

2 Shipley Chas 

3 Vacant 

6 Adams Wm 


East from 305 Pape av to 
Marjory av, ward 1. 

........ North Side ........ 

4 King Saml 

6 Vacant 

8 Brittain Rev David 
10 Robinson Mrs Rose 
12 Nicholson John 
14 Harrold Wm E 
16 Ridley Joseph 
18 Boyd Wm 
24 Strugnell James H 
26 Davidson Walter 
32 Green Alfred W 
34 Bamford John 
36 McGuire Thos 
38 Ford Wm 

40 Middleton Fredk, pntr 
42 Durston Robert 
44 Pattinson Fredk J 
46 Howell Wm 
48 St Dennis Wm 
50 Ford Wm 
54 Cochrane Wm C 
56 Peake Oliver 
58 Peake Oliver, gro 
60 Downes Leigh 
64 Paradine Wm 
66 Vacant 


South Side 

Clifford Chas 
Weilingg George W 
White Wm 
Pamenter Malln 

J 2 Honess James 
%a Smart Josiah C 

Garlich Geo 
Gibbons George 
Hester James H 

Price Geo 

Yetman Alex W 
Smith Thos 

41 Batho Geo .S A 

43 Provost Jose D 

45 Fisher Charles 

47 Smith Thos 

49 Jones Thos 

51 Lynch Miss Nora 

53 Metcalfe Thos 

55 Robinson Wm J 

57 Vacant 

59 Morris GorddVi 

S3 Jackson Kdwd, contr 


West from S'padina rd to 
Hill av, flrst n of Daven- 
port rd. ward 4. 
Not built on 


Name changed to Web- 
ster av. 


North from 170 Bloor w 
to Lonsdale av, wards 3 
and 4. 

East Side 

15 Cooper Rev Wm B 
17 Bell Andrew J 
19 Scott Paul L, phy 
Scott Mrs Jessie L 

Cumberland st ends 
21-29 Hampton Court Apts 
31 Thomson Wm R M 
33 Lewin Douglas 

Male-film Miss Sarah, 

mus tchr 
35 Payne Saml T 
37 Phillips Henry E 

+ Yorkville av ends 
39 Kemp H Gross, phy 
41 Jones W Warner, phy 
43 Murray Mrs Annie 
45 Bauld Mrs Eliza 
47 Vacant 
49 Lander Wm J 
51 Hastings Geo W 
53 Adams Mercer J 
55 Vetter Nathaniel A, 

57 Tobin C Arnaud 
Maclntyre James F 

58 Jack Mrs Annie 

Thomas Julia, phy 
63 Cartwright John R 
67 Morondo Otto 
71 Clarkson Edward R C 
77 Sewell H Fane D 
79 Macdonald Miss Bell 
Macdonald Miss Flor- 

81-85 Wolseley Garage Co 
87 Keys David R 
89 Rymal John W 
97 W'ood Hon Samuel C 
103 Armour E Douglas 
107 Corlis A Walker 
111 Melkle Wm B 
115 McLennan Mrs Helen 

St Paul's Meth Ch 
^Webster av ends 
131 Cole Edmond H 
133 Boyd Edwd J 
135 Cutten Lionel F 
137 Barber Arthur B 
McKitrick Harold E 
141 Ritchie Charles H 
163 Canada Lawn Tennis and 

Bowling Club 

167 Watson John H, phys 
169 Rolston Miss Jennie 
171 Davies Wm Co, Ltd, 


173 Dominion Bank (br) 
+ Davenport rd intersects 
175 Vacant 

177 Maguire Mrs Sarah L 
179 Wilson Mrs Martha 
181 Best Wm H 
183 Woodley Edwd G 
185 Mortley Mrs Eliza 

Johnston Robt M, rear 
187 Woods Emanuel N 
189 Harland James 
191 Meehan Mrs Mary 
193 Bell John 
^ Pears av intersects 
195 Bone Saml, gro 


Sole Agents for the "Goetz" Post Caps, Etc. 


IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, Angles, Bar Iron and Steel 

67 to 95 Pearl St. Phone Adelaide 1560 



Real Estate 


16-22 Victoria St. 
MAIN 5257 


197 Towler C Henry 
199 Parkinson Frederick A 
201 Long Louis J 
203 Pears Mrs Sarah A 

Pears Benjamin, bldr 
205 Aura Lee Athletic Club 
207 Armstrong Mrs Mary 
209 Emmel Predk W 
HI Cuthbert Robert 
213 Plante Harry 
215 Bate Joseph C 
217 Lawrason Wm W 

Tilley Rev Wm B A 
213 Breckell Walter L 
221 Readdie Geo 
223 McWaters David 
^ Roxboreugh st w ends 
Avenne rd Presbyterian 


245 Hunt Wm, confy 
247 Ross Wm J, estate agt 
249 Standard Bank of Can- 
253 Mackenzie, Seyler, Ltd, 


Odium Ledred L 
265 Graham Geo W, phy 
257 Lloyd W J & Co, bakers 
259 Robertson Jas, btchr 
261 Lee Wm H, drugs 

Macpherson av Intersects 

Marlborough av ends 

C P R crossing 
275 Vokes John, contr 

^ Sidney st intersects 
281 Brown Geo 
283 Wecksler Chas 
285 Tudhope Mrs Annie 
287 Hammond S Leigh 
289 Ward James R 
291 Smith Miss Sarah S 

+ Cottingham st ends 
299 Scheibe Mrs Susanna 
301 Locke Robt 
203 Thompson Mrs Mary 
305 Gibson Allan 
307 Lennox Richd 
309 Shanker Wm J 
311 Sear Rev John B 
S13 Barton Edwd 
315 Fitzgerald Wm 
317 Reed Alex H 
319 Dinsmore Robt S 

^ Alcorn av ends 
423 Elliott Abraham H 
425 Clark Wm 
427 Brown Thos M 

+ Farnham av ends 
441 Worts James G 
^Balmoral av intersects 
443 McLaren Duncan 

^ Foxbar rd Intersects 
459 McCoy Saml H, phy 
461 Burton Frank L 
465 Bradgate Apartments 

Methodist Church Dea- 
coness Home 

St Clair av intersects 
561 Dean W Geo 

Macdonald Duncan M 
865 Williams Herbert H 
575 McAllister John B 
^Heath st intersects 
81 McCuaig Mrs Edith M 
683 Miller Wm McC 
689 Vacant 
693 Vacant 

613 Case Mrs Mary E 
617 Chalmers David C 
621-629 Vacant 

West Side 

8-10 Vacant 
28 Vacant 

^Prince Arthur av com 
30 Mitchell Thos A 
32 Somers Francis 
34 MacDougall Ewan 
36 Maule Mrs Henrietta L 
38 Somers James W 
40 Trick John 

Currelley Mrs Mary 
46 Crowell Saml G 

Lacey Judson C T 
50 Rose Mrs Jane M 
52 St Clair Norval A 
54 Best Mrs Mary 
56 Rice Mrs Rebecca M 
58 Rolph Albert H, phy 
Lowther av commences 

60 Torrance Wm P 
62 Balmer Mrs Elizth 
64 Clarke Wm A 
G8 Symons John T 
72 George Mrs Margt 
George Arthur W, vocal- 

George Miss M M, vocal- 

76 Rotherwood Apanments 
78 Foss Harry S, Ids tlr 
80 Godson Lionel F 
^ Elgin av commences 
84 Mclntosh Robert D 
86 Dyas Mrs Emma 
S8 App : egath Llewellyn 3 
90 Tuck Mrs Ann 
92 Phillips Ernest J 
92% Keating Mrs Mary 
94 Doyle James C, gio 

Olmsted Frank 
^ Boswell av commences 
96 Haight M H, phy 
98 Shortreed Mrs Caroline 
100 Bagshaw D Judson, den- 
102 Reeve Mrs Johanna M 

Hine Miss Edith F 
104 Clark Levl J 
106 Syer Stephen 
108 Embree Melville H, phy 
^ Tranby av commences 
110 Badgley F N, dentist 
112 Simpson Jas S, phy 
114 Kinnear Thos J 

McCreedy Joseph 
116 Tweedle Thos, masseur 
118 Homuth John J 
120 Aldred Miss Hattie M 
15B Storey Frank L 
Storey Wm T 
Storey Miss Alice, mus 

124 Bates Burial Co 

Bates John W 
+ Bernard av commences 
126 Wallace Chas H 
128 Evans Wm J 
130 Lindop Mrs Alice H 
138 Provincial Shelter 
140 Sheilds Alex P, staty 
142 Treleaven Wesley W, dry 


144 Vacant 
146 Royal Bank of Canada 


Edwards Miles S, dentist 
Brown Mrs Jane 

Davenport rd Intersects 
148 Ellis Wm A, drugs 
150 Robinson Chas, gro 

152 Turner W R, btchr 

154 Wills J R, confr 

156 Gilbert M E 

158 Bredin Wm J 

160-64 Canada Bread Co, Ltd, 


^ Pears av Intersects 
174 Wright Johnson, hard- 

174% Cleghorn J B, barber 
376 Rice W J, shoemkr 
178 Cotter Mrs Sarah 
180 Kyle Miss Eliza 
1?2 Smythe Thos B 
184 Moat Mrs Hannah 

Cairns Bernard 
186 Taylor John 
188 Pringle Franklin 
190 Amy Wilmer B T, den- 

Chlcora av commence! 
236 Vacant 

Church of the Messiah 
^Dupont st commences 
244 Hatcher Geo, florist 
246 Cole Wm, gro 
248 Clark David W, gro 
250 Wright Mrs Annie, fncy 


254 Pain Clifford, btchr 
256 Chinese Indry 
258 Vacant 
258% Contractors' Supply Co 

C P E crossing 

^ Macpherson av intersects 
262 C P R engineering dept 
264 Tew Mrs Mary 
266 Graham Robt H 
268 Dann David S 
270 Kemp James 

272 Jones Henry R 

274 Mohrstadt Gustave 

276 Macklem Herbert G 

278 Crotty Harry A 

280 Guthrie James 

?82 Brown E Irving 

284 Macdonald H R, vocalist 

286 Noble Thomas H 

Noble Miss Ethel M 
^ McMaster av commences 
290 Storey Chas E 
92 Meredith Miss Ellen 
294 Robertson Neil M 
5*96 Love Mrs Ethel 
298 Livingstone Harry E 
?00 Ball Edwd 
302 Spence Robert F 

Salter Benj O 
^ Cottingham st intersects 
310 Douglas James S 
312 Walker Mrs Sarah 
314 Best Jas C 
316 Morphy George S 
350 Mackenzie Sir Wm 
430 Grace J C 

+ Clarendon av commences 
432 McKinnon Mrs Isabella 
436 Pike W S C 
438 Hoskins Mrs E J 
440 Paine Henry W 

Balmoral av intersects 
450 Henderson James B 
454 j?rown School 

460 Carlaw Major John A 

Lynnwood av commences 
+ St Clair av intersects 

482 Mackie Albert T 
488 Tilley W Norman 
494 Ridout Douglass K 
500 Heintzman Geo C 
^ Heath intersects 
580 Watson Geo H 
584 Wright Henry 
588 Miskle Wilson B 
602 Ever John H 
G04 Miller Thos W 
60G Connolly John F, contr 
614 Davern Albert J 
616 Woodland Chas W 
6?0 Manning Janies 


(Including old Otter ores; 
North Toronto), north 
from Upper Canada Col- 
lege to Lawrence av w. 

East Side 

7 Hunt John T 
. West Side 

8 Corner Geo 
^ College View intersects 
198 Gamble Miss Susan 
Burton Geo C N 


West from Park rd to 
Rosedale rd, ward 2. 

North Side 

12 Moody Isaac 

, South Side 

17 Piper Augustus M 
19 Lyle John M 


East from 555 Brock av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Vacant 
16 Llghtfoot Charles, mkt 

18 Caldwell Robt 

South Sida 

3 Barber Reuben 
Barber Miss Mildred, 

mus tchr 

Wilcox Herbert M 
5 Martin James A 
7 Gaboon Fredk J 
9 Morrow Mrs Mary A 
11 Strachan Robt 
13 Tucker Edwd 
15 Williams Lionel E 

17 Lallier Adolphus 

Bailey Arthur 
19 Bowerman Harry C 


(Old Forrest rd), e from 
931 Tonge, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

15 Murphy Denis J 

17 Ross Win jr 

19 Thrall Mrs Margt 

21 Stevenson Mrs Annie 

23 Armstrong Mrs Mary 

25 Maynard Miss Frances 

27 Davidson Rev Macfar- 

lane B 

29 Fcley John 
31 Charlebois Charles P 
33 King Cecil C 
35 Morris Mrs Julia A 
37 Taylor Frank D 


(West Toronto), north 
from Humberside av to 
Annette, third w of Keele, 
ward 7.. 

East Side 

63 McEnaney Frank 

65 Holstock Geo 
67 Foudain Edwd 
69 Seymour Carl 
71 Scott John 

73 McBride Frank J 
75 Scott Thos W 

West Side 

66 Greig Robt E 




(Formerly Ossington pi), 
w from 20 Ossington av to 
Lakeview av, ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Macpherson John 

8 Manners Chas 
10 Mundy Mrs Catherine 
12 Froud Francis 
14 Richmond Chas 

16 Hogg Wm 

18 Brown Geo 

20 Castle George H 

22 MacFarlane Andrew 

24 Thompson John 

South Side 

7 Steward Jacob L 
9 Crawford John 

11 Wensley James C 
13 Berry Thos 

15 Rounding Garfleld 


East from 263 Pape av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Bush John J 

4 Heakes Saml R 

6 Armstrong Robt J 

12 Stevens Wm G 
26 Jessop Arthur 
30 Holland Patrick 
32 Hayes Simon 
34 Buck John 

36 Sawdon Geo 
38 McClyment Alex 
40 Heslop Thomas M 
42 Meredith Hubert W 
44 Williamson Alexander 
46 Swanston Robert 
48 Carter Thos 
5* Best Wm 

South Side 

1 Poole Chas 

3 Hamilton John 

5 Ward John J 


Author of "The Standard-Record Drawing-Sheet," 
(used by Inventors, endorsed by Thomas A. Edison's 
General Counsel, Frank L. Dyer, Esq. 

Dept. L., TEMPLE BUILDING, TORONTO. Telephone M. 3737 


Foreitn Member Chartered Institute 

of Patent Agents, London. 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

7 Luscombe John 
9 Hilland James 

11 Smith Wm J 

13 Woodrofte Arthur H 

16 Wilkinson Wm 

17 Smith Oliver 
19 Shea Peter 

21 Trimble Saml 
23 McAuliffe John 
25 Terry Arthur 
27 Johnston Hugh 
29 Cody Mrs Margt 
29 y. Cody Wm 
31 Kemp Amos 
33 Maitland Peter 
35 Elliott John "W 
37 Yates Wm H 
39 Barnes Thomas H 
43 Barnes John J 
49 Brown Merritt A 


Bast from Broad-view av 
to beyond Pape av, first n 
of Withrow av. ward 1. 

North Side ... 

2 Coatsworth Chas 

4 Hayman Geo 

6 Mably Albert C 
10 Shea Timothy E J 
12 Doble Mrs Louisa 
14 Bent George 
16 Hall Edward W 
18 Potter Mrs Margt 
20 Russell Herbert C 

22 Redway Sydney G 
24 Knight Harry W 

26 Silk Wm 

23 Bartlett Wm G 

'30 Sparling Clifford M 
32 Collins Fredk 
34 Wright McKenzie 
3fl Gilmour Andrew A 
J8 Lugsdin J Harvey 
40 Talbot Harry 
42 Timms Chas 
44 Vise Mathew 
46 Vacant 
84 Peacocke Wm C 
+ Mlllbrook st commences 
+ Logan av intersects 
190 Etherington Aaron 
192 Vacant 
194 Wilson Albert E 
196 Hillary Arthur 
198 Douglas Geo 
200 Parton Chas 
200a Poole Frederick 
202 Mitchell Chas 
204 Kidney Wm 
206 Newman Frank 
208 Shivas James 
210 Cormack Robt 
212 Henderson Wm 
214 Marquis Benj T 
216 Swanson Chas C 
218 Preston John 
224 Rea Wm J 
226 Worrell Thos 
228 Hunter Wm J 
130 Went Alfred G, gro 
232 Vacant 
234 Vacant 
236 Dickinson Geo F 
^ Carlaw av intersects 
238 Caskle Allan 
244 Jefferies Edward 
248 Mertens Frank W 
250 Wilson Wm 
252 Lougheed John 
252a Hermitage Geo 
254 Byers James H 
256 Baker Archd M 
2E8 Harris Jesse M, mus 
260 Harris Albert J 
262 Page Alfred 
264 Frazer Henry 
266 Caskie John 
268 Hill John S 
270 Lehtela Anthony 
272 Neiminen Anton 
274 Wallenius Chas 
276 Devonshire Geo 
Pape av intersects 

282 Chapin Chas. phy 
284 McGregor Adam 
2S6 Hayes Alfred 

283 Hill'ier Archd D 
290 Nlcholls Frank 

292 Steele Arthur 

294 Armstrong Geo A 

296 Harding Frank 

298 Lake Mark 

300 Stephens Harold B 

302 Hill Chas 

304 Shaw Wm 

306 Neweombe Richd 

SOS McCallum Norman 

310 Peterson Henry 

312 Vear Jas 

314 Laine John 

316 Elo Wm 

318 Salmala Henry 

32>i Weller Milton 

322 Ahlquist Wllhfilm 

324 Bowen John ' 

"26 Gillson Geo 

328 Laughlan John 

330 Todd Saml 

332 McCullough Thos E 

334 Wilkinson Alex 

336 Crowe Robt 

338 Lennox Wm 

South Side 

1 Ahner Mrs Anna 

3 Fullerton John A 
5 Rowe Wm 
7 White Patk 
9 Lynch Mrs Helen 
11 Cr'ighton Thos A 
15 Greer Richd H 
17 Lawrie Wm 
19 Walker Frank 

21 Thome Saml 

23 Vacant 

25 Hellems Arthur L 

27 Ibbotson Jarvls 

29 Mercer Alfred E 
31 Fleming Mrs Mary 

Fleming Miss Cilia, mus 

33 Longbotlom Saml H 

35 Mulvey Arthur 

37 Mullen Joseph W 

39 Self Wm G 

41 Self Geo S 

13 Vacant 

81 Vacant 

S3 Vacant 

85 Blackstone Francis 
+ Logan av Intersects 
175 Cocking Stephen 
177 Caton Wm H 
1S3 Elweil Thos 
185 Field Mrs E G, drsmkr 
187 Hallett Arthur E 
1S9 Smith Wm J 
191 Hewitt Frank 
193 Beart Ernest A 
195 Ratcliffe Thos 
197 Fleming Joseph 
199 Scrutton Arthur 
201 Clarke Wm J 
203 Lavery Wm 
203 Mclntosh Robt 
207 Leitch Alex 

209 Bennett Wm 

211 Lyndon Herbert "W 
213 Walker Alex 
215 Dickie James 
217 Cockrell James 

210 Browning Ralph 
221 Monk Thos 
223 Bowen Henry 
225 Devins Milton C 
27 Baker Harold C 
229 Hepburn Geo 

Carlaw av Intersects 
231 Harris Francis G 
233 Toms Reginald 
235 Bullock Albert E 
237 Knight Geo 
239 Humphreys W Albert 
241 Smith Lister T 
243 Fellion John B Jr 
245 Cocker Saml 
247 M.iedonald Alex 
249 Kennaby Herbert F 
251 Murray Hugh N 
253 Porter Saml 
255 Caskie James 
259 Bond Walter 
2t>l Anderson Saml 
263 Daly John 
L'65 Lithgow Andrew 
"67 Hill Frank 
273 Given Wm J H 
275 Wales Alex 

277 Crockford Oliver 
279 Wabb James S 
281 Vacant 
Pape ar intersects 

285 Martin Herbert 

307 Wilson Root 

309 Vacant 

311 Vacant 

313 Vacant 

315 Davidson Wm 

317 Paddon Geo 

319 Clark Bert 

321 Beckett Wm 

323 Gibson Wm J 

325 Walsh Wm 

327 Hutchinson Thos 

329 McDermott Joseph 

331 Parsons Fred 

341 Masdorp John 

343 Griffin Thos 

345 Doyle John 


(Formerly Fennings), e 
from Jones av to Leslie, 
first s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

South Side 

3 Miller Benj 

5 Vacant 

7 Richardson Arthur J 
11 Lc-igh Wm C 
13 Miles Edwd 

West from rear Lawton av 
second n of heath, ward 3. 

North Side 

36 Whittington Fredk 

38 Harding' Robt 

42 Walker Chancey 

44 Nettleship Wm 

46 Hepburn Jas 

48 Coates Wm 

50 Harker Alfred J 

56 Tobor Wm 

58 Elliott George H 

60 Crumpston Alfred L 

66 Holliday Ernest F 

70 MacRae Donald M 

72 Naftel Mrs Caroline 

76 Smith james B 

82 O'Kell Arthur 

S4 Spencer Wm 

86 Winterbottom Miss 


90 Brant David 

98 Brennan John 
102 Drury Wm 
106 Vacant 

South Side 

1 Cowan Mrs Amelia 

3 Fraser Douglas 

5 Cleland Frank 

7 Ormsby Sidney 

9 Gay Geo W 
43 Saul Wm J 
45 Hosmer Albert E 
51 Tweddle John 
53 Gillie Kenneth S 
55 Love Wm 
67-77 Vacant (6) 
95 Menger Wm 
97 Groh Sylvanus 
101 Smith James T 
105 Gorstige Ball 


West from 182 McCaul to 
Augusta av, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Cosentino Vincent 

4 Mitchell Mrs Fanny M 

6 Kemp Alex 

8 Downing Mrs M J 

10 Eichler Max 

12 Mundell Victor 

14 Isaacs Max 
16 Leifski David 

15 Silberman Max 
20 Peterson Jacob 
20 M> Deutsch Harry 
22 Parlow Herman G 

?* Londes Mrs Minnie 

26 Brudner Israel 

+ Henry st commences 

28 Schiffer Abraham M 

30 Schiffer Esig, hse turns 

34 Williams Abraham 

36 Roth Victor 

38 Rico Auretro 

40 Williams Solomon 

42 Wladowsky Bernhard 
Beverley st intersects 

70 Sehndei Charles 

72 Bodley Chas J 

74 Donley Henry 

76 Stewart Mrs Susan 

78 Barnes Miss Sophia 

80 Murchison Geo W 

82 Brookstein Sinai 

84 Duthie Robert R 

S6 Crowley Isaac 

88 Laplante Frank 

90 Salt Herbert 3 

92 Annable Vincent H 

94 Bennett John R 

96 Bnyley James 

98 Reinstein Mrs Henrieta 
100 Leaney Mrs Jennie 

^Huron st intersects 
102 Sheehan James 
104 Handleman Isadore 
106 Morell Mrs Georgina 
108 Mellor Charles J 
llu Gilchrist Wm 
112 Hafkril Fredk 
114 Corin Mrs Sarah C 
116 Lytle W.ilter 
118 Ovitz Abraham 
118% Corhett Mrs G 
120 McDonnell Thos C 
122 Clarke Mrs Jane 
124 Morgan Mrs Marian 
126 Holmes Wm A 

128 O'Reilly Miss Eleanor. 

130 Brethour Mrs Eliza J 

+ Spadina av intersects 

142 Stoner Robt 

144 Wilkes Geo 

146 Blahout Mrs Antonla, 

148 Cutler Archibald 

150 Starkman Nathan 

152 Fox Harry 

154 Kerzon Moss 

156 Hailoft Harry 

158 Macdonell Harry 

160 Oliphant Alex 

162 Levine Maurice 

164 Andrews Jacob 
166 Spector Nathan 

165 Weinbrom Abraham 
170 Selesnick Louis 

172 Steinberg Morris 

174 Schwartz Chas 

174% Footman Harry 

176 Weil Julius 

178 Baskin Joseph 

180 Verity Robt 

182 Collins Simon 

184 Broomhead Frederick 

186 McKlllop John 

188 Edwards Robt O 

190 Legassick Benjamin J 

192 McCollum Geo 

1S4 Armstrong Wm jr 

196 Ross Alex 

198 Carmody Mrs Martha 

South Side 

1 Mumford J & Son, btchrs 
3 Rubin Saml 
5 Fowler George D 

f> White Wm 
11 Greenstein Abraham 






Chartered Executor, Administrator, 
Trustee, Etc. 

Interest paid In 

Savings Department, 

subject to cheque 


13 Weinerman Harry 

15 Hcnkin Raymond 

17 Schwartz Philip 

19 Schwartz Morris 

21 Schwartz Max 

23 Rotteno Frank 

25 Greenbaum Israel 

27 Rekers John 

29 Osborne John 

31 Lurner Jacob 

33 Lederman Saml. gro 

35 Brooksteln Ephralm 

37 Daly Prank 

3!) Kui-i abloom Saml, gro 
Grenefsky Ben] 

41 Kinsey Mrs Jane E 

43 Redwood Charles 

45 Drew John 

47 Griesman Mrs Annie, gro 

49 Fish Hoffman 

51 Keyfetz Mark 
Cohen Peter, rear 
Sutcliffe .Mrs Eliza, rear 
Buckle Joseph, r 

Beverley st intersects 

65 James Philip 

67 Burton Albert 

73 Yolles Saml 

75 Taylor Edwd 

77 Winder Geo S 

79 Leiehtenberg Aaron 

81 Hand \Vni 

83 Kelly Chas 

85 Pink Thos 

87 Greeu Mark 

89 SilversU'in Nathan 

91 Kane Jas 

93 Heintzberger Mrs Mar- 

95 Brody SIg'mund 

97 Guttler Isaac 

99 Spink Mrs A, drsrokr 
101 Murphy Mrs Beatrice 
103 Dean Thos 
105 Frilech Saml 
107 Halligan John C 

+ Huron st intersects 
103 Rauk'n Krnest, gro 
111 Heshenbaum Isidore 
113 Currie Duncan 
115 Malone Mrs Mary 
117 Absent 
119 Wright Wm 
121 Gibson Wm 
123 Spechman Hyman 
125 Ritersburg Moses 
127 Stegar Louis 
129 Alcock Thos B 
131 Wilson Joseph 
133 Mayn.ira Harry 
135 Westlake Richd 
137 Schell John 
141 Howes Wm 

av intersects 
145 Borebank Fredk W 
147 Low Charles 
149 Maher Thos J 
151 Carr Fredk 
153 Wood John 
155 Gather Laveus M 
157 Shanks Alex 
159 Williamson Wm 
161 Long Mrs Christopher 
163 Carpenter Christopher 

Edwards Herbert C, r 

Pye Fredk, rear 
165 Sime Lillias 
167 Erskine Thomas 
169 McNulty Mrs Mary N 
171 Faith Abraham 
173 Rondo Aaron 
175 Perlmuter Aaron 
177 Lilburn Saml 
179 Yaooer Edwd 
181 Glaser Louis 

+ Kensington av ends 
185 Umansko Joseph 
187 Crossley John 
189 Cohen Davis 
189% Moren Saml 
191 Cohen S Joseph 
191% Tishcoff Benj 

196 Magill Wm T 

195 Masill John, carp 

197 Smith Fredk 
199 Absent 

199 a McMillan Mrs Flor- 

199b Lawson Mrs Wm 


(East Toronto) east from 
Barrington av to Dawes 
rd, second n of Danforth 

North Side 

12 Davis Malcolm E 

56 Smith James F 
60 McKennay Thos 

62 Wixon George H 

64 Thompson James 

6G Torrance Mrs Drucllla 
68 Salmon Henry W 
70 McCarty \Vm G 
78 Williamson John F 

South Side 

53 Spencer John E 

57 Ruse Lawrence P 
59 Aldcroft James H 

63 Clark Wm 

65 Wynd David 
~t? Samson Andrew 
77 Butterick Saml 


(North Toronto), east 
from 1845 Yongeto Bay 
View av 

North Side 

12 Gilson Chas J 

14 Chapman Saml 

18 McCrea Wm 

22 Carey Wm 

26 Hawkins Geo A 

28 McKerrihan Robt 

30 Murphy Frank A 

42 Pratt Alfred E 

46 Richardson Wm A, con 

48 Crooks James H 

52 Adamson Geo 

54 Davies Wm H 

58 Houghton Thos R 

60 Redfearn Chas 

62 Adamson Joseph 

64 Hannan Wm 

66 Houghton Thos R 

70 Longstreet Selby B 

72 Gough Alfred 

76 La Venture Wm C 

82 Price John T 

S6 White Walter T 

88 Gilyeart Jackson 

92 McQualn Thos, bldrs 

98 Goodyear James 

102 Hardman Edwd 

124 Muston Walter, florist 

128 Saunders Albert 

154 Grice Frank 

160 Skerratt Homer 

162 Rae Wm 

188 Buse Wm H 

190 Harper Geo S 

192 Atkinson Henry 

194 Green Albert 

206 Topple Henry 

^Mt Pleasant rd intersects 

224 East Thos 

228 Smith Chas R 

232 Roberts Francis E 

238 Cove Arthur J 

240 Lowden Chas M 

242 Henderson Michl 

244 Dance John 

252 Simone Andrea 

254 Laidlaw Geo, contr 

258 Vacant 

260 Crawford Walter 

22 Buchanan Andrew 

264 Lamb Rev Percival M 

266 Vacant 

268 Maxey Chas T 

272 Skerratt Lawrence E 

274 Roberts Alfred E 

286 Hunt Geo C 

406 Turner Thos 

416 O'Brien Wm 

418 Page James 

420 Taylor Mrs Eliza, gro 

428 Currie James N 

440 Crowther Harold 

470 Roberts Wm 

South Side 

5 Husband Mrs Mary T 
9 Tredg-ett Chas 

13 Goulding Fredk W 
15 Barton David W 
21 Smith Chas T 
IT. Fletcher Wm 
29 Hobbs Ernest F 
35 Wellard Arthur 

37 Cross Levl 

39 Hegerman Peter 

43 McClelland Leonard 

45 Arnott Albert W 
49 Johnson Wm B 

55 Middlebrook Joseph H 

61 Porter Wm J 

67 Young Mrs Maria 

69 Vacant 

71 Bailey Edwin J 

73 Gree Thos 

75 Townsend Chas 

77 Blount Albert W 

81 Cruickshank David J 
D:i\isi-ille Hardware Co 

S3 Winfield Chas 

85 Winfleld Frank 

89 Cascaden Wm 

93 Mllson Norman 

99 Burdy Geo 
103 Hinchcliffe Chas M 
105 Heacock Lome 
107 Shier John 
109 McNamara Patk 
113 Skerratt Thos, gro 
^Pailton cres ends 
133 Mead Mrs Jane 
139 Jupp Wm 
143 Gilby Wm 
147 Roberts Harry 
151 Birkett Harry 
155 Chadwick Robt W 
159 Higinbotham James 
165 Jones Robt 
167 Dawson John 
175 Vickery Fredk 
^Mt Pleasant rd intersects 
205 Jones Stephen 
209 Turner Matthew 
223 Mullins James 
225 Brawley Geo 
231 Llewellyn Edwy 
233 Powell Edwd G, bldr 
237 Vacant 
239 Prentice John H 
241 Lawrence Geo H 
243 Lawrence Albert 
249 Meaker Sydney 
255 Meaker Mrs Mary J 
263 Limpert Leonard 
275 Mellon David 
291 Watkins Edwd G 
293 Topple Arthur H 
295 Ricketts Geo 
297 Page John S 
301 Jupp John 
305 Brassey Wm 
309 Young Richd C 
313 Clewes Wm 
319 Dutton Wm 
321 Ferguson Wm 
323 Watt Geo M 
325 Saul Wm L 
327 Mitchell Wm 
331 Thompson Robt H 
335 Trimble Wm E 
341 Thompson Geo 
343 Buckland Clifford 
351 Claire Wm 
369 Pirn John 
373 Macdonald Wm 
383 Aitken David 
385 Bond Harry 
389 Halton Geo H 
393 Rounds Albert B 
399 Warnham Saml 
407 Sauve Joseph R 
411 Coe Wm T 
415 McFarlane Wm 
419 Cockings Harry B 
423 Vacant 
429 Murray Wm N 
431 Hinves Joseph H 


West from Yonge to west 
city limits, first n of Farn- 
bam av, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

36 Tearney John 

38 Swale Thos 

46 Willis Wm 
48 Bothan Wm 

52 Graingor John O 

58 Saul \Vm 

60 Hogg- Martin 

66 Robertson Wm J 

68 Bond Alien 

70 Roulston Thos 

84 Fullerton Robt 

S6 Harwood Wm C 

90 Bevier Mrs Ida 

98 Carruthers Wm M 
100 Temple Chas 
102 Cooper Robt J 
104 Hutty George P 
1 nf, liuchanan \\'m 
108 Hughes Henry C 
110 Caffey Chas 'j 
112 Thompson John J 
114 Asmau Henry O 
116 MePheclran Mrs Cath- 

120 Campbell Frank 
122 Hand Havlock E 
130 Burden Wm M 
132 Thomson Arthur J 
134 Manchee Oliver A 
13fi Lauder James 
138 Mc-Kenzle Wm C 
144 Whyte Alex 
146 Laing Albert T 
148 Corbold Cecil E 

^ Avenue rd intersects 
(Inglewold) Webb Thomas F 
176 Harris Lauren S 
178 Davies Wm 
188 Bethune Miss Marion 
200 Reid John B 

^ Popiar Plains rd inter- 

206 MacDougall Mrs Allan 
208 Morrow Alfred D 
212 O'Malley Joseph L 
216 Snow A J Russell 
228 Hunter Horace T 
240 Vacant 

South Side 

25 Vacant 

27 Broad Howard 

31 Holliday Thos 

33 Lewis Mrs Ann E 

35 Thomson Robt H 

37 Murray Davidson M 

09 Lynn Percival G 

41 Thompson David L 

47 Hewlett James 

49 Vacant 

51 Fooks John W 

59 Saunders Albert B 

61 Amos Thomas T 

63 Sawdon Charles 

05 Stuart Wm H 

67 Gray Wm C 

Gray Miss J L, nurse 

69 Ross Mrs Hannah 

71 Pindar Joseph 

73 Bailey Robt L, plmbr 

77 Gibbons Wm T 

79 Scott Geo A 

SI Monk Evan 

S3 Vacant 

85 Minett Harry C 

S7 Brechin Judson A 

89 Vyre Edwd, contr 

91 Banton Thos H 

93 Row Fredk 

97 Dowsoc W J, baker 

99 Dexter Thos N 
105 Burgess George V 
107 McLeoil Rev George B 
109 Cobb Charlewood F 
111 Yeamnn Andrew 

118 Campbell Glenn H 
115 Hodgson Mrs Mary 
117 Brockman Chas 

119 Marshall Robt J 
121 McBride Wm E 
123 Leith Thos G 

125 Meredith Mrs Elizth F 

127 Hendry George M 

129 Loeser Herman M 

131 Slater Miss Lola 

133 Kinnear James 

133 Jarvis Fredk S 

137 Ryan Wm A 

139 Middleton Augustien 

141 Clark Miss Frances 

145 Gray Miss Jane 

147 Vacant 

Avenue rd intersects 
1B7 Myshnll Mrs Tiara 





116 Richmond St. W. 









j69 Tilt John 
171 Lefruy A II fraser 
177 Donald Richd A 
179 Turner Dwight J 
181 Grantham Arthur M 
185 Heaton Ernest 
+ Poplar Plains rd Inter- 

207 O'Reill.v Henry K 
211 Wright Win 
213 Moss Mrs Amy 
219 Smith George H 
'23 Jones Fredk C L 
227 Yarmouth J H 


North from opp 19 Charles 
w, to Bloor, ward 3. 

East Side 

a Ry Miss Myra 

7 Fris. Mrs Catherine 

13 Marriott Miss Sarah A 

1", Moore -Mrs Grace 

17 Wray Miss Arabella, 

19 Allin Wm N 

21 Pickett Mrs Annie 

23 Tyte George E 

55 Lloyd Ellis 

27 Strowcvr Mrs Eliza 

29 Stinson Mrs Mary 

31 Key Chas 

33 McLean Mrs Ellen 

35 Donaldson Mrs Agnes, 
ladies' tailor 

37 Hermon ^awin W 

39 Hiscock Henry 

41 Northcote Henry 

West Side 

2 Vacant 
4 Smith John 
6-8 Vacant (2) 
10 Davidson Arthur 
McDonald Roderick 
Smith Wm H 
12-18 Crean Robert C & Co. 
Ltd, straw and felt hat 

20 Brunt Mrs Esther E 
22 Harris Alfred E 
24 Crawford Mrs Frances 
26 Stephen Miss Jennie 
28 Kafka Mrs Beatrice 
30 Flavelle Mrs Margt 
32 Cross Daniel 
34 Deacon Thos 


East from Silver Birch av, 
2 n of Lake Front, Ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Hurst Mrs Maud 

4 Vacant i 

6 Cooke Christopher 

8 Vacant 

South Side 

1 Chesnut Mrs Louise 

3 Hardy Wm 

5 Marshall George B 

7 Cross Herbert 

9 Risch Herman 
11 Vacant 

13 Humphrey Edwd S 


Name r-hanged to Oxley 


North and northeast from 
lake front to Kingston rd, 
intersecting Queen e at No 

East Side 

5 Vacant 

9 Vacant 
13 Vacant 
17 Vacant 
21 Vacant 
25 Vacant 
27 Vacant 
29 Vacant 

+Fir av commences 
31 Goi-'iam Oliver H 

33 Lovatt Win A 
37 Moore Ambrose 
:;:< Miller J Stanley 
43 Ox l-y Albert 
45 Gunn Wm 
47 Lyonde Fredk 
+ Hazel av commences 
51-53 Beaches Masonic Tern- 
pel, The 

Queen st e intersects 

1 De j..aplante Llewellyn F 

63 Williams James E 

i17 Stewart Archibald A 

71 Dingman Hiram J 

73 Cummer Wm E, den- 

7 , Ilanly Horace N J 

I'.' Taylor Percy C 

SI Trowell John V 

S3 BeRg Gordon J 

VI Arthur* John S 

89 Myers Joseph F 

93 Pepper Wm H 

(i 7 Ston.- Harry 

no Fosdick Wm K 
103 Carswell Win E 

+ Sycamore pi commences 
]nr> iioothe James 
107 Willnot John'W, phy 
Willmot Miss Hazel C, 


111 Levy Wm J jr 
113 Turnbull Mrs Eunice 
115 Burt Joseph A H 
110 Jlarrs Joseph K 
123 Rollison Robt D 
125 Hill Albert G 
127 Edmonds Wm L 

+ Pine av intersects 
131 Russell Arthur r> 
]37 Fine^an Robt 
149 Calert-y Wm J 
151 Wilkinson Ernest A 
157 D'Eye Wm A 
Ifil Moody Fredk H 
171 Grover Mrs Helen M 
173 Vacant 

183 McMenemy James S 
185 Bradfield H Henry 
1:1.1 Lobii Arthur F 

Beech av intersects 

Willow av intersects 

West Side 

6 Haldenby Chas N 
Hi Bolton Arthur 

14 Vacant 

li! fas well Edwd S 

15 Ragley Chas H 
20 Vacant 

:?!' Vacant 

24 Vacant 

25 Vacant 

30 Murphy Thos A 

32 Soady Chas 

34 Vacant 

SS Barker H J Winsor 

40 Oakley George 

42 Readman Chas W 

44 Baker Frederick M 

46 Erb Urias 

4^ Mason John H 

50 Harris Roland C 

Queen st e intersects' 
58 Vacant 

60 Gibson Wm H 

62 Campbell Charles J 

66 Harrison Joseph 

68 Graham Louis 

70 Taylor Joseph 

76 Abern Henry J 

80 Collins Walter 

S2 Case Leon 

S4 Bate Mrs Elizth 

88 Smith r-ercy 

90 Sherris R Percival 

92 Nanceklvell Frank 

OS McCurrah John 
100 Niven Mrs Edith 
K.4 White Joseph S 
106 Temple Wm F 
108 Rowlands Mrs Catherine 
112 Brethour H N 
116 Campbell Joseph 
118 Orr Wm E 
120 Rerkinshaw Edwin C 
122 Lowden John S 
130 Lowden John 

* Pine av intersects 
132 Nasmith Henry C 

142 Cox Alfred H 
144 Ray E B 

148 MacKerrow Miss Chris- 

150 Cummings Fred J 
166 Lyon F Harold B 
168 Woodman Fredk 3 
178 Aggett John T 
192 Williams Walter H 
204 Vacant 
206 Vacant 
208 O'Neill Peter P 
210 Buckham Herbert D 

Beech av intersects 
212 Olding Edwd 
214 Smith Robt H C 
216 Vacant 
218 Chown Henry J 
220 Lyttle James 
Willow av intersects 


West from opp 193 Bal- 
sam av, first north of 
Pine, ward 1. 

North Side 

Unfinished houses (2) 

South Side 

Watson Archer G 


Name changed to Wroxeter 


West from 554 Dufferin to 
Sheridan av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Sheppard Waiter E 
4 Stibbard Robt J 

6 Latremouille J Stephen 

8 Bunker Tlios 

10 Gulp Geo A 

12 Sullivan Eugene 

14 Donovan Harry B 

20 Whetter Henry R, plstr 

22 Wood David O 

26 Johnson Daniel 

28 Price S Alex 

32 McConnell Miss Lillian XI 

mus tchr 

South Side 

5 Freeman Alfred 

7 Sweetinan Charles M 

9 Livingstone Wm G 

11 Tolley Wm J 
lla Croxall Wm J 

15 May Thomas 

17 Rod-way Fredk E J 
19 Reekie Mrs Jane 

21 Mainprice Henry C 
25 Mainprice Chas 

27 Andrews Mrs Catherine G 

29 Macdonald Duncan 
31 Shaw James 

33 Daly John J 

35 Miln James 
37 May George 

39 McLeod Archd 
41 Martin Arthur 


(West Toronto), n from 480 
Annette to M.iber, first e of 
Runuymede rd, ward 7. 

East Side 

17 Unfinished house 
19 Corbett Wellington 

23 Raw-son Walter W 
41 Unfinished house 
43 Unfinished house 
45 Unfinished house 
47 Unfinished house 
55 Timmins Thos 
57 Oram Chas H 

59 Gregson Herbert 

71 McDonald Nicholas 

McCarthy Fredk 
73 Gill Thos D 

.' West Side 

34 Unfinished house 

36 Unfinished house 
52 Sharrard Amos W 
54 Ball Fredk G 


North from opp 85 Ed- 
ward, ward 3. 
East Side 

1 Smith Jacob 

3 Sokalosky Saml 

5 Vacant 

7 Charles Nathan 

9 Gold Arak 

11 Spiegel Saml 

15 Warshosky Saml 
Elm st intersects 

West Side 

10 Snow Walter 

12 Metter Israel 

16 Wilner Saml 
Bell Tel Go's stores 


Name changed to Dorval 


(East Toronto) north from 
Danforth av to beyond 
limits, 1 e of Main 

East Side 

+Coleman av beg-ins 
33 Weisey Chas 

35 Steele Sam! 
^Balfour av begins 
59 Rogers Joseph 

City limits 

West Side 

36 Simmonds Wallace 

44 Flatt Albert E 

46 Bangay Wm 

45 Prentice Archibald 

52 Kerron Mrs Fanny 
City limits 


North from Davenport rd 
to St Clair av, first west 
of Ossington av, ward 5. 
Not built on 


North trom Bloor w to 
Davenport rd, second e of 
Dufferin, ward 6. 

East Side 

7 Dower James H 

11 Graham Robt J 
13 Buckhurst Walter, Coutr 
13% Buckhurst Edwd 
15 Wilsou Samuel W 
17 Underdown Thos 
If* McLean James 
21 Duke Hartford 
23 Kidney Robert W 
25 Morgan James H 
27 Cormack John W 
29 Meadows John A 
31 Williams James T 
33 Mitchell Henry T 
35 Vacant 

37 Wise Mrs Annie 
39 Phillips Richd B 

47 Beekem Saml 
49 Dunn Robt 

51 Dlnwlddy Robert A 

53 Hibbs Robt 

55 McManus Wm J 
57 Turan Edward 
59 Tarver Frank 

63 Kelley Walter P, exp 

65 Sutton Joseph 

67 Hiscock Wm, contr 

69 Gil'esnie John 

71 Lowry Mrs Margaret 

73 Austin Wm 

75 Price Wm A 

77 Jehu Chas 

79 Day Edward C 

PI Stewart Wn- 

S3 McLean Alex 

J>5 Wellwood Percy 

87 Borland John 

89 Eaton Wm M 

93 Clancy John J 

C5 Wall -i re Eastman 

!>7 Stephens Edwd 


Co. *nre> 

THE British America Assurance 

(Incorporated A.D. 1833) HEAD OFFICE, Cor. SCOTT and FRONT STS 

Losses Paid Since Organization over $35,090,000 



SON ,. 




99 Waring Wm J 
101 Overend T J 
103 Turnbull \Vm 
105 Guthrie John, gro 

Shanly st Intersects 
109 Lawson Wm 

111 Marsh Francis R 

115 Robinson Herbert H 

117 Dodson Thos 

119 Bird Ceo W 

121 Hale John A 

123 McGowan Mrs Elizth 

125 McGowan John 

127 Swing Wm 

129 Stribbell Wm 

Southview av ends 
Dovercourt Park 

^ Fernbank av ends 
179 Cheyne Robt 1 
181 Stewart Jonn s 
183 Nicol James 
185 Crumpton Clarence F 
1S7 Baldwin Rev J Russell 
189 Boag Archd E 
191 Fitzpatrick John C 
193 Coppin Thos 
195 Mosdell Mrs Susie 
197 Binnie Wm, gro 

Hallam st intersecta 
225 Laccohee E M 

227 Kennedy Alpine 
229 Rosevear \Vm 
231 Youell Percival 
233 Clark Donald 
235 Smith Walter C 
237 Kemp Henry C 
239 Ames Albert E 

Lane Wm J 
241 Johnson Wm 
243 Banfjrd Arthur 
245 Berney J Wm 
247 Filcher Fredk T 
24S Galimberti Joseph 
251 Evison Mrs Elizth 
253 Rose Geo 
255 Prosser Josiah W 

Jarvis Harold G 
257 Helliweli Wm 
i61 Bades Fredk 
263 Sanders Saml W 
265 Dixon Robt W 
a7 Bowerman Hiram M 
289 Cross Mrs Maria 
271 Smith Geo F 
271% Evans Lewis E 
273 Dennis Richd 
275 Carttvright Percy 
277 Thomson Tv'tn H 
279 Johnston Benj 
281 McKeown John 
283 Meeken Wm 
2S3V, Marshall John 
285 Hill Frederick W 
287 Weninger Joseph 
289 Ford Thos J 

Van Home av intersect* 
291 Benson Wesley 

C P R crossing 

^ Geary av intersects 
311 Kerr Robt 
317 Xotlay James 
319 Hall Florence 
Rankin Ivy 
321 Simpson Robt 
323 Taylor Francis N 
331 Pyne Public School 
341 Marks Arthur 

Firkins Mrs Caroline I, r 
^ Bartlett pi commences 
345 Woollard Wm J 
347 Nixon Robt 
349 Broadbent John 
351 Duns James 

King Henry, rear 
353 Hansford Geo 
355 Vacant 
R57 Lambe Edwin 
359 Coward Frank 
365 Butt Chas J 
369 Unfinished bids 
371 Leeder Wm 
375 Rose Mrs Elizth 
377 Bake Alfred 
399 Cutler Henry 
403 Muir David 
407 Ottley Arthur 
409 Mitctiarn Geo C 

411 Francis Albert 

413 Hoag Mrs Florence, gro 

415 Grainger John 
417 Ashley Geo A 
421 Sparrow Herbert G 
423 Miller Wm 
429 Mitchell Alfred 
431 Spencer Saml 
433 Kennedy James 
435 Prentice Geo 

West Side 

10 Christie Miss Ella S 

12 Glover Jas 

Limon Herbert 

14 McKechnie Hugh S 

16 Connell Wm R W 

18 Ross Percy 

20 Slattery Daniel 

22 Seldon Edwin 

24 Maher John 

26 Carruthers Jas A 

28 Woolham Alfred 

30 Nixon James 

32 Vacant 

34 Jarvis Mrs Hannah L 

36 Billings Geo 

38 Fursi-er Mrs Jennie 

40 Stephen James 

42 Ebert John 

44 Norman Albert 

46 Kerr Mrs Jeanette 

48 Baker Geo 

52 Higton James 

54 Earless David 

56 Ridout Charles 

58 Carruthers Wilfred O 

60 Douglas John 

04 Gibb Wm G 

66 Partridge Edwin 

68 McGowan John 

70 Gordon George A 
Day Edwd C 

72 Mackie David 

7 I Mawson Crtas 

76 Grif8n Frank L 

78 Tuplin James E 

80 Churcher Charles 

82 Vacant 

84 Hoban Wm J 

86 Townsend Geo F 

iij King Wm 

94 McDougall Peter H 

96 Reid Daniel 

98 Vacant 

100 Wheeler Robt E 
102 Startup Thos H 
104 Anderson Thomas 

Aylesworth Henry W, 

106 Tull H C 

Shanly st intersects 
108 Williamson Edwin H, gro 
110 Carmichael James S 
112 De Gruchy John A 
114 Crabb Earlby S 

Silver Wright John 
116 Blake Louis 
118 Jex Harry 
120 Hunter Wm H 
122 Symons Alfred 
124 Stimm Geo A 
126 MeGrand Rev J J 
128 Woolmer Wm 
ISO Smith Chas S 
132 Glover Mrs Elizth 
134 Turner Wm J 
136 Barton Thos J 

155 Wilcox Chas L 
140 Butterfleld Wm I 
144 Moffat John H 
146 Pond Wm A 

148 McFarlane George W 
150 Scanlon Geo 
152 Daniel Rer Walter 
154 Ellis Wm W 

156 Campbell Geo G 
158 Parker Edward 

160 Fitzpatrick Mrs Mary 
162 Mountford Albert V 
164 Churchill Albert 
366 Simpson Wm T 

Sandford Chas W 
168 Apsey Orlando G 

Thompson Albert 
170 Armstrong Robt 
172 Culbert James 
174 Hutchings Stanley 
176 Manton James N 
178 Sandford Chas W 
180 Kyle Robt J 
182 Patterson Chas 11 
184 Thompson Robt 

186 Cross Stephen 

188 Kerrison Mrs Elizabeth 

190 Dill Mrs Nettie 

192 King- Mrs Julia 

194 O'Neil John 

196 Cannon J Edgar 

198 Purtell Mortimore 

2i'0 Smith Cecil 

202 Gracey George 

204 Richardson Wm J 

206 Hayes Wm J, shoemkr 

208 Tombs Edwd, confy 

<> Hallam st intersects 
252 Giles Chns 
254 Saunders Albert J 
256 Smith Frank 
258 Ackroyd Louis 
260 Winterfleld James 
262 Pouncett Harry 
264 Anderson Alexander 
2iiS Moore Mrs Sarah 
268 Vacant 
268% Vacant 
270 Woolfenden James 
272 Chambers J Wm 
274 Hymus Stephen 
276 Bentley Fredk G 
278 Winterfleld Chas 
280 Upfold Albert 
282 Burgess Mrs Mary 

Van Home av Intersect* 
294 Ashmore Mrs Ellen 
296 Forbes Wm M 
C P R crossing 

^ Geary av intersects 
326 Armes Fredk G 
328 Brown David 
330 Osborne Mrs Elizth 

Dyers Percy 
332 Niven James 
334 Werner Chas A 
336 Roberts Caleb 
338 Fee Jas 
340 Shaw Robt 
342 Lester Reuben 
344 O'Hara Mrs Flora 
348 Correll Saml K 
350 Grant Wm A 
352 Correil Saml R 
354 Roberts John A 
356 Jelly Sidney 
,"58 Mulligan Patk J 
360 Keown David 
362 Martin Mrs Grace 
368 Nevins John T 
370 Longden Rowland 
372 Tromans John W 
374 Boag Jas 
376 Atkinson Wm 
378 Hislop Wm P 
384 Cutler Harry 
386 Dodsley Wm 
388 Weir Thos 
392 Ogle Wm 
394 Stananought John H 
396 Be.-k Harry 
406 Fenton Fredk J 
412 McDonald Mrs Amelia 

Vacant rear 
414 Ashton Joseph 
416 Park Leslie 
418 Mi'.ley W illis 
420 Harris Harry 


East from 343 Bartlett av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

5 Firkins Mrs Caroline E 


West from 378 Brunswick 
av, beyond Christie, ward 
North Side 

Meldium Court Apts 
+ Howland av intersects 
Albany av intersects 

8 Binkley Mrs Frances J 
10 Davidson Edward G 
12 Andrew Wm M 
14 Peters Ernest H 
16 Rea Richd 
18 Williams Wm T. phy 
Bnthurst st intersects 
St Paul's Pres Ch 

Markham st intersects 

22 Millsap Wm 

24 Roberts Miss Mary 

26 Harris G Harry 
28 Wilson Geo M S 

30 Dillon Mrs Emma I 

32 Morrow Hugh 

34 Alien FranK 

36 Rice Jesse 

38 Murless Joshua 

40 Bryan Charles V 

42 Robin James 

44 Thake Oliver E 

46 Muir Geo H 

Palmerston av intersect* 
54 Sullen B Albert 

56 Hocking John C, gro 

58 Chatterly Wm, fruit 
60 Roberts Henry 

62 Valiant George J 
64 Buckley Geo 
66 Harden Albert 
68 Stott Howard 
70 Godman John 
72 Young John T 

74 Chinese laundry 

75 Seernan Martin 

50 Simpson Wm J, btchr 
82 Fogcrty Wm J 

^ Euclid av intersects 
84 Richardson Chas B 
S6 Co.ith Thomas G 
88 Smith Wm S 
90 Vacant 
92 Smith Edward B 

51 Steele Daniel J 

96 Henry Fredk W 

98 Yeats John 

100 Senn Ardie 

102 Tambling Henry 
104 Nicholls Owen 

.Manning av intersects 

106 McKenzie John, gro 
108 Hogg Joseph 

110 Drowley Alfred 

112 O'Donnell Francis 

114 Housey Edwin 

116 Topping Wm. com mer 

118 Croft Mrs Mary A 

120 Wilson B A Thos 

122 Duke Robt E 

124 Doyle Terence J 

126 Ballantyne James H 

128 Henderson Thomas M 

Clinton st intersects 
134 Bremner Fredk 
136 Jeffrey James 

138 Thorogood Joseph W 
HO Stanley Robert H 
142 Shepherd Jas 
144 Harsch Eugene 
146 Rutherford John C 
148 Bilton Geo 
150 Parsons Miss Clara 
152 Riley John 

Christie st intersects 

South Side 

Howland av intersects 
7 Clarkson Mrs Amelia 
9 Muir James R 

11 Macaulay Robert 
13 Houston Wm 

Albany av intersects 
15 Bates Gordon 

Bates Kendall 

Bathurst st intersects 
17 Ward Alvin E 

19 Watson Miss Caroline J 

Markham st intersects 
21 Ross Raymond R 

23 Stone Chas 

25 Barnard Fredk R 

27 Olmstead Earl 

Palmerston av intersects 
35 Robinson Joseph 

Euclid av intersects 
87 Foggett Frank C 

59 Hall \\'m J 

01 Armstrong Wm H 
Fryers James, r 
Coath Edwd, rear 

Manning av intersects 

97 Jay Arthur 

99 Roulston Andrew 

101 King John 
103 King Henry 

105 Kennard George H 

107 Cobbd Andrew 

109 McClelland Mrs Alice 
111 Tackaberry Ebenezer E 

BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited Insurance 



Phone M. 1790 



REAL ESTATE and 2 Toronto Street 


113 Plttman Walter 

115 Henry Mrs Charlotte 
117 Donley James 
119 Hibbert Francis C 
121 Lindsay John 
123 Uuke Ernest W, gro 
125 Coulter Mrs Annie E 
127 Cameron Mrs Cath 
129 Bennett Fredk C 
131 Smith John C 
133 Anthony Robt 
135 Lunt Wm 
137 Adcock Mrs Ellen 
139 Tambling Arthur 
141 Riley Philip 
143 Norris Herbert 
145 Fenton Wm 
149 Sharpe Ernest 
151 Colbourne Frederick T 
Clinton st Intersects 
+ Christie st intersects 


East from Lawlor av to 
Cockburn av, first south 
of Gerrard east, ward 1. 
Not built on 


South from 665 Queen e, 
ward 1. 
East Side 

1 Bryant Fredk 

2 Broom Geo E 

1 Hunt Stephen 

4 Hayi'S Chas 

5 Richards Gwilym 

6 Ure James 


(Old Linden av, Midway 
Annex), south from Dan- 
forth av to G T R tracks, 
third e of Coxwell av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Birks Elijah J 

West Side 

104 Vacant 

106 Miller John 

Attwell Barron 

Jackson David 


South from Danforth av, 
first w of Ashdale av, 
ward 1. 

Xot built on 


North from the Queen's 
Wharf to beyond St Clair 
Sv, intersecting King w at 
667, wards 4 and 5 

East Side 

Queen's Wharf 
National Yacht and Bail- 
ing Skiff Club 
Thor Iron Works, Ltd 
Elliott J W, whol lumber 
5-9 Housey Edwin, gas 


Connell Anthracite Min- 
ing Go's yard 

15 McBean & Verrall, lum- 
^ Front st w ends 

Berg Machinery Mfg Co 
27 Collins Inlet Lumber 


^ Niagara st intersects 
29 Chinese laundry 
31 Sastala Saml 

3 Vacant 

35 Zimmerman James 
37 Pearce Win 
39 Burness Wm 
Steele Richd 
41 Griffin John 
43 Ferguson John 
45 Sinclair Miss Ellen 
49 Vacant 

^ Wellington w intersects 
51 Kinsella Mrs Knte 
53 Dunn Mrs Julia 

55 McQuarrie Donald 

57 Ritchie Barnabas 

59 Hughes Jas 

61 Moffitt Henry 

63 Martin Henry 

+ Stewart st ends 

Reliance Knitting Co, 

75 Textile Trimming Co, 


Sanitol Chemical Lab- 
oratory Co. 

^ King st w intersects 

91 Sedore Thos C 

93 Marlatt Geo A, barber 

95 Shaw Geo 

97 Cameron Benj 

99 Vacant 

^ Brown la commences 
101 Beacon Chas 
103 Barrie Patk 
105 Levinski Kikolay 
107 Goiinski Josepn 
109 Grant Harry 
111 Stangemore Albert F 
113 Young Geo 
115 Kyan Dennis J 

Murphy Stephen J 
117 Christie Mrs Mary 
119 Berger Abram 
121 Codignotte A, gro 

^ Adelaide st w ends 
125 St Mary's C L & A Assn 
129 MacKay Angus 
131 Allen John 
133 Kirkwood Albert 

Barclay Richd 
135 Ryan Mrs Ellen 
137 Goodwin Herbert C 
139 Shute Alfred 
141 Davey Francis 
143 Vincent George 
145 Johnson Mrs Elizth 
147 McGill Wm 
149 Doyle Robt 
151 Burns James 
153 Flannagan Patk J 
155 Rumac Solomon 
157 Cotterill Wm 
159 Weir Augustine 
161 Turcott Mrs Elizth 

+ Richmond st w intersects 

163 Chinese Indry 
165 Bell Christopher 
167 Davey Harold A 

173 Vacant 
175 Occident Bldg 

' l (re Rooms 
Turner Chas, caretkr 
177 Jacobs & Goldstein, tlrs 
Queen st w Intersects 
179 Slade J A, dentist 

McMulkin F & J, insur- 

181 Bickford Albert F 

183 Wyatt E J, barber 

185 Vacant 

187 Vacant 

1S9 Rosinsky Im!c, phoemkr 

^Wolseley st intersects 
397 Corner Thos D, coal 
199 Kelly Michael 
101 Elston Jacob 
203 Goldstein Saml 
205 Sable Mrs Annie 
rv7 Cohen Isaac 
209 Boone Mrs Mai gt 
211 Little Mrs Mary J 
213 McQuillan Mrs Mary 
215 Reilly Wm 
217 Kelleher Wm J 

^ Eden pi commences 
219 Konecny Andrew 
221 Hughes' John P 
223 Worwood Walter 
225 Alexander John 
227 Hobley Francis W 
229 Riordan Thomas 
231 Daniels John 
T33 Wade Win. vet surg 
235 Maxwell Wm J 
237 Erskine Robt 
239 Murchison Bros, rink 
241 Murchison S O 
243 Murray Archd 
245 Killoran J F I,, phy 

Ball John 
247 Flaherty Miss Katherine 

249 Stipe Franklin C 
251 Fox Mrs Susan 

Alexandra Park 
+ St Patrick st ends 
311 Oster Peter L, cigars 
311 l /ii Smith Mrs Phoebe, 


313 Nixon Frank J, plmbr 
M5 Molonev Henry I> 
317 Taylor Mfg Co, tlrs 

Taylor Isaac 
319 Smith Mrs Phoebe 
321 Wood Peter M, dairy 

Wood Isabella 8, phy . 
323 Chalkley Richd 

Williamson Ernest L 
:<25 Thompson Mrs Susan 
327 Martin Mrs Mary 
329 Stinson Herman 
331 Davison John, gro 
333 Wilson Chas, drugs 
335 Vacant 
337 Chinese Indry 
?37 J , Hodge John 
339 Bank of Hamilton (br) 
341 McMahon John 
343 Ibbots-.n G H, hdwre 
345 Locke David 
347 Thomas Charles H, phy 
349 Baillie Wm, phy 

Dayton Hurt 

351 Vise Mrs Katharine 
353 Shajr.e John, osteopath 
355 Bausch Frank 

Roseberry av commences 
381-419 Tor Western Hospital 

Nassau st ends 

421 Procter Henry, s'noemkr 

423 Pring Alfred 

4?5 Bourne Wm 

427 McCaffrey James J 

429 Marchione Louis 

431 Vacant 

433 King Alex L 

427 Swanscn Mrs Annie 

439 Smith Mrs Jennie 

441 Skinner Abraham 

443 Mole Mrs Susanna 

445 Milling James, shoemkr 

447 Lapello John 

449 Sewell Mrs Christina 

451 Anson Wm F 

453 Ayre Edwin L, plmbr 

455 Latimer Mrs Sarah J 

457 Spiegelman Abraham 

459 Lee Jonas T B, mfrs agt 

461 Smith Mrs Anna 

463 Paddon John C 

465 Kidd David 

467 Bedell Henry 

469 Mackey W E, bldr 

471 Hargrave Mrs Maria 

473 Ambler John 

475 Lizmore Alfred 

477 Lewis Mrs Jane E 

479 Whitecombe Frank 

481 Bush Miss Murca 

483 Cameron Miss Sarah 

College st intersects 
495 Forsyth Gordon, flour 

Clarkson Percy E, den- 

King Edward School 
High School of Commerce 

& Finance 

07 Church of Christ 
559 Moreiand HJ=., rv 
661 Austin Charles W 

Blackley Alfred G 
563 Morris Nathaniel 
565 Elrick Mrs Emily 
5C7 Rowen Charles W 
569 Ewing Miss Mary, nrse 
571 Bolger Mrs .Mary 
573 Martin Lionel 
575 Mnrks Mrs Fanny 
577 Morton Hugh 
579 Hart James 
5S1 McLean Joseph A 
583 Lawrence Miss Sarah A 
585 Campbell P W, mech 


589 Johnston Mrs Melissa 
591 Garvie Wm A 
593 Miss Mary C 
595 Stenbers Wm T 
597 Hamilton Wm B 
599 Walker Efl ward 
601 Taylor Mrs Margaret J 
603 Thompson Mrs Charlotte 
605 O'Connor Mrs Johanna 

607 Fitzgerald Wm J 
603 GaJe Miss 3Jizth 
611 Campbell Mrs Flora 

Dumond Albert 
613 Holmes Miss Mary L 
615 Hewson Wm H 
617 Palmer Thos B 
619 McAlpine Mrs Isabel 

McAlplne Miss Edith, 

McAlpine Miss Margaret, 

Ulster st intersects 
621 Fairman Claude 
621% McNeill Hector 
623 Galbraith David, chiro- 

625 Bond Mrs Catherine 
P27 Flanagan I: J 
629 Miller James L 
631 McAllister Mrs Melissa 
633 Pettit J D 
635 Elder Wm P 
637 Newman Mrs Jessie 
639 Gay Arthur F 
641 Pippy Walter H 
643 Vacant 
645 Bell Richd 
647 Tholdy Mrs Mary 
649 Green Chas B 
651 Hawkins Henry G 

McCreery Miss Alicia 
653 Hargrave Alfred W 
655 Smith Lawrence H 
659 MacDougall John 
063 Moss Myer 
665 Finnigan Wm J 
669 McCartney Miss Han- 
nah M 

671 Elliott Mrs Hariiet 
673 Overend Harry 
675 Lougheed Joseph 
677 Taylor Robert 
C79 Taylor John 
6S1 Becker I'redk C 

^Harbord st intersects 
685 Hollitt Saml J 
687 Scobie Loren. barber 
689 Felling- Fredk W, shoe- 

England Wm V. uphol 
689% First Christian Ch 
695 Vacant 
699 England Wm V 
701 Cradick Robt II 
703 Turner Wm G 
705 Corciran Mich! 
707 Elz Lawrence 
'09 Dee John J, pntr 
715 Topping Mrs Maria 
717 Harris Nathan, tlr 
719 Truman Wm, shoemkr 
721 Chinese Indry 

+ Herrick st intersects 

Thistle Lawn Bowling 


7S7 Appleton H C Y. contr 
739 Burgess James 
741 Hall Mrs Selina M 
743 Keleher Piitk 
745 Gorman John T 
7^7 Hammcnd Albert E 
749 Potter Thos 
751 Whetter Herbert T 
753 Martin John D 
Green Geo 

Green Miss Jessie, drs- 

755 Aitken Henry 
757 Moriey Gerald W 
759 Cnldwell Edward 
761 Todd Miss Catheirne F 


STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading Ex- 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 



Our Book 



Main 3713 LUMSDEN BLDG., Toronto Mailed Free 


76S Chadwick Richd 
765 Hodgson E G, phy 
^ Lennox st. intersects 
767 Flt-ury Thos J 
769 Davies John, confr 
773 McGowan Wm J, contr 
775 Long Fran'-:s 

8t Peter's (RO School 
St Peter's (RC> Church 
7!'l McClure J A. tlr 

N,ash Herbert T 
793 Morley G W, Jwlr 

McFadden Arthur 
795 Lonergan Henry, cigar 
I-'lfrning Mrs Alici 1 
Bloom Leo 
797 Clarkson C H, dentist 

Pitts Mrs Florence 
+ Bloor st w Intersect? 
801 Cole David A, barber 
803 Carter Henry Co, real est 
Conger Coal C) <br) 
Canadian Express Co 


805 Vacant 
807 Chinese Indry 
Ivett Fredk 
Cook Thos 
809 Ponlton J S, s'noi!S 

Mackay John 
811 Pearcy David, harness- 


Osborn Walter 
813 Harrington Andrew J, 


815 Campbell James A 
817 New John 
819 Ross Francis J 
821 Cole David A 
823 Jones Richd 
825 Whitton Isaiah 
Boyer Geo, phy 
827 Turner Charles 
829 Hutchison J W, contr 
831 Ferguson Walter S, phy 
833 Noxon Allan, phy 

McLean Neil A 
835 Canham Wm W 
837 Waugh Wm 
839 Zoelmer Emil F R 
841 Ker Sirs Lulu M 
843 Smyth Fred H 
845 Wilcox Milford A 
847 Riddell Alex St C 
849 Taylor Percy 
851 Miehell Frank J 
Sol 1 /:; Carter Walter I 
853 Connor Miss Elizth 

Weyer Miss Sophia, 


855 Crocker Sydney C R 
857 Forster Frederick C 
859 Wnlters Wm 
859y> Patterson Wm F 
861 "Morse Wm M 
863 Rocrers Hiss Elizth J 
865 Hackney Charles W 
367 Sinclair Miss Carrie 
869 Harron Hugh J 
869% Vaughan Geo 
871 Bodkin Win 
873 Smith Edwrt 
?:.", Gold Wm, ladies' tlr 
879 Spears Robt M 

ialian J J 
SF3 While V. m 
SS7 Marvin Stuart A 
^Barton av intersects 
8HI Bunt Frank H 
893 Quinllvan M T 
895 Fleming A G 
897 Rogers Mrs Esther L 
890 Palmer Mrs Anna 
899% Kirk James 
901 Whatmore Percy 
903 Wilson Mrs Mary 
905 Barber Timothy B 
907 Goodwin James 
909 Morrison John 
911 Taylor Wm G 
911% Rutland Chas 
Campbell Wm 
913 Howard Krnost A E. phy 
Dayman Miss H Paul- 
ine, nurse 
.915 Sheridan Edwd 
917 Hayes Mrs Bertha 
819 Vickers James R 
921 Guthrie Wm F 
923 Macdonald Mrs Mary 
925 Coates Mrs Annie 

927 Leaker & Walker, elect 
929 Pearce Frederick 
31 Murphy Edwd J 
933 McMurran Joseph 
935 Hewitt H Blake 
Leonard Robt E 
937 Metzker Mrs Agnes 
939 Morrow Rev John D 
941 Page Thomas J, phy 

^Wells st ends 
999 Forbes Miss Catharine 
1001 Dickinson Mrs Mary 
1003 Curzon Root T 
lOTO Found Mrs Annie 
1007 Waybrant Mrs Bella 
1009 Tozer Ephraim 
1011 Elmes Win J B 
1013 MacMillan John C 
1015 Cope W L 
1017 MacDonald Donald M 
1019 Smith Robt H 
1021 May Harry D 
1023 Allan James C 
1025 Williams Robt 
1027 Comiskcy Ambrose C 

Liek Ernest 

1C29 Van Sickler Ernest A 
1031 Thomson Miss Nina 
1033 Woodhouse Geo E* 
1035 Gurnett Mrs Jane 
1037 Stacev Mrs Matilda 
1039 McGinnis Saml 
1041 Hayes Saml 

Hayes Mrs Sadie, mlr 
1043 Arnold R Heber 
1045 Hoey David N 
1047 Dunlop Mrs Myrtle 
1049 Roseburgh Arthur J 
1051 Morris Wm H 
1053 Collins Andrew E 
1055 Welch John W 
1057 Hull David 
1059 Roberts Frederick W 
1061 Harris Wm, shoemkr 

Davis Howard, rear 
1067 Fell W T, hardware 

Unfinished stores (4) 
1079 Marshall Wm C 
1081 Tuxford Thomas 
1083 Lackie Robert J 
1085 Moss Fred 
1087 Carey John 
1089 Marshall Bros, gros 
1091 Pountney Joseph H, 

Dunn Wm E 
1093 Wilson Geo G, cigars 

Frankland Garrett F 
1095 Davies Wm Co, provs 

Dupont st intersects 
1095% Jones & Son, rl est 
lore Chinese Inirv 

1097% English John, har- 
ness mkr 
Gostlin Walter 

C P R crossing 
1169 Vacant 

1171 Chamberlain Mrs Sarah 
1173 Maloney Michl 
1175 Southwell Richard 
1177 Plumb George 
1179 Shanley Michael 
1181-99 General Leather 

Goods, Ltd 
1191 National Leather Co of 

Can, Ltd 
Canadian Fibre-Wood 

& Mfg- Co. Ltd 
Western Leather Goods 

Ce, Ltd 
Canada's Thread Mills. 


1201 Bromley Harry 
1203 Battersby John T 
1215 Smith Thos 

Skinner Jeffrey M 
1217 Hersee Arthur 
1219 Bolton Herbert 
1221 Tinker Arthur L 
1223 Winrow Chas N 

Hawes Alfred 
1225 Young Thos 
1227 Angus Bertram 
1?29 Parker Percy J 
1231 Hudson Mrs Dora 
1233 McCusker Alfred 
1235 Dowding James E 
1237 Blakey Miss Jennie 
1239 Graham Miss Mary 
1245 Scott Richd 
1253 Duncan Mrs Margt 

12E7 McCarthy Mrs Sarah 
1259 Vacant 

^ Davenport rd intersects 
1275 Convalescent Home 
1289 Winter Francis W 
1295 Hiscock Edwd H 

Hilton av intersects 
1319 Edwards John 
Hillcrest school 
Wychwood (br) Public 


1347 Cooey Herbert W 
1349 Cooey Joseph, contr 
1351 Warren John M 
1353 Crow Wm P 

Mathieson Miss Jessie 

B, nurse 
1355 Ewald Herman 

^ Nina av ends 
1403 Martin Wm H, plmbr 
^ St Clair av intersects 
Seccombe Wallace 

West Side 


Allen John M 

Ruttan Lumber Co 

Pullan Elias, shipping 

Collins J W Lumber Co 

Verral Storage Co, store- 

McGill Wm Co (br stor 

Matthews, Laing, Ltd 

Old Fort 

Peters & Cain, whol lum- 

Gas tank 
28 Rogers Elias Co, coal 

Broomer James 

t Niagara st intersects 
)-42 Carr Joseph 

44 Gauthier Edwd 

46 Parker John 

48 Williams James 

60-62 Unfinished bldg 

+ Wellington w intersects 

64 Kennelly Andrew 

66 Elliott John C 

70 Turner Robert 

72 Kennelly Wm J 

74 Hutson Mrs Louisa H 

76 Fletcher W J, gro 
Twilley George S 
Askey Mrs Mary, rear 

78 Gnlbraith Harry 
Vaughan Joseph 
McKeon John, rear 
Ayres George, rear 

80 McKeor, Mrs Annie 

82 Whan Robert 

84 Northey John 

86 Hill Arthur 

88 Bailey Wm G 

PO McCann James 

92 Murray A rend 

Matthews Carl M 

King st w intersects 
104 Soss Invisible Hinge 

Co, Ltd 

Entrance to McDonnell sq 
St Mary's (UC X Church 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
140-148 St Marv's Convent 

152 Swanwick Henry K 
O'Neil James, rear 
154 Webster Geo R 
160 Tyrrell Miss Cassie 
162 Co'ulter Roht, shoemkr 
Coulter C E. printer 

164 Chinese Indry 

166 Slobasky & Schwartz 

Bros, plmbrs 
Richmond st w intersects 

165 McGill Wm & Co, coal 
178 Adams Mrs Jesie. cigars 
ISO Summers Martin, barber 

Queen st w intersects 
184 Gutzeit W H, mus tchr 

+ Willis st commences 
194 Logan Francis 
156 Valentine Walter 
,iH8 Goff. Edward 
Rae Chas w 
200 Brown Wm A 

aoa Bell Albert E 

204 Armstrong Christopher, 

^ Wolsc-Iey st intersects 
206 Baker Henry 
i08 Sahle Benj 
210 Painter W J 
212 Floyd Mrs Isabella 
214 Libby Martin 
216 Brass Mrs . \iini- 
218 MacMillan Daniel 
220 Noble John J 
222 Needham John C 
224 Hutton Andrew 
226 Hull Albert E 
228 Chinese Indry 

Robinson st commences 
2cO Stipe Franklin C, gro 
232 Wells Richd 
234 Watson John 
236 Killackev Alex 
238 Adams Wm (. 
238% Shaw Andrew 
40 Leeper James H 
24'J Hook Miss Alfreda 
244 McPherson D A. phy 
246 Rudd Geo W 
248 Hewitt Mrs Minnie 

Morris Miss Christina, 


250 Sharman Eli 
252 McCalla Mrs Mary D 
254 Barton Joseph 
256 Mossman Robt D 
258 Smith Frank L 
260 Stanford Wm 
262 Nichols Miles 
264 Heck Wm 
2B6 McGinn Wm J 
268 Gillespie Mrs A, drsmkr 
270 Bennie Mrs Jane 
272 Lee Mrs Sarah 

Abbott Samuel, rear 
274 Roffe Rev Alfred W 
276 Christian Workers' Ch 
280 Rossiter Mrs Ann 
282 Matthews Mrs Mary 
284 Henley Wm 
286 Saunders Mrs Mary 
288 Grossi Achille 
290 Benson Mrs Sarah A 
292 Albert Dominic 
294 Adams Win M 
296 Woollatt Mrs Annie 
298 Hand Mrs Mary 
300 Montgomery Mrs Sarah 
302 Smith Mrs Harriet 
304 Hickey James J 
306 Ronson James A 
308 Hamilton Walter, phy 

310 Lake Wm J A 

312 Marshall C \V 
214 Connellan Frank 

316 Garfunkel Samson 
318 Kerr James 
320 McLeod Fredk 

322 Lawrence Frank 
324 Mlllward C W 

326 Fieldhouse Miss Mary A 
Phillips Oeorge 

328 Carolan Miss Elizabeth 

330 Long Mrs Emily 

332 Springman David 

334 Riddell Mrs Etta 

336 Bailey Mrs Eveline J 

338 MoKenzie Mrs Cather- 

340 Judge Michael, confr 

342 Manaceveth Joseph N, 
ladies tlr 

344 Hall Frank, barber 

344a Chouskey Abraham 

S14'.. Malloy Francis J 

344b~Thayer Horace G, 

^Arthur st commences 

346 Wright Wm H. dentist 
Brown D Archd, men's 

348 Macdonald Mrs I J, gro 

350 Higgins Mrs M M 

352 Carolan James 

354 Brown Hugh F 

356 Hazelton Mrs Alice M 

358 Cook Mrs Sarah 

360 Hazlitt Wm S 

362 Savoy Candy Co 

364 McCannel Mrs Grace A 

366 Murphy Wm K, under- 

368 Burns Mrs Hannah 

370 Hayden J M, plmbr 

S72 Dunne Patk E 


Ingot Metals FRASER AVE. 







Canadian Company 

374 Jones Mrs Clara 

376 Close Chas 

3TS Mills Miss Mary E 

380 Gallinger Hiss Sarah 

38" Hughes Joseph E 

384 Brown Harry J 

S88 Ward Robt B 

38SA Purvis Albert M 

390 Archibald Mrs Annie 

190% Adams Jas 

404 Odd Fellows' Hall 

408 Rosenburg Philip 

Silverberg David 
410 O'Halloran Mrs Annie 
412 Burton Mrs Mary 
414 Rea Mrs Mary J 
418 Tomlln H C 
420 W>-ston Geo, Ltd, bkrs 
444 Toilet Laundry Co 
446 Taber's Family Laundry 
448 Ablitt Wm 
450 Grainger Geo 
432 Smyth Mrs Maria 

Maxwell Miss Margt B 
454 Stockbausen Fredk 
456 .lohnstone Thos H 
46)f Anchinclois Wm A 

462 Ashelford ^ m A. livery 
464 Smith Terence, livery 

Wood John 

466 Rathbun L Marvlne, 

463 Ward Edwin, clothes clnr 
470 Bookless John, gro 
4V-474 College Bowling & 

Athletic Club, Ltd 
Art Tailoring Co, Ltd 
Sword Neckwear Co, Ltd 
Defiance Mfg Co, men's 

furngs mfrs 

Hall A & T, Ltd, neck- 
wear mfrs 

+ College st intersects 
606 Lightfoot Chas 
508 Martin Leonard 
510 Roden Mrs Amelia 

613 Matthews Edwd 

614 McKeown Chas O 
516 McCaffrey John 
620 Vacant 

522 Woltz George 
624 Mason Andrew 

Beyer John 
626 McKissock Thos 
628 Goggins James 
630 Llnton Wm W 
634 Slight Mrs Martha 
636 MacDonald Miss E J. 

MacDonald Miss Margt 
538 Camplln Isaac 
540 Hacking Henry 
542 Webster James E 

544 McGill Mrs Annie 
546 Kipp Herbert M 

545 Crosby Miss O Mae 
550 Bennett Josiah 

'ston Malcolm 
554 McPhtrson Mrs C I 
556 McPherson D TV, phy 
truthers W E, phy 
5fi<l Lackie James A 
5B2 Lindsay Henry 
564 Grossman Harry 
566 Yokes James L 
568 Henderson James B 
570 Proctor Edwd M 
572 (loss Mrs Ida 
574 Pay rs Miss Kate 
576 Newton John E 

Lee Mrs Sarah M, nrse 
Mtient John L 

Schindler F, Wm 
582 Chadwirk Thos J 
5S4 Farrance Walter C 
586 Henderson Edwin 
C! *8 Brnwn Geo A 
690 Saunders Mrs Jennie 
592 James Archd 

594 Flndlav Wm M 
596 Neild Mrs Harriet 

595 Munro Mrs Annie 
600 Coons Mrs Ann 
602 Amory Mrs Jane 
604 Tuck John A, phy 

^ Ulster st intersects 
606 McMurray Mrs M S 

W-Ils Mrs Josephine. 


608 Hider Arthur H 
610 Swanton Mrs Naomi 

612 Castleinan Mrs Mr.jt A 
614 Cox Mrs Minnie E 
616 Orr Miss Elizth 
618 Elder Miss Elizth 
620 Hague Wm 
OS Craig Wm H 
624 Henderson Albert E 
626 Henderson Thos M 
628 Roach Edwin J 
630 Denny James 
632 Hamilton Mrs Mary 
634 Vacant 
636 Davids Mrs Isabel 
638 Weinstock Joseph 
640 Ferner Mrs Annie 
6-12 Galloway Wm O 
644 Alann Miss Isabella, 

646 Chamberlain Watson P, 

648 Bell Walter 
65O Gray Wm M 
652 Kew James 
654 Wilson Richard J 
656 Thompson George S 
f-.8 Bronsdon Mrs C W 
660 Currie Alex A 
+ Harbord st intersects 
662 Gaby Robt E, phy 
664 Bingley Mrs Jane, furs 

Bingley Walter H 
666 Langstaff Mrs Louisa F 
868 Wlngfield Wm A 
670 Wood Miss Elizth 
B7'J! Heatherman Wm J 
674 Button Mrs Maria 
676 McLean Dougald 
678 Pearce Wm 
680 Mason Frank J 
6S2 Haines Thos 
684 D.iTidce & Lunn, contra 

Davidge Wm J 
686 Brosner Timothy 
688 Richardson Robt 
690 Shantz Saml P 
692 Merrlck Miss Llllle 
694 Elliott Miss Annie 
696 Lunn Walter E 
700 Ferguson Mrs Elizth 
McPherson Miss Kate, 

Thompson T G, dentist 
Guest Edna M. phy 
+ Herrlck Intersect* 

702 Carroll Mrs Ellen 
704 Beauchamp Walter N 
706 Beauchamp G N 
7i' McCuaig Duncan 
710 Podge r Albert B 
712 White Edwd L 
714 Fields Harry 
716 Bain John G 

Bain Mrs Coutts. voca! 


718 Ingles Walter, gro 
Methodist Church 
^Lennox st intersects 
738 Jones Wm, flour 
740 Roderick Frank 
742 Bottrell Albert J, bicy- 

Dennison Frank G 
Fairev Albert H 
744 Harding Wm, uphol 

Kemp Fredk 

746 Keane Charles H, bi- 
750 Farmer Jones H 

Farmer Mrs Cara, mus 


7501* Vacant 
752 West Mrs Marion 
754 Vinson Thomas 

Swain Jonn 
756 Candy Wm H, cartage 


758 Cunninsham Andrew, bi- 
760 Ludlow Bros, tlrs 

Ludlow Edwd J 
762 Curran Mrs Martha B, 


Strong Chas T 
Bell Edmund 

764 Stra-w Fredk W, photo 
Lemon Jacob B 
Dennison John 
766 Bennett Miss M, drsmkr 
M.-Oinnis Robt 
Baker Alfred 

768 Trewin Wilbur M. gro 
MacClanathan Edwin R 
Marrin Leo A 
Weinstock Joseph 
770 Fuller John, btchr 
77; Weinstock Joseph, ladies' 


Kelly Fredk W 
Spencer Carl 
774 Davy H M & Co, real 

776 Pittlnger Peter J, real 

778 Lappage Mrs Lillian, con- 


^Bloor st w intersects 
06 Ferrah Robt, drugs 
G N W Tel (br) 
Brewer Thos 
Scarth Sydney 
806 Chinese Indry 
816 Ennls Thomas, blksmth 
820 Kldd Geo, shoemkr 
822 Leader Walter, rest 
824 Midgley ..m 
826 Van Iderstine Wm, fey 

828 Corker Ernest A, sec 

hd gds 

830 Adare Fredk J 
834 Walkey Geo A 
840 Vansickler J & Co, Ltd, 


848 Croft & Son, cut stone 
848a-852 Vacant 
^London st commences 

854-858 Vacant 

860 Codner Mrs Dorcas 

Codner Miss Emma, drs- 


S62 Jacobs Geo 
864 Cairncross Donald 
866 Doherty John 
868 Jordan Joseph, shoemkr 
870 Lowey Mrs Sarah 
872 Whitelaw John, gro 

Whiteiaw Miss I M, mus 


R74 Rice Walter, stnty 
876 Harron H J. dyer 
878 Credicott Richd 
o Pastow Henry C 
882 McClelland Robt 
884 Lavery Chas J 
886 Stevenson Mrs Elizth 
888 Hughes Bernard B 
890 Wills John 
892 Fisher Fredk, vet surg 
<-!i4 Fulton Wm J 
S96 Lee Alex O. vet surg 
898 Harman Thos 
90S Wenman Chas 
910 Vacant store 

Wenman Chas 
^ Barton av intersects 
952 Ryan Arthur, tinner 
9C4 Hudson R H, gro 

Mirks Fredk 

Fisher Richd D 

Young Chas 
966 Clayton Joshua, btchr 

av commences 
968 Tomlinson Mrs Elizth. 


970 Adams Miss Alice, stay 
872 Curtin John H, gro 
974 Irvine Chas W, flour & 


976 Morrow Hugh, dry gds 
VTIS Chinese Indry 
980 Richings Mrs Mary R. 


Riching's Edwd 
982 Gooderham Frank, bar- 


984 Rynex Samuel 
986 Trollope John 

Cotterlll Mrs Elizth. 


988 Stevenson Archd, btchr 
990 Reid G D, drugs 
^Olive av commences 
994 Cork Wm G. gro 

Hundertmark Henry 
996 Plenty Henry, shoe repr 
998 Salmon James M. confy 
1000 Scherck Herman A. 

i: nhol 
10C2 Belyea Isaac 

lOOt Lennon James H 

Lennon Miss S M. nurse 
1006 Bailey Wm J, btchr 
1008 Harniman Alfred L, 

1010 McArthur Archd O, 


1012 Perro John, fruit 
1014 Spragge Caleb, tinner 
lu 16 Dobson John 
1018 Curtis John 
1020 Pearl John 
1026 Hancock Henry 
1028 Thomson L Garfleld, 


1030 Pickles James H 
1032 Wilson Archd. phy 
1034 Oille John A. phy 
1036 Arnold Ernest F 
1044 Jackson Wm 
1O46 Fuerst Arthur M 


1048 Simpson Frank M, tlr 
1050 Alldred Wm 

Alldred Miss Maud, 


1052 Mumford Bros, btchrs 

+ Vermont av commences 

1070 Sheerin Dennis P, rl 


Cornwell Apartments 
1086 Roy Napoleon A. shoes 
108S Rivett & Stephens, shoe- 
1090 Pearce Mrs Uose, dry 


Ripley Bruce T 
1002 Fawcett Wm J, gro 
1094 Vivian Edwin, confy 
1096 Woodward Chas H, 


1098 Stroud Wm, btchr 
1100 Imperial Bank (br) 
^Dupont st intersects 
1104 Dickin Charles, gro 
1106 Levison John, clothe* 

1114 Gibson-MeCormack-Irvln 

Co, Ltd, lumber 
1116 McLean Alex 
1118-1122 Lucas John & Co, 

bldrs' supplies 
+ Railway crossing 

Hillcrest race course 
+ Davenport rd intersects 
1352 Lawrence James 
+ Alcina av commences 

1356 Stansfleld & Co. rl est 
1366 Holmes Reuben, baker 

Holmes Mrs Ellen, gro 
1368 Chinese Laundry 
1376-1378 Lansmuir James 
& Co, Ltd, paint 

R I W Damp Resist- 
ing Paint Co 

1380 Glass Gerald S, btchr 
1SS4 Crosby E K, blksmth 
1388 Gardner F A & Son, gros 
Hambleton Mrs Jean, 


1390 Harris John L. drugs 
1392 Wilson John F, fruit 
1394 Jinks Saml T, coal 
1S96 Lankin Clarence, barber 
1398 Brown Edward, shoe- 

Helena av commences 

Vansban rd commence* 
1410 White Mrs Elizabeth 

St Clair av intersects 


(Old Ashvale av). east 
from Coxwell av to Small 
Pond, first n of Queen e, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Christian Percy 

4 Oliver John 

6 Smith Delbert 

5 Vacant 

12 Lewis Alfred M 

South Side . 

1 Barrett John 
5 Englefield Chas 


SUITE: 603-604-605 Traders Bank Building, Yonge St. 

Phones: Office, Main 4949 

Res. North 77Z7 

F. J. SMITH s CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


7 Smith Prank 

9 Burton Ingol, painter 
11 Vacant 
15 Harrison Thos J 


East from 927 Tonge, 

ward 2. 
North Side 

2 Baldock Thos 
South Side 

7 Emery Geo W 

9 Bell Wm 


North from the bay to 66 
Queen w, ward 3. 

East Side 

Turbine Steamship Co 

Lake st intersects 
^ Railway crossing 

Esplanade st w Intersects 
Moran Mrs Annie, fruits 

^ Front st w intersects 
51-53 Allan A A & Co, 
Ltd, whol hats and 

55-57 Unfinished bide 
63 Ogilvie Bldg 

Ogilvie Thos & Sons, 

whol woollens 
Dominion Textile Co, cot- 
ton goods 
Mallisons Ltd, cotton 


Montreal Cotton Co 
Knox James E, mfrs agt 
Walker W S, mfrs agt 
Canadian Converters 

Co, ladies wear 
Black John P & Co. 

Ltd, ladies wear 
narrower G H & Co, 

ladies wear 

Belfour, Morris & Will- 
cocks, silks 

McQuillan Thos, mfrs agt 
Central Agency, Ltd, 

spool cotton 

Lazarus & Rosenfeld, 
- crockery 
Imperial Oil Co, Ltd 


Newman, Smith & New- 
man, Ltd, hse frngs 
Welch, Margetson & 

Co, Ltd, dry gds 
Angus W M & Co, mfrs 

Jennings & Wilson, mfr 


Campbell, Metzger & 
Jacobson (NY), fancy 
Ritchie & Ramsey Ltd, 

65 Daly & Morin, window 

shade s mfrs 

+ Wellington st w Intersects 
87 Pullan M & Sons, cloak 


49 Canada Screw Co, Ltd 
Steel Co of Canada, Ltd, 

Moore A E Floral Co, 

Ltd. who! florists 
Embroidery & Quilting 


Spiegel Israel, tlr 
71 Vacant 
73 Tug-well H C & Co, Ltd, 

photo supplies 
73% Wioke P E, adv nov- 

Strong Wm B, broker 
Thompson C H J, prtr 
75 Jose Richd L, furs 
77 Brown & Stalnton, sta- 

Babayan Levon, orien- 
tal rugs 
81 Telegram Bldg 

Evening Telegram (dally) 
a st ends 

85-93 Toronto General Trusts 


Toronto Genl Trusts Cor- 
poration I 
Malone, Malone & Long, 

Bongard & Ryerson, 

stock brokers 
Fulford G T Co, Ltd, pro 


Reed, Shaw & Mc- 

Naught, ins brokers 

Conecticut Fire Ins Co 

General Fire Assurance 

Co of Paris, France 

Liverpool & London & 

Globe Ins Co, Ltd 
Lloyd's Plate Glass Ins 

Marine Ins Co of Lond- 

on, Eng 

Mercantile Fire Ins Co 
National Surety Co of 

New York 
Pacific Coast Fire Ins 

Waterloo Mutual Fire 

Ins Co 
Canada Industrial 

Bond Corp, Ltd 
Provincial Motors Ltd, 

Cassels, Brock, Kelley & 

Falconbridge, barrs 
Murray, Mather & Co, 

MacKay John & Co, 


Thomson, Tilley & John- 
ston, barrs 
Ridout & Strickland, 

ins agts 
Canada Accident Assce 

Law Union & Rock 

Fire Ins Co, Ltd 
London & Lancashire 
Life Assce Assn, Ltd 
Phoenix Assce Co of 

London, Eng 
Holden & Grover, barrs 
Dunlap David A, office 
King st w intersects 
95 Baillie, Wood & Croft, 


97 Sterling Bank of Can- 
ada, The (head office) 
Deacon F H & Co, 


99-103 Jarvis Bldg 
9 Wilkinson Chas, barber 
101 Riordan & Kice, phys 
103 McKim A, Ltd, adv 

Jarvis Aemilius & Co, 

stock brokers 
British Columbia Pack- 
ers' Assn 

Arnold! & Grierson, barrs 
Warren Bituminous Pav- 
ing Co, Ltd 
Harpman, Barnes & 

Stevenson, cons engs' 
Price, Waterhouse & Co, 

Toronto Safe Deposit & 

Agency Co, Ltd 
Segsworth R F, barr 
Segsworth W E, mining 


Toronto Horticultural So- 
Commercial Acetylene 

105 News Publishing Co 

News (Daily) 
109 National Club 
111-113 Pedlar People, metal- 
lic ceilings 
115 Irons W E, rubber 


Douglas Bros, printers 
Smith E G Printing Co 
Ludforcl W H, bkbndr 
Hymnn Samuel, clothing 


117 McLean Bros, signs 
119-21 Bay Tree Hotel 

Toronto Baseball and 
Amusement Co, Ltd 

+ Adelaide st w intersects 
123 Stair Building 


101 Ontario Motor 


W'lcox E M Co, 
Ltd, printers 
Dominion Adver- 
tising Co 
Dominion Sales Co 

105 Missisquoi Marble 

Co, Ltd 

106 Alberta Financial 

Brokers, Ltd 
Westerman Ellis, 

mfrs agt 
108 Muir R Stewart, 

mfrs agt 
109 Dudley Arthur N, 

whol lumber 
Watts H H & Co, 
real est 

110 Rattray A J, arch 
Stewart C L, arch 

111 Martin W T, publr 
Noble Miss Ada, 


112 Spink J L, Ltd, grain 
114-115 Goetting Augus- 
tus H (Springfield, 
Mass), sheet music 

116 Cranston Novelty 

Advg Co 

117 Bartram Vivian T, 


115 Pope-Hartford Mo- 
tor Co of Canada 
201-203 McAlnsh D T & 

Co, publrs 
204 Foley Miss Pearl, pub 

Wilson Joseph R, 

mfrs agt 
205 Dominion Business 

Increasing Co 
Crayston T R, mfrs 

206 Cresswell Thos & Co, 

woollens . 

Watson Geo A, 

mfrs agt 
Spencer H H & Co, 

mfrs agtfe 

Partington R & J, 
Ltd, linings 

207 Vacant 

208 Forde & Oracle, 


Walsh James S, 
mfrs agt 

209 Vacant 

210 Martin R II, mfrs agt 
Martin & Riedel, 

glass mfrs 

211-212 Clark Efiwd & 
Sons, whol lumber 

214 Johnson Hugh R, 

mfrs agt 

Maveals & Howard, 
real est 

215 Rozon, Price & Co, 

real est 

216 Vacant 

217 Geale F M & Co, 

real est 
218 Vacant 

301-302 Alliance Invest- 
ment Co, Ltd 
303 Northwest Empire 

Land Co, Ltd 
305 Steele Wm & Sons 

Co, engineers 
306 McEvoy Jajnes, min- 
ing eng" 

Guess & Haultain, 
mining engrs 

307 Williams Frank & 

Co, coal 

308 Stair Fred W 

309 Dixon Shell H, real 


310 Hayward Harry L, 

mfrs agt 

Wade James T, 
mfrs agt 

311 Murton Ralph C, 


312 Can Mathews Gravity 
Carrier Co, Ltd 



314-315 Elliott - Fisher. 

Ltd, adding mach 

316 Canadian Newspa- 

per Association 

International News- 

paper Assn 
Law Alfred W, rl 


Cole & Cross, 

317 Moore Joseph C 

Co, real est 

318 Standard of 

pire, The 

125 Ralph & Co, cigars 
127 Purvis John M, collec- 

tion agt 
Watson F J & Co, real 

Clarkson F Lome, real 

129 Am Multigraph Sales Co, 

131 Defender Photo Supply 


133 Independent Tire Co, Ltd 
135 Fire Hall No 1 
^Temperance st intersects 
145 Dominion Automobile 

Co, Ltd 

153 Chinn Wm H, barber 
155 Meen & Meen, real est 
153-161 Continental Life Md* 
159 Reeve J T, real est 
161 Title & Trust Co. The 

2 Winters J R E & Co, 

coll ngts 
Toronto Mercantile 

Co, The 
Toronto Reporting & 

Collecting Agoy 
Victor Fire Extin- 

guisher Co 
Niagara Spray Nozzle 

10 Can Casualty & Boil- 

er Ina Co 
11 Cawell John N, rl 


101-105 Vacant 
106-117 Genl Accident As 
surance Co of Can 
Genl Accident, Fire 
& Life Assce Corp 
of Perth. .Scotland 
201-204 Coatsworth, Rich- 
ardson & Coats- 
worth. barrs 
Hitching F McH, 

205 Killackey F S & 

Co, mfrs agts 
Boynton Ed\vd. rl 

206-14 Continental Life 

Ins Co 

216 Can Powers Regula- 
tor Co, Ltd, heat 

217 Bird Wm R, real 


218 Brit-Am Security 

Co, Ltd 

Leishman Alex, ins 

219 Hudson Bros, real 

301-3 Balfour & Park- 

er, barrs 

304 Shaver H H, barr 
305 Allen Bernard, mfr3 

306-8 Corley, Wilkie & 

Duff, barrs 

309 Church Thos L, 


310 Dunham C A Co, 

Ltd, steam speci- 
311-312 Wherry Robt, 


313-314 Western Can- 

ada Securities Co 

Ltd, fin agts 

316-317 Unwm, Murphy 

& Esten, surveyors 

318-319 Hallam John 


Hallam Douglas, real 


L A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Phones Beach 23O-231 



The Dovercourt Land 




Hampstead Park 

24 Adelaide St. E. 

West Side 

Inland Lines, Ltd 
L.-tkp st intersects 
Hoofers Supply Co, Ltd 
Esplanade st Intersects 
st w intersects 
^Railway crossing 

Vacant Bidg 
^Piper st ends 
62 Hees Building 

Hees Georsre H & Son, 

window shades 
Jenner & Co, laces 
Clarke & Clarke, leath- 
er mfrs 

Turner F A, mfrs' agt 
Cragg F H, importer 
Hoskin Thos, mfrs' agt 
Mercer Andrew, mfrs 


Murray John A jr. mfrs 

Duff Hunter C, real 
Young Clarence K, 

cons engr 
401-2-3 Young- & Me- 

Evoy, barrs 
404 Freeman & Ross, 


Globe Land Co, Ltd 
405-408 Ritchie. Ludwig 
& Bailantyne, barrs 

409 Martin Clara B, burr 
Martin J H, real est 

410 Nason Joseph, barr 
411-12-13-14 Hall, 

Payne & MacBeth, 


416-41!) Bartram, Wads- 
worth & Sherry, 
501 Foy, Knox & Mon- 

ahan. barrs 
605-507 Boiler Insp & Ins 

Co of Canada 
508 Jones J Gordon, barr 
Mackenzie H Gordon, 

Jones Clarkson (est 


509 Pringle T & Son. 
Ltd. cons engrs 
510-12 Denison & Mill- 
er, barrs 
511 Vacant 
514 Freeman A E, con 

516-517 Stiff Bros, accts 
517-519 Inst of Chartered 

Accountancy Book 

Pub Co, Ltd 
Sime T Watson, acct 
601-3 Canada Weather Ins 

604a Thomson Thomas 

C, barr 
604b Davis Bidwill X, 

$06-607 Cavendish Del- 

man Co, brokers 
Lennox & Lennox, 

608-9 Eddis Wilton C & 

Sons, accts , 
610-14 Hydro - Electric 

Power Comn 
616 Oborne A Ross, mfrs 


617-618 Langley & How- 
land, archs 

619 Mercur R J & Co, 
Ltd, fnary sup- 
709 Hydro - Electric 

Power Comn 
801 Terry Herbert E, 


4 Richmond st w intersects 
165 Vacant 

167 Spain Abraham, barber 
169 Alver Ole P, herbalist 
171 Dye Shirley H. printer 
173 Warren Norman S, rest I 
175 Starkey Bros, rest 
177 Haick Saml. shoemkr 
179 Bates G & K. phys 
181 Schipper N B Co, fur- 

Gault Bros Co, Ltd 

(Montreal), dry gds 
Crescent Mfg Co, whol 

gents' furngs 
54 Vacant 
56 Bachrack Co, Ltd, whol 

dry gds 
62-68 Brock W R Co, Ltd, 

whol dry gds 
^Wellington st w Inter- 

70 Dun R G & Co, met agy 
Dun's Bulletin (tri- 

Debenhams (Canada) 

Ltd, silks 
Fisher Mark, Sons & Co, 

whol woollens 
New Idea Pattern Co 
Robertson J M & Co, 

Ltd, dry gds 
72-74 Paul Bldg 

King A S Co, Ltd, whol 

Ross Geo D & Co, mfns 1 

Canada Fine Art Co, 

Ltd, publrs 

Austin & Co, Ltd, jwlrs 
Dodds Medicine Co, Ltd, 


Schwartz J & CQ, furs 
Western Steamship Co 

Fisher Fuel Economizer, 

76 Anderson-Macbeth, Ltd 


Abbott Bros, whol mlnry 
Smallpeice V N, mnfrs' 

Joyner A H Winter, 

Ltd, mfrs agts 
Bristol Co, meters 
Weston Elect Instru- 
ment Co 
Teller Maurice A, mfrs 


7S Allcock, Laight & West- 
wood Co Ltd, fishing 

Nernst Lamp Co 
Dominion Corset Co 
Labbett Albert G, brkr 

Home Charles M, Ltd, 


Walker Fred W. real est 
80 Jessop Wm & Sons, 

steel mfrs 

Simon Louis, pipe mfr 
Heyes Bros, Ltd, The. 

smoking pipes 
Gordon John & Son, 

mfrs agts 
Tusco Fabrics. Ltd, 

uphols' supplies 
82 Muirhead A Co, Ltd, 

whol paints 

S4-SS Toronto Stock Ex- 
change Bldg 
90 Cronyn Edward * Co, 


Clark & Lee, mer tlrs 
92 Vacant 

94 Kinemacolor of Cana- 
da, Ltd, moving pic- 
ture machs 

96 Ames J H & Son, tlrs 
King st w intersects 
106-110 Mail Building 

Creed Albert E, barber 


1-4 Clarke & Swabey, 

5-7 Can Milk Products, 


8 Storerooms 

9 Thompson J & Son, 

die mfrs 
101 Woods-Norris, Ltd, 

adv agency 

102-103 Toronto Paper 
Mfg- Co 

106 Newspaper Collec- 

tion Agency 

107 Diaz-Albertini Ri- 

cardo, Cuban 

108 Havil] James L, arch 

109 Gen Fire Extinguish- 
er Co 

110 Vanderhoof - Gunn 

Co, Ltd. publrs 

111 Vacant 

112 Martindale James J, 

mfrs agt 

113-114 Meek Edward, 

115 Livingstone J Stan- 
ley, real est 

116 Manufacturers' Sup- 
ply Co 

117 Hankin Francis & 
Co, iron 

201-202 Black Building 
Supply Co 

203-205 Chipman & 

Powers, civ engs 

207-220 Mai! and Empire 
comp rooms 

304 Douglas Howard R, 

real est 

305 North Ender Pub Co 
East Ender 

West End Echo 
110 Dudgeon & Thornton, 


Speers A & Co, printers 
Economist Ptg & Pub Co 
Ames Walter, mach 
^ Pearl st commences 
112 Wire & Cable Co, The 
Northern Electric & Mfg 


Canada Paper Co 
114 Molsons Bank 

Royal Canadian Yacht 


120 Vacant 
122 Stephenson, Blake & Co. 

type founders 

124 Shapiro S & Co. furriers 

Law & Hedlund. tlrs 

Jonas Chas. real est 

126 Schiller Harry, rest 

128 Toronto Office Lunch 


McBain Malcolm, tlr 
130 Canadian City and Town 

Properties, Ltd 
132 Gordon & Gotch Can- 
ada. Ltd. news dlrs 
134 Auto Tire Co, Ltd 
136 Vacant 
138 Dodge Mfs Co, Ltd. 

mach mfrs 
140 Widmer Hotel 

Adelaide st w Intersects 
14: Wright & Co. emp agcy 
144 Mattschune Joseph, frt 
Remington Typewriter 
146 Burroughs Adding Ma- 
chine Co 

150 Nasmith Co, Ltd, lunch 
152-154 Peterkin Building 

B Rice. Greene & Co, 

elect contrs 
C Patent Exchangre & 

Investment Co 
Cormack Mfg Co, re- 

frisrerator mfrs 
MacMnrtry Brokerage Co 


1-2 Canada Paint Co 
3-4 Pacific Realty Co 

5 New John, real est 

6 McKnight J H Con- 

struction Co, Ltd 
Rochester Cobalt 

Mines, Ltd 
Clarke & Monds, 
Ltd, con engineers 
8 Storeroom 
9 Newsome Will H, 
Ltd, office sup 

10 Chambers & Simp- 

son, mfrs agts 

11 Bellinger Ernest, 

mfrs ag-t 

101 Le Feuvre Edmund, 

real estate 

102 Thompson Enoch. 

Ltd, real est 

103 Medical Ajjencj- of 

Business Alliance 

104 Pepper Geo, real 


Graner & Weber, 
real est 

105 Canadian Incubat- 

or Co 

106 Edwards W Harry, 

stenog reporter 
107-109 Lancashire Dy- 
namo & Motor Co, 

of Canada. Ltd 
110-111 Permanent Re- 
alty & Securities 
Genl Animals Ins 


Garrett A H, contr 
112 Heaslip & Young, 
typewriters sup- 

Underwood John 

Co, typewrtr sup 

Emerson H Horton, 


113 Century Land Co, 
Ltd v I 

201 C P R Law Dept 
202 MacMurchy & 

Spence, barrs 
203-205 C P R Law Dept 

206 MacMurchy & Deni- 

son. barrs 

207 C P R Law Dept 

208 Taylor. Scott & Co, 


209 Rowlatt F Albany, 

advg agf 
Rowlatt H a r o 1 <l. 


210 C P R law dept 
^ Temperance st intersects 
156 Halsted James A, brkr 
Grantham Realty Co, 

168 Loane Wm, drsmkrs 


Hall - Borchett Dress 
Form Co of Canada, 

160 Vacant 
162 Vacant 

164 McKendrick Nicholson 
& Co, real est 
Kenderdine Realty Co, 

Canadian - Boving Co, 

Ltd, oil engines 
Lennox E J, arch 
Harvey J A. arch 
166 Crowther Building / 

1-2 Dodds Henry S, 

elect lamps 
4-5 Dwyer Philip, tlr 
6 Traders Mercantile 


7-8-9 Niepage E & Co, 

101 Bowden John W, 

real est 

102 Stanley & Aylward 

whol jwlrs 
104 Stevenson & Hevey, 


107 Dixon Henry, pat at- 
10S Jenkinson Geo B, 

mfrs at 

201 East Henry M, barr 
202-206 Franklin M & M 

A, ladies' tlrs 
301 Crowther Jas. office 
303 Hunt Geo D, acct 
306-307 Ambrose Ernest 


"The greatest piano In 

, the world," is the written 

testimony of De Pach- 

mann, the world's great 

oianist. See this piano at 

193-197 YONGE ST. 



Subdivision and 
227 GEORGE St. 

Country Work 

Telephone Main 6425 


168 Absent 

170-172 Carrlck A W, gro 
^ Richmond st w intersects 
174-176 Union Trust Co 
182 Montreal Star, The 
184 Canadian Gunagathon Co 

Ltd, pro med 
186-188 St Tsirlles Kosti, 



(Toronto Island), w from 
Lake Shore av, w of 
Ward's Point, to Chippewa 
av, ward 4. 

1 English Edward A 

2 Scholey Chas H 

3 Schneider Joseph P 

4 Oben Frank P 

5 Derby David E 

6 Ziegler Simon 

7 Palter Harry 

8 Sanson Thos 

9 Vacant 

10 Hore Nicholas 

11 Durnan Arthur W 


(North Toronto), north 
from 478 Merton to 
Broadway av. 

Bast Side 

In York Township 

West Side 

2 Thome Wm F 

8 Pirn Alfred 
16 Pim Henry 

20 Davenport Walter 
^Balliol st ends 

26 Vacant 

28 Vacant 

:Davisville av ends 
Glebe rd ends 
^Glenwood av ends 
^Soudan av ends 

Cawthorne Chas 
^Eglinton av e intersects 
^Broadway av ends 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Donview av 


(Glenmount Park), south 
from Gerrard e to View 
cres, first west of Brook- 
side drive, ward 1. 
Not built on 


(Scarboro tp), east from 
Victoria Park av to Blan- 
tyre av, second n King- 
ston rd. 

Not built on 


North from opp 521 Front 
e to Eastern av, ward 2. 
Not built on 


North from 1154 Queen w 
to Durdas, ward 6. 

East Side 

9 Droy John 

11 Necenske Thos 
13 Kline/ Frank M 
15 Orr Mrs Mary A 
17 Allen Geo 
19 Sutherland Howard 

21 Kneclitel Fernando 
23 McRae Alex 

25 Taylor Alfred 

27 Hill Thos 

29 Terry Wm J 

31 Quinn JIrs Cecelia 

33 Harbour Chas 

35 Twiner Wm 

37 Talbot Wm 

39 Information refused 

41 Kinkead Lester 

43 Garrod John 

45 Smith Frank 

47 Rosa Wm R 

49 Saunders Samuel 

51 Eaves Joseph 

53 Virtue Milton 

55 Balden Geo 

57 Priestman Mrs Elizth 

68 Seymour John 

61 Learmonth John F 
63 Conover Geo S 
65 Cawthorn-Page T J 
67 Baker Rowland 

69 Harris Miss AVllhel- 

mina F 

71 Hicks John 

73 Wilson Wm J 

77 Mix Thomas A 

^Argyle st intersects 

85 Sherk David 

87 Scott George 

89 Vacant 

SSy 2 Beckett Mrs Mary 
91 Maynard George A 

93 Richardson Thomas 

95 Carruthers Thomas 

97 Kinkead Geo 

99 Barton Wm F 
101 Jacobs Isaac Ii 
103 Voss John 
105 Speers John E 

+Afton av Intersects 
107 Ellis John L 
113 Halse Ernest 
115 Galbraith Frank E 
117 Wright Matthew M 
119 Austin Geo 
121 Hardy Wm R 
123 Guy Mrs Mary 
125 Miller James 
127 Tutt Phas 
129 Spence Mrs Catherine 
131 Wilson Edwd M 
US Westwood Louis J 
135 WicJeman Prank 
137 Mills Thos 
137% Hollins Thos 
139 Forrester Geo A 
141 Phillips Gleason 
143 Peters Christopher 
145 Davidson Wm D 
147 Carter Arthur 

^McKenzie cres ends 
159 Macgregor Peter 
161 Mulr George C 
163 Watson Albert E) 
165 Jewett Harry 
167 Hearn Miss Phillls 
169 Graham Robt 
171 Crawford Ralph 
173 Smith Wm O 
175 Macdonald Mrs M, gro 

.... West Side 

Webb Wm 

Woolnough John W 
Turner Thos 
Boye Edwd H 

Maguire Saml 

Morrell Thos W 

Thetford Edwd 

Beckett Miss Lena, bdg 


May John W 
Martin Mrs ElizLh J 
Johnson Benjamin C 

Culford Thos 

Macintosh Chas 
Gaby Joseph 
Clinkunbroomer James H 
Clinkunbroomer Misa M, 

Gallagher John G 
Robinson Wm 

Robinson G A 

Reid Wm 
McAvay Patrick J 
Harris John 

Chapman Thomas E 

Tuck Wm H 
Smuck James W, phy 
Argyle sL intersects 

Grunwell Wm J. cart- 

Holmes Mrs Mary 
Walker Mrs Sarah E 
Long Glioert R 
Davis Francis J 








86 Clift Thos H 

88 McNichol Charles 

90 McRae Mrs Christina 

t Savage Wm 

98 Savage Miss Louise, g:o 

^Afton av intersects 

104 Smeall Maxwell P 

108 McMurchy John 
108 Downing Harry, dairy 
110 Archer J Harry 
112 Fraser J Harry 
^Cross st commences 
114 Smith Richd 
114a Mahaffy H 
116 Mintern Mrs EHzlh 
118 Till Thomas B 
120 Mumford James H 
122 Sharland Gilbert 

Enouy Miss Louisa, nurse 
124 Barton Arthur W 
126 Mintern Otto 
128 Wright Gouiaie 
130 Fowler Chas H 
132 Smith Sinclair 
134 McCartney Patk J 
136 Collard Harry 
136% Murray Mrs Elizabeth 
138 Whfting Frank S 
140 Peace Metal Weather 

Strip Co 
Everett Jaa 
142 Powl Frank 

144 Grimwood Chas 
146 Watson Saml 

145 Taylor Peter 
150 Watson Wm M 
162 Perry Walter E 
154 McCormack J Thos 
156 Rogers Mrs Mary 
158 Beaton Alex 

160 Tovell Frank C 
162 Guinane Mrs Janfi 
164 Powery Mrs Mary 
166 Wallace John A 
Collahie st commences 
168 Miller James 
170 Mobey Richd 


North from Arthur to 
Bloor w, second w of Bell- 
woods av, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Bauckham Alexander 
3 Hordern Edgar 
5 Eddington Chas V 
7 Patterson James A 
9 McCathuey Wm J 

11 Copeland John 

13 Woodruff Miss Catherine 

15 Bennett Thos 

17 Earnhardt D'Arcy B 

19 Hunt Wm I 

21 Kelly James J 

23 Bennett Jacob 

25 Chalmers \vm 

27 SmeaH Edwd 

29 Ross David C 

31 McElwain Mrs Margt A 

as Udell George E 

35 Hall Edwin B 

37 Firth Thomas H 

39 Phillips Wm H 

41 Horning Chas E 

43 Roden Geo 

45 Walker Wm J 

47 Gibson Ernest S 

49 Cahoon Saml 

51 Blakey Joseph A 

63 Berry Samuel N 

55 Keyes Wm J 

57 Anderson Mrs Marlon 

59 Brooks tfaml 

61 Barber Reginald A 

83 Stalker Mrs Helena B 

SB Dunlop James H 

87 Williamson Mrs Louise 

89 Fawcett Mrs Martha 

91 Nunn Benjamin 
Tadman Cecil B 

93 Wickett John A 

95 Schreiner Joseph 

97 Lidkea Robert 
101 Smith Mrs Annie 
103 Bush John 
105 Guyetto Joseph 
107 Cassldy Edwin 

Johnston Mrs Isabella 

109 Bateman Lewis J 
111 Linton James 
113 Godard Edward L 
115 Phillips Joseph 
117 Foley Miss Margt 
119 Spence Mrs Annie 
121 Lord Arthur S 
123 Ross Mrs Mary J 
125 Bemister Mrs Susan 
137 McKenzie Conlln 
129 O'Toole Michael J 
181 Ryan Thomas 
133 Foulds Norman 
135 Mclntosh James 

Mclntosh Miss Eliza- 
beth, nurse 
137 Colby M'ss Emilv 
139 Sellers Chas 
141 Harad John 
143 Bewley Isaac S 
145 Dunsford Henry 
147 Morrison Mrs Gather 
149 Ainlay Wm. contr 
151 Crowe Francis W 
153 Bradley Mrs Charlotte 


155 Henry Frederick C 
157 Browning Mrs Alice 
159 Briggs R Nelson 
161 Bell Geo 

College st inter?", us 

McLaren Kenneth A, 

Williams Mrs Tena 

O'Neill Mrs Johanna 

Hornby Mrs Margt 

Wansbrough Cuthbert C 

Campbell Alex C 

Ross Lucien G 

Lemon Wm 

Kellam Geo 

Hose Wm 

McGregor Mrs Jare A 

TJrijuhart Alex 

Fan- Thos N 

Weatherill Henr" 

White Wm F 

Paton Mrs Annie 

Crawford Robt G 

Paterson Wm 

Schiller Donald 

Hayward Wilbert W 

Dixon Chas 

Snell Albert E 

Buckler Edly 

Pond Harvey G 

Greer Mrs Hannah 

Potter Wm 

Nott Henry 

Poad Henry 

Young James 

Cashman Richard 

Bottomlev Wm 

Carscn Hugh 

Dodds H Ernest 

Olmstead Ira C 

Higgrinbottom Frvdk V 

Pimpyon Sidney 

Gilleon Mrs Maria 

Jamieson Mrs Agnes 

Torrancp Mrs Sarah 

Slack Mrs EU/.th 

Hannah Albert 

MacTavish Rev- Wm 

Crammond George 

Webb Wm 

Troyer John 

Regan Herbert L 

White Ernest E 

Densem J Arthur 

Templeton Robt P 

La Bree John 

Senior Robert 

Lynch John H 

Tooley John 

Mack Harry 

Williams Moses G 

Cowin Frerik 

Hughes Thomas B 











West Side 

2 Maguire Edward A 

4 Ney George J 

6 Mitchell Peter B 

8 Jenkins Isaac 

10 Dunsmuir Miss Myra 

12 Brydon Stephen F 

14 Tomlinson Mrs Jane 

16 Bulkley Wm H 

18 Armstrong- Sidney I 


Phone College 8595 




Calgary Weyburn Detroit 






PhoneAKUIDE 1962 


20 Dever John J 
22 Timpson Geo J, mus tchr 
24 Campbell Mrs Alice J 
26 Graham SamI J 
28 Cornish Rev Geo H 
30 Lamphier Mis" Margt 
32 Lyon S Howard 
34 Wright James 
36 MacMurchy Donald 
38 Barber Nathaniel 
40 Lowthian Herbert 
42 Purland Mrs Elizth 
44 Scott Wm A 
46 Macdonald Doug-aid A 
48 Mason Fredk B 
BO Peer John A 
52 Conron Wm J 
64 Birney John L 
66 Johnson Wm H 
68 Corbett Thomas J 
60 Robertson Miss Jane T 
82 Braime Thomas B 
64 Turnbull Rev John A 
66 Commeford James W 
68 Fielding J Edgar 
70 Henderson George W 
72 Shields Geo J 
102 Thompson John F 

Devlin Mrs Rosa 
104 Smith Henry A 
lOti Wallace Charles J 
108 Bessey Mrs Margt 

Bessey Miss Mabel, 

lit) Hugill Burton 
112 Foster Wm J 
114 BrouKhton Albert J 
116 Keillor James 
118 Richardson Wm J 
120 Carson Andrew 
)22 Russell John 
124 Webb John D 
126 Varley Patrick 
128 Thompson Alfred B S 
130 Edwards Albert 
132 Reid Edwin B 
134 Woolley Edward H 
136 McKay Miss Christina 
138 Foster Enoch L 
140 Colwell Wm W 
142 Taulty Anthony P 
144 Knaggs Frederick E 
146 Blaikie Wm 
148 Caldwell Albert W 
160 Thompson Moses 
152 Allen Thomas 
154 Corin Frank 
156 Apted Fredk 

^College st intersects 
176 Duggan John T 
178 Harrison Mrs Marcella 


180 Bennett Mrs Margt 
182 Borland Ben] 
1M Rowland Wm E. dairy 
186 Palter Ephraim 
1S8 Coulthard Hrnest A 
190 Forbes Miss Minnie E. 

mus tchr 

Forbes Mrs Janet 
192 Watson Jared E 
194 Geddes Mrs Martha 
196 Breckenridge Miss 

Ouderkirk Mrs Martha 


198 Carroll John L 
200 Lavelle John 
204 Waters Wm 

Morton Adam D 
206 Dazell John 
208 McCandlish James 
210 Duperow Norman 
212 Thompson John 
214 Steele Archd W 
216 Chisholm Geo M 
218 Holbnurn Squire W 
220 Mowat Wm K 
222 Leppard Sandford 
224 Holmes Thos 
226 Bremner Henry 
228 Holliday Joseph W 
230 Shermnn Mrs Itncliel 
232 Hoyer Marcus 
234 Leake Frank 
236 Barrett Mrs Sarah 

Peters Frederick D 
238 Sandusky Julius 
240 Gillies Thomas 
242 Whitine: J Arthur 
244 Lavalle Geo 

246 Goldie Harley 
248 Sinclair Edward L 
250 Powlesland Wm G 
252 Giles James E 
254 Boettcher Albert M 
256 Mears Rev John F 
258 Thompson John A 
260 Ford Robt F 
262 Cline Hiram 
264 Piper John B 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Conduit 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Lipton av 


North from 1498 King w to 
Queen w, ward 6. 

Bast Side 

3 Ely Ernest F 
5 Fish Fredk K ]r 
7 Fish Frederick A 
9 Knott Geo 

15 Brandon Edgar T J 

17 Colter Chas F 

19 Kitching Fredk 

21 Coates Lome 

23 Jewell Harry 

26 Hathaway J W 

33 Freeland Mrs Mary L 

37 Clarke John 

39 Clarke Wm 

41 Barrett George T 

43 Laurence Henry A 

45 Ogilvie John M 

55 Duthie Geo' 

57 Cromar D Harvey 

61 McCullough John W S, 

63 Waller Geo H 

65 Holmested Arthur W 

87 Chadwick Chas W 

69 McNeil John J 

71 Hudson l^redk W 

75 Fegan Warren T 

77 Armstrong Silas H 

'/9 Herod James S, bldr 

81 Phillips Mrs Elizth J 

83 Mitchell Alex L 

85 Crowe John 

87 Lanccy Blake 

89 1'owney Leslie 

91 Meyer Henry L 

West Side 

20 Stiles Mrs Mary I 

22 .Adams Arthur W 

24 Kynoch James 

26 Pike Wm E 

28 Hamilton Wm 

"0 Nixon Wm E 

32 Godson Arthur W 

iK Cluff Robert J 

38 Levack Mrs Amanda 

40 Harrison Robert W 

42 Meyers George G 

50 Knowlton John 

52 All-worth Mrs Grace 

54 Harris Robt B 
56 Chalue Anthony J 

55 Gartat J Frank 
62 Wardlaw Thos D 
ft4 Clokey Mrs Hattie 
66 Sternberg Wolf 
68 Lorimer Egbert S 
Til Reid Thos B 

78 Rathbone Joseph B 

74 MacGregor Marshall 
76 Johns SamI H 

75 Schneider Joseph P 
SO Henderson Reginald S 

150 Church of Epiphany 


Name changed to South 


(North Toronto), north 
from south of Glencairn 
av to beyond Glenview av, 
2nd w of Chancellor 
Not built on 


East from Glen rd, first 
over the bridge, n of South 
Drive, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Watts George W 

2 Robinson Geo L 

3 Parsons Wm G 

4 Andrews Walter B 

5 Wilson Andrew 

6 Kilgour Robert 

7 Vacant 

8 McLeod Henry C 
........ South Side ........ 

Not .built on 


(Old Dunbar av. North 
Dovercourt), west from 
1464 Dufferin to St Clarens 
av, 1 s of Davenport rd, 
ward 6. 

........ North . Side ........ 

34 Bartalacci Sante 

36 Memme Minotte 

38 Lee Mrs Norah 

40 Flanino Peter 

50 Decoral Dominic 

Lightbourne av Intersects 
88 Morrelli Joseph 

Primrose av intersects 

........ South Side ........ 

Bartoletchi Alexandro 

West James I 

Cousins John 

Giovanni Damato 

Delvlcu Hemmi 

Jrmch Arthur 

Blake Charles E 

Mill Daniel 

Ricco Louis 

Manage SamI 

Grifoni Nicon 

Donners Tony 

Hemmings Alfred 


Morris Geo T 

Casey Frank 

i4 Rafenella Vonelly 
53 Malloch Wm 

Lightbourne av Intersects 
97 Vecchio Antonio 

+ Primrose av interescts 


(North Toronto), north 
from Avenue rd to Law- 
rence av w, first w 
Edgecombe av. 
Not built on 


(North Toronto), west 
from 2706 Yonge to 
Avenue rd. 

North Side 

56 Ballard Chas F 

>',4 Stephenson Henry F 

72 Davies (.'has E 

74. Cunningham John 

100 Cassie John D 
^Greer rd intersects 

152 Vesey Geo 

156 Broddy James C 

South Side 

15 Ellis Reginald C 
35 Houle Albert J, florist 
ST Gibb John J 
^Greer rd intersects 

147 Charles Wm 
Charles Alfred 

151 Coombs J Thos 


North from 244 Bloor w to 
n of Davenport rd, ward 4. 



East Side 

1 Stevenson Matthew M 
3 Morton Chas E H 
5 Lea Mrs Margt F 
7 Madden Geo F 
9 McLnughlin Thomas 

11 Patterson Abraham B 
15 Vacant 

+ Prince Arthur av Inter- 

23 Hobbs Wm A 
25 Clarke Charles E 
27 Boomer Henry C 
29 Masten Cornelius A 
^ Lowther av intellects 
85 Fleury Wm J 

87 Campbell Archd H jr 
^ Elgin av ends 

91 Bruce Alex 

93 Cassels Richd S 
ft5 Wallace Rev Francis 
97 Ferguson Hugh M 
99 Wylle James 

101 Young Alexander L 
1C3 Needier Geo H 

105 Macdonald James A 
Boswell av ends 

107 Jackson Edwin 

109 MacDonald Mrs Sarah 

111 Featherston Arthur M 
Featherston Miss Grace, 


113 Gumming Walter W 

115 Brydon James 
117 Pope Wm W 

319 Wigmore Alfred S 
^ Tranby av ends 

121 Boyd James T 

123 Kirkpatriek Arthur E 
125 Young Wm E 

127 McConnell Nearen 
129 Corsnn Mrs Alma 
^ Bernard av intersects 
131 Taylor Mrs Edna 
133 Bain Mr= Martha 

135 Taylor Mrs Margaret 

137 Mlddleton Frank H 

139 Jamlpson David W 

141 Chillas Harold R 
143 Alexander Geo E 

145 Blogg Albert E 

147 Clarkson Fred C 

149 Lester Gilbert 

151 Alexander Mrs Harriet 
153 Alexander Harry S 

Davenport rd intersects 
243 Stewart Alex 

245 Windeyer Walter N F 

247 Comba Stewart 

249 Ross James 

251 Holden Mrs Martha 

253 Bennett Herbert 

West Side 

8 Gooderham Wm H 
10 Harg-raft John R 

12 Macdonald Albert A, ph 
<>Prince Arthur av inter- 

40 Chalcraft Mrs Clara 

42 Coulsori Francis L 

44 nale J Wm 

^ Lowther av intersects 

SO Langton Wm J 

S2 Prentice David 

84 Moyle Henry 

S6 Walsh James E 

88 Shields Rev Thomas T 

92 Doherty Wm K 
98 Lummis Wm D 

ICO Foster Harold W A 

102 Strathy Mrs Agnes S 
104 Elliott Wm J 

106 Badg-erow Abraham H 

110 Labatt Charles B 

112 J:m-is Rev Arthur 

114 Burton Alfred 

116 Crombie Robert B 

51 S Greenwood Russell 
120 Burrows Acton 

122 Gilmour John W 

124 Robinson Titus W 

136 Stewart Wm B 

138 Beaty John G 

140 Pearce Wm K 

142 Laidlaw C Shedden 
+ Bernnrd :iv intersects 

146 I'rquhart Frank 

148 Wanzer Henry P 

150 Vacant 

152 Clark Joseph H 

Davenport rd intersects 
i:,S Coyell Fred 

Fullan W T m 
168 Norton Fredk C 
170 Bradley John 
172 Churns Wm 



Phone Main 1481 TORONTO 



Yaoht* Docked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 



Author of "The Standard-Record Drawing-Sheet," 
(used by Inventors, endorsed by Thomas A. Edison's 
General Counsel, Frank L. Dyer, Esq. 


Foreign Member Chartered Institute 

of Patent Agents, London. 


174 Glaze Arthur T 
176 Jarrett Arthur H 
178 Vacant 

184 Sanderson Miss Amy L 
186 Ross John J 
188 Scott Wm 
^Chicora av ends 
190 Speers Alex R 
192 Woolnough John J 




(East Toronto), n from 
Balmy Beach Park to 
Kingston rd, intersecting 
Queen e at No 2377 

East Side 

+Park av commences 
1 Murray John 
17 Stamper Mrs Mary 
Grierson D'Arcy D 
21 Gunn Robert 
25 Acres Charles R 
01 Vacant 
35 Crowther Geo 
^Queen st e intersects 
41 Laing Thos 
43 Vacant 
45 Bee Robt 
49 .Vacant 
53 Street Robert 
E9 Balmy Beach College 

?Pine Terrace commences 
Cedar av commences 
f Saunders Mrs Esther 

89 Munroe Chas P 

91 Marshall Frederick 

93 Lorimer Alexander R 

95 Miller Archd L 

97 Ellis Robt 
101 Vacant 
109 Slade James 
111 Mulholland Charles L 
113 Swalwell Geo 
115 Hodges John C 
117 Duncan Charles G 
121 Jones George G 
123 Gagnon Emile 
125 Hood Fredk C 

+ Pine av intersects 
127 Snider John E 
131 Snider Harvey G 
137 McGregor John F 
Methodist church 
147 Hubbs Harold W 
149 Galster Fredk W 
151 Philpott Frederick V 
161 Walker Wm M 
175 Vvarrin Wm 
177 Liscombe Jonathan 
179 Marvyn Felix 
183 Tubby Charles A 

Balsam av intersects 

West Side 

Palmy Reach Park 
Fir av ends 
8 Vanzant Frank M 
14 Botsford Wilmot G 
18 McPherson Wm 
20 Lander David J 

24 Waddington Percy 

25 Capper Geo M 

Hazel av ends 
30 Lyon Wm G 

32 Hunter Mrs Caroline 
36 Vacant 

Queen st e intersects 
46 Leslie David J 

48 Gamble Chas B 

50 Wickham Edwd 

52 Porter Wm A 

54 Rv.rt Frederick B 

56 Maundrell Mrs Mary 

68 Burns Robt 

60 Bell Mrs Jane 

62 Gray Wm A 

66 Ferrier Mrs Margaret 

68 Vacant 

74 Ashton Wm 

84 Sugdon Raymond 

86 Coates Robt 

88 Bronsdon Joseph H 

90 Gibson Wm 

92 Kay Wm O 

94 Bull Clive S 

Sycamore pi ends 

96 Wallace Stuart 
100 McGill Peter 
104 Linton Mrs Mary 
106 Rudge Cyril E 
108 Nixon Jas F 
110 Hill Wm B 
112 Wilson James 
120 Hollister Frank 
122 Stanley Geo J 
124 Robson Frank W 

Pine av intersects 
130 Winlow Robt C 
136 Wing-ate Charles E 
142 Hawkes Arthur 
144 Toye George B 
146 Hollingworth Thos R 
148 Bentley Edwin P 
150 Aggett Win C 
1F.2 Gillis Wm 
158 Allen Arthur L 
160 Manchee Ernest O 
162 Absent 

164 Hemsworth Mrs Sarah J 
J86 Vacant 

170 Bedford Harold A 
172 Grant Fredk 
176 Thompson Maurice G 
178 Vacant 
Balsam av Intersects 


(North Toronto), north 
from Belsize Drive to 
Manor rd, second e of 
Lincoln av. 
Not built on 


Name changed to Egan v 


(King-smount Park), 

south from Gerrard e to 
Patricia rd, fourth e of 
Coxwell av, ward 1. 
Not built on. 


Jfiast from 195 River to Don 

Terrace, ward 2. 

South Side 

I Moylan John 

9 Millington Mrs Maria 

11 Shier Mrs Jane 

13 Hurst Tilford A 

15 Fowles Nathaniel 
17 Dalsail George 

17% Woods Fredk 
19 Duval Russell J 
21 McCleary George 


North from 82 Bloor w to 
Yorkville av, ward 3. 

East Side 

9 Vacant 
Cumberland st intersects 

II Smith Mrs Martha L 
13 French Joseph T 

15 Cundale Chas E 

17 Deacon Andrew 

19 Mills Price 

21 Buckley George 

23 Newalf Alex 

25 Tanner Richard 
27 Taylor James 
Ha Davies Thomas 

West Side 

Cumberland st intersects 

18 Burnett Albert 

20 Walden Mrs Sadie 

22 Smith Andrew 

24 White Thomas 
26 Barber George H 


North from Queen e 
to Junipor av (East To- 
ronto), second w of Lee ay, 
ward 1. 

Bast Side 

3 Barren Harvey J, contr 
Arnott, Bell & Hall, 

5 Kennersley John 
7 Bunt Gordon E 
9 Laff Harry 
11 Allan Mrs Charlotte 

13 Willmot Mancel 
15 Stiff Fredk J 

17 Vacant 

19 Tresidder Herbert D 
21 Harvey Charles A 

23 Derrick George J 

25 Reed John 

27 Firth Joseph A 

29 Reeve John 

El Reive Wm, real est 

33 Giddings Walter 

S7 Fawcett Jackson E 

39 Allen Edwin W 
41 Childs George 

43 Holden Cecil 

47 Collins Joseph 

49 MacDougall Alex K 

51 Thompson Alex 

r>3 Curzon Robt S 

55 Broadbridge Philip 
57 Thomas John C 

59 Armstrong Wm J 

65 Rhind Alexander 
69 DeLung Herbert M 
73 Goss Arthur S 

77 Pollett Walter J 

81 Moore Wm H 

83 Howden John W 
89 Wickens Albert M 

91 Vacant 

93 Bastow Frederick W 
95 Lilly Francis G 

97 Popham Sidney H 

99 Bidd'.e Jesse B 
101 Smellie Wm 

105 Groves Fredk R 

107 McKinnon John 

109 Clark John 

111 Withers John 

113 Clark George 

131 Wyatt Chas 

135 Tuck James J 

1S9 Masters Roy J 

155 Redbourne Christopher 

161 Vacant 

169 Frost Thos 

171 Clark Alex 

175 Wood James 

177 Vacant 

179 Churchill Walter 

West Side 

Bellefair Av Methodist 


i Coutle Nell 
4 Hume Thomas W 
6 Lona Miss Mary 
8 Smith Alex 
10 Pymer Marcus 
12 Patton Hugh K 

14 Gale Mrs Emily 
16 Coates Alfred 

20 Down Chas W 
22 Gibson Mrs Jane 
26 Dynes Oliver 

28 McLean Dougal, painter 

30 Schillke Adolph 

32 Hall James E 

34 Hannaford Mrs Ellen 

36 Jackson James 

38 McDonald Archd B 

40 Worden Judson L 
42 Allen Geo W 

44 Tolson Fred 

46 Stuart Mrs Emma G 

48 Dawkes Cederic G 

54 Marshall David 

56 Hayward Walter 
58 Vacant 

62 Barren G 

64 Ward Mrs Agnes 

66 Wilde Robt 

68 Morgan Philip 

70 Geisel Bernard, contr 

72 Vacant 

76 Henry Bernard 

82 Lumbers Wm W 

84 Cameron Mrs Marlon 
Cameron "Wm 

86 McKee Fergus 

55 Greer Robert 

90 Goddard Albert H 

92 Silkstone Geo B 
94 Luff Egbert N 
i6 Hines J H Allen 

98 Langston Arthur J 

100 Nichols Albert B 

102 Perkins Mrs Tamzin 

162 Adair Samuel 
174 Fell John 
178 Robertson Byron 
180 Kirkaldy Peter 
182 Kerrin John A 
184 Cameron Angus 
186 Pitt Geo F 


North from 42 Bellevue pi 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

Denlson sq 

25 Bernkrantz Morris 
27 Dewey Benj F 
29 Slater Murray w 
31 Stimer Chas D 
33 Robertson Mrs Sarah 
35 Corveal Archer 
37 Sanderson Edwd 
39 Brownlee Wilfred 
41 Watson Arthur 
43 Sharpe John B 
45 Charlton Mrs Jane, fey 

Charlton Abraham 
47 Phillips Thomas, bldr 

Tompkins Wm J S 
49 Leake Joseph 
51 Parrett Wm 
B3 Purvis John N 
53% Mesener Chas 
55 Martin Mrs Helen 
57 Bannen Edwd C 
59 Harrison Miss Jane 
61 Prowse James H, gro 

Nassau st intersects 
63 Gooding Mrs Margaret 
65 Merryday Henry 

67 Tedd Joseph D, shoemkr 

67% Brock Mrs Emma W 

69 Hunter Wm H 

69% Warren John 

71 Jakeway Albert 

73 Durnan Mrs Phoebe 

73% Gurney Miss Ida 

75 Vacant 

77 Egan Michl 

79 Faulkner Walter 

Oxford st intersects 

87 Bellevue Home for the 

Bellevue House 
91 Clegg Mrs Sarah 
95 Machell Henry T, phy 
99 Wallace Rev Thos G 

St. Stephen's Church 

West Side 

2 Rashkofsky Lazarus 
4 De Gray Mrs Josephine 
6 Zimmerman Max 
8 Caine Geo W 

10 Chapman Thos E 

12 Horowitz Saml 

14 Langbard Morris 

16 Kramer Saml 

16% Duke Chas H 

18% Fairley Wm 

20 Vacant 

20% Wright Mrs Myrtle 

22 Trompeter Joseph 

24 Sax Abraham 

26 Crooks Wm 

30 Hyman Saml 

32 Graner Joseph 

34 Brough Robt S 

34% Henderson John 

36 White Mrs Mary A 

38 Macdonald Robert 

42 Ferguson Wm 

44 Highley Arthur 

46 Garde John 

48 Wright James 

60 Wilson John R 

52 Fowls James J 

54 Davidson James W 

56 Muscowitz Bertha 

58 Smith John W 

60 Skitch John 

62 Bailie Geo H 
64 Fraser Geo A 

66 Purden John 

66% Gillespie George 

68 Vacant 

Nassau st intersects 

70 Mitchell James 

72 Warden Wm 

Library Bureau 

Card and Filing Systems, 

Office, Bank and Library 


45 Yonge St. 


Factory, Isabella 
Street, Ottawa 




Tel. Main 3627 

76 Riddel! Mrs Jane 
Paton John H 

78 Tarpley Alfred, decorator 
80 Dickert Jacob E 

82 Hind James T 

84 Kartell Thos, bldr 

86 Cameron Hugh 

88 Boomer Robt C 

90 Morrow Marert 

92 Reid Albert X 

94 Altwerger Samuel 

+ Oxford st intersects 

96 Sheppard Miss Harriet 

98 James Wm R 
100 McCully Wm 
102 Tipton Richd 
104 Le Brun Carisse 
106 Lovelock Henry 
1C8 Putt Frank T 
110 Holland Fredk W 
112 Howard Miss E 

114 Kose Roger H 
116 Wilder Chas S 

115 Ireland Mrs Lydia 
120 Teeter P T 

122 Jones Miss Xellie 
Fire Hall No. 8 


West from 160 Augusta av 
to Carlyle. ward 4. 

North Side .... 

Denison sq 

Bellevue av commences 
44 Hobson John 

Young J P & Sor, contra 
46 Penturn John 
48 Scher Jacob 
bO Stearns Chas 
52 Adelberg- Henry 
54 Morris David 
66 Sher Max 

Shurty Jake 
60 Herman Harry 
62 Lister Abe 

64 Morley Oscar 

66 Dunbar Herbert 

65 Sulman Wm, gro 

Leonard av commences 
74 Blakley Jacob 

76 Nettleton John A 
78 Bickf9rd David S 
80 Unwin James C 
82 Presnail Annie 

South Side 

1 Kyerson Cornelius A 
3 Boivi-a Henry R 
5 Tlsohler -Max 
7 Herling Louis 
9 Kra-ig-le Mrs Sarah 
11 Brown Louis 
13 Shnitmen Abraham 
15 Wassman Jacob 
17 Simpson James 
19 Glassborg Nathan 
21 Cohen Saml 
23 Harding John H 
25 Hermon Joseph 
27 Goldsmith Harry 

av ends 
29 ChargoU- John 
33 Adams Geo 
3b King Mrs Agnes 
S7 Greenway Fredk W 
39 Sacks Joseph 
41 Handelman Abraham 
43 Schunck Wm C 
45 Waterhouse Mrs M A 
47 Galinsky Philip 
9 Lucas Alexander 
51 Marks John 
53 Locke Robert A 

Locke Miss Kate, drsmkr 
55 Cohen Harry 
57 Fax Morris 
59 Clements Augrustine 
61 Rogers Mrs Bridget 
63 Goodman Maurice 
67 St Christopher House 
73 Miller F Thos 
75 Legg George F 
77 Smith Francis S 
79 Switzer Irvin 
81 Sherman George, dairy 
85 Connors Mrs Catherine 

O'Hagen James 
87 Knowlton Rolit C 


North from 763 yueen w 
to Mansfield av, ward .". 

East Side 

1 Munro Miss Christina 

la Clark John 

3 Simpson Robt 

5 Culhane Leo 

7 Daltou James 
Dalton Miss Helen, mus 

9 Forhan Mrs Sarah 
+ Crocker av ends 
11 Long Miss Nellie, music 


13 Ashbury Joseph 
15 Davitt Wm 
17 Bell John 

19 Breieton Mrs Elizabeth A 
21 Ford Mrs Elizth 
23 Herman Harry 
25 Palmer Robt 
27 Lucas Fredk 
29, Clark Wm A 
31 Awde John 
33 Bowler Joseph 
35 Reid Wm A 
+ Robinson st ends 

A- Philips Wm 

41 Caplan Harry 

43 St Matthias' Church 

63 Hartley Rev Frank H 

65-67 Coca-Cola Company, 


Canada Mineral Waters, 

69 Cessford Geo 

71 Donnelly Stanford 

73 Si-ellmaa Patrick 

75 Seaton Thos 

77 Fuller Wm 

79 Williamson Robt H 

81 Musgrove Albert 

83 Boland fain, gro 

85 Knox Geo 

87-88 British Royal Cy- 
clone Carpet Clean- 
Ing Works 
Powell John T 

91 Shelton Ernest L 

93 Thornton Joseph 

95 Webster James H B 

99 Moynihan Mrs Nora 
101 Bryans Mrs Bessie 
103 Beatty Mrs Annie 
105 WflMamBon George H 
107 Earth olomee Mrs A H 
109 Eldridge John 
111 Diemert John 
113 Johnston George 
115 Vodden Wm 
117 Goodwin Thos G 
119 Glynn Daniel J 

Bellwoods pi ends 
121-33 Newcombe Piano Co 
135 Copley Wm S 
137 Strauss Carl 
139 Trotter James A 
141 Donaldson Henry J 
143 Pickering- Tom 
145 Murphy Wm P 
147 Denman Arthur C 
149 Pearson Wm T W 
151 Hardy Fredk 
153 Lee Saml T 
155 McBratney Wm 
157 Walker Domonic 

Ross Antonio 
159 Pitman Harry 
161 Pitman Ernest A 
163 Bennett Wm 
165 Furniss Alfred 
167 Duke Davis 
169 Peevin Max 

^ Arthur st intersects 
175 Chinese Indry 
177 Mahnffy Wm J 
179 Tomlin George , 
181 Philps Mrs Mary 
183 Jewitt Robt 
185 Coffin John 
181 MacXally John 
189 Mallett Benj 
191 McLeish John 
193 Sandy Levi 
195 Platt John 
197 Clarldge Ernest 

+ Plymouth av Intersects 
199 Perce Michl 
201 English Nathaniel F 
203 Benson Benj 
207 Seymour Thos 
209 Schoneld Saml 
211 Macedonians 
215 Beddow Alfred 
217 Gregory Fredk 
219 Cannone Amiddis 
221 Gallagher Chas 
223 Squires Fredk 
225 Stroud Geo 
227 Bennett Wm 
229 Fraser Mrs Augusta, gro 

+ Treford pi ends 
221 Mercer Albert 
C"3 Lockton Fredk 
235 Shaughnessy James E 
237 Bell James 
239 Best Robt 

241 Lawrence Chas 
243 O'Byrne James 
245 Harrison Henry 
247 Lofthouse Robt 

249 Laughlin John 

251 Kerr Mrs Agnes 
253 Stewart Mrs Laura 
255 Brown Edgar 

257 Doris Patk 
-59 Argue Joseph 
261 Manson James 

West Side , 

2 Ratcliff Wm 
4 Callaghan Thos 
6 O'Connor Mrs Alice 
8 McKee James W 
10 Hodgson Charles 
12 Wilson James 
14 Nurden pscar 
16 Myers Joseph 
18 Mitchell Edwd J 
20 O'Meara John T 
22 Wells James J 
24 Stoneburg Geo 
26 W r alker Robt I 
28 McGarrigle James E 
30 McColI Mrs Sophronla 
32 Xunns George 
34 Weingarten Morris 
34 Ms Neale John H 
36 Williams Fredk 
36V> Slntzenich Frederick 
38 Lighthart Chas N 
40 Thompson George A 
42 Johnson Thos 
44 Matspn Charles A 
48 Davidson Jacob 
50 Espie Wm J 
56 Whltater Win 
60 Evans Abraham J 
62 Powell Rev John 
64 O'Brien John D 
66 Breakey Thomas 
68 O'Connor Dennis 
70 Feinberg Julius 
72 Hamilton James J 
74 Murdock Robt 
76 Cudney John W r 
78 Lindsay Joseph 
82 Poole James 
84 Plummer Wm 
Ji6 Homer Albert 
88 Lennox Huirh 
90 Adams Frank 
92 Schneider Edwd L, 
94 McCoy Wm 
96 Kennedy Henry H 
98 O'Meara Patrick H 
98% Furlong Mrs Lucy 

H.'O .Spring Mrs Charlotte 

102 Baldock James G 

104 Jolley Hiram W B 

106 Denning William 

108 Held Wm 

110 Goodman Arnold 

112 Watson Wm 

120 Schelnastie Xathan 

122 McAllister Robt 

124 Bertram Henry C 
126 Keegan Michl 

125 Jackson Mrs Charlotte 
130 Hoffman Barnett 

132 Clancy Saml 

134 Brown Thos W 

136 Stephenson Mrs Mary 

138 McKenna Mrs Minnie 

140 Lipsitt Saml J 

142 Breen Jnmes M 

144 Irons George H 

146 Wallace Herbert 
148 Geare Mrs Mary 
148% Pinkerton Mrs Annie 
150 Bennett Henry M 
152 Giles James W 

154 Green Mrs Elizabeth A 
156 Pudney Sidney H 

158 Holmes Miss Catherine 

160 Stoliker John T 

162 Roberts Ernest 

164 Baxter James 

166 Topley Geo A 

168 Denning- Stephen 

170 Ryan Wm 

172 Creamer Mrs Julia 

Tovell Wilfred 
174 Levy Jacob 
176 Milne Alex, gro 

Arthur st intersects 
184 Thomson Geo 

155 Beasant George 
190 Kemshead Geo 

192 Minchington Fredk W 
194 Drncan Wm R 
196 Easton Alex 
+ Plymouth av intersects 
L9g .McGraw Joseph 
200 Sutton Wm 
202 Long Geo 
204 Bell Jeremiah 
206 Coffey James 
208 Williams Moses G 
Eckert Russell F 
210 Rimmer Wm 
>!> Wellmnnn Edward 
214 McCullough Robt W 
216 Federico Paul C 
218 Blllinzsley Miss Mabel 
220 Morris Thos 
222 Long Walter 
224 Thornton Saml 
226 Scott John 
228 Bush Antonio , 
230 Patton Peter 
232 Vacant 
234 Vacant 
236 Long-o Emilio 
238 Jar vis Chas A 
240 Bittle Thos E 
242 Abbott James H 
244 O'Brien Wm 
246 Robinowitz Abie 
248 Vacant 
250 Hammill Saml 
252 Foreigners 
254 Black Geo 
256 Burns Michi 
258 Wiggins Wm 
260 Day Ernest L 
2S2 Barnes Mrs Annie 
264 Vacant 
266 Gohn John E 
268 Gould Edwin 


West from 240 Crawford to 
Shaw, ward 5. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side . . . 

1 Mackenzie Michl A 

2 Rillscourt Apts 

3 Glynn Frank 


West from 128 Claremont 
to Bellwoods av, ward 5. 

North Side 

N'ot built on 


Ap^rttc Valuator* MO 

Mgenis, ArtoltraLtor9 

Estates Managed. Properties Bought, Sold and 
Exchanged. Rents Collected. 26 TOROXTO ST. 


Late of the City Architect's Dept. 


Rooms: 311-312 KENT 


Phone A. 176 


South Side ., 

3 Ludlow Mrs Eliza 

5 Brooks Geo 

7 Chapman Freak 


West from 982 Yonge, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Gardiner Wm A 
2& Cox Mrs Elizth 
4 Lawrence John 
6 Cheeseman Geo B 
8 Bisset Mrs Jessie 

10 Moss Wm 

12 Carr Mrs Hannah 

14 Collingwood Arthur 

16 Ash mead Henry A 

18 Balshaw Thos H 

20 Humphreys Alfred 

22 Currie James 

22% Hallam Mrs Alice 

24 Anderson John 

26 Garlick Geo 

30 Chittenden Geo 

J2 Ungles Wm 

34 Butler Alfred 

38 Dehart Lewis 

40 Mark Wm 

42 Gleeson Edwd 

44 Churrhhouse Mrs Eliza 

46 Hunt Thos 

48 Goff John C 

50 Mason Philip J 

52 Clifton Mrs Kate 

54 Watson Wm J 

56 McManus Geo 

58 Stewart Harry 

60 Gillespie George 

62 Madgett Richd 

64 Vacant 

66 McConnell Wm M 

68 Fallen Wm 

70 Humphreys Alfred 

72 Sinclair Malcolm 

74 Wilton Saml 

76 Whiskers Harry 

80 Davey Fredk W 

82 Gillt-s: ie (.'has 

86 Sheppard Frederick 

88 Holmes Earl 

92 Jordan James 

94 Dowling Wm H 

98 Tomseti Chas J 
100 Mag-ill Robert J 
104 Ford Mrs Rosanna 
106 Wilson Wm H 
108 Wright Frank F 
112 Brepnan Frank 
114 Thomson Wm 
116 Bowman James A 
118 Hicks Victor 
120 Jefferson Wm 
122 Toombs Mrs Ida E 
124 Vacant 

South Side 

^ Sarah st commences 

7 Pearce John 

9 Reid Robt 

11 Hurst Saml 

13 Jarvis David 

15 Munn Wm 

17 Carbert Wm 

19 Lovett James 

21 Derry Anson 

23 Ledinghnm James 

25 Miller Wm 

27 Telman Frank C 

29 Hawkins Wm 

31 Ward Mrs Rose 

33 McMullen Herbert J 

McMurrich st ends 

43 Industrial Refuge 

51 Aged Men's Home 

57 Aged Women's Home 


South from 323 Wilton av, 

ward 2. 
East Side 

1 Lusty Chas E 

3 Sullivan Timothy J 

5 Dingwall Alex 

7 Samme Joseph 

9 Daly John 
11 Ellis John 
13 Morrison Joseph 
15 Harkett Patk 

17 Robinson Mrs Mary 

19 Kirby John 

........ West Side ........ 

2 Balsom Wm H 

4 Love Clarence J 

6 Thomson Mrs Annie 

s Wilson Geo 
10 Connolly John 
12 Vanner George 
14 Wilks W J 
16 Weatherill Chas 

18 Boylan Miss Catharine 

20 McArthur John 
22 Hawkins Wm 

Speck Wm 
24 Searle Alfred 


(North Toronto), east 
from 1907 Yonge to Bay 
View av, first n of Joseph 

Not built on 


(East Toronto) northwest 
from Main 10 Norwood 
rd, first n of Klngsftm rd. 

North Side 

20 Hodge James 
24 Asluig Arthur K 
28 Kennedy Simon 

30 Ropers Rev Thomas H 

34 Fairburn Wm H 

Watson Wm, dentist 
36 Morgan Rev V E F 
66 Davis Mrs Emma J 

South Side 

1 Fawcett Wm 

9 Martin Louis L 
11 Cameron Donald 
17 Vacant 

21 Gunther Reinhold E 

35 McKillop Arthur 

45 Phillips Wm C 
47 Wood Frank H 
57 MacLeod Alex 

59 Welton Herbert R 

61 Shaw Robt A 


West from Bracondale av 
to Shaw, first n of Tyrre) 
av, ward 5. 

North Side 

36 Hamilton George 

46 PoweUl Chas A 
56 Edwards Arthur J 

Christie st intersects 
7 Vacant 

72 Vacant 
TL M - Vacant 

74 Andrews George \V. conti 
76 Madrtaford Wm J 

78 Haining Adam 

80 Kemp Geo 

82 Swantuii John 

86 Chcppell James 

88 Kay John T 

90 Sparkes Horace 

92 Cranfield Harry 

96 Holland Charles 

98 Holloweil De Witt C 

100 Kelly James 

102 Macfarlane James, gro 

+ Rnsliton rd commences 
104 Parcels Harry 

106 Verity Oswald 
108 Wakefield Thos 
110 Deller Archd 

112 Taylor Ruben J 
116 Graham Matthew J 

120 Titmarsh James 
130 Stevens Francis S 

^ Arlington av intersects 

South Side 

Christie st Intersects 

75 Woodworth George 

101 Vacant 

107 Calverley Mrs Annie, 

115 Smith Wm 

121 Martin James 
123 Martin Wm 
1-'.", Mawson Geo E 

127 Blackwell Wm J 
Arlington av intersects 
137 Vacant 


(Old Peel. West Toronto), 
n from Bloor w, first 
Runnymede rd, ward 7. 

......... East Side ......... 

31 Doyle Thomas 

Colbeck av intersects 

165 Peters A Burton 

171 O'Neill Edward 

205 McWilliams Geo, contr 

209 Bow Alex S 

213 Johnson Alexander S 

West Side 

West Side 

6 Davis James 

8 Wilby Wm F 
12 Walters Wm 
14 Webster Fredk 
16 Nicholas Louis 
20 Coles Chas 
22 Kleeberger John G 
32 Vacant 
34 Burch Thos 
36 Hiscox Arthur J 
40 Tench Wm 
42 Butterworth Geo 

:Eglinton av e intersects 
Roehampton av inter- 

^Broadway av intersects 
^Erskine av intersects 
^Fairview av intersects 


North from the bay to 215 
Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

Paterson Mfg Co Ltd, 

+ R R crossing 

Front st e intersects 
35 Vacant 

King st e intersects 

53 Cheleceu Thos, barber 

55 Smith John 

57 Taylor Benj T 

59 Kennedy David 

61 Smith Geo 

63 McQuaigue Geo 

65 Campbell Alex 

67 Feeteau Ernest 

69 Simmonds Joseph H 

71 Johnson Robt 

73 Hurst Albert 

146 Baker John 
150 Matthews Thos E 
^ Colbeck av intersects 
182 Peacock Arthur 
188 Crowe Thomas J 
194 Schofield Fiederick C 
200 Anderson John T 

Anderson Mrs Mildred, 

mus tchr 
218 Barker Percy 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Condor av 


(North Toronto), north 
from 90 Soudan av to 
Sherwood av. 

East Side I 

21 Thomas Chas 
I'i Weber John P 
31 Jones Geo 
33 Loach John 
35 Barraclough Joseph W 
39 Golding Edwd 
41 Morton Robt J 
^Eglinton av e intersects 
^Roehampton av inter- 

^Broadway ay intersects 
^Erskine av intersects 
149 Vacant 
151 Webster James 
153 Higgins Robt 

iew ;.v intersects 

75 Wimbles Adam 

77 Vacant 

79 Haylett Charles L 

* Duke st intersects 
89 Padget Wm 

97 Pennycook David 
' 99 Miln' Albert 
103 Vacant 
105 Rusnell John 
107 Booth Edgar E 
109 Mara James 
111 Snooks Wm 
113 Murphy Mrs Jane 
115 Barrack Frank 
117 Statom George 

Duchess st intersects 
119 Pudsey Mrs Mary 
123 Mlckle Adam 

125 Dawson Percy L, 
127 Hadley John 
129 Durnan Miss M J, dra- 
in kr 

131 Goodwin James A 
133 Vacant 
135 Burton Fostei 
137 Cook Clinton 
139 Lumley Geo 
141 Vacant 
143 Delaware Apartments 

Warren Mrs Mary 
^ Queen st e intersects 

Ramsey lane intersects 
153 MacNab John 

167 Elphlck Y\ m C 
159 McCaffrey Wm J 
161 Hackney Miss Sarah 
163 Lawry Geo 
165 Martin Napoieon J 
167 Burley Wm 
169 Roberts Norman 
171 Farrall Francis J 
173 Thompson Joseph 
175 Sheahan Maurice 
177 Daley Mathews 
179 Buckley Miss Ellen C 
181 Nicholson John 
185 Gardiner John A 
187 Brockrnan Joseph 
1S9 Pelkey Alfred 
191 Buttertield Wm 
^ Sydenham st intersects 
199 Sullivan Wm J 
201 O'Sullivan Michael J 
203 Hyland Nicholas 
205 Hartley James M 
207 Gleeson Patrick 
209 McGl'nn Wm J 
211 Griffith James 
213 Fleming Mrs Jessie B 
215 Hall Mrs Eugenie 
217 Sutchffe Mrs Matilda 
217% Gee Fredk 
219 Rappaport Moses 
:21 Wheeler Thomas 
2?3 Chalmers Mrs Charlotte 
225 Brown Benj 
227 Me.-ide Uichd 
231 Dawson Alexander J 
235 Carter Wm A 
239 Steele Peter 
241 Delaney John 
243 Thompson Miss Jane 
247 Heron Mrs Elizth 
249 Thurston Stanley 
251 Rae Geo K 
55 Fowler Cha? 
257 Livingstone Fredk 
259 Poole James O 
261 McFarland Richd 
263 Vacant 
265 Powell Wm 
267 Paton John 
26S Kilpatrick Kohl G 
^ Coatsworth Intersects 
277 Calgey Wm J 
Hill Herbert E 

* Wilton av Intersects 
2S1 Whatling William 
283 Vacant 

285 Fraser Alex 

2S7 Byman Mrs Ethel 

289 Barcroft Ernest 

291 Veitch Albert 

293 McKinnon Alexander 

295 Caisley Mrs Annie 

297 Jameson. Wm W 

299 Downing- Walter A 

301 Russell Charles 

"!.%?.' liufferin School 

.':'-" Williams J Frank, confy 



Limited, of 
London, Eng. 




CEO. R. HARCRAFT, General Agent 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 





M 1889 


329 Winnett John 

331 Rivers Frank 

335 Tanner Edwd 

337 Sawdon Robt 

339 Eagle Mrs Sarah A 

341 Mortimer James 

843 Hamilton James 

345 Bain Wm 

347 McLean Hector, uphol 

349 O'Keefe Daniel 

351 Praerer Izzle 

353 McCraw David 

355 Irgram John 

357 Vacant 

358 Mansell Charles F 

4> Gerrard st e intersect* 
365 Melady Mrs Lucy 
367 Wiokett John 
369 Wallace Richard P 
871 Gairns James C 
i'.rown James 
375 Miti'hell David J 
277 McFarlane Mrs Anabella 

hnston Albert 
381 Dixon Robt 
883 Christie Mrs Jane 
385 Ridley James McG 
387 Hoffman Wm M 

359 McKay Geo A 

391 Westman Miss Kath- 
293 Burns John J 

West Side 

:R R crossing 
Esplanade st e ends 
S-12 Tor Knitting Factory 
+ Front st e intersects 
3S .Macedonians 
40 Kirs Antonio 
42 i '< i iv o Penea 

44 Be',! Geo 
46 Vacant 

45 Goldberg- Chas 
Sotircff Mitre 

50 Jobson John 

56 Greenshields James H 

^ King st e intersects 

Fire Ha!! No 4 
:ke st intersects 
72 Biice John 
74 Heron Wm 
76 Healy Mrs Margt 
'Her Mrs Mary 
80 Cooper Mathtw 
S2 Watson James 

54 Oliver James W 
86 Hunter George E 

55 Fiorini Angelo 
90 Redciiffe I-ienrv 
92 McGuire Jonu 

94 Austin George, exp 
9fi Lowson James K 

95 Bradbury John 
Haynes Wm A, rear 

102 Bacon Wm H 

104 Ellis Thos 

106 Wheelans Robert 

108 Kennedy Patrick 

lH' Rennie John 

112 Robinson Albert 

116 Sibley James, pattern 


^ Duchess st intersects 
118 Graham Mrs Maria 
120 Forsyth Walter 

122 Flynn James J 
124 Richards Frank 
126 Hallinan Miss Mary 

123 Perry Mrs Sarah 
!0 Mason Mrs Mary 

132 Gauthier Theodore 
^ Queen st e intersects 

144 Flumerfelt wenry 

146 Stewart James 

St Denis Leo 
^ Ramsey la intersects 

148 Smith Gordon 

150 Walker Joseph 

152 Hinohcliffe Wm 

154 Rochester Chas J 

156 Vacant 

158 Snook John 

160 Pinkerton Thos 

162 Hunter Fredk 

166 McGrath Thomas 

16S Rochester Chas J 

17i'' Lennox James H 

172 McDowell "Wm 

174 Nye George 

176 Hurst Wm 

178 Trebeley Chas 
180 Manning 1 James 
182 Scott Thos C, gro 

Sydenham st Intersect* 
184 Bass Arthur A 

186 Scotting John 
1S8 Sprague Chas 
190 Con way John T, tlr 
192 Polack Thos S 
194 Bruxer Joseph K 
196 Marshall Robert G 
198 Sheridan James F 
200 Woodstock Wm B 
202 McQuillen Owen 
204 Wilson Johnston 
JJC6 Walker Mrs Ellen 
208 Collins Thos 
210 Shepherd Robt B 
212 Bastian Thomas 
214 Barchard George E 
216 Humphrey Frank 
218 Foster Simpson 
220 Hawkins Mrs Annie 
222 Green Mathew 

224 Walsh James 
226 Hinde Fred W 

225 Hawkins Frederick 
230 Stewart James B 
232 Armstrong Wm 

234 Walton Harry 

236 Johnston Lewis N 

235 Stinson Albert T A 
242 McSherrv Mrs Louisa 

244 Beal Geo 

245 S'ati-r Mrs Emma 
248 Hurndall Wm A 

Kelman John 

2 "2 Booth Alfred 

254 Rogers Wm J 
+ Coatsworth Intersects 
+ Wi'.ton av intersects 

270 Morton John 

272 McNeil! Mrs Catherine 

274 Spiegael Benj 

276 Murray Wm E 

278 Roper Hedley 

280 McVean Fredk 

2S2 Owens Albert 

2S4 Gallagher Mrs Margt 

286 Anderson Wm 

288 Pogue John 

290 Campbell George 

292 Henry Mrs Elizabeth 

294 Oxley Wm B 

296 Armstrong, Frank, bldr 

298 Couse John H 

300 Tomlinson Thomas 

302 Lvttlc Wm 

304 Winters James 

306 O'Hara Mrs Annie 

SOS Rich Henry E 

310 Jamieson Wm B 

312 DuErsran Thomas 

314 Villiers Wm 

316 Ross John 

318 Patterson Saml 

?20 Bushell John 

322 Swain John L 

324 Mitchell Wm 

326 Boyd Alexander 

S28 McCaffry James R 

330 Christie Mrs Mary 

332 Snead Wm 

334 McCabe Mrs Mary J 

33': Mr-Waters John 

JS8 Hambly Fredk P 

340 Brown Wm \V 

342 O'Connor Mrs Mary 

344 Scholey Mrs Elizth 

;46 Stewart Mrs Lillian 

Gerrard st e intersects 
3.>4 Yonle G S, rarp 

356 McFarlane George 
35S P>-erine- Mrs Elizth 
S>U> Walsh Mrs Mary 
362 Doran James 

364 Thomas John 

366 Logan Miss Martha 
Alexander Miss Sarah 

365 Orr Mrs Helen 

\rnold Geo W 
372 White Chas 
374 Sharp Mrs Jennie 
E76 Hart Mrs Mary J 
S78 Mogan John W 
380 Scholey Henry 
3S2 Bustee'd Mrs Annie 
3M Ralston Robt 
?SR Kindree Wm R 

388 Blackburn Arthur R 
390 Pennylegion Wm 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Edgtwood av 


(Changed to Edgewood 


West from 126 Avenue rd 
to Brunswick a>-, ward 4. 

....... North Side ....... 

Nicol Mrs Jane 

Wallis Mrs Minnie 
Thomson John E 
Ewart John H 
Lyall Charles W B 
Weaver Mrs EHzth D 
Pease Joseph 
McLaughlin Rev John F 

Gee Herbert F 
Strathy John H G 
Gowans Alex 
Brownridge Mrs A M 
McMurtry Wm E 
Rolph Alfrea .T 
Dixon Mrs Cecilia A 
Thomas Wm 
Bedford rd intersects 
Pepier Arthur 
Fleming Frank A 
Van Allen Mrs Letitla 

Grand Mrs Susan 
Admiral rd intersects 
St George st intersects 
Keens James H 
Parker Mrs Annie 
Hayne? Walter G 
DeWitt Norman W 
Huron st intersects 
Macflonald Alex A 
Madison av intersects 
Spadina rd intersects 
Walmer rd intersects 
Kendal av intersects 
Raitt Thos R 








.South Side 

7 McCuaig John F 

9 Arnot James W 
11 Matthews Arthur C 
13 Virtue Arthur G 
15 Spence L Fletcher 
17 Yates Peter B 
19 Murphy Mrs Marian 
LI Gunn Wm 
23 Laughlin James E 
25 Stewart Joseph O 
27 Murray John I 
29 Craig r Arthur 
31 Tibb Rev R Campbell 
33 .Sails Seymour E 
35 Lawson Mrs Charlotte 
37 Bales Mrs Hannah 
39 Hopper Aiberl ri 
41 Sharp Geo B 
43 Bonnell W H M 
43 Yonir.' Ralph E 
47 Kennell John 

49 McDermott Ewen 
51 Fleming Charles E 

^Bedford rd intersects 
53 O'Hara Henry R 
+ Admiral rd intersects 
69 Horsey Albert A 
71 Stapleford Mrs Margt 
73 Carlisle Lincoln 
<>St George st intersects 

50 Blackmore George 

91 McConnell Mrs Margt 
03 Hudson John H 
95 Sanderson Miss Margaret 
^Huron st intersects 
^Madison av intersects 
^Spadina rd intersects 
^Walmer rd intersects 

113 Frind Bogart J 

115 Barber Geo 

117 Williamson John W 

119 Wilklns Nicholas B 

121 Clark C Day 
^Kendal av intersects 


West from 9C Davenport 
rd to Hazel ton av, ward 

........ North SCO* 

2 Jones Robt 
12 Pike John 
14 Connolly Patrick 

16 Forsyth Matthew 

18 Lamontagne George 

20 Caflasco Labracco 

22 Fisher Thos 

94 Caldwell Hugh 

26 Moody John C 

28 Brocklehurst Chas G 

30 Giroux Mrs Mary 

32 Bailey Henry 

34 Fulton Mrs Alice 

36 Storey George 

40 Williams Mrs Alice 

42 Fraser Duncan G 

44 Whlmsett Charles 

46 Madgett Daniel 

48 Kingsley Eli 

South Side 

1 Harvey Walter B 

6 Worthy Joseph 
11 Loudon Mrs Eleanor 
13 Lusty Chas 
15 Palange Pasquale 
17 Tucker Mrs Johanna 
19 Campbell Wm J 
21 Elliott Wm 
23 Martin Walter H 
25 Cattreall Wm 
27 Kemp Fred J 
31 Mevel Frank 
33 Buttery Thomas X 
35 Copping James 
37 Plowman Charles W 
39 Mndeett Mrs Susan 
41 Willis John 
43 Cambridge Mrs Annie 
45 Irish Henry J 
47 Bolger John J 
49 McHale TJlrich 




(Smidina Park> 


North from 58 Richmond 
e to Queen e, ward 3. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

2 Builders' Exchange 
Brick Mfrs Assn 
Mason Builders Assn 
Master Carpenters Assn 
Master Plasterers Assn 
Master Stonecutters Assn 
6 Scott Calendar Co, The 
8 Ent to Lodge Rooms 

Ross Wm T 

10 Grand Orange Lod^e of 
British America, Bene- 
fit Fund 

County Orange Hall Bldg 
14 Grand Orange Lodg-e of 

British Am 
County Oranfre Hall 


North from Queen e to 57 
Dagmar av, first e of 
Brooklyn av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 
West Side 

50 Vacant 

52 Vacant 

62 Vacant 

64 Vacant 

66 Smiles Thos 

68 Kelly Joseph J 

70 Munn Neil 

72 Love James 



Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etd. 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Ads'aida (560 



Quickly and Quietly SEE 



PHONES MAIN 988-980 



East from a lane off 
Bruce, first w of Shaw, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

56 Hamill Adam 

58 Turner Samuel P 

South Side 

52 Bell Kdwnnl 
54 David Adam 


(North Toronto), north 
from Sherwood av to 
Stibbard av, 1st e of 
Mount Pleasant rd. 
Not built on 


North from 272 Queen w 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Webber Wm 
1A McCIeary Wm H 
3 Altcrcld Lawrence 
5 Hazard Edward W 
7 Stephens Root J 
9 Speck Benj 

11 Sedore Benj J 

13 Manalt Arthur 

Banncn Ed C, livery, 

15 Vacant 

17 Vacant 

19 Vacant 

21 Gallaher Miss Annie 

23 Villiers Miss Sarah 

25 Lane Edwd, dairy 

27 Lane Edwd 

29 Rodsjers Mrs Mary A 

31 McGuire Miss May 

33 Mitchell Miss Grace 

35 Shaw Frank H 

37 Spence John L 

39 Morrison Mrs Mary 

Stephanie st ends 

41 Brenner Harry 

43 Bailey Geo 

45 Messenger Philip 

47 Williamson Frank R 

49 Williamson Robert C 

fl Boyle Mrs Mary 

53 CInrk Rev \Vm" 

55 Nursing- Mission, The 

Grange rd ends 
109 Bullock James N 
Marwood Waller 
Stillowav James W W 
123 Hunt Albert 
125 Thornhill Miss Sophia 
129 Ford Mrs Angelina 
131 Jarvis Mrs Mary 

St Patrick st intersects 
133 Pownall George A 
135 Phillips Harry R 
137 Mr-Lean Miss Jessie 
139 Carr Maxwell 
141 Bunting James 
145 Mulling Mrs Catherine 
147 Smith Sidney 

P'Arr-y st intersects 
149 Martin Margaret 
151 Parkes Frederick W 
153 Doolinjr Mrs Agnes 
155 Winberg Harry 
157 Plante Frederick 
157a Oriek Miss Sarah 
159 Lavine Samuel, phy 
161 Neveren Louis 

Baker Xorman 
163 Sinser Samuel 
179 Bristol Edmund 

Baldwin st intersects 
181 Shain Miss Annie B 
183 Grant John 
185 Donnelly Patk 
185% Warren John 
187 Caldwell David 
1S9 Hanlan Mrs Margaret G 
193 Vacant 
195 Hawke Chas 

Tye Percy 

197 Geariri Mrs Ellen 
199 Singer Louis 
201 Doyle Thos 
201A Felktn Mrs Mary 

201U Brenner Nathan 
Cecil st intersects 
203 McTear Ernest W 
205 McGann Wm 
207 Glionna Geo, phy 
Glionna Rocco V 
209 McMahon Thos P 
211 Baines Mrs Amelia 
213 Kenny John 

Dunlop Nathan 
215 Roberts Miss Catherine 


217 Kling- Gustave 
219 Milligan Mrs Catherine 
221 Stewart Andrew 
223-225 Wilson Carrie 
227 Rod&ers S H 
229 Wood SamI T 
231 Halpern Rev Isaac 
233 Rabinovitch Simon 
?35 Enusevsky Bernard 
237 Shields Charles 
239 Hall Mrs Fredk 
241 Cable Win 
243 Parsons Rev Henry M 
245 Vacant 
247 Browne Gavin 

West Side 

12-14 Crashley Thos, exp 

16 Vacant 

18 Vacant 

20-30 Sovereign Mills 

S2-3S Waterbury Chemical 


Phoebe st commences 
40 Kelly Mrs Nellie 
42 Emerson Geo 
44 Gemmell Robert 
46 Morris John 
48 Norris Alexander 
50 Rundle Wm 

Rundle Miss Etta, mus 


52 Crispin Wm H 
54 Salter Wm 
56 Spice Albert E 
58 Alter Louis 
60 Gardener Morris 
62 Alter Max 

64 McKinley Mrs Minnie 
60 Quackenbush Mrs Anna 

65 Quackenbush Arthur 
70 Taylor Mrs Annie 
Sullivan st commences 

Baptist Church 
70 Turney Mrs Rachel 
78 Eldred Mrs Jane 
80 Langton Thomas 
84 Monro Fredk W 
6 Pullan Joseph M 
88 Johnstone John W 
90 Phillips Edmund 
92 Rabimoriz Israel 

Grange av commences 
94 Rice Gordon, phy 

94A White Milton W 

04% Back Wm 

96 Upson Uriah L 

96a Finley Thos 

96% Jennings John 

98 Levin Abraham 

98a Absent 

98% Campbell Mrs Maude 
ICO Strathy A Gowan 
106 Georgina House 
108 Mclntyre Andrew 
110 Gibson Rev John B, MA 
112 Cooper Isaac 
114 Cooper Barnet 
116 Stevens Percy 
118 Lawrence Thos 

St Patrick st intersects 
136 Beardmore George W 
150 Cawthra W Herbert 

D'Arcy st intersects 
154 Smyth Miss Annie 
156 Fryer Mrs Margaret J 
158 McLean Mrs Caroline 
160 O'Connell Miss Margaret 
162 Garland Wm J 

164 Giblin Wm J 
174 Cosmopolitan Club 
176 Marshall Chas 
178 O'Grady John 
180 Turner Mrs Annie 
182 Lavine David 
Baldwin st intersects 

186 Coulson Duncan 

194 Martin John M 

196 Ginman Chas 

198 Winnett Henry 

2OO Alexander Mrs Ellen J 

Harris Mrs Margt 
202 Fifriklin Harry 
2O4 Hammond Mrs Maria 

Cecil st intersects 
206 Wilson Thos D 
210 Hagc-rty Martin M 
214 Jackson Wm J 
216 Mosley Thos 
318 Swabey Mrs Eliza A 
220 Phi Sigma Tau Chapter 


222 Mcetan -Mrs Ann 
224 Henry Mrs Emily 
M Mallory Marshall B 
228 Thompson Chris W 


(Old Northern av, North 
Dovercourt Annex), East 
from Oakwood av to Alber- 
ta av, ward 6. 

North Side 

26 Bain Donald 

South Side 

Not built on 


(Old Glendale av), n from 
Bracken av to Gerrard e, 
first e ot Kingswood rd, 
ward 1. 
Not built on 


East from 86 Highland 
av, ward 2. 

North Side 

4 Mitchell Howard E 

8 Mitchell Rev Geo A 

12 Him- y Fredk 11 

14 Drury Chas L 

16 Follett Frank R 

18 Currier Chas H 
20 Eddis Wilton C 

22 Kantel Mrs Johanna 

24 Brimson Chas 

26 Jackman Harry B 

28 Vacant 

32 Rutherford Samuel J 

34 Hulbig- Frank M 
36 Scully Hugh D 

38 Elliott Geo A, phy 

40 McKinnon G A 

Glen rd intersects 

44 Davies J Edgar 
48 Johnston David O 
50 Le Grand Reed 

52 Nicholls Fredk jr 

58 Martin Arthur W 

60 Adams J Frank 

64 Heron Orlando 

70 Evans H Pollman 

76 Sale Julian 

78 Phibbs Richd J 

80 McAndrew John 

82 Clarke Fred C 

86 Bannigan Joseph 
8S Thomson Alexander 
90 Wellington John R 
92 Brayley Geo A 
94 Trethewey Wm G 

South Side 

1 Langley John 

5 Vacant 
7 Vacant 

9 Gillooly Chas J 
11 Blachford Chas A 

13 Gardner Mrs Edith R 

15 Robinson Albert C 

17 Dunnigan Frank J 

19 Hodge Wm S 
Rumford Thos H 

Glen rd intersects 

35 Chisholm Geo T 

41 Meredith Sir Wm R 

45 Meredith John K 
67 Alexander Davin W 

81 May Charles F 

83 Boehm M Stanley 

So Morine Horace A 
87 Gooderham Albert 
89 Roessel Max L 


West from 1196 Yonge to 
rear of Avenue rd, ward 
North Side 

2 Gretes Valmetes & Co, 

14 Smith Geo 

16 McDowell Walter 

18 Vacant 

20 Coombs Frank S 

22 Chalklin Chas 

24 Thomas Ht-nry 

26-28 Toronto Whip Co 

30 Matthews Henry F 

32 Bisset Janu s 

34 Cook Arthur 

36 Hodson Harry F 

38 Onley Thomas G 

42 Barnard John 

44 Bi-are Charles 

44% Harris Wm 

46 Davis Alex 

48 Radford Saml 

50 Shea Samuel 

52 Holmes Miss Emily L 

60 McBride Miss Nancy 

62 Fisher Thomas 

64 Ross Mrs Ellen 

06 Campbell Alexander 

Cheshire & Hulme, paint- 
ers, r 

68 Priest Jaraes 

70 Gibson Mrs Josephine 

72 Johnson Andrew 

74 Carpenter Mrs Matilda 

76 Wedekamm Albert 

78 Shill Richd 

80 McBride John 

82 Brown Wm 

86 McBride Archd 

88 McBride Edwd 

90 Taylor Robt F 

92 McCarrell Geo 

94 Grainger Arthur T 

96 Coburn Rev James 

98 Coss Robert E 
100 Miller Wm J 
102 MoKellar H C 
104 Thomson James 
1"6 Bentley Robt 1' 
108 Bentley Albert E 
110 Harding Mrs Georgina B 
112 Ross James H 
114 Ashwood George 
116 Stephens James 

South Side 

17-19 York Radial Ry frt sta 

21 Howard Thos 

23 Edworthy Walter J 

25 Pearce Wm C 

27 Taylor David 

29 Thompson Chris 

Gange av ends 

31 Davis Albert E 

33 Doolittle Edwd B 

35 Charters Chas 

37 Colbran Mrs Mary 

39 Carr Thos 

41 Cot nor Wm 

43 Davidson Geo 

45 Truen Geo H 

65 McBride John 

69 Vacant 

71 Tomlinson Thos J 

73 Vacant 

75 Davis Mrs Ellen 


(Balmy Beach), name 
changed to Silver Birch av. 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
West from 1626 Dufferin to 
Greenlaw av, 2 south St 
Clair av w, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Emmott Edmondson 
6 Aldridge Ernest W 
12 Parrick Fredk 
18 Mercer Frank 
34 Ransberry James 15 

BONDS OF Guarantee Company of North America 

SURETYSHIP MEDLAND & SON, General Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 


The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

36 King Frederir-k L 
38 McDowell Wm R 
52 Herron Wm A, lumber 
Elmwood av intersects 
60 Cudney Andrew 
66 Hurrel'l Wm 
68 McFarlane Robert 
70 Catchpolf .Mi's Lottie 
76 Wood Alex 
78 Wood Wm 
82 Silverman Max 
84 Anderson Geo A 
86 Ingram Geo H 
88 Linton Mrf Affnes 
92 McTaggart Wm 
94 Hewitt Alfred 
96 Vacant 

98 Mclntosh James A 
+ Greenlaw av intersects 

South Side 

3 Collins Wm 

9 Aylward uavld 
11 Crockford \\'m 
13 \';icant 
17 i >i-iiill Iden 
25 Leach Harry J 
27 F/dwards Joseph 
29 Baird Wm 
31 Dillon David 
33 Oral i tree Chas 
35 Oiapman Mrs Mary A 
37 Cordery Albert 
39 Nelson Andrew 
41 Hillard Ernest 
45 Fitzpatrick Joseph 
55 Smith Wm 
6T, \Viseman Robt 
^ Elmwood av intersects 
67 Lee Sutclifte 
87 Froud Geo 
89 Townsend Wm 
Bleakley Thos 
91 AIcLeod Daniel 
93 Slant'}- Fredk 
Greenlaw av intersects 


< XeTv Toronto) 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Abbott av. 


West from 113 Davenport 
rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Martin Fredk 

4 Hilborne Albert 

6 Howell Harry 

8 Copeland Saml 

10 Fleming Fredk 

12 Lott Chas 

14 Penfold James 
16 Adams Wm 

18 Hamilton Thos 

20 Cambridge Wellington 

22 Worthington Edmund 

24 Griffin Robt 

25 Taylor John T 
28 Madlll Benjamin 

SO Hurst Robert 

32 Copeland Hugh 

34 McEae Wm 

South Side 

1-3 Bush C, Ltd, inks 

5 Sheffield Joseph B 

7 Watkins Thomas 

9 Elkerton Wm 

11 Burn Thos 

13 Milne Wm 

15 Kemp Mrs Margaret 
IS Beck Thomas 

21 Owen Peter 

23 Foster James 
25 Wapshott Churles 
27 Baker James 

2y Lockley Joseph 
31 Harding Edwin 

33 Norman Wm 

35 Devereaux Bartholomew 
37 Carter Edwd 

39 Evans Thos 
41 Madill Wm 


(Old Russell pi), n from 
Ki4 Queen e, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Cridland Francis 
3 Chipman Thos 
5 Lincoln John 
7 Christopher Joseph 
9 Stewart Wm 
11 Meacham Wm 

... West Side 
Not built on 


East from 
ward 2. 

75 Tonge, 

North Side 

2 Meyer Gustave C 

4 Fogg Robt F, sign paintr 

6 Newman Wm N, clothes 

8 Cniter Vivian 

10 Vacant 

12 Flinn Thomas J 

14 Allnn Mrs Catherine 
16-20 Parker R & Co, (br) 

22 La Barge Fredk 

24 Crown Miss Caroline 

26 Wayman Russell D 

28 Hubertus Mrs Mary A 
30 Galloway Robt 

Perkin Chas 

32 Squires Albert 

34 Pomfret John H 

36 Ogg Miss Jessie C, <lrs- 


38 Lawrence James 
40 Wilson Mrs Maggie E 
42 Hardinge Geo M 
44 Johnston Mrs Orpha E 
46 Quinnell Henry 
^Park rd intersects 
50 Bicknell Alfred 

52 Beaton Kenneth G 

54 Cherry Earl 

56 Ferguson Robt 

55 McGhie Wm C 
60 Thurgarland Wm 

62 Williamson Miss Emma 
64 Cholwill Mrs Elizth A 
66 Keachie John D 

68 Hamilton James 

70 Hewitt Chas 

72 Clark Mrs Sarah A 

74 Dobson Wm B 

McCabe Alex 

76 Menzies Charles W 

78 Malcolm Miss S Max- 


80 Scott Nathaniel K 
82 Hogg Sidney S 

84 Gorfinkel Max 
86 Trew ili=s Mary 
SS Heyes Fleming W 

90 Taggart Mrs Emma 
92 Wallis Miss Emma 
94 Crooks Miss Jane 

Crooks Miss Jane 
96 Sanders Herbert J 

South Side 

9 Downs Jeremiah 

11 Willis Wm 

13 Bell Telephone Co 
19 Key Wm H 

21 Dlckson Wm J, prtr 

23 Summerville James 

27 Wood Saml 

29 Tubbs James 

33 Moulton Joseph 
35 Willis Wm G 

^ Park rd intersects 

69 Dickson Wm J 

71 Trotter Rev Thos 

73 Hay ward Frank G 

75 Higgins Fredk C 

77 Evans Walter B 

79 Bishop Chas W 
SI Walton Thos K 

53 Moyle David 

85 Browne Mrs Eliza 

S7 Burgess Jefferson C 


North from Mountstephen 
to Gerrard e, first e of 
Don River, ward 1 

East Side 

15 Hadley Geo 

17 Miller Job 

21 Livesey Harry 

23 Pearson Wm 

25 Smith John 

27 Harwood-Jones Henry, 

mus tchr 

2J McK.-iAvn \Vm J 
31 Norton John 
33 Roberts Mrs Mary A 
35 Livesey Isaiah 
37 Maso.i Henry 
:-','.' Kemoff Alexander 
41 Meldrum Robt A M 
43 Johnston Delbert 
45 Handley Wm F 

West Side 

Not built on 


East from 70 Davenport 
rd, ward 3 
North Side 

2 Kettlewell Wm 

4 Nicholls Wm 

6 Bailie James R 

5 McLennan Wm 
10 Allom Wm 

12 Stockey Mrs Catherine 

South Side 

1 Moir David 

3 Wormington Thos W 


North from 92 Sydenham 
to Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

:Currie pi commences 
Sutton av intersects 
^ St David st intersects 
41 Cundy Richd 
43 Graham James 
45 King Edwd 
47 Pavelin Albert 
49 Scholey Harry 
51 Johnson Dalton 
53 Evans Mrs Catherine 
55 Chute Chas 
57 Osborne James 
59 Green Arthur 
61 Woodard Wm 
03 Strickland Charles 
65 Millson David 
67 Matthews John 
69 Torance James 
71 Yeoman Henry 
73 Wright Robert 

West Side 

2 Show Frederick 

4 Gibbs Albert 

6 White James L 

5 Piper Daniel 

: Sutton av intersects 
St David st intersects 
46 Shock Bertram 
48 Barr Peter 
50 Elston Mrs Margt 
52 Swanton Thos 

Haddleton Fredk 
54 Frauendorf Crandall 
56 Tillett Philip 
58 Schwab Frank 
60 Steele Mrs Agnes, nurse 
62 Bennett John 
70 Doyle Mrs Rose F 
72 McArthur Mrs Minnie 

Gear Johnston 
74 Jones Wm 


North from G T R tracks, 
first west of Jones av, 
ward l. 

East Side 

39 Higgins Anthony 
41 Hill Henry 
43 Barham Wm 

4.j HarK'rt-nv.'S \\"m H 
47 Butcher Wm 
49 Lefroy Herbert 
51 Atkin Joseph 
53 Langley Harry 

West Side 

2 Carter Horace 
4 Butler John W 
6 Brown Henry 
22 Graham Henry 
^ Boultbee av intersects 
40 Page Arthur 
42 Ashbee Henry 

Russel Brick Co, yard 


("Scarboro Township), 

North from Queen e to 
Gerrard e, second east of 
city limits 

East Side 

17 Cornish Frank 
21 Lea Evelyn J 
23 Macrae Alex G 
25 Summer residence 
27 Summer residence 
37 Bletsoe Fredk O 
101 Booth Wm E 
103 Bryant Thos 
109 Hanmer Fredk 
111 Unfinished house 
115 Williams Henry 
121 Unfinished house 
123 Unfinished house 
^Kingston rd intersects 
Elliot Geo 
Cooper Andrew 

West Side 

10 Hicks Saml J 
12 Holme Herbert 

14 Lea Mrs Eliza 

20 Thompson Alan C 

22 Cochrane Emily A 

24 Willis Arkle S 

26 Fleming Mrs Catherine 

60 Stewart Walter 
Windsor av ends 
80 Xorris Wm 

82 Gowling Geo 

98 Devine Mrs Elizth 

^Kingston rd intersects 


North from 186 Canton to 
Howard, ward 2. 

East Side 

9 Turnbul! James 

11 Thomson Wm J 
13 Hahndorf Henry 

15 White Edwin 

17 Beatty Alexander 
19-21 Duval Jules 

23 Finagin Frederick 

25 Chambers J.-imes W 

27 Fraser Mrs Margaret 
31 Laurie A Alfred 

37 Bruce John 
39 Cummings Mrs Ada 
41 Hynes Mrs Mary 
O'Nell Michael, r 
45 Thompson Mrs Georglna 
47 Fug-ard Robt W 
49 Vannevar James 
51 Chapman Alfred 
55 Winters John R E 
59 Bartlett Sydney 

61 Wae?ett Stanley A 
Griffiths Luther, rear 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Special Attention given to Man- 
age mnt of Estates. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 


63 Webb Jorm W 
65 Norris Mrs Eleanor 
67 Barr James 
69 Johnson John W 
71 Alnslie Mrs Emma 
71a Durnan "W L, osteopath 

Dunlop Alex, rear 
73 Florlnl Ottavlo 

Godfrey Wm R, r 
75 Taylor Harry W 
77 Scully Robt 
79 Jefferles Wm J 
81 Neales Miss Josephine 
83 Taylor Mrs Mlna 
85 Smythe Albert E S 
87 Macdonald James A 
89 Warren Alfred 
93 Pernginl Ignace 
97 Boyes Fredk 
99 Stephens Walter N 

101 Pike Herbert 

101% Forrter Edwin 

103 Crawford Miss Gertrude 

105 Kirk Benjamin 

107 Smith Horace 

107% Wiltshire Chas 

107% Stoneburg Mrs Lucy 
+ Wellesley st Intersects 

109 Back Wm G 

111 Scott John 

113 Turner Robert 

Fagan Hugh, rear 

jlo Sharpe John 

117 Burfoot Mrs Jane 

119 Harsant Harry F 

121 Lambert Thomas 

125 Chaplin Wm C 

127 Barnes Alfred L 

129 Schoff Elgin 

131 Kirk Wm 

135 Vacant 

137 Jnmieson Chnrles R 

139 Gardner Charles E 

130% Gouldstone John F 

141 Goodman Harry 

Pankhurst Edwd, rear 

143 Weir Frederick W 

145 Andrews Mrs Isabella 
+ Bleecker pi commences 

149 Cousins Philip 

151 Cusslon Edmund 

153 Heard James 

155 Blunt Wm 

155% Gamey Thos J A 

157 Beamish Robt O 

157% Diack John, exp 

159 Rlley Joseph P 

161 McMurray Robt 

163 White Geo A 

165 Peirce Henry 

167 Middleton Henry J 

167 % Marshall Alfred 

169 Lalor Thomas 

171 Moore James K 

171V- Donovan Mrs Joanna 

173 Watson George 

175 Broom Mrs Mary 

177 Bates Chas W 

181 Klein Mrs Annie 

183 Walters James W 

183% Pierce John 

185 Jardine Ja s W 

185% Pearson BenJ 

187 Olney Fred 

189 McVeish James 

191 Vacant 

191% McArthur Mrs Flora 

193 Arnold James 

195 Bell Mrs Margaret 

197 McDowell Alex 

"01 Lyne John 

203 Frogley Thomas 

205 Boy n ton Edward 

207 Graham John A 

209 Hanna Wm A 

211 MacDonald Archibald 

213 Littleboy Mrs Helen 

215 Tozer Matthew 

15% Tozer Walter G 

217 TlUman Henry T 

219 West Mrs Mary 

221 Morris Harry H 

West Side 

6 Chadwick Luke C 

8 Nealy airs Jane 
10 Slddell Reeves 
12 West Henry J 
14 Blakely John H 
16 Cohn Joseph 

18 Woods John 

28 Vacant 

44 Wiggins Mrs Mary 

46 Jamleson Robert 

48 Ross Mrs Sarah N 

60 Walker Joseph 

52 Robson Mrs Marion 

54 Trent Fredk 

56 MacKenzie Mrs Elizth J 

58 Dawson Willis 

60 Rutherford Alex 

62 Brown Thos 

64 Earl Sidney B 

66 Alley Tobias 
Wellesley st Intersects 
110 Brown Mrs Florence 
112 Drlnkwine Henry 
114 Greenaway Albert W 
116 Swaine Geo 
118 O'Brien James 
120 Reid Allison J 
122 Davidson Mrs Jessie 
124 Fletcher Mrs Henrietta 
126 Armitag-e Fredk 
128 Porter John 
ISO Simpson Wm, contr 
132 McMaster Miss Minnie 


134 Dorrlen Henry J 
156 Lea Richd 
158 Macgrecror Mrs Caroline 
160 Mountain Wm J 
162 Fletcher Mrs Mary E 
164 Campbell Wm J 
166 Lukes Miss Carrie 
18 Deacon E J 
170 Unfinished house 
172 Unfinished house 
174 Stanley Chas 
Adare Wm J 
176 Loomis Roy 
178 Walsh John, gro 
ISO Taylor Mrs Mary H 
182 Jillard Frank D 
184 Saunders John W 
190 McAlpine Wm 
192 Summers Edwd 
194 Pooley Wm H 
196 Williams Samuel 
]98 Rodgers Mrs Isabella 
200 Steele Wm 
202 Shackleton Mrs Sarah 
204 Martin John 
206 Prance George J 
212 Phillips Wm 
214 Boyd Robert J C 
216 Putnam Wm H 
218 Tomlin John J 
220 Vacant 
222 Phillips Wm 
224 Fee Henry S 
22fi Giles Wm 
230 Greer James 
234 Patterson Joseph, gro 

East from 149 Bleecker. 
ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Pickett Edward J 

2 Riddell Wm 

3 Charles Geo 

4 Flnlayson Mrs Elizabeth 

South Side 

Not built on 

East from 143 Sumach, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Hensliall Wm H 
4 Parker Ernest 
6 Cartwright Ed-wd D 
8 Hetherington Arthur 

10 Adams James G 

12 Moore Samuel 

14 McMillan Ollie 

16 Foster Henry W 

18 Vail James 

20 Hand John 

22 Miller Isaac 

24 Johnson Christopher 

26 Andrews Geo 

28 Powell Thos 

30 Paul James 

32 Ibbotson Wm 

34 Butt Harry 

36 Tonl Jean 

38 Amer Walter 

South Side ... 

1 Close John B 
3 Bavidge John E 
5 Burns Miss Mary 
7 Lake Mrs Harriet 
9 Tunstead Robt F 
11 Brown Wm 
13 Grisold Chas 
15 Sykes Henry 
17 Crofts John H 
19 Dewar John 
21 Hlllyard George 
23 Walters Uriah 
25 Georges Jean 
27 Saunders Thomas 
29 Gravel Pierre 
31 Hale Forrest 
33 Hlnton Wm E 
35 Cooper Chas 

37 Stevens Edwd 


East from Pape av to w 
of Brooklyn av, first n of | 
Queen e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Heigh Wm 

4 Fox Joseph 

6 Fuller John 

8 Le Clerc Joseph 
10 Cameron Alex K 
12 Beet Harold 
12% Mclntosh John 
14 Heys Edwin 
16 Jewett Geo 
18 Campbell Joseph 
20 Currle Mrs Elizabeth 
22 Dwyer Harry 

24 Thirsk Charles E, exp 
26 Donnellv Leslie 

25 Platt Charles 

South Side 

1 Thirsk Chas E. exp 

3 Robb David 

5 Sutton Mrs Mary 

7 Batten Wm H 

9 Reynolds Wm J 
11 Chandler Fredk, baker 
13 Surman Henry G 
25 Kerfoot Thomas 
27 Harrison John D 


West from Greenwood av 
to Prust av. second n of 
Gerrard e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Jacobsen Wm 

4 Lehman John A 

6 McCordick Frank M 

8 Johnson Mrs Esther 

10 Robbs Richd 

12 Hunter Fredk A 
14 Bilton Geo 
16 Bourne Arthur A 
18 Patterson Fredk W 

20 Sew.-ll Walter E 

22 Swan Archd 

24 Urown Thos 

25 Brown Wm E G 

23 White- John A 
3 ( ! Vacant 

32 Moyer Wm 
34 Hunter Hamilton 
36 J -hnston Joseph 
38 OTonnell Frank 
40 Montgomery Howard 
42 Barnes Alfred S L 
44 O'Reilly Cecil H 
46 Cairns Andrew B 
48 Pearson Joseph H 
50 MacDonald Thos A 
52 Dignan Peter B 

South Side 

1 Hopkinson James 

3 Rickaby Addison 

5 Walker Raymond 

7 Jeffrey Wm 

9 Hurlburt Geo F 

11 Kenny Bernard C 

21 Vacant 
23 Vacant 
25 Vacant 

27 Vacant 

29 Vacant 

31 Blake Wm J 

33 Vacant 

35 Hall Wm 

37 Edwards Wm 

39 McEachern Donald D 

41 Prouting Arthur 

43 Dawson Mrs Mary 

45 Tolchard John F 

47 Chessum Alfred J 

49 Chessum Harry 

51 Crowe Wm 

53 Lansing Russell 

55 Milne Andrew 

57 Henley Wm 

59 Chisholm David 

61 Kippen John 

63 Unfinished 

65 Unfinished 


East from 737 Yonge to 
Sherbourne, wards 2 and 3. 

North Side 

2 Traders Bank Apart- 

Burnham G Herbert, phy 
Rlsdon Fulton E, dentist 
Cummer W E, dentist 
Van Duzer Fredk K, 


McLean R Gordon, den- 

Dawson T Walter, phy 
Proudfoot Wm, barr 
Risdon Miss Louise, mus 


Nicholls Bruce F, dentist 
Amsden C Ethelwolfe, 


Laflamme Wm J, den- 
McDonagh Andrew J, 


May Mrs Caroline, mas- 

Borg Carl E, massage 
Woods Wm J, dentist 
Husband Frederick C, 

Anderson Howard W, 


Grieve G W, orthodon- 

Pearson Chas E. dentist 
Stewart Archibald, den- 

McCarthy Miss Char- 
lotte, millinery 
Duncan John T, phy 
Durnan Wm L. osteo- 

Nothnagel Miss Johan- 
na, chlropracter 
4 Carnahan W J A & H, 

6 Mitchell Harper A, real 

8 Stewart Miss Minnie, 

8% Smilev Miss Caroline, 


Porter Miss Ettie. staty 
10 Holmes Arthur W, arch 
12 MoKenzie B E, phy 

Wright Chas S, phy 
14 Richardson George A, 


10 MeKenzIe Bart E 
18 Ontario Motor Car Co, 


20 Ootton .7 M, phy 
24 Warwick Gny F 
34 Moulton College 

Thrall Miss Charlotte 
Central Meth Church 
^ Park rd commences 
48 Reeve Richard A, phy 
64 Bruce Herbert A, phy 
88 Caven James G, phy 
90 Vacant 
134 Vigeon Henry 
144 St Margaret's College 

Dlckson Mrs George 
152 Home for Incurable Chil- 

164 Heintzman Gerhard 
172 Campbell Colin, phy 




Electric Motors 








178 McLaren George H, phy 

180 Thorne Adelaide 
182 British Canadian Busi- 
ness College 
+ Huntley st intersects 

184 Anderson Harry B, phy 

185 Catto John 

190 McFarlane Murray, phy 

194 Vacant 

204-206 Reformed Presby Ch 

Dempster Rev Saml 
210 Ainger Apartments 
132 Stanley Apartments 
ZS4 Florence Apartments 
236 Dominion Bank 

South Side. 

1 Gow George, dentist 
Hume Guy G, orthodon- 

1A Freshwater Fred 
B Chinese Laundry 
S% Sutherland Mrs Annie 

Grattan Francis, pic- 

7 Dlnsmore A J, rnrn mir 
9 Taylor & Co, painters 
11 Wllks R F & Co, piano 


13 Cooper Geo 
15 Andes Peter 
17 Galbraith Henry 
19 Maher P, livery 
23 Somers Thos H 
25 Old James 

Trotter Francis 
29 Pringle Mrs Jane 
31 Manning Mrs Antoin- 

33 Goodchlld John P, phy 
Faulkner Miss Mary, 


37 Clarke Mrs Mary 
39 Dutton Benj B, phy 
43 Davles Henry 
45 Cassldy John J, phy 

Westminster Pres Ch 
57 Cleland Fredk A, phy 
65-67 Hospital for "Women 
fi!t Elliott John E, phy 
71 Ireland Alexander H 

Church st ends 

To Fonton Fredk. phy 
81 Wood Thomas H 
85 Riach James, bdg 
87-115 St Paul's Ch (Ang) 

529 Blegdon Oscar 

131 Fife Mrs Margt 

133 MacMurchy Helen, phy 

Jarvis st ends 
139 Grimes Harry 

145 Stevenson R A. phy 
155 Joseph Miss Mary 
159 Clow Wm 

Moody Wm J 
165 Grady Mrs Addis 

Huntley st intersects 
167 Boyd Geoffrey, phy 
171 Suckling Wm J 

175 Stenhoose John, phy 

17T Rae George M 

181 Boyd Wm ' 

187 Barrett Robert G 

189 Clemes Mrs Emily, bdg 

193 Millichamp Geo E, phy 

19B Moore Herbert B 

199 Hallam John 

201 Beatty Adam A 

205 Wilson Geo H, phy 

207 McDowell Franklin 


West from 794 Yonge to 
city limits, wards 3, 4, B, 
6, and 7. 

North Side 

2 Reade Robt J, dentist 
Hull Richd W, dentist 
Graham T Howard, den- 

14 Hunt Alfred E, osteo- 
16 Jones Edwin C, dentist 

Calhoun John C, phy 
18 Hermiston George M, 

20 Wilson Robert J, phy 
24 Colville James A 
26 Christie Robert 
30 Van Camp Jared C, un- 
32 Webster A F, dentist 

Robert Ira X, phy 
40 Foy Mrs Gertrude A 
46 Nevltt R B, phys 
52 Johnson A J, phys 
62 Ward Jerald 
64 Gordon Mrs M D, dentist 

Jones Newbold, phy 
66 Caven John, phy 
68 Tarker George W 
72 Parsons Harold C, phy 
80 Horning James E, phy 
Horning Mrs M Ivor, 


82 Stone Daniel, undertaker 
^ Bellair st commences 
86 Bull Mrs Nettie 
92 Pearcy Sanderson 
100 Toronto Orthopedic Hos- 
108 Cuthbertson Chas R, 


110 Ticehurtt Septimus 
112 Smith Shelbourne 
114 Ross Wm 
116 Burns Michael 
118 Byrne Miss Mary 
120 Faulkner Misses, drsmkrs 

Faulkner Miss Clara 
122 Lyon Mortimer, phys 
124 Greene E Herbert, phys 
126 Maclennan D N, phys 
128 Richardson T B, phys 
134 Aikins Wm H B, phy 

Harrison Fredk C, phy 
142 Delta Upsllon Fraternity 

144 Medcalfe Miss Ella 

Smale Rundal R, phy 
146 Moorhead Andrew S, 


148-158 Westminster College 
160 Marrow Miss Lucy E, 

Church of Redeemer 

Avenue rd commences 
182 Scadding H C, phjs 

392 Dickson Charles R. phys 
194 Billings Mrs L F, bdg 


Boswell Arthur R 
196 Shenstone Norman S, 


206 Rowan Thomas A 
208 Wilson Robert S 
210 Parker Saml G, phy 
220 Hamilton Herbert J, phys 
224 Starr Clarence L 
228 Baines Allen, phys 
232 Gibson Robt J 
34 Layton David B 
236 Beattle Mrs EHzth 
238 Monypenny James 
240 Clark Arthur D 
242 Crean Miss Jessie 
244 Thomson Thomas C 
^ Bedford rd commences 
246 Heyden Miss Barbara 
250 Lusk Chas P. phy 
252 Pierson Mrs Jessie, bdg 

Logan Wm 

+ St George st intersects 
278 Knowles F McGlllivray 
Westbourne School 
Curlette Miss M, B A 
288 Langmuir Matthew 

Huron st Intersects 

Bloor St Pres Church 
302 Rudolf R D, phy 
310 Magee Hon James 
^ Madison av commences 
316 Burnham Miss Lillian 

M, bdg 
320 Bralthwalte Mrs Lydla 

Mitchell James P 
322 Noble Robt T, phy 
326 Mills John, orthodon- 

Trotter W Cecil, dentist 
328 Milner Beverley Z, phy 
332 Bank of Nova Scotia 


Ante Bros, dentists 
^ Spadina rd commences 
342 Sutton Mrs Elizth 

346 McGill John D, under- 
358 Gage Wm J 

Walmer rd commences 
384 Clouse Ellas, phy 

Dalton rd commences 
386 Brown W C, phy 

394 McCullough James, phy 
McCullough John S, 

398 Franklin Edgar R, phy 

+ Brunswick av Intersects 
400 Cleland Fred E, gro 
402 Sanderson Percy 
404 Martin Mrs Kate, staty 
406 McCormack Peter, tlr 
408 Schaefer & Thorn, 


410 Unser Wm, baker 
412 Rosen Max, Ids tlr 
Hirshorn Alex, Ids tlr 
Eichler Max, Ids tlr 
414 Craig Albert 
418 "Watson Miss Clara 
420 Wood Miss Sadie 
422 Wollard Mrs Martha L 
424 Galley John R, cigars 
426 Harris P C Laverton 
428 Bamflt G Neville 
430 Blakely Miss Alda, 

432 Muir Wm B 

Muir Thos jr 
432a Parrish Mrs Llllie 
432b Simpson John 
438 Vacant 

^Howland av commences 
444 Rahikainen Jacob, tlr 
450 Defoe Andrew, optician 
452 Brock Geo S, gro 
458 Lipsett Misses, mlnrs 
474 Stalker & Dowell, Ids 

476 Douglas-Allen Electric 


478 Madden John J 
Bennett Edwd W 
Adams Alex C 
480 Hourigan Daniel M 
Adams Alex C 
Morrison Miss M E, fey 


482 Dick Henrietta, confy 
484 Cole L Elmer 
486 Graham Robt G 
488 Rippon E V, adv novel- 

490 Urbach Chas A, florist 
492 Chaplain Myers, Ids tlr 
494 Little Matthew W, gro 
Albany av commences 
496 Slayer Peter L, shoes 
498 Vacant 
500 Vacant 
612 Tee & Tee, rest 
514 Williamson John, flour 
516 Stables Robt J, btchr 
518 Valsey Edgar, shoes 
520 Blumstein Solomon, tlr 
522 Anderson Robt, baker 
524 Burfoot Geo, gro 
526 Prince & Co, hdware 
528 Hall Wm G, gents fur- 
Hall James 
530 Home Bank Bldg 
Bartlam H S, dentist 
Cornell N W, caretaker 
556 Home Bank of Canada, 

The (br) 

Bathurst st Intersects 
558 Ferrah Robt, drugs 
558% Manson Miss Bertha, 

560 Bryant Alfred E, real 


562 Lynch James, barber 
564 Saletta Joe, fruits 
566 Rouda Harman, tlr 
568 King George Theatre 
568%-70 King George Apart- 

570a Joy Hudson, barber 
72 Minehan Rev Lancelot 
St Peters (RC) Church 
^Mnrkhnm st Intersects 
582 McWHlster & Middle- 
ton, confrs 

684 Anderson Miss Margt, fey 


586 Hughes Mrs Maud, mlnr 
588 Saunders Frank, florist 
Jessop Levi 
Platt Wm G 
590 Younder Joseph, fruit 

Thomas James 
592 Jackson Harry, btchr 
Hardlo Wm H 
Mackey Arthur A 
600 Casher Wm J, gro 
McDonald Norman D" 
Sanders Max 
602 Smith Saml, tobacco 
604 Nowell & Cheshire, rest 
Elliott Wm 
MacDonald Joseph 
Strange Wm H 
Wilson Robt 
606 Keys & Co, hardware 
Loane Wm 
Cahn David 
608 Weese Frederick H, fey 


Matthews Mrs Charlotte 
610 Struthers J W & Sons, 


+ Palmerston av Intersect* 
612 Williton & Hunter, gents 

614 Holstein Chas F, 

clothes clnr 
Furrer Paul H 
616 Harper Raymond, hair 


Gold Wolf, ladies tlr 
618 Brown Bros, btchrs 

Shiels Wm A 
618A Foggan Henry 
620 Martin Alex, gro 
t20A Nowell Wm 

Ross Alex H, real estate 
Victorero Francesco 
Blum Chas 

622 Hohlstein Wm J, amuse- 

622 % Sawyer Chas A 
624 Ballingall David R 
626 Chinese Laundry 
628 Smith Wm, gro 
630 Du Maresque Chas H, 


632 Burns Benj, jwlr. 
634 Parker John, tlr 
636 Medhurst Mrs Sophia, 


+ Euclid av intersects 
638 Hagan John B, gro 
640 Chinese Indry 
f-42 Brod Emanuel 
044 Munro Donald 
646 Staples Fred C 
648 Arnold Wm 
650 Boor Geo W 
652 Andrew Wm 
654 Carnall James M 
656 Vance Mrs Margt 

Bliss Mrs Rebecca 
658% Charters Thos 
660 Phillips David A 
660% Jarman Arthur F 
662 Buckley Geo L, baker 
^Manning av intersects 
064 Terry Frankland, drugs 
666 Welch Bernard, staty 
668 Eddy John H, gro 
676-676% Batte Wm, barber 
678 Mount Forest Produce 

680 Burrows N W, btchr 

Barreca Gaetano, shoe 


682 Fraser Alex 
682% Gold Louis, plmbr 
684 Bennett Robt, tlr 
684% Brooke Chas H D 
686 Isaac Wm J, real est 

Hoskinson Cyril J 
688 Chinese Laundry 
690-692 Union Bank of Can 
Clinton st Intersects 
694 Ambrose Joseph, fruit 
704 Singer Henry 
706 Ewens John 
712 Davis John 
714 Wingate Fredk L 
720 Wilson Thomas, tlr 

Herrinsrton Wilfred 
722 Beith Thos B 








Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 


PATENTEE " Modern Method " STflIRS 

Phone Main 5053 

After Hours 
Beach 1026 


724 Clay Percy 
726 IM.-KI; A A & Co, gros 
Hunter James 

t Christie st commences 
Crawford st intersects 
814 13ro\\-]i Mrs Jane, gro 
824-6 Brighton Lndry Co 
^ Shaw st intersects 
828 St Croix Wm 
830 Spenc-e Mrs Sarah A 
Reid Miss H E, phy 
."S34 Uoopt-r Wm J, gro 
:S36 Findlay Chas, confr 

Rotz Norman 
*38 Demars Doniinick 
40 Wissot Albert. conJ 
842 Tooze Mark, hdwre 
841 Morton James, staty 
846 Adams Edwd J 

Adams Miss Clara M, 


.848 Adams E & A. fancy gds 
Johnson Frank W, silks 
^50 Clapham Saml, gents fur- 

850A Gibson Robt A 
fcs2 l.ekoy Chas 
SI54 Bergland & Co, real est 
S56 Singer Max. Ur 
.vSS Whitehead Wm, drugs 
SCO Woodcock Edwd L, gro 
862 Cohen Jacob, tlr 
864 Gillespie Alexander, bar- 

^Carling st commences 
86G Brennan Richard, btchr 
S6S Ferris Walter, confy 
870 Fiffary Wm H, photos 
872 Suroff Hyman, hdware 
SIB Chinese Indry 
878-S82 Crottie James J, 

dry gds 

884 Scott Ernest, mlny 
884a Tough Geo 

\Vooldridge Claude 
886 Colonial Biscuit Co 
888 Shankland James F, 


888a Doyle Geo 
890 Whitehead Wm, drugs 
+ Ossington ay intersects 
892 Standard Bank of Can- 

8t>4 National Furniture Co 
896 Stubbs Bros, shoes 
S98 Meredith Harold S 
898% Meredith Harold S, tlr 
900 Sanderson Isaiah, barber 
902 Sanders Arthur C, china 
904 De Cristofaro Antonio, 


906 Cope-Fletcher Co, staty 
908 Mole Miss Dorothy, mlnr 
Ward Arthur 
Manning Mrs Bessie 
010 Bloomer Edward, barber 
912 Plenty, Dykes & Co, 

real est 

914 Rumney Robt S, baker 
S16 Medis Mrs Raffaela, fruit 
918 Imrie Miss L W, dry gds 

Latimer Andrew 
S20 Vacant 

Concord av intersects 
922 Moulds Wm S 
P22A Bleakley Miss Alice M 
J22% Caldwe'll F R, dry gds 
924 Young Marshall B, shoes 
924A Yeats Donald A 
924i Macey Bros, tlrs 
924%a Hanson Chas M 
926 Chinese Indry 
928 Ryan John, wines 

Ryan Daniel 

930 Brown & Wellts, Ids tlrs 
932 Wills Geo F, btchr 

Oakley Wm J 
934 Clarke Howard J, gro 
asfl Creamer Fred J, re*tr 
938 McWilliam & Clegr, 

940 Squire Edmund H, men's 

McDonald John 
942 Lewis & Stevenson, gros 

^Delaware av intersects 
956 Emery Wm, hardware 
1158 Easson James, mens furng 
960 Roberts Arthur, cigars 

062 Spcnce Henry J, jwlr 
962 & Dovercourt Hall 

Brown Chas W, dentist 
964 Barrett Chas, gro 
966 White R H, real estate 
90S Fletcher Samuel E, to- 

970 Johnstone J W, baker 
'.'72 McTaggart W O & Co, 

real est 

974 Paolo Camosino, fruit 
876 Dixon Charles E, barber 

Conger Coal Co (br) 
978-80 Lawson James, conf 
982 Pretty S Byron, drugs 

Postoffice (br) 
^Dovercourt rd intersects 
984 Royal Bank of Can (br 
986 Dickie Herbert A, har- 

988 Ringer Jas H, gro 
990 Tipp Geo W, barber 

Darling Geo E 
992 Campbell D O, confy 
994 Horwood Mrs H, dry gds 
96 Chinese iaundry 
S8 Totterdell Mrs Elizth 
1000 McBrien F G, hdwre 
1002 Cardwell J A, shoes 
1004 Good Bros, gros 

Westmoreland av cam 
1006 Forsyth & Hughes, 

real est 

1006% Chinese Indry 
1J08 McLaughlin J S, amuse- 

1012 Horwood Mrs Mary E 
Perry & Tuck, real est 
Horwood Bros, exp 
1022 Fleming Bros, gros 
1024 Knight Henry, confy 
1026 Brown Louis, tlr 

Geirstein Nathan 
1028 Rheard & Entwistle, 


1030 Constable Chas, confy 
1336 Brand Clarence W, phy 
Wood Jas H, phy 

Salem av commences 
1038 Bailie Wm J, auctioneer 
1040 Chinese Indry 

1042 Lummis W:n, barber 

1050 Caldwell Thos R 

1052 Munnings Alfred E, 


1056 Witherspoon Jas, btchr 
1058 Million James B, shoes I 
1060 McKay Wm, confy 
1062 Thompson Wm H, fey 

1064 Philbrook Geo, btchr 

Bartlett av commences 
1076 Notter John H, real est 

Begg A A & Co, bldrs 


Spink & Read, plmbrs 
1078 Newman & Mitchell, 


1080 Dovereourt Twine Mills 
Shurly & Derrett, Ltd, 

twine mfrs 

1086 Munn Fredk J, phyi 
1SS CooK Wm R, phy 
1094 Bartello Antonio, fruit 
Gladstone av intersects 
IC96 Summerfeldt Wm H C, 


C P R Tel (br) 
Rogers Ellas Co, Ltd, 


1100 Ford Itobt J, gro 
1102 Avers John, staty 
1104 Sumberg David, tlr 
1106 Auger Mrs Sarah, 


1108 Anglo-American Medi- 
cine Co 

1110 Fleming Wm, btchr 
Ul'4 Rutledge Wm H, gro 
1114 Snider Saml S, crock- 
11^8 Chinese Indry 

Snodden Wesley, coal 

Dufferin st Intersects 
1130 Stephens Edwd, real 

1132 Vandervoort Walter, 

1134 Vacant 
1136 Vacant 

lloX Wilson Wellington J, 

dry gds 

1140 Curry Wm T, gro 
1142 Amey Geo J 
1144 McBroom W T, phy 

^ Russett av commences 
1146 Squin- AV H, btchr 
1148 Seaman Arthur, gro 
1150 Snell Saml, hdwre 
1152 Delemere Thos H, 


Gough Walter 
1154 Squire John jr, -whol 


1156 Thomas Walter 
+ Pauline av commences 
(166 Clegg John E, gro 
1168 Sheehan D A, shoemkr 
1170 Taylor Mrs Margt 
1172 Chinese Laundry 
1174 Greenblatt Solomon, tlr 
1176 Singer Max, amuse- 
1178 Bucher & Bell, furri- 

1180 Dixon W H, btchr 

Brock av intersects 
1190 Gillam Frank 
1196 Cox Jas, staty 

Macdonald Colin 
Martin Gavin C 
119S Atkinson Chas H, flor- 

1200 Pearsali Frank L, jwlr 
1202 Tenute Fredk, fruit 

^ Margueretta st intersects 
1204 Hambly Matthew C F, 

real est 
Smith Geo H 
1206 Martin .Mrs .Marion, 


1208 Ireland Albert E 
1210 Haire Wm J, cleaner 
1216 Lawrence E. hdware 
1218 Vacant 

1220 Saunders Wm J, dry gds 
1222 Symons George, barber 
1224 Webb Miss H E, confy 
1226 Leslie Moses, gro 

Emmerson av commences 

1228 Griffin Joseph A, btchr 

1230 Claven Elman, dry gds 

1232 Chapman Bros, gents 


1234 Queen John A, shoes 
1236 Raynor Fredk, sewing 


Pooler Miss E M, music 

1235 Hendenson Allen, barbr 
1240 Constable Geo, baker 
1?42 Rowan John, btchr 

St Clarens av intersects 
1250 Wellwood Arthur, shoes 
1252 Diamond Albert, confy 
1254 Covert Hiram, gents 

Button Henry 
1256 Wilkin Carl IS, cigars 
1258 Gamble Arthur, confy 
1260 Patterson Wm H, gento 

1262 Hetherington Jas C, Ins 


1264 Markus Edwd, gen str 
1266 Tamblyn G, Ltd, drugs 
^ Lansdowne av intersects 
1270 Imperial Bank (br) 
Skae Mrs Julia 
Cumberland Mrs Flor- 

1280-4 Ryan's Theatorium 
1286-S Ryan Thos, furni- 

1304 Wilson Mrs Nellie, gro 
1306 Chinese laundry 
1308 Brlgden Wm 
1310 Collingwood James 
1312 Little Robt 
1326 Anderson John 
Graham Wm 

P.ailway crossing 

1372 Hancock T H, lumber 
1412 Beckett Mrs Mary J 

+ Symington av intersects 
1414 Holohan John F, gro 
1416 Therault Frank J, 


1418 Burley Alex, confy 
1420 Kennedy John 
1422 Flrstbrook Wm C 

1424 Wilson David 
1426 Sharpe James A 
1428 Paterson John 
1430 McCartney David J 
1432 Smith Emerson 
1434 McDonald Robt 
1436 Peel Mrs Celia 
1438 Partington John 
1440 Stanton George B 
H41' Cals Mrs Margt W 
1444 Lemon James, btchr 

^ Perth av intersects 
1446 Mickle, Dyment & Son. 
planing mill 

Kailway crossing 
1478-90 Canada Bread Co 
Imperial Bank (br) 

tIMindas st intersects 
Tucker Reuben 
1;,62 Sowden Walter 
1508 Carroll Archil. aid 
^Dorval rd commences 
ir,7s McGregor John 
1584 Barraclough Joseph 
1590 Patterson Frederick 
1620 Twtedale Arthur J 

^ Indian rd iuterse'-ts 
1704 Parson Thos 
+Woodville av commences 

Keele st intersects 
+ Hain av commences 

Oakmount rd commences 
^ Pacific av commences 

^ HiRh Park av intersects 

Quebec av Intersects 
2000-12 High Park Sani- 

2014 White Octavlus. artist 
^ Clendenan :n' commences 
^Glendonwynne rd com- 

+. Kennedy av commences 
+ Runnymede rd com- 
2246 Macklin Herbert G 

Beiesford av commences 
2260 Jensen James J 

2266 Fish Fredk W 
2270 Calvert Fredk W 
+ Dr.iie av commences 
^ Windermere av com- 

Willard st commences 
^ Spears av commences 
+ .T?ne st intersects 

South Side 

1 Dobson Wm X, tlr 
3 Singer Sewing Machine 

5 Apartments 


1 Vacant 

2 Spirsi'.a Unbreakable 

Rustproof Corsets 
Ideo.1 Skirt Supporter 


3 Warren Miss Viola, 

4 Williams C E. dentist 

5 Henderson Miss W M, 

7 Mitchener J G Co, The, 

ladies tailors 
7 Davies Wm Co Ltd The 

(br) provs 

11 Henwood J M, phy 
13 MacCallum Jas M, phy 
15 Roddy Miss Elizabeth 
17 Nudel Mrs Isabel 
19 Roberts John A, phy 
21 Frawley S L, dentist 

Balmuto st ends 

23 Horrocks Trevor J 
Baptist Church 

North st ends 
71 Stapley Wm G 

73 Yeates Joseph, painter 

75 Baker Chandler 

77 Wakefleld Hawley 

79 Smith Mrs Elizth 

81 Allen Albert C 

S3 Anderson i\orman, phy 

Macdonell Mrs Isabel 
85 Colville James, drsmkr 
89 McCollum John A, phy 
91 Cameron Mrs Minnie 
93 Thomson Hiram B, phy 
95 Hoch Percy 

St Thomas st ends 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, Genera! Agents, 12 Wellington St. E. PJ-.cro M. ITCD 


Branch Manager 

10 Wellington St. E. 
PHONE M. 7632 





2 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 5038 

<i7 I'attinson Miss Jean. 

vi Lockhead Thos 
101 Blakeley Mrs Elizth A 
103 Hoskln Mrs Rebecca 
105 Wells Frederick 
107 Roedding Edwd, Ids tlr 
109 Playter Nelson 

Conover Wm W 
111 Church Mrs Elizth 
113 Burwash Rev Nathaniel 

Jackson Rev Geo 
127 Blaikie John L 
131 Caldwell Wm 
137 Pugsley John 
143 Phi Delta Theta Chapter 


147 Kennedy George 
151 McPhedran Alex, phy 

McPhedran Fletcher, phy 

Household Science Bldg 

Entrance to Queen's Park 

Museum Torono Uni- 

McMaster University 
University of Toronto 

Athletic Field 
+ Devonshire pi ends 

Meteorological Office 
319 Chesson David 
+ St George st intersects 
329 Hall James 
331 Vogt Augustus S 
333 Hardy Patk E A, phy 
341 Westman Mrs May 
345 Gordon A R, phy 
+ Huron st Intersects 

University Schools 
403 Faculty of Education De- 

^ Spadina av ends 
415 Hooper Ralph E, phy 
417 Marlow Frederick W, phy 
419 Mabee Oliver R, phy 
421 Vacant 
425 Shore Allan, phy 

Robert st ends 

Trinity Methodist Church 
+ Major st ends 
459 Leaver Geo, gro 
4C1A Young Arthur H 
163 Young A H, pictures 
463s Tod Philip 
465 \ornabell J L C, drugs 

P (br) 

Abbott Miss Annie 
465a Bunton Mrs Minnie 
467 Swift & Co. Ids tlrs 
469 Haeberlin Walter, baker 
471 Axton Mrs Jessie 
473 Parks Wm J, gro 
473A Brown Miss Clara, 

Richardson Miss Mary, 

Crosby Miss Isabel, nurse 

Kavanagh Miss Mary, 

Maas Herman C 
475 Chinese Indry 
475A Baker Chas 
481 Brunswick Hotel 

Brunswick av Intersects 
483 Freeman Daniel, confy 
485 Stewart Wm T, gents 


487 Saunders Alfred, shoes 
489 Arthurs Robt 

McFeggan James 
4ft 1 Newling Cecil G. staty 
493 Hickman John, gro 
49"A MiTiran Mrs May 

Weber Alex C 
495 Wagner John H, btchr 
195A Cumines Mrs Marion 

Royd Mrs Jane 
497 Lawrence Co, Ids tlrs 
497a Lint Fred 

Scott Miss Mernie 
499 Binnie J L, gents fur- 

501 Cook Merrill H. dry gde 
501% Anger Mrs Annie 
503 Boyce Frank 
505 Campbell Thomas 
507 Klophel Wm R 
609 Norris Richard D, drugs 
^ Borden st ends 
611 Musgrave James, phy 
513 S.mith Mr s Emily 

515 Claffey Lewis A 

517 Orr Mrs Annie 

519 Brown Joseph 

521 Dougall Joseph O. pntr 

525A Chinese laundry 

Croft st ends 

t27 Rydall John, wagon mkr 
529 Cameron Fredk J, coal 
529a Valiske Max, shoemkr 
533 Marder Mrs Annie, dry 


533a Dummett Mrs Annie 
Hoxsey Mathew A 
Pearl Wm J 

535 Pinkerton Wm, real est 
535a Allen Chas, confy 
537 Hodgson Miss Beatrice, 

Anderson Mrs Mary S 
Mitchell Archd 
Goodwin Chas W 
McGuire Augustine 
537a Henderson- Wm. fruit 

^Lippincott st ends 
539 Mobley Harry A. fish 
541 Vacant 
553 Vacant 
553a Swanson Geo H 

Collinge Raymond H 
555 Ball Henry W. dry gds 
557 Tacka'oerry - Stone, Ltd, 

clothing mfrs 

559 Noble George, dry gds 
Noble George W K, den- 
5C1 Strachan & Bennett. 


Kfila Strachan Wm H 
563 Roy Fred J, staty 
563A Butchart Miss Mary. 


Dalton Miss Mary 
563y 2 Nasmith Co Ltd (brl. 

" bakers 
56.1 Dominion Bank 

Bathurst st Intersects 
567 Davies Wm Co, Ltd 
567% Sinclair Ramsay E, 

Ltd. real est 
569 Apartment House 

1 Harding Alfred E 

2 Margetts Wm H 

3 McGuirl J Stanley 

4 Shaver J Howard 

5 Weston Miss Grace 
569% Sinclair Ramsay E. 

real est 

571 Vnttliewson Miss Ida 
573 Schnitman Aaron, Ids 

575 Cooper Frank, gents 


577 Greenwood Joseph 

Waters Mrs Mary 

nrummond Chas S 

Harton Norman L 

579 Greenwood Joseph, shoes 

Markham st Intersects 
585 P O (Station E) 
585% Sanborn Frank E 

Brown Arthur W 
Haley Wm 
Wurts Wilmot B 
587 Gregory Wm S 

Gregory Mrs S C, staty 
Todd Geo 

599 Ball Albert E. furniture 
621 Hoidge Edwd T, phy 

Palmerston av Intersects 
627 Bloom Lewis, presser 
627a Livingstone Miss Mary , 

Oliver John 
629 Fuller Walter 
Dove Chas B 
C29A MacAffer Miss Janet, 


^Euclid av Intersects 
653 Kehoe Joseph J 
655 Kerr Angus 
657 Haskell Alfred 
659 Porteous John W 

Manning av Intersects 
689 Porter John H. gro 

Russell Albert 
691 Thomas Miss Frances. 

691% Browne Ephraim. 

^Clinton st intersects 

693 Vacant 

699 Malot Wm Weather 

Strip Co, The 
699a c;rave-s Chas P 

Mel vur Walter B 
701 Curry Edwin L, barber 
715 Buchanan Chas W, phy 
717 Hicks John 
719 Torry Mrs Lillie 
721 Butwell Henry, brk mfr 

Grace st ends 
737 Anthony James 
739 Winstanley Thos 
741 Mitchell Wm H 
743 Hamilton Geo 

779 Whirlwind Carpet Clean- 
ing Co 
781 Brownie Candy Co 

Montrose av ends 

805 Willowdale Apartments 
S07 McBride Mrs Marie 
809 Gilbert Thos 
811 Nowell Henry A 

Crawford st intersects 
815 Zurhorit Chas F, gro 
831 Grant Donald 

+ Shaw st Intersects 
839 Batty Louis A, gro 
811 Armstrong Mrs Mary 
843 Scarlett Joseph 
845 Breuls Robt W. phy 
S47 Godbold Mrs Isabella 
851 Tew Fredk 
855 Chinese Indry 

Roxton rd ends 

859 Carruthers Wm H. gro 
861 New York Ladies Tail- 
ors, The 

863 McKechnie Saml D 
8S5 Saker George W 
867 Anthony Edgar 
869 Woods James 
871 McDonald Mrs Annie 
f~3 Major Wm 

Major Mrs Jess-.e, gro 
875 Taylor Thomas, furn 

Martell Mrs E M. hair- 

<!81 Cork J H, btchr 
887 McDonald John H, ool 
^Ossington av intersects 

Baptist Church 
893 Corsan Geo H 
895 McConnell Rev Wm 
897 Jackson Saml T 

McGivern Miss Isabella 


899 Cody W H & J L. under- 

901 Adasklin Saml 
903 Miller Harris, btchr 
905 Brawn Francis 

Lawrence James 
907 Hill Joseph H 
911 Ttitfcill Rr.lierr. drugs 
Arnold 'Miss Emma C 

Concord av intersects 
913 Robertson W H, phy 
921-925 Vacant 

927 McLean Wilmot T, phy 
933 Elder Donald, btchr 
935 Rosenblatt Bros, furs 

Breitenstein Louis, sew 


937 Beaumont Ceo A. real est 
339 Northcolt Wm B, staty 
941 Day Louis, gro 
^ Delaware av intersects 
969 Brayley & Jerred, real 


971 Jackson Wm H, real est 
975 West Chas S. real est 
977 Clnpp Miss Ellen M. shoes 
PS1 Dominion Bank (br) 
^Dovercourt rd Intersects 
983 Davies Wm Co, Ltd. provs 
985 Hyde James, confy 
087 Boyle Samael G, dry gde 

Cooke Chas A. dentist 
9S9 Perry Robt A, .sente fur- 

991 Dawson Christopher, Jew- 
93 Harlow Claude 

Batson Frank 
993^ Eagen Miss Clara, mlnr 

Hinds Henry 

McLarty James 
Folk John B 

995 Neale & Merner, shoes 
997 Johnston Frank, staty 
999 Blair J W, real est 
1001 Homer Wm, gro 

Woods Albert E, tin- 
smith, rear 
1003 Carter & Co. florists 

Carter Edwd J 

1006 Wilson Charles F, tlr 

1007 Snider Drug Co 

1009 Adams Wm R, staty 
1011 Black & Tufts, bicycle 


Blackburne Chas T 
1013 Little Miss Emma K, 


1015 Kaplan N & Co, ladies 

Rusholme rd ends 

1041 Murphy Arthur L, phy 
1043 Conboy Fred J, dentist 
1045 Conboy Richd S, phy 
^Havelock st ends 

1061 Mahaffv John, fey gds 

Smith Mathew 
1073 Colbert Wm D 
Lennox Chas S 
1075 Davis Philip 
1077 Reilly Fredk D 
1079 Lnngridge Win 
1081 Crawford Henry J 
1083 Robinson Justin W 
1085 Gosnell Geo 
1087 Philp Wm H, phy 

^Gladstone av intersects 
1169-1173 Vacant (3) 
1175 McPherson Donald, 


1177 Vacant 
1179 Vacant 

1181 Emmerson James, rest 
1187 Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce (br) 

Dufferin st intersects 
1193 Fry W S & Co. gros 
+ Brock av intersects 
1195 Macilonald Herbert, bi- 
cycle repr 
1201 Birch John, H, contr 

Birch Bros, express 
1C03 Moore Saml, phy 
1205 Wyckoff Frank B, gents 

Riddell Walter, exp 
1207 CumminK Edgarde R, 


1209 Harrison Chas, furn 
1211 Knoll Joseph, barber 

Margueretta st intersects 
1219 Maltby Wm M. drugs 

Summers Mrs Susan 
1221 Masneison Miss Chris- 
tine, mlnr 
1223 Crottie James J, men's 


Crottie Michl J 
1225 Tucci Michl. Ids tlr 
1227 Warrener Henry E, 


1229 Ogg & Harold, mlnrs 
1231 Prout Alfred S, elect 


1237 Aikins Arthur D, confy 
1239 Greenaway Frank, floor 
1241 Graham John, gro 
1243 Warriner Geo W, shoe- 

1245 De iuichiel Mrs Jose- 
phine, fruit 

1247 Rome Gemo, fruits 
1249 Mills Charlton A, (ientst 
Sanderson John 


Government, Municipal, 
Corporation and Industrial. 
Yielding from 4% to 6^% 





Phone Adelaide 214 TORONTO 

in. mm w 

1251 Bank or Nova Scotia 


^iSt Clarens av Intersects 
1261 Moore A H, gro 
1263 Chinese Indry 
1265 Roe James W, gro 
1267 Carscallen & Co, shoes 
1269 Cawker Bros, hdware 
1271 Rowntree John, barber 
1273 Stevens Thos L, rest 
1275 Knight Richd, real esc 
1277 Ash Frank, florist 
1279 Sutherland & Co, 

grents furngs 

1281 Cartwright Joseph, staty 
1283 Good James D, gro 
1285 Roberts Wm J, rest 
1287 Cairns J A, drugs 

Conger Coal Co (br) 

Postoffiee (hr) 
1289 Hughes Edwd, tlr 
1291 Davies Wm Co, Ltd (br), 

Dunlop R A, dentist 

Lansdowne av Intersects 
1293 Bank of British North 

America (br) 

1299 Wigham John W, phy 
1301 Baird Norman, bldr 
1303 Crate Thos 
1305 Pratt Miss Mary, mus 

1307 Sweatman Rev S de 


Fleming Jas, ctg agt 
^St Helen av ends 
1319 Lambrlck Lou 
1327 Smyth & Ryan, bldrs' 

1331 Jones John H, coal 

+ Railway crossing 
1379-1387 Canadian Fair- 
banks-Morse Co, Ltd, 

3391 Boland Walter J 
1393 Chinese Indry 
1403 Spears Chas J, clothes 

clnr - 

1411 Lochrie James, bi- 

1413 Wood Henry 
1419 Cooper. Geo, grro 
1421 Vacant 

Symington av Intersects 
1423 Hunter James 

Lochrie Daniel A 
1425 Garrigan Bdwd 
1425% Sharp Frank, bldr 
1427 Rea Francis 
1429 Gruener Carl 
1431 Hansmann Otto 
1433 Whitham Geo H, gro 
1435 Reid Wm, barber 
1437 Aimsbary Mrs Jane, gro 
Perth av intersects 
1439 Milnes Coal Co 
^Railway crossing 
+ Dundas st intersects 
1543 McCormack & Cruise, 

horse clippers 
1545 Atkins Wm S 
1547 Absent 
1549 Newberry Alex B 
1551 Absent 
1553 Case Mrs Margt 
1555 Wallace Robt J 
1557 Vacant 

^ Alhambra st ends 

Presbyterian Church 
1575 Patterson John F M 
1577 Mansell Richd C 
1579 Sharp Harold W 
1629 Vacant 
1635 Gooder Garnet T 

Indian rd Intersects 
+ Indian Grove ends 
+ Keele st intersects 

+ High Park av intersects 
^ Quebec av inteisects 

Thompson av ends 

Bertha st commences 
Davis Robert, gro 
Scroggs Sidney H R N 

+ Windermere av com- 
Coe Chas 

st intersects 


(North Toronto), east 
from opp 2406 Yonge to 
North Side 

20 Kerr Jas H S 
38 Farewell Lancelot 
46 Putnam Alanson H 
50 Lawrence Franklin 
54 Waddington Herbert 
64 Beswetherick Mrs An- 


68 Jones Mrs Isabella 
70 Boyd Wm T H 
76 Day Robt 
84 Thome Richd 
114 Thorne Alan O 
130 Information refused 

South Side 

St Clements College 
Griffin Rev Arthur K 

61 Balfour Rev Geo C 

63 Vacant 

67 Ramsay James 

69 Thorneloe Henry P 

79 Vacant 

81 Nash Mrs Clarsf M 

83 Harper James 

95 Vacant 

^Mount Pleasant rd ends 
127 Beckett Saml G 

Ussher John F H 
139 Baillie Robt C 


(North Toronto), north 
from Bowood av to Ted- 
dington Park boul, first 
e of Yonge. 
Not built on 


(West Toronto), n from 
Maria to CPR tracks, first 
w of Clemlenan av, ward 7. 

East Side 

1 Crowe Mrs Annie 

5 Douglas Edwin 
23 Sock D 

25 Absent 

27 Balletto Luigl 

29 Summerville Thos 

West Side 

Not built on 


North from 800 Queen e to 
Gerrard e, ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Hoult Bros, extracts 
Chester & Co, dyers 
15 Weston Edmund O 
23 White Mrs Alice C 

White Miss Clara, nurse 
25 Rickey Wm J 
25) Walnwright John H 
33 Glover John J 
33 Workman Wm 
37 Wadham Joseph A 
39 Louthood Alfred 
45 Johnston John 
49 Dawe Wm 
51 Ross W J 
53 Capnano Frank 
55 Nuthall Frank 
57 Asbton Mrs Jane 
59 CumminKS John 
63 Graham Wm E 
65 Smith Wm 
67 Cowan Norman 
69 Casement Joseph S 
71 Munro Chas 
73 McCormlek Mrs Mary 
75 Allen John 
77 Farrow Frederick 
79 Welsford Chas B 
81 Taylor James 
83 Holland Terrance 
55 Groves Walter 
87 Paul James 
Cl Graham Robert, milk 
93 Tail Chas 
95 Hunt Harry E 

97 Camps Miss Margaret A 

119 Faulkner Edwd 
101 Sanders Thos 
103 Robinson W.m F 
105 Whiteside Thomas 
107 Quig-ley Henry 
109-111 Harrison John R, gro 

^Cumming-s st Intersects 
113 lioden Thomas 
115 O'Rielly Thos 
121 Nason Geo H 
123 Schmidt Gustftve A. 
125 Graham Geo T, dairy 
141 Burton Thos 
145 Evoy James 
153 Heaman John H 
159 Barnett George A 
161 Cannon Fredk 
163 Swift Mrs Betsy 
165 Friend Edwin J 
167 Ware Edward J, gro 

Dawson James 
169 Bell Henry M 
171 Gibson Arthur 
173 MeMahon Michael 
375 O'Brien Bernard 
177 Harran Russel 

Moore Frank 
179 Blanton James 
181 McAtamney Mrs Mary 
183 Joyce John G 
185 Cay Chas 
187 Luke Jacob 
189 McCartney Thomas 
191 Helliker Joseph M 
193 Murray John 
195 Rauthmell Mrs Mary 
197 Thompson Edwd 
199 MacArthur Peter 
201 Donald James 
03 Powell Robt 
205 McGirr Saml 
207 Glover George 
209 Huntley John 
211 McDonald Alexander 
213 Richmond Wm A 
217 Bennett Walter S 
219 Brain Albion G 
221 Priest Charles 
223 O'Brien Jonathan 
225 Stokes Edwd P 
227 Butler James 
229 McKnight George 
231 Trengrove Richard 
2S3 England Wm 
235 Chinese laundry 

First av intersects 
Bolton av Schl 

West Side 

4 Masonic Hall 

Davidson Frank 
6 Gospel Rescue Mission 
8 Carter Joseph 

10 Buxton Thomas 

12 Ostrom Geo 

14 Mullen Alexander 

16 Willis Henry 

18 Langstone Percy J 

20 Smith Hugh M 

22 Stewart riias 

24 Leslie Albert 

26 Coughlin Thomas J 

^ Clark st encis 

30 Little Wm J 

32 Davidson- Robt 

34 Laird Alex 

36 McCarthy Richd 

38 Pike Mrs Mahala 

40 Winn Frederick W 

42 Secor Bros, livery 

44 Mclntyre John 

46 Taylor Albert 

48 Young- Edwd 

50 Wilcox Geo 

52 Rice Richd H 

54 Pethic Wm 

56 Fleury James R 
62 Paddon Thomas C 
St Anne's (RC) School 

78 Brown Thos 

SO Limpert Wm 

S2 Bott Fredk W 

84 O'Keefe Mrs Margt 
86 Shannon John 

55 Barrfck John 
90 Stewart Thos 

96 Williamson Isaac 
98 Youens James 

100 Gray Walter 
102 Whiteside Wilson 
106 Worters Geo W 
108 Durle Wm 
110 Taylor Freak W 
110% Mather Thos 
112 Valiant Alfred 
114 Knowles Alfred J 
114a Radford Chas 
118 Summers John 

^Cummings st intersects 
120 Burney Robt, sand 
122 Junke Mrs Mary A 
12b Cllndlnnlng Wm 
128 Poulton John 
130 Roberts Thomas 
132 McGovern Edward A 
134 Marshall Robert J, Bxp 
136 Ezard Albert J, news 

138 Hodgkinson Wm, contr 

^Wilton av ends 
140 Stanlforth Danl, shoes 
146 Bowering Chas, exp 
148 Johnston Percy J 
150 McCarthy Henry J 
152 McGlennon John 
154 Kingston Herbert 
156 Rouse Wanford J O 
158 Townsley Wm 

+Allen av ends 

Fire Ilall No 12 
102 Hunter David 

Summers Isaac J, rear 
104 Whittaker Robert, mus 


166 McKecknle Mrs Jessie 
168 Harris Geo 
170 Gillam Alfred E 
172 Hinder Samuel 
174 Burney Thomas 
176 Nelson John 
182 Brookes Simeon 
IB* Wright Wm H 
IS6 'Singleton Wm 
192 Vacant 

194 Williams Mrs Elizabeth 
196 Miller Joseph 
]98 Bettridge Walter 

First av intersects 
234 Mclllmurray John, gro 
236 Haywood Charles R 
238 Tomkins Joseph 
240 O'Donnell Rev Thomas 
242 Bollons Thos W 
244 Robinson Wm 
246 Collinson E H, dairy 


North from 44 Queen to 
Gould, ward 3. 

........ East Side ........ 

61 Armstrong Rev Wm L 
+ Shuter st intersects 

St Michael's Cathedral 
79 ! St Michael's School 
81-83 Ladies Business Col- 

lege Music Studio 
Wilton av intersects 

Congregational Church 
97 Opperman Chas. dairy 
99 Bridges Mrs Kate E 
101 Beletch Doualas 
103 Meehan Georcre T 
105 Vacant 

109 Willson Mrs Annie 
111 Carroll Jas E 
113 Tranter Mrs Mary 
115-121 Holy Blossom Syna- 


Geldzaeler Mark, caretkr 
123 Taylor Mrs Maria 
125 Hicks Mrs Elizabeth 
137 O'Keefe Eugene 

........ West Side ........ 

2 Adams B Herbert, phy 

Briggs E H, ins 
4-6 Padbury Mrs Martha 
8 Padbury Arthur 
10 Firth Mrs Isabella 
12-40 St Michael's Hospital 
50 McGahey Robert J, den- 


+ Shuter st intersects 
52 Nasr Mrs Attore 



The Canada Metal Co., Limited 





Canadian Company 

E2-64 Lockhart Mrs Ellen, 

60 Vacant 

66 Warnica Mrs Annie 
70 Mac-Mill an Co of Canada, 

Ltd, publrs 

Burrows : Acton Bur- 

rows, Ltd. publrs 

Railway and Marine 

Canadian Street Ky 


Photo Engravers Ltd 
Ansco Co, photo supplies 
Caulk L D Co, dental 


McCall Co. pattern publrs 
Parsons Thos J, staty 
76 Sutherland Miss Margt 

Dalgleish Miss Helen 
80 Foley Mrs Margaret 
82 McCarthy Ellas A 
84-88 Sanderson A B, Indry 
90 Faye Miss Belinda 
92 Gripton Mrs Catherine 
84 Magien August, confy 

Dayton Apartments 
+ Wilton av intersects 
98 Italians 
100 Guernaccl James 
102 Attley James 
104 Mulvey Miss Louie 
106 Maltby Mrs Mary, bdg 
108 Cassidy Frank 

Thompson Edwd A 
110 Coady Miss M T, drsmkr 
112 Gray Benj 
114 'Gloyns Mrs Margaret 
116 German Lutheran Ch 
US Brown H A, express 
120 Vacant 
122 Johnston Thos 
124 Vacant 
128 Leonard D'Arcy 
128 Dear George C, noveltle* 
ISO Gosnell Edward A 
132 Haney Frank 
134 Staunton The Misses, 


Staunton Mrs Margt 
140 Trusoott George 


(North Dorercourt Annex), 
north from 1244 St Clair 
nv w to city limits, ward 

........ East Side 

Ascot av Intersects 
93 Drlnkwater Stanton B 
101 Ames Fredk, gro 
111 Wells Walter W 
13V Carter Henry J 
121 Black Mrs MaryJ 
125 Griffiths Chas R 
125% Vacant 
127 Cartwright Edgar A 
133 Vacant 
135 Vacant 
139 Lipkin Isaac 
143 Deviney Wm S 
145 Laird Geo 
151 Russell Chas 
153 Ross Mrs Elizth 
159 Quiney Alfred 
165 Schofield Geo H 
167 Johnson John W 
169 Murgatroyd Harry 
IT: 1 Clarke Henry J 
175 Clarke Thos 
177 Boden Benj 
181 Bateman James 
185 Pullan Arthur 
ISO Donaldson Alfred 
197 Woortlifte Joseph 
199 Norman Walter, gro 
201 Moon Philip 
203 Frankland Joseph 
205 Currell Ernest 
207 McNeil Walter 
209 Briscoe Christopher 
213 Talt James 
225 Duncan Geo A 
227 Smith John 
233 Reid Win 
247 Williams Thos 
251 Ward Geo W 
257 W:\nl Mrs Rebecca 
^Morrison st intersects 

West Side 

6 Anderson Heber S, dairy 
22 Lainson Arthur 
26 Wright Henry E 
30 Dalg-leish Thos 
34 Davies Joseph 
38 Ridgeway James D 
42 Ridgeway Robt H 
90 Hainsworth Arthur 
+ Ascot av intersects 

104 Taylor James 

106 Griffiths John 

108 Hearn Thos 

110 McCormack WGM, phy 

114 Fraser Frank 

115 Healey Mason 
1"4 Javan Egbert H 
126 Wressel Arthur L 
128 Smith Chas 

130 Knight Fredk C 
132 Dwyer Mrs Rhoda 
138 Wakelin Alfred J 
146 Currell Thos S 

Hope st Intersects 
194 Cardy Geo 

196 Saresky Arthur 

202 Hutt Herbert 

206 Walsh John W 

216 Butt John E 

218 Brlgginton Wm EJ 

220 Jones Samuel 

224 Tucker Geo 

228 Clarke Fredk 

230 Klen Luke 

232 Wainwright Arthur L 

234 Simon Arthur J 

246 North Wm C 

Morrison av intersects 




North from Ashbridge's 
Bay to Jemima, intersect- 
ing Queen e at 841, ward 1. 

East Side 

43 Brough John G 

45 Johnston Thos 

47 Raynor Henry 

49 Ayre Thomas W 

51 Hollis Frank 

53 Gordon Duncan 

55 Wing Arthur 

57 Davlsnn Adam 

59 Boyd John 

61 Cowan Thomas 

05-67 Private stables 

71 Beamish George 

73 Beamish Mrs Anne 

75 Lewis Herbert 

77 Payne Thos 

79 Naulls Arthur 

SI Marshall Geo 

S5 Vacant 

1 Bailey John A 

89 Inch Frederick 

91 Corscadden Frank 

93 Hodge David 

95 Hanover Wm H 

97 Sullivan Patrick 

^ Eastern av intersects 
107 Nodwell Robert 
109 Hatch Mrs Alice 
111 Wardrobe Geo 
113 Call T Percy 
115 Shaw Fredk 
117 Gallon Miss Mary 
119 MacFarlane Daniel 
121 Squires Mrs Rebecca 
125 McMurray Hugh 
133 Clark Ernest W 
135 Wilson John W 
137 Geary Harry 
145 "Watts Charles E 
147 Watson Charles P 
140 McCartney Andrew G 
l~>l Pearson Rohert S 
153 Platt Geo D 
155 Benner Ernest 
357 Myatt Moses 
163 Ban-on Peter 
165 Wall John 
167 Caine Solomon 
169 Nobbs James G 
171 Swallow Frank 
173 Burrows John 

175 Stoner Abraham 
Queen st e intersects 
191 Lomas Geo 
193 Maddeaux Charles 
195 Stubbs Geo 
197 King Joseph 
199 Hadden Mrs Mary E 
201 Hardy John 
203 Thompson Wm H 
205 Jackson Frank 
207 Watkins John 
209 Livingstone John 
211 Kelly James E 
213 Trotter Albert 
215 Bright Saml F 
217 Durnan Arthur W 
219 Walmsley Mrs Margt 
'21 Winter Robt W 
223 Wallace John 
225 Marshall Thos P 

Natalie st intersects 
229 Gillespie Wm 
231 Vennels Arthur H 
233 Burchmore Geo 
235 Burns Mrs Amelia 
237 Van Bui en Mrs Mary 
239 McDermott Edwd 
241 Laing Peter M 
243 Coons Arthur 
S45 Vennels Chas 
247 Kelley Geo 
249 Trumphour Chas S 
251 Wallace Wm J 
253 Keld Wm 
255 Clark David A 

O'Brien Hayden 
257 Passmore Mrs Margt 
259 Hardy David 
261 Toule Geo 
263 Flannery Michl 
265 Mallory Fredk 
267 Graydon James 
2G9 Dougherty John 
271 Massingham John T 
273 Vacant 
275 Winhall Walter 
277 Richards Howard P 
279 Sloan Mrs Margt 
281 Dnnigan Edward 
2S3 Lennie Malcolm 
?85 Phillips Robt 
287 Blckerstaff Thos 
289 Croft Wm J 
293 Wright Saml 
295 Palmer Thomas 
297 Barrett Wm 

Bone Wm E 
299 Newman Mrs Emma 
301 Goldring George H 
303 Moase Leslie 
"05 Marengeur Alfred 

West Side 

Boat houses 
Athletic grounds 
Consumers Gas Co plant 
^Eastern av Intersects 

90 Absent 
100 Vacant 
1 02 Walker Delmar 
104 A r acant 
106 Vacant 
108 Hardman Frank 
110 Pearson Robt 
116 Brown Benj 
118 Hardman Isaac 
120 Sheehy Alfred 
122 Neal John A 
124 Watkins Luther 
126 De Legrandeur Wm 
128 Lumsden Michl 
130 Edwards John 
132 Jennings Fredk 
134 Keirn Lenno 
136 Ross James 
138 Baker James 
140 McMeeken Wm J 
142 Best Mrs Mary 
144 Baird Andrew 
146 Hubbard Walter A 
148 Brennen Hugh 
150 Mann Robt 
152 Schrier David 
154 Croker Edwd 
156 Mclnerney James 
158 Dales .John E 
160 Peak Fredk D 
162 May Harry 
164 Stoskopf Albert L 
166 Elliott Archd 

168 Anscombe Mrs Sarah 
170 Ward Saml 
Bull Robt 
172 Buchanan Wm 
174 Pearce Edwd 
176 Lennon Wm E 
178 Charters Wm J 
180 Love Wm 
182 Buchanan Robt 
184 Piper Chas H 
186 Moss Wm B 

Queen st e intersects 
188 Rame Wm 
190 Hughes Joseph 
192 Hay Joseph 
194 Yuill Thos 
196 Monaghan John 
198 Upper C Arthur 
200 Alexander James 
202 Foxley Wm 
204 Staniforth Benj 

+ Natalie st Intersects 

Dunlop Tire Co (works) 
262 Hardy David 
264 Hamilton Ernest 
266 Martin Albert E 
268 Roberts John 
270 White Willis F 
272 Smith Chas 
274 Cahill Patrick C 
276 Balcombe Theodore 
278 Oakley Geo & Son, Ltd, 


284 Timmins John 
292 Pemberthy Albert J 
294 Cleland Wm 
296 Brown George C 


North from Boultbee av, 1 
east Jones av. ward 1. 
East Side 

7 Bedford Wm T 
9 Moore Herbert 

11 Strange James 

15 Boothroyd Arthur 

West Side 

2 Groves Thos 
4 Lehman John A 

6 Brookes Albert 

8 Unfinished house 

10 Greenwood Wm 

12 Woodward Rowland 

14 Hall Henry 

16 Goode Herbert 


North from 380 College ti 
Bloor w, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Nicholson Frederick R 

7 Hand Alfred J 

9 Smith Edwin G 

11 Sievert John A 

13 Cadesky Jacob 

15 Smythe Wm 
Smythe Hiram J 

17 Job Mrs Phoebe R 
19 Glover Wm 

21 Webb John J 
23 Pike Mrs Elizth 
25 Heal Thos 
27 Loudon Mrs Hannah 
29 Macdonald Mrs Mar- 

?1 Beatty Miss Elizth 
33 Brody Moses 
35 Thompson Joseph P 
37 Wood Walter F 
39 Cruso John 
41 Sinclair Edwin G C 
43 Webster John 
45 Butler Wm S 
47 Wesley John 
49 Moodie Miss Annie 
51 Ball George H 
53 Montgomery Henry 
55 Miller Neil C 
57 Gardiner Arthur 
59 Colquhoun A H U 
61 Brodsoii Joseph 

Borgeson Saml 
83 Andrews Harris 
65 Kennedy Mrs Letitia 
67 Henehen Michl 
69 Kerr James D 
71 Jay Fredk 

Henry W. Evans, Phone Hillcrest 1243 F. H. Gooch, Phone North 1243 


26 Wellington St. E. 






7R Whltson Mrs Ja 

75 Pearce John S 

77 Sydie Calvin W 

79 Worth Wm 

81 Baines Harry 

S3 Leverty Martin 

85 Partello Edwd 

87 Tates Wm T 

89 Pearlman Max 

91 Wesine Harry 

93 Taylor Wm 

95 Armstrong Oscar 

97 Davis Thomas E 

99 Atkins Mrs Matilda 
101 Berliner Isadore 
:03 Clark Mrs Helen 

^ Ulster st intersects 
103% Sloane Mrs Sarah 

Newsome Miss Hannah 
105 Reed Andrew J 
107 Todd Miss Isabella L 
109 Oliver Wm 
111 Howard Geo 
113 Cunningham Wm G 
115 Firth John O 
117 Leaden Michael 3 
119 Thompson James 
119 ',4 Onyon Fredk 
121 Moore Mrs Eliza 
123 Stewart Robt 
125 Hallam Thomas 
127 Lennox Wm J 
12!) Easton Mrs Emily 
131 Babe Wm 
133 Cole John 
185 Whlttleton John 
137 Scher Abraham 
139 Cronkwright James W 
141 Courtney Samuel 
143 Colbourne Andrew J 
143% Lowther Gerald F 
145 Atkinson Wm J, oils 
147 Bogart Fred C 
151 Campbell Dug-aid 

^Harbord st Intersects 
153 Hunter Mrs Ruth, gro 

Hunter Thos 
157 Morrow Mrs Frances 
159 Johnson Wm 
161 Campbell Thos M 
163 Acker Wellington M 
165 Cook Geo 
167 Mackay John 
109 Hyder Thomas, carp 
171 McConnell John 
ITS Williamson Mrs Margaret 
173% Williamson John W 
Williamson Mrs Mary A, 


175 McGregor O P, paper dlr 
177 Kane Mrs Ellen 
179 Carroll James 
1S1 Riley Robt F 
183 Lackey Daniel 
185 Major Robt, shoemkr 
187 Jones John 
189 Atkinson Mrs Ellen 
191 Jessop Walter 
193 Murphy Denis 
195 Watkins Robt, gro 
1S7 Priestman Geo 
199 Storey Hugh 
201 Pym John 
203 Mead Wm H 
207 Humphrey Harold 

+ -Sussex av ends 
209 Miller Mrs .Emily E T 
211 Harley Thos 
213 Hawkey Wm F 
215 Allport Albert 
217 Wego Herman 
219 Greenwood James 
221 Cooper Miss Clara 
?23 Miller Robt 
223% Carlton Mrs Jennie 
225 Brown John 
225% Paul James T 
227 Stanton Alfred 
229 Garwood John W 
131 Lee Wm 
J.33 Raven Richd 
233a Evans W Franklyn 
233b Button Stanley 
235 Cameron Fredk 
237 Harbord Wm 
239 llockhlll Mrs Charlotte 
247 Murray Mrs Martha 
251 Steed Robt J 
253 Green Arthur 

255 Suter Henry P 
257 O'Reilly Mrs Elizth 
-59 Jewell Frank 
261 Bawden Samuel 
263 Dan by Wm 
265 Cottle Herbert J 
269 Currle Robt 

West Side 

10 Edmonds Saml 

12 Holmes Rev John H 

14 Magrauran Francis 

16 Kearney James A 

18 Myers John 

20 Plume Chas 

22 Popham Edwd 

24 Ludgate John 

26 Myers Mrs Elsie 

28 Wood Frank A 

30 Rupert Chas E 

32 Harrison Wm S, phy 

34 Wray Mrs Mary 

36 Baillie James L 

40 Manly George W 

44 Cummings Mrs Jane 

46 Radcliffe Herbert 

48 Taylor James R, pntr 

50 Palmer Fredk D 

50a Pearce Claude 

52 Taylor A re lid 

54 Fairhead Chas 

56 Fairhead Gilbert 

60 Vacant 

<>Vankoughnet st com 

62 Fewson Albert 

64 Kilner Wm 

66 Taylor Jas 

68 Drysdale Mrs Mary McF 

70 Latta Geo W 

72 Reid Wm 

74 Howard Wm E 

76 Baker Mrs Elizth 

78 Hyde Walter J 

80 Walsh John 

82 Murley John W 

84 Ross Chas H 

86 Eveson Samuel 

88 Barrett John 

90 Granger Joseph 

92 Smith John C 

94 Pollard Sidney B 

00 Murray John 

08 Shaw Edwin R 
300 Ham Percy W 
102 Kassel Mrs Sarah 
104 Owston MichI 
106 Forsyth Mrs Mary A H 
108 Johnston Wilson, exp 
110 Barnett Mrs Mary 
112 Williams Wm M 
114 Reid Saml F 
116 Newman Mrs Eliza A 
118 McGee Edwd 
122 Dunbar Miss Winifred 
124 Clayton Alfred H 
126 Abbey Chas W 
128 Read Chas 
130 Armstrong- John 

Ulster st intersects 
142 Davies Mrs Margt 

144 Jordan Harry 

145 Huddle Frederick 
150 Burton Thos 
352 Han-well Wm 
154 Boothe David A 
156 Kerr Edwd, exp 
158 Hague Francis 

160 McMlchael James W 

162 Wood James 

164 Kendall Francis H 

Davis Henry 
166 Hymns Mark 
168 Fuller Murray 
170 Somerville James F, 

ins ag-t 

Canuck Stamp Co 
172 Galloway Robert 
174 Currie Peter 
176 Sagel Joseph 
178 Michiel Mrs Eliza 
180 Klslik Max 
182 Smith Chas D 
184 Gleason Owen 
186 Clink Joseph A 
188 Vacant 
190 Stoll Eugene F 
192 Buckley Mrs Buphemia 
194 Nelles Wm E 
196 Honsberger Oscar J, gro 
^ Harbord st Intersects 

208 Dunnett James 
Public School 

^Herrick st commences 
264 Thompson Harry 
266 Thompson David 
268 Vacant 
270 McMillan Wm 
274 Taylor James B, gro 

Lennox st commence! 
276 Muenicks Louis 
278 Padwlck George 
280 Thompson Chas 
282 Houer Henry 
284 Ball Mrs Mary J 
286 Cameron Wm 
288 Overend Wm 
290 Rowlatt Mrs Mabel C 
Xt Scott Mrs Elizabeth 
294 Mill Rendell 
296 McGee Joseph H 
300 Flowers Chas A 
304 McKillop Thomas Q 
308 Thompson Ernest 
310 Stephens Miss Lucy 
312 Whalen Arthur 
314 Regan Bert 


North from Queen e, be- 
tween Carlaw and Pape 
avs, ward 1. 

East Side 

3 Prince Henry P 
5-9 Vacant (3) 

11 Smith Edwin 

13 Vacant 

15 Pearson Wm 

41 Andrews John 

43 Minnett Chas 

45 Oswald Chas F 

47-51 Vacant (3) . 

55 Lyske Thos 

59 Watson Henry 

61 Broad Thos 

63 Andrus Wilfred 

71 Vacant 

73 Vacant 

83 McMurray Saml 

85 Allan E H 

89 Vacant 

91 Pickard Wm 

93 McAuley Martin 

97 Johnston Harry 
Dearing John G 

99 Stanley James C 
107 Vacant 
109 Geh Fredk 
111 Westwood John 
113-127 Vacant (8) 
137 Nicol John 
139 Eve Albert 
141 Fredenburg Geo A 

Hopkins Ernest 
147 Angus John 

263 Counsel! Mrs Elizth 

265 Gaunt Geo 

267 McFarlane Mrs Mary 

269 Thomson John A 

271 Kemish Chas 
J73 Parker Fredk J 
275 Latlamme Wm jr 
277 Matcheson Kenneth 
279 Yelland Carl 

281 Greenwood Geo 
283 Stephenson Arthur 
285 Clark John F 

West Side 

262 Simons Andrew 

264 Bond Frank 

266 Campbell Leonard 

268 Bailey Henry L 

270 ShepharJ Leslie 

272 Given Saml D 
274 Vacant 


West from 96 Avenue rd 
to Bedford rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

8 Bowbanks John S 
10 Fisher Miss Alice 
12 Mlatt Wm H 

14 McMichael Mrs Flor- 

16 Gordon David 
18 Clawson Wm H 

20 Eby Mrs Catherine 

22 Daly Mrs May 

C4 Smith AV Morgan 

26 Frier Robt H 

28 Forson Mrs Agnes 

30 Leavens Mrs Lily 

32 Dickson Mrs Janet 

32% Cooper Mrs Grace 

34 Rumble Robt H 

36 Bemrose Frank E, vo- 

38 Shields James R 

38% Klrkaldy Wm S 

40 Patterson Mrs Fanny 

40% Swinbourn Miss F, drs- 

42 Fox Wm H 

44 Thomson Mrs Elizabeth 

46 Bell Duncan W 

48 Hutchings Chas 

f>u \Vatson Adam D 

52 Welch Thos 

54 Coggs Mrs Georgina E 

56 Fraser Donald 

58 Poole George C 

60 Clarin J Chas 

62 Deeks Chas A 

68 Hunt Wm 

South Side 

15 House Mrs Mary 
17 Parker Charles, bldr 
19 Duff Miss Maria B 
23 Galvln James G 
25 Summers Frederick 
27 Lloyd Thomas 
29 Douglas George A 
31 Brigden Fredk W 
33 Soper John, tlr 
.",5 Wattle John 
37 Norwich Mrs Mary 
39 Brigden Wm H 
41 Grandjean Philippe 
45 Hargraves Mrs Annie C 
47 Martin Francis J 
49 Harris James 
31 Brennan Miss Cather- 

53 Moat John B 
55 Teagle & Son, centre 
67 Bowman Arthur M 
59 Sutherland Walter S 


East from Kiswlck to Leg- 
He, first n of G T R track*. 
ward 1. 

North Side 

32 Hayes Walter, exp 

34 Sergeantson Arthur 

36 Crocker Wm 

38 Arnold Edward J 

40 Barrett Geo 

42 Arnold Sidney R 

44 Fletcher John D 

46 Lougheed Geo C 

48 Allan Thomas J 

50 Vacant 

Jones av Intersects 

B2 Fletcher Robt A 

54 Hewitt Herbert 

56 Jackson Mrs Frances, 

58 Harris Fredk H 

58% Fleming Joseph 

60 Carter Sidney 

62 Irwin Win 

64 Howell Henry P 

66 Ellis Thos G 

68 Smart Joseph 

70 Hall Win, contr 

72 Griffith Miss Annie 

74 Simpson Robt 

76 Breadon Wm J 

84 Cheesman Alfred 

88 Hackett George 

SO Hayes John 

92 Medlock Charles 

94 Bowkett Robt C 

96 Barnard James \\" 

98 Homer Wm 
100 Cameron Andrew 
102 Turner Ralph 
104 Williams Harry 
106 Vacant 

114 Quinn Edwd, gro 
116 Newton Thos, decorator 
118 Vacant 
USa Laird James 

^ Condor av begins 



L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory: Main St., East Toronto. Phones Beach 230-231 

Lat Us QuoU 
You on 



The Dovercourt Land 



Selling Agents 
"Glebe Manor" 

24 Adelaide st. t, 


120 Baker John 
124 Adams Alfred J 
126 Watts Ernest 
130 Seniscal Fredk 
132 Palmer Ira W 
134 Latham Alex 
136 Harrison John C 
+ Seymour av begins 
138 Pirker Geo 
140 Moore James H 
142 Greenwood Wm 
144 Smith Albert 

South Side 

1 Davis Wm T 
7 Hayes Henry 
11 Woodward Geo 
+ Jones av Intersects 
59 Vacant 
61 Feney Edwd 
63 Heddleston Harry 
65 Bradshaw Albert 
67 Weeks Wm 
69 Wheat Charles W 
71 Garbe Edwd 
73 Glencross Robt J 
75 Silk Wm 
77 Vacant 

79 Wilder Harford S 
81 Lamb John 
81% Fitzgerald Frank 
8- Cardey Robert 

lick Chas 
S7 McGee David 
.Vatts Joseph 
91 Fell Joseph T 
93 Robinson Geo 
95 Marrs Mrs Mary 
97 Vanderlip Vernon 
99 Townsend Geo 
113 Taylor Harry H 
115 Carter Robt A 
119 Murphy Wm T 
121 Lindsay Fredk 
123 Smith Harry 
125 Marrs Andrew 
127 Dickson Wm 
129 Coleman Wm 
131 Daniels Chas 
133 Pateman John W 
13S Wies Rudolph 
137 Vacant 
143 Billinger Walter 
145 Pierson Russel J 
147 Ford Eusene S 
149 Burnep Thos 
151 Hancorn Thos 
153 Bird John 
155 Seale Arthur 
157 Shutt Harry 
159 Pollard Alfred 


West from Roncesvalles 
av, opp Dundas to Indian 
rd, ward 8. 

North Side , 

10 Boustead Apartments 
12 Cochrane Mrs Eliza 

11 M.-iyhee Chas H 

i< Walker Henry W 

M Ellis Joseph 

+ Alhambrfi st commences 

'M Lang George 

28 McGregor Alex H 

30 Cox Andrew D 

32 Powley Jacob S 

S4 Wells Charles P 

36 Cheevers Henry W 

38 King George 

44 O'Brien George 
46 Watson Mrs Olive 

45 Wallace Andrew 

50 Wilson Frederick F 

52 Lind Adam A 

54 Edwards Arthur J 

Hownrd School 
76 Stevenson Geo 
78 Ewing Robert 
88 Williamson Joseph H 
90 Fairty Irving S 
92 Roerers Wm R 
94 Reid Wm H 
9fi Weldon Isaac H 
98 Whatmough Arthur E 

South Side 

11 Vacant 

15 Drummond John 

17 Vacant 

19 Vacant 

21 Falconer Thomas 

23 Taylor Thos H 

25 Vacant 

27 Brundrett Albert E 

29 Brown Joseph S 

31 MoKee Mrs Elizth 

35 Rayworth Thos 

37 Moiser Arthur 

39 Rooke Chas H 

41 Hunter James P 

45 Stevens Thaddeus 

47 Bedlngfleld George 

49 Vacant 

51 O'Nell Charles J 

57 Cuthbert Thos 

59 Tremaine Wm J S 

61 Girvin Robt A 

63 Kerr Wilbur E 

85 Jaffray Geo G 

67 Davis Geo 

69 Stirton David 

71 Millar Richd T 

73 Vacant 


North from Hogarth v to 
Danforth av. ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Ball Alex, contr 
3 Bryce Walter 
5 Anglin Robt W 
7 Jacobson Julius \V 
9 Watson George A 
11 Bulley Saml 
+ Woolfrey av Intersects 
13 Cobb George 
15 Scott Robt J 
17 Salisbury Henry G 
19 Dennis John H 
23 Kingstone Edwd 
25 Vacant 
27 Vacant 

29 Fernandez Victor 
31 Tyler Wm 
33 Vacant 
35 Hobbs Edwd 
37 Hamilton David 

Cotching Alex 
39 Vacant 
41 Mason Wm J 
43 Brown Wm J 
45 Marsh John M 
47 McCrea Geo L 
49 Brydon Geo H 

West Side 

8 Tarnold Robt J 
10 Madden Thos R 
12 Munro Peter F 
14 Davis Wm J 
16 Whealey Wm H 
+ Woolfrey av intersects 

+ Fairview houl ends 
+ Dearbourne av ends 
20 Tossell Frank , 
Danforth Av Bapt Ch 


North from 330 Carlton to 
Sackville pi, ward 2. 

East Side 

7 K. liar Mrs Sarah J 

3 Sharratt Mrs Jane 

7 Buchanan John 

9 Howell Joseph W 
11 Tracey Wm J 
13 Ross Wm 

15 McDowell John 

17 Bloom John 

West Side 

2 Culross Mrs Christina 
4 Lepper Arthur 
6 Fenton Ransom 

8 Woodley Mrs Ann E 

McT.elland John H 
10 Robb Wm 

13 Thaln James 
Stansfleld Mrs Jane, r 

14 Jones Walter H 


(Kelvin and Kingsmount 
Parks), south from Ger- 
rard e to beyond Wren- 
son rd, 3 rd east of Cox- 
well av, ward 1. 
Not built on 


iXorth Toronto), east 
from opp 2732 Yonge to 
Ronan av 

North Side 

6 Stein Mrs Mary, gro 
Stein John 
St Clement's (Ang) 


^Bocastle av commences 
92 Aldridge Walter L 
^Hilda av intersects 
100 Vacant 
104 Vacant 
110 Little Alfred H 
^Ronan av intersects 
^Kappell av intersects 

South Side 

17 Smith Wm C 

57 Lyons Geo M 

Tarling Miss Jessie 

67 Forth Thos 

71 Wright Geo J 

73 Martindale Chas 

75 Vacant 

81 Forth John R 

v.i Matthews Henry G 

89 Bradshore Herbert J 
Stanier Geo 

^Hilda av intersects 
103 Takoicz Stephen 
121 Stevens Fred 
149 Young Wm C 

^Ronan av intersects 

^Kappell av intersects 

^Ashfleld av ends 


(North Toronto), north 
from 14 St Clements av 
to Briar Hill av 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

12 Sewell Joseph C 


i North Toronto), north 
from Belsize Drive to 
Manor rd. 1st e of Lin- 
coln av 

Not built on 


East from Scarborough rd 
to city limits, first south . 
of Kingston rd. ward 1. 

North Side ... 

12 Richards C Seldon 

South Side 

Not built on 


North from foot of Tyrrel 
av to St Clair av. ward 5. 

East Side 

39 Jenkins Joseph 

41 Blackwell Henry L 

43 Agnew Geo 

45 Gillespie Archd C 

47 Wright Chas 

West Side 

28 DInwoody Jeremiah 

32 Cude Harry 

+ Benson av commences 


(West Toronto), w from 
1381 Dundas. first n of 
Humberside av, ward 7. 

5 Franklin Geo 

7 McBride Wm E 

9 Hall Robert 
11 Brandel Miss Flora 
13 Croney John F 

15 Campbell Francis 
17 Eikenan Albert 

19 Horn Wm E 
21 Mathers Saml 

West Side 

14 Briscoe Wm H 

16 Fletcher Edwd 

15 Flett Fredk 

20 Mirrow Jam^s 
22 Budd Wm 


East from 509 Christie, 
through Wychwood Park, 
ward 5. 

Not built oo 


(See Archerl 


(North Dovercourt annex) 
West from 1406 Dufferln to 
G T R tracks, ward 6. 

North Side 

12 Briscoe Alfred 

14 Evans Wm 

16 Vacant 

15 Paull Gervason 
20 Anderson Daniel 
36 Pickering Wm 

Llghtbonrne av Intersects 

58 Harris James 

60 Thorne Wm 

66 Porter Geo W 

68 Hogue Wm 

74 Hurd John W 

80 Wall Arthur G 

82 Scott Geo 
110 Lappiri Mrs Mary 
112 Feate Benj 
126 Smith Robt. gro 
156 McCollum Chas 
158 Browning Arthur 

+ St Clarens av intersects 
Canada Foundry Co. yds 

South Side 

1 Stuart Mrs Helena 
Lightbourne av intersects 
Cooper Henry M 

Pirane JIaiche 

Rocco Pacella 
Crawford Wm H 
Zecchini Richardo 

Lambert Mrs Grace 

Cameron Thos 

Primrose av Intersects 


Hendrickson John 
Toronto Pressed Steel Co, 
Ltd. The 

Bateman-Wilkinson Co, 

Ltd, agrl implts 
St Clarens av intersects 

Canada Foundry Co, yds 

l n l 

East Side 

3 Kennedy John 


North from 634 King w to 
Richmond w, ward 4. 

East Side 

17 Larkin Thos J 
Irvine Geo 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST. 




44 Adelaide West 


Phone Adelaide 685 


19 Weinstock Bernard 
21 Waywell Thos 

Black James, rear 
23 Vacant 
25 Unfinished 
33 Hay John 

^Adelaide st w intersects 
35 Rashkofsky Louis, gro 
37 Regina Frank 
39 Friedman Lazarus 

Weeks Chas D 
41 Bdinson R 
43 Caplan Horace 
45 Cadesky Simon 
47 Nicholson James 
49 Robertson Wm 
Camden si ends 
51 Fry Thos 
53 Reynolds SamI 
55 Levlnsky Philip 
57 Wlllinsky Isaac 

Friedman Jacob 
61 Alexander Louis 

West Side 

8 Corrigan Mrs Mary 

10 Trail! Harry 

12 Miller Sidney H 

14 Allen Wm G 
16 Watling Joseph 
16% Vanuch Frederick 

18 Wallace Mrs .Minnie, drs- 


20 Keeley Wm 
22 Srigley Walter 
24 Coates Harry 
26 Truscott F C 
28 Yeo Horace 
30 Needham Joseph 
^Adelaide st w intersects 
St Andrew's sq 


(Spadina Park) 

South from 529 King w, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 O'Hanley John 

3 Stephens Geo 

5 Douglas Ralph 

7 Green Fredk H 

9 Busby John 

11 Reynolds Artbnr 

13 Reynolds Robert 

15 McLean John H 

West Side 

2 Welch Arthur 

4 Jordan Michael 

6 Delill Charles 

8 Goss Frederick 

10 Middleton Alfred 

12 Vacant 

14 Cnrson Mrs Elizabeth 

16 Walker Robt 


West from 530 Yonge to 
Surry pi, ward 3. 

North Side 

14 Myers Mrs Elizth 

16 McAllister Mrs Mary 

18 Johnson Wm 

20 Wilson John T, uphol 

22 Allan John 

24 Sherman A G, express 

Shipway Albert 
26 Mulholland Miss Mabel 
28 Dies Chester 
30 Gamble David 
32 Dunn David 
32a Voss Andrew 
34 Peppiatt Geo 
34a Howland Jaa 
36 Henry Thos 
38 Robbins Geo H 
40 Warner Wm 
42 Wilson Rev Wm P 
46 Phi Delta Phi Legal 

+ St Vincent st intersects 

South Side 

1 Gillespie David F 
9 Jeffery Edward 

11 Edwards Frederick 

13 Crawford Mrs Mary 
13M> Terry Mrs Annie 
15 Brady Albert 
17 Finch George 
19 McKyes Mrs Isabella 
21 Wilson Miss Mary 
23 Lines Harry 
25 Pitman John 
27 Authors Hartley G 
29 Cooper Mrs Mary 
31 Grainier Miss Ida E 
33 Kelly Benj 
35 Sims Miss Florence 
37 Wrig-ht Alfred 
39 Kerchin Miss Emily 
45-47 St Vincent Apts 
^ St Vincent st intersects 
55 Griffin Geo R 
67 McTavish Rev Daniel 
59 Armour Archd 
61 McKenzie Mrs Martha A 

Catchpole Benj B 
63 Vise Jacob 
65 Elmore Franklin H 
67 Shuttle-worth Mrs Emma 
69 Milloy Miss Mary A 
71 Roden Geo E 
73 Turner John 
75 Carnahan Wm J A 
77 Deaper O Cecil 
89 Douglas John D 
91 Woods James W 
93 Cozens Miss Nellie 
95 Watkins Edwd J 


(North Toronto), east 
from opp 2772 Yonge to 

North Side 

Brechin Av Bapt Mis- 

21 Pantling Jesse 
28 Jarvis John 
30 Wardle John 
^Bocastle av intersects 
64 Hall Saml T jr 
72 Duncan Wm 
80 Westcott Wm 

^Hilda av intersects 
134 Edwards Chas H 
136 Neile John 
140 Robbins Saml G 
144 Vacant 

av intersects 

South Side 

17 Redhead James T 
^Bocastle av intersects 
49 Dowson John 
53 Forth Ernest R 
57 Vacant 
59 Crump Philip 
75 French Thos 
^Hilda av intersects 

103 Tough John 

105 Wardle Fredk 

141 Vacant 

143 Wrig-ht Wm 

147 Arnold Mrs Sarah A 

153 Dollery Percival I 
av intersects 


(North Toronto), West 
from opp 2339 Yong-e to 
Northland av 

North Side 

4 Whaley John M 
10 Cousins Joseph W 
12 Arnold Henry 
16 Gifford James R 
18 Coutts John, landscape 


22 Stevenson Geo B 
24 Donnelly Edwd V 
26 James Edgar A 
40 Woods Robt 
44 Palmer Thos, contr 
48 Currey Thos 
56 Boake Ellwood W 
58 Popham Geo C 
60 Darby Wm J 
64 Helm Henry P 
68 Stevenson Alfred E 

South Side 

9 Smith Edwd 

19 MacLauchlan Arthur H 

23 Browne Peter C 
^Boydell pi ends 

31 Fldler Rev Arthur J 
57 Demmery Wlllard W 

Vacant (2) 
61 Scott Chas 
^Curson st ends 
^Avenue rd intersects 


(East Toronto), east from 
Norwood rd to Main, first 
n of Gerrard e, ward 1. 

North Side 

10 Hopwood Thos 
12 Thomas Walter 
Enderby rd intersects 

20 Weir Wm J 
22 Little Wm 

24 Hughes John 

South Side 

^Enderby rd intersects 
31 Trafford Fred 
33 Steele James 
Dodds Henry 
35 Marriott Alex 
37 Macdonald George S, pub- 

39 Rose Joseph 
41 James Albert E 
43 Windsor Bert 
45 Orvls Nathan J 


West from Davenport rd to 
Bathurst, first n of Dupont 
ward 4. 

North Side 

+ Huron st intersects 
+ Madison av intersects 
^ Spadina rd intersects 

:Walmer rd intersects 
Keudal av intersects 
+ Dartnell av commences 

2 Turner Jas 

4 Mundle Andrew 

6 Kelshaw Mrs Klizth 

8 Coulter Mrs May 
10 Hipper Reuben 
12 Maxwell Wrn M 
14 Everton Wm 

Ifi Watt Joseph A 

Howland ay intersects 

Albany av intersects 
+ Bathurst st intersects 

South Side 

Not built on 


South from Taylor, first 
w of Sumach, ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Waller Wm 

3 Bailey Albert 

5 Boulter Henry 

7 Williams Thos 

9 Vacant 

West Side 

2 Hart Arthur 

4 Osland Wesley 

6 Perry Wm 

8 Bethney Fred 

10 Smith John 

12 Taylor Geo 

14 Maclevene Thos 

16 Irwin Joseph 


North from 460 King e to 
Queen e, ward 2. 

East Side 

11 Fopovicht Chas 

13 Bales Ernest 

15 Glendenning Alfonso 

17 Stubbs Geo W 
21 Curran John 

23 Curran Francis J 
25 Dooley Thos 
27 Montreuil Ulric 
29 Pare Norbert 

31 Potviii Victor 

33 Morrison Samuel 

35 McLennan Mrs Mary J 

27 Staneland Mrs Sarah 

89 Lunlop Hugh 

41 Feeney Thos 

43 Noonan Ambrose H 

West Side 

10 Brophy Michl 

12 Squires Loyal 

14 Pember Albert H 
16 Campbell Mrs Amy 
18 Perkins John jr 
20 Kirkoff Christopher 

22 Thompson Walter 

24 Thompson Edward 

26 Buchanan Mrs Janet 

28 Blakeley John 

30 Latimer Mrs Hester 

32 Costigan Matthew 

34 Johnston John 

38 Plummer Mrs Amelia 

40 McNichol Joseph 

42 Shangraw E B 

44 Jacobs John 

46 Roddack Thos 

48 Heslop John 

50 Labovitz Win 


East from 181 Pape av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Ireland diaries 

4 Clancy James 
8 Dunlop Patk 

10 Shaiiglmessy Wm, contr 
Bost Thos 

Broadhurst Thos, rear 
Roe Wm, rear 
Johnson Wm, rear 
HalRht Herbert H, rear 
Marshall Frank, r 
Thompson Wm H, r 
Williams Edwd, r 
Kehoe James, r 

18 Black Tnos 

20 Haynes John 
22 Tovey Saml 

South Side 

1 Walker Mrs MllHeent 

3 Evans Richard 

5 Lambert F H 

7 Rickard Fredk C 

11 Morton Albert 

13 Bolton Ephraim 

16 Hookway Mrs Martha 

17 Morton Albert 

19 Maines Albert 

North Arthur 

21 Lewis Mrs Mary, nurse 
Barker Wm 

23 Lee Andrew R 

25 Heeney Robert J 


Name changed to Archer 


(West Toronto), w from 
Indian rd to Indian rd 
cres. first s Humberslde 
av, ward 7. 

North Side 

16 Campbell Albert E 

18 Connolly Edwd 

20 Bowers Joseph 

22 Fleming Wm 

24 White Albert P 

26 Nighswander Austin W 
28 Walmsley Joseph 

30 Stuart Henry 
32 Wallace John C 
34 Parker Angus M 

South Side 

1 MacKenzie Alexander 
3 Despond Wilbert 
7 Wagner J C, turn 

11 Dalton Wm 

13 Kidd John 

17 Leader Wm L 

19 Vacant 

23 Case Roland M 

25 Cook John H 

27 Kirkland Alex 

?.\ Shaver Wm 








nnrrnr manejwumn. rcoc 



East from 151 George to 
Sherbourne, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Beck Adam, cigar boxes 
Toronto Machine Tool 
Plating Works 

4 National Cash Register 

Co, moulding shop 
+ Stone Cutter la intersects 

South Side 

9 Simpson James 
11 Sherburn Robt 
29 Templeton James 
31-33 Vacant 
35 Toronto Feather & 

Down Co 
41 Bias Corsets, Ltd 

Snider J E & Co, mfrj 

43 Paper Goods Co, Ltd 

Fisher Electric & Mfg. 


Jersey-Creme Co, bot- 
tlers' supplies 
^ Stone Cutter la intersects 


North from Eastern av to 
Danforth av, crossing 
Queen at 712, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Anderson Robt S 

5 Guest Geo 

11 Williamson Charles 

13 Bibby Robt 

15 Hurley James 

17 Rodgers Hugh 

19 Colby Frank 

27 Williamson Robt 

29 Ryan Mrs Eliza 

31 Fairlie Wm 

33 Tustin Fredk C 

35 Barker Wm 

37 Quinn Mrs Rebecca 

39 Revoy John S 

41 Roffe Geo J 

43 Cox Herbert H 

45 Skillen Samuel E 

47 Kitchen Wm T 

49 Mcllveen Geo 

51 Anderson Frank E 

53 Barnet Benj 

55 Reid Robt 

57 Sloman Henry 
-:nith James O 

61 Foley John J 

73 Fahey Michael 

75 Begley James 

79 Whittam Allen 

'1 Terry Mrs Elizth 

Lafferty Daniel 

85 Stewart Win R 

87 Holdom Albert E 

89 Cruise Bros, roofers 
Cruise Geu W 

91 Baker Stewart J 

as Smith Charles W 

^ Queen st e intersects 
105 Duffln H C, dentist 
Walsh Mrs Elizth 
Willcocks Geo, broker 
Flowers Chas C 
109 Chinese laundry 
111 Hine Mrs Jane 
113 Coleman Wm J 
115 Wood Wm F 
117 Crawford Wm T 
119 McEachern Neil D 
121 Hughes Ephraim 
125 Odd Fellows' Hall 
181 Royal Canadian Bicycle 


135 Todd Mr Frances 
J37 La Belle Anthony 
139 McLaughlin Mich] J 
141 Jan-is Wm H 
143 Wntson Thos J 

14B Milne Alex 

147 Hawkins James 

149 Fraleiph Albert J, phy 
151 Bowles Harry W 

^ Kintyre av Intersects 
161 Humphreys Thos 3 
163 Smith Henry 
165 Peacock Wm 

167 Labelle Arthur 

169 Domelle Wm 

171 Murdock Wm 

179 Queen City Concrete 

Paving Co 

199 Queen Alexandra School 
221 Gospel Temperance Mis- 

221^ Bennett Arthur, pain- 


223 Francis & Co, confrs 
225 Dorman Jas, shoes 
227 Bolan Win P. gents furn 
229 Butcher Harry, cigars 
231 Lavole Richard 
233 Thackaray John F 
'235 Argue Wilfred, shoes 
235% Zarfass Herbert A, gro 
237 Tomlin E A, btchr 

^Wilton av intersects 
239 Bible Frank H, gro 
241 Hlne H S, btchr 
243 Tomlin Wm M, furn dlr 
245 Ebbs Wm, barber 
247 Selway David 
251 Selway Alfred H 
257 Bibet Auguste 
259 Cowling Arthur W, sheet 


av commences 
263 Chinese Indry 
265 Tustin Wm H, flour 

Pearson Harry 
267 Barrett Mrs Christina 

Patterson Wm 
275 Broadview Y M C A 
2S9 Morrison Francis A 
191 Morgansori John S, confy 
293 Wallace James G, cigars 
301 Hamilton Wm T, phy 
303 Waller Henry S 
305 Petry Thos 

+ First av commences 
337 Cowdy Oliver, gro 
339 Grady John, dry gds 

Aaron Morris 
S41 Maunder Thllbert C, 


343 Schmidt John C, hdwre 
345 Dunstan Robt J, barber 
347 Milligan, Russell & John- 

ston, real est 
Archer Chas J 
349 Berrie Thomas, gro 
349% Gregory Joseph F 
351 Miller Wm, gro 
353 Walton Chas W, cigars 
355 Shields Bros, confrs 
357 Chinese Indry 
359 Parker Fredk G, btchr 
361 Jacobs F A, drugs 

Bancroft Lester J, dentist 

+ Gerrard st e intersects 

363-355 Bank of Ottawa (br) 

Union Life Assce Co (br) 

371-73 Boyd Mrs E J, dry 


Boyd Wm J 
375 Brown Thos H & Co, 


375a Capp James R 
377 Steele Peter P, shoes 

Matchett Lloyd L, den- 


McKinnon John 
Standard Brick Co 
379 Woodward B M 
3S1 Woodward B M, drugs 

Postofflce (br) 

383-85 Sneath Chas R, phy 
^ Simpson av commences 

St John's Pres Ch 
421 Hart Mrs Dora 
423 Drake Dempster, osteo 
425 Marshall Richard 
427 Armstrong Joseph E 
429 Gould Thomas D 
Victor av commences 
431 Addlson Wm L, phy 
435 Forman James C 
437 Steele Peter P 
441 Corrigan Rev RIchd 
445 Gallagher J A, phy 
+ Langley av commences 
453 Linden John 

Robinson Robt H, phy 
459 Jupp James 
465 Walton Albert E 

469 Cook John W 

Riverdale av commences 

473 Redway Wm E 

475 Finder Joseph 

477 Cowdy Oliver 

479 Zarfabs Henry 

481 Zarfass Geo F, baker 

483 Zarfass Geo F 

485 Gilbert Mrs Janet 

487 Peacock Melville E 

489 Bennett Mrs Annie 

491 Quigley John 

493 Ryan Mrs Winifred 

495 Purvis Wm L 

+ Withrow av commences 
501 Redway Horace P 
503 Jennings Chas B 
505 Coulter Wm 
507 Jupp James W 
509 Jones Reg:;, Aid A. phy 
511 Jefferies Arthur K 
513 Fee Alexander 
515 Harris Win T 

^ Bain av commences 
533 Logan Thomas 
535 Brookes Frank D 

Sparkhatl av commences 
543 Fiaxman Edwin 

545 McGlashan Mrs Georgi- 


547 Werlhner Christian 
549 Abbott Mrs Margt L 
551 Freeman Mrs Margaret 

Tennis cres commences 
623 Smith Wm H 

62.- Flint Edgar 
627 Landell Chas D 
629 Whitfield John 
631 Wright Wm G 
633 Mitchell Wm 
635 Beer Ernest A 
C39 Clarke Kobt C 
641 Craig Wm B 
647 Richardson Hobt S, Dhy 
+ Hosarth nv commences 
649 White Geo A 
6.1! Summerhayes Wm F 
653 Hewitt Miss Marie 
655 Schofield Richd 
P57 German Mrs Louisa 

Byron Chas H 
659 Warnault Octave 
661 Kidd Trueman W 
663 B'unk John 
665 Corking Mrs Emma 
667 Moore Mrs Harriet E 
669 Thomson Mrs Esther 
671 Lloyd Felix G 
673 Vacant 

+ Woolfrey ay commences 
675 Cardy James H, gro 
677 Burns ,T L. phy 
679 Gothhopper Jacob H 
G81 Miller Geo W 
683 Martin Thomas H 
685 Kembley R Geo 
687 Harker Joseph 
689 Calgey Geo M, btchr 
691 Bell Bowen E. gro 

Fairview boul commences 

Dearbourne av com- 


737 Hollier Fredk 
739 Preston & Chisholm, real 

741 Hiltz Miss M M & Co. 

dry gds 

743 Powell Walter, dyer 
745 Armstrong Robt J, flour 
747 Marriott G & Son, confr 
749 Davies Wm Co, Ltd, The 
751 Noakes Bertram, staty 
753 Anderson J D, plmbr 
755 Vickery Win 

Foster Thos 

757-59 Downes-Dunlop Co, 
mens furns 

West Side 

86-92 Riverdale Roller 


96 Washington Walter 
+ Queen st e intersects 
110 Kalisch David G, 

clothes cleaner 
112 Florio Frank, barber 
114 Stone Geo E 
116 Morrison L E 

118 Holden John E 
120 Donald Geo 
122 Thompson John jr 
124 Farr Terrence 
126 Carnegie Wm J 

Haynes John W 
128 Vacant 
134 Willett Alfred 
136 Boyce Johr, 
140 Bond Fredk W 
142 Hume Alex G 
144 Curtin John 
150 Vacant 

162 Gibb John, dairy 
Kintyre av intersects 
164 MacMillan Daniel 
166 Gray Henry S 
168 McCrimmon Daniel 
170 MacDiarmid Herbert C 
172 Overholt Mrs Esther 
174 Harper James 
176 Crozier Chas 
178 See Stewart A 
180 Wallace Joseph 
182 Cheetham Harry 
184 Ingram Albert E 
186 Wilcock Stephen 
188 Johnston Thos 
190 See Francis A 
192 Allen James W 
194 Plymouth Brethren Gos- 
pel Hall 

200 Lynn James 
202 Bradford Henry 
206 McGregor J Poison 
208 Blackburn Mrs Elizabeth 
210 Sparrow George 
212 Lowry Samuel 

214 Shorrock James 

Barr Daniel 
216 Harmsworth Walter 

215 Stover Albert 
220 Spencer Fredk 

224 Free Methodist Church 

226 Beatty Richd 

228 Redford John W 

230 Buckland Albert J, 

232 Pnris Richard 

234 Sterling Bank of Canada 

^Wilton av intersects 

236-240 Home Bank of Can- 
ada (br) 
Harding' Chas B, drugs 

242 Robinson Wm J 

244 D'Elsbury Bertram 

246 Sheppard Frank 

250 Glover Richardson, exp 

252 Osborne James 

254 Fraser Charles 

2o6 Crowley r.Iis Ellen 

258 Wright Wm T 

260 Hefferins John J 

262 Bond James W 

264 Graham Wm 

266 Unsworth Joseph 

272 Fleet John, conry 

274 Vacant 

276 Miller Max, tlr 

280 Watson Geo 

2S2 Erikson Louis E 

284 Trim Wm 

286 Roe Ri.'hanl 

Cribben Mrs Minnie 

288 Boyes Tnos H 

290 Knowlton Wm J 

294 Butler Wm. tlr 

Congregational Ch 
^Mountstephen av ends 

302 Rea Miss Annis, gro 

304 Halpern Isaac, tlr 

306 OHvant Henry 

308 Watkinson Geo L 

310 Pirn Arthur W 

312 Salvation Army Hall 

318 Leader Oscar 

320 Downing Thos H 

324 Standard Bank of Can- 
ada Bldg 

Riverdale Land Co 
Schoff Elgin, barr 
Veltch Ernest C, den- 

326 Davis Joseph 

328 Peckham Mrs May 

330 Collett Charles R 

346 Powell Chas. fncy gds 

Offices: 2 COURT ST. (Ground Floor; 


General Agents Gore Mutual, London Mutual, Perth Mutual 

Dominion Fire and Hamilton Fire Insurance Companies 
Phones: Offif. Main 856; Residence, Hillcrest 395 AGENTS WANTED 


TORONTO OFFICE: Quebec Bank Bldg., 35-37 KING STREET W. 566,000,01 


348 Gem Theatre 

Twait Herbert 
Ward Bertram W 
350 Coulter & Probin, real 

McClay & Reading-, 


352 Moses F H, hdware 
354 Speare Emanuel, tlr 
Johnston & Bro, hats 
Wiles Irvine 
356 Keel u'nink, jwlr 
358 Winfield Thos J, confr 
360 Bowers Wm A, florist 
362 McNally Saml A. barber 
866 Harris Albert, liquors 
368 Davies Wm, provs 
^Gerrard st e intersects 

Public Library 
3SO McMillan Jonn 
Lowry John 
Addy Henry 
Lonergan Thos 
Brown John 
Riverside Park 
640 Powell Robt 
646 Harris James 
656 Vacant 

658 Cruttenden TWO, contr 
660 Hnbbard Wm P 
662 Hubuard Frederick L 
664 Boyd Robt 
670 Treloar John D 
672 Booz Frederick 
674 Fair Robert 
678 Wickett James A, contr 
682 Hiltz Wm W 
66 McKichan Matthew D, 


(590 Elder Alexander B 
700 Brick John 
712 Ward Archeson T 
716 Brick Thomas, contr 

Brick Miss Sarah, nurse 
718 Mitchell Wm J, drugs 

Mitchell Harry B 
720 Kirkpatrick Wm E 
740 Gallagher Thos 
742 Green Richd, real est 
744 Crockett David, sew 


746 Spagnolo John, fruit 
748 Lunn & Martin, pntrs 
Martin Arthur 
Martin Mrs Ruth C, dry 


750 Ritchie Ralph B, shoes 
752 Hackin Bros, confy 
754 Pashby Bros, btchrs 
Metropolitan Bank 


(North Toronto), east 
from 2197 Yonge to Bay- 
View av 

North Side 

28 Greenway Geo 
32 Boore Geo C 

St Monica's R C Ch 
44 Dollard Rev James B 
48 Lasher Blake H 
68 Moody Edwin R 

Moody Edwin R, wil- 
lowware mfr, rear 

70 Langrill Frank 
78 Armstrong Robt 
88 Dixon Geo E 

94 Clark Nicholas J 
^Beresford av intersects 
102 Dickson Frank M C 
104 Leman Arthur H 
110 Worth Arthur 
124 Avery Thos, mkt gdnr 
132 Harrington Daniel J 
136 De Ferrari Chas 
138 Shannon James P 
^Mount Pleasant rd inter 
206 Jacques Louis 
214 Winter Mrs Sarah 
222 Brig-ham Wm 
228 Edwards Emanuel 
244 Raynor Alfred 
256 Kidd Wm 

South Side 

85 Thompson Geo R 
67 Braybon Walter 
63 Peddie Robt A 

71 Stroud Geo 

77 Roadhouse Wm 

79 Feeleys Robt 

SI Love Walter F 

89 West Ebenezer 

^Beresford av intersects 
103 Barnes Robt 
117 West Wm 
151 Jones John 
153 Jones Edwd 

^Mount Pleasant rd inter 
199 Jones Mrs Elizth 

^Falcon st ends 
av ends 
t av ends 
er av ends 


West from 268 Spadlna av, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

8 Little Johnston, bkr 
12 Stables 

18 Albert Apartments 

20 Lodg-e Edwd 

22 Kyle James 

26 Houston Wm J 
28 Markey John 
30 Wright Robert 
32 Gribble John 

34 Urquhart Robt 
SO Fogarty Robert H 
38 Jaques Robt H 

40 Carlvle Fredk R 

42 Sutton Albert P 

44 Scott Wm 
44% Sykes David 
46 Devltt Hugh 
48 Orr Wm 

50 Jones Thos 

52 Lod^e Albert 

54 Sparrow Wm 

South Side 

7 Amovy Wm J 

9 Leverington Mrs Martha 


North from 1352 Queen W. 
to north of Bloor w, ward 
East Side 

5-7 Vacant 

9-11 McCartney Owen, blk- 


17 Ryan Thos, livery 
Noble st ends 

19 Goldthorp Bros, exp 
Goldthorp Mrs Elizth E 

21 Minnoch Alexander 

23 Millar James 
Shephard Chas 

25 Lawson Geo 

35 Kinnoar Philip 

41 Dukelaw Peter 

43 Rutledg-e Robt 

45 Sharland Thos 

^ Earnbridg-e st ends 
47 March Mrs Mary 
4!) Wilson George 

51 Long George J B 

53 Evans Wm J 

55 Coulter Mrs Elizth 
57-63 Harrison J A, coal 
65 Pordag-e Wm 

67 Hunter Thomas R 

71 Weeks Chas 

73-79 Cannon T & Son, Ltd, 


Contractors Supply Co, 

81 Hastings Geo W 

83 Gammage Silas 

S3 Hickerson Geo A 

S7 Hickerson Marshal! C 

4> Railway crossing 
121 Macey Sign Co 

^ Florence st ends 
12R Robinson Fred 
125 Woods Wm J 
127 Laughra'n Mrs Annie 
129 Patterson David 
131 Hennessv James 
133 Homer Wm 
135 Robinson Martin 
137 Green Wm 
139 Plumb Leonard 
141 Fleming Alex 
143 Leach Leonard 
145 Slack Thos 

147 Fish. -r \Vm 
149 Johnston Wm 
151 Wilson John, gro 

Middleton st ends 

Frankish av ends 
177 McCormick's Hall 
203 Hance Geo B, liquors 

Hance Thos J 
205 Irish Chas, shoemkr 

Rose Harry 
207 Sheets Oliver E, gro 

Dykes Paul 
209 Chinese Indry 
209% Sheridan Martin J 
211 Higgins Wm 
211% Mansell Fredk S 
213 Wallace David 
215 Parkes Harry 
217 Chambers Edwd 
219 Summers Alex 
221 Stacey BenJ 
223 Cusack Thos 
225 Murray John 

Muir Miss E, drsmkr 
227 Pike Goldwin 
227% Liddiard Ueo, gro 
^ Marshall st ends 
229 Marshall Mrs Mary 
233 Beasley James E 
235 Young Wm J 
237 Fromow Ernest J 
239 Carter Joseph 
^ Brockton pi ends 
241 Marshall John, btchr 
243 Marshall John, gro 

Keeler Humphreys 
545 Galloway .Tames W 
Blakeman Fredk 
247 Sloan Geo 
249 Overkott Conrad 
251 Jarred Ernest 
253 Byrne .Tas 
255 Gould Albert 
257 Selfe Thos 
259 Becquet Edward 
261 Correll Geo F 
2B3 Duckworth Wm. produce 
265 McMahon Chas E 
Scott Mrs Elizth A 

Brock Av Gospel Hall 
^ Dundas st intersects 
":>S Sanderson R G 
29.-, Irwin John J 
^ Atkln av ends 
313 Thompson James E 
315 Shand Wm 
317 Chapman Harry 
319 Murphy Mrs Magdalen 
321 Vacant 

323 Brooks Mrs Mary J 
325 Patterson James N 
327 Fairgrieve Archd 

^Moutray st ends 
329 Walder Emille 
331 Burns Uobt E 
335 Woods Cornelius 
S39 McCarroil James 

^College st intersects 
355 Bruce Robt 
357 Cuddabee James R 
359 Lnti'hford Joseph 
361 Wilson Wm H 
S63 Somerset Miss Delia 
365 Allen John W 
2G7 Holnian .lames T 
^ Lindsey av ends 
369 Brooks Kdwd. gro 
371 Henry W S 
373 Callan Herbert W 
275 Cable Thos G 
377 Porter Mrs Jessie 
379 Coles Robert 
381 Harrington John 
383 Holland James F 
385 Whale Thos 
387 Brooker Herbert W 
389 Brown Frederick J, confr 
3B1 Varey Wm A, gro 

Muir av ends 

393-395 Canfield Bros, gros 

397 Booth John J 

399 Fegnn Wm 

401 Collins Daniel J 

403 Brent James 

405 Hillock Patrick J 

407 Henderson John 

409 Vacant 

411 Wilson George I 

413 Bythell Renben 

415 Waddell Mrs Kate 

417 McLean Miss Catherine 

Warner Frank 
419 Wallace Simon S 
421 Rig-by Thos M 
^ Chesley av ends 
429 Sykes Thos L D, bldr 
431 Kerr Robert 
433 Arey Charles F 
435 Woodward Jas 
437 Gallagher Alfred 
439 Darroch Wm F 
441 Pratley Geoffrey G 
443 Palmer Richd 
445 Sheridan Wm 
447 Pretty John, shoemkr 
449 McLeod Mrs Elizth 
449a Wilkinson Robt G 
449% Lawson Miss Elizth. 
451 Ralph Wm 
451% Wilson Wilfred 

Cobourg av ends 

453 McEachern Mrs Cath- 

455 Capewell Thos 
457 Binge James 
459 Cooke Mrs Charlotte 
461 Jarman Wm 
463 Vanvelzer Leonard 
465 Patterson Gee A 
467 Harriman Saml 
46 Watts Geo 
471 Taylor Rev Kdwd H 
473 Rhodes Mrs Mary 
475 Fry Mrs Levenia 
477 Leflar Mrs Annie E 

Leflar Joseph O 
479 Kinsman Richd L 
481 Burtt Geo W 
483 Hamilton Miss Marlon 
485 McAllister Alex 
487 Dow James 
489 Woods James 
491 Berry Fredk J 

Newsham st ends 

515 Robertson Fredk W 

517 Kennedy Wm N 

619 Groff Angus W 

521 Hingston Wm 

525 Jackson Ernest H 

627 Graydon John T, contr 

B29 Simmonds Chas 

533 Mitchell Thos 

535 Rlddell Robert R 

Riddell & Moore, carps 
537 Roberts Herbert W 
539 Colville John E 
541 Home Alexander 
543 Johnson Donald G 
545 Bailey Arthur H 
547 Bayliss Miss Fanny 
549 Clarke John R 
551 Boyd E Ellsworth 
553 Robertson Hugh 
555 Hall Earl C 

^ Awde st ends 
559 Cowan Robt 
E61 Van Blaricom Geo B 
563 Simser Ernest 

Sykes Brooke 
565 Littler Albert 
567 Harrison Thos 
569 Geer Frank 
573 Eyre Wm T 
575 McEachern Alex 
577 Cameron Wm 
587 Ball Percy W 
589 Ogden Mrs Adeline 
591 Kinchen George A 
593 Wakeford Henry 
595 McLennan Thos R 
597 Kerr John F, pntr 

O'Conuell av ends 
599 Niven Robt 

fiOl Mail- Alex 
603 Waite Maxwell 
605 Adams Robt 
607 Latham Chas 

Bloor st w intersects 
617 Hall Alfred 

619 Brandow Arthur 

621 Ford David 

623 Smith Stanley 

625 Hollingshead Thos 

827 Shepherd Harris 

629 Rawlings Albert G 

631 McDonald Mrs Mary 

633 Wice John 

605 Saniger Geo 

637 Austin Wm 



41 (SL 43 Adelaide St. E. 



CO vnw^ir CT Canrf fnr nur Rnnklot nn "^ ^ ^^ 


Send for our Booklet on 

641 Robinson Robt 
643 Stewart James E 
647 Irwin Joseph 
649 Clark Jonathan 
659 Allen Chas H 
661 Foden David 
663 Dancy RIchd A 
665 Young John 

Lindsay James 
667 Chattel-ley Albert, gro 
671 Hill John H 
673 Stevens James 
(75 Thompson J Saml 
677 Moxon Thos W 
679 Vacant 
6S1 Bowland Wm 
683 Kerr Alex 
685 Bailey Thos 
069 Wensley George A 
091 Fraser Robert G 
695 Linton Wm 
697 Sufren Oazras 
699 Jones Albert 
701 Simpson Mrs Agnes 
703 Braden Matthew 
705 Harrison Fredk 
707 Latimer John 
709 Vacant 
711 Vacant 
713 Bowman Wm 
715-719 Vacant (3) 
721 Clarke Geo A 
723 Ballantyne John 
725 Blackburn Joseph A 
727 Freeman Miss Ethel 
729-731 Vacant (2) 
733 Russell Alex 
735 Elliott Thos 
737-749 Vacant (7) 
751 Fraser Geo 
753 Stickells Ernest G 

West Side 

10 Britton James E 
Sherman Davis 
Blight Wesley 

12 Ginsman John 

14 Skelly Mrs Elizth 

Abbs st commences 

16 Barnes Richd 

18 Greene Mrs Margaret, 

20 Hayes John 

22 Wilson Fredk 

24 Smith Thos 

"'" Wei;- John 

28 Worsnop Miss Marv 

30 Weir Joseph 

32 Stone Edwd C 

Stone Mrs Jane, drsmkr 

34 Ellerson Wm 

36 Crilley Thos 

Maple Grove commences 

38 Heimbecker Harry, gro 

40 Fuller Miss Julia 

42 Swainson Thos 

44 Vacant 

46 Tobin Mrs Elizth 

48 Robinson Wm W 

50 McKinney Mrs Sarah E 

56 Todd James 

Todd Miss R R, phy 

58 White Albert J W 

MacBeth Wm J 

MacBeth Wm L C, phy 

Seaforth av commences 

62 Sabine Frank J, contr 
>4 Coultherd Mrs Matilda 

66 Dyson Mrs Mary 

68 White James 

70 Nash Jas 

72 Murdoch Robert 

74 Garbutt Richard, exp 

78 Robinson Sydney H 

80 Brown John 

14 Hopper Chas 

86 Holmes Wm J 

Cunningham av com 

Railway crossing 
122-124 Outwood Coal Co 
122 Stone - Clough Quarry 


150 Whitehouse John 
152 Doyle Edward 
154 Miles Gordon A 
156 West Albert T 
1"^ Le Ber Chas 
160 Vacant 
Delaney cres commences 

164 Thwaites Chas R, exp 

166 Rankln Mrs Agnes 

168 Hewlett Albert 

170 Horner Wm 

172 Rich Ira W 

174 Dalton Richd 

176 Allison Joseph B 

178 Blatherwick Henry 

180 Scott James 

182 McNichol Charles V 

184 Kelly Wm J 

190 Hance Geo B 

192 Soady Mrs Elizabeth 

194 Phillips Chas 
196 Shaw Albert 

195 Elders Alfred F 
200 Vacant 

202 Vacant 
204 Vacant 

Wyndham st commences 

208 Hooper Henry 
210 Getty Alex S 
212 MaeKenzie Geo 
214 Young Thomas E 
216 Sharpe Mrs Annie 
218 Holden Mrs Annie 
220 Snooks Harry 
222 Vacant 
224 Alkins Robert O 
228 Scott Robt 
230 Branciere Frank 
232 Newey Edwd 

Shirley st commence* 

T34 Hamm W V P, contr 
Hamm Mrs A P, gro 
236 Bow Alexander 
238 Swain Albert E 
240 Hill Mrs Esther 
242 Caldwell Philip 
244 Fyfe Geo 
246 Cox Richd 
248 Kemish Wm J 
250 Vacant 
252 Freeman Thos H 
254 Brown Herbert G 
256 Parke ilrs Elizth 
258 Checkley Wm J 
260 Kendall Robt 
262 Carson Robt 
264 Spiegellhalter James 
266 Prince Mrs Jenny 
268 Hefner Wm 
C74 Warehouse 
27B Brockton Hall 

Dundas st intersects 
278 Britt Travers 
"78A Bronn Frank B 
280 McGinnis James S 
280a Ryan Wm 
282 Uobinson Horace R 
282a Bendle Henry W 
282-286 Moroney John, livery 
288 Stickley Robt 
290 Boyce Mrs Rose 
292 Chinese Indry 
298 Abbs Robt 

Houle Albert, florist 
300 Haley Matthew 
302 Hodge Robt 
304 Macrae Thos 
316 McKibbon Mrs Isabelle 
SIS Fortune John 
320 Brimer John 
322 Elliott Arthur V 
324 Browne Chas M 
326 McLeod Angus 
328 Thompson Fredk G 
330 Flemming Norman McL I 

College st intersects 
348 Mclnnis Findlay 
350 Des Islets Portland 
352 Korbinian Rynders 
354 Brennan James 
356 O'Reilly Patk 
356% Downer Wm 
358 Martin Albert 
360 May John 
360% Brown Ernest 
362 Hill Charles E 
3B4 Pennell Henry 
364Vi Stewart Mrs Annie 
366 Craig John 
368 Jackson Joseph, btchr 

370 White Henry 
372 Fraser James 
374 Jackson James 

376 Gartner Lambert H 

371 Martin George 

380 Thackeray Ethan 

3S2 Henderson Wm C 

384 Vacant 

386-400 Brock Av- Schl 

S92 Adamson Wm 

394 Donnell John J 

404 Maloney John 

406 Newton Edmund D 

408 Vacant 

412 Musgrave Mrs Mary 

414- Kitching Percival J 

416 MeKowen Wm 

41 S Watts Wm 

420 Hamm Wm H 

4'2'1 Ames James A 

424 Rutherford Robt 

426 McPhee John W 

J2< Ausman Harry 

430 Smith George 

432 Patterson Wm 

434 Punnett Reuben P 

436 Dryden George 

438 Haskett Henry J 

440 Carberry John E 

442 Hamwood Miss Janet A 

444 Bunting Robt 

446 Douglas Charles W 

445 Scott Ebenezer 
450 Wilkinson Eruest 
452 Kirk Wm 

454 Babe James 
456 Griffin Johti 

455 Montgomery Samnel R 
460 McDonald Ronald 
462 McLean Alex 

464 Mitchell Samuel, pntr 
466 Wrijrht Edgar 
468 Tralnor Wm R 
470 Holmes Thos 
472 Durbin Fredk 

474 Graham Thomas 
476 Crosbie James 

475 Ivey Richd T 
47^., Steele Peter 
4SO Waters Mrs Ellen 
482 Williams Charles A 
4S4 Sper.ce Bertram W 
486 Anderson Walker 
488 Illberg Wm 

490 Sinclair Everett R 
492 Kabila John 
494 Kulmala Richard 
496 La Rose Miss Florence 
4'.i^ Winchester John 
500 Carter Edgar 
502 Gregg Wm 
504 Follis Wm H 
fiOfi Mitchell Joseph E 
508 Leckie Wm J 
510 Galvtn Mrs Jane 
512 McGiil Robt A 
514 Simpson Chas 
516 Rowet Mrs Margt 
528 Coutts Thos G 
532 Noble Mrs Maria 
534 Hickling Alfred 
536 Widdowson Ernest 
538 Dennis Francis E 
540 Parker Fredk 
542 Harrison Wm 
544 Stickells Ernest G 
546 Moralee Matthew 
548 Miller Sidney 
550 Benson Wm A 
552 Barrlngham Arthur B 
554 Knibbs Arthur 
556 Older Andrew 
558 Cooper Geo H 
560 Richmond David 
562 Williams Griffith 
564 McHarg Chester W 
566 Bell Francis J 
570 Boland T J 
572 Boland Michl T 
574 Boland James F, mkt 


582 Effan M Joseph 
584 Lennie James 
586 Keller Leslie H 
588 Rigney Mrs Mary A 

Rigney Miss Kate, mn 


590 McGeough James F 
592 Kerr A J 
594 Peterson Alex 
596 Wheally Xorman W 
598 Vipond John A 
600 House John 
602 Brock Chas B 
604 Shambrook Harry A 
606 Dunn Robert 

608 McLean Wm J 
610 Brown Hiram 
612 Harrison Mrs Jane 
614 Tackaberry Wilson 

Bloor st w intersects 
618 Sully Joseph, foundry 
620 Burns Thos J 
622 Keen Mrs Lucy 
624 McLean Reginald 
626 Keffer Mrs Barbara 
628 Elliott Arthur J 
630 Gibson John W 

632 Dew Mrs Ellen 
634 Harrison Alfred 

636 Wray Hermas 
638 Moad Charles H 
640 Galhrnith Arehd O 
642 Newbigging Andrew C 
644 Hunter Wm C 

646 Pidgeon James 

648 Kennedy Mrs Harriet 

650 Bell Harry J 

652 Mason James M 

652 ii> Jameson David J 

654 Parsonson John 

656 Hudson Wm 

658 HolHnger Wm 

660 Seitz Chas 

662 Ray Joseph C 

664 Stevenson Geo 

666 Paul! R 3 v E F 

Brock Av People's Mis- 

6S4 Howes James 
686 Fabian Lionel G 
688 Burton Geo B 
690 Turner Richd P 
692 Clark John 
694 Ashley Fredk 
696 Brown John 
60S Middlebrook Joseph N 
700 How Dennis 
702 Cauldwell John 
704 Lilburn Jan 
706 Jordan Geo 
708 Lucas Mrs Caroline 
710 Hoare Ernest C R 
712 Russill Arthur J 
714 Pickering David 
716 Wilson John 
718 Leach Bernard 
720 Reid Wm M 
722 Dunn Albert E 
724 Tulloch Alex 
726 Cudworth Saml 
728 Dykes Richd 
730 Steele Christopher W 
732 Klingenberg Henry 
734 Comyne Geo 
736 Wallington Thos W 
738 Lord James C 
740 Bonner Joseph 
742 Tail Andrew 
744 Hurst John 
746 Brown Le Roy 
748 Wrig-ht Wm S 
750 Salmon Wm J 


West from 112 Sheridan ar 
to Brock av, ward 6. 

Morth Side 

6 Harrison Saml 
Burland Benj F 

8 Bowers Alfred 
10 Edwards Wm 
12 Collins Joseph 

South Sid* - 

Not built on 







OLIVER, REID & CO. Limited 




(North Toronto), west 
from Yonge to Elm rd, 
1st n Cranbrooke av 
Not built on 


North from 1032 Queen w 
to Humbert av, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Weir Hairy 

3 Crane Wm H, marble ctr 

7 Seal Fredk 

9 Grosset James S 

11 Reynolds Fredk 

13 Reid Samuel 

15 Craig Thomas 

17 Brown Mrs Rachel, bdg 
19 Black Wm 

21 Bayliss H W. mils tchr 
I Roadhouse Anson A 

25 Donovan John 

27 Brown John 

31 Shunk Elmer 

33 McKinney John 

35 Young Chas 

37 Francisco John 

39 Curtis Peter 

41 Shepherd Aifred 

43 Slavin Geo 

45 Cotts Mrs Sarah 
47 Paterson James 

49 Hansch Charles J 

51 Finn Thos 

53 Reid Jas B 

55 Hawkins George W 
57 Rabey Charles W 

50 Tlill Joseph A 

61 Lindsay Mrs Christina 
(53 Stover Abraham H 

65 McCreary Wm 

67 Coombes Mrs Jennie 

West Side 

8 Harris Wm 
10 Carson John 

12 Collins Wm 

14 Carter Miss Sophia 

16 Lobbley Thos 

18 Edward Chas 

22 Bedford James I 
24 Riley Robt W 

26 Gourlie K R, dairy 

28 Pirrie lioht 

30 Parker Richd 

32 Gilbreath Geo 

34 Banger Henry 

36 Johnson Oliver E 

38 Rossiter Michael J 

40 Ward Robt 

42 Spray Thos 

44 Hall George 

46 Radey Mrs Anne 
50 Barclay Wm A 

52 Cahill Thos 

54 Studholme Thos G 

56 Cahill Mrs Margt 
58 Michie Mrs Charlotte 
60 Wilson Donald 

62 Crowther Ernest 
64 Cooper Wm W 

66 Hudson George H 

68 Breathwalte Mrs Isa- 


Breathwaite Miss Isa- 
bella, drsmkr 
70 Rishworth Thomas 


North from 1098 Queen e 
to Dagmar av, ward 1. 

East Side 

St Clements (Ang) Ch 
Macdonald Alex L 
13 Unfinished house 
17 Toy Walter B 
19 Fenwick David 
a. Stein Frederick 
23 Smith Wm E 
25 Redican Frank J 
27 Rainer Chas H 

29 Fleury Ira 

31 Steadman John 
33 Young .lames 

35 Clarke Chas 

37 Kritzer Wm 

39 Flett Oliver 

41 Hart Jeremiah, contr 

13 Liddiard Arthur A 

45 Bolton James 

47 White Shedden 

49 Philpot Wm 

51 Vacant 

53 Stone Edley 

57 Nevan Wm" 

59 Wanamaker Albert 

61 Vacant 

63 Hamilton John W 

65 Blackmore Arthur 

67 Moss Wm 

71 Furey Bryan (J 

73 Touchbourne Robt H 

77 Vacant 

79 Robinson Wm F 

SI Cuff Eclwrl J 

83 Vacant 

85 Weston Harper 
85 % Brimblecombe Wesley 

87 Wells Edwd 

91 Stewart Wm N 

93 Lee John 

95 Bryant John F 

97 Drury G 

99 Potter Alfred 

Ashton Alfred 
101 Kiddey James 
103 Rhodes Geo 
10.", Turnbull Wm J 
107 Mlhell Edwin H 
]'i:i Watt John 
111 Terry Arthur 
113 Findlay Mrs H J 
115 Bell James 

West Side 

" Tomlin Henry A 
4 Dynes Peter 

10 Thompson Harry 

12 Sweetman Mrs Julia 

11 Harper Walter F 
IS Brown Andrew 
20 Dayton Jas 

26 Edkins Albert E 

30 Cumming Archibald 

32 Bell David 

34 Stephenson George B 

30 Andrew James T 

38 Schoenfeldt Lewis 

40 Robinson Chas W 

42 Helntzman Mrs Caroline 

44 Palmer Mrs Eliza 

46 Elliott Robt H 

48 Peak Joseph 

50 Jeffery Arthur J 

52 Nichols Worthy 

56 Hogarth Thos J, exp 

62 Bushell Rev John 

64 Craig Joseph S 

(56 Hoare Jas C 

68 Allchurch Wm 

70 Donaldson Thomas H 

72 Vacant 

74 Moore Jameg R 

^Brighton av ends 

78 Langton Thos 

98 CoIIard Chas 
100 Brady Geo 
102 Mnddock Charles 
104 McGregor James M 
106 Greenwood Joseph 
108 Makings George 
112 Lewis Wm 
114 Ritchie Isaac 
116 Gardner Wm 
118 Armstrong Edmund B 
120 Locke Silas R 
122 Baker Gifford 

124 Kimberley Mrs Lois 
126 Ibbetson Wm 

125 Mackintosh Mrs Amy 
130 Gormley Robt 

132 Fuller Abraham S 

134 Dean Thos H 

136 Kritzer Wm 
Gibson Frank 
Thompson Albert 


North from Queen e, 2nd 
west of Woodbine av, 
ward 1. 
East Side 

13 Vacant 

15 Jennings Edwd 
17 Elliott Wm J 

-7 Vacant 
29 Whiteacre Saml 
31 Cobb Chas S 
33 Wright John R 
^Dlxon av intersects 
^Coolmine av intersects 
41 Unfinished house 
43 Unfinished house 

West Side 

6 Dundas Geo 
8-14 Vacant houses (4) 
16 Mann Fredk 
18-22 Unfinished hses (3) 
24 Grimshaw Melville D 
^Dixon av intersects 
^Coolmine av intersects 


(Glenmount Park), south 
from Gerrard e to King- 
ston rd, 1st e of Beech av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 


East from 99 Bathurat, 
ward 4. 
South Side 

3 Morgan James 

Mason & Risch's Piano 
Co Ltd (br) 


East from Don Mills rd 
to beyond Carlaw av, 1st 
north Pretoria av, ward 

Not built on. 


(North Toronto), north 
from Soudan av to Eg- 
linton av e, 1st e Beres- 
ford av 

East Side 

11 Swinton Robt 

13 Doughty Wm, dairy 

19 Chittenden Chas E 

21 Chittenden Chas T 

27 Colton Ernest R 

31 Russell Alex 

33 McPherson Alex 
35 Swinscoe Thos R 

West Side 

4 Holt Vernon 
10 Brooks Ernest 

34 Giles Fredk 

38 Williams Chas 




South from Paton rd be- 
yond Janet, flrst west of 
Lansdowne av, Ward 5. 
Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, 
Ice houses and coal 


West from 150 Shaw to 
Dundas, ward 5 

North Side 

2 O'Brien Jerome 

4 Blayney Wm H 

6 Beaslev Mrs Elizth 

8 Caswell Arthur 
> Givens st intersects 

Hunnisett Frank jr, whol 


Argyle pi commences 
24 Hudson Mrs Ann 
26 Griggs Saml 

South Side 

1 Richardson Alfred 

3 Hosier Mrs Annie 

5 Sexton John 

7 Coulter Jas 

9 Williams Albert 

43-45 Thomson Samuel, 


^Givens st intersects 
47 Calhoun Percy A 




North from 354 College to 
Dupont, Ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Van Der Voort G M, 

Porter Wm J 

3 Youskovtz David 
5 Newton Jas, shoemkr 
7 McBean's Hall 
9 Richardson Alfred 
11 Paterson Geo C 
15 Hay Wm D 
17 Southcombe Miss Annie 
'21 Hamilton Mrs Hannah W 
23 Smith Wm G 
25 Graham Miss Elizth 
27 Stritrh Miss Elizth 
29 McQuillan Thomas 
33 LatinuT .Miss Margt 
35 Daniels Miss Jane 
;!9 Johnston Fredk 
41 Wilson George H 
45 Chambers Mrs Phoebe 
47-49 St John's Hospital 

51 Waiter Charles 

Walter Miss L B, elo- 

53 Hincks Rev Wm H 
53 Stewart Alexander M S 
57 Duthie John B 
59 Allen Mrs Sarah E 
61 Scott J Fairbairn 

Fortune Mrs Martha 
63 Bryce Wm 
65 Layden Wm 
57 Panter Benjamin 
>9 Saul John C 
71 Kennedy Lyman A 
73 Cohen Harris 
75 Sharp Sylvester J 
77 Emery Fredk R 
79 Newcombe Mrs Bertha, 

Manser Miss Ella, nurse 
81 McDermott Mrs Margt 
83 Passmore Miss Mary A 
85 Cockburn Rev Edward 
87 Jubb Mrs Margt 
89 Wright Mrs Sarah J 
01 Lindsay Mrs Annie E 
93 Garcia Alvin, photo 
05 Elsasser \Vm C 
97 Anger Wm H, publr 
99 Curran Alfred 

101 Craig Saml W 

Ulster st intersects 

103 Morrison Mrs Jane, gro 

]05 Laidlaw Miss Maggie 

107 Titt Alfred J 

109 Bemrose Arthur 

111 Judkin Louis 

IV' Baggs Wm 

115 Wickett Norman 

119 Gilmour Joseph H 
Codeling Robt J 

121 Lee John B 

123 Sherer Jas 

]L'7 Vacant 

129 Vyvyan Langley 

131 Hblt'orf Wm 

133 Taylor Robert 

135 Brethour Miss E, nurse 

137 Burkholder Aaron 

139 Menzies Mrs Rebecca 

141 Webster Mrs Mary 

143 Jones Lewis E 

145 Coleman J Henry 

147 Macann Miss Bessie 

149 Pike Jacob 

151 Jones Wm C. contr 

153 Johnston Mrs Martha 

155 Knowlton Walter 

159 Hall Alfred E, shoemkr 

161 Johnson Duncan S 

J03 West Albert 

Cuyler Miss Louise, 

165 Tye Fredk 

Hathway Richd H 

167 Tye Mrs Jennie, gro 





33 scon ST. 


Telephone .I,. , London, Eng., New York, N.Y. 

Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax 


IVIaln 196 

General Agents 

London Mutual 
Fire Insurance Co. 


77 WELLINGTON ST. W. Limited 

Waterproof Wagon Olivers 


Cement and Concrete Covers 


Gymnasium Mattresses 

+ Harbord st intersects 
169 Cornyn W James, dyer 
'71 Farrance Arthur R 
173 Thorpe Geo 
175 Ross -Mrs Mary E 
177 Smith Albert E 
181 Bentley Mrs Agnes 
183 Snider Conrad A 
185 Kishbaum Frank 
189 Bethel Menonite Mission 
191 Davey Dudley B 
193 Boyd Abel 
195 Vacant 
197 Brown Benj 
ID" .l^fi'rev Arthur 
201 Stevens George jr, florist 
203 Alexander Mrs Jessie 
205 Bromley John 
207 Powney Robt G 
209 Collins John N 
211 Bromley Albert E, ins 
213 McDermott James 
217 Calder John 
219 Grady Mrs Annie 
221 Gordon Alex 
22': Gordon Alex, gro 

4 Sussex av Intersects 
225 i."sj:el Mission Hall 
229 Follett Eleazer 
231 Young Thos 
233 Pophan Geo 
235 Vacant 

237 Mclntosh James, pntr 
23? niackburn Albert 
241 Kennedy James, florist 
Kennedy Mrs J. drsmkr 
Raney Mrs Eliza J, 


247 Hare George 
249 Campbell Mrs Jennie 
251 Morell James H 
253 Stirrup Wm J 
255 Hopper Mrs Annie 
257 Mooney Mrs Hessie 
259 Corbett Thos 
261 Warren John W 
265 Milne Alexander S, carp 
269 Milne George 

Mutch Wm D, tlr 
271 Walker Chas R 
27" P.onrt Edward G 
2~t','' Shaw James 
275 Sanderson Percy 
277 Hn.wn Mrs Kose 
277 'o Lewer Wm 
279 Abbott John H 
281 Brown Robert 
283 Lancaster Thomas S 
285 Vernon Mrs Sarah 

287 Ashford Thos 

288 Rodgers James, dairy 

Bloor st w intersects 
313 Canfleld A W, pby 

315 Gillis John A 

317 Farmer Sidney 

319 Johnston George W 

321 Drew Edward 

323 Landreth John H 

225 Gillard Mrs Georgiana 

327 Little Mrs Mary E 

329 Livingston Lnuchlan il 

331 Southworth Thomas 

333 Quarrington Geo K 

?35 Sheldon John 

337 Barr David II 

339 Cook Joseph 

343 Underwood Wm 

24.. McKay Wm A 

347 Vacant 

349 Black Wm A 

351 Gray Wm A 

353 McKinnon Malcolm 

355 Nornabell James L C 

357 White Hugh 

Lowther av ends 
373 Magee Mrs Emma H 
275 Mallon James W 

377 Little Jackson L 

S?3 Eaton Robert Y 

385 McMahon Frank 

393 Bain J Watson 

395 Thompson Win I 

397 Smith Wm J 

399 Smith Robert 

403 Eaton Miss Margt E 

407 Vacant 

409 Wells Mrs Lillian 

411 Philips Francis 

413 Montgomery Joseph 

415 McNairn W Harvey 

417 Morson Walter R 

419 Thompson Geo 

;i',lespie Geo E 
425 Finberg Max 
427 Gilbert Saml T 
429 Cork Wm C 
431 Murray Angus 
Wells st intersects 

Kendall sq 
^ Bernard av ends 
471 Da Costa Ernest C 
473 Kennedy P C, mus tchr 
475 Dick Archd B 
477 Cray Rev John 
479 Somerville Rev John 
481 Slade Arthur J 
483 Vacant 
4S3 Tingle J Bishop 
487 Hartley Kredk 
489 Boake George W 

Dickenson Fredk H 
491 Kelly John J 
493 Snaith Wm 
495 McCrlmmon Abraham L 
497 Pallister Geo C 
499 Coombs Joseph E 
501 Wells John N 
503 Crawford John T 
505 Stone Wm H 
507 Butler Thomas W 
509 Matthews Isaac G 
oil Mi.-ijuhae Mrs Susan 
513 CiFsins Mrs Elizth 
513 Mac Donald Hugh F 
517 Kirkwood Thos M 
E19 Shannon James N 
521 Newsom Johnson G 
523 Stewart Mrs Ellen ' 
525 Hally Mrs Beatrice 
527 Pauling- James 
529 Pritchard Mrs Emily 
531 Reburn Henry jr 
533 Grant Thomas S 
5?5 Pipon Mrs E Louisa 
537 Diggins Alex T 
539 Thome Albro M 

West Side 

2 Galloway K A, dentist 

C;irnahan John 

McCorquodale Mrs Ther- 
esa A 

4 Gertzbein V Brown, tlr 
6 Hall Fredk W, tlr 
8 Harrison Mrs Eva, tlrs 

Dominion Bus Coll 
10 Reed Reginald F 
12 Rittenberg Isaac 
14 Christie Wm H 
16 McKinlay Mrs M 
18 Oldright Mrs Minnie W 
20 Hunt Henry, phy 
22 Brown Abner 

Parker Harry W 

Parker Mrs A, vocalist 
24 Cuff Mrs Sarah B 
26 Henderson Mrs Elizth 
28 Gelber Moses 
."0 Cooper Mrs Esther 
32 Smith Mis Lillian 
"4 Henderson James 
36 McArthur Mrs Margt 
38 Ward Con way W 
40 Burgess Mrs Maria 
42 Bick Wm 
44 Conlin Miss Rose 
46 Hay Mrs Mary E 
48 Haugh Wm D 
50 Stephens Richd 
52 Rogers Asa C 
54 Duncan Lytle 
56 Bartlam James 
58 Morden Nathaniel S 
60 Chesher Alfred 

Carter Hal-old, phy 
62 Shannon Gibson 
64 Heller Enshul 
66 Cook Wm 
68 Ward Mrs Matilda 
70 Fox Wm C 
72 Tisdall Henry W 
74 Murray Charles B 
76 Thompson Mrs Delilah 
78 Ward Robert A 
80 Woods Fredk 
82 Fax George K 
84 Forfar Charles 
86 Church Saml T, schl 
88 Ryder Mrs Isabel 
90 Paizner Louis 
92 Boyd Wm B 
94 Vacant 

('6 Mr-Xamara H H 
Ulster st intersects 
102 Harper John R 
108 Harrington Mrs Fanny 
110 Coutie David 
112 Wright Mrs Anna 
114 Sale Mrs Francis 
116 Armour Saml J 
Its Peters Arthur E 
120 Zeilinski Jacob, phy 

Whitney Cnas 
122 Piette Delbert R 
124 Livingston James 
126 Braund James E 

Hunter John 
11-^ Davey Andrew R 
130 Willis Albert H, painter 
1"2 Moore James H 
If 4 Burns Mrs Ellen 
135 Lawrence Oliver 
138 Brown Charles T, exp 
140 Olsen Fredk 
142 Whitehouse Thos 
144 Nealy Arthur 
146 Broadbridge Henry R C 
148 Dickerson I- red C 
152 McKeand Wm 
154 Pattenden Mrs Harriet 
156 Farwell Fredk 
158 Benson Adam 
160 Boyd George H 
162 Carnall Harry 
164 Oxenham Mrs Margt 
166 Vacant 

368 Walker Joseph H, gro 
^ Harbord st intersects 
17" Vacant 
172 Cox Albert 
174 Schubart Wm, btchr 

Schubart Miss A M L, 

mus tchr 

176 Amsdon Sydney, exp 
17 > Xaughton Charles 
ISO Adams Charles 
182 Jnovack John, gro 
184 Connery Joseph 
1 86 Brown Mrs Margt 
188 Brown Wm 
190 McBain Hector 
194 Birrell James S, garage 
1S6 Baldwin Mrs Eden 
198 McLeod Robt 
200 Stewart Rev Alex 
202 Loughridge Thos 
204 McDonald Wm 
206 Wilson James 
208 Purves Thos R 
210 Doust Mrs Ella 
212 Davey Peter H 
214 Delanev James M 
216 Goudte" David W 
218 Hutcbinson Arthur 
220 McGillivray Archd 
224 Willis Frank H 
226 Morrison James N 

+ Sussex av intersects 
228 Pattison G E, gro 
230 Enright Wm E 
232 Culbard Mrs Jennie, 

234 Stothers Geo 
238 Tubbs Walter F 
240 Hollingworth Arthur 
244 Vacant 
248 Bown Henry 
250 Gilmayer Mrs Natalie, 


252 Nicol Mrs Margt 
256 McKnight Mrs Sarah 
258 Robinson G H, uphol 
260 Copp Wm H 
262 Absent 

264 Threlkeld Mrs Fannie E 
266 Bolton Mrs E H 

Munns Miss J H, nurse 
268 Conner Carlton W 
270 Lanceley Mrs C E 
272 Webb Henry C 
::74 Christie Mrs Mary 
276 Warren Saml B 
278 Rutherford John 
2SO Rankin Albert C 

Mallcy Miss Laura, nurse 
2S2 Clark James B 
2S4 Henry Geo J 
286 Vacant 
288 Vaughan Alfred A 
292 Puritan Laundry Co 
2?4 City Dairy Co, Ltd, paint 

298 Davis Louis E, plmbr 

300 Shereck Simon, tlr 

Bloor st w intersects 
308 Dennis Vernon H 
Brown Samuel 
Gynn Frank 
Stanley Frank J 
312 Dennis Vernon H 

314 Scarf e Mrs Annie 
316 Bensley Benj A 

1 IS Falls Miss A E 
320 Joyce Richd H 
322 Haines Jamt-.- A 
?24 Harris Clement 
326 Cull Arthur G 

328 Sloane Mrs Margt 
330 Shortiss Thos 
332 Reeve Herbert J 

334 Porter Edwd 
236 Laird Mrs J B 

335 Philpo-tt Mrs A L 

340 Cartwright Morgan R 

342 Ancrlin Mrs Marian 

246 Wallis George 

"48 Ashworth Edwd M 

350 Des Brisay Mrs Sarah 


352 Harrison Miss Jennie 
354 Jackson Geo M 
56 Hinch Mrs Effie J 
358 Thompson Wm S 
360 Budd Thos 
262 Allen Edwd 
"64 Rogerson Wm 
3C6 Spence John 
368 Marks John W 
570 Snycier Noah S 
872 Bolton Norman E 
374 Leak Wm 
376 Pinkerton John M 
378 Begg Charles G 
380 Allan Frank B 
382 Andrews Fredk 
384 Brown Miss Lillie E 
386 Borden Bradford T 
+ Barton av intersects 
390 Niddrie Mrs Mary 
292 Vanstone Lucius N 
394 Brumell Mrs Emily 
396 Lloyd Henry H 
398 Cork Samuel E 
400 Hutty Robt H 
402 Wills E Gordon 
404 Beckett Saml G 
406 Murray Joseph 
408 Ingles Chas L 
410 Hutner Frank S 
412 Vacant 
41G Hickling Charles 
418 Walker Harvey 
420 Walker G Hawlev 
422 Ferguson Mrs Henrietta 
424 Smith Harry T 
426 Redfern John W 
428 Herson Mrs Ellen 
430 McDougnld Duncan J 
432 Jacobs Ralph 
434 Pritchard Alfred H 

Wells st intersects 
468 Beemer Arthur A 
470 Dwyer Philip 
472 Hambly Geo 
4 T 4 Battisby -lames J 
476 Chadsey Stanley B 
478 Goldberg David 
480 Kennedy Alfred E 
482 Scripture Wm 
4S4 Hall W Carleill 
486 Shurly Ray F 
4S8 Breadner Robert 
490 White Harry S 
4!.'2 Milne Wm S 
404 Bone John R 
496 Roche Francis J 
493 Reggin John 
500 MacKenzie Donald R 
502 Phinnemcre James 
504 MacGowan Sheridan C 
506 Ashcroft Robert 
EOS Butler Mrs Marir: 
510 James Edward W 
512 Enoury Wm S 
514 Dickens Thos, tldr 
516 Valleau Wm J 
518 Kettlewell Wilfred C 
520 Tow Wm J 
522 Winlow Chas J 
524 Forbes Mrs Jemima 
526 Lindsay Geo B 
528 Whiton George L. 
530 Taylor Wm J 
532 Medcalf Duncan M 


67 to 95 PEARL ST. 

Phone Adelaide 1560 

1139 SHAW ST. 



HOMES and 


16-22 Victoria St. 

MAIN 5257 


534 Fleming Ernest M 

536 Smith Mrs Jane 
538 Johnston Wm 


West from 424 Yongo to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Wales Geo 
6 Foster Wm 
6V4 Williams Joseph 
8 Jones Robt 
10 McCbesney Isaac 

12 Simpson Mrs Maria 
14 Hemsley Ernest 

16 Fraser Simon 
IS Titus James II 

20 Fitzgerald Mrs Bllzth 
22 Jones Wm A 

South Side 

13 Armstrong- John 
15 Tremble Joseph 

17 Weintraub Isadore 
19 Nunn John M 
19% Parsons Thos 

21 Moore Wm 

23-35 Webb Harry Co, Ltd, 

erfndy mfrs 
37 Hoffman Joseph 
39 Egan Mrs Catherine 
39M; Sadler John T 
41 \Vbitney Joseph R B 
43 Worrall Wilfred G 
47 Beuifth Hall 




(North Toronto), east 
from Dinnick cres to 
Haslemere av, 1st s Law- 
rence av e 
Not built on 


Name changed to Day av 


West from Klppendavle 
av, 1 south of Queen e, 
ward 1. 

North Side '. 

2 Carrutheis Joseph J 
4 Day Wm 
6 Staneland John 
8 Fessey Wilfred C 

South Side 

1 Hodgson George 

3 Law Thos 

5 Harper James H 

7 Donnelly Mrs Mary 
9 Cross Alfred 

16 Whitney Koy 

West Side 

la Priest Albert 
2a Peel Fredk H 
3a Waugh Robt S 


West from 12 Soho to Spa.- 
dina av, ward 4. 

North Side 

4 Ceifets Joseph 

6 Dzlalowskl Samuel 

8 Heller Simon 
10 Goodman David 
12 Lafkovitz Saml 

14 Sherman Arthur, gro 

16 Robchlnsky John 

18 Abramovitch Barnet 

20 Harris Wm 

22 Vacant 

22% Taylor Thos 

24 Richardson Louis 

24% Forcht Samuel 

26 Stelnhart Nathan 

28 Ohminsky Saml 

30 Malkln Frederick 

32 Epstein Harry 

54 Creighton Abraham 

56 "London Morris 

58 Resneck Isaac 

South Side 

1-3 Welch Albert & Son, 


15 Trumbley Wm 
15y 2 mn s Allen 
17 Banks David 
19 Mowat Jamei 
21 Little Frank 
27 Scott Mrs Margaret 
31 Daniels Abram 
35 Birenbom Barney 
37-39 Green & Co, mfrs 


41 Drake Lewis 
43 Helmore Geo 
45 McCauley Wm 
49 Vacant 
51 Bennie Wm 

Ley Edgar W 
53 Moore Richd B 
55 Malone Mrs Rose 
57 Vacant 
59 Norton Herbert G 


(Hunvher Bay) 


(Norway), east from 
Woodbine av to Glen- 
mount Park rd, fifth n 
of Kingston rd, ward 1. 

North Side 

10 Johnson Joseph H 
16 Morley Edwd 

20 Hiteshue Wm O 
26 Underbill Joseph 

28 James Harry 
30 Bannister Wm 

34 Hulse John 

36 Brltton Percy 

38 Young Geo M 

44 Goodbarne Chas A 

46 Coates Robert M 
48 Wylie John 

52 Spratlin Fred 

South Side 

7 Gardner Edwd 

11 Weir John 

15 Harris Frank 

23 Rigby Wm 

25 Rolls Arthur 

29 Hes Arthur J 
33 Priestley Daniel 

35 Johnson Oswald A 

39 Vacant 

41 Gill Harry 

47 Whitmore Ernest 
51 Hess Harrison 


(Oakwood Park), west 
from Al'berta av to Oak- 
wood av, ward 5. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

7 Furness R G 




West from 1066 Shaw to 
Ossington av, ward 5. 

North Side 

4 Cunningham Thos 
6 Lecornu Wm 

5 Hulf Wm D 

10 Beck Alexander M 
12 Kidd Chas 
14 Leaney Wm H 
'16 Earle Walter I 
20 Culley Leonard 
22 Metcalfe Charles 

24 Reid Josephus 

26 Bell Amos 
i.i-,1., .Marshall John 
28 Prior Wm S 

30 Bevis Alfred W 
32 Winder Wm 

S4 Warry Alfred 

36 Leef Geo E H 

South Side 

1 Unfinished house 

3 Unfinished house 

5 Vacant 

7 Vacant 

9 Williams Wm W 

11 Vacant 

13 Pogson Joseph 

15 Pyke Edwd W 

17 Garland Saml H 

19 Hughston James 

21 Earle Wm 

23 Simpson Andrew 

25 Johns Thos J 

27 Love Henry J 

29 Coulman Mrs Alice L 

31 Tasker Geo H 

33 Bramhall Fredk 

35 Knapp Howard D 

37 Shone Wm A 

39 Wllcox Mrs Mary E 

41 Barford Thos R 

43 King- John 

45 Boucher Albert E 

47 NVilson James F 

49 Hammett Thos 

61 Keith John C 

53 Shannon Mrs Margt 


(Chester), east from El- 
lerbeck, third n of Dan- 
forth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 


North from Chatham to 
Danforth av, 1 e of Leslie, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

3 Bruce Wm 
5 Hutson John 
9 Law Harry 

West Side 

Not built on 


West from head of Simcoe 
to 161 McCaul. ward 4, 

North side 

McCaul School 
Erskine Pres Church 
20 Griffin Mrs Martha 

22 Tales Wm R 

24 Cosentino Augustin, gro 

* Murray st commences 

26 Miller George B 

28 Annarillo Vincenzo 

30 Weisdorf Moritz 
82 Williams George 
54 Matthews Wm H 

South Side 

Simcoe st ends 

1 Telgman Ferdinand B 

3 Hanly John 

5 Tolland James 

7 McManus Miss Frances 


9 Casasant John 
9% Silver Moses 
11 Fauman Garson, soda 

William st ends 
13 Gilding John H 

15 McLean Miss Annie 
17 McManus Patrick J 
19 Longo Rev Joseph 

23 Orensteln BenJ 

25 Osolky Joseph 

27 Greenbaum Kelman 

29 Guerin Miss Annie 

31 Monks .Thos 
33 Vigna Arthur 

35 Manley Vincent P, gro 


(Kelvin Park), east from 
Coxwell av, 3rd south of 
Gerrard e, ward 1. 
Not built on. 


(Old Prospect, North Do- 
vercourt), north from St 
Clair av w to beyond city 
limits, 1 w McRoberts ay, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

5 Collins Chas J 
15 Hay Wm H 
27 Casey Edwd 
31 McLean Geo H 
35 Taylor Albert H 
65 Pilling Wm J 
57 James Fred A 

73 Snndwell Tbos G 
83 French Wm T 

+ Norman av Intersects 
93 Wiseman Alex 
95 Easton Geo 

97 Collins Chas 
99 Hedley Edwd 

105 Wise Robt L 
109 Casten John W 
113 Slater John J 

117 Blackwell Chas 
121 Ough Thos 

125 Juniper Arthur 
129 Ough Wm 

135 Button Wm 
139 Vacant 

143 Bennett Joseph 
151 Scott Ebenezer 
157 Strickland Cyril 
165 Comfort Herbert J 

169 Frame Daniel 

171 Bearwood Thos 

+ Innis av intersects 

West Side 

^ Lambert av commences 
64 Grundy Richd 
70 Gray Stephen 

74 Albin Albert 
78 Packer Geo 

80 Ashbee Mrs Eliza 
86 Werden Lorenzo N gro 
88 Collum Saml J, real est 
+ Norman av intersects 

98 Winder Robt 

106 Thatcher Richd 
116 Sedgwick Daniel 

118 Vince Fredk A 
124 Simmons James 

126 Patters. in Keith B 
134 McClelland Robt 

136 KnigBt Chas H 
142 Jefferson Fredk 

144 Blackman Ernest N 
154 Spademan Palmer 
164 Culver Thos S 

170 Jenkins Geo 

172 Cruttonden Lewis 
178 Walters John 
186 White Fredk 
190 Herman Geo 

192 Hewitt Albert 
194 Turner Thos 

av intersects 



South from 307 Wilton av, 
ward 2. 

East Side ......... 

1 Warwick Wm 

2 Pointon Henry G E 

3 Spiers John 

4 Wharton Percy 

5 Gamble Percy 


North from 1618 Queen 
w to Marion, first w of 
Sourauren av, ward 6. 

East Side 

3 Black Mrs Elizth 
5 Sangster Mrs Florence E 
7 Allen Charles C 
9 Llbby Robert C 
11 Freeman W Henry 
15 Anderson Andrew 
17 Promoli Fred C L 
19 Smith J Warren 
21 Streeter Thomas E 





Managing Director 


Telephone M. 491S 


The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 


23 Kelly Michael J 

25 Henderson Joseph 
27 Hartley Wm, contr 
29 Hyland Edwd J 

31 Webb Frank, pntr 
33 Bennett Wm P 
85 Macdonald Donald 
41 Bragg Thos J 
43 Gibbons John A 
45 Barry Maurice 
47 Logan John F 
49 Matthews Michael 
53 Vaughan Geo 
56 Blake Frederick C 
57 Vacant 
59 Eaklns George B 
61 Bailey Wm W 
83 Martin Lewis 
5 Hall Chas W 
67 McHolm Ernest R 

West Sld 

6 Lillie B A 

8 Ray Frederick A 
10 Coleman Geo 
12 Isaac John 

14 Harper Wm 

16 Clendening Herman C 

15 Gillelan Peter 

20 Coyne Clarence S 

22 Ra'mpsperg-er August 

26 Dean Walter 

+ Harvard av commences 


(Old Sarah. Chester), n 
from Danforth av. first w 
of Don MillS rd, ward 1. 

East Side 

19 Smith John B 

21 Strong Thos 
Nedham John, r 

27 Shipp Harry 

29 Cowan Gavin 

31 Walker Thos M, gro 

37 St John Wm 

39 Baker Herbert 

41 Chambers James 

43 Kelly John 

4" Strype Robt J 

47 Sharland Arthur 

49 Sherrifts John 

51 Johnson Howard 

53 Lang James 

55 Levinsky Wm V 

57 Giles Fredk 

59 Gregory Luke 

4> Pretoria av commences 
111 Baldwin John T, contr 
113 Everden Wm 
115 Harding Albert M 
117 Ernshaw Arthur H 
119 Evans Robt E 
121 Cooper James 
123 Hamer James 
125 Perry Joseph 
127 Vacant 
129 Mullis Sydney 
131 Marchmont Geo 
13?, Milnes Edmund 
347 Belcham Percy 
149 Buckingham John 
151 Harrott John 
153 Cooper Thos B 

West Side 

2 Roffey Roland H 

Parry Richd 
8 Fromow Sydney 

May Claude 
56 Grant Tnos 

Xoon Henry 
58 Hall Adam 
60 Jones David 
62 Whitney Saml 

Duncan Andrew 
64 Conn Chas 
68 Sutherland Christopher 
70 Davis Wm 

Nirman Joseph H 
72 Laugher James 

74 Jenkins Arthur E 
76 Vacant 

76 1 ;. Weaver Geo 
Dartford rd ends 

75 Fisher Ernest 
80 Hill John 

82 Johnson James 

82% Tucker Geo 

84 Hall Wm, express 

84% Emerson Geo 

88 Gleed James 

90 Easton John 

+ Westmount av ends 
138 Tadman Ernest 
14ii Williams John 
142 Pett Wilfred 
144 Lacey John 
146 Smith Joseph 


West from 124 Spadln* T 
to Brant, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Hall Philip H 
4 Midwood Mrs Julia 
6 Emery Chas W J 
8 Holbein Wm M 

10 Ayres Jas 

12 Clarke Alfred G 

14 Teague Alfred 
16 Landon Geo A 

15 Hynds Samuel 

20 Atcheson David 
22 Taylor Alfred H 
24 Reid Mrs Emma J 
26 Arnstead Bert 
28 Ashton Miss Lena 
30 Mason Francis C 
32 Love Terrence 
34 Le Mesurier Alfred H 
36 Kemp Jas 
3v Ford Henry G 
I :ams James B 
42 Martin Albert G 

44 Phillips Robt 
Nokes Ellas 

46 Vacant 

45 Auchincloss Geo 
50 Wyatt Saml 

54 Bowman Benjamin 
56 Alsted Frank 

South Side 

5 Newton John B 
7 Lans Mrs Sarah C 
9 Gibson Allan C 
11 Pringle Roland 
15 Bradshaw Joseph 
17 West Alfred 
19 Moore Robt M 
21 Wilson Wm C & Co, 

ship chandlers 
23 Matthews Wm 
23% Webster Edwd B 
25 Garratt James S 
27 Pollock Robt 
29 Nixon Melville 
29% Wilkinson Edwd 
31 Wilkinson Fredk 
SI 14 Berry Robt J 
33 May F M 
35 Smith Richard A 
37 Hagerty Mrs Bridget 
39 Gessey Chas 
43 Rennick Joseph 
45 Loughrey James 
47 Goulding Mrs Catherine 


North from 406 Queen w, 
to Cameron pi, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Samuel Edwd 
3 Rushworth Thos 
5 Nelson Saml 
7 Alexander Sidney 
9 Avnar Harry 

11 Saiger Harry 

17 Reilly Michael 

19 Surdin Louis 

21 Smith Jacob 

23 Smith Joseph 

25 Sachs Henry 

37 Clark Allan 

39 Mclntyre Mrs Lillian 
41 Thompson George 

43 Isaacs Jacob 
45 Green Walter 
47 Stopeck Louis 

40 Kriipinsky Max 
51 Altbaum Isaac 
53 Foster Jacob 
5S Snider Solomon 
57 Berken Saml 

59 Zaretsky David 
61 Weiner Albert 

North Side 

2 London James N 

South Bide 

1 Gaffe Eli 

3 Golfman Abraham 

5 Cooper Robert A 
7 Butterfield Frank D 

9 McKnig-ht Mrs Janet 
11 Himmelstein Harry 
13 -Bormon Max 
15 Ashburner Albert 


North from South of Wl- 
lace av to C P R tracks, 
first w of Northern Rail- 
way. Ward 6. 

East Side 

103 Shunk Elmer 

105 Thomas Mrs Elizth 

107 Vacant 

109 Dennis Wm 

111 Wright Thos 

113 Allan Alex 

115 Braby Wm 

117 Johnson Jomes D 

119 Currie Geo P 

121 Sampson Albert 

123 Elliott Edwd A 

125 Daws Arthur J 

127 Hnntley Thomas 

129 Wilmott Sydney 

131 Clements Arthur 

133 Vacant 

135 Pen ton Herbert T 

137 Jones Fredk C 

139 Armltage Charles 

141 Hodgson John 

143 Dryden Ernest 

145 Potter Henry A 

147 Scott James 

149 .Barber Henry 

151 Kelsey John, real est 

153 Brobyn Albert E 

155 Nicholls Herbert H S 

63 Basson Saml 

05 Laborskey Jacob 

67 Nevlns Cecil H 

69 Weinberg Saml 

71 O'Brien Mrs Annie E 

West Side 

3 Thurlow James 

4 Milligan Wm 
Gargan Matthew 

6 Thompson James C 

Shorey Wm 
S McNamara Patk 
10 Mackie James 
12 Smoller Max 
14 Glazier Solomon 
16 Rosenbloom Mrs 
18 Duncan James 

Ewing & Murphy, tll 

bldrs, r 
Holmes S & Son, stair 

bldrs, rear 

Turner Harry W, wood- 
turner, r 
20 Bosin Joseph 
20% Wpolfson Isaac 
22 Sosinsky Louis 
24 Cohen Louis, gro 
26 Brownstein Isaac 

Johnson Gye 
30 Kornfeldt Samuel 
32 Lifchis Mrs Jennie 
36 Ramm Julius 
38 Singer David 
40 Feldman BenJ 
42 Solkovitch Samuel 
44 dayman Moses 
46 Lewis Ralph 
48 Cohen Harry 
50 Frankel Hyman 
52 Miller Louis 
54 Stein Aaron 
56 Leibovich Ellas 
58 Nusbaum Isaac 
60 Friedman baml 
62 Hershorn Israel 

70 Gaffe Emanuel, gro 
^ Cameron pi commences 


West from 70 Cameron to 
Vanauley, ward 4. 

157 Beath Wm D 

159 Moody Robt 
161 Vacant 

163 Leather John 
163% Vacant 
165 Ewing Thos 
+ Wallace av intersect* 

167 Spenceley Alfred 

160 Burcher Thos H 
171 Campbell Wm C 
173 Worrod Wm H 
175 Macpherson Alex 
177 King John J 

179 Depew Russell 

181 Alexander Walter 

183 Cohen Saml 

ls5 Armstrong- Miss Elizth 

187 Vacant 

189 McGrouther Peter 

191 Wood Thos E, contr 

193 Vacant 

201 Niebewall & Co. lumber 

205 Connell Anthracite Min'g 
Co Ltd, (br) 

249 McBurnie John jr 

251 Clendenen C has E 

?53 McBurnie John 

255 Nevison Francis 

257 Awackow Stiff 

259 Vacant 

261 McXallis Harry 

263 Mills Richd 

265 Walters Willard 

267 Frazier E Warren 
Lytton av commences 
^Adrian av intersects 
Davenport rd intersects 

West Side 

92 Chambers Fredk L 

94 Baker Arthur 

96 Grimshaw John 

98 Abbey John 
100 Hird'Benj 
102 Morrison Wm 
104 McCoskery Donald, gro 
106 Hemphill Wm 
108 Batson Frank 
110 Galbraith David 
llOa Setford Edwd 
112 Rowdon Julius W 
114 Wilson Wm 
116 Richmond Thos H 
118 Howells John 
120 Case Geo 
122 Bridges Ernest 

124 Duffy Albert 

126 Eakins Alexander 

125 Young- David 

130 Kirkland Andrew W 
132 Young- Arthur 
134 Tarbat Mrs Margt 
136 'Steven John A 
138 Parks Herbert 
140 Lloyd Oscar 
142 Birrell David 
144 Cole Alfred L 
146 Girvan James 
148 Bennett Wilfrid 
150 Anderson Andrew 
152 Caves Robt H 
154 Scott Adam 

+ Wallace av intersect* 
166 Pogue John J 
168 Saunt Harry 
170 Strachan Saml 
1T2 Belts Isaac 
174 Adamson Robt A 
176 Boak Robt. contr 
176% Goldring Herbert D 
178 Warner Eli B 
180 Warner Thomas J 

F. J. SMITH *< CO. 





Chartered Executor, Administrator, 
Trustee, Etc. 

Safe Deposit 
Boxes to Rent 
S2.OO a year and 


1S2 Hodgson Edwd B 
184 Daniel George 
186 Wright Adam 
188 Davey Walter 8 

192 Niebergall John C 

194 Polnton George 

196 Low Alex 

198 BigRerstaff Hugh 

200 Ezard Abraham 

102 Nagy Paul 

204 Younger Chas 

206 Gregg- Geo W 

208 Garrett Wm 

210 Dabner Sydney G 

212 Dickson Alexander 

214 Durie .Tames 

216 Ho ward George 

218 West Thomas 

220 Blackburn Clifford E 

222 Baker Frank 

224 Rait Geo 

226 Watts John 

228 Better Wm 

230 Auld John 

232 Nelson Thos 

234 Scott Mrs Mary 

236 Lewis Allen 

?38 Richards Wm 

240 Vacant 

242 Baxter Richard T 

244 Fingland Andrew 

246 Kay Frank 

248 Sutherland Archd 

250 Cole Mrs Elizth 

252 Cobbs John H 

254 Anderson Edwd W 

256 Briggs Wm 

258 Ireland Wm 

^ Antler Intersects 
280 Ross Mrs Laura 
262 Waters Edwd 
264 Griffith Llewellyn 
266 Collison Frank 
268 Smith Wallington 
270 Faithful Franklin J 
272 Thomson Peter 6 
274 Bain George 
276 Smith Benjamin 
278 Bartlett Cyril B 
280 Gammack James 
282 Hunt Ephraim T 
586 Gillett Alfred 
310 Vacant 

+ Royce ay intersects 
316 Caley Robt W 
318 Vacant 
320 Vacant 
322 Tyler Albert 
324 Finlanders 
326 Sollitt Thos 
330 Colville Mrs Louisa 
332 Absent 
334 Gilmore James 
336 Stovell Arthur H 


(Old Cruikshank av, Mid- 
way A.mex), east from 
63 Ferrier av to Pape ay, 
first n of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

Xorth Side 

tCarlaw av Intersects 
Moscow av intersects 
16 Beasley Chas 
18 Leader Geo 
20 Jones James H 

South Side 

ay intersects 
Moscow av intersects 
15 Hearne Wm 
17 Eldridge Thos 
19 Jordan Richd E 
21 Hayden Henry 
23 Britton Wm 


(Kelvin Park), south 
from Gerrard e to Cairns 
av, 1st e of Coxwell av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 


(number Bay) 


(North Toronto), norUi 
from Lawrence av e, t 
Arundel av, 2nd e of 

Not built on 


(North Toronto), east 
from Tullis drive to 
Cuthbert cres, 1st s of 
Manor rd 

Not built on 

(Old Herbert), w from 
Osier to G.T.R., second n 
of Royce av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Penfound Varnish Co 


(North Toronto), west 
from Edgecombe av to 
Avenue rd, 1st s Law- 
rence av w 
Xot built on 


North from Ashbridge's 
Bay to beyond Fulton av, 
crossing Queen e at W3, 
ward 1. 

,.. East Side 

1-9 Rickey Francis, boat 

Maclean & Vanatter, 


Wase Harry, fire brick 

15 Moss Chemical Mfg Co 

Fuller & Stanbury, pork 

pkrs, r 

17 Thorogood Arthur E 
19 Curtis C, pntr 
33 Stewart Wm N 
35. Clark Albert 
37 Moore Samnel 
45 Chanter Wm 
47 Segrlff Fredk C 
51 Loveridge James 
63 Cowie Thomas 
67 Cherry Fredk 
S3 Bunting Thos J 
85 Vacant 

87 Harvey Sidney G 
89 Hampson Alfred 
91 Fiddes Wm 
93 Davies Mrs Mary 
95 Fenney Alfred 
97 Nelson James 
99 Donatt Herman 

Pratt Bros, cigar boxes 
101 Hillis Henry 
103 Dick Wm 
103^. Clarke John B 

Perforated Music Co 
^Eastern av intersects 
105 Penfound Isaac 
107 Bird Bernard M 
109 Gilmore Chas 
111 Holllngsworth Samnel 
113 Harding John W 
115 Vacant 
117 Tucker Henry 
121 Clark Mrs Elizth J 
123 Ward Harvey 

Shipman Frank A 
12,7 Downing Thomas, dairy 
129 Grainger Albert 
131' Saunders Alfred N 
133 Johnston Mrs Margaret 
135 Peck Mrs Sarah 
137 Cosirins Win G, roofer 
139 Coggins Wm E 
Terry Edwin 
141 Crowe Robt G, fruit 
143 Fahey John 
145 Maloney Miss Annie 
147 Maloney John 
149 Kindy Saml B 
151 Paul Almond H 
153 Pritzker Asher 

155 Dick James 
i:,7 .McVeigh Saml 
159 Hopkins Albert J 
173 Kogarty Joseph, florist 
175 Bird Thos J 
177 Brent Frank C 
i79 MacDonald Mrs Annie B 
^Queen st e intersects 
1S1-199 Kent-McClain, Ltd, 

C o n n e 1 1 Anthracite 

Mining Co 
347-333 Loose J M & Sons. 

Ltd. piano actions 
^ Gerrard st intersects 

G T R bridge 
International Varnish Co, 

377-3S7 Pinchin, Johnston 

Co (Canada), paint 


393-407 Vacant (S) 
413-419 Vacant (4) 
421 Brodie Mrs Emma 
423 Bain John 
533 Whitehouse Alfred 

Withrow av intersects 
549 MacAndrew Edwd H 
551 Mellway John 

553 Cairns James H 

555 McAmmond David F 

+ Bain av intersects 
559 Irvtn Mrs E M 
561 Crew Richard J 
563 Anstey Arthur 
565 Scammell Ernest H 

+ Dingwall av commences 
561 Bowman James W 
569 Lester Egerton H H 
571 Moore Thos 
F73 Bolton Mrs Elizth 
5S1 Winch Arthur 
5S3 Coldwell Chas 
585 Hayes Wm S 
587 Vacant 

Frizzell av commences 
589 Wheeler Chas G 

591 Harrap Geo A 

593 Baker Alfred 

595 Bailey John H 
597 Brines Robt 

599 Vacant 

^ Wroxeter av commences 

^ Strathcona av commences 

601 Vacant 

605 Vacant 

609 Bond Geo 

637 Bernard Wm 

641 Sturgeon Ferdinand 

643 Vacant 

645 Hawthorne Albert A 

647 Lancefield Harold 

657 Brickenden Thos E 
659 Simpson Wm 
^ Dresden av commences 

661 Reed Wm L 

663 Vacant 

665 Pye Mary A 

667 Preston Richd L 

669 McKee John 

671 Bruce John 

673 Mortlock Ambrose 

675 Vacant 

677 Chattoe John B 

679 Kerr Mrs Elizth 

681 Struthers Mrs Joseph- 

683 Moore Wm C 

685 Vacant 

687 Vacant 

689 Gibbs John 

691 Forman Arthur E 

693 Marks Henry R 

695 Thompson John G 

697 McMillan Wm 

699 Douglas Richd A 

701 Higgins Vincent 

703 Vacant 

705 Booth Chas 

707 Carlton W Harold 

709-713 Vacant (3) 

715 .Swait Chas E 

717 Hogg Geo 

719 Tully Geo 

721-723 Vacant (2) 

725 Frame James R 

727-731 Vacant (3) 
+ Harcourt av commences 
Danforth av intersects 

801 Addison Wm H. plstr 
803 Black John B 
807 Pickard Ernest 
Si Cubboii Wm 
Sll Heaps Thomas 
S17 Brown Robert S 
821 Feeney Wm 
823 Butler Wm ,T 
825 German Saml 
827 Samson Geo A 
829 Dunlop Wm 
831 Else Fredk 
833 Whitehouse Alfred 
833 1 Barrow Wm 
835 Hervey Allan 
S37 Sanguins Wm 
839 Smythe John 
841 Cracknell Geo 
S43 Bribers Thos 
847 Newman Geo 
849 Buck John F 
851 Giblin Mrs Susan 
853 Robinson Win H 
&55 Taylor \Vm 
857 Vacant 
859 Vacant 

^ Canning av intersects 
S67 Webb George 
875 Armstrong Fred 
877 Bates Wm S 
RSI Smythe Mortimer C 
8S3 Gatenby Thos 
S85 Mitchell Geo C 
S87 Bartle Frank 
893 Vale Walter 
895 Pink Alfred 
903 Priestman Arthur 
905 Smith Wm A 
907 Banks Stephen 

Furber Wm 
909 Jones Benj R 

West Bide 

2-4 Schofield-Holden Ma- 
chine Co 
8 Bailey John 

12 Borland Geo 

14 Rowe Albert, baker 

26 Bailey Louis D 

28 Moule Arthur R 

30 Parrington Walter 

32 Cohen Jacob 

34 Green Mrs Bessie 

36 Vacant 

38 Vacant 

38A Burgess John 

40 McGee James 

42 Taylor Frank G 

44 Austin Henry G 

48 Broadhead Chas E 

50 Thompson John 

52 Miles Frank 

54 Lacey Allen W 

56 Peters Louis 

58 Prior Henry 

60 Burrows Wm S 

62 Lynn John 

64 Lynn Wm 

66 Vacant 

68 Winwood Francis 

70 McRae Duncan F 

72 Newby Mrs Sarah 

74 Deas Chas 

76 Parsons John 

78 Lacey John 

80 Reynolds Richd 

82 Reynolds Roy 

84 Kelly Richd 

86 Burgess John 

88 Kelly Richd T 

96 Connell Geo 
Ferron John 

98 Myatt Enoch 
100 Hamilton James 
102 Roger Wm 
104 Johnson Christopher 
106 Best Frank 
108 Pollard Wm 
110 Hamilton John J 

^ Eastern av intersects 
126 Flemming Mrs Maria 
128 Miville Haspin A 
134 Fleming Robt 

Fleming Miss Annie, nrse 
136 Buckner Saml 
138 Collard Chas H 
140 Wilkins Matthew 
142 Ford Mrs Catherine 
144 Austin Frank 
146 Rickey Francis 
148 Dailey James 




116 Richmond St. W. 





150 Beaumont Fredk S 

152 i novel- Claude 

154 Newth Harry 

166 Jordan Saml 

158 Bowes Lewis P 

180 Cooper John 

162 Kirk \Vm 

164 Charron Wm 

166 Bird Frederick 

168 Speedie John A 

170 Scaife Chas 

..,-. I Franklin 

174 Watts Mrs Eliza 

176 Baker John 

178 Ryott Edwd C 

Hamilton Robt S 

182 Rickard Nicholson J B 

184 Strader .Arthur 

186 Kingdon Geo 

188 McKinley Mrs Mary 

190 Cubitt John T 

192 I.e Roy David J 

194 Smallwood Wm 

196 Flint Geo C 

198 Vacant 

-200 Ground Arthur 
+ Queen st e intersects 

208 Poulton Bros, machs 

210 Bolton Henry B, carri- 
age inkr 
+ Natalie ends 

328 Canada Glass. Mantels 
*.- Tiles. Ltd. factory 
Phillips Mfg Co, Ltd 

338 Jefferson Glass Co, Ltd 
+ Gerrard e intersects 

400 Allan Wm, blksmth 

600 Vacant 

502 Arnold Wm C 
+ Riverdale av ends 
+ Withrow av Intersects 
+ Bain av Intersects 

560 Logan James 
Withrow Park 

Danforth av intersects 
82(1 Vacant 

822 Miller Geo 
824 Sloan Joseph 
826 Green John 
828 Richardson Thos 
S30 1's.ylor Herbert 
832 Davis John 
834 Bell Percy 
836 Bell Mrs Catherine 
838 Coulson Wm H 
S40 Schmidt Henry 
842 Cumming Hug-h F 
844 Smith Howard C 
846 Sparks Herbert 
850 Barry Alvin, gro 
Barry James 

Canning av Intersect* 
860 Vacant 

862 Vacant 

864 Jackson Joseph 

866 Usher Edward 

870 McKim Robt 

878 Stock Albert 

884 Vacant 

886 Courtney Thos A 

894 Cooper Frank 

90S Bolton John 

910 Vacant 

912 Reid John 

914 Howard Alfred 

918 Pearce John 


North from 864 Bloor w to 
city limits, ward 5. 


East Side 

1 Hazlett Miss Letltla 

Anderson Miss EHzth 
3 ElMs Thomas W 
5 Gibson R Alston 
7 Hancock Fred 
^ Irene av commences 
9 Tasker Joseph B 
1 Lannin Mrs Sarah 
13 Herbert Chas 
15 Clarke C Langton 
17 Gibson Mrs Alice 
19 McGowan James 

West Side 

; McFarlard Mrs Aina 

4 Tipson John 
6 Vacant 
8 Moore Archd 
10 Brooks Wellington R 
12 Marett Philip 
14 Sanderson Geo 
16 Scott Andrew- 
lS Ashfield Hugh 
20 Inkley A.thur B 
22 Pocock Rev Wm 

24 Brown Robt 

25 Giles Wm G 


East from 143 to 
the Don, wards 2 and 3. 
North Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Wilson Wallace, carp 
u Sliackleton Mrs Dorothy 
Taylor Albert, r 
Sm'ith Henry, rear 
Burgoyne Edwd, r 
8 Black Miss Sarah J 
10 Ever Walter 
12 McColl Miss Margaret, 


14 Taylor Walter 
18 Reeve John E. phy 
22 Denison Harry 

Denison Mrs Flora 


28 Whitehend John 
SO English Mrs Rachel 
32 Stone W H Co, under- 
34 McCullough H Allan, 


?.f, Martin H P. phy 
38 Carlton Apartments 
Laraont Clarence J 
Wood John W 
Cooke Hugh M. phy 
Brown John W 
Fairbairn Russell L 
Love Herbert J 
M:icDonald Merville 
40 Holden John A 
42 Sproule Dr Jane 

Hewson Wm R 
44-6 Century Garage 
48 Carpenter Mrs Rose 
50 Brown Alex 
52 M:u-Mahon Thos 
56 Adamson Milton 
60 Brown Geo 
62 Chinese laundry 
64 Vacant 

66 Gould Solomon, tlr 
^Church st intersects 
72 Townsend C J & Co 


84 Goldsmith Perry, phy 
SO Scott Mrs Jessie 
Mutual st intersects 
98 Gray Mrs Jennie, phy 
Gray Elizabeth R, phy 
100 Howitt Wm H, phy 
102 Oenring Thomas V, bldr 
104 McKibbin Miss Isabel 
108 Allen Xorman, phy 
110 Lawson Andrew 

Courtice James A, real 


Wing Weldon A, chiro- 
^Jarvis st Intersects 

114 Hallet James H 

Gaushy Edgar L, dentist 
116 George Robt A, clothes 


J18 Souch Mrs Victoria 
120 Weese Mrs Margaret 
124 Moore Mrs Roberta, 


126 Jones D Ogden, phy 
130 Thomas M Augustus 
132 Dwyer Mrs Florence 

McGee John A 
134 Pyne Albert R, phya 
140 McDonagh Geo R, phy 
142 Reeves Geo 

144 Seccombe Wallace, dentst 
146 Clark Mrs Curlena 

145 Shinsler Mrs Elizabeth 
150 Fletcher Benjamin 

152 Ivey John D 

Homewood av commences 
154 Oldright & Mackenzie, 


Oldright Wm, MD 
166 Blachford Horace e 
168 Blachford Charles E 
172 Woods T Ambrose 

SherVourne st intersects 
176 Ford Mrs Eliza A 

178 Hough Philip M. carp 
ISO Fraser James 
1S2 Dimor-k Mrs Isabella 
184 Page Frank H 
186 Page Frank H. drugs 
^Bleecktr st commences 

St Peter's Church 

190 Wilkinson Rev Fredk 
If' 2 Sellers Donald J 
194 Robertson Kev Andrew 
194a Naylor Chas 
"196 Johnson Geo C 
196a Chapman Wm J, glove 


108 McKinnon John, tlr 
19S; Brown Frederick W, gro 

Ontario st intersects 
200 Barker Samuel, barber 
200'Xj Lekly Mrs May. mlnr 
202 Hewlett Mrs Eliza J, 

204 Harris Wilbur H, real 


206 Mosley Wm H. dentist 
210 Wilsoo Mrs Louise 
212 Forfar James E, phy 
214 Knox Robt D 
216 Doan Robt W 
218 Foster Miss Mary 
220 Murray F W, dentist 
222 Holmes John 
224 Huycke Mrs Elizth 
226 Hume G G, dentist 

Hume Miss R G D, phy 
228 Hennessy James W 
230 Bryans Wm F, phy 
232 Lay Henry A 

234 Parker Wm H 
236 Colby Alfred F 

Anderson Wm 

235 Alexander W H, phy 
240 Morison & Son, fur 
240V4 Jelfs Jas, pictures 
242 Brown Thomas, hdwre 
244 Patterson Geo A, dry 


246 Byron Edgar A, staty 
248 Balch Win H. baker 
2~>0 Cilpin Thomas A, gro 
'.'52 Clayton Meat Co, Ltd 
Parliament st intersects 
".">4 Janowszky Laszlo 
2r.4'.', Williamson Thomas 
256 Dermitt Oeorge G 
2.">s Colyer Lindsay 
2I>0 Wilson Wm J 
262 Rege Georse M 

264 Hardy John C 
269 Hand Wm 

Gardiner Wm 

265 Mogan Michael F 

27'> Aiken Miss Amy, nurse 
^Motcalfe st commences 

274 Mclntyre Dougrall 

276 Currie John 

278 Thompson Andrew 

280 Miller Allan F 

Miller Fredk R, phy 

282 Van Xorman Charles C 

2S6 Meech Chas 

2SS Lumbers Henry 

292 Hamhlin Wm 

21-4 McKinlay Margt 

206 Horton Thomas 

298 Bee Edward C 

300 Vacant 

Snckrille st intersects 

308 Brick Benjamin 

314 Corrlgan Thomas B 

^Woodstock pi commences 

318 Hatch Mrs Phoebe L 

320 Pillinger James 

33* Fair Charles H 

326 Carroll Geo J 

328 Johnson David E 
^ Bowman st commences 

330 Ardern Thomas 

3."6 Humphrey Geo 

338 Cranston Mrs Eliza 
340 Ingram Alfred E, pntr 
.142 Muirhead Robertson 
344 Brackenreid Thomas 
346 Ross John 
^Sumach st intersects 
Riverdale Park 

South Side 

1 Carlton Chambers 
Hardy Geo B, dentist 
Freure Ernest E, music 


Dickson R O, dentist 
Skelton Jas. real est 
3 MacBrien Miss Ollrla. 

mus tchr 

Schuch E W. mus tchr 
McKenzie R Gourlay 
Pickford Saml W, real 

7 Joyce Edgar 

Methodist Church 
21 Stark Thomas H, pht- 
23 Kyle Mrs Sarah J 
25 Paton Miss B, drsmkr 
27 Scott Chester, bdg 
29 Fisher Thos W 
31 Thomson Walter T, phy 
37 Honseberger James R 

;rant Peter A 
41 Austin Mrs Frances C 
43 Balfour Wm 
47 Stokes Robt A 
49 Pickering Chas H 
51 Lowey David F. shoes 
53 Hutcheson Wm 

Hutcheson Mrs Maud, 


55 McCurdy Mrs C. bdg 
E7 Williamson Miss Elizth 
59-61- Slaughter Joseph 
Church st intersects 
67 Rodger Wm R, dentist 

Carnahan Wm J A 
69 Greenberg Robert, tlr 
73 Pettigrew Robert, bicycle 

75 Thompson Joseph W. 


75% Martin W G, mlnr 
77 Mowry Mrs Minnie 

Burns Albert E 
79 Watt Miss Isabel E 

Watt M ; ss Mary A 
81 Adams Geo S 
83 Butler Miss Matilda 
85 Arnott Miss Scotland 
87 Bothwell Clemens J 
89 Mehr Hyman 
91 Wright R, plmbr 
^Mutual st inds 
93 Chambers Mrs Mary 
105 Snelgrove C V, dentist 
107 Jeffrey Andrew 
111 Howard Gershom f. 

Jarvis st intersects 
117 Doidge Produce Co 
119 Smith, confy 
121 Clark David A. phy 

Allan Gardens 

Sherbourne st intersects 
16. r > Ower^ G^i 

167 .Jri;-^ Of.* A 

169 Johnston S. phy 

171 Morrison Mrs Catherine 

173 Shiell R Telfer. phy 

175 Clarke Mrs Mary 

177 Kinnear James A, phy 

179 Save James R 

^Seaton st ends 
181 Hendry Wm B. phy 
1S3 Maclachlan Archd W 
185 Save James R 
187 Procter Mrs Elizabeth 
189 Davidson Mrs Margt 
191 Westman Miss Clara 
193 Sears Ernest F, gro 
195 Smart Eli. btchr 

^Ontario st intersects 
197 McFaul Mrs Annie E 
199 Nickell James 
201 Copeland Edward 
203 Ormsby Robert P 
205 Mclntosh Mrs Jennie 
207 Wisker Thomas 
209 Craig- Thomas B 
211 Lyons Edwd 
213 Hoffman Rev Emm 
215 Spooner Frank, gro 

Western Assurance Company 

Assets over $3,000,000 

Head Office Cor. SCOTT and WELLINGTON STS. 







+ Berkeley at ends 
219 Noble John, phy 
221 Robertson Alexander 
223 Macdonald Duncan 
225 Brennan John 
227 Norrls Fredk J 
229 Cain Miss Minnie, notions 
229% Plmstone Abraham B, 


231 Shier Ellnda P 
233 Hitchinson Mrs Margaret 
235 Stephany Wm, confy 
287 Carlton Shoe Repair Co 
239 Becker Mrs Mary S 
241 Piske Fredk 

Lautz Henry J, mus tchr 
245 Canadian Bank of Com- 

Parliament st intersects 
251 Fisher Robt E, dentist 

Petrie Peter 
255 Morrison Fredk W 
257 O'Connor John J 
259 McKinnon John G 
261 Hurst Mrs Ada 
263 Waldron John 
265 Cooch Her*hert T C 
v 267 Osman Wm 
^269 Kinsman Mrs Mabel 
271 Rosenthal Joseph 
273 Hammell Walter 
275 Cherry John, hrs dealer 
277 Hallsworth Wm H 
279 Waring James 
281 Perigo Geo H 

^Dermott pi ends 
283 Nlblock John T 
285 Leary Samuel 
287 Chartrand Mrs Virginia 
289 McCoIl Angus B 
291 Hopkins Edward J 
295 Neilson Hugh 

Neilson Miss Janet, nurse 
297 Brown James J 
299-301 Brown & Cooper, 


S03 Cooper Robert J 
305 Sanderson John 
307 Fensom John 
309 Dixon Robert 
811 Butler Edward P 
313 Meehan John 
315 Freyseng Peter 
^ Sackville st intersects 
317 Sweet John H, gro 
319 Beatty Robert J 
321 Miller James 
323 Flynn Mrs Agnes 
325 Wade Wm P 
327 Cook John 
329 Diamond Mrs Annie 
331 Kellar Wm 
333 Oakley Saml W 
335 Tomlinson Geo W 

Gilford st ends 
337 Schmidt Albert E 
339 Logan Wm J 
341 McLeod J Norman, contr 
84* Beatty Wm 
345 Carpenter Wm J 
347 Lyons Mrs Elizth 

Bwlng George 
S49 Balkwlll Wm 
351 Avonde Henry 
353 McFadyen Allan 
355 O'Leary Mrs Sellna 
357 Kinloch David 
359 Morgan Francis J 
361 Vacant 
363 Shortt Mrs Annie 
365 Milling Wm M 
367 Macready Arthur 
369 Cornish Stanley 
371 Ferris Wm S 
373 McFadyen John 
375 Morrow Mrs Esther 
377 Chambers Thos 
J79 McDonald Miss Mary 
381 Ball Charles E, confy 
S83 Silk Fredk W, btchr 
^Sumach st intersects 
3S5 Bailey Geo 
387 Goodrick Wilber C, pnblr 
389 Fox Mrs Mary J 
391 Lennie Alexander 
393 Blackburn Mrs XI J 
3D.T Shea Jeremiah 
397 Thomasson George B 

399 Brown Mrs Jessie W 

i&l Qulgley James 

403 Barnes Charles H 

405 Lawrence James 

407 Kirk Fredk 

409 O'Connor Chas 

411 Starling Wm 

413 McClelland Mrs Margaret 

415 Harpley Thos 

417 Gorman James 

419 Lonsdale Richd 

421 Lovett James 

423 Ryan John J 

425 Charters Wm 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Connolly 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Miller av 


North from 256 St Patrick 
to Bellevue pi, ward 4. 

East Side 

5 Jones Thomas 
7 Symons Vincent 
11 Reid Nicholas 

West Side 

2 Jones Frank L 

6 Knight D George 

8 Sprunt Arthur 
10 Hosier Thos 
12 Thomas Mrs Sarah A 
14 Hards Chas 
16 Kirk Wm R 
18 Meadows Hiram 
20 llii-kc.v Frederick 
22 Galloway Frank 
24 McDonald Wm C 
26 Breslove Moses 
30 Sproul Geo 
32 Barker Jesse W 
34 Shepard Mrs Louisa 


North from Eastern av to 
1111 Queen e, second e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

28 Vacant 

30 Allen Mrs Annie 

32 Collins Chas W 

34 Thurlow Bert 
Dinwoodie John 

36 McEachren Neil 

38 Mayzell Henry 

42 Wilshaw Harold 

44 Stewart Wm J 

46 McKenna John J 

48 Angus Wm 

50 McBrien Thomas H 

52 Newman Geo A 

54 Goddard Wm R 

56 Keillor Wm A 

58 Cameron Mrs Elizabeth 

60 XIcFarlane Wm 

62 Virgin John A 

64 Bills Stephen H 

60 Gordon Andrew 

68 Furlong Michael 

72 Verney A Wm 

74 Collins Mathew E 

76 Howard James 

78 Brower Chas 

SO Weldon Malon 

S2 Mrlnnis Archibald 

S4 Thomas Fredk G 

86 McCai.n John 

88 Burnett Emery 

90 Brown Harry 

92 McPherson Charles 

94 Morris Geo H 

96 Moroney Mrs Catherine 
100 McTavish Angus R 
102 Butterworth Arthur 
104 Butler Chas W 
106 Storey Wm J 
110 Charters Alex 


West from 58 Augusta av 
to w of Ryerson av, ward 4 

iNorth Side 

Denlson av intersects 
22 Miles Josiah 

24 Scales Henry S 
26 Malins Wrn 
28 Mazin Abraham 
30 Becker Joseph B 

32 Rosen Max 
32% Larow Max 

34 Cohen Simon 

36 Papernick J Nathan 

38 Skerritt Martin 

40 Christopher Antonio 

^ Ryerson av intersects 

44 Fletcher Ernest 
46 Moffltt Geo W 

48 Homau Albert H, pntr 

50 Covert Wm 

Covert Mary, nurse 
52 Todd Mrs Frances 

54 Wells Philip J 
56 Martin John 

58 Heaverman Edwin 
60 XIcNelll Michael 

South Side 

^Denison av intersects 
17-31 Lawrence Geo, bakr 

33 Vacant 

35 Vacant 

37 Ellwood Robt 

39 Horlock Wm 

41 Murray Wm 

Ryerson av intersects 
43 Torpy Mrs Margaret 

45 Kennedy Edward 

49 Titus John 

51 Ball Mrs Louise 

55 Cunerty Mrs Catherine 


North from 644 Queen e to 
Thompson, ward 1 

East Side 

11 Hennessy Joseph L 

13 Burd Delbert 

15 Miller Richard A 

17 Scott Joseph R 
39 Fallen Jas 

21 Park Richd 

West Side 

10 Smith Mrs Isabella 

12 Tomlin Benj 

14 Conner Rosswell 

16 Clark F D 

18 Dawes James 
20 Balfour Joh 


East from 885 Ossington av, 
first s of Davenport rd, 
ward 5. 
Not built on 


North from 240 St Patrick, 
ward 4. 
East Side 

3 Hobbs James G 

5 Davis Geo C 

7 Slyvester Sylverall 
9 Poslanieg Joseph 

13 Davies Samuel 

West Side 

4 Robertson Wm 

6 Goldberg Louis 

8 Hodges Albert 
12 Baxter Arthur E 


(Norway), east from Wood- 
bine av, first s of Gerrard 
e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Thornley Ernest 

4 Button Alfred 
Devon road begins 
26 Boniface Walter L 

28 Woodward Fredk 

30 Adamson David 
:52 Mudie Jas 

34 Younger Wm 

Golfview av commences 

South Side 

7 Poweil Alfred 

9 Powell Alfred H 

17 Yielding Thos W 

21 Hill Samuel 

25 Hickingbottom Wm 

29 Robinson Edgar 

33 Carter Frederick W 
37 Patey James A 

39 Vacant 

41 Dodd Geo F 

43 Booth Joseph 
51 Hobson Wm 

53 Barras Mrs Mary A 
59 Pifkard Wm J 


Name changed to Kendal av 




Including old Elm ar (be- 
yond Nantou av), Castle 
Frank av and Castle Frank 
cres ; a continuation of Elm 
av. east, south and south- 
east from Nanton ay, first 
north Dale av, ward 2. 

. . . North and East Sides . . . 
^ Elm av ends 

8 Holder John 
10 Allen Wm 

Hawthorne Garden com- 
^ Hawthorne av ends 

34 Strathy Jareb B 

36 Hanna David B 

44 Robertson John S 

48 Mackenzie Kenneth F 
50-54 Jackson Maunsell B 
72 Kemp Albert E 

74 Kingsmill Walter B 

100 O'Loane John T 
102 Sinclair Robt A R 

106 Bryant Geo F. 
110 Proctor Wm J A 
128 Sinclair Neil R 

. . . South and West Sides . . - 

9 Keating Mrs Mary 
29 Cox Arthur 

31 Langley Elliott W 
33 McBrine James H 

35 Newman Thos A 

37 Rennie Robt 
43 Hay Edwd 

49 Wilkins Ernest 

61 Irvine R Norman 

53 Burns Douglas A B 

55 Anderson John O 

+ Dale av ends 
71 Vacant 

^ Mackenzie av ends 

75 Wilson C Lesslle 
77 Vacant 

83 Hutchinson Wm H 

87 Carroll Mrs Mary A 

89 Vacant 

93 Love Martin 

95 Vacant 

97 Harper John R 

101 Paul C Fredk 
105 Vacant 

107 Hynes James P 
109 Hynes Mrs Margt 
115 Sheppard Thos H 
127 MacDonald Henry T 


(North Toronto), west 

from 2272 Yonge to North 

land av. 
North Side 

4 Pag'e Wm 

8 Thompson Wm J 
10 Darling Herbert H 
14 Carr Geo 

18 Crowley Francis R 
20 Hanes Carmi A 

22 Wilson Robt 


(Guaranteed by Union Assurance Society, Limited, London, Eng.) 

BLT.RUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents, 12 Wellington St. E. 



Phone M. 1790 



REAL ESTATE and j 2 Toronto Street 


30 Allan James 

36 Coon Harry J 
3S Moore Abner W 

42 Kent Albert H E 
44 Hurlbut Edwd C 
48 Fry Win 

32 Fry Richd I 

56 Staton Robt 

60 Smith David 

64 Muat Robt 

80 Pearson Mrs Laura 

82 Wright Alex 

84 Cauchard Alex 

86 Loveridge Chas 

88 Carman Thos 

94 Hodgrson Wm 

98 Waltho Wm 
132 Still John J 
146 Overington Lamer 
148 Alexander Richmond 

Avenue rd intersects 

South Side 

15 Moorhouse John C 

Zion Baptist Church 
25 Lawrence Stephen 

37 Laing Andrew 

43 Fenwick R Joseph 
Avenue rd intersects 
Derby rd ends 


(West Torontol. w from 
Jane to beyond western city 
limits, second n of Bloor, 
ward 7. 
Not built on 


(We<it Toronto), n from C 
P R tracks to Lloyd BY, 1 
w ry tracks, ward 7. 

East Side 

Railway siding 
West Side 

Junction rd intersects 
Moore Benj & Co, paints 
Pngsley, Dingman & Co, 

soap mfrs 
20 Vacant 
24 Lindsay John 
48 Vacant 
80 Douglas Jas 

Hirons st commences 
130 Sutherland John 

134 Waterfleld Joseph 
136 Wright George 
138 Cole Gordon 
140 Wright Fredk A 
142 Hyde Wm 
146 Wright Mrs Agnes 
148 Haines Geo 
150 Morris Walter 


West from 490 Jarvis, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

6 Keeley Thos 

'Long Mrs Isabella J 
8 Owen Trevor R 
10 Grupe George 
12 Horsman A J 

Sontu Side 

1 Francis Wm G 
Holden John B 

6 Wright James 

7 Lafontaine Henry J 
9 Kerry John 

11 Nichol Miss Susan 


West from 34 Henry to 
Spadina av, ward 4. 
North Side 

Beverley st intersects 

20 Neideuberg Max 

22 Levinter Samuel 

24 Dc-lamere Lt-Col Jos M 

26 Watson Mrs Isabella 

tRoss st commences 
S Macdougall Miss Stella 
30 Hendrie James 
S2 Lynch Miss Alice C 
34 Schwartz Saml 

36 Tishler Jacob 

38 Howarth Mrs Mary 

40 Guerin Michael 

Guerin Miss Celia, drs- 

42 Milburn Harvey 

Huron st intersects 
44 Seymour Mrs Mary 
46 Landsberg David 

48 McMahon Mrs Catherine 
50 Warren Geo 
52 Tulloch James 
54 Breslin Solomon 
56 Montgomery James H 

Glasgow st commences 
58 Church of Christ 

Cecil Hall 
60 Chinese laundry 

South Side 

9 McGee Wm F 

11 Rogers Mrs May E 
15 Stoddart Geo 

Connell Mrs Margt 

Beverley intersect* 
23 Wilkinson Donald 
25 Sigal Moses 

27 Goldenberg Louis 
29 Clarke Wm 
"1 Glionna Donato A G 
33 Duncan Edwd J B 
35 Tait Miss Jessie 
37 Watts Wm 
39 Rea James B 
41 Pipon Mrs Maud 
43 Duncan Mrs Elsie 

45 Mills Murry 

47 Leahy Miss Annie 
Brady Mrs Johanna 
49 MacKerrow Jame-3 

Huron st intersects 
53 Tuck Robt W 

55 Lee Mrs Alice 
57 Hall Chas 

99 Balnea Wm B 
61 Cheer Blake 
63 Fowler Wm T 
65 Silver Wm 
67 Caswell Thos 
69 Wood Francis 
71 Hammer Morris 
73 Taylor Wellington 


(East Toronto), e from 
Beech av to Willow av, 
second n of Queen e. 

North Side 

6 Vacant 
8 Vacant 

10 Vacant 

12 Vacant 

14 Hewitt Wm J, contr 

South Side 

1 Goodman Adelbert 
5 Hope George A 

7 Mills John S 

13 Gardiner Mrs Olive 

15 Mclntyre Rev Edward A 


North from 1312 Danforth 
av beyond limits. fifth 
west of Main, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Davis John 

3 Matthews Mrs Alice 

5 Ward Fredk 

City limits 

West Side 

Not built on 


i \\Vst Toronto), w from 
Barrett av to Western av 
first s of Conduit, ward 7. 

North Side 

16 Butchart James G 

IS McDonald Daniel 
20 Norton Gordon E 
22 Robertson Joseph D 

Indian rd intersects 

46 Miller Robert 

56 Barton Chas 

ES Brown Frank L 

South Side 

19 Stirrett George 
21 Holmes John F 
23 Blair Wm J 
25 Vacant 

Indian rd intersects 
45 Moffat Mrs Catherine 
49 McCready David 
53 Coulter Thos 
57 Pratt Nathaniel A 

Pratt Miss R G, mna tchr 


(Chester). Name changed 
to Playter Crescent 


North from Armoury, opp 
Drill Hall, to Chestnut pi, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Rosner Israel 
3 Weinstock Wm 
5 Keenan John 
7 Steinberg Philip 
Brown Louis, r 
9 Kapsoff Frank 

II Silverstein Harris 

13 Goodman Mrs Rebecca 

Ward Mrs Ehzth, rear 
15 Whalen Mrs Annie 

Cohen Joseph, sec hd 

gds, r 

17 Nisnavethy Lazlr 
19 Soltzberg Joseph 

Suimen Harry 
21 Slatkin Saml 

Bilber Chas, r 
23 Langer Joseph 

Bloom Jacob, rear 
25 Fagot Jacob 
29 Jewish Synagogue 

Yellman Solomon, rear 
31 Miller Morris 
33 Toronto Jewish Mission 
37 Finkelstein Max, gro 
39-41 Jewish Synagogue 
39 Cronish Saml 
41 Rieman Hershell 
43 Kronish Saml 
45 Fratrolli Dominic 
47 Klaviman Harry, cloth 
49 Klein Chas 
51-53 Lipshitz Saml 
55 Lipshitz Saml, furn repr 

Vacant, rear 
57 Vacant 
69 Weintraub Alex, junk 

Nass Lasker 
Agnes st intersects 
61 Elchenhorn Saml 
63 Weisbrod Morris 
65 Altwerger Mrs Clara 
67 Grossman Maurice 
69 Pariner Jacob 
71 Ferber Rev Mlchl 
73 Allen Michl 
75 Arigo Antonio 
77 Speers Richd 

Spence Walter 
^Edward st intersects 
79 Parcella Harry 
85 Salsman Louis 
87 Lerner Henry 
89 Pearlstein Maurice 
89^ Lerner Nathan, bicycle 

Elm st intersects 

III Defalco Nicholo 
113 Majole Mattle 
115 Longer David 

117 Miville Mrs Marianne 

Newton Edward 
119 Tannenbaum Chas 

Perry Saml.-r 
121 Silverman Abraham 
123 Cohen Saml 

Winchenzo Miss Mary, r 
125 Delean Roko 
127 Cannavicri Dominlco 
129 Napley Felix, gro 
131 Pollisrrean James 
133 Genoese James 
1S5 Bennatay Joseph 
137 Kopman George 
139 Weingarten Anshel, bot- 

141 Hoffman Nathan, gro 

143 Vacant 

145 Vacant 

147 Mahofsky Alexander 

149 Perill Saml 

151 Wolinsky Louis 

153 Vacant 

155 Shindleman Abraham 

157 Chalfan Max 

159 Silverboth Louis 

Kap-lansky Louis, r 
161 Sciarroni Dominic 
163 Dibiacho Philip 
165-167 Manso Nichola, gro 
Christopher st intersect* 

West Side 

2 Roher Israel, gro 
4 Waxman Abraham 
8 Marks Mrs Mary J 
10 Lieberman Abraham 

Brown Nathan 
12 Griesman Saml 

Tietlebaum Isaac, r 
14 Shiller Goodman 

Becker Saml, rear 
16 Herbert Geo 
18 Frankel Paysach 
20 Fisch Jacob 
22 Bochnek Abraham 
24 Schwartz Moses 
26 Horwltz Joseph 
?8 Halpern Solomon 
30 Lehr Saml. btchr 
32 Roe James 
34-36 Reiman Mendel, bts 
38 Fitzgerald Wm 

Alterman Isidor 

Shimerman Allan 
40 Goodman Saml 
42 Goodman Samuel & Son 


44 Carple Arthur 
46 Shoom Hyman, gro 

Castenberg Jacob 
4S-52 Roumanian Hebrew 


54 Goldhar Max. btehr 
56 Jewish Synagogue 
58 Woolman Saml. shoes 

Agnes st intersects 

60 Stimzio Nicholas, gro 

62 Kushner Hyman 

62 1 ;. Levy Davis 

4 Frekman Chas 

64% Sasrer Hyman 

66 Wineberg Simon, cloths 


74 Ross Benj 
76 Isenbergr Alex 

Edward st intersects 
7~-?0 Nicoletti Francesco, gro 
86 Castrucci Aristodemo, 


88 Puccini Louis, gro 

90 Serino Dominick 

92 Hyde Maurice 

94 Calderone Frank 

96 Orego Antonio 

98 Pauledo Joseph 
100 Scolletto Joseph 
102 Cornelia Michael 
Elm st intersects 

108 Giovramielli Noprio 
110 Maidenberg Alex 
112 Lipovitz David 

114 Berkowitz Rev Isaac 
116 Strachman Saml 

115 Sacacio Antonio 
120 Tisel Frank, bottles 


STOCKS Bought and SoJd on all the Leading Ex- 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 




Main 3713 LUMSDEN BLDG.. Toronto 

Cur Book 



Mailed Free 


122 Aleovlteh Samuel 
122^ Driller Louis 
124 Tsarusky Abraham 
126 Fried John 
128 Englander Abraham 
130 Schiff Kalrae 
132 Sherman Louis 
134 Angelo Frederico 

Kooperman Morris, r 

Shapiro Abraham, r 
138 Mogelesky Simon 
138% Frankel Mordica 
140 Barton Louis W, painter 
142 Mascovitz Zole 

Vacant, r 
146 Italians 
148 Condi John 
150 Debtors Philip 
152 Shapiro Jacob, gro 

Movitz Ben;), rear 
154 Polsinelli Laverio 

Lawrence John, rear 
156 Wagman David 
158 Loffza Israel 
160 Pirilli Mark 
162 Rose, John 
164 Maria Joseph 
166 Ciocia Giovanni 

Italians, rear 

168-170 Mignaica Claudio, 

Bonomi Stefano 
Christopher st intersects 




(Midway Annex) name 
changed to Ainswortb rd 


North from 140 Front w, 
ward 3. 
Not built on 


(North Toronto), north 
from 20 Lytton boul to 
beyond Glenview av. 

East Side 

Not built on 
West Side 

Alexandra boul inter- 

Glencairn av intersects 
Glen Grove av intersects 
Glenview av intersects 


(North Dovercourt), west 
from 1440 Dufferiu to Prim- 
rose av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Ross Chas 

6 Andreoli Santa 
S Monica Vincent 
10 Ciamarra Dominico 
22 Lazarus Joseph 
24 Perry Domiuick 
26 O'Neill Jas 
28 Stewart David 
30 Farro Allessio 
Lightbourne av intersects 
96 Thompson Jas M 
98 Pinkbam Win 

South Side 

Lightbourne av intersects 
101 Vacant 
103 Caroline Jas W 


North from 40 St Joseph 
to St Mary, ward 3. 

East Side 

:irwin av ends 
Inkerman st ends 
9 Whitfield Chas 
11 Henderson Gerald M 
13 Ross Mrs Sarah 
15 Dowson Alfred 
17 Gill Harry W 

West Side 

St Michael's Coll grounds 


(West Toronto) name 
changed to Miller av 

East from 675 Yonge to 
Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

6 Postal Station F 

Hamilton Henry E 
8 Dickson Mrs Charlotte 


10 Briggs Mrs Annie 
12 Hendershott Mrs Nettle E 
14 Cunniugton Mrs Wm 
10 Baker Charles 
18 Wood Mrs Annie 
20 Davison John L, phy 
22 Barren George 
30 Davidson N Ferrar 
38 Neil Rev John 
40 Rae Henry C 
42 Creighton James B 
44 Hayward Walter J 
46 Picard Joseph*E 
48 Musgrove Fred 
50 Bain A Urquhart 
52 Montgomery Miss Jean 
54 Jordan Chas H 
56 Evans Mrs Annie 
58 Knowles Richard 
60 Snell Warren A 
62 Ames James H 
64 Coleman Mrs Sarah A 
66 Johnstone Robert C 
68-72 Manhattan Apts 
Church st intersects 
74 Fleming- Mrs Eliza 
76 McMabon Wm J 

Palmer Frank, rear 
78 Watson Edwd T 

Mclntosh Geo, rear 
78% Irving- Mrs Annie 
80 Shields Mrs Matilda E 
82 Howe Etna D 
86 Gillespie Walter 
88 Bond Hedleigh E 
90 Rose Mrs Mary 
94 Davison John B 
96 Moure Ferdinand A 
96-100 La Plaza Apart- 


1 Macmurchy Mrs Lucy 
Berthon Miss Clara 

2 Wood Saml G 

3 Wilson Chas A 

4 Lane Henry J 

5 Bertram Mrs Chris- 

tina M 

6 Sheppard Edmund E 

7 Da Ville F T 

8 Grierson Wm E 
9 Wrig-ht Edwin D 

10 Saunders John R 

11 McLeod Henry J 

12 English Mrs Johanna 
15 McCallum Robt 

16 Jones J A 
17 Baird Daniel S 

18 Hawley F M 

19 Werrett W A 

20 Robertson Mrs Jane 
21 Wood Wm J 
2 Weyerstall Alfred A 
23 Smart Miss Mary H, 
vocal tchr 

24 Kerr Miss Janet M, 


25 Falrweather Mrs Mar- 


South Side 

1 Scott C G, dentist 
9 Scatcherd Robt 
11 Hipgrave Joseph 
13 Scatcherd Walter H 
15 Hazza Mark 
17 D'Esterre Mrs Annie 
19 Gamble Miss Mary 
23 Badgerow Mrs Amy 
> Green John 
33 Macdonald John K 

41 S A Children's Shelter 

43 Duncan Mrs Emily 

45 Joselin Edwin J 
Joselin Arthur 

47 Moses Frank 

49 Crow & Murray, hone 

51 Murray James 

53 Witham Andrew J 

66 Stibbs Wm J 

59 Fraser Robert Ii 

61 Hodgson Tbos 

65 Dobson Wm E, prop med 

Church st intersects 

77 Biggar Geo C 

79 Scaife Thos 

81 Clucas Henry 

83 Sewell Mrs K F 

85 Vacant 

87 Wood Mrs Ann 

89 Smellie Thomas 

91 Stevenson Mrs Annie 

93 Distin Geo W 

95 McQueen Mrs Annie 

97 Pate Wm J 

99 Baird Geo H 
101 Campoel! Sheridan 
103 Provan Alexander 


(Old Czar) west from 728 
Yenge to Queen's Park. 
ward 3. 

South Side 

North Side 

2 Meech Richard, btchr 

4 Harinson Arthur 

6 Spencer Thomas E, gas 


8 Kenny David R, fruits 
12 Hackett Miss Jane 
14 Boweu Stephen D 
16 Wainwright Geo 
18 Mclnnes Miss C, drsmkr 
20 Macklam Frederick 
22 Gordon Henry 
24 Jarrett Sidney 
26 Vacant 

28 Willinms Walter G 
30 Byrch Wm P 
32 Ely Mrs Henrietta 
34 Ross James D 

Balmuto st commences 
36 MacDonald Archibald 
38 Cochrane James 

40 Brakefield Mrs Elizth 

42 Sanders Richd J 

44 Thornton Mrs Sarah M 

46 M.-irks Wm J 

48 Allinson Miss Maud 

50 May Mrs, Isabella 

52 Mitchell James F 

54 Cosgrave Thomas F 

MOSSOID Duudas M, vet 


56 Little Mrs Elizth 
58 Cleary Wm L 
60 Long- Gilbert 
62 Millest Mrs Emily 
64 Smith Mrs M J 
66 Can field Mrs Amanda 

North st intersects 

68 Rooney Mrs Victorlne 

74 Anderson Miss Sophia 

76 Townley Wm A 

78 Toews Peter 

80 Salter Miss Letitia C 

82 Rutland Jas G 

84 Fairbairn Wm H 

SB McBrady Louis V 

88 Cullen Saml 

90 Miller Daniel 

92 Donaldson B Stewart 

94 Robinson Thos H 

96 Cole Mrs Sarah 

98 Flinn Wm A 

St Thomas st commences 

100 Mackie Alexander C 
102 Pipe Miss Jessie 
104 Rice Wm P 
106 Payne John 
108 Vacant 

110 Andrew Reginald B 
112 Haygarth Fredk 
114 Hanna Samuel R 
Victoria Coll rink 

3 Barron John H 

5 Blair Chas 

7 Levitt Arthur 

9 Chambers Rufus 
11 Reedie Robt 
13 Butchart Miss Elde 

St Nicholas st ends 
15 Seneca Apts 

17 Shank Walter MoK 

10 Nelson Mrs Matilda 

21 Hlnes Wm B 

23 Thomas Mrs Gertrude A 

25 Elliott Joseph 

27 Redditt Rolfe B 

29 Anderson Albert E 

31 Richardson Charles M 

33 McNelllie Jas F 

35 Tipp Chas 

37 Ingrain Miss Annie 

39 Coolahan Mrs Charlotte 

41 Knott J W, painter 

43 Jameson Mrs Annie 

45 Clarke Mrs Ella 

North st lintersects 
65 Stouffer David 

57 Mathewson Xeil B 
59 Foster Mrs Emma 
fll Hornibrook John T 
63 Scott John W 
65 Palmer Mrs Annie 1 
67 Grant Miss Mary E 
69 Irwin John 
71 Bush Everett A 
73 Milne Miss Caroline 
75 Parker Mrs Mary R 
77 Burns James W 
79 Stephenson Rev F C 
81 MacDonald Duncan A 
83 Howartb Mrs Margaret 
85 Cooper Miss Mary A 
Gordon Miss Sara, nurse 


North from 426 King w 
to Adelaide w, ward 4 

East Side 

19 Ault & Wlborg Co of 
Canada, Ltd, printers 

West Side 

Oxley st commences 

24 Huber Mrs Matilda 

26 Gow David 

28 Springer Max 

30 Cooke Mrs Mary F 


(Norway) w from Green- 
wood av to Byron, first * 
of Danforth av, ward 1. 

North Side 

52 Ryan James 
58 Jobin Arthur 

76 Blake John J 

50 Wight Thos 

South Side 

1 Reed Henry E, mkt gdnr 

39 Chaplin Xiel 
47 Robb Wm R 
49 Lee George 

51 Henrichs Herbert 
il.'i l:r.otlp John 

71 Reed Wm E, mkt gdnr 
75 Hibbitt Geo 

77 Hibbitt James 
81 Crew Chas 


(Old Soho av and Sono, 
West Toronto) w from ry 
tracks to Barrett av, sec- 
ond n of Bloor w, wards ( 
and 7. 

North Side 

B Simmoncfs Henry 
^Duudas st intersects 
44 Hayward Frank 
46 Bourgard John 
48 Spall Sidney J 
50 Champion August 
52 Rankin Joseph W 





Co n f eberatio n %if e 




Canadian Company 

54 Piper John B 

Sinclair av commences 

78 Burrows Fredk 

South Side 

East Side 

5 Phillips John 

Barnett James H 
7 Clark Mrs Curlena 
9 Campbell David 
11 Laird Gordon 
13 Dixon Wm V 
15 Linton Robert J 

West Side 

4 Anderson Mrs Margt A 
6 Watts Walter A 
8 Luke Wm A 

12 Bishopric Wilfred 

14 Smith Fredk J 

Dundas st intersects 
43 MacLean Robt 
45 Connell Thos 
47 Russell Geo 
49 Archer Edwd 
61 Hubbard Albert E 
53 Dufton Fredk F 
59 Freer Orry St George 
61 Vacant 

63 Stiles Miss Martha A 
65 Thompson Saml M 
67 Tucker Fredk D 
69 White Hugh 
71 Merritt Melville A 
73 Phillips Edgar 
75 Cameron Alex 
77 Coulter Ernest D 
79 Vacant 

81 Pruner Claude M 
93 Padelford Henry 


West from Greenwood av 
to Prust av, first n of Ger- 
rard e, Ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Miner Wm A 

4 Fair Mrs Geo L 

6 MeBeath John G 

8 Taylor Joseph 

10 Vacant 

12 Dickie Roy 
14 Birch Geo 
16 Vacant 
18 Faber Wm H 

20 Walker John 

22 Brownlee Saml 

24 Acheson Isaac H 

26 Sparling- Christopher 

28 Gray Geo E 

30 Myschien Nicholas 

32 Heamen Geo R 

34 Heamen Richd H 

36 Steacey Mrs Margt J 

38 Ransom Thos 

South Side 

1 Healy Wm J 

3 Stewart Herbert J 

5 Vacant 

7 Vacant 

9 Aikman Win 

11 Saunders Francis, 

McCulley John 

21 Simpson James 

23 Wilkinson Henry S 

25 Vacant 

27 Courtice John 

29 Hammond John 

31 Mllner Edwd 

33 Campbell Miss Etta A 

35 Philpot Wilfred C 

37 Payne James 

39 Absent 

41 Stimers W Edgar 


(North Toronto), east 
from Dinnick cres opp 
Lympstone av, to St 
Aubynes cres. 
Not built on 


(Toronto Island), n from 
St Andrew's Church, Lake 
Shore av, ward 4. 


' North from bay to St. 
Lawrence square, ward 2. 

East Side 

British Am Oil Co, Ltd 

Toronto Iron Wks. Ltd 

4 GTR crossing 

GTR frt office and sheds 
^Mill st intersects 
^CPR crossing 

C P R office and sheds 
^Tate st commences 

* Front st e intersects 
Can Northern Ont Ry frt 

offices and sheds 
Can Northern Transfer 

Co Ltd 

93 Lake Simcoe Ice Sup- 
ply Co, Ltd 
97 Fraser Andrew 
101 Falardeau Isaac 
103 McEwen Mrs Mary 
+ Worts av commences 
St Lawrence Square 

West Side 

National Iron Works, Ltd 
Eastern Construction Co 
^GTR crossing 

Mill st intersects 
+ CPR tracks 

50 Davis Archd V 
52 Elphick Frederick 
54 Kennedy Lawrence S 
56 Lofthouse Robt E 
+ Front st e intersects 
88 Clark James 
90 Anderson Robt 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Erindale av. 


East from 5 Greenwood 
av, ward 1, first n of 
Queen e. 
North Side 

2 Britton Frank 

4 Vacant 

6 Vacant 

8 Vacant 

10 Vacant 

South Side 

1 Vacant 

3 Vacant 

5 Vacant 

7 Vacant 

9 Vacant 

11 Vacant 


East from 421 Brock av, 
third n of College, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Gow Donald 

4 Merry Frederick 

6 Vacant 

5 Konni Walter E 

12 Gates Alex 

14 Hummell Ross F 

16 Ferguson Wm 

18 Laughlin John G 
20 Price Bertram M 

South Side 

1 Frith Wm 
5 Bush Wm H 

7 Dawkins Wm 
11 King John 

1.1 Barefoot James 

15 Issell John W R 

17 Griffin Albert 

19 Saville Henry 


(Old Chester Suburb), 
north from Danforth av to 
Browning av, 2nd west of 
Log-an av. ward 1. 

..... East Side 

31 Hagan Wm 

33 Billing Saml 

35 Borland Alfred S 

37 Vacant 

41 Chesson Robt W 

43 Vacant 

47 Steele Geo 

49 Cranston Wm 

51 Nicol James 

53 Smith Chas B 
55 Houstin King 

57 Gray Alfred 

59 Jennings John 

61 Merrilies James 

63 Nichols Thos 

65 Mertens Edwin 

67 Powless Geo 

69 Keenan Wm 
71 Cook Elgin 
73 Allan Robt 
75 Salmon John 

77 Keeler Joseph 

79 Gilbert Chas 

81 Clark Miss Marie 

83 Noble Wm 

85 Grabill Robt J 

87 Constable John S 

89 Jamieson Ernest 

91 Rice Geo 
93 Luck John 
;t7 Jeffery Robt 


101 Vacant 

103 Sedgwick Wm 

105 Holland Ernest 
107 Kinlach David 

109 Shaw J Thos 
111 Newsbn Richd 

113 Smith Robt B 

115 Ellames Robt W 

117 Chessell Geo W 

119 Cameron Wm 

121 Vacant 

123 Vacant 

125 Ward Thos 
127 Walker Henry 
129 Farn Frances 

129^ Whitehouse Walter 

131 Mills Wm E 

133 Robertson James 

136 Ince Thos 

137 Hill Wm J 

West Side 

10 Moore Fredk 
12 Miller Geo D 

j4 Drown Wm E G 

16 Pratt Geo W 

IS Rogers Chas 
20 Wright Harvey 
22 Wilson Henrv 

24 Jenner (Jt-o 
26 Phypers Wm E 

2-- Cooper Ebenezer 

30 Vacant 

44 Duncan Wm S 
46 Martin Fredk 

48 Hale Albert N 

50 Mears Jesse 

52 Pinfold Albert W 

54 Irwir. Wm 

58 Price Samuel H 

60 Pesme Eugene 

62 Merrillia Miss Collard 

64 Welch Wm J 

66 James Walter 

68 Brirtse Geo 

70 Hill Wm E 

78 Crofts Wm 

80 Parsons Geo 
S2 Vacant 

84 Swift Percy 

88 James Herbert 
Croxall Fredk 

90 Hutcheon Mrs Elizth 

92 Smith Eric F 
'jl Farquhar Alex 
96 Mayo Archibald 

100 Williams James 

102 Robinson Wm J 

104 Black Wm 

106 Morton Robt 

105 Thompson Alex 
108% Gittins Richd 

110 Brettell Wm 

114 Gazey Thos 

116 Whitehouse Wm 

118 Jones Boiij 

120 Vacant 

122 Miller James 

124 Vacant 

126 Shaw Geo 

128 Vacant 

130 Andrews Frank 

132 Vacant 

134 Vacant 

136 Dalby Edwd J 

13P Fraser John 


(Scarboro Township), 

north from Queen e be- 
yond Kingston rd, third 
east of city limits. 

East Side 

7 Vacant 
9 Kerr Robt G 
11 Vacant 
13 Vacant 
27 Byfield Edwd 
39 Vacant 
45 Diummond John 
47 Tanner Walter C 
59 McCann Wm 

Chester av school 
^Kingston rd intersects 

West Side 

IS Quarrington Fredk 
30 Vacant 
32 Vacant 

36 Vacant 

40 Vacant 

60 Vacant 

78 Unfinished house 

80 Norris Geo Wm 

90 Wood John 

102 Hand Wm 

104 Smith Abraham 
^Kingston rd intersects 


North from 114 Queen W 
to Chestnut pi, ward 8. 

........ East aide 

7% Kramer Abraham 
9 Goldberg Hyman 

11 Sendell Cuthbert 

13 Bert Saml 

15 Aber Jane 

17 Brown M A, barr 

19 Mendel George 

21 Hirshenhorn Saml 

23 Greisman Max 

25 Lee Jim 

^Albert st ends 

37 Baldessarre Vincenzo 

41 Mack Mrs Ida 
43 Taffee Mendel - 

45 Figenblatt Abraham 
47 Pantzer Saml 
49 Brown Alls 
51 Horwiltz Harry 
53 Cohen Bernard 
55 Rosen Mrs Bertha 
57 Gluckstein Barnett, tlr 
Louisa st ends 
59 Singer & Geller, fur- 

61 Krig-ler Zeilic 

61 V> Waldeman Reuben 
63 Tobin Harry 
65 Zipper David 
67 Bochner Chas 
69 Jewish bynagogue 
71 Sittsamer Louis, btchr 
73 Gunlovnic Saml, tlr 
75 Powtyna Powet 
77 Appleman Nathan 

79 Finkelmau Joseph 

81 Starkman Jacob, gro 
S3 Pollack Isaac, btchr 

85 Rosenstein Mrs Ann, 


S7 Brown Joseph 
89 Attel Harry 

91 Genner Israel 

93 Wilder Chiam. dry gds 
95 Jackson Albert C 
97 Geller Morris 
99 Cohen Israel 
101 Sacks Louis 

103 Dees Gilbert A, caterer 

105 Pliman Saml 
l"7 Wounsch Joseph 
109-111 Chestnut St Mission 
113 Baker Samuel, tlr 
113% Kozda Daniel, barber 
115 Scop Harry 

119 Glass Solomon 
Clarfeld Jacob 


E. R. CARRINGTON, Oibli- Address 

Asst. Gen. -Man, . Montreal "Thielon" 


Mher Chicago, III. Seattle, Wash. St. Paul, Minn. Portland, Or*. El Paso, Texas. 

Offices: St. Louis, Mo. Los Angeles, Cal. Kansas City, Mo. San Francisco, Cal. Dallas, Texas. 

New York, N.Y. Spokane, Wash. Denver, Col. City of Mexico, Mexico. Atlanta, Ga. 


F. J. SMITH > CO. 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL. 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


+ Agnes st Intersects 
123 Vacant 
125 Robinoff Morris 
127 Friedman Harry 

129 Volmann Mrs Jessie, 


131 Graizer Jacob 
133 Goldstein Jacob 
135 Bloomfleld Mrs Ruth 
137 Colby Fredk 

130 Spring Abraham 
141 Mossman R D, gro 

^Edward st intersects 
143-145 Maggiacome Bros, 

st intersects 
163 Jackson John 
163^. Stein Joseph 
165 Graynblet Benj 
167 Pearl Abraham, bottles 
169 Eisen Max 
171 Sheuman Solomon 

........ West Side ........ 

^Armoury st commences 

70 Griesman Moritz, rest 

72 Griesman Moritz 

74 Cutler Wm 

76 Zipper Mrs Annie 

78 Tucker James 

80 Shouvaloff Jake 

82 Lachofsky Maxwell 

SJ&Bbuzer Philip 

84 fosldt Louis 

86 Month Mrs Sarah, gro 

88 Wlneshanker Saml, bi- 
clcle repairer 

90 Bloom Morris, plmbr 

92-94 British M E Church 

96 Bambrick Wm 

98 Brown Mrs Mary 
100 Groisdorf Rubin 
102 Taxell David, rest 
104 Barnes John, cabs 
106 Gertsbein Nathan 

Gertsbein Samuel, rear 
108 Gertsbein Abraham 

Schaffer Mandel 
110-112 Gertsbein N & C, 

114 Rosenblat Harry, bicy- 

116 Pinchewsky Wolfrey, 


Minchella Pietro, rear 
Gufono Santillo, r 
118 Green Israel 
120 Weingarten Harry 
122-4 Dvoretzky Simon, gro 

^ Agnes st intersects 
126 Vacant 
128 Finkelstein Max 
130 Kauf Saml 

132 Newman Samuel 
134 Bobkin Abraham 

136 Marlow James 

138 Bernaro Antonio 

140 Nitovitch Simon 
140% Simons Saml 
142 Rubinoff Rachmiel & Son 

Edward st intersects 
144 Motta Frank, gro 

146 Castnnino Raphael 
148 Laraia Mrs Amelia 

150 Leuis Saml 

Molson Maxwell 

152 Muccino George 
154 Lobraico Nunzio 

156 Elei Pasquale 

158 Vacant 

160 Vacant 

162 Vacant 

164 Zincome Stanislaus 
+lm st intersects 

166 Chinese Indry 

168 Stein Joseph, gro 

170 Matman Joseph, feed 

172 Frankirchen Yoda 

174 Klieman Jacob 

176 Kissilewsky Simon 

178 Vacant 

180 Carumone Joseph 

182 Rotstein Joseph 

184 Cosovitz Israel 

186-OiSS Rotstein Bros, junk 

186 Rotstein David 

188 Ttotstein Lewis 
190 Himmel Benj 

190V4 Frohman Abraham 

192 Goldhart Mayer 

194 Starkman Jacob 

196 Pepper Max 

198 Zenner Solomon, produce 

200 Bozolo Constant 

202 Yuskewitz Mrs Dora 

202% Avran Nathan 

204 Salaminsky Philip, gro 

206 Thiofora Mariana 

208 Zaltman Morris 

210 Alexander James 
Ferro Thos 

212 Judge Norman 

212% Johnson Mrs Annie 

214 Twicue Michl 

216 Hersehorn Maxwell 

218 Solomon Joseph 
Schriber Saml 

220 Salerno John 

222 Delpiro Louis 

224 Fioritto Vinzcelgo 

226 Leone Znccarl, gro 
^Christopher st commen- 

230 Tor Genl Hosp Free Dis- 


(Old Chestnut Park rd) n 
from Roxborough e, then 
east and then south to 
same, first east of Yonge, 
ward 2. 

West Sid* ... 

Not built on 
North Side 

2 Vaux Harry E 

6 Hagarty John H G 

8 How Thos F 
10 Mara Henry S 
14 Gibson Raiph E 
16 Russel Wm B 
18 Grant Garnet P 
20 Vacant 

22 Falconbridge John D 
24 Broome Edwd 
26 Rolph Joseph T 
30 Milligan Arthur 
32 Scheuer Edmund 
34 Suyd-ain Henri H 
^ Cluny av intersects 
40 Stevenson George 
44 Anger J Humfrey 
46 Irish Mark H 
48 Smart David W 
50 Gundy S Bradley 
52 Gooderham Norman R 
54 Dixon John 
56 McCarter John B 
58 Wood W Lloyd 
BO Fitzsimons .Tames B 
70 Armstrong'Henry I 
72 Sutherland Bobt F 
Thornwood rd commences 
74 Clubb Arthur F 
78 Nerlich Henry 
82 Gagnier Harold T 
84 Fensom Geo H 

86 Mickleborough James 
88 Freeland Edwd B 

South Side 

15 Carrick Wm H 

17 Smoke Samuel C 

19 Watts Frederick E, phy 

Watts Edwd 
21 Gow Geo 
25 Kingston George A 
29 Vacant 
35 Wri?ht Henry J 
39 MoLeod Norman M 
43 MacKenzle John 
49 Fitzgerald F W Gerald 
53 Donogh J Ormsby 
55 Reid Hugh 
57 Smythe Robert G 
59 Bertram John H 
61 Barwick Mrs Ella A 
65 Saunders Edwd 
67 Mae"Murchy Angus 
73 Mulqueen Patk J 
77 Barrett Wallace 


(North Toronto), north 
from Belsize drive to 
Manor rd, first e of Cle- 

Not built on 


(North Toronto), south- 
east from end of Buck- 
ingham av to Lawrence 
av e. 

Not built on 


West from Avenue rd, se- 
cond n of Davenport rd, 
ward 4-. 

North Side 

2 Strathy Elliott G 

4 Cooper Saml A 

6 Morrison Mrs Annie 

8 Pole Frederick H G 

10 Rowland Frank M, acct 
12 McKay Rev Wm J 

14 Thomas Francis S 

16 Vacant 

18 Wilson Mrs Eliza E 

20 Vacant 

22 Hull Richd W 

24 Moore Geo L 

26 Sullivan Miss Annie 
28 Hewsbn Wm G 

30 Trebilcock Albert E 

32 Stanley James H 
34 Buchanan Geo 

36 Robinson Stanton 
38 Vacant 

40 Vacant 

42 Mitchell Wm 

44 Kieser Augustus 

46 Huston Wilfred B 

48 Crocker Earl S 
50 Hunter Wm H 

1 South Side 

3 Hamilton Mrs Isabella M 

5 Matthews Mrs Sarah 
7 Putnam Geo A 

9 Campbell Miss Rhoda 
11 Scott Mrs Jane 

15 Pooler Herbert G 

17 Carnahan Harold 

19 Kain Mrs Alice M 

21 Tinning John B 

23 Martin Mrs Annie D, 

25 Boone Edward 
27 Macfadden J A 
29 Gall Wm C 

31 Maulson Fred H 

33 McClelland Robert 

35 McConnell Arthur W 

37 Hinckxon Mrs Saretta F 

39 Elderkin De Witt T 

41 Edwards James T 

43 Leask David R 

45 Edwards Harry O 

47 Lewis Adam L 

49 Ross Fred H 

51 Watts Fred W 
53 Anderson Mrs Alice E M 
55 Jardine George B 
57 Wade Mrs Mary E 
Bedford Apts 


(Toronto Island), n from 
238 Lake Shore av, ward 

East Side 

7 MacKendrick Wm G 
11 Lowndes Chas B 
21 Marks Allan E 

31 Rolph Alfred J 

J;irvis Aemilius, rear 
Goad Chas E, rear 

33 Ardagh Irwin J 

35 Michie Chas H S 
Wright Ernest 

37 Hargraft John 

West Side 

8 Roberts James 
S Turner Chas 

10 McCheyne Robt M 

12 Chadwick Geo 
18 Allan Frank B 

Royal Canadian Yacht 


(Old Oaklands av, East To- 
ronto), north from Dan- 
forth av to city limits, 1 
w of Main, ward 1. 

East Side 

8 Hind Christopher W 
12 Moody John 

West Side 

Not buiit on 




North from 726 Bloor w 
to St Clair av, ward i>. 

East Side 

3 Neil Marshall 

6 Cuthburt Mrs Sarah E 

7 Newborn Samuel, whol 


9 Cassidy Thos P 

11 Coveart Alouzo 

13 Thompson J Alfred 
15 Stewart Alex 

19 Stephen Alex 
21 Cameron Archd 
23 Robertson Wm 
25 Cant Edwd 

McLachlan Cameron 
95 Higginson John 
97 Lawison Thos 
99 Snook Albert 
101 Temple Thos E 
103 Hart Charles 
105 Burfleld Geo 
Barton av ends 
135 Barr John 
137 Bailey Stephen 
139 Pickering Wm H 
141 Thompson Harry 
143 Johnston Edwd 
145 Plenty Gilbert 
147 Pippy Levi, contr 
149 Gosden Wm 
151 Lund Stanley W 
153 Heney John 
155 Williams Fredk 
161 Beck George, exp 

Morley Albert 
163 Springham Fredk 
169 Borland Wm. contr 
171 Cundall Mrs Elizth 
173 Vacant 
175 Dockeray Robt W 

+ Fellis av ends 
193 Huff Charles S 
195 Phillips Thos J 
197 Atkinson Wm 
1<)9 Weisser Fred W 
201 Lamb Wm L 
203 Larler Wm jr 
205 James Richd G 
207 Vacant 
209 Griffith Wm 
211 Scott Wm J 
213 Kenyon John 
215 Gill Joseph 
217 Sarracino Peter 
219 Kinnee Wm 
221 Patterson Richd 
223 Irvine Andrew 
225 Clarke John V 
"29 Brown Wm J 
231 Walters Geo H 
233 Carmichael Angus 
235 Bryant James C 
237 Prince Edwd 
239 McGregor Mrs Mary 
241 Sinclair Wm 
243 Robinson Thomas 
245 Attwood Sidney V 
247 Cook Frank 
249 \VoolHnK & Co. btchs 

^Yarmouth rd intersects 
Epworth Meth Church 
259 Ashley Basett 
261 Neville Miss Fannie 
263 Wickson David D 
"(>:> Kerr Robert 


L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory: 





Georgia Pint 






The Dovercourt Land 



OWNERS 24 Adelaide St. E. 

Hampstead Park PHONE MAIN 7281 

267 Mackie David 

269 Prince Chas F, pntr 

Prince Thos 
271 Webster Wm D E 
273 Hart Henry 

276 Holbrook Mrs Charlotte 

277 Manuel Joseph 
279 Barrett Patrick L 
281 Callicott Chas 
283 French Kdwd 

2S7 LeCocq John 
2S9 Miller Clarence J 
291 Chinese Laundry 

Dupont intersects 
325 Farr Edwd 

+ C P R intersects 
331-359 Clarke & Clarke, 

Ltd, leather mnfrs 
361 Woodward Albert 
363 Simmons Charles 
365 Ford Chas 
367 Gapper Fred 
Stitt Frederick, r 
Phelan John, rear 
369' Young John, produce 
377 Lockerbie Wm H 
+ Davenport rd Intersects 

:Braeniore av commences 
Tyrrel av intersects 
549 Edwards \Vm H 
655 Edwards James 
863 Edwards Charlg* 
686 Dunsford Orlando G 
585 Edwards Mrs Elizabeth 
897 Edwards J E & Sons, 

leather goods 
+ Bencn av intersects 
617 Garrett Wm H 
25 Jordan Horace S 
637 Blackwell Mrs Mary R 

St Clalr av intersects 

Mt BK 

16 Tipping- John 
120 Woodhouse Wm 
122 Crocker Edwin 
124 Hanson Wm 
126 Hartwick Wm 
128 Blenes Archd 
130 Easton Seymour B 
132 Prust George A 
134 Walker Frederick 
136 Muivey James 
138 Fitch Edward J 
142 Harden Wm 
144 Simpson Wm 

Pendrith av commences 
146 Costigan Mrs Annie 

Corbet Mrs Kate 
146% Greetham James 
148 Reed James 
150 Pettie Albert J 
152 Kenyon John H 

154 Key John T 
156 Kins: John 

155 Crowley Chas 
160 Thomson George 
162 Cummins's James 
164 Harman Albert 
166 Stewart John 
166% Warwick Wm 
16^ Warren Ernest 

170 Craig Mrs Elizth, gro 
^KSSPX av commences 
376-17'- Smart & Co, gros 
ISO ElUs Mrs M A, fey gds 
182 Fitzgerald Wm J, gro 
184 Porter Wm J 

194 Waugh Joseph 
16 Hales Saml J 

195 Krownlee Wm 
200 Blakely Henry 
202 Ball Robert 

204 Winter Fredk P, gro 
^ Garnet av commences 
208 Clarke S Willmott 
210 Thorburn James R 
T12 McBain Geo 
214 Aldous Wm. dry goods 
216 Chinese laundry 
21? nuggan John 
220 Phillips Henry 
222 Phillips Geo 
224 Wilson Wm 
230 Morrow Herbert J S, 


Yarmouth rd intersects 
232 Weaver E N. barber 
234 Brooks Mrs Adeline, 


236 Williams Wilfred F 
Fowler Herbert J 
238 Crover Arthur J 
240 Grierson James A 
242 Quirk Mrs Mary 
244 Coulson Alfred 
246 Medhurst Alfred 
248 Vacant 

250 Routledge Horace F 
254 Danby F G, gro 

+ Melville av commences 
256 Scollen Fredk W 
258 Payne Alfred E, dry gds 
262 Nt-al Fredk G 
264 Hughes Lorinda, shoes 
266 Markham Chas E, btchr 
268 Sibley L.T.N 
270 Bryant Wm J 
272 Fowlie John 
230 Wills Mrs F L 

^ Dupont st intersects 

C P R intersects 
352 Ostler Herbert 
354 Humbert Wm H 
356 Whitehead John 
372 Jones Thomas 

374 Wilson David, gdnr 

380 Wells Wm 

3S4 Redlaw David 

390 Smart Louis 

396 Stead Miss Annie 

402 Finch Fredk C 
^ Davenport rd Intersects 
+ Tyrrel av Intersects 

564 Sharpley Charles, gdnr 

588 Sharpley Mrs Fannie 

590 Lewis Henry 
+ Benson av intersects 

618 Jordan Walter & Bon, 

820 Jordan Albert 

628 Moores Geo A 

Glenham av commences 
642 Punnett Dore H, gdnr 
646 Punnett Richard, gdnr 

+ St Clair av intersects 


West from 228 Chestnut to 
University av. ward ". 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

^Centre av intersects 
15 Cuneo Peter 
27 Marks Joseph 
29 Cooper James 


f Mimico) 




North from 80 Esplanade e 
to 71 Bloor e, crossing 
King at 101, ward 3. 

East Side 

1-7 Vacant 

9 Hutchison Omand & Co 

ammonia mnfrs 
Consumers Cordage Co, 

Berlin Lion Brewei-v. 

11 Collins-wood Packing 

Co. Ltd 
13 Toronto Creamery Co 


Keith Chas W. prntr 
Everist Frank Co, 
sto -aye 

Front st e intersects 
25-27 McWilliam & Everlst, 

whol fruit 

Barker Fred, apples 
27 Simons Fruit Co, ap- 

Club Coffee Co 
29 James F T Co, Ltd. flsh 
^ Colborne st intersects 
31 Billinghurst A J, teas 
31a Porter Manzer. Ltd, 


33 Stronach & Sons, whol 

33% Punchard-Birrell Co, 

clothing mfrs 
Empire Clothing Mfg Co 
Gilchrist C M & Co, whol 


35 McBride Bros, fruit 
American Hat Frame 

Mfg Co 

Toronto Cartage, Ltd 
41 Clemes Bros, whol fruit 
^ King st e intersects 
65 St James' Parish House 
^Adelaide st e intersects 
75 Public Library 
79 Wearing Joseph, assayer 
81 Vacant 

83 Day & Hopkins, signs 
85-87 Canada Pipe & Steel 

Co Ltd 

Cluff Bros, iron and steel 
85% Vacant 

^ Lombard st intersects 
89 McLeod & Kenney, 


91 Imperial News Co 
93 Superior Mfg Co 
93% Merrill Medical Co, 

prop med 
95 Sloman M & Co, Ltd, 


95% Jefferies, Ltd. factory 
97 Cox & Andrew, Signs 
99 Wickett A R. barber 

Cairns John 
101 Chinese rest 
103 Browning- James G. rst 
103% Hogg John S, knit 


Harris Harry R 
105 Vacant 

^ Richmond st e intersects 
107 Millar David, furnaces 
109 Macrtonald & Sons. Ltd 
111 Goldstein Benj, dry gds 
113 Cooper G H. plumber 
Lettie Miss Elizabeth J, 


115 Electrical Speeinlties. Ltd 
119 Sparrow Geo & Co, hotel 

kitchen outfits 
121 Guest & Co, plumbrs 
121% Langstone Thos W, 


Rvan Miss Caroline 
123 Blake W E & Son, Ltd, 

church supplies 
125 Nettleton J W, gro 
127 Wilson Henry A, cigars 
+ Queen st e intersects 
129% Harris Harry, barber 
131 Chinese laundry 

Gardiner Mrs Anna 
131% Jones W F & Co, rl 


133 Carey Herbert, bdg 
133% Gordon - Hadler Fur 


135 Authors & Cox. art limbs 

137 Batty-Scott Electric Co 

Toronto Stamp & Stencil 

Works, Ltd 

Fell I C & Co. engravers 
Hadley John, die sinker 
McKendry Wm, mfg 


Poison Wm A. dentist 
137% Halligan Christopher, 


Mullen Archd D 
McMaster Matthew 
139 Hicks Harry Co, plmbrs 
141-3 Lyon X T Glass Co, 

145 Lautz Co, The, marble 

and tile 
Greene E A Co, Ltd, 

elect supplies 
145% Hodjsrson Miss Annie 
147 Richardson J E & Co, 


147A Excelsior Apartments 
Thompson Mrs Elizth 
Thompson Miss Lillian, 

mus tchr 

149 Gutta Percha & Rub- 
ber Co, br 

151 Donaldson Wilbert, cfy 
153 Dominion Auto Tire Co 
153% Penton Wm C 
155 Roulston Mrs Millie, 

155% Dwyer Mrs Millie 

157 Chinese Indry 

157% Mertens W Edwin, 


159 Sutherland Hugh, tlr 
161 Farrance & Jenkinson, 

mfr jwlrs 

Thorpe Geo, shoemkr 
161% Chinese Indry 
163-lfio Armstrong Miss An- 
nie, bdg 

Armstrong Mis Elizth 
167-169 Labor Temple 

Labor Temple Co Ltd 
+ Shuter st intersects 

179 King John S, phy 

183 Kirkup James, dyer 
185 Sehlllinger Wm, Indry 

Cottage laundry 
187 Irish Leighton 
189 Kantel Emil A. mfrs 

Hardie & Moore, whol 

189% Boulter Geo E. whol 

191 Peterson Mrs Agnes, 


193 Brown Mrs Katie, bdg 
195 Watson Waiter H, bdg 
197 Gorgen John, bdg 
199 Hatch Mrs Mary, bdg 

Hatch James C 
201 House J F, tire setter mtr 
203 Fenton Wm J 

Dominion Fence Co, Ltd 
205 Hawkins Jas, contr 
207 Chinese Indry 
07V> Haisley Mrs Jane 
209 Johnston Henry W, pntr 
"11 Persovsky Max. tlr 
213 McArthur Wm H, barber 
215 Chesney Ebenezer, cigar* 
217-219 Hawley John, prov 

Pearce Edwd 
221 Sherrin Geo A 
223 Wardrop Mrs Alice 
225 Walsh Bros, stained glass 
227 Wallace Miss I D, etaty 
229 Squire T W, gro 

+ Wilton av intersects 
241 Jones Mrs Margaret G 
243 Breakey Percy A, hrse- 


245 Bell Archd. dairy 
247 Ringland Robert, Bhoe- 

Culvert Mrs Kathleen 
249 Chinese laundry 
251-3 Good John & Co, gro- 

Good John 
255 Hawley John 
257 Todd Percy, btchr 
261 Donnelly John 
263 Killlngray Herbert, confy 
265 Brownhill Saml 
267 Mason John, sec hd gds 
269 Breckon G P & Co. 

sheet metal wkrs 
273-275 Spooner Frank, gro. 
277 Burnham Albert, rest 
279 Chinese Laundry 

Case Chas 

281 Hernon A T, btchr 
287 Forey FredK 
Gould st intersects 
289 Woods G M, gro 
289a Main Alex, dyer 
2S9b Main Alex 
291 Walton John, barber 


"The greatest piano In 
the world," is the written 
testimony of De Pach- 
mann, the world's great 
pianist. See this piano at 
193-197 YONGE ST. 

00 I A MTC 
Vi UfllflkV 





293 Wright Predk B 

!95 Roy Benj W 

297 McGowan Arthur E 

299 d'Almeida J R G 
Wakefield Wm 
Miller Robt 

301 Speers Solomon K 

303-307 Ford T J & Co, pblrs 
University Society, pub 
Canadian Text Book Co 
Home Health Society, 


Am Tech Society, pubrs 
Cliff Haven L & Co 
Scribner's Chas Sons, 

309 Hindle Edwin 

311 Scherer Leo 

313 Chinese laundry 

Jackson Mrs Lila, drsmkr 

315 Moore Geo 

317 Edgar Robt 

321 Morse Geo W 

323 Tilley Mrs Ellzth A 

326 Bansley J C, dentist 

327 Irish Protestant Benevo- 

lent Society 
327a Sterritt -Albert 
329 Wright Arthur, phy 
331 Williams Mrs Jennie 
333 Vincent Mrs Mary 
335 Hutchinson Wm 
837 Carr Wm H 
Baker Robt 
339 Virtue & Co, pblrs 

Book Brokers Co 
341 Presbyterian Publica- 

^ Gerrard st e Intersects 
349 MeLeod Mrs Elizabeth 
351 Vance Albert C 
353 Jones Mrs Catherine 
355 Eyden Percy 
S57 Finnigan Mrs M E, tlrs 
359 Ross John, plmbr 
361 Kosky Myer, tlr 
863 Bee Miss M E, baker 

^McGill st intersects 
563%. -366 Pickard Wm J, 

369 Pickard Wm J 

371 Pickard Chas E, plmbr 

373 Chinese Inflry 

375 Speers Joseph L, dyer 

377 Calrncross J H, carp 

+ Ann st intersects 
379 Stansfield Wilfred, gro 
381 McElroy Vt alter 
383 Blunt Ernest F 

Commercial Text Book Co 
385 Jones Mrs Clara 
387 Jerreat Walter, barber 
389 Rennick Wm B, gro 
391 Stuart David G. wines 
393 Carnahan W J A & H, 

Carlton st intersects 
431 McKeown Frank 
413 Harrys Wm 

415 Marshall John 
417 French Miss Effie 
419 Slack Mrs Mary 
421 Finn Mrs Margt M, 
423 Kennedy Mrs Margaret 

Wood st intersects 
425 Wright John plmbr 
427 Hallatt Mrs Allison 
429 Brothwick Peter 

431 Banks Miss Maude, TO- 


433-443 Public school 
+ Alexander st intersects 
445 Gillespie Saml 
447 Berry Robert J 
449 Harrison Bernard 
451 Donges Mrs Beatrice A 
453 Robinson Airs Annie S 
455 Dawson Robt 
457 Inwood Harry 
459 Donaldson Miss Margaret 
461 McAIister Miss Cecelia 
463 Humphrey J A & Son, 

Humphrey C E, wtch 

case mkr 

465 Walsh Saml F 
467 Saunders Mrs Ettie 
469 Henning Miss Anna 

471 Purkis Fredk J 
473 Chire Mrs Ethel 
473% Dale Mrs Mary 
475 Vacant 

Maitland st intersecti 
477 Chinese Indry 
481 Opper Geo 
433 McNelll James C 
485 DoJmage Mrs Sophia 
487 Stanbury Jas W 
489 Wallace Robert M, contr 
493 Giles Mrs Eliza 
497 Truax Philip 
499 Speight Mrs Sarah 
507 China Inland Mission 

Helmer Joshua S 
^Wellesley st intersects 
511 Shierlaw Geo 
513 Clubine Wm F A 

Helmkay Wm H 
517 Gibson Electric, Ltd 
519 Granite Curling and 
Skatin e Co, Ltd 

Granite Bowling Club 

White Geo D 
539 Maplemont Apts 

4 Monteith st commences 
551 Meek Mrs Marjony 
553 Brown Mrs Annie 
555 Lovis Ernest J H 
559 Grant Mrs Mary 
561 Castor Ira 

Castor Saml, bldr 
563 Davis J F, dancing tchr 

^Gloucester st intersects 
563% Coxon Charles A 

Cole C E C, phy 
565 Kewln Edwin 
565% Suddaby Wm A 
567 Vacant 
507% Daniels Walter J 
569 Thompson Miss Hannah 

571 Vacant 

573 Morrow Mr Caroline 

Parker Thos T, contr 
575 Jackson Mrs Margaret 
577 Peacock Daniel A 
579 Macdonald James 
583 Stewart Mrs Mary 
585 Sylvester G P, phy 
^ Isabella st intersects 
589 McCutcheon Miss Nettle 
F91 Graver Mrs Margt 
593 Knowles Wm 
5S5 Elierby Miss Lucy 
597 Banks Geo E. plmbr 

Banks Henry 
599 Hunter John T 
601 Cross Alfred J 
603 Rogers Wm E 
605 Wrench James T 
607 Romanelli Joseph 
611 Bayles Thomas S 

^Charles st e intersects 
615 Ensminger Mrs Catherine 
<>17 Strain Mrs Mary 
619 Henry Mrs Charlotte 
621 Bridg-man Edwd G 
623 Loses Mrs Ellen 
625 Perry Mrs Margaret A 
627 Gorrie Miss Elizabeth 
629 Hastie Robt 
631 Speers Hugh 
633 Cringan Alex T 

Hayden st intersects 
047 Bowermnn Louis E 
649 Andrews Andrew O 

Findlay Mrs A E 
651 Thompson Robert J 

West Side 

2-16 Greey Win & J G, mill 


18-20 White & Co, storehouse 
22 Scythes & Co, Ltd, fisher- 
men's supplies 
Front st e intersects 
^Wellington st e ends 
28 Hyslop James C 
30 Magor Son & Co ^Mont- 

real), mfrs agts 
32 Queen City Chambers 
Scott & Walmsley, un- 

Queen City Fire Ins Co 
Hand-In-Hand Ins Co 

Fire Ins Exchange Cor- 

American and Foreign 
Marine Insurance Co 

Millers & Manufacturers' 
Ins Co 

First Floor 

3 Moore Eugene, brkr 

Moore Wm, brkr 
4-5 Prisoners' Aid Asin 

of Can 

6-7 McCabe John J, brkr 
8 Rigg John T & Co, 

mfrs agts 
9a Reliance Electrical 

Construction Co 
9b Minto Tea Co 
9c Smallpeice H E, ady 


9e Vacant 
9f Vacant 

11 Wharton Thos A 

12 Husband Cameron, 

13-18 Cohen Julius & 

Josephy, wool 
Andrews Herbert V, 

wool dlr 
19-20 Harris Frank H, 


21-26 Heatons Agency 
fin agts 

26 Blight Harry M, mfrs 


27 Merchant Publishing; 


Merchant and Gen- 
eral Storekeeper 

28 Theatrical Advertis- 

ing- Co, Ltd 

29 Chambers Henry H, 

mfrs agt 

30 Storeroom 

31 Hegler E B, real est 
39 Ritchie Harold F & 

Co, mfrs agts 
Better Fruit Distri- 
butors, Ltd 

Second Floot^- 

40 Craig Wm B, mfrs 

41 Williams R M, artist 

42 Machinery Supply Co 
Hughes David W, brkr 

43 Robinson Wm A, lu- 

bricating oils 
Northern Crown 

Lumber Co 

44 Morley Wm K, mfrs 


45-46 Malcolm J, care- 

51 Gilmor Angus R, 

ins agt 

52 Walker Charles, art 


53 Canadian & British 

News of Canada, 
Canadian Woman 

54 Craig- Wm B, mfrs 


24 Burroughes & Watts, 
Ltd, billiard table 

36 Turtle Hnll Hotel 
Colborne st intersects 
38-40 Ciceri Chas Co, Ltd, 


42 Bon Accord Building 
Ash Henry J, com mer 
Muir Cap Co 
Tuero J & Bros, cigar 

Lawrason-Doughty Co, 

George Alex Co, adv 


44 Ash Henry J, warehouse 
46 Morley, FWing & Co, 


+ King st e intersects 
56-60 Senefelder Building 
56 Smith David Engraving 

and Lithographing Co 
58-60 Phillips W R & Co, 

Court st ends 

62 Monetary Times, Trade 
Review and Insurance 
Chronicle (weekly) 
Monetary Times Printing 

Co of Canada, Ltd 
Canadian Engineer 
64 O'Keefe Daniel, prtr 
VanKoughnet Arthur 4 

Co, envelopes 
VanKoughnet Arthur, 


66 Orford Fredk, real est 
68 Swift Chas & Co, shoes 

Lacon Wm T, broker 
70 King Dangerfield 

Campbell R J, sign paint- 
Campbell & Son, photo 

Levy Bros, workshop 
72 Jarvis & Grubbe, teas 
74-76 Might Directories, 
Limited (Members As- 
sociation of American 
Directory Publishers), 
Phones Main 2229 and 

Proprietors of 
Dominion Press Clip- 
ping Agency 
Might's Daily Trade 
Reports Sales System 
Directory Sales Agency 
Directories of the 
World Reference Li- 

Publishers of 
Toronto City Directory 
Ottawa City Directory 
Toronto Maps 
Trade Lists 
Professional Lists 
Farmers Lists 
Memorial Albums 
Printers of 

Multigraph and Type- 
written Letters 

Stationery and Envel- 

Price List* 

Furnished for any De- 

78 Home Bank of Canada 
80 Ancient Order Foresters 

Whelan James 
82 Druggists' Corporation, 

Pitcher Dr Zina Co, pro 

84 Boiler Repair & Grate 

Bar Co 

Peiler H L & Co CMqnt- 
real), steam special- 

86 Rosen Harry, furs 
88 St James Chambers, S e 
90-92 White J P, barr 
Jenkins Automatic Fen- 
der Co 

Hill F W, real est 
4i Adelaide st intersects 
96 McLellan Mrs Miuuie 
Johnston John 
Eveson Mrs Mary A 
Ideal Box Lunch Co 
98 Shaw Parkinson, cigars 
100 Advance Mfg Co, elect 

Morrow W Bruce, mfrs 

100-102 Lawsorc W A, farms 

Hall J C, Fur Co 
104 Armstrong Henry 

Whiteside Thos, cigars 
K6-108 Chinese rest 
110 Stevenson H M, signs 
112 Chinese Indry 

Lombard st intersects 
114 Fisher Arthur H, carp 

Art Metropole (br) 
116 Schell Erasmus, gro 
118 Eberle Godfrey, shoe- 


Barthau Peter, rear 
120 Rochester Lamp Co of 


120% Fernandez Victor, ci- 
gar mfr 

124 New Windsor Hotel 
+ Richmond st e intersects 


Phone College 8595 





Calgary Weyburn Detroit 






PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


126-128 McLaughlin Motor 

Car Co, Ltd 
McLaughlin Carriage Co, 


130-132 Chinese rest 
13* Chinese Christian Assn 
186 Bberman C P, denttot 
Bond June* 

: Queen st e Intersects 
Shuter st Intersects 
St John's Chapel 
100 St Michael's Palace 

Cemetery Trust 
J40 Smith R H, pntr 
Z42 Smith John 

Smith Mrs Julia, drsmkr 
J44 Gray John E, plmbr 

Colby Chas 
Z46 Hearne Mrs Sarah 
248 Dufour Daniel 
260 Gegg Edwd, bailiff 
252 Murray James 
254 Soul Wm, express 
256 Stanley John M, gro 
268 Bateman Wm, liquors 

Hanna Arthur J 
262 Curry Isaac, drugs 
^Wilton av intersects 
264 Aiklns H Wilberforce, phy 
266 Mitchell Mrs Flora 
288 Clarke Robert K 
270 Hudgin Mrs Lydla, drs- 

272 Henderson Frederick 
274 Dlnwoodie Wm 
276 Talt John ' 
J78 Chinese Indry 
280-284 Sloan John & Co, 

whol gros 
286 Evans Alfred 
28S Jones John 
290 Gower Wm B 
92 Mosley Mrs Sarah J, bdg 
294 Armstrong John H 
296 Beaver Ernest 
298 Murphy Frank 
SOO White Chas 
S02-6 Novi-Modi Costume Co 
308 Patterson David 
310 O'Connell Mrs Mary 
812 Weston James 
322 Working Boys' Home 

Johns Chester D 
+ Gould st Intersects 

St James so (For street- 
Ing see Victoria st) 
^Gemini st e intersects 
390 Smith Wm 
S92 Leonard George N 
396 Chinese Indry 
398 Kamber Andrew L 
400 Mitchell Chas 
402 Hanson Joseph 
404 O'Brien John, gro 
*McGill st intersects 
406 McAlinden Hugh, gro 
408 Fazio Joseph, shoemkr 
408^ Walker Jesse, barber 
414 Strong James 
416 Howell George L 
418 Copp rfros. Ids tlrs 

^Ann st intersects 
420 Jecks Montague C, pntr 
422 Reynolds David 
424 Dent Walter 
426 Gamey Neil 
428 Shaver Miss Kate, drs- 

430 Rlgby John L 
434-6 Somerset House 

Schmuck Chas 
^ Carlton st intersects 
438 Ponzi Frank, confy 
442 Rotstein N L, Ids tlr 
444 Promoli Mrs Maria 
446 Allen Wm 
448 Ross Miss Jessie 
450 McGee Mrs Nellie 
452 Cook Mrs Eliza 
454 Fryer Mrs Ellzth 
456 Coleman Mrs Margt 
458 Collins James 
460 Whitehouse Wm 
464 Orforrt Frederick 

Vollett Mrs Isabella B 
466 Owl Club 

Phasey Alfred 
^ Wood st Intersects 
468 Millar Adam H, phy 

470 Cox Mrs Charlotte 

Northern Cong Church 
484 Manley Geo 
486 Goldner Miss Jennie 
488 Covlngton Mrs Hannah 

Covington Wm J 
490 Mack Mrs Ada 
494 Wlltse Mrs Minnie 
+ Alexander st intersects 
496 Emerson Stephen C 
498 Nicholson Andrew 
500 Sampson Mrs Sarah M 
502 Vacant 

504 Mitchell Richd H 
506 Clark John E 
508 Cairncross Methven J 
510 Leckie Fredk W 
512 White Richard H 
514 Peel Mrs Theresa 
516 Chinese Indry 
516% Fisher Mrs Agnes E 
518 White Richard H, gro 

Horchover Joseph 

Maitland st intersects 
520 Uren John F, phy 
522 Gibbs Mrs Elizth A 
524 O'Hearn, Michael J 
526 Richardson Mrs Alice 
528 Cuddahee Mrs Mary F 
530 Blackburn Miss Joanna 
532 Patterson L L 

534 Belding Mrs Jessie 
536 Webb Mrs Mina 
538 Kiteley & Hill, bdg 
540 Camplln Cbarlei 
542 Land James 
544 Avery Miss Jessie 
546 Crawford Hugh L 
548 Playtner Henry R 
}50 Canadian Horologlcal In- 

Moore Fredk W 
+ Wellesley st intersects 
552 Rafferty John 
554 Hall Mrs Annie 
556 Carson Miss Annie 
558 McVicker Mrs Emily 
E60 Jackson Mrs Hannah 
562 Nag-le Miss Nellie 
564 Heagens Mrs Henrietta 
566 Grant Miss Lucille 
568 Doyle James 
570 Chinese Indry 
572 Thornton Miss Anna 
574 Switzer Nelson 
576 Scott Wm 
578 Dates Fredk W 

Dundonald st ends 
"SO D'Arcy James 

582 Holmes John G 

584 Collard Mrs Kathleen 

592-596 Gloucester Apts 

Gloucester st intersects 
598 Sanderson Herbert M, 


600 Doward E R 
608 Kennedy Mrs Kate E 
Hamilton Miss Josephine, 


Barnard Miss M L. nurss 
+ Isabella st intersects 
612 Scott Benj 
014 Cleland Joseph L 
618 Gamble Mrs Matilda 
020 Malcolm Mrs Jennie 
622 Thompson Mrs Mary 
624 Hudson Geo 
626 Pte\vnrt Robert L. phy 

Charles st e intersects 
032 Manhattan Apartments 
634 Kenzie Herbert 

636 Willrich Miss Rose 
638 Carrier Mrs Emma 
640 Ryan Wm 
642 Howells Miss Carrie 
644 Mowat John 

Hayden st Intersects 
C48 Thorpe Wm B 

650 O'Neill James J 


West from opp 83 Osslng- 
ton av to Dovaroourt rd, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

2 Chatterson Albert 
4 Dunbar Frederick B 
6 Barnard Thos H 
8 Heywood John 

10 Merrltt John E 

12 Culotta Pietro 

14 Bray Charles 

16 Burns Robert 

18 Paterson Wm 

20 Seager Percy 

22 Schoales Richard 
24 Yokes John 

28 Lockie Everard J 
30 Craig Joseph 
36 Rankin Wm 

42 Thomson John 

46 Crulckshank Wm H 

48 Reid John W 
50 Payne John H 

52 Dempsey Andrew 

54 Dinsmore Edward T 
58 Wllloughby John S 
60 Muir Mrs Mary A 
62 Ralston John 

64 Morris Mrs Maria L 
68 Paterson Mark J 
68 Stafford Thos R 

South Side 

1 Millar Mrs Ellen 
3 Walters Newton 

5 Donnelly Arthur 
7 Le Uard Albert C 

9 Bennett James G 

11 Bennett Mrs Mary 

13 Smith Alexander H 

15 La France John R 

17 Rowles Arthur 

19 Weinerl: John 

21 Howard Gordon 

23 Collins Frank S 
^ Lakevlew av ends 

39 McCullough Robert W 
41 Forster Alexander 

43 Byam Fremont R 
45 Be!l Fredk J 

47 Bogart Alonzo A 

49 Brown Don 

53 Wolfe Carl 

55 Ritchie John 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Perth av. 


(Toronto Island), w from 
centre of Chlppewa av to 
Clandeboye av, ward 4. 
Not built on 


West from 146 Montroie 
av to Crawford, ward B. 

Not built on 


North side Queen w, be- 
tween James and Terau- 
lay, ward 8. 


Engine, motor and ventil- 
ating system, James 
Bannan, chief eng 
Ground Floor 

Department of Works, 
head office, Roland C 
Harris, commissioner 
of works; G G Pow- 
ell, prin asst eng; C 
L Fellows, CE, de- 
Roadways br, Dept of 
Works. M A Stewart, 
asst eng 

Private Drains Office, 
Dept of Works, Ed- 
gar R Stuart, chief 

Sewers br Dept of 
Works, Wm R Wor- 
thington, eng. 

Purchasing br Dept of 
Works, G V Mitchell, 
purch agt 

Aeras and Signs br, 
Dept of Works, John 
Pearl, insp 

Dept of Health. Chas J 
Hastings, MD, Medi- 
cal Officer of Health 

City Parks Dept, Chas 
E Chambers, com 

Deputy Chief of Police's 
office, Wm Stark dep- 
uty chief, David Archi- 
bald chief Inspector 
Police Dept, Staff In- 
spector's office, David 
McKlnney, act inspec 
Police Court Clerk's' Dept, 
C McK Morrison, chief 

Clerk of the Peace, H E 
Irwin, KC, barr, chief 
elk ; John T Evans 

Mechanical and Elec- 
trical Engineers of- 
fice, James Milne, 
mech eng 

City Relief Office, Al- 
fred Coyell, city re- 
lief officer 

Bengough Thos & Co, 
stenographers ana 

court reporters 
Canadian National Ex- 
hibition Assn, Dr J 
Orlando Orr, mgr and 

City Architect's Dept, 
Robert McCallum archi- 

City Property Dept, 

Daniel Chisholm, com 

City Street Cleaning br, 

Dept of Works, R C 

Harris commr 

First Floor- 
City Treasurer's Office, B 
T Coady treas, John 
Patterson deputy 

City Auditor's Dept, Wal- 
ter Sterling chief audi- 

Tax Collector's Office, 
Samnel Vance, Henry 
Lumbers, W L Bell, K 
F Rush, S H McComb, J 
D Woods, Samuel Balrd 
and James T Jackson, 
collectors. Joseph Har- 
ton Chief of Revenue 

City Waterworks Dept, 
James McKinlay, chief 
receiver, Oeorge H Mit- 
chell detail examiner, J 
A Boyd and Jas Max- 
well, 'chief insprs. 

Police Court and offices 

Police Court, Lt-Col Geo 
T Denison, li E Kings- 
ford and Peter Ellis 
police magistrates 

Police Clerk's Office, 
Robt McClelland, chief 

Police Department and 
Headquarters, Lt-Col 
Henry J Grasett, chief 

Detective Dept, Geo 
Kennedy, insp. Alex 
G Mackie. sergt 

License Department, B 
C Davenport, Issuer ot 

Division Court Cham- 
bers, F M Morson, 

Division Court '(First). 
F M Morson, Judge 

County Court Clerk's Of- 
fice (County York), 
John Richardson clerk. 
A N Middleton deputy 

County Court Chambers, 
John Winchester, Ed- 
ward Morgan, F M 
Morson and J H Den- 
ton, Judges 

Reporters room 

Exchequer Court (Aclmlr- 
nlty division), Hon 
James T Gnrrow Judge 
lOsgoode Hall), John 
Bru< e district registrar, 
R S stoneuouse mar- 
shall. George Angus 
official reporter 



Phone Main 1481 TORONTO 



Yachts Docked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 


1^* I 8m I ^ I ^3P Registered Patent Attorney 20 Years' Experience 


Phone M. 3737 


Surrogate Court Office, 
John Winchester judge, 
Arthur F Wallis, regis- 
trar, John Cowan, de- 
puty registrar 

County Crown Attorney, 
Richd H Greer K C, 

Sheriffs Office (Toronto 
City), Frederick Mowat 
sheriff, ,1 .-lines W Severs 

Sheriff's Office (York Co). 
P T Thiville sheriff, J 
E Severs deputy, 
John Cruikshank bal- 
iff, John Bye clerk 

County Court, York Co. 
John Winchester, Kd- 
ward Morgan, F M 
Morson and J Herbert 
Denton Judges 

Second Floor 

City Council and offices 

City Clerk's Dept, Wm A 
Llttlejohn clerk 

Registration Office for 
Births, Miirringes and 
Deaths, W A Littlejohn 
div registrar 

City Solicitor's Office. 
George Reginald 

Geary, KC. corpora- 
tion counsel; Wm 
Johnston city solici- 
tor, Irving S Fairty, 
Basil W Essery, Fran- 
cis A Eddis and Chas 
M Colquhoun, asst 

Mayor's Office, George B 
Wilson priv sec 

Assessment Dept, James 
C Formau commr, W 
Geo Farley, chief as- 
sessor, Albert E Lyon 
asst to the Assess- 
ment Commr, F B 
Morrow, Stewart B 
Burns. H M Graham, 
Joseph Moses, G F 
Bromley, Henry O 
Johnston, Lome M 
Sinclair, Wm H Clay, 
Wm M Miller, Thos J 
Law, Harry Nixon, 
Herbert R Adams, 
Hiram J Pritchard, 
and Geo Hurst, as- 

Municipal Reference Br 
(Public Library) Miss 
Dora Spears librarian 

Nlcol George B, marshal 
of Assize 

Board of Control Office. 
W A Littlejohn, sec 

Court of Revision, P II 
L>r;iytoii. r]];iiriii:iu 

Third Floor- 
City Surveyor's office. 
Tracy D Lemay, chief 
Board of Education, W C 
Wilkinson sec-treas, J L 
Hushes senior inspr, W 
F Chapman, W H El- 
liott, E W Bruce, 
J W Rogers and G H 
Armstrong inspect- 
ors, C H Bishop supt 
of bldgs, F E Hod- 
gins solicitor 
Department of Medical 
Inspection, Wm E 
Struthers chief medical 

Railways and Bridges 
br, Dept of Works, 
Chas W Power, engr 
In charge 

Main Drainage Works, A 
B Garrow res engineer 
Water Works Draught- 
ing Office, Dept of 
Works, James Barr, 
asst engr 

Division Court (First), 
Clerk's Office, A Mc- 
Lean Howard, clerk 

Tenth Division Court, 
E H Duggan, clerk 

Health Laboratories 
Dept of Health 

County of. York Law 
Assn, John H Moss, 
K.C., sec. 

Workman Frederick, care- 

Juvenile Court Chamb- 
ers, J Edward Starr, 


West from Teraulay, first 
south of College, ward 3. 


(Toronto Island), n from 
298 Lake Shore av, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Sweatman H Stanley 

Carmichael Fredk 
3 Townsend Sherman 

Livingston Geo 
5 Hebrtige Arthur H 
7 Price Frederick W 
") Segsworth Robert F 
11 Wlllett Sam! 
13 Miles Wm 
17 Vacant 

West Side 

Not built on 


West from Spadina av, 
first south of Oxford, 
ward 4. 


(West Toronto), n and e 
from Clendenan av to Que- 
bec av, ward 7 

East Side 

53 Kirkby Reuben 

55 Graham Robt 

61 Booth Francis S 

67 Jackson Harvey J, bldr 

71 Stevens Joseph 'H 

73 St Clair Edmund 
81 Singleton Wilfred 
93 Vacant 

West Side 

48 Minto Mrs Annie 

54 Cowan Roydeu G 

72 Wright Jesse G 

74 Vacant 

84 Hamm John 

56 Vacant 

92 Dudley Thos J 
96 McCullough Wm J 
98 Watt John 
110 Linn Stewart 


North from 730 Queen w, 
to Mansfield av, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Lucas Henry, die rokr 
7 Rappaport Louis 
9 C'howsky Morris 

13 Hootner Isaac 

15 Weintrop Hyman, tlr 

Crocker av intersects 
17 Molesworth James 
19 Payne Wm H 

21 Henry Mrs Margaret 
23-25 Police station No 3 
37 'Walters Bartholomew 
37% Cheer David A 
38 Lambrick Mrs Mary 

Robinson st intersects 
41 Aranha John, gro 
43 Leask Wm M 

45 Yeomans Geo H 
47 Rennie Robt 
49 Smallpage Wm 
51 Field Geo, exp 
55 Moody Miss Ada 
57 Schnitzer Saml 
59 Wheeler Geo 

61 Bell Henry L 
63 Sbea John C 

65 Gallagher Chas 

65% Mountain Thos 

67 Tyrer Albert 

67% Clarke Wm A 

69 Short Wm 

71 Fallahay David J 

73 Vacant 

77 Stevens Andrew 

79 Storey Wm S 

81 Hamilton Mrs Louisa 

83 Gansbarg Simeon 

85 Buchanan Wm 

87 Bernstein Myer 

89 McEwen Bernard 

91 Sheppard John 

93 Kirkpatrlck Raymond 

95 Gregory Mrs Sophia, gro 

97 Daniels Mrs Mary 

99 Sharp Walter 

99% Whittaker Saml 
101 Pike Arthur 
1C3 Cooper John 
105 Vacant 
107 Dingle Edmund 
109 Shea Michl 
111 Beckett Chas H 
113 Stagg Frederick J 
115 Ducie Patk 

119 Strain Mrs Margt 
121 Kirk Geo 

123 Ramsey Wm 
125 Haslam Geo 
127 Corb Israel 

120 Reeve Alfred 
13T1 Wilson Albert 
133 Fulton John 
135 McGowan John 
137 Miles Wm Ezra 

139 Shawcross Joseph H 

141 Drew James 

143 Hanlon Wm 

145 Baker Geo 

147 Scott Nelson 

149 Vacant 

151 Crowlune Joseph 

153 Mclntyre Mrs Mary 

155 Mason TIios 

157 Cooper John 

159 Cook Richd 

163 Mabey John 

165 Dempsey John 

167 Little Robt D 

169 Mumford Fredk 

171 Fletcher Alfred 

173 Laughton John B 

175 O'Graily John J 

177 McCulloch John 

179 Spinks James A 

181 Sorrell Robt 

Arthur st intersects 

185 Collins Leonard Ei, 


187 Kirk John 
191 Hewer Thomas F 
19" Larkin Frank 
195 Jenkins Thomas 
197 MacBeth Andrew 
199 McMahon Edwd 
203 Benson Wm 

Plymouth av Intersects 
247 Campbell James 

249 May Harry N 

251 Wiggins Joseph B 

253 Young David 

255 Weston James H 

257 Brown John 

259 Forbes Thomas 

261 Desante Pasquale, gro 

263 Wortley Frederick 

265 Coliardo Gabrielo 

269 Law.-ance Doratnick 

271 Clto Nntnle 

273 Pinda Sunde 

275 Ray Lewis 

277 Carmal Gabriel C 

279 Adelene Antonio 

281 Dinan Frank 

283 Alfe Domenico 

285 Duffy Owen 

287 Di Marco Raffnele, gro 

West Side 

6 Hood John 

8 Brown Mrs Annie 
12 Stennett Fredk 
14 Smith Anthony 
16 Bryant Walter 
18 Dickey Bernard 

Crocker av intersects 

20 Callan James H 

22 McCue Wm 

24 Thursh Frank 

26 Schofield John 

30 Jennings Thos, exp 

32 Snedden Wni 

34 Moore James H 

38 Mallaney .\t J 

Robinson st intersects 
40 Rutledge Joseph 

42 Richards Wm 

44 Casey John 

46 Christie Aiex 

48 Watson Jas 

50 Kent Edmund 

52 Metcalfe John 

54 Ridout Win 

56 Mastrangelo Joseph 

58 Lindsey Robert, bldr 

60 Doyle James J 

62 McAvay James T 

fifi Kurd Mrs Ellen 

68 Dorward Walter 

74 Grimley Richd 

76 Roberts Geo W 

78 Smith Frank 

80 Vacant 

82 Gardner Arthur 

84 Spring Chas 

86 Wright Thos 

88 Canning Alex 

90 McKeown John 

92 Banalli 'Lorenzo 

94 Levi Angelo 

96 McMillin Mrs Mary 

98 Noble Chas 
100 Martin Patrick, exp 
102 Lang John 
104 Ardito Geunaro, contr 
106 Foreigners 
108 Hall James 
110 Thomson Robt 
112 Johnston Samuel 
114 Greenfield Harry 
116 Hagan George A 
118 Hames John H 
120 Ford John 
124 Brooks Fredk 
126 Ludlow Richd C 

Bellwoods pi commence* 
128 Nelles Alex, gro 

130 Bousfield John W 

132 Lawrie Chas 

134 Lewis James 

136 Davis Geo 

148 Finlay Wm 

150 McBride Mrs Charlotte 

Soren Aaron, gro 
152 Rickwood Arthur H 

154 Vine Geo 

160 West Presby Mission 

162 Boyles James 

164 O'Connell John R 

>66 Italians 

170 Newton John 

Claremont pi Intersects 

Arthur st intersects 
182 Fralelgh H H, drugs 
184 Legge Mrs Nellie 
186 Fox Joseph 

155 Goddard Walter 
190 Rutledge Robt 
192 Harvey John 
194 McMillan Wm 

196 McMillan James, gro 
398 McMillan John jr 
200 Mundy Mrs Lavinia 
?"2 Quigley John J 
204 Cook Granvllle 

Plymouth av intersects 
2nii Smart Amos M 

208 Grealis Wm 

210 Snider Saml S 

212 Graham John 

214 Vacant 

216 Pollodlni Jiogindo 

218 Oswin James 

220 Hardy Frederick 

222 Addis James 

224 Demerlo Louis 

226 Alliston Harry 

228 Elliot Wm T 

230 Vacant 

232 Ross Augustus J 

234 Reid Thos A 

23B Langevin Chas 

238 Angus Alexander 

242 Ward Wm 

244 Charles Wm R, gro 

Treford pi commences 

Library Bureau 

Card and Filing Systems, 

Office, Bank and Library 


45 Yonga St. 


Factory, Isabella 

Street, Ottawa 




Tel. Main 3627 

24fi Gio Joseph 

248 Cascone John 

260 Gannella Glullo 

252 Depinto Mattio 

254 Cancel!! Pato 

296 Marinellie Luis;! 

258 Hasnuale Ckione 

260 Fortunate Modesto 

262 Rose John 

264 Spezzerri Carmen 

286 Nolan James 

>6S Turner Edwd 

270 Archer John 


West from 170 Claremont, 
ward T. 

2 Attwell Albert G 
4 Jenkins Thos 
6 Whitehead Thos 
8 Conroy Mrs .Margaret 
10 Payne FranK 

12 Clark Joseph 
14 Clark Mi. /hi 

16 Rose John W 

18 Reid John J 

20 Laiisr Mrs Ellen 

CLAItK"V< i: AV 

(Moore Park), east from 
Grave boul to limits 

North Side 

Biyson James 
^Constance st intersects 
^Alice st intersects 

South Side 

^Constance st intersects 

Gaw Thcs 

117 Bolton Alfred G 
119 Hall Geo A 
121 Sellers Archd J 
^Aliee st intersects 


Name changed to Heath, of 
which It is a continuation 


East side of Spadina av, 
at the head of "Wellington 
w, ward 4. 

North Side 

1 Paul John W 

2 Gordon Wm, bdg 

3 Sutherland Donald B 

4 Shephard Chas 

B Heimsohn Mrs Claudia 

6 Edwards Ralph 

7 1-iad.den James 

8 C'lnipell Alfred 

9 McEwan George 

10 Smith Chas E 

11 Crump Frederick J 

13 Brown Mrs Isabella 

12 Palmer H 

14 Allen George T 
16 Mack Win F 

16 Davidson John 

South Side 

Steele, Briggs Seed Co, 
Ltd, factory 


(Deer Park including old 
Schiller av), w from Ave- 
nue rd to Russell Hill rd, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

Roberts George R 

8 Shaver H Howard 
10 Lawrence John W 

12 Howland Lucien B 
14 Smith Eustice 
16 Saunders Bernard D 
^Poplar plains rd inter- 

12 Langmuir Frank H 
42 Blain Hugh 
48 Lorie Solomon 
64 Stralhy Stuart 
58 Maulson Frank B 
^ Warren rd intersects 
70 Castle George 
72 Cassels Hamilton 
76 Brown David 

South Side 

1 Wurtele Chas 

5 Vacant 
49 Blake Hume 
65 Brown Robt C 
71 Grasett Henry J 


(Old Edmund av), north 
west from Poplar Plains 
road to Clarendon av, 
ward 4. 

Northeast Side . , 

2 Jephcott Wm C 

4 Annesley Francis C 

6 Beck Herbert H 

Southwest Side . . 

1 Roden 1'rank 
3 Burnett Geo C 
"i Walker Ewart B 

7 Laidlaw John B 
'J Vacant 


South from Summerhlll ay, 
Rosedale addition, ward 1. 


East from 25 Grant to Bol- 
ton av, ward 1. 

North Side 

+ Howie av commences 
32 McConnell Wm G 
:u Wall John C 

! I 









South Side 

Haines Mrs Hannah 
Ulack Tlios 

Fitze John G 

LeMesurier Henry S 
Price Ernest 

Schrum Wm 
Whittaker Edward 
O'Neil Mrs Jane 

Hills Wm J 


North from G T R in rear 
of 68 Edwin av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Kerr Joseph 

3 Gilbert Mrs Mary 
o Yokom Walter S 

West Side 

Not built on 


(Including old Classic pi), 
east and west f:om 308 Hu- 
ron, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Nutt Geo 

4 Bates Fredk W 

6 Smith Mrs Mary 

8 Brundige John A 
10 Lachner Geo L 

20 Lyons Ephraim J 

22 Pettit Mrs Grace 

24 Murton Mrs Florence E 
26 King- Mrs Christina G 
28 Paton Peter F 

30 Millard Mrs Ellen B 
32 Evans L Hamilton 
34 Noble Mrs Emma 
36 Huggard John 
38 Alexander Joseph 

^ Spadina av intersects 

South Side 

1 Webb Mrs Sarah 

3 Robinson Richd 
Atkey Wm 

5 Vacant 

7 Currie Archd 

21 Ewart John 

23 Gould Mrs Rachel 
Campbea Miss Katherine, 


Oram Miss Louisa, nurse 
Allan Miss Margaret, 


25 Baillie Miss Catherine 


27 Buller John 
29 Cook Alexander 
31 Burtis Chas F 
33 Cameron Henry 
35 Selby John W 

Smith Leopold, mus 


37 King Mrs Ida 
39 Christie Wm 
41 Cairns Colin S 
43 Parker Wm A 


(West Toronto) n from 
Bloor w. intersecting Dun- 
das st No 1997. to C P R 
tracks, ward 7. 

East riide 

183 Maron Mrs Alice 

187 Carroll iiobt 

1H7 Pearson Augustus 

Glendonwynne rd Inter- 


365 Taylor Joseph D 
369 Bagnall John H 
371 Connell Alexander 
373 Tutcy Thos A 
3S1 Bothwell James W 
:(83 Anson Arthur T 
3S5 Maxwell Wm 
387 Dunn James G 
389 Lambkin Mrs John 

Annette st Intersects 
405 Thompson Francis H 
407 Gartley James 

411 Livingston & Scott, 

skirt mfrs 
417 Lankin Albert E 
410 Ashwood David 
421 Grant Wm A 
425 Whitmore Lafayette 
427 Vacant 
429 Davis Wm S 
431 Walter Wm H 
433 Morrison Wm J 
435 Mably Joseph H 
437 Scriven Frederick J 
441 McDougall John 
443 Proctor John S, contr 
447 McLennan Alexander 
453 Irvine John 
455 Brown David A 
461 Harper Joseph H 
463 Beattie John A 
465 Irvine Alexander 
469 Morrow Robt J 
471 Edgers Mrs Margt 
475 Atkinson Richard 
481 Grundler Geo J 
483 Martin Stephen 
4S5 Miller James 
4S7 Ratferty James P 
493 Martin Alfred W 

Dundas st intersects 
531 Hutchinson James 
533 Salmon Fredk C 
5S5 Soutbey Thos 

n37 Kiernan Geo 

539 Blevins John 

541 Peck Wm G 

543 Askin Wm 

E45 Spiegelman Abraham 

Askin Riehd 
547 Wellman Lazarus 
549 Fairs Walter 
551 Blackstock George A 
553 Rhodes Fredk 
555 Vincent George L 
557 Jewell Thomas 
559 Palmer Lome 
561 Linton James 
."''.:! Gibson James P 
Sfi.i Mandlkhr Saml 
569 Murray Chas 
571 Brown John 
573 Schwartz Enoch 
575 Wowk Stanley 
577 Lanton Stephen H 
579 Pierson Frank 
581 Dine Jacob 
583 Labelle Samuel 
585 Shankman Harry 
587 Chessen Wm H 

West Side 

Glenholm drive com- 


Glendonwynne rd Inter- 

308 Walton David C. contr 

310 VanDusen Clifford R 
+ Rowland st commences 
332 Wright Thomas P, contr 
336 Vanstone Thos E 
340 Hughes Mrs Wilhel- 


344 Lynes John J 
348 Hancock John E B 
SbO Murphy Wm J 
fffi Irwin Frank H 

354 Rice Allan B 

355 Ellis James A 

+ Jennings av commences 
+ Annette st intersects 

394 Milne Wm 

396 Knapp Eber 

398 Heston Saml C 

400 Rush John 

402 Crisp Robert 

404 Fathing Wm 

400 Hann Wm J 

408 Head Henry 

410 Robertson Wm 

412 Andrews Robt W 

414 Douglas George B 

416 Walters Joseph 

418 Weiderick George W 

420 Butters Thos 

422 Vacant 

424 Brown Henry 
Williams Joel 

428 Smith Chas R 

430 Follis W Russell 

432 Lynch Joseph 

434 Chaffey Percival 

436 Reynolds Thomas R 

438 Feil Wm G 

442 Proctor Frank 

446 King Robt 

450 Whitehead Wm G 

454 Brown Frank 

456 Vacant 

458 Vacant 

462 Vacant 

464 Vacant 

468 Willoughby Nicholas R 

470 Hart Daniel 

472 Bolton John M 

476 Burt Moses C 

484 Vincent Geo L 

486 Bell Wm 

490 Holloway George 

-194 Thurston Wm D 

496 Musson John G 

500 Fieldus Henry 

502 Bain Frank 

Dundas st intersects 
34 Smyth Wm S 

536 Belcher John T 
542 Lfipp.iirt' Mrs Jane 
546 Povey Henry C 

Maria st begins 
556 Greenblatt Moses 

558 Storzumnick Morris. 


562 Smith Geo W 
564 Harrison Roy 
568 Davies David 
570 Southern Roy H 
576 Smith Fred 
586 Madge Fredk 
588 Parks Edwd 


(North Toronto), north 
from Millwood rd to Eg- 
linton av e. first e of Lin- 
coln av. 

East Side 

31 Osborne Arthur 
39' Burgin Horace 


Real Estate Agents, 

Estates Managed. Properties Bought, Sold and 
Exchanged. Rents Collected. 26 TORONTO ST. 


Late of the City Architect's Dept. 


Rooms: 311-312 
Phone A. 176 


West Side 

12 Monseair John 
44 Andrews John 


(Formerly known M part 
of Empress crescent), west 
from Dowling ar, first of 
the QTR tracks, ward 6. 

North Side ........ 

Not built on (17 track*) 
South Side 

16 Olanelll Alfred W H 

17 Raymond Win B 

28 Cowan Herbert S 
27 Farrell Wm H 

29 Ambrose John R W 


Weet from 277 Niagara to 

Strachan av, ward 5. 

North Side 

Stanley ter Intersect! 

4-6 Kindel Bed Co, Ltd 
10 Doyle Patrick 
12 Archer Mrs Jane 
14 Worley Saml 
16 McKeag Joshua 
18 Kelloway Wm 
20 Daniels Mrs Margt 
22 Ferguson James 
24 Fortner Fredk 
26 Stephen Geo 
28 Johnstone Thos 
30 Callan Wm H 
32 Skelly Wm 
34 Bradley Wm A jr 
36 Reilly Charles 
38 Pancott Henry A 
40 Meadows John S 
42 Cassidy Miss Mary 
44 Scott Miss Mary 

South Side 

Stanley ter intersects 
* Stafford st ends 

3 Bush Oliver 

5 Christio Mrs Hannah J 

7 Broomhead Wm 

9 Morris Fredk 
13 Marshall Mrs Mary 




(Spadinu Park) 


North from 40 Mansfield 
av to city limits, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Franco Cesare 

3 Hanger Fredk 

5 Williams Edwd 

7 Moore Mrs Ada 

9,Peel Thos H 
11 Black Wm, btchr 

^ Henderson av intersects 
13 Slean Mrs Annie, gro 
19 Pringle Wm 
21 Lee Mrs Annie E 
23 Mitchell Wm 
25 Mngulre Mrs Mary 
27 Roberts Mrs Annie 
29 Macdonell Mrs Mary 
31 McKechnie Mrs B 
33 Adlan John 
35 McDowell Albert 
37 Howe Wm 
39 Whitten Robt 
43 Kingswood Arthur, tlr 
45 Wurtz Wilmot B, dentist 

+ College st intersects 

49 Chinese Indry 
53 Rrown John 

55 Robertson Joseph 
+ Courtney pi commence* 

50 Nicholson R Arthur 

61 Nicholson George, bldr 
63 Tomlln Wm B 
65 Skippon Edward 

87 Patterson Wm 

69 Young Wm 

71 McDonald Angus 

73 Devitt Robt 

75 Patton Peter 

77 Cesario Toney 

79 Dewsbury Thomas H 

81 Whytock Peter B 

83 Dixou George E 

85 Carman Joseph 

87 Yost John R 

89 Alderman Chas E 

91 Smallwood George 

93 Smallwood Miss Emma 

95 Smallwood Charles 

97 Smallwood Wm 

Smallwood Bros, contr 

99 Smith Mrs Louisa 
101 Cain Edmund 
103 Perry George A 
105 McKee Stafford H 
107 Hopkins Robt E 
109 Fentilman Thos 
115 Ford Richd 
117 Laing Geo 
119 Atkinson Arthur E 
121 Vacant 
123 Vacant 

125 MathewKor, Robt W 
127 Galvin Patk J , 
129 AIHn Jas G 
131 Luck Arthur 
133 Reid James 
135 Malcolm Wm 
137 Veitch Alex 
139 Belbin Geo E 
Griffin Chas 
143 Clinton St School 
159 Sutcliffe Thos H 
161 Pattullo Henry 
163 Emo Alfred 
165 Cole Robt 
167 Allison Arthur 
169 Munro Robt 
171 Hartwick Geo 
173 Sharp Charles S 
175 Nolan Allen 
177 Rowatt John 
179 Adams Robert A 
181 Turner John 
183 Turner George 
185 Campbell Alexander 
187 Smith Henry J 
189 Dundas Edward R 
191 Gordon John C 
193 Martin Llewllyn M 
195 McQuay Wm 
197 Gribble Geo A 
199 Hutcheson T H, plmbr 
201 Middleton Fredk J 
203 Cross Cecil 
205 Peacock Harry 
207 Abbs Robert, contr 
209 Rome David 
211 Saunders John, exp 
213 Thompson James 
215 Wood James W 
217 Devereux Mary 
219 HusS'3y B W 
221 Robinson Edwin, roofer 
223 Joedicke Chas 
225 Hutchinson Anthony J 
227 Hamly Mrs Ann 
229 Llghtfoot Wm 
231 Hamly James E 
233 Dunham Chas H 
235 Whytock Wm, btchr 

^ Harbord st intersects 
237 Plummer Alfred, gro 
239 Denney Rev Frank 
241 Ford Jchn J 
243 Hurst Walter 
245 Neal Geo J 
247 Ellison Wm 
49 Broderick A A 
251 Garrett Geo A 
253 Bennett Arthur J 
255 Partridge John H 
257 Duncan John 
259 Herder John 
261 Forward Wm 
263 Williamson Robert 
. 265 McLeod Daniel 
267 Mansell Henry W 
269 Boyce John H 
271 Winstanley Chas A 
273 Vacant 

275 Rothwell Frederick W 
277 Crowther Herbert 
279 Bavington Geo W 

281 Jones Mrs Jane 

283 Cuthbertson Hugh 

285 Hyde Frederick C 

287 Walker Mrs Annie 

289 Palmer Frank 

201 Cox Charles 

293 McKay Hugh 

295 Curtis Cornelius 

297 Ramsay Robert H 

299 Gill Alexander S 

301 Ruck Wm 

303 Downs Patk 

303% Graham Geo 

?05 Davis Wm 

305% Morton Mrs Florence 

507 Sinclair Geo 

E07% Wilson Wm 

Harris J Wallace 

309 Bedford Arthur H 

311 Tweed John 

313 Ward Roy G 

315 Hoffman James H 

317 Brennan James 

319 Ebach Wm F 

321 Marsicauo Dominlco 

323 Gilmour Joseph R 

325 Stirling Thos H 

327 Giroux Mrs Mary 

329 Wells Mrs Caroline 

329>A Lang Carl P 

331 Cheesbrough Miss Char- 
lotte M 

33iy 2 Ecknardt Mrs Cathe- 

333 Proctor Harry 

i>85 Tran J Milton 

337 Booth Fredk W 

239 Hutchinson John W 

341 Lettau Herman 

343 Alston Chas 

345 Lewis Mrs Jane A 

347 Currie Mrs Ellen 

349 Bond Fredk 

351 Hill John L 

353 Armstrong Alex 

"55 Bastedo Cornelius N 

357 Murray Robert 

359 Wales George H 

363 Browne Ephraim 

365 Cleland Mrs Elizth 

367 Howe Edwd J, dentist 

367% Vacant 

369 Ramsden Herbert 

371 Flett Miss Flora 

371a Lloyd John W 
Bloor st w Intersects 

373 Glllespie Win 

377 Burgess Geo 

381 Jeffries Chas 

383 Armstrong Jamei 

385 Vacant 

387 McEwen Geo 

089 Ross Wm G 

091 Wake James 

393 Bested Joseph R 

395 Rose Herbert 

397 Holland Albert 

399 Samuel Fredk W 

401 Morrison Norman 

403 Size Albert E 

405 Sutton Edmund 

407 Macdouell George A 

409 Follett Jacob 

411 Mougnel Arthur 

413 Ewing Edwin 

415 Churchill Joseph 

417 Hawkes Alex 

421 Fraser Wm H 

423 Nelson Anthony 

425 Mathews John H 

427 Duncan Fredk 

429 Pryce Saml H 

431 Wiles Martin 

433 Henderson David, bldr 

435 Smallridge Wm 

437 Thomas Richard 

439 Creser Wm 
441 Hall Robert D 

443 Scobie Lome 

445 Vidler Alfred 

447 Cotton Robt 

449 Davidson Adam 

451 Vacant 

453 Pook Oliver 

455 Squier Wm T 

455% Hobkirk Andrew B 
^ Barton av intersects 
463 Rnwllnson H G 

465 Smith Chas R 

467 Rawllnson Henry, exp 

469 Yates George W, exp 

471 Ball Matthew 

473 Parton Richard 

475 Mitner Mrs Susan 

475% Ryan Mrs Mary 

477 Loveday James 

479 Hawfcen Charles S 

481 Brown Benj H 

483 Cohen Louis L 

485 Vanzant Edwd 

487 Bryson Roy 

489 Reid Geo 

491 Coombes Percy W 

493 Sinclair Wm 

495 Sharp Thos 

497 Bartello Chas 

499 Dawson John W 

501 Keay Adam S 

503 McLean Mrs Mary 

Follis av intersects 
505 Kippen James D 
607 Goodsir Jas F 

509 Roxborough Henry C 

511 Barry Edwd 

513 Krause Adolph M 

521 Cocks Fredk T 

523 Froud Mrs M A 

525 Scarff Wm 

527 Rathbone Charles 

529 Millward Henry 

531 McCready James E 

533 Kingdon Mrs Martha 

533% Clarke Francis 

535 Wixon Robt 

537 Hooper Fredk C 

539 Bear Walter J 

541 Knox Alfred C 

43 Newton Lewis 

545 Schwegler Maurice 

547 Marsh Fred R 

549 Goad George N 

551 Law Wm 

553 Gordon James 

555 Klopp Herbert 

557 Harbinson James L 

659 Stan ton Mrs Jane 

561 Harbour David 

563 Jessop Wm 

K65 Johnstone Edwd 

567 Campbell Francis 

569 Randall Charles G 

571 Vacant 

573 Martin George M M 

575 Brent Frederick W 

577 Thomas Sidney H 

Yarmouth rd intersects 
601 Bear George A 

603 Mclntosh Wm 
605 Dennison John 
6C7 Watson Walter L 
609 Calvert Wm J 
611 Vacant 
613 Hamilton Thomas 
615 Phillips RicUd 
617 Garner Arthur 

Hubbard Geo E 
619 Pratt Joseph 
621 Kelly John 
623 Usher Herbert 
625 Allen Albert 
027 Palton Warwick C 
B29 Ball Alfred 
633 White Wm 
^ Dupont st Intersects 

West Side 

2 Donate Enrico 

2% Leon Michl 

4 Cahill Thos 

6 Ashhy Charles H 
8 Atkinson J Henry 
10 Posenole Chiopello 
12 Veltri Frank 
14 Sosso Louis, barber 
Henderson av Intersect* 
16 Lavoie Wm 
18 Blackwell Arthur E H 
20 Oir Norman 
22 Goldsmith Edwd 
24 Gardner Peter 
26 Lawrence Wilfred 
28 Taylor Warren 
30 Reeves Thos H 
32 Vacant 

^ Gore st commences 
34 Richardson Frank 
36 Thorn Chas 
38 Hedges Chas 
44 Chamberlain Miss K M 

pnyn/irnpui nuirui Acoiioiupr pn Limited, of 

COMMtnllnL UNION fOTftNlt 111,^, En , 

Toronto Office, 49 WELLINGTON ST. E. Tel. Main 251 


GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Genera! 
Residence Tel. North 124 


W. H. HARGRAFT, City Agsnl 

Residence Tel. Hill. 686 




Eat. 1873 Phone Main 1889 


College st Intersects 
50 Grover Mrs Louisa 
52 Pefferly Sidney 

56 Christian Workers' Mis- 
sion, The 

66 Whelan John 

72 Butler Alfred 

74 Butler Geo 

76 Seal Geo 

78 Vacant 

82 Norrish Ernest L 

86 Hedges Joseph G 

88 Brown Mrs Lucy 

90-100 Clinton St Method- 
ist church 
102 Orser James 
104 Williamson Geo N 
106 Cassaday Mrs Alice D 

Burrowes Arnold A 
108 Hall Mrs Margaret 
110 Lusby Wm J 
112 McDowell Wm 
114 Murray John A, piano 


116 Nightingale Clarence 
116% Caplan Rev Henry 

Caplan Miss C M, nurse 
118 Dunne Edward, contr 
120 Maxwell James 
122 Martin Bertrand 
124 Smith Mrs Mary A 
126 Culley Sidney 
128 McMurray Wm 
130 Gordon Mrs Effle 
132 McDonald Robt 
134 Lloyd Harry 
136 Hyde Mrs Elizabeth 
138 Grandin John, plstr 
140 Copping Henry E 
142 Medland Wm G 
144 Truman Wm, gro 
146 Fess Ueerge, house mover 
148 Watson Wm 
152 Walker Wm J 
154 Cohen Abraham 
156 Chinese Indry 
158 Thompson John H 
160 Cairns Kenneth 
162 Steer Stephen, gro 
164 Jory Franklin P 
166 Sutcliffe Mrs Eliza 
168 Vacant 
170 White Walter 
172 Herbert Thos 
174 Dorland Robt 
176 Thorington Harry 
178 Levy Charles B, gro 
Jersey av commence* 
180 Preet Mrs Bertha, gro 
182 Murrode John M 
186 Johnson Thomas 
188 Long Howard 
190 Bell Joseph R, pntr 
192 Banks Charles 
194 Stent Fredk 
196 Craggs Mrs Susanna, 


198 Blake Saml J 
202 Vacant 

204 Scollon Bros, gros 
204 1/, McCail Edwd 

206 Fisher Harry 

205 Hayw.-tnl John F 
210 Hedges James G 
212 Vacant 

214 Mann Rev Alex 

216 Gumming John 

218 Taylor Thos 

220 Coates Marshall 

222 Reddick Wm H 

224 Edgar James 

226 McFarland Mrs Jane 

Harbord st intersects 
236 Coleman * redk 

238 Elliott Frank, dairy 

Elliott Francis W 
240 Mayers Solomon 
242 Nokes Wm J 
244 Inglis Walter F 
246 Woodcock Frank D 

8 Woodcock Miss Alice C 
250 Camplin Mrs E J 
252 Ilishworth Mrs H. drs- 


264 Wilding Duncan 
256 Johnson Isaac 
258 Carter Chas 
260 Wright Wm J 
262 Butler Mrs Sarah 

264 Garrett George S C 

266 Betts Geo 

268 Heffron James J 

if70 Garrity Walter A 

272 Robertson Mrs Jessie 

274 Rogers Geo M, pntr 

Whitworth John W 
276 Wood Edwd 
278 Wood Edgar J 
280 Wood Mrs Ellen 
282 Sibley E & Son, uphols 

Slbley Edward 

Sibley Alfred G H. r 

Sibley Albert E, r 

Hutchison Mrs Harriet, 

C P R Co's Tel (br) 
284 Johnston Mrs Margt 
286 Bowen Price 
2S8 Hill Mrs Gertrude, mus 


Hill Alfred W 
290 Edson Saml 
EOS Hickerson Rinnear 

Hickerson George 
310 Campbell Archd G 
312 Archdekin Mrs Jennie 
314 Jones T ii & Co, contrs 
330 Bowden Miss Ann J 
332 Staddon Fredk 
342 Grimshaw Joseph B 
344 Gain Henry 
346 Bailey Mrs Laura 
348 Gibson Wm R 
4> Clinton pi commences 
352 Zingg Fredk H 
354 Harris Isaac 
360 Vacant 

Bloor st w intersects 
372 Goodchild Arthur 
376 Jifkins Frederick A 
382 Halligan Wm 
388 Jifkins W L 
414 Wallace Mrs Annie 
116 Vacant 
418 Henry Thos 
420 Waddington Albert 
422 Law John 
426 Stewart Alexander 
428 Saul Fredk 
428% Bist Chas M 
430 Nash Wm 
432 Beattie Thos H 
434 Hawthorne Wm 
436 Hammond Harry G 
438 Pickering Mrs Ann J 
442 Douglas Wm 
444 Smith George G 
446 Brash James jr 
448 Brash James 
450 Hartwick Mrs Teresa 
452 Hutchison James 
454 Grant Charles 
456 Forham Oscar 
458 Hinde Richd 
460 May John 
Barton av intersects 
466 Morrin Saml 
468 Lines Mrs Jessie 
470 Marshall Wm 
472 Widdicombe Wm 
474 Currier Adam D 
476 Adams Wm 
478 Young Alex 
480 Nightingale Edwin 
482 Toms Wm 
484 Taylor Thos 
486 Croft Arthur W 
488 Gratton John W, contr 
480 Crowhurst G D. dairy 
492 Wills Frank V 

494 Fawn Joseph 

496 Enright Cornelius 

495 Purssord Chas E 
500 Smith Harry 

502 Campbell Joseph J 
50 2a Claffey Bertram 
504 Black Geo A 
506 McClure Matthew D 
506% Isaac Wm J 
508 Watson George 
510 Evans Walter 
510% Dickson Louis J 
512 Hagan John, gro 
Follis av Intersects 
516 Moore George, piano mfr 
518 Neate Charles, bldr 
520 Coburn Wm 
522 Vacant 

024 Williams F D 
526 Randall Percy H 
528 Herron Ephraim 
630 Cook John P 

532 Lye Herbert H 
534 Wilson Wm H 
510 Campbell Duncan 
542 Schleihauf John W 
544 Sumner Miss E Belle 
546 Foster Chas 
548 Lush Hugh 
550 Swan John 
552 McCallum Mrs Margt 
554 Fowler James 
556 Laver Chas 
558 Fisher John C 
560 Avery Hayward 
562 Nigh Mrs Lucy 
570 Ellis Harry, gro 
572 Millsap Miss Elizth 
574 McDonald Thcs A 
f76 Turnbull James 
578 Boyd Joseph 
580 Cole Alfred T 
5?2 Pearn Joseph 
584 Bonnell Fredk L 
586 Nobles Rev Henry R 
588 Ferguson Rev J Joseph 
Yarmouth rd intersects 
604 Glllett Louis 
606 Wood Chas 
608 Day John 
610 Hoit James A 
612 Allen Edwin 
614 Ccx Wm 
616 Beresford John 
618 Atterton Harold W 
620 Barlow Thomas 
622 Grass James 
624 Richardson Jasper 
626 Shepherd Harry 
630 Harvey Richard 
632 Ernst Peter 
634 Capel Harry 


Name changed to Lonsdale 


West from 348 Clinton, 
ward 5. 

North Side .. 

2 Eccles Machine Co 

South Side 

1 Vacant 
3 Vacant 
5 Tugwell Edwd 

Herron John J 
7 Keith Geo 
8 Bailey Wm H 
11 Boorman Edgar S 
13 McManus Joseph 
15 Butwell Benjamin 


North from G T R to 
Queen w, first w of Dunn 
av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Harrison Miss Sarah 
3 Linecar Harry W 
5 Wilk e Geo A 
7 Moe James W 
11 Grant Wm, contr 
13 Peers Mrs Florence 
1C Bonlsteel Philip J 
17 Kennedy James 

Smith James 
21 Jose Richard 
23 Walker Robt T 
25 Ridsdill Geo 
27 Zryd George J 
at Jenney Mrs Annie B 
89 Stevens Fredk 
91 Robinson Clarence G 
93 Vogan Wilfred L 
95 Godfrey John M 
97 Brown Nathaniel B 
99 Thomson Harold P 
101 Vacant 
103 Watson Geo C 
105 Eldridse Miss A, gro 
luO Oi r James W 

111 Todd Miss Elizth 

Todd Miss Margt 
113 Barren Donald F 
110 Barr Wm 
117 Emery J Gordon 
119 Briggs Mrs Mary J 
121 Mendelson Saml 
King ot w Intersects 
137-141 Holy Family School 
143 Keeler Percy A 
145 Smith Mrs Margt 
147 Thompson Fredk 
149 Routley Obediah W 
161 Flnerty John 
153 Murdoch Donald 
155 Fuller Chas 
157 Vacant 
159 Burford Saml C 
161 Darragh Alex T 
163 Ward John J 
165 Megaffin David W 
167 Sloan Wm W 
169 Somerville Miss Mary 

Somervllle Miss Margt 
171 Yeoman Thos H 
173 Leppan Mrs Edith 

Home for Alcoholic and 

Nervous Patients 
181 Pringle Wm A 
183 Armstrong John M 
185 Dixon Wm J 
187 Adams Mrs Elizth 
189 Fleming John jr 
191 D'Entremont Louis A 
193 Feklstein Samuel 
195 Brady Francis A 
199 Reed John 
201 Mearns Robert, florist 
207 Bailey George 
209 Macdonalrt Caleb S 
209% Crowe Ernest 
211 Vacant 

211% Crowe Mrs Florence 
213 Parsons Mrs Annie 
223 Connaught Apts 

West Side 

6 Gilmour Joseph 
S Lloyd Frank E 

10 Sutherland Jas H 

12 Davidson Thos 

14 Moon Wm J 

16 Judge Geo M 

18 Lewis Edwin C 

20 Crocker John B 

22 Robinson Mrs Jane 
Anderson Mrs Emily G 

26 Wallace George W 

'28 Gourlay Wm 

30 Smith Oliver C 

32 Rowe Saml S 

34 McKay George E 

86 Burbank Frederick D 

40 Tremeear Wm J 

42 Waddell Alex 

44 Sears Thos H 

46 MacDonald Chas L 

48 Wright Andre-re 

50 Wilmot Henry F 

52 Allardyce Archd T 

64 Millar Rowland J 

56 Lambe Hugh 

58 Floody Edwd 

60 Rosser Harry P 

62 Hamilton John H 

64 Glatt Carl A 

06 Stuart Wm 

68 Zimmerman Louis 

70 Smith Alfred T 

72 Psine John B 

74 Martin Harry G 

76 Neff Arthur C 

80 Simpson Henry 

82 French Chas G 

84 Cook James A 

86 Phllp Perclval H 
Queen Victoria School 

King st w intersects 
118 Flanagan John 
120 Boehmer Abraham 
124 Cortin John 
126 Young Wm D 
128 Thompson Norman J 
130 Tindale H Frank 
132 Anderson Walkinshaw 
134 Stewart Mrs Alice 
136 Pinney Victor G 
138 Lancaster "Wm F 
140 Charlton Wm B, contr 

Sidewalk Doors, Etc. 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Adelaide I960 



Estate Broker I RESIDENCES 

PHONES MAIN 988-989 J 

43 Victoria Street I INVESTMENTS 


142 Ambridge Henry A 

144 Burrows Robert S 

146 Kearns James 

148 Joseph S, contr 

132 Walker Albert B 

154 Dean A Earl 

156 Dwyer Michl 

158 Porter Mrs Minnie 

10 Gray Wm T 

162 Arland Wm H 

164 Bailey Chas L 

166 Goodfellow Jas 

IfiS Barrington Joseph W 

110 Ma:ison Alexander P 

172 Sperv -e James, phv 

206 Laws "Wm 

"OS McElroy Wm H, contr 

210 Rogers Edwd A 

"12 Temple Geo A 

214 Cameron Miss Elmlra 

216 Zammers Francis J 

IMS Gregory Apartments 
Law Fredk G, dentist 
Meyers Earl B 
Scrimgeour Mrs Sarah 
Rockwell Emery H 
Tawse Miss Bella, artist 
Si ybert John P 


West and n from opp 41 
Rosedale to Rowanwood av, 
ward 2. 

...North and East Sides... 
1 Boulton Mrs Charlotte 
5 MacLean Hugh C 
15 Moore Wm H 
21 Breckenrdge James C 
25 r.rant Rev Andrew S 
35 Eby Joseph F 
37 Bicknell James 
+ Cresrtnt rd intersects 
49 Northway John 
ol Kerr Miss Emily 
57 Williams Richard S 
61 Mnlock Wm jr 
63 Jephcott Alfred 

... South and West Sides ... 
40 Loiitrwell Alex 
42 Hamilton Wm A 
48 Laird Alexander 
+ Crescent rd intersects 
52 Dixon John J 


West from Ontario opp 
St James av, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Chalmers Mrs Annie 

3 Scriyens Mrs Louise 

5 -Absent 

7 Mennell Harry 

9 Wright Geo 
11 Jamison Alex 
13 Hewitt Thos 


North from Queen e, first 
w of Jones av, Ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Breckles Fredk J 

3 Cohen Max 

5 Gilks Wm 

7 Shorrock James 

9 Gillson Herbert L 
11 Blaj*g James 
29 Findlay Mrs Margt 
31 Waring Wm 
33 Brady Norman 
35 Barnfather James 
37 Petty Hugh W 
39 Russell John 
41 Skelton John 
43 Dempster Robt 
45 Ross Chas 
47 Austin Raymond 
49 Dyson Fredk 
51 Meehan Joseph 
53 Vacant 
55 Vacant 
57 Hill Wm 
59 Vacant 
61 Vacant 
63 Vacant 

65 Vacant 

67 Vacant 

69 Vacant 

71 Vacant 

73 Vacant 

75 Vacant 

77 Vacant 

79 Dawes Chas 

si Wright Henry 

S3 Eastaugh Herbert J 

S5 Vacant 

87 Vacant 

89 Vacant 

91 Vacant 

93 Vacant 

95 Vacant 

97 Vacant 

99 Latremouille Joseph O 

Wi-st Side 

2 Robinson Saml C 

4 Richardson Chas F 
6 Gerow Edwin S T 

5 Leach Walter D 
10 Sullivan Ausustine 
12 Morel Lorenzo 

14 Vacant 

16 McGregor Mrs John D 

18 Korompay Geo 

20 White Mannel HI 

22 Graff Mrs Annie 

24 Grant Robt 

26 Morganson John S 

28 Vacant 

30 Spence Norman 

32 Gummunro Hartley J 

34 Heath John L E 

36 Beatty Miss Mary A 

35 Engers Adolphe 
40 Howard Joseph G 
42 Barry Robt 

44 Absent 

52 McEwan Benj 

54 West Reginald S 

74 Hunt Alfred 


(Old Coatsworth lane), e 
from 27T Ontario to Parlia- 
ment, ward 2. 

North Side . . 

Not built on 

South Side . . 

l Curphey Richard 
8 Chatterly Fredk 


(Old Edwin. West Toronto) 
north from Ryding av to St 
Clair av, 1 e of Runnymede 
rd, ward 7 
Not built on 


East from 453 Brock av, 
fourth n of College, ward 
North Side 

2 Sharp* John 

4 Martin Thos 

6 Routery Fredk 

8 Cowan Wallace B 

10 Htnchliffe Percy 

12 McDermld Archibald 

14 Watson Chas 

16 Gavine Wm 

Archer st commences 

South Side 

1 Holden Herbert 

3 Atkinson Benj 

5 Wright Miss Zina 

7 Lee Herbert 

9 Hopkins John H 

Wood Geo 

11 Wasteen Casimir 

13 Hunt Win 

15 Curtis John 

17 Johnson Robt A 




(Humber Kay and Runny- 


(Old D'Arcy, West Toron- 
to), west from Kennedy av 
to Jane, first n of Bloor w, 
ward 7. 

North Side 

Loads Mrs Celina 

South Side 

Not l.,.ttt on 


East from 61 Yonge to 
West Market, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Warren E D & Co. brokrs 
Wdland Construction 

Co, Ltd 
Metropolitan Realty 

Co, Ltd 
6-8 Nordheimer Bldg 

United Slates Fidelity 
and Guaranty Co of 


30 Canadian Country- 
man Publishing- 

32 Desbarats Advertis- 

ing Agency 

33 Anglo - American 

News Co, publrs 

34 Vacant 

35 Canadian Westing- 

hou&e Co, stock rm 

36 Vacant 

Fourth Floor 

Collier P F & Son, 

Canadian Colliers, pub- 

Fifth Floor 

Ocean Accident & 
Guarantee Corp, Ltd 

Sixth Floor 

Johnston, McKay, Dods 

& Grant, barrs 
^ Victoria st commences 
32 Stowe J H, mft-s agt 

Commercial Press, Ltd 
34 Scott Printers, Ltd 
Budd-Collier Co, Ltd, 

Devins Falkner Co, 

wall paper 

Campbell A J, emboss- 
Myott Son & Co, Ltd, 

36 Bolte Auguste, brewers' 


38 Ingersoll Packing Co 
^Leader lane intersects 
40 MacGillivray Bro, whol 

40% Canada Watch Case 

Klein & Burrows, 

watchmakers sup 
42 Leeson E M, whol fny 

Gillchrist C M & Co, 

whol clothing 
44 Adams J R & Co. mfg 

East India Mfg Co, gro 

46 Brnndram - Henderson, 

Ltd. paints 
48 Levy Henry & Co, wool 

50 McLaren J C Belting 

Shatsky M R, clothing 

52 O'Reilly W J, cotitr 

Pitner Gasoline Light- 
ing Co 

Instanter Co, Ltd, wat- 
er heaters 

54 Morin J H & Co, paints 
56 Ross D C & Co, mfrs 


Edwards J E & Sons, 
leather goods 

!jS Canadian Specialty Co. 

mfrs agts 
Poliwka Kinil & Co, mfrs' 


Robertson A G, fin agt 
Kew Printing Co 
60 Metropolitan importing & 
Mfs Co, Ltd, novelties 
60% Vacant 

^ Church st intersects 
62 Ferri-sr & Co, produce 
64 Sleem;m & Sons, brew'rs 
Martin & Riedel, fctory 
Tozman Reuben, cloth- 
ing mfr 

Biette H C, suit hang- 
66-68 Simpson Chas S. 

whol fruit 

70 Bamford Joseph, com mer 
72 Yafft- Jacob, furs 
74 McKlniiuii Allan A, com 


76 Bacon Wm H, cartage 
Fairbank N K Co The, 

soap mrrs 
78 Parsons, Brown & Co, 

whol gros 
SO Kimpton Chas, whol 

Victoria Paper Goods 


82 Speuce David, whol fruit 

84 Coutts J & Co, fruit 

Andrews George, provs 

Belknap & Son, fruits 

86 Pattersou Win & Sou, 

com niers 
88 Vacant 
90 Dawson-Elliott Co, whol 


Dawson Henry W, real 

South Side 

11 Hydraulic Vacuum 

Cleaner Co, Ltd 
Jardine J B & Co, whol 


Lake Erie Boiler Com- 
pound Co 
Brown, Boggs Co Ltd, 


Kelts Co, The, medicines 
Standish Mfg Co, Ltd, 

washing powder 
13 Buntin, Reid Co, whol 


17 Gage Walter, barber 
19 Brouse, Mitchell & CO, 

Scott st ends 

23 Chambers W T & Son. 

25 Mclntyre, Son & Co. 

whol dry goods 
27 Hilaud Wm P, tlr 
29 Dustless Brush Co 
Autographic Register Co 

of Can. Ltd 
31 Stormont Hotel 
33 Stanbury James & Co, 

mfrs agents 
?5 Lochore Alex, tlr 
37 Armstrong H I & Co, 

mfrs agts 

Leader Lane intersects 
39 McSweeny G M, cigars 
41 Atteaux Dyestuff & Chem- 
ical Co, Ltd 

Eze Mfg Co, Ltd, gro- 
cers' sundries 
43 North British Rubber Co, 


45 Thome A M & Co, twines 
47-49 Hayhoe R B & Co, 


Samaria Remedy Co 
D D D Co, pat meds 
Canadian Introduction 

Co, mfrs agents 
Philo Hay Specialties 

Co, mfg chemists 
51 Kennedy Hardware Co, 


53 International Import- 
ing Co, cutlery 

BONDS OF Guarantee Company of North America 

SURETYSHIP MEDLAND & SON, General Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 

The Dovercourt Land 



OWNERS iri- 


24 Adelaide St. E. 


55 Independent Cordage Co, 


Hobbs Hardware Co 
Ontario Hinder Twine 


+ Church st intersects 
87 Cunen Fruit and Imp Co 
69-79 Manning Cold Stor- 
age Co 

SI Toronto Fireproof Cov- 
ering Co 
Woodburn G H, cigar 


Ryan J J, com raw 
83 Cletrhorn & Co, pro- 
due - - 


(East Toronto), east from 
Harrington av to city 
limits, first n of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 

North Side 

BO Toronto Type Foundry, 
repair dept 
11:111 Av 1'u'o School 

74 Armstrong Fredk 
76 Boyle Henry 

75 Walton Herbert 
60 Richardson Win L 
82 Embleton Win 

96 Armstrong Joseph 
1i Gilding Geo 
102 Cranr David H 

^ Dawes rd iniersects 

South Side 

69 P.ell Andrew 

71 Bright Alfred 

73 Darnbroug-h Chester 

75 Rate Albert 

77 Moody James 

79 Blaylock Arthur F 

81 Knights Wm R 

85 Elliott David 

91 Spratt Harold 

95 Brandon John W, bakr 

^Dawes rd intersects 

149 Essex Wm 

151 Anning Chas 

153 Vacant 

155 Bradley Wm 

157 Vacant 

159 Davic-s Thos 

161 McLi-an Angus 

163 Herrlngton Geo 

165 Vacant 


North from 950 Eastern 
av, ward 1. 

West Side 

3 Calladine Mrs Martha 


West from 166 Beaconsfield 
av to Gladstone av ward 

North Side 

6 Sowvall Wm 

8 Noonan Wm J 

10 Harrison John S 

12 Lewis Henry 

14 Rutledge Thos 

16 Marshall Wm 

15 Degney Thos 
20 Bradd Wm 

22 Axworthy Frank 
24 Membery Edwd 
26 Flight Mrs Gertrude 
28 Ritter Wm 
30 Evans Albert E 
32 McClintock James 
34 Young Charles H 
36 Norton James T 
38 Bllton Edgar E 

South Side 

3 Yeo John 

5 Howitt Alexander 

7 Swan James 

9 Robson Wm E 

11 Cimnington Matthew 

13 Rogers John 

15 Jennings Alex, conti 

17 Addison Mrs Mary J 

19 Hominy Vernon 

21 Perry Wm II 
2:; l'ini'1 ryrus D 

26 Ri.l>rrts..n .Maxwell 

27 Skinner Chas, painter 
2!" Shledel Israel 

31 Hayward Frank G 
:::t Rtley uichd 
35 Morrison Robt, i. l oal est 
37 Green Charles 


\\cst from 448 Yonge to 
St Helen av, wards 3, 4, 

5 and 6. 

North Side 

2 Oddfellows' Hall BIdg 

I O O F Hall and lodge 

Bethany Cong church 


1-2 Annual Review- 
Publishing Co 
3 Vacant 

4 Corrigan C A, dentist 

5 Ross John F, dentist 
5% Coutts Miss M A, 

hair dresser 
6-7 Arnold Ernest F, 

8-9 Mason Arnold D, 

Kennedy C Angus, 


10 Amalgamated Socie- 
ty of Carpenters & 

II Rhind John E, dentist 
12-13-14 Ball George L, 


Ball Earl S, dentist 
15-16 Domestic and So- 
cial Club 
17-18 Lambert Miss 

Ella, massage 
19-20 Wallace Carl V, 

21 Vacant 

22 Forbes A W, dentist 

23 Vacant 
24 Vacant 

25-26 Currie T A, dentist 
27 Crosby Ceo W, phy 

28 Lewis Madame L, 


29 Frontier Press Co 
30-31 Vacant 

32 Vacant 

33 McKay Mrs G. Chris- 

tian Scientist 
4 Robertson Mrs J, ladies' 

6 Mitchell Thomas, violin 


8 Fox Optical Co 
10 Warshavsky Aaron, Ids 


12 Thomson R L, tailor 
14-16 Upper Canada Bible 


Canadian Bible Society 
IS Ardagh Arthur 

20 Sheldon School Business 

Science Club 
Sheldon School 

22 Canadian Foresters bldg- 

First Floor 

Wrights. Ltd. real est 
Campbell & Anderson, 
real est 

Second Floor 
Canadian Order of 

201-2C2 Walton-Ball Wm 


203 Basters C H Co, 
artists materials 

204 Vacant 

205 Theosophical Society 
301-302 Forster Edwin, 

303-305 Armstrong John 

W. dentist 
Ziegler Orlando H, 


401-402 Frontier Press 
404 Vacant 

Ulan i": W. christ- 
tian scientist 
406 McPherson Thos J, 


501 Skinner Wm C, real 

502 Canadian Summer 

Resorts, Ltd 
Real Estate Secur- 
ity Co, Ltd 

503 Vacant 
504 Vacant 

505 Cocking- Chas T, 

506 Floyd Wm M, dental 

507 Absent 

26 Capon F J, dentist 
Zinkan E I, dentist 
Colter C F. dentist 
Coram James W, dentist 
Doherty Win II, dentist 

28 Bishop Mrs Joan 

MacLachlnn J P, dentist 
Brown .1 Price, surgeon 
Ontario Society of Ar- 
Oaicen R F. artist 

30-40 Y M C A BIdg 

r>0 Vacant 

.V.' O'lte'lly Charles, phy 
O'Reilly Brefney R, phy 

54 McLaughlin R G, dentist 

56 Martin Mrs Mamie 

58 Rodden Edwd H 

60 O'Shea Mrs Margaret 

62 Macdonald John 

66 Ryerson G Sterling, phy 

74 Donohne Mrs Annie, 
ladies tlr 

76 Vacant 

78 Fitzsimmons Mrs Kate 

O Roblin Edmund 

S2 Lynhurst Hospital 

84 V'allary Mrs Agnes 

Alexander Miss Elizth, 

S6 Goldie Wm, phy 
Armour Eric N 

Elizabeth st intersects 

Third Church of Christ 


90 Surrey Apartments 
92 Smith G B, phy 
96 Willmott J B & W B, 


Willmott J Branston 
100 Primrose Alex, phy 
102 AllBson Claude V 
Royoe Gilbert, phy 
Lowry Wm H, phy 
Lewis Ernest A 
110 Tor Bible Training School 

McNlcol Rev John 
112 Starr F N G, surgeon 
116 Henry Mrs Louisa 

Ent to Queen's Park 
142 Macrae Hubert 

^TJniversity cres com- 
Chemistry and Mining 


184 Shoehberger Mrs Emily 
198 Canadian Institute 

Royal Astronomical So- 

200 Government House, His 
Honor Sir John Mor- 
rison Gibson, KCMG, 
Lieut-Governor Pro- 
vince of Ontario 
^St George st commences 

Public Library 
236 McKenna Charles, phy 
McKenna H P, dentist 
McKenna John A, phy 
238 Beebe Fredk W 

Van Koughnet Arthur 
Parsons H C 

240-242 Royal College or 
Dental Snrgeons of Ont 
Huron st Intersects 
244-252 Grace Hospital 
262 Boase J B 

Boase Ltd, ladles tailors 
264 Ferguson John, phy 
Ferguson W E, phy 
266 Silverthorn Gideon, 


Arnott John P 
Broadway Meth Ch 

+ SpadJna av intersects 
268 Can Bank of Commerce 
270 Leake Mrs A H, confy 

272 Hoath Wm J, florist 
274 Avenue Chambers 

Gray & Jardine, real est 
Canadian Express Co 


6 Earl Miss Elizabeth, 


7 Quialey .las A 
S Cordingly Mrs Elizth, 

9 Vacant 

10 Go9dfellow Miss Hat- 

tie M, mua tchr 

11 Neilfl Miss M, drsmkr 

12 McKee Miss A E 

13 Borlen Miss Mary J, 


14 Rothwell Miss L, 

20 Parker E 

21 Lambert Miss Minnie 

22 Freeth Mrs Martha 
2:5-25 Circelli Antonio, ar- 

24 M.acGreg-or Miss 

Lizzie, drsmkr 

26 McKee Miss A E, 

drsmking schl 

27 Phillips F S 

28 Mandersen Miss Jane 

B, dressmkr 

29 Rupert Miss Pearl 

30 Harris Harry 

31 Fitzgerald Robt 

32 Dawson Lily 

276 Blackburn A R & Sons, 

273 Pink Wm G, shoes 

280 Beebe F W & Son, gents 


Marini L P, tlr 
Tyrrell Dr Chas A, pro 

Bax Will Form Co, law 

Clayson Co, skirts 
282 Owl Drug Stores, office 
Owl Drug Stores 

281 Frost S A, florist 

2S6 McGregor J P, confy 
2S8 Rinello Gio, fruits 
290-292 Brick Leon, amuse- 

294-96 Speal Nicholas, rest 
296 Tasker John, rest 
300 Ward C A, storage 
302 Rowney & Philpott, 

^ Robert st commences 
304 Bush M E, gro 
306 Gang Saml, amuse- 

208 Stevens Bros, fish dlrs 
310 Lewis Miss L K, mlnr 
312 Henneber'g Henry, confy 
314 Wynn Misses, artists 
316 Tyrell Melvin, barber 
318 Wicks T H, jwlr 
320 Brown Mrs S, confy 
322 Palmer Charles, staty" 
324 Chard E W, hardware 
328 Henderson G W, drugs 

Major st commences 
330 Vacant 
340 Sands T R, tlr 

342 Vandusen W E, gent* 

F. J. SMITH * CO. 

Specia! Attention given to Man* 
age m n t of Estates. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 



344 Thaler M & Son, ladies 

346 Dunsheath R B & Co, 


348 Kilner T B, flour 
350 Freeman Frank G, btchr 
352-54 Van Der Voorts, mlny 
+ Brunswick av commences 
356-37C Brunswick Block 
866 Tamblyn Gordan, drugs 
868 Ellis F A, Jwlr 
?tiO Harrington Chas A, bar- 

Francis John 
362 Livingstone Geo D, baker 

Colwell Wm 
364 Blgwood T H, shoes 

Hunt Leigh 

366 Tucker Walter, btchr 
368 Tegart Miss M, mlnry 
Tegart Miss Hester, 


Hoover Mrs Martha F 
McMartin Walter 
370-370% Smythe H & S 

Co, dry gds 
370A Currie Wm, tlr 
370B Noble Robt S, prtr 
370%A Macdonald Peter C 
Patterson Alfred 
Clapp Mrs Mary 
372 Lernnitre E G 
374 Ward Wm O, btchr 
376 Atkins Esdale, ladies tlr 
378 Giegory & Son, staty 
380 Nicholson F R, prors 
^ Borden st commences 
382 Giles Fredk L, gro 
384 Vacant 

386 RawliAson G J, btchr 
388 Cohen David P, clothes 


290 Vacant 
392 Morrow & Patton, real 


3S4 Gibson & Bruce, m'nrs 
396 Miles A W, undertaker 
^Croft st commences 
398 Smith Jacob, amuse- 

Markham Leonard 
Terriff Richd 
400 Teoles E M, fruit 

Fitzsimmons Michl E 
402 Wright John, confy 
Freeman Fredk H 
404 Maxwell Miss M B, dry 


Johnston iliss Harriet 
Christs Church 
^Lippincott st intersects 
412 Spotswocd H A, drugs 

Cotterill Miss Margt 
414-416 Morris Nathaniel, dry- 

Macdonald Mrs Jane 
418 Jeeves Chas, shoemkr 
420 Hall Mrs Marian, confy 
422 Halls Mrs Minnie T, 

424 Hind Mrs Florence, mlnr 

New Mrs Eleanor 
426 New & Hind, tobaccon- 
428-30 Leake Mrs Alice H, 


Stewart John H 
Pearce Thos H 
432 Temes Mrs Rose 
434 McConkey Daniel M, 

real est 

Southwick Mrs Ada 
Adams John 
Wills Gordon 
McLean James K 
Ivens Miss EBle, ladles 

434% Hines Ernest R, 


436 Vodrten A & W, dyera 
43611' Reynolds H R. barber 
Jennings & Cutler, 
- cigars 

438 White Abraham, gro 
440 Metropolitan Bank 
+ Bathurst st intersects 

Presbvterian Church 
460 Colling Rev Joseph S 
Colling F J, phy 

462 Townley Jerold B, contr 
Roesgen Miss Alvina, 

464 \Villiams Mrs Kate, 

466 Whitson Miss Jean, mlnr 

Hyland John 
468 Sandberg Adolf, jwlr 

Rabkin Solomon, optician 
470 Brennan Wm H, real 

472 Cox Wm H, drugs 

+ Markham st intersects 
474 Sexton P F, hdwe 

Imperial Hdwe Electric 


476 Hutton Mrs E W, bar- 

478 Chinese Indry 
480 "Uuser Frsnk, baker 
4S2 Ferguson & Rlckaby, 

mt'rs agts 

484 Halre Wm J. cleaner 
486 Jamleson James 

Mackey James H, real 


488 Evans W Hague, books 
^ Palmerston av intersects 

Baptist Church 
52S Cork J Milton, gro 

Church o the New Jer- 

542 Brown James, baker 
544 Tomlin Wm R, tobac- 
546 Bird Chas, barber 

Euclid av intersects 
548 Peerless Furnace Co 

Alexander James 

Gray Miss Anna M 
550 Vacant 

652 Thacker Wm J, gents 

Clarke Roy 
564 Gamble George, tlr 
556 See & Fetch, mlnrs 

Rose James 

Curry Arthur L 
558 Hodgins & Co, real est 

April Saml, ladies tlr 
560 Strong Herbert J, dry gds 
562 Mulvey Owen, confy 

Williams James W 
564 McKee Geo E, gro 

Zupo Louis 
Ei>6 Arnold Wm, btchr 

Manning av intersects 
BBS Grigor John, gro 

570 Steinberg Louis, Ids tlr 
E72 Butler Nathan N, real est 
572(1 Schoenchen Conrad, furs 
572% Roman Wm 

Harland Wm 
574 Jewell Misses, mlnrs 
574% Dakin Feneul W 
576 Cook Mrs Mary, shoes 
576a Day Fredk S 

Burnett Mrs Ida 
580 Milling Wm J, shoe- 

582 Garrett George S C, 

Doran Alex R 

Martin Mrs Eliza 

584 English Joseph, amuse- 


Bennett Harry B 
586 Vacant 

585 Fortune Herbert, baker 
590 Greer R A, drugs 

Post office (br) 
Richards Geo H 
Reid Mrs Ellen 
592 Hoffman James H, bar- 

Atkins Mrs Louisa 
594 Chinese Indry 
+ Clinton st Intersects 
596 Bartlett Alfred L, shoes 

Smith Francis K 
698 Davis Saml A, cigars 
600 Stables James, fish 
602 Barwick L J. dry gds 

Philps Leonard M 
602% Lenehan W J 
604 Downey P J, flour and 

610 Nasmyth Alexander 

Sim James, contr 
612 Lister Mrs Anna, mlnr 

614 Bagis Bros, confrs 

Bagis Jordan 
616 Atkinson & Alcock, 


Parker Walter E 
622 Auto Owners Assn, 

auto supplies 
626 Woodford Wm, shoe- 

628 Roberts Wm C, real est 

Henderson Herbert A 
630 McKeown Miss Lilly J, 


632 MeBretney Wm J, eonfy 

Hayes Mrs Mary, nurse 

C34 Wilson Norman M, confr 

636 Gordon Miss Martha, 


Stamford Edwd 
638 Casey James L, gro 
640 Hill A G, btchr 

Grace st intersects 
f44 Grimshaw Thos S, drugs 
646 Masales Norman J, barbr 

Beaton John 
648 Stevens Miss Annie 

Muir Mrs May, drsmkr 
Graham Miss Margt 
650 Gloster Bernard J, con- 

654 Martin Ernest E, gro 
656 Sinclair RoM, dyer 
658 Porter Frank S 
600 Macguire E L, gro 

Porter Frank 
662 Scott Richd, btchr 

Haker Otto 
668 Chinese Indry 
670 Suy Sung Seng, Chin- 
ese gds 

Campbell Robt 
672 Renalla A, fruit 
674 Curry John, real est 
Beatrice st intersects 
680 Fryday J W, gro 
682 Caplan Max, Ids tlr 
682a Tomlin Grant M 
684 Mercer -Mrs Jennie, 


684a Shingler Albert W 
686 White Walter, clothes 

686a Batters Mrs Mary 

Crichton Miss Helen S 
688 Doerr Gustave, hair gas 
688a Spellman John 

O'Shea Mrs Margt 
690 McMahon Jeremiah, bar- 

690a Clarke Ross 
Wood John F 
692 May M & H, mlnrs 
692a Voile Regis 

Leeming Benj C 
698 Henderson Saml E, real 

702 Ledgett Frank, hrdware 

Bergman Chas W 
^ Montrose av commences 
710 Bate Joseph, Ids tlr 
Johnson Nicholas 
O'Brien John J 
712 Nott John 

Wallace Geo 
714 Sniderman Saul, tlr 

Mills John 
Crawford st intersects 
Shaw st intersects 
770 Gangel W & Co, dry gds 
772 Gengel Henry, eleo fix 
774 Preston Robt A & Co, 

real est 
774a Sharpe Thos 

Dewar Mrs Mary K 
776 Papernick Abraham, 

clothes repr 
778 Webster Miss K E, Ids 


Weiland Miss Lucy, mlnr 
778A Reid John 
780 Culnan Miss E G, drs- 


Bernthal Edwd 
780A Sniderman Beni, ladies 

790 Spitzig Miss Theresa, 


Gengel Henry 
Giles Geo 

792 Altwerger Saml, ladies 

792a Guest Saml H 

Bolton John 

794 Singer & Geller, furs 
Bell Thos E 
Lewis Geo 
796 Leader Pharmacy Co, 

Ltd (br) 

Whitcomb Fred H 
Moses Abraham 
+ Roxton rd intersects 
802 Harrison C E, leather gds 

Swarts Clare 
804 Chinese Indry 
806 Meads Joseph, gro 
808 Tessler & Berger, Ids 


Berger Saml 
810 Forbes, Munro Co, dry 

S12 Mcf'onnell A Wm, btchr 

Schaefer Wm C 
814 Chinese Indry 
816 Vacant 

818 Legge James B, confy 
822 Griffin Abram B, gro 
824 Andoniadis Andrew, 


Sitt Traviss Donald, btohr 
828 Hislop Hugh D, staty 
830 Rogers George, gro 
832 Davies Wm Co, provs 
^ Ossington av intersects 
834 Soufrine Richd, dry 


834% Morris J, staty 
836 Kenney W A, gents 


S3S Hill Wm A, real est 
838% Elliott James, plumbr 
840 Whetstone Thos, hd- 


842 Graham Wm J, gro 
844 Armstrong P G. flor- 
846 McCall Shoe Co 

Armstrong Harry W 
848 McFadden W M," optician 
845% Hall & Doilery Electric 

848a Nickerson Donald J 

Mitchell Clarence 
856 Ross J W. staty 

Burel* Charles 
858 Robinson Roy K, Jwlr 

Pitcher E Reese 
860 Vacant store 

Barton James W 
Concord av commences 
862 Graham W A. phy 
Graham Robert H 
864 Clark Rohert F, tlr 
Keneally Frank 
Dellabrough Clark 
866 McCulloue-h J P; shoes 

Bullen W A 
868 Bannon W J, tlr 
870 Dyment Thos H. gro 
872 Butchart D F, tlr 
874 Somerville Mrs EHzth, 


Somerville Wm 
880 Campbell A A, phy 
882 Sawtell A E F 
884 Drury Robt 
886 Birch Frank, tlr 
888 Seager Richd, dry gds 
890 Andrews Peter, confy 
+ Delaware av commences 
892 Scott & Mulholland, 

real est 
892% Cairns Miss Ethel, 

clothes clnr 

894 Williamson R T, btchr 
896 Ead C R, gro 
896V> Varcoe G Howard 
898 MeGnire Charles, barber 
924 Pike Miss L B, mlnr 
926 Snow C T, confy 
928 Scott John C, dry gds 

James Austin 
930 Park Thomas, gro 
932 Carpenter Mrs Lucy, 

Schulkins Wm, steam 


934 Lewis Mrs Kate, drs- 

Barrington Arthur E 
936 R.idcliffe David, gro 
Knowlys Fleftwonrl 
Bitter August 





1 16 Richmond St. W. 




I 145-147 f 




938 Meek Vernon W, drugs 
+ Dovercourt rd intersects 
962 Perry Geo D, amuse- 
9C4 Vacant 
966 Webster P A & Co, 


Heise Xorman 
Davlson Chas 
968 Helpei-t Morris, tie 

DePotie Herbert W 
970 Kenny Miss Addle, 


Willcock Mrs Charlotte L 
Andrews Joseph E 
J72 Bedford James 

Hand James 

97$ Stong Jacob, gro 

Quinn John W 

Letteney Fredk 

976 Thomas Robert A, phy 

* Rusholme rd Intersects 
998-1000 Harrington T G, 

1002 Johnston J W, tlr 

Allport Thos, shoes 
1004 Bethany Orphanage 
Mellick Miss Annie 
1006 Vacant 

^Havelock st commences 
1032 Perry Geo D 
1034 McCarthy Mrs J 
1036 Whalen Wm 
Holman A G 
10ns Gilmore Richard W 
1040 Benjamin Harry 

Benjamin Mrs Jennie H, 


Benjamin Miss F, mlnr 
1042 Campbell Miss Mary A 
1068 Manley M. bldr 
1060 Baker Richd 

Baker Mrs A M, drs- 
Barren James 

1064 Graham Mrs Emma 
1066 W;ird Mrs Mary A 

1065 Steele James C, gro 

Gladstone av Intersects 

Barrett Miss Amelia 
1072 Daniels M"ses J 
1074 Wright Miss Ada, drs- 


1076 Bachly Chas E 
Price 'Charles 
Kirtley Geo, plmbr 
.'ounson Mrs Isabel 

1054 Russell John W phy 
10S6 Fowler James W, barber 

1055 Goofier Garnet J, clothes 

1050 Magee Wilfred E, hd- 


^Dufferin st Intersects 
+ SI eriflan av intersects 
lll.i Gilles Chas J 
1160 Kraut Leo 
1162 Cunningham Mrs Edith 
1164 Melhulsh A E 
116fi Mottram Pryce 

Mottrnm Miss Maud, 

mus tchr 
1168 Skeeles Richd W 

Skeeles LOG, phy 
1172 Brown Robt B 
1174 Vacant 

1176 Crealock Mrs Matilda 
137,? Pefi- James T 
1150 Cadotte Oliver 
11^2 Farrants Edwin 
1188 Crealock Stephen J 
Brock av intersects 
1230 Hart Wilbert, drugs 

^ M:i rsueretta st intersects 
1232 Kelly Hugh, gro 
i:.-4 Bawden Wm J. confy 
1236 Howes Chas, shoemkr 
Smith James A 
Crawford Alex 
123S I.ynch Leo, barber 
1240 Skeldon David 
1242 Bawden Mrs Janet 

1244 McGeough Daniel H 

1245 Pownder Miss Flor- 


124S Moroney John 
1250 Campbell T J, btchr 
1264 Hastings Peter, gro 

St Clarens av intersects 
1266 Elliott Wm H 

Buck Stanislaus G, phy 
1268 GiJIam Mrs Jane 
1270 Elliott Alex 
1272 Bastlne Eugene E 
1274 Wood Wm 

Parfett Fredk 
1276 Taylor Edward 
1278 Sanderson Robert H 
Bonar Presby Church 
Lansdowne av intersects 
1296 Vacant 
1298 Baggs A E 

Margueratt John 
1300 Tracy Herbert 
1302 Munro H G 
1304 Shaw James 
1306 Piddington A J 
1308 Willoughby T W 
1310 McPherson J R 

South Sld 

1 Canadian Fashion Co 
3 Webster A 13, dentist 
Woollatt R Sidney, den- 

6 De;in W Ernest, phy 

7 McKeown Walter, phy 
9 Malloch Wm J O, phy 

11 Ten Eyck John F, phy 
31 Bishop Strachan School 
+ Teraulay st ends 
-5:'. <;:in-:itt A H. phy 
55 Graham Joseph, phy 
61 Hiscott Uermatological 


Moote-Scott Mrs K M 
Scott Francis J 


1-3 Chrysler Harriet, 

2 Wilson Miss E Lois, 

mus tchr 

4 High Miss M B 
5-7 Hodges Miss A B, 

linlies' tlr 
^ Laplante av ends 

Hospital for Sick Chil- 
+ Elizabeth st Intersects 

General Hospital 
^ University av ends 
135-141 Tor Conservatory of 

Toronto Conservatory 

Schl of Expression 
143 Gallle Wm E, surg 
Ryersou E S, surg 
Strathy G S, phy 
Robertson E(I\vd, phy 
145 Young W A, phy 
149 Technical High School 
153 Wilson Wm .1, phy 

Wilson Norman K, phy 
161 Stacey C E, phy 
163 Todd J H, phy 
165 Todd James A, phy 

^McCauI st ends 
167 Powell Newton A, phy 

Thomas Roy H, phy 
169 Abbott F E 
171 Thistle W B, phy 
173 Bedson Geo E, under- 

175 Currle Charles J, phy 
177 Griffiths Wm A 
179 College St Registry for 


Trenwlth Alfred 
181 Burke Mrs Sadie 
183 Moat James S 
186 Thorn Mrs Mary 
1ST Yourex Barton, ln 

Henry st ends 

1S9 Willinsky Abraham I, 


191 Toronto School of Lan- 

De Lestard Guy 
IPS Srigley Mrs M J 

Henderson John J, ar- 

1ft" Lands-berg Abraham H 
197 Evans L Hamilton, phye 
199 Turner Sidney 
21 Bowen H McG, phy 
Stevens Wm T 

203 Moore Edwd 
207 Samuels Hugh R, phy 
Callum Donald R, den- 

^Beverley st ends 
211 Cawthra Mrs Anna C 
+Ross st ends 
223 Vacant 
233 Ferrier G W, drugs 

Thome Horace 
2S5 Hill & Parkinson, grocers 

Hill Thomas 
235H Vacant 

237 Temple-Pattison Co, den- 
tal supplies 
Huron at Intersect* 
239 O'Dell Mrs Emma 
241 Carveth G H, phy 
243 Monro Mrs Mary 
245 Metropolitan School of 

Dancing, Ltd 
Sage & Co, caterers 
Sage M J 
247 White S S Dental Mfg 


251-253 City Storage, Ltd 
235 Frazee Storage & Cartage 


Frazee Lorenzo D 
Frazee Miss Gertrude 

S, mus tchr 

257 Dick & Ringel, Ids tlrs 
259 Feron E Co, undertak- 
ers supplies 
Eckels H & Co (Phila), 

embalmers supplies 
Flint Robt S 
261 Electrical Wiring, Fixture 

& Supply, Co 
Hydro-Electric Wiring 

& Fixture Co 
261a Milligan J Gordon, 

clothes repr 

261% Doxsee G W. pntr 
263 Cooper Ernest O. calen- 

Union Realty Co 
Dominion School of Nurs- 

+ Spadina av intersects 
2G7-n Curry Block 

Conger Coal Co (br) 
Ward Wm A, marriage 


1-4 Mills J A, dentist 
5 Jo'hnstone J F, music 


6-10 Remington Busi- 
ness College 

11 Hughes Roy D 

12 Vacant 

13 Vacant 

14 Wright Miss Ellen 

15 Schwab Miss Clara, 

19 Campbell Miss Mary, 


17 Jones Mrs Lottie, drs- 
18-19 Piano Harp Co, 

mus gds 
20 Absent 
21-22 Thomson George, 

23 Murray Wm 
24 Vacant 
26 Remington Business 

26 Kirkwood Miss 

Mary A 
27-28 Vacant 
29-32 Morfitt Benj, care- 

College Hall 

271 Cotton & Wright, mlnrs 
273 Demont Bros, shoe 


275 Barton A & Co, real est 
277 Vacant 

279 Gillespie M A, Ids tlr 
281-291 Alexandrina Block 
281 Aoheson Wm H, tlr 

Acheson James F, mus 


2S3 Wright Wm. tlr 
2S5 Evans Robt W, barber 
287 Rosenbaum Joseph, Ids 

Unsworth Wm 

289 Benner E'state, real e1 
Sullivan Wm 
Mlshaw Robert M 
291 Mead Harry, rest 
293 MacDonald Ronald, shoe- 

295 Taylor Chas, rest 
Cross Ernest 
Farley Wm 

307 House Furnishing Co 
309 Jeeves Chas. cigars 
ail Chinese Indry 
113 Fife Walter S, pictures 
313% Mooring Benjamin, tlr 
Home Miss Delia, drs- 

315 Commercial Art Studio 
Griffin Miss M, drsmkr 
321 Keefer Edwin, dentist 
323 Heaslip Mrs Sarah, 

325 Adams J F, dentist 

Williamson C 
327 Henderson E K, phy 

Henry Alex 
329 Hill C. K. dentist 
331 -33 Ellis Hurry, undertkr 
335 Grove George E, bicycle* 

Moss Si.sismund, jwlr 
343 Durtlop Coal Co 
^ Augusta av ends 
345 Collins Simon, Ids tlr 
347 Bott Chas. provs 

McLeod Miss Retta 
349 Vacant 

351 Sherrin James jr. dyer 
353 Beveridge J C, furn 
"55 Dominion Artificial Limb 

Co Ltd 

Macartney Geo F, photog 
Edis Thos, pool 
357 College Press. The 

St Stephen's Ch reading 

room, renr 
^Bellevue av ends 
381-89 Pure Gold Mfg Co, 

Greening T B & Co, 

Todhunter, Mitchell & 

Co, coffees 
391 Fuller Thomas R 
393 Rapson W Geo 
395 Panll Herbert G, arch 
399 Bateman Wm 
403 Hurd John H, cartage 


^ Llppincott st intersect* 
4C9 Cleary John F, gro 
411 Gluckman Daniel, 


415 Allen J R, upholsterer 
U7 Sproule Robt T, btchr 

Allen James R 
419 Low J T W, harness 
Tierney Mrs E. drsmkr 
Tierney Miss N, drsmkr 
421 Blngley Bnrton, bicycle 


Lenton Leonard 
431 Davies Wm Co (br), prors 
^Bathunst st Intersects 
Rathbun L M, garage 

College pi commence* 
457 Vacant 

459-61 Vacant 

463 Roney Edward S, tlr 

465 Chinese Indry 

467 Mason George F, plmbr 

469 Halse J G, printer 

Headley Walter 
471 Clarkson F Arnold, phy 
^ Markham st intersects 
St Paul's Evangelical 

Lutheran Church 
491-493 Freemasons Hall, 

499 Langer & McClure, Id* 


Craig Miss Elizth 
501-3 Banquet Tea & Coffee 


Egan Mrs Virginia 
Ballantyne James R 
Martin Mrs Ann K 
505 McFarlane Geo C, drug* 

Palmerston av Intersect* 
507 Archibald Thomas D, 








Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 


PATENTEE " Modern Method " STAIRS 


Phone Main 5053 

After Hours 
Beach 102S 


Euclid av intersects 
537 Smith Arthur, furn 
.539 Weinstein Barnett 

Aluir Mrs .Mary, mlnr 
Town Mrs Charlotte M 
Sutton Wm A 

Manning av intersects 
641 Jackson J B & F S, 

real est , 

Thompson Win 
643 Chase Mrs Lettie 
665 Roantree R B, confr 
Clarke's Eclectic Short- 
hand College 
667 Blumberg Nathan, hd- 


669 Landon Chas W, pntr 
571 Moffatt Robt, undertkr 
583 Yuskewitz T, Ids tlr 
685 Giuffre Joseph, fruit 
687 Corner Miss Minnie, dry 


Chalk Mrs Alice 
E89 Moore Geo. barber 
B81 -('.reaves Win, btcir 
5lt.".-r)!):~t t Ireaves Win, gro 

Clinton st intersects 
697 Standard Bank of Caiinda 

(College st br) 

,699 Brown Harry, ladies tlr 
Cookson Edward 
MoTiernan Chas L 

SOI M & \V Corset Co 

601a Dunn Joseph 
Foley J A 

603 Dabinsky H, clothes 

603a Cohen Louis 

631 Absent 

633 Skilling Wm, snoemkr 

635 Watson A, bicycle repr 

637 Rinello Augusto, fruit 

637a Munshaw A B 

639 Russell Alex, dry gds 

641 Becker W G, drugs 

(ira<-r st intersects 
643 Sterling Bank (br) 

Baker T oliarpe 
Toplis Saml 

645 Hood J B & Co, real est 
647 Chinese Indry 
Binkley Edwd 
Aitchison Frank 
649 Boggs & Gray, real est 
Sylvester J Henry 
Harris Arthur 
651 Rosenberg Morris, tlr 
Fischman Max 
Gordon James 
653 Natl Garage & Motor 


Stone Richd 
653-655 Central Business 

661 Archibald Wm H, shoe- 

603 Aitchison Frank, 

clothes repr 
665 Duns-ford & Young, elects 

O'Neill Leo, plmbr 
667 Gentle Frank, gro 

Walmsley Chas 
671 Faragher Chas W, gro 
671a Foord Richd J, jr 

Smith Thos H 
673 Lucas Thos, dyer 
673a Lucas Thos 
675 Kidd J W Co, mail or- 
675 1 Crane, Duggan Co, 

pro med 
695 Chisholm .Mrs A E, dry 

Chisholm Miss C G, mus 


McKenzie Rev Murdoch 
697 Inch W H, confy 

Beatrice st Intersects 
699 Stokes James H, tlr 

Montrose nv intersects 

West Presby Church 

Crawford st intersects 
783 Marantha Hall 

Diamond Chas 
Shaw st intersects 
799 Seagr John R, plmbr 
801 Brenner H E C 

Smith R J 

Roxton rd intersects 
829 Watson John, phy 

SCI Le^,-:o A. drugs 
Pallia chas O, dentist 
Ossiugton av intersects 
833 Bank of Hamilton br 
Millard Wm 
Wilson Ghent, dentist 
Wolfe Chas F 
Bickle Geo T 
Browne B N 
MaeGregor D C, mus 

Macpherson Mrs Flora, 

Woodward Albert, mua 


&35 Bemrose Thos, violin mfr 
839 Keen G Harry, barber 
841 Stevenson Miss M, mint 
843 Keen George, pntr 
845 Hills G H, confy 
847 Henderson Jas B, hdwre 
849 McKibbin & Pentecost, 

real est 
851 Mantel Morris, ladies tlr 

Gaynor John 

S53 Pretty & Son, sliotmkrs 
S.V) Mayers Solomon, clothes 

Locke Robt 
Moreland Ernest 
Sf-9 Woods James McB. phy 
Whitaker Ernest E 
Anderson A H 
861 Zilliax Christopher 
863 -Dame Alex A, phy 

Henderson J T 
S67 Clark Wm J, phy 
809 International Academy of 

Music, Ltd 

S97 Harrison T Wilson 
S99 Danard Mrs Caroline, 

mus tchr 

Griffith Geo A, contr 
901 Hall Wm M 
903 Lawson Joseph H, phy 
905 Semple Arnold, dentist 
9C7 Webster John D. phy 
919 McFall Wm A, phy 
921 Baird G Rollie, chiro- 

"Raird David, dentist 
923 Hamilton Miss Nellie 
939 Vacant 

Dovercourt rd intersects 
941 Canadian Bank of Com- 
Richardson Harold N, 


Wolfe Carl, mus tchr 
Rusholme rd intersects 
997 King Herbert J, bldr 
999 Smalley Mrs Ada 
1001 Clisdell Mrs Anna B 
1003 Congers Hamilton 
1031 Owens Misses, The, 


Gleeson Frank L 
1033 Anderson W C 
Rusholme Park cres In- 
1035 Vacant 
1037 Chinese Indry 
1039 Hills Donald A. elec 
1041 Hf-wett & Co, publrs 
1041 Y 2 Lewis Thos E 
1043 Woods Mrs Susan 
1045 Prinprle Mrs Margt 
1047 Woods Michael J 
1049 Thompson Edward A 
1051 Woods Wm J 
1053 Kelly Mrs Mary 
1055 Pearson Wm J 
1057 Reid Wm 

4 Gladstone av Intersects 
1063-65 Bridg-en Alex, gro 
1067 Barker Mrs Susannah, 

1069 Farnworth Edwd J, 

1071 Morrison Bros, drugs 

Morrison Geo A 
1073 Wilkinson J Harry, 

1075 SmaUwbod II & Co, tlrs 

Lanprham Daniel 

Macklem av commences 

1077 Foster Robt J, dry gds 

Sinclair Alex 
1079 Chinese Laundry 
1081 Stephens Miss Ida O, 

1101 Webb George W 

Price Herman 
1103 Webster Chas 
1105 Kremer Theodore 
1107 Berry Francis R 
1109 King Rufus H 
1111 Hughes Samuel 

Duftcrin st intersects 
1113 Hogarth Frank 
1115 Bush Walter F 

Ferris Chtts 
1117 Copsey J W 
1119 Gardhouse W J 
1121 Doherty George C 
1123 Reyloff Edmond 
1125 Cordin^lcy Ernest 
H27 r<ew Arthur H 
1129 Atkinson Arthur 
1131 Wisema.n Joseph A, real 

Campbell Bros, flour & 

1133 East B E. hdware 

Dunn Earl 

1135 Cunnington Miss M E, 

Cunnington James 
1151 JsYwbfj- \\'m G, staty 
1153 BaKlL'y W G. gro 
Wise H W 

Sheridan av intersects 

College St Methodist 


1177 Cottrell Joseph 
1179 White Waid B 
1181 Somers B W 
1183 McLellan Mrs Isabella 
1185 Seager Richd 
1187 Edding'ton Walter S 
1189 Monkhouse Thos 
1191 Hlutcneson Herbert F 
1193 Race Fred, mus tchr 
1195 Clement Stephen 
1197 Bennett Fredk 

1199 Oakley Mrs Emily 
Brock av intersects 

1200 Fawns W Sidney, p&y 
1211 Donnell Robt 

1213 Neilson Arthur 

Jones Chas 
1?15 McDonnell Wm J 
1217 Carter Wm 

Hynes Geo 
1219 Vacant 
1221 Henry John 
1223 Ross Geo C 
1225 Happer Miss Elizth 
1227 Ramsay Harvey 

Latimer Cameron 
1229 Teedy Michael 
1231 Spittal Wm E 
1233 Milson A C, plmbr 

Losey Roy 
1235 McLean Thomas J 

Margueretta st Intersects 
1237 Sniderman Max 

1239 Vince H E 

Bennett Robt 
1241 Higgins Mark 
1243 Meyers Morley 
1245 Stanbury Arthur B 
1247 Ross Duncan 
1249 Knight Mrs Lucy 
1251 Sibley George 
1253 Chinese Laundry 

St Clarens av intersectr 
1255 Fligg Mrs Anna, gro 
1259 O'Neill Mrs Julia 

Cameron Robt 
1261 Borden P J 

Wilkinson Walter 

Pkells Walter 
1263 Vacant 
1265 Bishop Edwd A 
1267 James Mrs Sarah S 
Lansdowne av intersects 

Unfinished houses (8) 
1281 Roswell A B 
1283 Triller J M 
1285 Peer Robt H 
1287 Graham Mrs M 
1289 Bocquet Louis 
1291 MacKenzie Alex 


("From Sorauren av to 
Hia'h Park), name chang- 
ed to Grenadier rd 


South from 457 College, 

ward 5. 

East Side 

Not bnllt on 
West Side 

2 Dingle Albert 


(North Toronto), west 
trom Oriole rd to 7 Ave- 
nue rd 

Xot built on 


East from S07 Yonge to 
e of i'ark rd. ward 2. 

North Side 

2-16 He.vwarJ Percy G, 


8 Heyward Edwin 
16 Taylor Robert 
. i nisti'ong Win 

Severn la commences 
26 Spry Harry 

30 Dwnn Mh-hl J 

34 Butler Wm T 
36 Absent 

38 Hawes Fredk 
4 ..I Parkinson Mrs Rosa 
42 Elliott Frank S 
41 Stevenson Mrs Alice M 

46 Harrigan Geo 

4S Musgrave Mrs Susanna 
r.L> Keppen Win 
Reynolds st commences 
">8 Patterson Mrs Annie 
00 Price Edward 
64 Garrow Edwd L 
06 Walker Andrew 
G8 Hall Charles D 

70 Hutchison Ralph 

76 Nowton Frank H 

84 Dobson Miss Annie 

Park rd intersects 

118 Wooke> Mrs Ohnrlotts 

122 Shepard Mrs Eliza J 

124 Walton Matthew 

128 Ledger Wm R 
130 Baker John 

134 Thomson John J 

136 Smiley Mrs Charlotte B 

140 Medcalf Miss Mary 
142 Dayfoot Rev Philo K 
146 Donaldson Wm F 

148 Passmcre Chas M 
152 Reddick Rev David 
154 Walter Henry 

South Side 

17 Garden Alex 
23 Vacant 

35 Mitchell Edwd W, 


McLaren John, blksmth 
Stringer Alfred, rear 

41 Earrey Chas 

43 Shar-kleton G H, pntr 

45 Curtis Septimus 

47 Coombs John 
57 Rodgers John 

63 Moyer John, horse train- 
67 Wallace Mrs Mary 

71 Sannders Miss Francis 
73 Emery George 

77 Murphy Alex R 
SI Hardy "Edwin A 

85 Brydon John 
89 C'aiger Chas 
93 Vacant 

97 Kavanagh Mr? Kliza 

Park rd Intersects 
109 Beldeii Reuben B 
117 Robinson Percy J 

119 Robinson Geo H 

123 Ross Frederick 

125 Joplins Elizth A 

129 Barrett Wm 
131 May John S 

135 McMaster Mrs Henri- 


McN'amara Wm 
37 Campbell Wm N 
139 Poole John M 

141 Schwalm Mrs Mary 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents, 12 Wellington St. E. Phone M. 1790 





2 Toronto Street 

Phone Main 5088 

143 Moore Miss Mary 
145 Podmore John 

Williams Glenn R 
149 Bell Mrs Mary 
151 Robertson Ribert S 
153 Hume Mrs Mary 
165 Stark Frank H 
Jf7 Gummerson Chas N 
1&9 Bauckham Fredk 
163 Thorn Rev James 
165 Bain Donald 
169 Bretz Jacob 
171 La Tour Joseph O B 
175 Bambridse Miss Kate 
A, mus tchr 

Bambridgre Miss Nettie 
177 Hutchison Mrs Emma 

East from Campbell av 
to G T R tracks, second 
south of Davenport rd, 
ward 7. 

Not built on 


West from Woodbine av 
to Kingston rd, second 
north of Queen e, ward 1. 
Not built on 


West fiom opp 389 Soraur- 
en av, ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Trowell John 

10 Mitchell Fred F, contr 
12 Delville Pratt Geo 

14 Houser Wm M 

16 Park John 

18 Peel Arnott 
Cf, Noble James 

28 Clarke Richd A 
McAllister Bert 

80 Duff Andrew 

32 Angus Wm 
34 Young Allan 

36 McClive James 

33 Littlewoort Bentley 
40 Talt Walter J 

42 Pearce Wm J 
44 Beddis Frank 

South Side 

3 Brown David 
5 Isaac David J 

7 Temple Harry 
9 Dickie John 

11 Corfe Chas E 
13 Baillie Wm 

15 Marks Mrs G L, 

17 Campbell Martin 

19 Clarkson Joseph 
21 Forsyth Thos 

23 Smith James T 
25 Adams Stephen 
27 Thomas Harry J 

29 Toms John F 

31 Downing Howard 


West from 54 Jarvis to w 
of Francis, ward 3. 

North Side 

12 Vacant 

14-16 Dunham J E, feed 

st intersects 

South Side 

9 Stephens Fredk S, con- 

Livington John, blksmth 
+ Francia st intersects 


North from S60 College to 
Van Home av, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Singer Alfred W 
3 Hulse Mrs Ada A 
5 Singer Albert L 

Bates Ira 

9 Nicholson Albert D 
11 Waddell Georpe D 

13 Williamson Evan W 
27 Tyrrell Edwd N 
29 Choquette Robt 
31 Douglas Fredk A 
33 Br;\sier Sydney C 
35 Meen Win 
37 Pollard James A 
39 Woods Mrs Emma L, 
41 Paisley John 
43 Bennett Mrs Elizth 
45 Pollard Augustus 
47 Milloy Joseph E 
49 McDowell Robt 
61 Milloy Thos C 
53 Guiton Mrs May E 

O'Hara Miss Gertrude, 


55 Bowers Richd 
57 Bennett Harry M 
59 Mitchell Thos 
+ Dewson st intersects 

SI Vacant 

S3 Chelew Alfred 

85 Jackson James H 

87 Smart Harry L 

89 Fullerton John E 

91 Swalm Miss Isabella B 

ya Hodgins John 
103 Van Horn Chas F 
105 McDonald Mrs Bessie 
luT Barker Alfred F 
111 Sibbald Henry G 
113 Mackenzie Geo 
115 Gray Matthew 
117 Ross George 
119 Belgrave Mrs Mary 
121 Rose Hugh 
125 Schmidt Karl 
159 Atkins Saml A 
161 Harding Chas T 
163 Arm* \V;ilter H 
165 Benns Geo 
167 Calvert Joseph A 
169 Haskayne Riclid 
171 Hudson Geo B 
173 Dawson Andrew F 
175 Henry John J 
177 Garrett Mrs Margaret 
179 McKenzie James R 
181 Bonnell Richard J 
183 Woods Edward C 
185 Stinson Abraham 
187 Cooper Ernest O 

1S9 Hyde Roswell 
191 Ingram Thos C 
193 Sinclair Wm A 

1V>5 Ward Thus .T 
197 Spottiswood Henry J 
199 Nicholson Fredk L 
201 Timpson Robt J 
203 Sti-oud Victor G 

Hepbourue st intersects 
207 Phillips James 
209 Pollard Oswald S 
211 Fraser Peter 
213 Morrison Samuel 

215 Fulton Mrs Catherine 

217 Hill Frank W 

219 Mills Ernest 

221 Winterfleld Albert 

223 Mayo Robt 
225 Pearce Henry 

227 Harrison John 

229 Nelson Robt 

231 Hussey James E, painter 

33 Davis Albert E 

235 Jones James 

237 Reid Wm 

239 Steane Fredk W 

243 Brown Geo 

243 Lar;re Fredk W 

;47 I.on^ Chauucey 

249 Blaber Arthur J 

251 Morrison Wm 

253 O'Connor John 

255 Heron Mrs Mary A 

257 Lucas James C 

263 Dunn Edward 

267 Watlinar Arthur 

269 Beadle Wm 

'.71 Winterfield John 

275 Davey Mrs Johanna 

277 Irving John 

279 Henderson Mrs Letitia 

281 Little Mrs Lucy M 

283 Schooley Frank 
Bloor st w intersects 

303 Vacant 

SOS Hodgson Robt 

307 Grlmshaw Wm T 

309 Hamar Alfred 

311 Firth Ralph 

."13 Ball Joseph 

315 Copping Geo E 

317 Fames Wm J 

319 Krigbaum Nicholas L 

321 Scott John 

323 Pearson Thos F 

325 Sangster Mrs Elizth 

327 Gedge Thos 

Northumberland st in- 
329 Williams John P 

Jessop Saml I 
333 Carter Alfred, pntr 
335 Wood John 
:;:'.'.> Le Drew E M. contr 
341 Thornton R ibt 
343 Entwistle Thos A 
347 Lines Mrs Ann 
349 Vacant 

351 McLean Andrew E 
353 Jones Robt C, tinsmth 
355 Pettit Thos 
:-~">7 Le Drew Heorge A 
359 Bennett Wm 
361 Moir James 
363 Dickson Wm M 
367 Chapman Harry 
369 Peters Chas 
371 Ward James 
373 Bell Lionel G 
375 McCormick Frank 
377 Sutton James H 
379 Moore David 
381 Morton Geo A 
383 Greisman Louis 
385 Osborn Wm G 
387 Acton Richard 
389 Cook Walter W 

S91 Sinclair Duncan N 
393 Bloomer Edwd 
395 Eddie John 

"!7 Palmer Frank 

399 McKellar Mrs Sarah 

401 Baker Wm 

405 Cameron Henry 
407 Hill Thos H 

409 Woolfrey James 

411 Tiller Ananias 

413 Teteart Louis 

415 Shaw Wm J 

417 Le Drew Alhert 

421 Graham Robt G 
423 Eward Thos 

425 Wood Walter S 

429 McAlpin Neil 

431 Roberts Jehu 

433 Roberts ('' 

435 Murray Wm 

437 Turner Edwd 

Warbous Sydney R 

439 Mitchell John 

441 Cooper Robt A 

443 Hay ward Mrs Eliza 

445 Jewer Alfred 

447 Wolfram Walter 

449 Warren Arthur J 
Bonner Geo 

451 Stitt Benj 

453 Learned Geo H 

455 Osg John 

457 Christie Chas jr 
Addison Lancelot 

4."0 Cook John 

4fi3 Henrick Mrs Violet 

465 Cross Henry 

467 Hales Edwd 

469 Fowlie Alex 

471 Stone Timothy 

473 Sellors Walter 

475 Burnett James 

477 Higton John J 

479 Robbins Frederick 
4R1 Mann 

4S3 Downing Mrs Sarah 

485 Pirton Edwd 

4S7 Grindl.iy Mrs Lydia 

489 Wahrer Mrs Clara 

491 Horwood Wm 
493 Cannon Wm 

495 Kirby John P 

497 Clift Thomas 

499 Vacant 

501 Vacant 

503 McElwain Miss Essie 

505 Horton Ernest R 

507 Davis Geo S 
513 Marchment Mrs Susan 
F.15 Manuel Peter 
517 Wilson James W, contr 
519 Pengilly Wm E 
Hallam st intersects 
537-543 Dovercourt Conserra- 


545 Frost Arthur J 
553 Frost Arthur G P 
555 Hall Albert E 
557 Harper Roy 
559 Champion Herbert 
561 Legs Fred 
567 Roberts Thos 
569 Serrick Daniel 
571 Butler Robert 
573 Stacey Richd 
575 Battye John F 
577 Osborne John 
579 Hislop Wm 
581 Emery Howard W 
583 Slocombe Geo H 
585 Bennett Saml 
E=S7 Seagrave Riohd Jr 
589 Franeswortn Thos 
591 Mather Mrs Johanna 
:>93 Fleming Robt 
595 Wilson John A 
597 Rostance Albert 
599 Ives Wm 
601 Dunstan Joseph 
603 Smith James H 
905 Iredale Charles M 

West Side 

a See Mrs Elizabeth 
4 Sinden Wm J 

10 Smith Henry 

12 Robinson Wm 

14 Kennedy Miss Frances B 

16 Stone James J 

20 Guy Wm J 

22 Brock John A 

24 Pearsall Geo 

26 Everist Frank jr 

28 Tate Wm A 

30 Kellam Geo M 

34 Quigley Wm G 

36 Deeth Harvey N 

38 McCutcheon Wm N 

40 Aykroyd Geo 

42 Barnes Thos G L 

44 Plaxton John A 

46 Meek Fredk 

48 Martin John G 

50 Lyng James 

52 Hoyle Hon W H 

54 Thompson John E 

56 Dale James 

58 Albert P 

00 Hancock Hieland 

tf> Moon Robert 

70 Armstrong A Bosworth 

72 Passmore Mrs Martha 


74 Archer David J 
76 O'Reilly James E 
78 Barrett Geo W 
80 Vacant 
S2 Plnmmer Wm T 

Bloom Mrs M Inez, mm 


+ Dewson st intersects 
84 Likens Charles H 
86 Braun Henry 
88 Fletcher Ernest B 
90 Lyon Cyrus 
92 Feather Henry jr 
94 Thompson W Austin 
Allen Mrs Elizth, rear 


Government, Municipal, 
Corporation and Industrial, 
Yielding from 4% to (iVi 





Phone Adelaide 214 TORONTO 


98 Black Fredk W 
100 Luz G John 

102 Harper Alex 
104 Grigs Duncan 
106 Sanham Chas A 
108 Clubb Wm H 
110 Wilson .T Peers 
112 Wells Gerald A 
114 Yeaxlee Sutton 
116 Beck Mrs Mary J 
18 Lundy Wm 
120 Armstrong Harrle A K 
122 Higgins Walter P 
124 Johnson Miss Lavina A 
126 McBrirte Richard H 
128 Berry Carlton W 
130 Hall Henry B 
132 Smyth James F 
14 Petrie Daniel C 
136 Scaife George A 
164 Ovens Edward W 
166 Gardiner Jas 
168 Mcllmvirray Wm 
170 Scrlmgeour Richard 8 
172 Kirby John 
174 Clarke Henry 
176 McCulloug-h John 
178 La Belle Thos R 
180 Williams Darius 
182 Robb Claude M 
184 Smith Wm P 
186 Nield Henry 
188 Kyle Walter 
190 Bunker Amos 
192 Batchln George 
194 McGillivray Mrs Minnie' 
196 Sylvester Walter J 
198 Mills Henry C 
200 Auchlncloss Alex 
Conklin John P 

Hepbourne st intersects 
220 Concord Pentecostal Ch 
222 Steele Lome P 
224 Seattle Wm 
226 Henderson Wm J 
230 Green Mrs Emily 
234 Walker John H, decora- 

236 Atkins Louis W 
242 Bull Geo W 
244 Macey Fred 
246 Wills Ernest A 
248 Joslin Francis J 
250 Hepburn Mrs Jean 
252 Hare Mrs Jean 
254 Hastings S O 
256 Smith Shelley A, gro 
258 Martin Wm G 
260 Lee Mrs Harriett 
262 Greenaway Rlchd 
264 Lithgow Chas W 
276 Greenly Miss Dorothy 
278 Burnett Robt W 

Bloor st w Intersect* 

294 Spicer Walter W 

Brownridge Austin G 
296 Donnell Wm 
298 Strachan David, shoemkr 
300 Ryan John, express 
310 Stephens Llewellvn A 
312 Ross M Alian 
314 I.e Moine Wm 
316 Bronetts Joseph 
318 Nelll Wm 
320 Rutledge Louis T 
^ Northumberland st inter-' 

322 Oliver Edmund C 
324 Waddell James 
326 Franks George 
328 Carmichael Wm R 
230 Morrison Donald 
332 Wilson Mrs Alice 
334 Walker Fred W 
326 Calhoun Wm A 
338 Robinson Wm A 
340 Scott Robert W 
342 Love Andrew 
344 MK'liire Joseph 
346 Witchall Ernest J 
348 Levy Lawrence J 
250 Agnew Thos C 
354 Mayne Joseph H 
356 Porter Ernest G 
358 Saunders Frank 
360 Lumber Thos 
362 Oille Clifton J 
364 Esley Wm 
866 Carter Thomas 

368 Figary Philip 

M70 Weiland John F 

372 Woodcock John 

374 Sparling Frank A 

376 Rae Wm 

378 Helson Mrs Susannah 

380 Mimms Wm G 

382 Mitchell Austin R 

384 Miller Wm J 

3S6 Sparkes Mrs Mary L 

388 Noswortby Richd 

300 Leonard Maurice 

392 Mercer Mrs Edith 

304 Elliott Chas H 

396 Pettet Wm 

388 Orr Oliver O 

400 How David 

402 Young Henry L 

404 Wallace Herbert 

406 Young Wilfred 

408 Williams Wm M 

410 Loughead Mrs Mary 

412 Grieve Alex M 

414 Whitworth Wm 

416 Twigg Henry 

420 Cornwell Kenneth B 

422 Meldrum Robt 

432 Woolway Mrs Mary 

434 Dickson Harry 
436 Poyntz Wm 

435 Weiss Mrs Maud 
440 Hale Frank 

442 Sutherland James D 

446 Waddell John A 

448 Marson Mrs Sarah J 

450 Reid Wm J 

452 Allison Harry J 

454 Duffin Sanil T 

456 Wrigglesworth Mrs R 

458 Marshall Stanley 

460 Reeve Walter 

462 Vacant 

464 Crane Albert W 

482 Methven Andrew 

484 Gilbreath Hugh 

486 Harris Frank 

488 Thomas Robt M 

490 McDonald George 

492 Helf Edward 

494 Taylor Thomas 

498 Thomas Clarence E 

498 McGowan Chas F 

500 Humphrey Wm 

502 Rowland James 

504 Knox Arthur 

506 Black Mrs Rebecca 

508 Niven James 

512 Rhodes Chas 

514 Smith Fredk E 

516 Bosworth Stephen 

518 Brock Thos H 

+ Hallam st intersects 
538 Chadwick Itobt 
540 Earl Geo jr 
542 Whltehorn John 
544 Young- Geo 
546 Jewer Fredk 
548 Smith Sidney 
550 Mitchell Charles H 
552 Rockwood Cassius C 
554 Ilarton Geo 
558 Ellis Alex 
558 Falconer Mrs Charlotte 
500 Neill David B 
562 Satterley John 
562 McGuire Miss Kate 
EC6 Cowan Wm H 

Woodhouse Miss Marian. 


568 Hutshens Wm J 
572 Lever Frank it 
576 Smith James D 
578 Stork Thos 
580 Vacant 
582 Garratt Geo 
5S4 Bearcroft John 
586 Pinkerton Albert J 
588 Townsend Edwd 
594 Dyson Wm 

Simcoe Ernest 
:"9fl Loiifiley Herman J A 
508 Knowles Benjamin M 
COO Ross John S 
602 Mason Roy 
604 Stutchbury Mrs Hester 

Wilkin? Miss Julia 
606 McKeown Wm E 
608 Selby Benj 
610 Clark Thos A 


(Old Heresford av, Midway 
Annex i, north from Boult- 
bee av to northern city 
limits, ward 1. 

East Side 

3 Fox Geo C 

5 Pearson Joseph 
7 Dickinson John 
9 Bishop Frank E 
11 Padfield Walter 
33 Williams Alfred 
15 Arnold Geo 
19 Brown ! redk J 
21 McRitchie Gordon 
27 Jones Geo 
29 Wellings Walter 
31 McGavin Joslah 
35 Rowell Alfred 
37 Pearson Mrs Amy 
39 Cook Sidney 
41 Simpson Wm 
43 McElnea Francla 
45 Wood Harold 
47 Williamson John 
49 Murray Andrew 
51 Johnson John T 
53 Pickles Wm, gro 
^ Shudell av intersects 
55 McRobb John, gro 
59 Heard Frank 
61 Ingram Chas 
63 Taylor Harry 
65 Haynes Alfred 
67 Teedon Sidney 
71 Unfinished house 
73 Unfinished house 

107 Armour Robt 

109 Ball Mrs Jessie 

111 Vacant 

113 Brunt Lome 

117 Wakefield Chas 

West Side 

2 Lak Luwe 

4 Hodges Chas 

6 Unfinished house 

8 Blackmore Albert E 

12 Newman Geo 

14 Sanders Arthur 

16 Pitman Albert 

18 Lackey Wm 

20 Morton Geo 
Jarvis David 

22 Rowney James 

44 Bond Harry W 

^ Hunter st ends 

46 Coates Mrs Mary J 

48 Cresswell Alfred 

^ Shudeil av intersects 

62 Banks James 

64 Hunt Mrs Sarah 

66 Goulbourne Albert 

68 Risley Christopher 

70 Moscrop Jonas 

72 Weston Wm 

74 Baker Edwd 

76 Painter Harry G 

78 Young John 

SO Liddiard Wm 

^Dawson av ends 


West from Dundas to Clara, 
third n of Bloor w, wards 
8 and 7. 

North Side 

2 Leith EIridge W 

4 Cook Thos 

6 Vacant 

8 Briggs Harry A 
10 Jameson James 
12 Boyd Geo H 
14 Carleton Wm F 
16 Timney James 
18 Moffatt John 
24 Hill Rowland 
26 Anderson Mrs Mary C 
Anderson Miss Mabel A, 


28 Koistinen Henry 
30 Truscott Lewis A 
32 Roos Moses S 
34 Stitt Mrs Margt 
36 Brownridge Wm 
38 Price Jackson 

40 Mclntosh Donald 
42 Bennett John B 

44 Bavington James 

46 Rosser Frank E 

48 Healey Thos J 

50 Knechtel Edwd, contr 

52 Adam John 
Adam Gordon 

54 Plttis Alfred E 

56 Avent Sidney T, bldr 

58 Cuttell Saml J 

60 Ormsby Mrs Maud 

62 Archer Herbert E 

64 Hayes Orman 

66 Mackey Chas K. contr 

^ Indian rd intersects 

88 McEown John M 

92 Vacant 

96 Flnlay John 
100 Blair Wm 
104 Rea David R 

Stubblngs Walter 
108 MacDonald James E H 

Indian rd cres intersects 
114 Bamber Joseph 

116 Waters Fredk G 
118 Callan Saml M 
120 Dawson Mrs Eva 
122 Lang John J 

^Western av commences 
124 Penney Arthur E 
126 Vacant 

Woodvilre av Intersect* 
^ Keele st Intersects 

^ Oakmount rd intersects 
250 Alston E Herbert 
252 Cummings John M 
254 Park Thos 
256 MacArthur Mrs Irene 
258 Webb Chas H 
260 Barlow Wm G 
262 McKim Dr Herbert A 
264 Thomas Russell 
266 Unfinished house 

^Pacific av intersects 
304 Kerr James E 
308 McNair Donald 

High Park av Intersects 
346 Dymond Wm H 

348 Gunn Mrs Sarah E 
350 Wright George B 
352 Rayner John C 
356 Richardson James R 
358 Ready Geo A 
360 Minion John 
362 Glover Austin W 
364 Vacant 
366 Vacant 
368 Vacant 
^Quebec av intersects 

South Side 

1 Thompson Richard 
S Vollett Thomas T 

5 Elliott Alex 
7 Mather Chadwick 
9 Potter Albert II 

Sinclair ends 

11 Hamilton Herbert 

13 Nolan Joseph 

15 Perry Geo S 

17 Blakew'ay Wm. contr 

19 Orth Geo 

21 Hagel Archibald J 

23 Chisholm James 

25 Irwin Geo B 

27 Mould Chas 

Barrett av ends 
29 Rockwell Emory 
31 Laming John B 
33 McArthur Alex 

35 Gibbons Saml H 
37 Hughes George 
39 Strong Robert B 
41 Harris Wm J 
43 Corner Chas J 
4.1 Winfield Tbos J 
47 Pattison Chas J 
+ Indian rd intersects 

81 Vacant 
87 Watts James 
89 Attwood Walter W 
91 Wllcox Mrs Ann J 
93 Patterson Mrs Emma J 
95 Vacant 

97 Thomson Wallace O 
99 Howse Wm G 
Indian rd rre< ends 

Woodvllle av Intersects 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe. 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
lends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 

The Canada Metal Co,, Limited 









Canadian Company 

:Keele at intersects 
Hain av ends 

213 Vacant 
215 Simpson Geo -> 
217 Unfinished house 
219 Unfinished house 

Oakmount rJ intersects 
267 Vacant 
269 Hathaway Albert E 

^Pacific av intersects 
305 Clark Geo E 
307 Orser James S 

*Hig-h Park av intersects 

+ Quebec av intersect* 


North from Eastern av to 
Queen e, first west of Hor- 
ley av, ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Tripp Edwd C 
9 Willis Geo 
11 Copin Wm 
13 Dadson J 
15 Reynolds Thos 
17 White Leopold 

Loram Wm A 
19 Grey James 

Murdock Walter M 
21 Kelly Thos J 
23 Vacant 
25 Vacant 
27 Vacant 
2f' Vacant 
31 Kilby Daniel E 

Albany Robt 
37 Dunsmore Thos 
39 Dunsmore Alexandra 

West Side 

8 Vacant 
10 Vacant 
12 Vacant 
20 Case Fredk A 
22 Browning Andrew B 
24 Vacant 
26 Vacant 
36 Epther Harry 
3S Vacant 
40 Gregory Wm 
F.onsall Chas 
44 K\te Osmond J 
46 Sharp Wm 


(Old Carlton, West Toron- 
to), east from Ford to Osier 
thence s e and e to Camp- 
bell av, first s of St Clalr 
av, ward 7. 

North Side 

1 St Mark's (Ang) Church 

Osier st Intersects 

L:\nghton av intersects 

South Side 

Public School 

Osier st Intersects 

Laughton av intersects 


\\v-t from Roncesvalles av 
to Indian rd, second s of 
Howard Park av, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Hughes John 

6 Strong Albert H 

8 Boag- Mrs Mary 

10 McWnorter Thos A 

12 Ballard Sidney E 

14 Hare Harold U I 

16 Gausby G Herbert 

18 Smith Edwd C 
^r John S 

22 Goldring Miss Matilda 

24 Craig Thos H 

26 Lyons Fredk W 

28 Riches Robt P 

30 Ovens Wm 

32 Wray Wm E, dentist 

34 McGee Henry B 

36 Burpee Thos R 

38 Best Saml G 

40 Robinson Alfred E 

42 Leslie Chas C 

Sunnyside av intersects 

70 Lewis Ivor R 

72 Stanners John 

74 Ransom Milton 

76 Lowry Jas D 

78 Almond J Edwd 

80 Wilkinson Kelson \V 

82 Miles Walter 

84 Goulding Edgar W 

SS Tetridge James W 

. . . South Side 

I Langmaid Clare A, phy 
Barber Edmund 

3 Jones John W 

5 Ashcroft Jas H 

7 Kennedy Harvey C 

9 Peake Albert E 
11 Grant Wm C 
13 Robinson Mrs Sarah 
15 Millar David 
17 Reid Jas 
19 Vacant 
21 Tindall Edwd 
23 Stewart Thos A 
25 McLean Gillian 
27 Crouch Ernest A 
29 Leavitt Mrs Gertrude 
31 Dyer Edwd L 

33 Dodgson John H 
35 Roberts Percy 

37 Henderson Robt J 
39 Philip Robt J 

Sunnyside av intersecti 
55 Sinclair Alex 

57 McKee Lome D 
59 Field Fred W 
59a Owen James 
Bl Smyth Fredk 
63 Clemens Geo E 
65 Conway John P 
67 Yorston James A 
69 Franckel Moise 
71 Savage Albert S 

Indian rd intersects 
75 Ferrier Chas O 
77 Wilson Chas 

79 Vacant 

81 Vacant 

91 Wriglay G Weston 

93 Anderson Wm 

95 Woodcock Wm A 

97 Campbell Duncan H 

99 Brignall Joseph J 

101 Carlyle Mrs Alice R 

103 Ivey Thos J 

105 Clarke Fred H 

107 Vacant 

113 Stratford Alex 

115 Sakamoto Genta 

117 May Wm W 


(Moore Park), north 
from Oakwood drive to 
Moore av. 
Xot built on 


North from "24 Dundas to 
St. Anne's road, ward 6. 

East Side 

5 Armstrong Edwd 

7 Logan Mrs Jane 
9 Coffey Mrs Mary 

II Oswin James 
13 Burt Neil 

15 Robinson Hiram E 
17 Ford Harry J 
19 Webb Isaac 
21 Boyle David 
23 Spicer BenJ B 
25 Coulter Edwd 
27 Balmer Charles J 
2ft Verrall Wm H 
31 Hind Wm 

Coolmine Av School 

West Side 

8 Kirkpatrick Geo B 
Strathy Gerard B 

34 Dickson John 
36 Palmer Levi 

as Mackenzie Alexander 

40 McDougall Wm J 

42 Bickell George 

44 McPhail John 

46 Brennand Geo 

52 Lydon James C, mus tchr 

T,l Archer Wm B 

56 Upton Josiah 

58 Williams G B 

60 MeEwen Wm W 

62 Ruickbie Robert 

64 Jennings Howard S 

66 Vanderboof John B 

68 Cooper Mrs Mary 

70 Johnson Richard A 

72 Battye Thomas 


(West Toronto), n from 
C P R tracks to Daven- 
port rd, second w of G 
T R tracks, ward 7. 

East Side 

41 Collins Douglas 

43 McLenachan Hugh 
45 Gale Walter 
47 Cottrill Frank 

49 Hawthorne Martin 

51 Blackburn Mrs Lizzie 
53 Stewart Archd 

55 Dobinson Thos W 

57 Hamilton Miss Margt 
59 Vacant 

61 Mahaffey Win J 
63 Brown Thos G 
65 Robinson Ernest 
67 Rogers Horace L 
69 Gerhardt Frank 
^ Brandon av ends 
71 Cox Emmanuel 
73 McLaughlln Robert 
77 Rothwell Alfred 

79 Bailey Robert J 
S3 Brown Jns 

87 Schallenberger Walter 

80 Linsley John J 

91 Campbell Wm 
93 Coniam Wm H 

95 Maloney Wm 

101 Barber Mrs Flora 
107 Beecham Isaac 
109 Rodden Wm 

113 Smith Mrs Isabella 

115 South Albert 

117 Uden Ernest W 
119 Phinn John H 
121 Carson Wm B 

123 Deeks Mrs Nancy 

125 Sawyer Arthur 

127 Morey James H. express 

129 O'Neill Wm 

131 Springett James 
133 Hallawell Robt J 
135 Rogers Wm 

137 Fletcher Wm 
139 Regan Wm 
141 Presant Philip 
145 Caldwell Thomas 

West Side 

20-30 Beath W D & Sons, 

Ltd. machs 
32 Vacant 
34 Vacant 
36 Vacant 
38 Dyer James 
4" Lowe Wm 

42 Barras Mrs Margt 

44 Burton Willis 
46 Brown Robt 

45 Kennedy John 

50 Errington Thos 

52 Brown John 

58 Meyer Charles J. btchr 
Kingsley av commences 
84 Kingsley Mrs Helen 

90 Kendall John F 

92 Varcoe Joseph A 

96 Wilson John 

100 Mooney Mrs Mary 

Mooney Newbury. dent 
Mooney Chester N, phy 

102 Fleming Thomas 

104 Bulstrode Mrs Mary 

106 Johnston Simon 

112 Makolski Alichl 

114 Bodner Frank 

116 Macedonians 

118 Sukoto Henry 
120 Peduke John 

124 Boyd Isaac C 

126 Vacant 

128 Hebdon Wm 

130 Dusty Norman 

132 Barnsley Mrs Leah 

134 Hubbard Ernest 
136 Poultney Robt 
138-140 Vacant 
142 Massey Alfred 
144 Absent 
146 Ross Wm 
148 Simmons Lionel R 
164 Butchart Wm 


East from 157 River to 
the Don, ward 2. 

North Side 

S Melhuish James M 
10 Flinn Chas 

12 Vacant 

14 Corner Wm J 

16 Henderson Robt 

15 Wilson Chas 

20 Johnstone Thos 8 
22 Fariow Wm 

24 Petersen John 

26 Pouliot Theophile 

28 Bass Wm 

20 Fox Henry E, artist 

32 Thompson Thos 

38 Maden Stephen 
Labelle Joseph 

40 Glenn Patk 
42 Gilibs Oliver 

44 Dorie Adelard 
46 Forest Louis 
48 Fellion Joseph 
50 Stevenson Wm J 

South Side 

1 McDonald Thos 

5 Geddes James 

7 Shapiro Jacob 

9 Stewart David 

9% Clark Harry 
11 Gilbert John W 
11% Bremner Wm 

13 Everingham Andrew 
15 Rolphe Wm 

17 Lee Richd 

19 Pringle Robt T 

21 Vacant 

23 Miranda Frank 

25 Lafontaine Leon 

27 Bailey Walter 

29 Bax Jacques J 
31 Kern Wilhelm 

33 Lafontaine George 
35 Laquatie Gaston 

37 Adel Nathan 

39 Brown James 

41 Nesbitt Mrs Ellen 


(North Toronto), north 
and west from 150 Alber- 
tus av to limits 

North Side 

172 Vacant 

South Side 

Not built .on 




West from 1178 Yonge to 
city limits, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

33-46 Public school 

50 Walden Herbert 

52 Grant Mrs Agnes 

54 Brooks John 

56 Hackett Mrs Eliza J 

58 McKenzie Wm 

60 Vacant 

62 Ferris Stephen T 
110 McLeish W M 
112 Mason Gershom W 
114 Gormaly Andrew S 
116 Rice Edgar H 
118 Sheriff Alfred A 

Oaklands av commences 

146 Davis Allan K 
14S McKay George P 
150 McKay Frank O 

152 Bourinot Lady Isabelle 
154 Scott Thomas 
156 Stewart George 


Henry W. Evans, Phone Hillcrest 1243 F. H. Gooch, Phone North 1243 


26 Wellington St. E. 







15S Jeffrey Mrs Marion A 
160 Miles Mrs Martha 
102 McDougall Douglas H 
164 Stevens Wm J 
1C6 Fontaine Wm J 
^ Avenue rd intersects 
176 Jordan Wm 
178 Hall Chas M 
180 Gregory Herbert H 
382 Blackstock Geo A 
184 McLeod John 
186 Rogers Chas J 
188 Rowland Mlsa Edith 
190 Hoskins Miss L B 
192 Baines Mrs Mary 
194 Wood Wm A P 
196 Cape-well Herbert 

Western Com Co, brok- 

198 Walker Herbert R 
200 Foy Augustine 
204 Cox George B 
206 Franklin Herbert 
208 Laurie Arthur W 
210 Taylor Geo C 
212 Magee Chas D 
214 Green Reginald E 
21G Cowan Mrs Patterson 
^ Rathnelly av intersects 
218 Flynn Mrs Harriet 
220 Henderson C DOuglas 
222 Wilkinson Ellis H 
224 Smith Ernest W 
226 Pridham Wm S 
228 Greer Mrs Martha J 
"30 Rose Geo M 
232 Rowe Frank H 
234 Mussen Thos C 
236 Scott Freak W 
242 Taylor James D 
244 McBride Wm J 
246 Watson Mrs Elizabeth" 
248 Etches Harry 
250 Read Norman F 
262 Danks Arthur E 
254 Carman Frederick 
966 Wright Frederick 
258 Watson Wm 

South Side 

1-3 Dalrymple Wm A, den- 

Crown st commences 
11 Supply Tard 
C P R Depot 
C P R freight sheds 
C P R Go's Tel (br) 
41-69 Standard Fuel Co yard 
75-81 Toronto Pottery Co 
83 McGlnnis Wm 
85 Scott Mrs Isabella 
S7 Morse Robt 
89 Middleton James 
91 Warren Mrs Eleanor 
95 Truax Mrs Emma 
99 Milne John 
101 Norman Percy 
103 McWilliams John 
105 Pyne Allan 
107 Abbs Miss Ann 
109 Canadian Cereal & Mill- 
ing Co, Ltd 
111 Cherrier Joseph D 
113 Proctor Wm R 
115 Manaton Mrs Nina 
117 Blackley Wm 
119 Isnrd Frekd S 
121 Walty Percival D 
12.1 Tnrqunnd J Leonard 
125 Paterson Chas B 
127 Smith Elmer H 
129 Prudhomine Charles P 
131 Worth Charles L 
133 Ewan Prank R F 
135 Ansley J G Frederick 
137 Fletcher Herbert M 
139 Sweatmnn Mrs Susanna 
141 Bleasrtell Walter H 
143 Findlay Walter A 
145 Smith 'Chas G 
^ Avenue rd intersects 
167 Boyd Edwd J 
169 Brown Mrs Mary 
1T1 Draper Selby 
1T3 Boomer Charles H 
175 Cunningham PJchd G 
ITT Daltry Osborne B 

179 Parke Roderick J 
181 Anderson Edward H 
183 Johnston Wm 
185 Parker Thos 
187 Mackenzie James H 
189 Henderson Robert B 
191 McMurrich Arthur K 
193 Scott Mrs Jane 
195 Jackson Walter E W 
197 Hunt <;eo H 
199 Vacant 
201 Sheppard John 
203 Snell Mrs Margt 
205 Lyon Arthur L 
207 Northcott Mrs Sarah J 
209 Halford Chas J 
211 Northrup Geo T 
218 Carmlchael Frederick 
215 -Jackson Arthur 
Rathnelly av intersects 
223 Spearman Wm J 
225 Martin T Moore 
227 Rous Mrs Ruth M 
229 Spires Fredk W 


(Sinirlin.-i Park) 




East from 13 Toronto to 
Church, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Shaw & Begg, ins 

4 Bewley Thos, exp 

8 Ambulance, Mounted Po- 

lice and Patrol Wagon 
8-10 Police Station No 1 

14 Schofleld-Holden Mach- 

ine Co, Ltd 
Narrow Fabric Mfg Co 
Might Directories Limit- 
ed, r e 

16 Middleton Arthur G 

South Side 

1 York Chambers, s e 

3 Canadian Northern Exp 

Co, wrehouse 

East from 05 Clinton, 
ward 5. 

1 Nicholls Geo 

2 Me Kane Wm 


North from G T R to 1311 
Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Stours Fred 
^ Springhurst av intersects 

5 Lynan Andrew 
7 Gayhart Wm 

9 Barnard Fredk 
11 Hines Arthur F 

13 McAlister Joseph F 

15 Stewart Harold L 

17 Wright Mrs Letitia 
17H Erickson Willard P 
19 Stone Elijah 

21 Wardlaw Miss Margt J 

23 Goddard Wm H 

23% Montgomery Wm 

25 Henderson Geo A 

'2.1 Sparling Mrs Eleanor 

29 Howell Ward H 

31 Chandler Alfred A 

33 Wallace Wm M 

35 Hethrington John A 

27 Ross Geo 

39 Daniel J Wm 

41 Roden Alfred J 

43 Foote James B 

45 Stewart Wm J 

47 O'Connor Thomas 

49 Kirby Christopher 

Klrby Miss L M, music 


51 Prysdale Wm P 
53 O'Hanley John J 
55 Absent 
57 Halladay Geo K, bldr 

59 Secord Alfred O 

61 Deck Charles F 

63 Jensen Mrs Abble 

65 Adams Wilbert H 

67 Vacant 

69 Brock Stanley G 

71 Gordon Harvie M 

73 Taylor Mrs Pauline I 

75 Bennett Robt J 

77 Roy Herbert N 

79 Stewart Charles 

83 Begg Martin S 

85 McDowell Edwd 

87 Johnston Chas T 

89 Ererist Lewis 

91 Arnold Oeorse M 

93 Aston J Whitmore 

95 McCutcheon Miss Char- 
lotte L, 

97 Weston Wm H 

Weston & Co, machy 

99 Breckenrldge Mrs B I 
1C1 Ferguson Hugh 
103 Cade Rev Robt 
105 Vacant 
107 Donner Mrs Jessie 
109 Lister Mrs Catherine 
111 Browne Alex M, contr 
113 Tucker Arthur 
115 McKay Angus M 
117 Goodings Harry 
119 Bryce Mrs Emmeline J 
121 Giles Mrs Jane 
123 White Harry E 
125 Tuthill John V 
Leslie George H 

^ King st w intersects 
147 Do-wsley G W O, phy 

Dowsley Mrs Jane 
149 Corcoran James 

Corcoran Miss J, nurse 
151 Morrison Miss Ellen M 

Webber Mrs Elizth 
153 Brown Chas 
155 Ireland James 
167 Power Joseph 
159 Madigan Jacob W 
163 Hendry Andrew 
165 Love Amos F 
167 World John H, plmbr 
169 Parkdale Hospital 

+ Melbourne av ends 
183 Abel Herman 
187 Hopklrk John 
189 O'Connor Maurice 
191 Prior Richd 

Hortop James 
193 Walker Walter 
195 Dowton Herbert H 
201 St Mark's Church 
207 Bell Telephone Co, Ltd 

West Side 

6 Roberts Wm J 

8 Overlade Mrs Pauline 
10 Eason Thos J 
12 Glngras Henry 
^ Springhurst av intersects 
14 Graham Joseph 
16 Moore James 
18 Turner Wm J B 
20 McKlnley Archie S 
Trenton ter commences 
20% Lawrence Alfred 
22 Johnson Mrs Minnie 
24 Parker Geo 
26 Fraser Thos 
8 Snell Clarence R D 
"(I Huffman Peter il 
32 Harrison Robt 
34 Budd Benj C 
36 Sinclair John 
48 Klein John H 
50 Ball Ernest S 
52 Jennings Samuel 
54 Scott Wm, bldr 
56 Knott Charles G 
58 Gadsby J Oscar 
60 McKague Hugh H 
62 Breckon Geo P 
64 Halligan Thomas 
66 Pratt Freuk H 
68 Black Abraham E 
70 Hanna John 
72 Gibbs Harry E 
74 Flynn Patk J 
86 Gee Fredk H 
88 Shea Edwd J 
flO Timmins James S 
94 Stevens Edward A 

96 Gell Mrs Eva 

Kenny R Young, phy 

98 Cassell Mrs Eliza J 
100 McKay Peter T 
102 Walsh Mrs Susan 
104 Wilbur John H 
IflB Scott Wm H 
108 Fountain Robt 
110 Ray Mrs Ida 
140 Beresford Apartments 

King st w intersects 
146 Dunn Thos H 
148 Lundy Robert D 
150 King Robert S 
152 Clarke Benjamin A 
154 Skene Mrs Eleanor E 
156 Fidler Miss M, mua tchr 
Fidler Miss B, mus tchr 
158 Vacant 

160 Dalrymple James S 
162 Good Thos 
162 Prince Richd 
164 Jewell Albert N 
166 Bailey Fredk W 
170 Copping Edwd 
172 Grant Kenneth 
174 Aston Joseph 

McDonald James 
176 Smith Wm 
178 Staughton Henry J 
180 Pringle Geo A, contr 
182-88 Presbyterian Church 
190 Tomlinson Mrs May 
192 Brown Thos N 
194 Day Richd J 
198 Kyle Miss Catherine 
198 Griffiths Henry 
200 McQuarrie Kenneth F 
202 Carter Joseph M 
204 Stewart Mis^s Janet 
208 Jackson Saml 

Long Chas E 
210 Gladwin Geo 

Roller Skating Rink 

Fire Hall No 18 


North from opp 1609 Queen 
e to city limits, ward L 

East Side 

^Battenberg av commen- 

27 Fulcher Robt 
29 Stock Mrs Mary 
31 Cox John 
33 Ball Arthur 
35 Prltchett Wm G 
43 Gillson Geo 

Ashlynn av commences 
51 Vacant 

55 Ramer L David 

57 Fulton Win 

63 Field Frt-dk H 

69 Lindley Wm 

71 Luke Robt J 

73 Forgie Thos 

+ Ashbridge av intersects 

83 Schoales Joseph 

89 Alcock Paul 

95 Gordon Saml A 

99 Biggleston Geo 
101 Bamber lUchd 
103 Martin Chas 
109 Branson Tho? W 
115 Purdy Ernest 
123 MrMullan Albert 
127 Homes Geo 
131 Vacant 
135 Vacant 
159 Drummond James 

Gerrard st e intersects 
381 Lucas John 

455 Casci Fredk W 

:GTR crossing 
Danfortl) av intersects 

West Side 

14 Vacant 
16 Parker Hunter 
22 Clay James 
26 Thomas George H 
28 Auburn Mrs Hannah 
30 Burton Norman 
34 Scott Thos 
36 Kearsley Fredk 
38 Cristo Robt 
48 Pease Horace C 
50 Quarrington Mrs Fran- 


Pine Doors 

L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory : MAIN ST., EAST TORONTO 

Phones Beach 230-231 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 


52 Wright Leonard 

60 Charlton Wm J 

64 Gillespie James 

66 Calver Richd 

70 Kcrr Wm 

72 Le Sueur Philip 

78 Thome Joseph 

84 Gibbs Win 

86 Spencer Jcb 

Si Vacant 

96 Clumber House 

98 Chapman Wm 
100 Vacant 
104 Thompson Wm 
Jin Hasell Frank W 
112 Parsons Mrs Clara 
114 Vacant 
124 Gorman Hugh 
126 Wasson David 
128 McGurk Mrs Annie 
132 Bilby Wm 
1S4 Seaton Ernest 
140 Berry Thos 
144 Gray Geo R 
154 Hawkins Saml 
164 BedweH Edmund 
176 Graham Robt 
180 Jaffray AVm jr 
184 Paddon Chas J 
188 Paddon Thos F 
196 Crabtree S 
206 Vacant 
208 Vacant 
210 Vacant 
212 Dixon John 
214 Pemble SyiJmer 
222 Hall John J 
230 Galley Chas 
238 Hewitt Mrs Agnes 
23S Matthews Thos W 
240 Hearne Thos 
242 Delacour Philip 

Gerrard st e intersects 
288 Dunn Geo 

272 Dunn John R 
274 Heath Hiram W 
SOS Gallagher John 
330 Mort Geo 
336 Thompson Thos 
Hrown James 

340 Robertson John 
42 Adams Edwd 

341 Albert 

346 Carter Fredk C 
345 Wilmer Edwin 
350 MoffaU Wm J, gro 
?52 Ayres David 
356 Dickson Wm 
358 Russell Leslie 
388 Clare John 
390 Linley Wm 
39C .Stevenson Geo H 
4 GTR crossing 

Harris Coal Co, Ltd 
604 Dunn Geo 
B70 Buekner Chas W 

Dnnforth av intersects 



(North Toronto), west 
from 2732 Yonge to Elm 

....... North Side ....... 

Not built on 

....... South Side ....... 

^Jedburgh rd Intersects 

3 Lamon Thos A 
65 Sexton Peter F 
^Greer rd intersects 
Burgess Wm S 


North from near 1000 
King w to Bloor, -ward 5. 

....... East Side 

^Defoe st intersects 
49 Hartford Mrs Agnes 
51 Mclntosh Alexander 
53 Ward Wm J 
55 Millman Mrs Elizth 
57 R.itstone Frederick G 
69 McLeod Mrs Mary 
il Cullen Leslie M 
63 Dopp James E 
65 McNeill Neil 

67 Houston Mrs Elizth 

69 McVlcar Wm H 

71 Rogers Mrs Annie 

73 Berteau Gerald F 

79 Mackie Joseph 

81 Doty Mrs Amanda J 

83 Hntehinson Wesley J 

85 Packenham Walter 

87 Graham Hugh 

89 Corblt W J 

01 Jones Andrew 

93 Todd James D 

95 Crookshank Mrs Elizth 

97 Gallaher Robert C 

99 Henderson John 
101 Good Moses J 
HIS Armstrong Wm Q 
105 Stuart Thomas 

4 Queen st w intersects 
179 Meto.ilfe Alfred 
Tvl McLean Wm J 
183 Nauffts Alfred N 

Larder Mrs Margt E, 


1S5 Hay Robert 
1S7 Smyth Mrs S H 
189 Henry Mrs Ellen 
193 Kammerer Miss Chris- 

105 Vaughan Rev Lewis B 
397 Taylor Chas 
201 Harkins John A 
203 Ludolph Carl 
205 Farr Miss Charlotte 
207 Bennet Alfred W 
2<>f< Absent 
213 Scott Wm L 

Scott Miss E S, vocalist 
215 Ward John A 
217 Johnston Charles 
21!) O'Toole .Tnmes J 

Creenan Miss F K, mus 


221 Schulte Mrs Eleanor 
223 Kelly John 
225 Lake Arthur H 
227 DeGruchy Chas H 
237 Cloney Walter P 
239 Boyle Rev Temple S 
241 Sommerville Norman 
Bellwoods Park 

Arthur st intersects 
249 Lane Mrs Emily 
251 Tyler Mrs Sarah J 
253 Maines Archd 
255 Lawson David 
257 Horn Harry R 
259 Downs, Mrs Margt 
261 Gormican Mrs Ellen 
263 Le Riche Hugh 
265 McGill David 
267 Henshaw John W 
269 Hughes Henry B 
271 Stemmann Albert J 
273 Aldridge John, contr 
27.") Huteheson John 
m Wheeler Edward 
279 Selwood Chas 
281 Tullev Walter 
285 Till Edwin 
2S7 Montgomery Wm 
CS9 Schofleld Alfred J 
291 McDowell Fredk 
293 O'Keefe John 
299 Ellis George R 
Ml Martin John A 
303 Waghorn Cecil O 
303% Gilpin James 
305 Jardine Mrs Mary C 
307 Nelson Samuel 
309 Hall John 
311 Bateson George F 
313 Bell John A 
315 Broderlck R S 
317 Murdoch Mrs Amelia 
319 Siesel Hyman, gents' 


3'J1 Bain John 
323 Gorman David 
325 Griffith Edward S 
327 Rupert Howard S 
329 Sinclair Mrs Mary 
333 Kenrsey John P 
335 Doncaster Leonard 
339 Muirhead Richd J 
341 Blanchard Harold D 
343 Egan James 
."43 U Stafford Thos 
345 Vacant 

347 Barker John 
349 Seymour Henry 
349% French Mrs Mary I 
351 Polley Richd 
353 Hodgson Fred T W 
355 Spence Rev Benj 
357 Love Robert W 
359 Connery Francis C 
S61 Avery Mrs Louisa 
3C3 Wickett Fredk G 
369 Lynn Donald A 
371 Wright Andrew E 
373 Brennen Mrs Elizth 
375 McMillan Alexander 

Cinder av ends 

3S7 Urquhart Henry P W 
389 Jones Frederick G 
391 Auchincloss Wm 
393 Kirkland Henry 
395-397 Shawcross James 
399 Potts Geo 
401 Keevil Geo R 
403 Gardiner Mrs Mary 
405 Feldcamp John 
4 Sully cres intersects 
^College st intersects 
515 Vacant 
517 Greenwood Wm 
519 Greenwood Herbert 
521 Harper Charles 
523 Jones Mrs Emily A, 


525 Stanley Wm J 
527 Dickeson Robt 
529 McComb Geo 
531 Halliday Thomas 
533 Cross Mrs Sarah 
5?o Howe Mrs Mary A 

Parr Miss Jane 
537 Dillon John R 
539 Brown James 
541 Le Roy Eugene 
543 Sklrving John 
545 Thorne Chas H 
547 Elliott Wm A 
549 World Dundas C 
551 Vacant 

551a Coughlin James T 
553 Pepper Harry, shoemkr 
555 Jones James A 
557 Morrison John 
559 Sykes Robt W 
561 Rozell Wm 
563 Jeffs Mrs Snrah, gro 

Jeffs Isaac 

Harbord st intersects 
569 Gillespie Wm J. gro 
571 McDowell Robert 
573 Murphy Thos 

575 Morriss Harry 

577 Webster Wm 

579 Clark Alfred 

581 Hamilton James 

583 Adams Wm 

599 Dempster James 

601 Vacant 

603 Brain James 

605 Telford Norman 

607 Stewart Alex 

609 Creighton Melvin B 

611 Durham Robt F 

613 Stevens John 

615 Coekbnrn Frederick G 

(117 Htsoock Harry 

619 Crawford Frank 

621 Woodward Miss Doro- 

623 Harman Harry D 

625 Montgomery Mrs Cora 
E, gro 

'127 Stewart James 

647 Loney Mrs Jean 

649 Williams T Burton 

C.51 Macdonald David 

653 Moore Robt 

655 Faragher Wm, bldr 

657 Jackson Joseph 

(J59 Wilson Mark N 

661 Travers W Frederick 

665 Cruickshank Archd G 

S67 Wilson Thos 

669 Searing Samuel 

669' i Vennell Wm E 

671 Proctor Matthew 

673 Park Geo 

675 English Geo 

677 Asquith Mrs Eliza 

679 Dunbar John J 

681 Gordon Frank G 

683 Balmer Philip R W 

687 Taylor Percy W 
689 Gooderham Charles H 
691 Wilson Moses A 
693 Duern Howard 
607 Abbott Wm J 
699 Owen George J 
701 Valliear James 
703 Woolrich Herbert 
705 McSweeney Geo M 
707 Turner Thomas 
709 Allworth Henry A 
711 Bythell Wm H 
713 Talbqt Wm J 
715 Haviland Samuel J 
Bloor st w intersects 
719 Stothers Saml 
761 Boyle Saml G 
763 Henderson Alex 
775 Wlnterbottom Brierley 
777 Grange James T 
7S7 Gibson Robt 
789 Wood John, contr 

........ West Side ........ 

^Defoe st intersects 
Public School 
Cra-wford St Meth Ch 
76 Hudson Rev Albert G 
78 Rudd Chas H 
82 Scott Andrew 
8* Ryan John 
S6 Ashton James 
88 Boundy Frederick 
90 Hodges Mrs Addle 
92 Leadlay Mrs Annie 
94 Ireland Allan 
96 Perry Wm H 
98 Armstrong Frederick W, 
100 Pringle Chas 

n st w interescts 
Leadlay E & Co, tan- 


^ Logie pi commences 
108 Moffatt Mrs Ida 
110 Jackson Joseph 3 
112 Kerr Wm 

114 Vacant 

116 Burns Edward H 

115 Chapman Joseph W 
122 Fead Andrew 

124 Hearld Mrs Rachael 

1H8 Pears Edward W 

128 Cheer Miss Teresa 

130 Black Wm J 

132 Dennison Mrs Fanny 

134 Scott Walter 

136 Webb Edward H 

138 Love Charles J 

140 Kitchen Alfred 

142 Patterson Robt A 

144 Hay Thos N 

146 Maybee Ellsworth 

148 Moffatt Mrs Margt 

15'j McHardy Mrs Emma 

152 Hall Win J S 

154 Miles John 

156 Orr Robert J 

158 Fisher Thomas 

160 Mclntosh Newman X 

162 Smith James A 

164 Frizzell Augustus 
166 Roddis John W 

165 Lubelsky Sigmond 
170 Morrison John 
172 Haynes Edwin E 
174 Lowry Wm H 

176 Peregrine James A 

av commences 

178 Hunnlsett Henry , cattle 


182 Johnston Mrs Cather- 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST. 


44 Adelaide West 


Phone Adelaide 685 


190 Pugsley Alfrert 

1!>2 Kinnear Wm, cattle dlr 

194 Wilson Joseph 

198 Brown Win T 

200 Parkhill Wm 

202 Cowan Mrs Frances A 

204 Tolton Wm C 

208 Lemon Wm E 

210 Gordon John 

212 Cunningham Wm C 

214 Hunnisett Frank Jr 

216 Zeagman Chas J 

220 McCausland Wm J 

222 Moore John B 

224 Davis Mrs Ada 

226 McNair Mrs Sarah J 

232 Lake Wm H 

234 Price Frederick 

236 Simpson Robert L 

238 Sykes Rev Chas A 

240 Tuthlll C J 

Bellwoods Park 

Arthur st intersects 
256 Kennedy James, gro 
258 Barhydt James 
260 Ivor H Roy 
262 Bero Alexander 
264 Liddle Charles P 
266 McCormack Wm H 
268 Stubbs Harry G 
270 McCreight Miss Sarah 
272 McComb Samuel H 
274 Rogers Jonathan 
276 Russell John W 
278 Russell John 
2SO Wilson Wm T 
282 Meredith Henry T 
284 Clifford Albert B 
286 Sommerville Mrs Margt 
290 Barren Mrs Harry W 
294 Barbour Alfred 
296 Robinson Robt T, contr 
298 Wilson James F 
300 Cooper Miss Annie E 
302 Montgomery George H 
304 Cronk Mrs Elizabeth 
306 Imrie Robert 

Harrison st commences 
308 Henderson James E 
310 Henry George 
312 Boland Edwd T 
314 Norman Herbert 
316 Brazier Mrs Elizth 
318 Peterman Adam E 
320 Whyte Wm H 
834 Kennedy James 
336 Kirk John D 
338 Booth George 
340 Flagier Mrs Henrietta 
342 Walsh Geo 
344 Kennedy Sydney J 
346 Woods Francis H 
348 Needham Henry, contr 
350 lies John 
352 Linton Wm J 
S54 Townsend Mrs Helen 
35C Carson John H 
358 Howse Edwd G 
360 Henderson Samuel E 
362 Taylor Mrs Edith 
?,t'>4 Wright Henry 
366 Remnant George 
S6S Cooper Louis 
370 Barlow Joseph 
372 Buie John 

374 Kenney Patk J 
376 Smith Edwd J 

375 Kells Geo 

380 Hinnenkamp Fredk 

380% Oetzel Andrew 

382 Fenny John W 

384 Curren Jeremiah W 

386 Woltz Bruce 

388 Keevil George W 

390 Brown John E 

392 Bird John L 

394 Nicholas Edward 

396 Lough Herbert R. 

398 Livingstone Wm 

400 Dunlop Wm E 

402 Smith Fred 

404 Trimmings Edwd J 
Sully cres intersects 
College st intersects 

496 Burnett Ernest D 

498 Woodier Joseph 

BOO Finlayson Mrs Janet 

602 Jenklnson Walter 

604 Parker Arthur E 

608 Metcalf Holtby 

516 Newman Geo E 
518 Detweiler Noah 
520 Dewar D Jarvis 
522 O'Brien Geo 
524 Ferris Robt 
526 Grundy Chas 
528 Stanley John 

530 Dawson Thomas 
532 Dawson Thomas J 

531 Clement Francis 
536 Greenaway Thos 
538 Jordan Charles E 
640 White Waiter 

542 Sanderson Chas H 
544 Thompson Walter P 
558 Roesel Mrs Marie 
560 Yearsley Alfred W 
562 Macrae Alex, contr 
EC4 Gordon Mrs Harriet J 
566 Black well Thos J 
568 Lennox Albert 
570 King John 
572 Tatton Mrs Ida 
574 King- Chas 
576 Dollery Norman 
Harbord st intersects 
594 Rundle Wm G 
596 Kelly John A 
598 Parker Rot.- 
600 Lucas Wm R 
602 Kellow Chas J 

604 Flood Mrs Elizth 
606 Finney Mrs Margt 

605 Lachapelle Wm 
610 Vacant 

612 Smith Geo 
614 Owen Elmore 
616 Forster John C 
618 McKellar Daniel B 
620 McLean Miss Emma 
622 Manderson James 
Kit White Benjamin 
626 Quenley Thomas 
628 Utley Fredk B 
630 Laverty Wm 
632 Mitchell Albert S 
634 Mayne Wm 
r:>; Little Wm 

638 Cockerill R C, mus tchr 
Anglo Canadian School 

of Music 

640 Dick Peter E 
642 McMullen Samuel B 
644 McKlnnon Walter L 
S46 Forsyth Edwd L 
666 Ott 'Mrs Alice J 
668 Young Wm L 
i~ (i PLCGS Edwd 
672 Locke Charles 
674 Henderson Mrs Elizth 
676 Henderson John 
GTS McFarlane Wm 
680 Sturgeon Thos 
682 Douglas Geo 
684 Baughman Charles 
686 Nixon Harry 
688 Mitchell Joshua V 
690 Keating Mrs Margt 
692 Shaw Mrs Mary 
694 Bartlett Mrs Ella 
696 Wood Harvard L 
698 Percy David 
700 Take Abraham 

704 Snider Mrs Harriet A 
706 Rich Harry 

705 Leaney Walter 

710 Kinsella Mrs Helen M 
712 Lamb Peter R 
714 MaoLachlan John P 
716 Gillan Mrs Anna 

Bloor st w intersects 
718 Hap.zelwood Wm E 
720 Smith Mrs Eliz. dairy 
722 Wood Miss Sarah 
724 Brett Henry W 
720 Waters. Robert W 
728 Sawyer Arthur B 
730 Coleman Edwd 
734 Jarvis Geo 
736 Stutchbury Mrs Katrina 
73? Vacant 
740 Thomas Isaac 
742 Parker Sydney C 
144 Robertson Wm 
746 Henry David 
748 Jewell James N 
750 Kniarht Wm H 
752 Hazlitt Mrs Mary 
754 Conway John 
756 Martin Robert 

758 Tomlinson Philip 
762 Bottrell Joseph 
764 Lowe Wm E 
766 Miles Robt A 
768 Walker W^m 
770 Scott Mrs Mary 
772 Henry Wm 
772a Bennett Miss Jessie 
774 Prince Geo D 
776 Evans Benj 
778 Galbraith John W 
780 Schultz Wm, plmbr 
782 Potter Thos 
784 Davis Wm G 
786 Wlcksey John E 
788 Locke Geo 
792 Haddock Wm J 
794 Churchill Thomas 
796 Vacant 
798 Spensley Henry 
800 McCue Edward 
SC2 Tovell David S 
804 Wilcocks Edgar J 
Thorn st intersects 


(Old Taylor pi), e from 28 
Trefann, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Spencer John 
4 Painter Chas 

South Side 

Not built on 


East from Yonge to South 
Drive, first a of Boxbor- 
ough e, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Dineen Frank B 
Bingham Charles D 
8 Lewis Mrs Annie 
12 Sherrard Henry A 
16 McWhinney Wm J 
22 Westwood Chas H 
24 Vacant 
26 McLeod Charles 
32 McGaw Thos D 
84 Edmonds Charles B 
36 Kerr Mrs Marian 
38 Francis Gwyn L 
42 Greene Richd H 
48 Kleiser Rosseau L 
50 Osborne J Ewart 
Cluny av intersects 
60 Wright Alfred 
64 Rumsey Reginald 
72 Hamilton Thomas H 
74 Willmott W Earl 
78 Rolph Frank 
80 Osier Hon Featherston 
84 Near W Wallace 
88 Cameron Alfred B 
90 Floyd Stanley T 
92 Gough Ricnard P 
106 Norris Charles C 
110 Vacant 
112 Smith Chas I' 
116 Wood Mrs Margt E 
118 Colleran John J 
120 Gooch Frederick H. 

Wrentham pi intersects 
124 Mortimer Chas H 
126 Carpenter Chas H 
132 Wills Hamilton B 
134 Rowell Newton W 
142 Boone Chas S 
146 Baillie Frank W 
158 Deacon Frederick H. 
162 Porter Geo D, phy 
166 Wood Frank P 
170 Boone Chas A 

'Lamport av commences 
176 Lumbers James 
178 Ramsey Jas G 

Dixon Miss A L, nurse 
180 Hall Mark 
182 Lumbers Leonard O 
184 Jull T Worthington 

South Side 

21 Brown Mrs Elizabeth 
23 Milburn T Edwd 
27 Bickle Harry 
29 Townsend Charles J 
35 Boultbee A. arch 
Ciuny ;.v intersects 

61 Beaty John W 

65 Mackenzie Alexander 

71 Peacock Mrs Jane 

73 Clarkson Geoffrey T 

Rosedale rd ends 

81 Aull Mrs Annie C 

83 Lowndes J Montgomery 

85 Harris Mrs Jean G 

87 Clark Geo M 

89 Page Walter 

91 Vacant 

99 Steele Mrs Richd C 
South Drive commences 
111 Warfield Carlos 
119 Burns Mrs Sarah 
121 Husband Augustus C 
133 Rea Thos 
1S5 Horsman Harry 
137 Thompson Mrs Hester 
Scarth rd ends 
139 Parsons Silas R 
141 Anderson Mrs Louisa 
143 Thompson Boyce 
145 Ratcliff Frederick L 
149 Turnbull John 
151 Hollinrake Thomas A 
155 Henderson Joseph 
161 Muf'.recor Joseph H 
163 Milligan George 
165 Junkin Robt 

Lamport ar commences 
167 Cholwlll Mrs Mary O 
171 Kilmer George H 

175 Foster Albert 
181 Brown T Albert 
185 Shaw Wm H 




West from e of 15 Clare- 
mont to Bellwoods ar, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Bradley John 

6 Vacant 

Claremont st Intersects 
8 Chard Wm E 

30 Lowe Harry 

12 Smith Charles 

14 Johnston Edward 

16 Stewart John 

18 Tarrant Walter 

22 Bell Edwd 

24 Mitchell Saml 

South Side 

3 Grimley Joseph 

5 Curts Frank 

7 Avent Albert S 

Claremont st intersects 
11 Hind James W 

13 Cayley Frank 

15 Boyce Albert V 

17 Von Zuben Otto 

19 Allen Miss Laura 

23 Gibson Miss Rachel 

25 McDonald Mrs Florence 
27 Griffin Chas 


(Old Ulster av), north from 
396 College to Harbord w, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

Vankoughnet st inter- 


Ulster st Intersects 
121 Taylor Wm 

123 Vacant 
135 Dye Henry 
137 Close Wm E 
139 Spraggon Hansel! 

West Side 

6 Miles George 

8 Jarman Waiter 
Vankoughnet st inter- 

92 Potter Geo 

94 Ferrier Mrs Emily 
96 Barnes Isaac 

Ulster st Intersects 



Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, Limited 

Lnwden Building, Cor. ADELAIDE and YONGE STS, Main 1360 






PhoneAOtlAIDE 196? 



I V\'eston> 


West from 114 Beacons- 
field av to Gladstone av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Vacant 
8 Taylor Wm A 

1 McOee Thos, pntr 

12 Hill George 

14 Dilworth Joseph 

South Side 

,1 I'hillips Edward 

7 Medforth Mrs Susan A 

9 Packer Alfred 
11 Mclldoon John 
13 Watchorn Miss E L, gro 
15 Anderson Saml G 
17 Gilbert Mrs Louisa 
19 Vacant 


South from 5 Cottlngham, 
ward 3. 

Not built on 




(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Canning av 


West from 826 Tonge to 
Avenue rd, ward 8. 

North Side 

2 Bigwood Thos H 
S-10 Vacant 
1L Shannon Miss Mary 

14 McGregor Henry W 

15 Glanville Mrs Elizth 

31 Gleeson Thos 
?.' Lyons Fredk 

24 Rush George W 
26 Pearson Mrs Margaret 
28 Carter George H, uphol 
80 Finlayson Wm J 

32 Goldson Fredk 
34 Clark John G 

36 Craven John 
40 Specht Arthur 
42 Brisbin Henry 

44 Ough Ernest 
46 Cross Levi A 

45 Cooper Herbert A 
50 Price Wtu 

62 Brown John 

54 Crowtlier Miss R, drsmkr 

66 Lynes Kieran 

56% Hudson George A 

S Mouncey Wilson 
60 Newman Geo 
2 Vance 

64 Stookwell John R 
66 Vacant 

65 Keemar Joseph 
70 O'Neill Michael 

72 Warmington Chas 

74 Stevenson Wm A 
76 Bursess Wm 

75 Vacant 

SO Pyke Edwd L 

82 Can- Wm 

84 Everest Edward 
86 Bennett Wm 

SS Coverley Mrs Alice 

96 Hawker Harry C, gro 

^ Bellalr st Intersects 

9S Steggles Wm G 
100 Cullen Richd G 
102 Johnston Munro H 
104 McMahon Joshua 
106 Clemence Wm A 
108 Keating Frank 
lOSa Hardill Bertram 
110 Spring Thos H 
112 Cloakey Frank H 

114 Maycock John H 
116 Wood Robert 

115 Wood John 

120 Wayte Robt. contr 
122 Lingard Wm H 

124 Rowland John 
126 Vacant 
126a Vacant 

128 Gibson Miss Jane 
128> Story Robert 

130 Johnson James 
132 Fox Mrs Elizth 
136 Watkins Archd C 
138 Boggs Miss Harriett 
140 Marshall Richard 
142 Seagram Arthur W 
146 Stuart Alex R 

148 Smellie David 

150 Tamblyn Wellington W 

152 McClure Jesse 

154 Vacant 

156 Brooks Wm 

158 Cartwright Geo A 

160 Chapman Wm 

164 Gorin Philip 

166 Osborne Chas A 

South Side 

3-5 Cumberland Hall 
Martin Miss Frances, 

Morris Richd 
MeVrydew Geo 
7 Hazelton Mrs Susan 
9 Smith Walter 

II Smithers Mrs Mary 
13 Allen Mrs Elizth 
15 Beavis Alfred H 
17 Ross Wm H 

19 Macdonald Mrs Mary A 

23 Meredith Wm E L 

25 Chessum Arthur C 

27 Grineau Chas 

29 Morgason George 

Evans Wm 
31 Rae John W 
33 Murphy Joseph J 
35 Smithers Mrs Lucy 
37 Houtby Geo , 
39 Green Miss Margrt 
41 Hayward Charles W 
43 Annett Philip H 
47 Upton Walter J 
49 Kirkpatrick .Andrew 
51 Kincade Wm T 
53 Toliver Mrs Josephine 

Roberts Roland, r 
55 Higg-ins Thos J 
57 Bigg George 
59 Bryant Wm R 
61 Hutchins Walter H 
63 Austin John 
65 Maxey Mrs Emma 
67 Cargin Robt 
71 Thompson Miss Martha 
73 Toulmin Mrs Annie 
7" WMnwright John 
77 Haworth Mrs Cecilia 
7'.> Thorn Geo 
81 Hodkinson Walter 
83 Vacant 
S3H Vacant 
S." Vacant 
87 Vacant 
89 Pyne Chas 
91 Worthy John 
93 Cooper George 
Bellnir st intersects 
S7 Taylor Alfred 
99 Shearer Alex 
101 Flay Albert 
103 Hodgins Thos 
105 Lytle James 
107 Taylor Alfred, gro 
109 Trover Russell 

III Elnor Herbert 
113 Devine Charles M 
115 Jeffery Charles 
117 Wilkinson James A 
119 Bland George 

121 Watson Henry 
12?. Scott Thomas J 
125 Grnnt Robt T 
127 Appleton Mrs Jennie 

129 Jordan Robert 

131 O'Connor Wm 

133 Gardiner John W 
135 Hammersley Wm 
137 Hughes John H 
139 Waters James 
141 Robinson John J 
143 Nan ton Mrs Lavina 
145 Knight Alfred 
147 Judd Henry 

149 Gillies Wm J W 
151 Aldrlch Harry A 
153 McLean Joseph 
155 Gardhuusi- Mrs Ethel 
157 Bro-vn Wilfred G 
359 Simpson Charles B 
161 Sproule Mrs Henrietta 
163 Austin Percy 
165 Willmot Mrs Elizth 
183 Wallace John 
185 Hopkins Alfred 


(North Dovercourt), name 
changed to Delaware av 


East from w of Boiton av, 
between US and 120, to 
Wardell, ward 1. 

North Side 

+ Boiton av intersects 
18 Brent Fredk W 
20 Linnan Mrs Mary 
22 Krug- Harry 

24 Perkin Arthur W 
26 Reddie Robert .1 
28 Peas John 

+ De Gr;issi st intersects 

South Side 

+ Boiton ;iv intersects 

1 White Wm S 
9 Harrison James R, gro 
13-15 Crescent Indry 
17 Houghton Saml 

^De Grass! st intersects 
31 McArthur Wm 
35 Deniord Hiram 
39 Wice Irvine 
45 Deniord Richd S 
47 Thompson John H 
49 O'Neal Michl 
51 Totten Geo N. gro 


West from S6 Brock av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

12 MeLachlan ,,'ohn B 
20 McLaughlin Mrs Mar- 

South Side 

7 Gafney John M 

9 MacPherson Norman W 
11 Kerr Alfred C 
15 McElroy Wm A 
17 Abercrombie Wm 
19 Edis Henry J 

25 Cook Major 
Wallace Leon 


East from Blair av, first D 
of Sydenham, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Downs Thomas 

2 Potter Alfred 

3 Parkin Fredk 

4 Stewart Thomas 

5 Connell Mrs Isabel 

South Side 

Not built on 


(North Toronto), north 
from 110 St Clements av 
to Briar Hill av 
Not built on 


North from 1192 Queen 
to Myrtle av, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Tyndall John H 

3 Entwistle John 

5 Sawyer Chas F 
23 Glen Saml 
27 Maunder Edward W 
29 Murray Peter 
31 Shaw Chas 
33 Ream Wm R 
35 Morln Israel 
37 Moloney Wm 

39 Macdonald Archd J 

43 Claxton John 

47 Stevenson James 

51 Clifford John 

55 Gorringe Wm R 
111 Munro Peter 
113 Murdoc Neal 

Beeson Arthur 
115 Hopkins Geo 
117 Berry George 
119 Lubar Albert 
121 Hardy Mrs Sarah J 
123 Cansdale Henry 
125 Pick Wm 
127 Cushon Geoffrey 
129 Morris James 

^Doel av intersects 
137 Norton Peter 
139 Law Geo W 
141 Kerfoot Thos 
155 Vacant 
163 Vacant 

Sproatt av intersects 
379 Wathen Wm 
381 Patterson Joseph 
3S3 Tisdale James M 
3S5 Waddell F W 
Kins' NVlson J 
3S7 Leeds Thos 
3S9 Brown Wm 
391 Purnall Geo 
?.93 Martin Samuel 
397 Ross Mrs Florence 
399 Vacant 
401 Findlow Robt H 
403 Laver Charles 
405 Lennox Wm 
407 Ross Henry G 
409 Pearsall Henry 
411 Bird Joseph 
413 Wilner Harry 
415 Attenborous^h Percy 
417 Kitchen Thos. florist 
419 Haworth Lawrence 

West Side 

8 Senour Lewis 

12 Costello Mrs Mary 

14 Porter John 

16 McConnell Thos 

22 Harrison Geo 

24 Holland John 

26 Irwin Wm 

28 Burns David 

36 Hurley Mrs Mary 

38 Kearns John J 

40 Weir Alex 

42 Flinn Henry 

44 Hawthorne Albert J 

46 Tyndall Marmaduk, 

48 Tyndall Geo R, contr 

50 Lunney Mrs Louise 
Farlow James 

52 Lunney Christian 

54 McCartney Wm 

56 Holland Patk. btchr 
Holland John 

fii'i Willingham Wm J 

64 Allinson Leopold 

66 Coombes Samuel 

72 Brown Wm 

74 Cassely James 

76 Creelan Arthur 

78 Miller Christopher 

80 Bell Thomas 

S2 Renoldi Miss Lena 

88 Dusome John P 

88 Gray Hamilton 

90 Jerou Joseph O 
Cole James, rear 

r>2 Monkman Richd 

94 Jackson John 

96 Ledger Alexander 

98 Long David J 
102 Nolan J. whol btchr 

Tierney Mrs Catherine 
104 Chapman Walter 
106 Bramley John T 
108 Chuter Arthur 
110 Dawe Orlando 
118 Jackson John W 

^Doel av intersects 
120 Little Daniel 
122 Parker Frank L 

124 McCarthy Mrs Louisa 
126 Woodman Joseph W 

125 Madill Oscar 
Clark George 

130 Ferguson George 
134 Hopkins George 


General Insurance Agents anc3 Brokers 

OFFICES Office Main 856, Residence, Kil!:;e?i 

( ctc;ind Floor) 




TORONTO OFFICE: Quebec Bank Bldg., 35-37 KING STREET W. $66, 



136 Dawson Henrv 

Maguire Geo 
140 Edwards Thos 
142 Forster Robt 
144 Mead Edward C 
146 Barratt Mrs Ann M 
148 Blackburn Saml 
150 Rawlings Joseph 
152 Morgan Mrs Minnie 
164 Marston Albert E 
166 \Vyatt Philip 
168 Pirminger John E 
160 Waring Wm H 
162 Brasseler Henry 
164 Egan Mrs Julia 
166 Kennedy John D 
168 Wickens Percy 
170 Hogan Robert 
172 Crawford James 
174 Day Charles 
176 Ashling Wm 
178 Hamp Benj 
180 Woodhouse David 
182 duff Wm, gro 
^Sproatt av intersects 
S84 Watts Arthur 
386 MePherson Andrew 
392 Agar Edwin T 
394 Phipps Joseph D 
396 Pett Edwd W 
398 Hanna Marshall A 
400 Oates Wm 
400 % Elliott Thos 
402 Pickering Jeremiah 
404 Barkey John U 
406 Steadman Joseph 
408 Fisher Albert 


(North Toronto), north 
from Belsize drive to 
Manor rd, second e of 

Not built on 


Bant from 100 Elizabeth, 
ward 8. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Spear Goodwin 

3 Haberman Abraham 
5 Vlentrob Isidore 

7 Diamond S 

9 Smith Geo 


North from Front e to 
Eastern av, first w of the 
Don, ward 2. 

East Side 

1-37 Wicket & Craig, tan- 

West Side 

12 Wickett & Craig, store- 

14 Bailey Thomas C 
16 Cavle Chas 


Name changed to Charles 


East from near 235 Pape 
av to Jones av, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Montgomery John W 

4 Colby Arthur 

6 Baxter Archd 

8 Giroux George J 
10 Colby Charles 
12 McSherry Henry 
14 Nye James 

16 Auziere Adolphe 

18 Bates David 

28 Challoner Harry 

22 Quarrlngton George H 

22^ Gill Arthur L 

24 Gardiner Wm D 

26 Ironside Sandford 

28 Byrne Mrs Catherine 

30 Stllwell Wm L 

32 Hoare Joseph 

,S4 Humphreys John R 

36 Drinkle Wm 

38 Gloster Thos J 

40 Lee Geo E 

40% Thornto Alonzo 

42 Shields Francis J 

44 Thomson Sidney 

46 Nash James 

52 Donohoe John 

54 Catton Robt H 

56 Freeman Albert E 

58 Edwards John 

66 Cook Mrs Ida, gro 

68 Burke Wm 

70 Jago Richard F 

72 Temperton Charles R 

74 Jennings Charles 

76 Humphrey Ernest 

78 Jones Jamec H 

80 Kemp John 

Yokon Joseph 
82 Symington John J 
84 Russell Ernest E 
86 Dunbar Howard 
Gait av commences 
88 Bagnell John 
90 Shelton Joseph 
92 Gray Andrew W 
94 Randall Wm E 
96 Kendrlck John . 
98 Kear Thos 
100 Orme Percy 

South Side 

1 Bowkill Wm H 
1% Harran David 
3 Humpage Geo 
5 Luscombe Thomas 
7 Lilcock Henry A 
9 Doyle Harry E 
11 Collett Fred 
17 Johnson Alfred E 
19 Bennett Harry G 
21 Stover Edgar 
23 Shank Wm 
25 Drohan Wm C 
^ Brooklyn av ends 
^Bertmount ends 
57 Smith James 
59 Goodhead Arthur J 
61 Porter Arthur, exp 
65 Porter Wm 
67 Kellum Mrs Annie 
69 Vacant 
71 Vacant 
75 Shields Thomas 
77 Howard Miss Emma 
79 Bennett Chas 
81 Litherland Alfred 
83 Losee Mrs Elizabeth 
91 Wilson Frederick 
93 Ag-gott John 
95 Dutchburn Harper A 
97 Mansavallina Alfredo 
99 Moni John 

101 Beaton Farquhar 

103 Vacant 


East from Glen rd to 
Castle Frank av, first n of 
Howard, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Darling Robert 

4 Scott James 

6 Kelly Morgan 

8 Gray Robert M 

10 Gordon H D Lockhart 
16 Heward C Edwin 

20 Gordon Alex B 
^Powell av commences 
30 Perry John B 

36 Lockhart Reginald R 
+ Maple av ends 

40 Walker Thomas L 

42 Robertson Wm D 

44 Brown Richd N 
+ Nanton av commences 
Hawthorne av commence* 

South Side 

1 Johnston Strachan 

5 Wilson S Frank 

9 Hodgins Frank E, K C 
15 Labbett John 

21 Dyment Albert E 
^McKenzie av commences 


North from 72 Queen e to 
Oerrard e, ward 8 

East Side 

17 Coyle Mrs Annie 
19 Graing-er Chas 
21 Cornfield Saml 
23 Smaling Wm E 
25 White Joseph 
27 White Wm T 
29 French Mrs Mary 
31 Dillon Edwd A 
33 Vacant 
33>& Vacant 

Shuter st intersects 
97 Clark John, exp 

Wilton av intersects 
101-133 Simpson Robt Co, 

Ltd, stables 
135 Glass Louis 
137 Ehre Lipe 
141 Ehre Abraham 
145 Mattri James 
147-151 O'Keefe's Garage 
^Gould st Intersects 
1S7 O'Keefe's stables 
189 Duffy Fredk J 
191 Curtin Vincent 
193 Bitschy Wm J 
195 Purdy James 
197 Fredenburg John 
199 Fisk Frank 
201 Smith Mrs Mary A 
203 Parsons Archd S J 
205 Doheny Miss Catnerine C 
207 Cunningham Hngh 
207% Hardman John 
209 Doyle Patrick J 
211 Bowman Nathan 
213 Firth Qenj 
215 Feeney MichI J 
217 Little Mrs Emily 

West Side 

8 Richardson & Ruff, 

clothes racks 
12 Turn" & Son, carps 
16 Fulton Geo 

Thomson Kenzie 
18 Payne Wm 

Morey Sidney 
26 Gray H & Co, wool 

28-30 Queen City Brass 


Casey James, painter 
Shuter st intersects 
84 Greenwood Simon 
86 Warehouse 
^Wilton av intersects 
140 Colestock Robt 
^Gould st intersects 
168 Taylor Joseph 
170 Sproule George F 
172 Brown Ebenezer 
174 Smedley Mrs Emma 
176 Whalen Mrs Julia 
202 Reynolds Bros, garage 


(Old Major, beyond Bloor), 
north from Bloor w to 
Lowther av, ward 4. 

East Side 

5 Copeland John 

7 Russell Ivan J 

Borland Jas H 
11 Robertson Miss S J 
13 Near Saml G 
15 Near John G 
17 McDonald Hugh J 
25 Dalton Frank E 
27 CummintTS Edwd J 
29 Kennard Henry F 
31 Henderson Ernest M, phy 
33 Power John F 
35 Groves Wm E 
37 Speerin Dennis P 
39 Turnbull Mrs Lizzie M 
41 Daly Herbert J 

West Side 

6 Bell Miss llargt C, 

8 McCrea Mrs A D 
10 Harris John G 
12 Yates Mrs M E 
16 McKinley James 
18 Armstrong John J 
20 Watson Robt J 
22 Bastedo Carl A 
24 Bartlett Rev S T 
26 Troy Miss Mary 
28 Rawlings C Stanley 
30 McLean E Smith 
32 MacLaren Rev David 
34 Tait Miss Helen 
36 Macgregor Donald C 
38 Mandell Noel 

Winters Albert, rear 
40 Grant Arthur C 
42 Graham H E 
44 Westren Fredk W 
48 McMurrny Mrs Elizth 


Including old Chester, east 
from Cambridge a v, 
through old Norway to 
eastern limits of East To- 

North Side 

^ Don Mills rd commences 
24 Smith A J, blksmth 
40 Wilson John 
42 Chinese Indry 
56 Wilson Robt, amusement 
North Riverdale Rink 
Danforth Hal! 

Ellerbeck av commences 


Playter boul commences 
152 Pestell Alfred W 

154 McKay Mrs Ellen 
156 Buck Harold, phy 
164 Allen Hemy S 

Danforth Avenue Meth 

+ Jackma,n av commences 
176 Playter John L 
188 Vacant 

+ Chester av commences 
206 Larkin Frank A, tlr 
226 Monarch Stone Co 
230 Black Christopher 

+ Arundel av commences 
238 Meades Ebenezer '3 
240 Pink Herbert J 
242 Child W Delos 
246 Curtis Wm 
248 Morrison Wm, phy 
250 Gibbs John, amusements 

^ Logan av intersects 
258 Muir John, gro 
260 Vacant 

262-264 Taylor Adam, dry gdn 
266 Bell Arthur M, phy 
268 Corbett Mrs Mary 
270 McGuire Wm P 
272 Muir John 

+ Ferrier av commences 
302 Ferrier George N 

Carlaw av intersects 

310 Harrold Fredk G, coal 
and wood 

316 Siberry Robt J. gents 

318 Merchants Bk of Can- 

320 Elliott C W & Son, 

322 Train Geo F S, fey 

324 Bell Hillyard, confy 

326 Chisnell Roderick, bar- 

328 Littleford Walter, dry gds 

330 Speers Ernest F, gro 
+ Moscow av commences 

334 Vacant 

342 Penford George 

350 Baker Daniel 

352 Chinese Laundry 

Pape av intersects 
360 Frankland Henry R 
390 Hamilton Malcolm 
396 Rees Charles A 

Eaton av commences 
402 Dornan James 

+ Woody Crest av com- 

Langford av commences 

Douglas Ponton Real Estate and Flnanc9 

41 & 43 Adelaide St. E. 


VALUATOR, ARBITRATOR, Etc. i Jelsfhone Main BO 




Send for our Booklet on 

^Fourth av commences 
480 Etridge Wm 
ACondor av intersects 
680 Preston Roger, mkt 

122 Roberts Charles, harness 


724 Blnns Cyril, blksmith 
+ Greenwood av intersects 
726 Drohan Wm J 
978 Harris John B 
994 Harris W & Co, glue 

1074 Walden Alfred 

Woodbine av intersects 
Colridge av commences 
Cedarvale av commences 
1312 Walker John S, gro 
1316 Rushworth John 
1S18 Dodson Ezra P 
1320 Marriott Alex 
1322 Rowan - Ellsworth 

Mrs J W 

1324 Mennonite Mission 
1340 Lennox Chas D 
+ GledMU av commences 
13!!2 Jackson Wm 
4 Chisholm av commences 
1490 Locke Rev John 

Hope Methodist Church 
+ Main st intersects 
1802 Walters Wm R, phy 
1506-8 Cobbledick Nelson B, 

loli) Absent 
1524 Chinese Indry 
1526 Johnston Arthur, 


1528 Blaylock Wm H, gro 
Butler Harry 

Barrlngton av com- 

1530 Donnelly Henry, shoe- 


1544 Li-wis Alfred 
1554 Elliott & Armstrong. 


1562 Drumniond David 
1578 Vacant 
15SO Vacant 

1582 Roberts Harry, har- 
ness mkr 

1584 Stoba Albert C, tlr 
1586 Lloyd Chas D, barber 
.ntt Frank, btchr 
1590 Brandon John W, baker 
1592 Sharpe Joseph C, gro 
1600 Vacant 

1604 Paterson Bros, gros 

Dawes rd Intersects 

1605 Vacant 
1610 Society Hall 

1512 Hodsjins John, hdwre 
1622 Glvens Wm H, dry gds 
1636 Gilding Frank, whol 


163S Armstrong Frank 
1640 Sheard Mrs Elizabeth 
1642 Gallagher John 
1644 Prudence Walter G 
1846 Shoniker Henry 

Kelvin st intersects 
1652 Marchment Sidney 
1654 Brooking Wm 
1656 Ford Thomas 

1558 Ramsay John 
1660 Hagan Albert C 
1G62 Allbright Wm 
1664 Robertson Wm N 
1666 Jones Chas, exp 
1690 Hutton Geo 
1694 Francis Wm 
1700 Vacant 

South Side 

: Winchester rd ends 
Broadview av ends 
1 Metropolitan Bank 
la Gilmore Miss Lavlna, 


3 Playter's Socittv Hall 
Peaker Harry, dentist 
Cameron David A, barr 
5 Birrell & Maciver. con- 


7 Smith Fredk W, drugs 
9 McKay John F, fancv gds 
11 Canadian Bk of Com- 
15 Bates Edwin, boots and 

15 Vi Jordan Dennis, phy 

17 Young Gordon V, btchr 

17% Vacant , 

19 Van Loon Richd, gro 

21 Young James W 

29 Shales John H 

63 Goodwin Kdward O 

81 Ralston James W 

87 Connor Wm J 

95 McCalley Thos 

97 McCauley Thos 

Danforth Av Bapt Ch 

+ Bowden ends 
121 Burry Bros (br) 
123-131 Vacant (6) 

Hampton av ends 
183 Beesley Mrs Ruth 
217 Chinese Laundry 

219 Grainger Abraham, bar- 

Palmer Wm 

221 Cherry Thomas, boats & 

McGillivray Wm 
223 Iredaie Ralph, hardware 
^Logan av intersects 
235 Kettle Mrs Annie 
237 Dorst Jacob, btchr 
239 Dorst Jacob, gro 

Dancey John 

241 Carson Armour S, barber 
243 Bank of Ottawa 
255 Powell Joseph A, gro 

Fenwick av ends 

257 Balkwill James T, drugs 
259 Byass Chas, gro 
^Carlaw av intersects 
301 Carter Mrs Frances E 
303 Banks Stephen 
305 Baker Fredk 
307 Hinchliffe Wm 
311 Fayla Mrs Louisa, gro 
^ Gough av ends 
313 Vacant 

341 Davies Wm, Ltd, prov 
343 Barnett John, btchr 
345 Barnes John, confy 

Jamieson Henry 
347 Gallagher J A, drugs 

Dobson Edwd 
349 Grosvenor Wm 

Bennett David 

Thomas & Son, rl est 

Pape av Intersects 

377 Haindl Bros, contrs 

Haindl Wm 
379 Folinsbee John 
381 Boyd Robt J 
291 Mills John H. mkt gdnr 
399 Sellen Herbert B 
413 Vacant 
415 Jobin Alexander 
417 Hayes Thomas 
419 Pentney Chas 
431 O'Donohoe Wm 

Clones av ends 
507 White Robt 

Oakley Henry B 

^Condor av intersects 
591 Phin John A 

Horsfall George W. r 

Byron av ends 
675 Edwards John 
683 Magee Arthur W 
689 Gurr John 

691 Fomes John 
693 Rellinger Albert 
717 Dean Joshua H 
721 Jobin Alphons 
723 Preston Wm G, gro 

^ Greenwood av intersects 
743 Wren Thos 
745 Burgess John 

^ Lincoln av ends 

Lamb av ends 

S53 Malcolm John, gro 
903 Ramsay Alex 

Erie ter ends 
915 Vacant 

+ Rhodes av ends 
921 Prisley Arthur F 
935 Lavery Edwd, dairy 

^ Coxwell av ends 
941 Paveling John 
1013 Andrews Jesse 

Hillingdon av commences 
1019 Spoffard Geo 

1027 Rose Mrs Catharine, 


1031 Jones Geo 
1033 Dines Wm 
^ Drayton av ends 

1067 Absent 
1213 Newton Edwd, gro 
1215 Clark Edwd 
1217 Balam John 

+ Woodbine av intersects 
1255 Watt Peter A 
1259 Cummins Jervase 

+ Amroth av commences 
1261 Hughes Wm 
1269 Taylor Joseph 
Poole Ernest 

: Patricia drive ends 
Morton rd ends 
1399 Metcalfe Christopher J 
Westlake av ends 
1459 Richardson John, contr 
1461 Britton Carson H, phy 
1469 Courtney Wm J 
1471 Terry Wm 
1473 Stephenson Mrs Lucy 
1475 Allan R George 
1477 Denves Frank H 
1481 Hunt Thos 
1483 Oldschwager Fritz 
1485 Vacant 

+ Main st intersects 
Drummond David & Son 

1555 E;<st Toronto Feed & 

Produce Co 
1563 Bangay Saml 
1565 Taylor Cecil 
1571 Brotherston Wm M 
1575 Brotherston Wm M, gro 

Guest av commences 
1577 Vacant 
1579 Prentice Archd 
1601-3 Empringham Hotel 
Emprlngham George 
1603a Brewer Chas D 

Dawes rd intersects 
1005 Brewer C D, billiards 
1800 Traders Bank of Can- 

ada Cbr) 

1611 Birch Fredk 
1613 Vacant 
1615 Fenton Robt W 
1619 Reed John G 
1621 Boyce Edmund T 
1623 Eby John A 
1025 MeC.ill David 

Kelvin av intersects 
1647 Harris Saml 

1653 Pickering Samuel 

Luttrell av ends 

1689 Vacant _ ^^^ 


(Old Robert pi), w from 
opp 21 Trefann, ward 2. 

........ North Side 

2 Rogers Mrs Johanna 
4 Macedonians 
6 Swartz Jacob 
8 Max Simon 
8% Goodman Benj 
10 Hayden Wm 
10^4 Taylor Seymor D 

South Side 

North Side 

2 Edgar Mrs Jennie S 

4 Waid Mrs Mary 

6 Jex Mrs Charlotte 

8 Kelly Thomas 
10 Layeusky M 
14 Cunerty Terrence J 
16 Menton Wm, hldr 
18 Menton Patrick 

Menton Miss Kate, drs- 


20 Zuloff Herman 
22 Landau Harry 
-4 Narrol Moses 
26 Hughes Chas 
28 Rosenwick Harry 
30 Whitehead Mrs Kate 
32 Wanty Wm, bldr 
34 Schell Wm F 

Sobel Louis 
38 Swartz Israel 

1 Macedonians 
3 Macedonians 
5 Knopf Joseph 
7 Knopf Joseph Jr 


West from opp 168 McCaul 

to Spadina av, ward 4. 

42 Goodman Gabriel 

44 Clifton Wm 

46 Reider Saml 

48 Ball Ephraim 

50 Rafelman Abraham 

52 Helpert Norman 

^Beverley st intersects 

64 Helpert Israel J 

66 Lobraico Nicholas 

68 Italian National Club 

SO Pullan Elias 

84 Lunenfeld Wm, gro 

86 Swartz Morris 

88 McCann Mrs Mary 

90 Crook Chas H 

92 Muto Vincenzo 

94 Stinson Mrs Mary 

96 Allan George 

98 Bentley Fredk 

100 Butler Wm 

102 Butwt-11 Mrs Emily 

106 Wheller Joseph H 

108 Busby Edwd 

110 Kennedy Mrs Elizth 

112 Moffatt Roger 
Huron st intersects 

114 Lavine Jacob 

116 Orenstein Benj 

118 Orloff Chas 

120 Heck Albert 

122 Nusbaum Henry 

124 'Walter Joseph 

128 Vacant 

128 Shapiro Max 

130 Karasek Saml 

132 Jerofsky Joseph 

134 McGill Robt L 
Cooper John, rear 

136 Brill Israel 

135 Corridan Miss Nora 
140 Cameron John 

Mann Mrs Ella 
142 Feiler Louis 

South Side 

1 Parkes Geo K 

3 O'Henrn James J 

5 Ungaro Angelo 

7 Donofiio James 

9 Thomas Norval C 
11 Garrett Mrs Carolina 
13 Bankus Mrs Hannah 
15 MacCarl Albert E 
19 Conn Samuel 
21 McCue Miss Susan 
23 Owen Richard S, piano* 
25 Burns Wm J 
27 Owens John 
29 Pancer Samuel 
31 Holford John, contr 
33 Dickman Maxwell 
35 Carruthers Cornelius 
37 Barsottie Saml 
39 Morrow Mrs CJ-arlotte 
+ Beverley st intersects 
67 Johnson Sam! 
69 Swartz Mrs Sarah 
71 Levine Morri 
73 Purse Wm J 
75 Burns Mrs Sarah J 
77 Kenney John H 
79 Turner Frank 
81 Walters Mrs Mary 
83 Zlehr George 
85 Pancer Abraham 
87 Wetstein Beni 
89 Kaller Saml 
91 Brandes Benj 
93 Krongeld Jacob 
95 O'Learv Louis 
97 Ross Mrs Mary 
99 Lummiss Frank 



Tivrr* *JJ1*att.<J MONEY INVESTED 





45 Adelaide St. E. 

Telephone Adelaide 


101 Rosenthal Israel 
103 Helpert Mrs Edith 
105 Vacant 
107 Goldberg Harry 

^ Huron st intersects 
109 Cukier Joseph, gro 
111 Tryster Joseph 
111% Borsa Gaetano 
113 Lebisky Mrs Sarah 
115 Billing Mrs Emma E 
117 Freeborn John 
119 Goldstein Wm 
121 Davies John H 

Billing W H Music Co, 

mi blrs 

123 White Alex S 
125 Houlgrave Thomas 

Houlgrave Mrs Charlotte, 


127 Sexton Wm R 
129 McMahon Patk 
131 Vance Mrs Lucy E 
133 Taylor Henry 
135 Crossley Wm 
137 McVicar Loughlin A 
139 Field Albert 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Colbeck av. 


North from rear of 600 On- 
tario to rear of Howard, 
ward 2. 

Bast Side 

17 Absent 

19 Hall Frank 

21 Mason Harry 

23 Terry James H 

25 Dumhleton Wm H 

27 Blenkhnrn Wm H 

29 Hilder Chas 

31 Thompson John J 

33 Vacant 

39 Blake Henry G 

41 Jones Richd 

43 Sparks Herbert 

45 Williams Mrs Ellen 

47 Cree Hugh 

49 Bailey Robt 

51 Butler John 

53 Collingwood Arthur 

55 Mason George R 

57 Bryan Wesley 

69 McMinn Wm 

61 Irwin Robt 

63 Sheppard Arthur J 

65 Tims Wm 

67 Priest Wm H 

69 Knowles Robt W 

.West side 

2 Burke Wm 

4 Griffin Wm 

McCord Wm H 
10 Blake Harry G 
18 Caffrey Henry 
20 Pulfsr Ralph' 
22 Skimin Walter 

4 Beecham Mrs John 
26 Kenardy Arthur 
28 Bennion Wm H. gdnr 
30 Larose Mrs Maud 
40 Ferguson Edward 
42 Blackman Sidney 
44 Chnrlton Robt ' 
48 Douglas James J 
50 Morris John 
^ Darling pi commences 
54 Holland Frank 
56 Vacant 

58 Spurr Francis H 
ISO Wiltshire C E 
62 Regan Dennis 


West from 54 Darling av, 
near Ontario and Howard, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

4 Neal Wm H 

. . . South Side 
Not built on 


East from opp 14 Doncrest 
rd to Sarah, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Whitney Robt 
4 Frost Ernest S 
6 Drew Ernest 

8 Law Robert 
10 Hanrahan Patk E 
12 Argent Henry 
14 Ross Alfred 
16 Kelley Mrs Margt 
18 Moore Miss Lydia 
20 Lowther Chas G 
22 Shambrook Sidney 
24 Scott Mrs Mary 

South Side 

1 Pollock Andrew 

3 Vacant 


North from Bridgman to 
Davenport rd, ward 4. 

East Side 
Boake Mnfg C<^ 


West Side 

4 Bradley John 

8 Kettle Mrs Harriet 

12 Jackson G 

14 Pope Cecil 

16 Morris Arthur 

18 Florence Alexander R 

20 Hart Haden 

22 Mullen Horace 

24 Mulliu James H 

26 Bingham Sidney 

28 Waskett Herbert 

32 Vacant 

34 Seagar Ralph A 

38 Law Edwd H 

40 Vacant 

44 Young Wm 


Name changed to HJ1U- 
boro av. 


West and n-w from 884 
Yonge through old Bracon- 
dale and North Dovercourt 
to Weston rd, wards 3, 4 
and 7. 

North Side 

14 McLaren John 

16 Hibbert Wm 

18 Denstone John 

20 Bridgeman Joseph 

22 Brown Reginald J 

24 Watson Mrs Mary 

28 Salvation Army Hall 

^ McMurrich st commences 

32 Tremaiue J B. furn 

34 McDowell Walter 

36 Mason Matthew 

38 Dowling Charles A 

40 Gilley Mrs Annie 

4L' Palmer Ernest 

44 Fullam Miss Mary 

46 McCann Wm A 

48 Doyle John 

48% "Parent Miss Agnes 

50 Wilkinson George 

52 McLaughlin Thos A 

54 Hester Fredk H 

56 Barber Hiram R 

58 Paterson Mrs Margaret 

60 Dunn Mrs Sarah E 

62 Mepham Bertram 

Blackmore st commences 
70 Sharp Robert, produce 
72 Garnet James 

Dickson Isaac, r 
7fi Weeks Harry 
78 McDonald John, confr 
80 Plested Geo 
82 Johnston H J, gro 
84 Bannermnn D J, gro 

McAlpine st ends 
90 Teeson John H 
92 Miller Walter 

94-106 Dunn W A. planing 


108 Lee Robt 
110 Johnston Wm B 

jl_ McDougall Hugh 
114 Dowson T W, contr 
116 Garlick James H 
118 Spears Robert E 
122 McWilliam John, metals 
124 Vacant 
^ Belmont st ends 
126 Pilling Arthur 
130 Vacant 
138 Gunn Joseph 

;Hillsboro av commences 
North View ter com 

142 Varnell J E, btchr 

144 Varnell Joseph 

146 Dickey Saml 

148 White Wm 

152 Cadwell Theophilus 

154 Towler Ohas 

156 Rennie Ryerson 

158 Woodley Ernest E, bldr 

160 Owen Charles 

162 Scott Miss Mamie, drs- 

1G4 Hall Wm D 

166 Cantwell Geo J 

168 Senior Charles 

170 Atkinson Thos J 

172 Foster Mrs Mary A 

174 Ed-worthy Henry 

176 Cowell Thomas 

178 Copeland Robert 

1781/2 Woodard Polaskle V 

180 Kirk Mrs Beatrice 

182 Workman Miss L J 

184 Comerford Chas W 

186 Bradley James 

188 Allen Albert 

19" Wiley Wm E 

192 Pentecost Mrs Teresa 

194 Statten J Marr 

196 Lynn Robt 

198 Troughton Wm 

198V 2 Pepper Geo H 
200 Fisher Burton A 
202 Dunlop Thos W 

204 Schwartz Jacob W 

206 Chinese Indry 

208 Homuth Milton S L 

210-212 Vacant 

^ Avenue rd intersects 
220 Ellis Wm A 
224 Hayes Mrs Hannah 
^26 Reid Isaac, bldr 
230 Knowles Peter C 
232 Fullerton Miss Frances 

Lombard Edwd 
236 Finch Joseph 
338 Hanmer Frederick 
240 Levy Wm J 
242 Orpwood Walter 
244 Jeffery Mrs Margt 
246 Conley F J. exp 
248 Towns Robert 
250 Cox Wm E 
252 Oliver Mrs Margt E 

Gordon Eldridge 
254 Muff Mrs Elizth 
258 Coulter John 
260 Ferguson Mrs Annie 
262 Swanson Olof 
264 Henley Wm 
266 Breakell Miss Maria T 
268 Salmon Edwd N 

Crooks Ijeonard 
270 Jones Edgar 
270 Hees George H, Son & Co, 
window shade mfrs, 
2K2 Graham John 
282% Manders Henry 
284 Taylor Charles 
286 Ingrouille Thos J 
288 Wiles Arthur 

+ Bedford rd -intersects 
306 Lewis Bros, STOS 
308 Judge & Smith, blk- 


312 Jessop Lev! 
314 Buchanan V, m 

Buchanan Mrs Jessie 

L, chiropodist 
316 Kennedy Joseph J 
318 Foster Wm G 
320 Powell Wm L 
322 Wright D Wm 
S24 O'Reilly John J 
326 Othen Wm 
328 Graham Geo L 
330 Graham John C 
?,'2 Cray Reuben 
334 Wheble F J. pntr 

336 Pears Septimus 
338 Keegan . Robt S 
342 Ferry Mrs Annie L 
344 Egan James Y 
346 Giftord W McLean 
348 Jones David W 

Beli Ilobt W 
354 Ripley Blair 
336 Lowry Robt A 
358 Gillespie Peter 
560 Griffith Wm E 
362 George Wm 
364 Rutherford Mrs Edith V 
366 Scott James I 
368 Guthrie Wm 
*Oupont st intersects 

* C P R crossing 

Armstrong- Miss Marl- 
476 Nordheimer Roy 

Harrisson John 
ISO Eaton John C 
^ Spadina rd intersects 
4 Walmer rd intersects 
632 Vacant 

* Batlnirst st intersects 
7SO Love Harry H 

* Christie st intersects 
782 Goodman Ambrose K 
784 Matthews Marmaduke 
840 Barton T Herbert 

1056 Carroll John 

1098 Ontario Odd Fellowa 

Ossington ay intersects 

tOakwood av commences 
Northcliffe Boulevard 

^ Dufferin intersects 
^ Foster av commences 
1420 Williams Duncan 
1456 Doner Abraham B 
1458 Vacant 

:E!mwood av commences 
Greenlaw av commences 
1542 Shand Wm S 
1554 Elmes Chas 
1574 Loach Wm 

^ St Clarens av Intersects 
^ Lansdowne av inter- 

1614 Royce Mrs Sarah J 
Watson Wm, rear 
^ Station ends 

Davenport Station 


1802 Bennett & Abbott, coal 
1S06 St Clnir Construction Co 
1836 Bedford Rev Alfred 
1844 Hankins Thos 
1856 Farr Joseph 
1864 Prentice Mrs Isabella 
1S72 Hilyer >vm 
1874 Mooney .Tereciiah 
1878 Adams Thomas 
1880 Vacant 

1882 Dalton Wrn J, foundry 
Pioneer Foundry. The" 
1894 Davenport Metti Ch 
1918 Exton Chas 
1920 Frank Geo 
1922 McWhinney Kenneth 

+ Lauphton av intersects 
1060 MuIIin John, contr 

^ Uxbridge av intersects 
2014 Heydon Alexander J 

+ Gillaspie av intersects 
2052 MaoXamara Albert T, 


^ Osier st intersects 
2058 Williamson Robt 
2062 Ellis Harry 
20C4 Routl